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Introduction to the story: this story will start out in a dark setting. you start out by finding yourself in a dark room whit no memory of what happened last night. And based on your decisions you will choose what happens next in the story which will eventually lead to an ending. i chose to Make it a moderated story so that i can approve certain chapters and so that i can control whether there are to many unnecessary choices which lead to no endings. There might be some as this is my first story and it is still in progress. I encourage everyone to try writing something as it is fun to do and any addition will make the story so much better. I am also trying out some variables which may later turn out to irrelevant or relevant depending on how good it works whit the story. Also i made the name changeable because i like it when you can change your name in a story.

For the writers i would just like to say feel free to go whit this story any way you want as long as it doesn't conflict whit the rules of this site. And have fun whit it.

What's next?

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