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Diana's Downfall

Before we begin let me break down the first branches for you so that you can what to expect.

ENF - embarrassed naked female situations; pantsings, strippings, spankings, etc. No diapers, enemas, potty training, bedwetting, laxatives, diuretics, or anything else that is remotely associated with ABDL (Adult Baby, Diaper Lover) content.

ABDL - can still contain ENF related content but will ultimately branch out to ABDL territory. This does NOT mean she will be babied or that she will enjoy wearing diapers, but it does mean she will most likely be diapered and possibly forced to use them to. If you don't like anything remotely associated with ABDL content, then the ENF branch is for you.

Character Info - helps give you some background about the various characters of the story.

This story is now PUBLIC. Please do diligence by obeying CHYOA guidelines and writer guidelines but also try to keep continuity somewhat consistent per branch.

The Character Info contains information of important CANON characters, so please don’t add any more there, but you can use the information to include them in the branches you write.

What's next?

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