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Dimensions stargate

You are a student at the local high school, you have had a bad and hard week at school, the teachers yell at you, the school bully's make fun of you.

"sigh, i just wish i can change the world to what i wanted, a world where i can do anything i want" you say as you walk.

as your walking by the Museum, you notice they where unloading a new exhibit, there was what looked like a big round ring under a tarp, it was being wheeled into one of the large exhibit halls, you notice one of the creates was open a plaque inside the box read

Dimensions Stargate
There are an infinite parallel universe close to this one, where anything can happen, this gate is connected to all of them.

'Wow, i wonder what dimensions there are to explore, .a world where your the only male...a world where your king...a world where your free to fuck any girl....a world where your the only girl and all the guy's will do anything you say....or a world where your fetish come true.... you have to sneak into the museum and go to a better world that this one

NOTE: put in the title filed what world you are going to, you can then add if your a male or female

What's next?

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