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Doctor’s Visit

All characters who engage in sex are 18 years old or older. Feel free to comment with any requests/ideas. Hope you enjoy.


Daniel Cross sat in the waiting room, his cheeks burning. The reason for his embarrassment was the fact that his mother was sitting in the chair next to him.

“Mom,” he said exasperatedly, “I’m eighteen now, I don’t need you to come with me to the doctor any more.” “As long as I’m paying for your insurance I’m goig to make sure my son receives the proper treatment.” Andrea Cross was, in purely objective terms, a MILF. Fetching red hair, perfectly fair skin, six feet tall and with double D cups. She wore a dress that left little of that cleavage to the imagination. It was her style to flaunt her chest but conceal most of her legs. Daniel didn’t know why. Maybe she had some weird birthmark. Regardless, Ms. Cross was so risque with her cleavage that her son had gotten several good looks at them, totally uncovered, in his 18 years.

As a result, poor Daniel couldn’t help but fixate on them. Many times he’d gotten often to his mom. He was ashamed of it, but he couldn’t stop thinking about those tits, wrapped around his cock, those lips, sucking him off. That pussy, where ever it lurked beneath that dress, wrapped around his shaft taking his seed. Throughout the years his fantasies had gotten more and more depraved, until he dreamed of making his mom his own personal cum-slut. His favorite daydream was to tie her up, along with his twin sister, and, after some thorough spanking, fuck them both senseless. But of course, his dreams were doomed to only be fulfilled in porn.

“Daniel,” a nurse called, “The doctor will see you now.” Daniel got up and headed toward the door, grateful he’d convinced his mom not to insist on being in the room with him. The nurse showed him to the exam room. This was his first time attending this doctor’s office, and the room was hard to find.

He waited about ten minutes, and then the doctor came in. She was an African-American woman about ten years younger than his mom, with deep black skin and sensual curves masked by her professional attire. “Nice to meet you Daniel, I’m Dr. Amanda Brown. I’ve heard so much about you from your mother, it’s nice to finally meet you in person.”

She asked all the usual questions, listened to his heart and breathing, and then “For this part of the exam, you’ll need to strip out of your clothes and put on a paper gown.”

“W-w-what? Do I have to?”

“If you’d like to skip the gown I don’t mind, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

Daniel’s cheeks were bright red as he said “Fine, turn around please.”

She rolled her eyes. “You have nothing to be embarassed about. I’m a medical professional, not some peeping tom.” But she turned anyway and allowed him to awkwardly put on the gown. Unfortunately, this whole experience had given him a raging hardon, and try as he might he couldn’t seem to hide it with the gown. At long last he gave up. She was a doctor after all.

When he was finished, she turned back around. He saw her eyes flit down to his visible bulge for just an instant, before she said “alright, good job. Now get up on the exam table.” He hopped and she pulled out a bin of what looked like medical restraints. “You won’t need those.” He insisted, but she answered “Sorry, office policy. The hernia exam can get kind of unpleasant and we wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt now would we?”

Reluctantly he let her strap him down. She then pulled out a sponge gag. “Just so you don’t disturb the other patients.” At this point he was absolutely terrified, but at the same time the sight of the beautiful black woman gazing down on him was strangely erotic. She pushed the gag in and said “There. Now let’s have us a look-see.”

She whipped the gown off his crotch despite his protests, exposing his erection. “Hmmm.” She said pensively, “I don’t know...” she grabbed a ruler from a drawer and measured his dick while he watched in helpless disbelief. Surely this wasn’t normal procedure!

“Five and a quarter, five and a half, six.” She said, ignoring the pre-cum oozing from his head. “I’ll be right back.” She said, and left, leaving him bound without another word.

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