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Doing His Sister-In-Law

The first time they heard it Lara and Francis were in bed and just drifting off to sleep.

"Come on, Mariotta, didn't you hear them? Didn't you hear Francis and Lara fucking? Come on, I'm so horny."

"No, Richard, I don't want to. Please." Mariotta was quieter, trying to wriggle away from her husband.

"Please, come on, just a little. I really need this."

"Richard, please. I really don't feel like it."

"Then just suck me, just suck my cock. Come on, just open your mouth and I'll put it in, and you just lie there, I'll do all the work."


"Then use your hand on me, please, just wank me, wank me off. It'll be quick. Come on, sweetheart, that's it. Oh God, do it like that, harder. Faster. Oh God, I'm so hard, listening to them. Stroke my balls, sweetheart, just a little, please. Oh God."

Lara turned to Francis and saw that his eyes were open and he too was listening to his older brother getting wanked off by his wife on the other side of the dividing wall.

"Christ! They must have heard us," Lara whispered. "I didn't realise these walls were so thin."

They could hear little creaks coming from the bed in the room next door.

"That's it, that's it, don't stop, keep pulling my cock like that. I'm going to shoot all over you. Oh Mariotta. Oh God." The noises reached a climax then stopped.

"Christ!" Francis said. "That was weird, listening to my brother getting off on his wife." He felt Lara's hand drift down his body and close around his cock.

"It's made you hard though," she said softly. "It was sexy, wasn't it, listening to them." She was stroking his cock. "Do you think Mariotta's always that reluctant?"

"We're here for the week in this hotel," he said grinning. "No doubt we'll find out for ourselves."

For the next three nights it was the same. They heard Richard pleading with his wife for sex, for anything: a hand-job, a blow-job. Twice she gave in, once she refused to even touch him.

"Do you think he's wanking in the bed beside her?" Lara asked. She was sucking Francis, taking his wonderful eight-inch cock deep into her throat.

"Or he's got up and gone into the bathroom," Francis said through gritted teeth. "Christ, Lara, I'm going to cum, swallow all my cum. Christ!" There was no doubt that listening to Francis's brother and his reluctant wife was turning them both on. The previous night Lara had pretended to be reluctant like Mariotta and Francis had had to persuade her, almost forcing her, and they had both got off like that.

On the fourth night, they heard Richard and Mariotta fucking.

"Oh God, Mariotta let me fuck you, please let me fuck you. Yeah, you're wet, let me get inside, oh yeah that's good. Is that good for you too? Did you like listening to Francis? Knowing that he's next door. Do you want to fuck my brother Mariotta? Imagine I'm Francis then, imagine this is his cock inside you. Oh Christ, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum so hard."

"Barely two minutes," Lara whispered. "No wonder she's not enjoying it." And then, later, "Do you think she is thinking about you?"

Richard and Mariotta were both five years older than Francis. His sister-in-law was an Irish beauty, with black hair and green eyes, and a lush voluptuous body, very different from Lara, who was blonde and slender and perfect. He had had many women before her, but none since he had met her, and wanted no-one else. They were matched, in bed and out.

"Ask Richard," Lara pressed, and Francis could tell that this excited her. "Ask Richard if he wants you to go in and teach Mariotta about sex. I mean it. I want to listen to you."

"You mean it, Lara? You really want to lie here and listen to me fucking my sister-in-law next door?"

"God, yeah, it would be so exciting. And Richard would want to listen too. He could be here with me. Do it Francis."

The two Crawford brothers had never been shy about talking about sex: until they had married they had shared women more than once. Neither of them had ever had any trouble finding bed-partners even though they were very different: Richard was dark and big and sturdy, while Francis was blond and beautiful, with a perfect hard and muscled body.

Francis came to Lara that afternoon, his deep blue eyes alight with mischief.

"I talked to Richard," he said, "and he wants me to seduce Mariotta while he listens. We're going to do it tonight. He's going to start her off and then pretend to hear something and come out, and then I'm going in to finish it off. Are you sure about this Lara?"

"Yes." Her eyes were bright with excitement. "Is he coming to listen with me?"

"Yes." Francis watched her. Nothing had been said about what they would be doing. Christ, he was so hard just thinking about it!

That night Lara and Francis listened while Richard started touching his wife.

"Let me touch your breasts, Mariotta, you know you like that. Oh yeah, I love your nipples. Let me stroke them like that, yeah they're getting hard Mari, are you getting wet as well? I'm getting hard doing this to you." It was quiet for a little, just gentle creaks of the bed.

"Let me lick them and suck them Mari, can I?" They heard gentle sucking sounds. Then, "What's that?" Richard said. "Is it someone at the door?" Francis got up and went out, and then Lara heard voices and then steps walked back into her room. It was Richard.

"He's in," he said, and they settled down to listen.

"Tell me what it's like in there," Lara said, "so I can picture it."

"It's dark, Mari won't let me leave the light on. She's in bed with her nightdress on, with the top pulled down under her breasts." They heard the bed creak and knew that Francis was in bed with his sister, and she thought it was her husband coming back. It was quiet for a little, then they heard a faint moan.

"Christ!" Richard said. "He's getting to her."

"He's sucking her nipples," Lara said softly, "tonguing her round and round." The moans were louder now and rhythmic. Mariotta was getting into it at last.

"Open you legs," they heard the light voice say next door, "I'm going to lick your pussy." Francis! He had practically told her that it wasn't her husband! They heard Mariotta's gasp and the sound of her sitting up.

"Francis! What are you doing here? My God, what are you doing to me?"

"I told you. I'm pushing your nightdress up over your thighs and I'm settling between your legs so I can suck and lick your pussy. Here rest your legs on my arms, and open wide!"

They heard Mariotta give a small scream and then a groan, and knew that Francis's tongue was there between her legs.

"Oh God, Oh God!" Mariotta was whimpering. Richard had never heard her like that.

"He's got his lips around her clit," Lara said softly, "and his fingers inside her. One hand's probably still tweaking her nipple. Christ, listen to her, she loves it!"

"Oh, oh, oh!"

"That's it, Mariotta, give in to me and just enjoy it. I've got three fingers inside you and I can't wait to fuck you. But cum like this first, cum in my mouth, that's it, that's it."

"Christ, this is incredible," Richard groaned. "I've never heard Mariotta get off like this before." His cock was hard and pressed against his pyjamas.

Things went quiet next door.

"Don't go to sleep," Francis' voice said, "you may have had a great orgasm, but don't forget I haven't. You've got to make me cum now. Here, sweetheart, touch my cock."

"No, I don't want to. Francis don't make me."

"You have to. Look at how hard I am, rock hard for you. There's so much cum in my balls that they're aching, and I need you to empty them. So come on, be a good girl and do this. Here, let me show you. That's it, keep stroking up and down my cock like that, nice and slow. Now move down and put your mouth over the head. Oh God, that's good. Suck it, suck it harder. Oh yeah."

They could hear the bed creaking, could imagine Mariotta bobbing up and down over Francis's thick cock.

"Now lick my balls. Keep your hand on my cock, keep pumping it, and take my balls in your mouth, get them nice and wet with your tongue. Oh Mari, that's so good. Let me cum, baby? Let me cum in your mouth. Swallow all my hot cum, let it spurt down your throat, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh God I'm cumming down your throat. Yeah. See, you liked that didn't you? Do you like the taste of my cum? No don't move, we haven't fucked yet."

"But you've just cum," Mari sounded shocked. They heard Francis laugh.

"Yeah, but I'm still hard," he said. "Look at me. Let me give your clit a bit of a lick to make sure you're hot and ready. There, is that good?" They heard Mariotta moaning again.

"Oh God, Francis, don't do this to me!"

"What are you talking about? You're desperate for it: your clit's huge, you're soaking wet, your nipples are hard, and look at my cock. It's all wet from your mouth and my cum. Come on sweetie, open your legs, let me get my cock into you. Look at me, I'm sliding it in now, inch by inch."

Mariotta was moaning now constantly. "Oh God, you feel so big. I feel so full."

"Eight inches of hard cock inside you – no wonder you feel full. I'm going to pull back now till just my head's in you then I'm going to ram it back in, and you'll love it. There. There. There."

They could hear it: the slap of body against body, and Mariotta's groan as Richard's brother rammed his hard cock up his sister. The bed springs were going now hard, and they could hear Mariotta moaning constantly. There was a sudden silence.

"He's changing position," Lara whispered to Richard.

The noise started again, creaks and moans, and then something else, the headboard banging against the wall.

"He must be fucking her so hard," Richard groaned. "Christ! I'm going in to see."

Richard pushed the door open. The room smelt of sweat and sex, and the noise was all around him: both of them were moaning, the bed was jumping. Richard switched on the table lamp and gasped. Francis had Mari on her back, her legs wide open and held up in the air, Francis' hands on her ankles keeping her spread; he was half on his knees and he was fucking her hard.

"Oh God, Richard," he grinned over his shoulder, "she's so hot and wet, and she's loving this so much. I've cum once in her mouth, but I'm going to do it again. Can I? If you don't want me to cum in her pussy you'd better tell me now."

"Mariotta?" Richard asked. His wife was red and sweating, yet she was fucking back against his brother, taking his thick cock deep and loving it.

"Let him finish," she panted, "God, let him finish in me. I love it. I love his cock. God, it's so big and hard."

"Go on," Richard said softly, "bring her off, and cum all over her."

"Can I?" Francis was panting harder now, his balls big and aching. He imagined Lara next door listening to all this, and he knew he'd have to do her too. She'd be so horny after listening to this. Just the thought was enough. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, Christ here it comes." He felt it spurt, once, twice, three times, thick and creamy cum, and as Mariotta felt it she too tipped over the edge and he felt her cum tight all around his cock.

"Let me," Richard said. His cock was out already and it was angry and red. He barely waited for his brother to get off his wife before he had taken his place and thrust his cock inside her. She moaned again, and Francis grinned. He went next door where Lara was waiting.

"Well?" he said. His cock was half erect, and wet from his cum and his sister's pussy.

"Christ, that was the horniest thing I've ever heard," Lara said kissing him, her mouth open and wet. "If Richard had tried to touch me I'd have let him do anything to me. But he didn't. And I'm desperate for your cock."

Francis didn't think he'd get hard again for a little, but the noises from next door were just too arousing. They were groaning out load, and the bed was jumping.

"Was she good?" Lara asked.

"Good," he said truthfully. "But you're fabulous; no comparison." And he got into bed with his wife.
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