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ENM: Embarrassed Nude Males

Welcome to all of you! This story will be centered around the ENM (Embarrassed Nude Male) theme. As one of Chyoa users say in a fórum thread, there isn't much ENM stories, which is totally true.

As the ENF situations, the ENM situations are also very interesting to read or write about, because it involves not only the embarrassment of being seen nude, but also two particular & embarrassing things that only could happen to men (for having a dick): Having the dick size be scrutinized by experienced women who then compare them to those of their boyfriends, husbands, etc.; and the fear that the exposure could produce something with your package, making it smaller for the nervousness or harder because the thrill of the situation. So ENM is a whole new and different dimension than ENF, although it implies the same embarrassing reaction to nude exposure.

So, this will be a story were we will read or write about situations of exposure of the male nude body in front of females (sorry, I’m not into gay themes). The stories about the situations will be ordered by the place where it happen. Once there, the readers/writers will be able to read/write about situation from the perspective of different characters.

That’s all for now, enjoy the ENM stories!

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