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Connor Bishop drove his car across the town of Everwood Bay. The young twenty two year old man smiling as he took in the view of the coastal town. Connor Bishop had short dark brown hair and blue eyes with a slim but athletic build to him.

"Ok this next left and then the first right." His friend Heather Ravers informed him.

Heather Ravers had long dark brown hair and blue eyes. She had large tits and toned ass which were highlighted by the tank top and short skirt she was wearing. Her family cabin in Everwood Bay was where they would be spending their summer vacation.

"Right thanks." Connor replied as he turned the car as he followed her directions.

A second car behind them also followed suit. Zack recognised the car as his new friend's Brandon Cole who was also joining them along with his girlfriend Ashley Woodsen and her best friend Victoria Walker. They were however not the only people joining them that vacation. A man named JJ that Brandon had met in college was also joining them with his friends and the same went for a friend of Heather's called Peter Grayson.

"Ok just this last turn and it should be the first one on the right." Heather informed and Connor followed the directions.

Everwood Bay was a small coastal town with very few residents but it was a popular destination during the hot summer days due to its beach and warm, friendly atmosphere. The town was popular for the fairs, carnivals and rides that they held. The town was also popular with a lot of influential people all of whom had bought cabins along its shore Robert Ravers, Heather's father being one.

Finding the cabin and discovering two cars already parked outside and a group of people all waiting Connor parked the car outside the Ravers Cabin. Zack then climbed out followed by Heather. Brandon's car stopped next Connor 's and its passengers climbed out as well.

First stepping out was Victoria Walker. She had blonde hair and green eyes with nice large tits and a curvy ass highlighted in the white sundress she wore. Following her was Brandon Cole and his girlfriend Ashley Woodsen. Brandon Cole had short black hair and dark brown eyes with a muscular body from playing football. He wore shorts and t-shirt. His girlfriend Ashley Woodsen had blonde hair and blue eyes with medium-sized tits and a toned accentuated by the yellow sundress she wore.

"Brandon! Finally man!" A black man with a muscular build with a short black buzzcut hair and brown eyes greeted him.

"Sorry JJ traffic was a killer." Brandon replied before directing JJ to his friends. "Allow me to introduce you to everyone."

Brandon then introduced Connor and the others to JJ and JJ before proceeding to introduce them to his friends. The first friend was Kenny Clark. He had dark brown and brown eyes with a slightly athletic build to him. The second friend they were introduced to was Brian White. He had blonde hair and blue eyes and like Kenny he had an athletic build and wore a t-shirt and jeans.

After introductions had been made and everyone made a small greeting to one another Heather led them all to the third and final group of people joining them that summer vacation. A handsome guy and three beautiful women.

"Peter Grayson. You look better than the last time I saw you." Heather greeted the guy. He was tall with short black hair and brown eyes. He had a muscular build and wore shirt and jeans.

"Funny I was thinking the same thing about you." Peter Grayson chuckled before hugging the young girl.

"These are my friends." Heather said breaking their hug and introducing Peter to Connor and the others. Peter shook the guys in hands as he greeted them.

"So how do you and Heather know each other? She wouldn't tell us." Victoria asked.

"It's an interesting story and one you might not believe." Peter vaguely replied.

"Aren't you gonna introduce us?" One of Peter's friends a woman with long black hair and blue eyes asked. She had a slender yet toned build with medium sized tits and a curvy ass highlighted in the miniskirt and tank top she wore. Connor also caught out the fact that she seemed to have several tattoos.

"Yeah sorry Sara." Peter apologised.

Peter then introduced Connor , Heather and everyone to the woman who was called Sara Rose before moving onto the final pair of girls. The first girl they learnt was Asa O'Reilly. Asa was a slender woman with blonde hair and blue eyes with a curvy figure. She wore a skirt and a top. The second and final girl they were introduced to was Hollie Hart. Hollie had brown eyes and brown hair with an athletic body with medium sized tits and curvy ass highlighted in her sundress.

Once all three groups were introduced one another Heather made her way to the entrance of the cabin. From what Heather had told him Ravers Cabin was a tall two storey building with six bedrooms all with ensuite bathrooms. The cabin also had a rec room, living room, kitchen, dining room and a basement.

"Alright guys come on in." Heather told everyone. "We've gotta decide the rooms situation."

What's next?

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