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Sometimes when you grow close to someone they become special to you, they mean more than other people, you treasure the memories that you have shared with them and look forward to spending more time and creating more of those sorts of memories.

This can be seen a lot when we have talk about families, every parent loves their children from the day they were born to the day they die, even if they become annoying and disrespectful in the future, and every child loves their parent in some degree depending on their age. In some cases a child gets closer to their family as time passes, it is rare but they can love their family members even more when they get old, usually because they spend so much time with them that it is impossible not to love them. But in some cases that love can go beyond the boundaries that is deemed appropiate to our modern society, sometimes people get too close with their family members, perhaps too close or at least more than what it is considered normal...

Jason Allen is a friendly but introvert guy that spent most of his highschool years bored and without a determined purpose that caused him to get lonely and grow tired of the normal everyday happenings of his life. Every single day he did the same thing, without ever changing, he enjoyed it at first but then realized he had a great potential that he could take advantage of so he decided to make some changes in his life to do whatever he wanted to do and achieve his dreams, as dirty and perverse as they may be.

After turning 18, during the summer break, Jason tried to improve himself in every way, he started exercising more frequently and changing his habits to make his life more interesting and healthy, but in the process he ended up discovering something that sparked a deep desire inside him.

Since his mother and father had divorced a few years ago he was left alone to live with her mom while her twin sister lived and studied in another city with his dad, this meant that he had a lot of time to himself at home and to not get bored or lonely Jason searched for something to entertained himself.

At first he started watching some porn, nothing too out of the usual, just regular vanilla porn that didn't seem too interesting in his eyes, but then he started discovering other categories and corrupting his mind with all sorts of fetishes and sexual fantasies, all of them didn't really affect him because he never could relate to the scenarios that were shown in porn. That was until he discovered incest porn, not real as they were step siblings videos but still very intriguing for him.

Jason got very curious fast and after a couple searches he found roleplay videos where a woman breastfed a guy that acted like her son, for some reason he inmediately got hard and that's when he knew he would develop an incest fetish.

He was scared at first to think about incestual stuff but he was addicted to those videos, he couldn't stop watching so his situation got worse and worse... or better for him as he was getting more into the incest fantasy world that quickly planted the idea that would change his life forever.

One day while he jerked off to another one of the incest videos that almost looked like the real deal Jason felt like he could get bored of those videos since he wasn't really experiencing the fantasy, he was just watching other people do it. So his horny teenage mind came up with a brilliant idea... he could try to achieve those fantasies he saw in the porn videos, he knew it was dumb because he had learned almost nothing in porn was real but after considering it for a few days he felt like he could try it out and take the risk.

So as he was going to finish highschool Jason promised himself that he was going to get the chance of experiencing one of his sexual incest fantasies, he was determined to have sex with ome of his family members and even believed it could be easy from all of the improvements he had done to himself and because his family is huge. But as he found himself living alone with her mother, far away from most of his family, he started imagining the possibilities of success and with who he could try to turn his fantasy into reality.

Jason has various family members that he would be interested to try his luck with, choose which one of the following he will try to form a relationship with.

》▪ Evelyn (Mom): Spend summer at home and try to seduce your own mother into being in a romantic relationship and eventually knock her up. 》▪ Ashlyn (Sister): Go through your senior year of highschool with your twin sister and some friends to get closer to her and experience love.

Note: More Branches and Storylines are going to be added in the future with alternative routes and new family members.

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