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Fast times at Vore High

Human -

You arrive at a public high school in a new town. Standing out front ready to go in you can see several normal-sized people along with a few very tall people. Some of both groups also have some large bellies but are fully capable of walking around without issue. You need to make your way into the main doors to get your class schedule from the admin office. From there you will be assigned a guide for your first day.


There had to have been some massive screwup somewhere. Sure, humans could go to anthro schools, but none could stomach their quirks and how dangerous they could be towards humans. Still, even after checking, that note for your new school specifies this one. When you get out you can see a very large variation of anthros, much like a zoo. You need to make yourself to the admin office where you will be given your class schedule and a guide for your first day.

What's next?

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