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Feeling Bullish

Well were to begin?

I could start right away with the action and the saucy bits...

Well I would like to, yet I decided to take it slow, as with the ladies.

So how did I become a "Bull"? Who are the women I sleep with? And who are those pesky little bastards who just sit there and watch while I have all the fun?

Ok, lets not overdo the last part, there are a lot of other stories on that and honestly I couldn´t care less about those formerly males now turned into something... well else.

The only thing I need to know is how much of their "medicine" can they bear at once and how fast can the lady and myself increase the dosage?

Ok let´s get started then:

Who am I?

In all those little cuckys fantasies I am at least six feet tall black guy with a horse penis.

Is that me? Is that what those fucking hot looking girls, those hotwifes really want? A penis that is far too big for most of them and would just hurt? Of course there is nothing to say against being tall and black...

Well the truth for all the cuckys out there is even harder to bear:

I am the pretty normal looking white guy, could be your neigbor, co-worker, just an ordinary looking guy. So watch out, not only for the tall and well trained black guys...

The truth is, what really matters to the ladies is a spoiled mind and that you really know how to use your body with theirs. Size of your tool of course is not off essence yet it is more about whether you are an fuck-tastic artist in using it then how big your pencil is. I think you got my drift.

How I ended up now with the good hand? The better end of the cuckold deal?

Well this was about one very special lady I meet and this is how this story unfolds...

What's next?

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