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Fiction Hotness

Welcome to the multiples fiction worlds! You have the ability to access to every each one of them, from the world of Harry Potter to the world of different manga and anime series.

You can witness of the adventures of this different fictional characters, or better, interact with them, and be part of their adventures. There are no limits on how you can interact with the characters, just try to be creative but credible, and have fun writing them. However, there are some ground rules, and the chapters that no respect them will not be published:

  • No Gore, golden shower, scat, violence against or degradation of any character.
  • No Futa.
  • No Simpsons characters, since I already have one story about the Simpsons.
  • Minium length of chapters are 2 paragraphs-10 coherent sentences.
  • No hard BDSM.
  • Owner and creator of this story reserves the right to approve or not a particular chapter even if that one doesn’t break any of the previous mentioned rules.
  • No underage sex, teenager characters ONLY can have ENF adventures or something like that, no sex, blowjob, etc.

After saying the general and expandables rules (I can add more rules if I feel necessary), here goes the list of fictional universes and characters that I, as creator and owner of the story, have the intention to add in the development of the story:

• Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter universe

• Lara Croft and Doppleganger “Doppie” from Lara Croft Universe

• Elizabeth from Bioshock universe

• Nintendo Princesses (Peach, Daisy, Rosalina and Zelda), Samus Aran and WiiFit Trainer from Nintendo games, videogames and TV series universe

• Tracer, Mercy and Widowmaker from Overwatch universe

• Misty, Dawn, May and related female characters from Pokemon Universe

• Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Starfire, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Felicity, Laurel Lance, Sarah Lance, Caitlin Snow, Kara Danvers and related female characters from DC and CW universes

• Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Jean Grey, Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy and related female characters from Marvel universe

• Princess Jasmine, Rapunzel, Belle, Snow White, Meghara, Kim Possible and related female characters from Disney universe

• April O’Neil from TMNT universe

• Daphne Blake from Scooby Doo universe

• (Leela and Amy) from Futurama universe

• Six from Tripping the Rift

• Animated Cartoon characters like Agent Katswell, Olga Pataki, etc

Since there are too many characters, in the following days I will create a specific chapter for the universe mentioned above. Please, if you write a chapter of any character write it in the chapter of the universe from where the character is. These are the universe chapters:

• Harry Potter universe

• Lara Croft Universe

• Bioshock universe

• Nintendo games, videogames and TV series universe

• Overwatch universe

• Pokemon Universe

• DC and CW universes

• Marvel universe

• Disney universe

• TMNT universe

• Scooby Doo universe

• Futurama universe

• Tripping the Rift universe

• Cartoons universe (All non-Disney cartoon characters chapters, like Agent Katswell, must be written here.)

Readers are welcomed to add any character wanted or not mentioned, start a story with a character on this list (that will be expanded) or even add a chapter to a started character story. In case of male characters, I don’t any planned, but they’re welcomed, but gay themed chapters will not be accepted. Not my interest, just that. Lesbian themed chapters are accepted. Suggested types of themes you can add:

  • ENF
  • ENM (of the protagonist or male character added)
  • Blackmail
  • Anything that not degrade the fictional character or the protagonist of the story.

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