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Flames of Necessity Pt. 07

Enslaved in Berlin, Horace's miniscule remains of dignity, were once again taken to their lowest reserve as an audience of women including his sadistic Mistress and the fur clad Frau Luckner, gave spiteful applause at Heidi's demonstration of both her physical and sexual superiority over him, on the polished gymnasium-like floor of the upper room. He'd quickly pleased the women by being reduced to tears by her limb breaking holds and strangulations, their sneering laughter at his shame, having him erect wantonly in the grip of her vice-like strength; unable to hide the lust of his masochism in being shamed by the show of absolute dominance over him, in her demonstration of naked wrestling. Now held by her muscular thighs with his face tight to her crotch as she pinioned him, like a constrictor about to devour its prey, the women jeered and applauded with spiteful enthusiasm as the scent of her victorious arousal, and the bidding of her hand, had the Lord of Mannerly Hall's cock spurt its cream in his ecstasy of defeat.

Frau Luckner looked on, pleased at seeing him dominated thoroughly, but with a tinge of disdain at this impromptu show of feminine arrogance, as her attendance was primarily for the purpose of receiving Horace in her turn to dominate him in the comfort of her home. Gerda grinned at her as they watched Heidi have him lick the spent semen from her hand, then hold his head down to the boards to have him lick his expenditure clean from that surface too.

"Oh don't fret so my dear, there's plenty more where that came from... and just the walk through my garden, past the gallows, will have him more than ready to surrender his seed again, especially knowing the delights your party over there will have lined up for him. I'd so love to attend too, but I've business in the city I need attend to." There was no need to dress Horace in any way, given that the rear of Frau Luckner's house faced the rear of Gerda's, and a suitably dungeon-like door had been fashioned in the tall stone wall which divided the gardens of their properties, so intimate was the association that had developed between the two. A still trembling Horace was collared and leashed, and led down the stairs by the proud woman, the display of his humiliation may have irked her slightly on seeing his seed wasted before her appointment, but his cringing submission had her cunt hot and sticky with arousal. He'd know so much more humiliation when she got him home.

The formidable woman led him out to the lawn, followed by a small procession of women who'd join the throng already stationed at her house, amongst them, the redheaded and magnificently bulbous Frau Grasped, who patted Horace's arse along with her crop as they passed the gaunt gallows on which he'd shot his mess in masochistic shame. From a window above, a sweaty Heidi clutched furtively at a phone; her loyalty to Frau Blucher, not quite as keen as it was to a certain other organisation. She had made sure the door had been closed behind her, and was quite alone as she trailed the phone's cable close to the window.

"Yes... Frau Luckner's house... give them a good hour to get things into full swing". She took the phone back to where she'd found it, and crept out and upstairs to her room high in the attic. She pulled open her wardrobe doors, and pulled a smartly pressed brown uniform from it, hung it on the door, then lay back on her bed and masturbated at the thought of wearing it in earnest; the polished black boots and whip standing next to them, which sat at the foot of the wardrobe ensured she came admirably. Her dominance was about to take strides in those boots beyond her dreams.

The women had enjoyed Horace's cowering as he was led past the gallows, his relief tangible on having it behind him. Frau Luckner put her key to the thick wooden door, worthy of a church entrance, and ushered the party through to her own garden, which as per Gerda's, was high walled and not overlooked. The garden was well stocked with mature trees and shrubs, wild at the gated end, a twisting path through the long grass and shrubs keeping the gate anonymous to those not aware of it, and leading on to a manicured lawn, lined by well tended flower beds. Several stern looking women were taking in the summer air, and a little wine on the patio area, before joining the others upstairs. They greeted Frau Luckner on her return, and enjoyed ridiculing the naked male with pompous contempt.

"So this is the English lord?... I can't wait to see him take the whip... and the other pleasures we have for him." The two had leashed males of their own, suitably hooded and gagged, also naked but for the cruel leather straps of harness-ware, their anuses plugged, and their cocks ornately caged to prevent masturbation. The women hurriedly unhitched them and followed Frau Blucher in. In contrast to Gerda's residence, the house was cluttered with an obviously feminine choice of objet d'art, the staircases which they ascended, fashioned in an intricate art nouveau style, reflecting the owner's expensive tastes. She stopped on one landing and opened a door, stepping into the room on leaving Horace with a sneering Frau Gessler, before emerging with another leashed male, hooded, and though delicately built and with painted finger and toe-nails which gave Horace an immediately strange foreboding, had an already firmly erect cock which was half as big again as his. The fur clad Frau, sneered with a certain anticipation.

"This is my Rudi... you and he are to become well acquainted on your visits... he likes both girls and boys, so he's always comfortable in any company... and you're going to learn to enjoy his company." Horace hesitated on the leash as Frau Luckner led the bisexual across the landing to another door, incurring a swift whip from the redhead who'd know no disobedience, but laughed softly with the pleasure of Horace's understandable reluctance to follow. The door was swung open and a rich applause rang out from the large lounge within, the eager and sneering eyes of many women scrutinising Horace as Frau Luckner led Rudi to station him at one side, then took Horace's leash from the redhead and began to parade him about the room.

"This is Horace... once Lord of Mannerly Hall, and now the owned property of Frau Blucher... he is mine for today and tonight, and will not fail to entertain you." Horace took in the delighted feminine faces, many glazed with the effects of the substances they were smoking, others rubbing themselves unashamedly as he passed, excited at seeing such a notable male brought down to know his true position below their gender, others just sneering wickedly, relishing the humiliation he was already enduring, and anticipating that to come. There were several males there, besides the three who had entered with him, each leashed and masked and on their knees, their heads hung low in defeat. The centre of the floor was covered by a huge fur rug, onto which Horace was led for further inspection, and it developed, for requests for his personal service, which would see him nicely aroused before he faced the humiliation that Frau Luckner had in mind for him. She gave him a cursory stroke with her whip, as she stood in dominating pose over him.

"Kiss my feet Horace, show the ladies how well you know your place..." He didn't hesitate, and bent to kiss them immediately, the fervour of appreciation at his obedience in the servile act, awarding him a keen erection.

"You like to lick cunt and arsehole in submission, don't you Horace?..." He croaked his response out as he lapped at her tall shoes, his balls tingling as he guessed at what was to come.

"Yes... yes Mistress Luckner..." She puffed her breasts out with the swell of her dominated ego, and stroked his flanks with her whip.

"I shall have that tongue all to myself later..." She looked up and scanned her audience, with a contented smile.

"... would anyone else like the service of his tongue... right now?" Horace listened to the excited cackling of requests, though one dominated all others, the voice resonant and clear.

"I'm first... I've lusted for it, since seeing him hang... I shan't be denied the pleasure." Horace's cock poked high and throbbed, as the unmistakable tones of Frau Gessler made the demand with a dominant passion that none of the other women dare argue against, so revered a dominatrix was she, in that circle. After all, the formidably built redhead had led him in on a leash, and at nearly six foot tall and with the excess flesh that somehow enhanced the pleasure in the spite she showed all males, would make the perfect opener. The fur lady grinned; she'd witnessed the flame haired bitch thrash once cocksure males close to death, breaking their spirits beyond repair... and what became of some of them beyond that, following their disappearance, was a spicily erotic mystery.

"So be it!... Frau Gessler will show him the way." As Horace was led toward her awe invoking dominance, he couldn't know that she had one eye on one of the many ornate clocks whose ticking was blotted out by the lusty anticipations of debauchery, though it struck him now, how he'd noted that she'd made a beeline for a seat of her choice, rudely dispersing the two slender women who occupied it, they not arguing with her. As he was drawn to her by her smile, it didn't enter his head that the seat was one closest to another door. There was a very good reason for the acutely dominant redhead ensuring she had her fill of him with all urgency,

Her supremely confident smile never altered as she wriggled the long and pleated black skirt she wore, back and up to her waist, bringing gasps from the eager audience on their seeing she wore no underwear. The tight black patent leather-like boots she wore, finished deliciously at her knee, emphasising the milky whiteness and huge expanse of her thighs, her plump arse spreading the ample flesh of her cheeks on her lifting her boots to the seat; her expression didn't falter from the cruel smile, in spite of the delighted gasps at her bravado in exposing her red tufted cunt and needy pale brown pucker unashamedly. Horace boned rigid, his hanging cock perking and lifting to further delight his audience, as he was drawn toward the immense and inviting warmth of her flesh.

The scent had him rock on his knees, yearning for a command from her that would further ingratiate the pleasure of his humiliation, and the crowd of women in their sadistic witnessing of it, the curve of her belly and its folds above her bulging labia, seeming to draw him in. She nodded to Frau Luckner, who released all tension on the leash.

"Sniff at my cunt... now!" The crowd laughed cynically at his immediate jerk forward in total obedience, the pleasure on his face unmistakable as he snorted adoringly at the magnificence of her womanhood, the spice from her ginger cunt intoxicating. She sneered as the red fingernails of her hand slipped down, and eased the folds apart, unleashing the full bouquet from the pink and red moistened flesh within. Horace bucked on his knees as the hand then slipped down to her anus, and a finger gently ringed the circumference of her pucker, and was then presented to his nose. Horace sniffed at the honeyed tang, his enthusiasm in doing so, observed with the contempt it deserved by all who had a clear view of it. The redhead basked in the ridiculing laughter it received, and slipped in a taste of her Germanic pride, just to remind him he was a long way from what was once his home, and of who owned him now.

"Ah Zo!... that's what you really crave, isn't it Englishman?... a sniff at the real seat of power, the taste of absolute defeat in perpetuity... lick my finger!" Horace obeyed immediately, licking the tart essence of her anus, and sucking lovingly on her finger amid laughter.

"Now lick my arsehole... put your tongue where it belongs." Horace went down and pushed his face into the soft crevice of surplus flesh, his younger eagerly slipping against the prize it sought, confirming his pleasure in submission to her, a contented sigh released by her as she fingered her cunt on feeling the warmth of his eager rasp.

"Oooh... think yourself so lucky, I normally whip any male thoroughly before they're allowed the privilege... and you'll know that whip well, when my time with you comes..." Her eye went to the clock as she teased her clitoris, that time was imminent, and the thought prompted her orgasm as his tongue probed at the heat of her anus. Horace seemed to sense her desire to own him for more than just that moment, or for the period of some fleeting visit, his yearning to know the whip and discipline of such a commanding and visually dominant woman in permanence, prompting the full submissive vigour of his tongue as she pulled her impressively large thighs back and moaned in pleasure. His submissive urge was not to be disappointed.

Horace's tongue was subjected to the divine tastes of several haughty matriarchs as the clocks ticked by, before Frau Luckner decided to have him shown in humiliation via one of her most favourite party pieces; the prowess he'd demonstrated with his mouth and tongue leading up to it. He was led to the centre of the rug once more, and left kneeling, as she sauntered away to have him enjoy the murmurings and sneers of the audience, which told him they were well acquainted with the humiliation to come. Horace quivered and gasped, as Frau Luckner led her pet Rudi over to him, his large manhood extended, having witnessed Horace's obedient service with no little jealousy... and bolstering his arousal for what was to come.

"Stand Rudi... show him what you have." Though fully hooded, Horace could sense the smile that stretched beneath its concealment, as the sizeable cock was wavered close to his face, the bell already glistening with pre-cum as the cock perked and elevated its stiffness. The fur lady sneered down at Horace, her eyes filled with spite.

"We've all seen how you like to lick and suck, Horace... and my Rudi hasn't come for a week... " Horace shrank back away from the cock, in true horror for the first time since arriving; even the spectre of the gallows had not reduced him to the level of trepidation he now knew he'd face. Her sneer intensified as she served him a swipe with her whip, the laughter of the women as cutting as the sting, as they enjoyed his torment.

"Oh yes Horace... you'll suck cock when visiting my household... and you'll soon think of it as a privilege... you're going to find the humiliation exquisite." Frau Gessler saw her chance, mindful of the time, and glad there was still plenty to allow her full enjoyment, stepping up with another woman to hold Horace, to an obedience that would have every woman there salivating at the crushing humiliation he was to be subjected to. The commanding feel of the redhead, somehow eased him a little to the task; her eyes telling him she lusted the humiliation, as she and the other woman held his head firm... and Horace was willing to do anything to please her.

He gasped in exasperation as the ammonia like smell of the taut and shiny glans was eased under his nose, knowing there was no escaping it, Frau Gessler stroking his face to encourage him to do the bidding of the now baying audience of women... and the fur lady's spite in knowing satisfaction would wait no longer.

"Suck that cock Horace... suck it good." The cacophony of derision aided the trembling of his limbs, as his lips slid over the turgid bell and sampled it's slimy but firm texture as his mouth consumed it. The Lord of Mannerly Hall was sucking another male's cock... and the humiliation of it, and the intensity of the women's pleasure in that gross humiliation, eclipsed any previous depths of submission he'd suffered before. Rudi sighed and groaned through the mask, urging his cock deeper as his kneeling recipient gagged, his excitement and the urge to spend, furthered by the knowledge that he'd receive a sound whipping from his Mistress in lieu of daring to show his pleasure in bisexuality... his pleasure in the indulgence of both sides of his sexuality assured. Horace strained his eyes away from the thrust of the torso, and looked up to see the wholly spiteful enjoyment in the eyes of the women on his being held to the task.

The look of sheer contentment and vindictive cruelty in the redhead's eyes in particular, brought him a shamefully submissive pleasure as his cheeks bulged in the consumption of cock, his own member perking high in the bliss of a new found humiliation so thoroughly enjoyed by her... his concentration focused on doing it for her, and her scathing eyes seemed to recognise it too. The renewed vigour of his erection did not go undetected by Frau Luckner, who didn't miss the chance to illuminate his humiliation, teasing his standing cock with her whip.

"Look ladies!... see how he enjoys sucking cock... he'll soon beg for the opportunity whenever he visits my house..." Not only did her goading have his cock pulse in the need for spurting in humiliation, it also put curtly fanciful ideas into Rudi's head, his cock pulsing in blissful urgency within Horace's mouth. The redhead's cruel smiling told Horace just what she demanded of him, and as the deliverer tensed his entire body and groaned lustily, the recipient duly sucked hard to appease her with the zenith of his humiliation. Horace's boning cock dribbled its tribute to utter defeat as the bell within his mouth jetted a torrent of hot seed to his throat, the excessive quantity of its following spurts, dribbling from his mouth as he tasted it's dull salty texture, the redhead's satisfied laughter echoed by the raucous accompaniment of every woman there, as his humiliation was soundly completed.

The tumult continued as Horace gagged and swallowed the copious discharge of cum, Rudi's momentary notion of superiority quickly waning, as that tumult masked the rush of footsteps to the door, but not the crash of it opening; as brown shirted males with peaked caps flooded in, Frau Luckner was bemused by Frau Gessler's smile, on her grabbing Horace's leash and moving him swiftly to the other door. Her tug had him follow without hesitation, and they were through it before any of the others had time to take in what was happening; Horace gaped past the redhead's pleated skirt at two masked and uniformed girls who waited on the small landing behind it, as the redhead closed and locked the door behind them; even in the drab brown uniform, the shape of one of the girls was somehow very familiar.

Frau Gessler stood smiling with her ear to the door, listening to the shrieks and shocked indignance of those within for a moment, then turned to the girls with a look of smug satisfaction as she handed Horace's leash to one of them.

"Put him in the boot of my car... he's a new home now." Horace would never see Frau Luckner, nor Frau Blucher ever again, nor would Rudi ever have his cock sucked by anyone, following that orgasm, but Horace would be seeing Frau Gessler for some considerable time yet, and the way she was dressed on their next encounter, would ensure his next spend was as plentiful as Rudi's had been.
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