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For Betterment of My Family Ch. 05a

I know It bad apologizing many times, but there is some thing inevitable that is causing delays. Please take it as my sincere endeavor to write these terrific incidences, which happened so near to me and turned me on for the rest of my life.

I have also put in some native speech. 'Bhabhi' in India is the wife of brother or a brother like man.


7 -----------------------

An unfamiliar dilemma now swiftly began to fill the entire room. I was completely unknown to such feelings. The stillness would have bounced back the noise of a pen that had slipped from the table, while I sat before Mrs. Sen, trying to reassemble my beats.

She had shook every thing in my home, but still she herself seemed at planet distance from me. The stakes everywhere were inevitably becoming extremely high. I was afraid of many things including her husband but was equally sure of my feelings for her were true.

For a moment this all looked a nightmare where there was no boundary between right and wrong.

I had seen Mrs. Sen quite a traditional lady, yet she had a softer view for a man running after a woman provided she had also shown some willingness to be followed; as it was for Reddi ji and my wife. Even for her husband's raising temptations for Ruchi, she didn't look so cryptic in real. I could bet she would have acted differently had it been to another occasion, and he was capable to make some opening for his manly feelings to enter in her. That was her exquisite quality.

Still I was in no confusion that in mid of 40's she looked not serious to accept advances of a youngster like me, although with little stray luck I got obscure chances like present one.

Besides that, she was always conscious that she belonged to a man powerful enough to throw a junior like me out of my job in a day. That was uneasy even to think while trying to flirt her. She still sat cross-legged before me. I felt a haze began to cover the gloomy light of that little room and I desperately looked at the teasing silver toe ring worn by her in one of her nicely polished fingers, reminding me her husband!

Surprisingly at this very late night she looked bathed & fresh like my wife, I had seen in gallery being escorted by her to the waiting bedroom.

Her expensive blue sari curtaining some of her naked arms accentuated her nicely used breasts that looked at least 35's and larger to my wife, and her firm hips were with a ripeness of middle age. Oh! Every time I saw them, I had an extraordinary desire to put my lips exactly over her rosebud that was then neatly pressing the green cushion of that shining acrylic chair.

Like her house she took nice care of every thing of her.

From that imposed distance... My eyes had some freedom... and that was some thing I possessed over this classic lady.A distinct dusk of passion was overtaking my face to which she was conscious from the corners of her eyes. I felt a bee was creeping over my penis.

I mumbled, " Bhabhi... "

She didn't speak and kept her eyes at carpet. I couldn't hold any more and gathering all my courage, flew a kiss towards her feet. There was a momentary discomfort, and her face was heaped with some uncertainty. However in that unusually longer minute my eyes could freely roam over every inch of her. The burden of my intense boyish lure was much for her to raise her eyes.

She raised her eyes momentarily to see at me," What are you doing... this... "

During those terrific moments I was aware that I had risked my entire career at some woman's feet and still I was not able to hold any more; then in a series, I flew hundreds of kisses, each had a distinct desire form her hair to toes, but she won't look at me. I slowly leaned forward and put my right fingertip delicately over the sari on her thigh.

She stretched her toes and her lips went dry as she spoke softly, "Sheeehh... "

Her hiss created another wave of stimulation in me, and I swiftly slipped from the bed to the floor and squatting on my toes before her. Cozy carpet was below my shoes as I felt nearness of her lap before my face.

A surprise gazed me from her eyes, but could only stay momentarily but to make her uncross her legs and put both feet over the carpet. She seemed excepting such kind of move from me.

We remained speechless for some moments and then I pressed my forefinger very lightly over her right thigh. She jiggled and brought her hand to slip it from her thigh, but I managed to stay it there by easing the pressure to the level of a feather placed on fabric.

For a moment I again earned her eyes, before they turned back to the wall. I could make that her amazement was surely for my courage. She was aware of hardening steels in side my pants.

I giggled, " Bhabhi... please sit as before... please... "

She thought hesitatingly and again put her right thigh over left one.

Her overhanging foot was between my squatted legs. I was salivating in the silk of her feet and looking them so near to me was much to hold for me. I very carefully put my other hand's trembling fingers over the top strap of her sandal.

My heart was beating a mile away from me as her foot was available only few inches from joint of my legs and once again her glance sweepingly roamed from wall through her thigh to my hand that was over her sandal. She again tried to remove my finger from her lap.

"Who has permitted you to touch like this... please... I can only sit if you do not do this... " She looked embraced.

[ Yeh chune ko kisne kaha haie... please... agar aap yeh nahie karenge tabhi maie yahan beth paungi ]

I giggled, " Please... don't say so...!"

I eased my finger for a thin air guard between my finger and her thigh, and fortunately she didn't object.

[ Please bhabhi i... esa mat kaheye... ]

She didn't smile, " No... please... not this... if you want me to sit here... "

[ nehie... Please veh nahie... agar chate ho ki maie yahan beathun... ]

I expected that, but her tone set desperation in me and my beats began shrinking.

I spoke, "I knew that... I will get zero marks... even for a touch... "

[ Maie janta tha... mujhe zara sa chune taq ke liye bhi zero he number milega aakhir maie... bas ]

She looked at me like an amused school teacher, "Zero!... Why, you say so... you will get such a good place in mill... " After a brief pause sensing something specific, she said, " And you have such... a wife for that!"

"But I have always seen that... Ladies are never pleased with me... You have seen how Ruchi sees at Reddi ji. "

[ Par maine tho hamesh dekha houn ki... ladies mujhjse kabhi khush nahie rehte haien... aapne dekha hoga Ruchi Reddi ji ko kese dekhne deti haie... ]

She thinly smiled," Oh! But it is bad... But you should not much see so much at other ladies... You know! How your Sen sahib has passed you with very good number... But not for what you want... in any case... he will reduce them to zero... after this what... you need from me... "

[ Oh! Yeh tho sachmuch kharab hai... par dusron ki bibion ko jayada nahie dekhne chaiye... aur tumhe pata haie ki tumhare Sen sahibne tumhe kitne achche number diye haien... par jo chate ho uske liye nahie... jo mujhse chate ho... uske baad kaya unse bilkul he zero karvana chate ho ]

This made me to look at her like teenager. I mumbled, " I do not know that... please... do not say like this... "

[ Maie nahie janta ese... please... easa mat kaheye... ]

She said, " But... I am saying right... "

[ Par... Sach... keh rahe houn ]

That really scared me and I said, " Then... it is zero... "

[ Tab thu... zero haie... ]

I saw her eye corner looking of at my desperate fingertip floating in thin air over her thigh. She hesitated and spoke, " How many marks you want... for... you are doing... "

[ Tho kitne chate ho... es kaam ke leye jo tum kar rahe ho ]

"Oh... Bhabhi... Only five out of hundred... "

[ Oh... Bhabhi... keval.panch... hundred maie se... ]

She swayed her head and spoke with out looking at me, "... only that little!

[ Oh, sirf panch!]

I again delicately touched her sandal.

I said, "Yes... because... You belong to sir... "

[Keyonki aap tho sir ke he]

Suddenly remembering some thing she looked at me, " You know... what Sen sahib was saying in morning... about you... "

[ Pata haie Sen sahib subeh tumhare liye kaya keh rehe they... ]

This surprised me a little. I said, "He was saying... about me? Really? "

[ kaya? Mere liye keh rehe thye? Sach maie! ]

She spoke looking in my eyes, which was now becoming a seldom treat for me, "... he was saying... that... after getting such beautiful wife... what else a man wants in life... God has returned in only four days thousand times the losses he had given to Reddi ji for so many years... " She spoke after a brief pause, " Now see... your self... how many marks he gives to you... "

[... keh rehe they ki... agar esi sunder patni kisi ko mil jae tho use phir jevan maie kaya chaheye... keval char din maie he bhawhan ne Reddi ji ko hazar guna louta diya haie... aab bhi kaya kahoge ki kam number milte haie... ]

I giggled, " It is for Ruchi... "

She smiled, " But she is yours... Oh but... yes... there is one thing! I think Sen is beginning to like her... be careful... "

[ Par voh tho tumhari he haei... hai par eak baat haie... Sen bhi use kuch jayada he pasand karne lege haie... zara samahal kar rakhna... ]

I said," I know that... you have also seen... she is not looking at him... but she feels being your real younger sister... if you say some thing to her... will not disobey you... at least completely... After all he has done so much for me. "

[ Haien... main janta houn... aapne bhi delkha hoga... ki voh unko nahie delkhti haie... par voh... khud ko aapki choti bahen he samjti hai... agar aap usse kuch kehege tho... kab se kam voh bilkul mana nahei karege... aahkir unhone hamare liye bahut kuch kiya haie... ]

She cutely smiled, " But why should I say to her for this... it is her will... Oh no... God only... makes pairs in heaven... may be with his will some happiness may return to Reddi ji... I am only praying that to God. "

[ Par maie usse eske liye koyoun kahungi... nahie veh tho uski marjee hai i... tho bhagwan hai khud jodian banata hai... Usne caha tho shyad Reddi ji ki kushiya lout aeingi... bas yehi maie parthna karti houn bhawagan se ]

8 -----------------------

Although all through the time I had been mindful that this was the other side of coin where Mr. Sen and I were not interested. The entire efforts of him to any how convince my mother to let once have Ruchi tonight, was to give her a feel of a worthy man... to make her comfortable before big Africans, solely for export aims ; I knew there laid our ( I mean Mr. Sen's ) solitary future, and eventually for Mrs. Sen – the would be wife of CEO and Member of Board of Directors of one of the largest group of companies in India, what perhaps she was yet to know from her husband!

Reddi ji was fitting nowhere in the scene in spite of his gentle abilities; may be this was one of the games of survival of fittest! Somewhere in deep, I hated this but I was too small a fry to hit that, and moreover this rule too was the creation of non other than God! However presently this thought in me had opened an exotic door to this bizarre beauty before me.

I looked at her and surely my eyes told her that I cared for her, "Bhabhi... Now you will agree to... I was saying... What you have not done to bring Ruchi for Reddi sir... Who can have such a luck?... I can't even imagine that for me... It is hard for me even to touch a woman... "

[... ab tho maneigi ki maie theek keh raha tha... aapne Ruchi ko Reddi sir ke liye ke paas lane ke liye kaya nahi kiya... Etne kismat kiski hoti hai?... maien tho aapne liye schooch bhi nahie sakta hoen... mere liye tho ladies ko chuna bhi mana haie... ]

That abruptly made her to look at me. Her reddened face was surfaced with hesitation as she said, " Cheeh... you are already taking so much benefits... Even your boss never sees me with such eyes... "

[... Cheeh... etna sab tho kar rehe ho... etna tho veh bhi nahie dekhte haie... ]

She seemed to have said it unintentionally but it gave me to keep on my blues. Hesitating twice and looking at her thigh, I said, "What is the need for him to see you like this... when he gets you daily from tip to toe... This... "

[ Unhe dekhne ke kaya jarurat ahie... jab unhe roj sab milta haie... veh tho maie he badnaseeb houn... ]

An azure reply was now inevitable from her. She slightly moved her head and smiled, " Sheeeh! How can you compare you with him for it? He is my husband. Don't you get from Ruchi?... "

[ Sheeeh! Yeh kaise barabari kar rehe ho unse Veh mere pati haie... Kaya tumhe Ruchi se roj nahie milta haie?... ]

I said, " But... she is now other man's... "

[ Par... voh tho dusre ke liye ho gai hai... ]

She hesitated before saying , " Oh... what you are thinking like this...! She will hardly remain with him for a day once a while... and not going to run away from you... can't you see how many stones he will have to break to meet her once?... "

[ Oh!. esa kaya schooch rehe ho... voh tho kabhi kabhi mushkil se eak din ke liye unke paas rahegi... aur eak baar ke liye unhne kitne patthar tudrne parenge... veh nahie jante ho kaya?... ]

This was another wild chance. I giggled, " Bhabhi... Sen Sir do daily...?... I can't even touch once... "

[ Bhabhi... aap Sen Sir ko tho rooj allow hota hai... maien tho eak baar chu bhi nahie sakata haoun... ]

She looked amazed, " Oh! How you talk... this... "

[Kaise baat kar raho ho yeh... ]

She said cutely smilingly, " I must tell you one thing... you may be feeling different at this time... but you will remember me after some time when she will give you new pleasure daily... you will see that... what I said. "

[Ek baat kahun... abhi tho tumhe karab kag raha hoga... par kuch din bad jab voh tumhe roj khub meja dege... tab mujhe yaad karoge... Aur... dekh lena... mene kaya kaha tha ]

Her words again raced my blood. I was getting chances like this. I didn't let it go waste, " Why Bhabhi... "

[Kayon... bahabi...?]

She smiled, " Oh! Can't You understand this small thing?... she will be happy to do every day... "

[Kaya tum etna bhi nahie samajh sakte ho... voh roj karne se khush hogi... ]

I said, " But I will only remember you... "

[Par maie tho aapko he yaad karunga. ]

She smiled, " That is what I am saying."

[Yahe tho maie kah rahe hoien ]

The itch to touch her was now adult in me. I had some idea that with ladies you had to be clear only in matters of sex. You have to say and if your desires are true even the most vulgar mind of the earth might be rewarded.

I again giggled, pointing my finger over her thigh, "... I now only wish here... please... I will ever obey you like a boy... let me touch slowly... please!"

[ Please Bhabhi... par maie tho keval yahan... aapki baat tho bbache ki tarah manunga hamesha... please... bas thora sa chune dijiye... please! ]

She moved her eyes away from me and suddenly became quiet like a luminary. I said , "... please... "

[... please. ]

I knew I had strong desire in my voice. Her eyes went to my hand that was floating over the top strap of her sandal like a bee, and spoke, "... but you said you wanted only to see."

]... par tum to siraf dekhna he chate they na ]

For the first time she profoundly looked in my eyes and couldn't hold her smile. I was very near to her and the scent of her was maddening me. My fingertip was still placed feathery over right thigh.

I felt myself like a teen as she spoke, " I said... no... to touching... if you want any thing with out touching... "

[ Menei chune ke liye nehie kaha tha na... agar bina touch kiye kuch chate ho tho... ]

It was seeing a dream in a dream! I looked up at her silky arms in sleeveless blouse. All through the time I had been imagining her armpits.

I said in damp voice pressing my fingertip little in her thigh, "I told you I have been praying all evening... you would lift your arms, but you have not done once."

I saw a shadow floated over her face and couldn't smile any further, " What you want to see there...?"

[ Vehae kaya dekhna chate ho...?]

I implored, "... please... "

[... please... ]

She said, " This is some thing peculiar... that is very private of lady... "

[ Yeh ajeeb baat haie... yeh tho ladies ke private jagah hottee haie... ]

I giggled, " Bhabhi... this is not so private... it remains open... had you raised your arm any time... I would have myself seen... "

[ Par yeh tho kuhle rehti haie... agar aap kabhi bhi bahen utha dete tho maie aapne aap he deekh sakta tha. ]

"Oh!... I didn't know you were to that!... " she spoke.

I said, " Bhabhi... you didn't feel any time?... how much I have been thinking of you... "

She hesitated before saying that," Oh... Yeah! I felt so in bed room when I was picking chair for you... you came behind me... oh yes... "

I again giggled as child, " Then please... let me only once... "

She spoke and I noticed little trembling in her voice, " What I have to do for it... "

Everything including in my tongue was trembling, I said, " Please can I lift your arm... "

She faintly smiled and looked only at wall, "... you are another crazy man in this house!... o... k... but for one minute only... "

It was a reward from a schoolteacher.

Then again nearly for twenty seconds I had to hold my breath to get enough nerves before I raised my hand and very cautiously uncovered her sari from her right arms, not touching her anywhere there.

It was like unveiling a silk from another silk. Her naked arms were before me. Oh! 'Please... bhahi... " I was begging before this woman.

"what...?" she spoke.

"... please raise your arms... little above... "

Staring at wall and with my gentle support at her elbow she slowly raised her right arm to shoulder level.

Her armpit opened like a flower... and from down side I had a look of this concealed territory.

Oh! It was clean but I had never thought she would have tinny hair. Yeah! They were there. I raised myself and holding her arm delicately between tips of my fingers, I slowly moved my lips near there. The skin suggested she often shaved with razor, and it would have been couple of days since she did it last. A perfume mixed with musky scent of female privates filled my face. I wanted to kiss there but I couldn't afford to annoy her; and fortunately I restrained myself. Her eyes were still at the wall. I moved my lips ahead in the pit till there was a thin air in between. Her private pungent odor at this place conquered the scent she had applied over her sari.

My lips remained in vicinity of that forbidden confine for about an minute and then sweeping her glance though my head, as she began to apply little effort to drop her arm, I didn't resist and slowly moved back down to squat again on floor. I saw her looking at me and her face had intensely reddened.

My head was pounding like a jackhammer, as I sat there, I could plainly see the press of cushion by her hips.

My hand again went over her sandal but with an air cushion in between.

I spoke keeping my tongue touching my lips," Bhabhi... do you not shave daily...?"

[ Bhabhi... kaya aap roj shave nahie karti hai]

A fresh lush filled her eyes and she again looked at wall, " No one does it daily... "
[ Daily koie nahie karta hai ]

"When... did you last " My voice trembled.

"Oh!... What you are asking... four days back... I am not that young... "

[ Are kaya puch rehe ho... char din hue... maie utne young nahie hoon... ]

I could imagine she might have shaved at both places four days back... I mean between her her legs... oh! There too must be tinny hair...

I said with dry mouth, " Bhabhi... please don't be angry... did you shave here too four days back... " I loosely pointed my finger towards her leg joints.

She bumped her head towards me and looked with no smile, but I had said that to her.

She again spoke," Sen was telling he would also keep Ruchi under supervision of mother with you in office as relation officer. I do not know much about it... he was saying something she would be dealing important foreign clients from... what is this about... "

[ Sen bata rehe they ki voh Ruchi ko bhi office maie personal relation officer ki post par tumhare saath he rakhna chahege... mujhe bahut nahie malum haie... keh rahe the ki voh important clients ko deal karegi... eah kaya haei... ]

I said, " You know that Bhabhi... I too do not know much about it... he wants to raise export to double in five months... there is great demand from Africa... rivals are doing every trick to sway customers from us... so sir might have thought to give some homely treatment to them... before we talk of business with them... "

[ Bhabhi ji... Mujhe bhi es bare maie bahut pata nahei hai... aap jaanti haie ki sir export panch mahene maie dugna kana chate haie... Africa se bahut demand haie... dusri mill vale tareh terah se trick karte haie... sir unse business karne se pahele unhe kuch garelu trearmernet bhi dena chate haie... ]

Suddenly a spark came in her eyes, she intensely looked in my eyes and said, " Oh! Ruchi is to entertain them...?"

[ Oh! Ruchi unhe entertain karegi...? ]

It was something hard that hit inside me. I spoke slowly, " No... no Bhabhi... not in that way... no... no... " I took a brief pause and spoke, " It will be some thing like this... we may receive them in Bombay and escort to Surat... just to give them a homely company and take care no one makes any break in way... she will be looking after their stay and food in company guest house... "

[ Nahie... Bhabhi... nahie... us tareh se nahie... nahie... man leejiye hum dono ne unhe Bombay maie receive ker liya... aur escort de kar Surat le aye... land kerne ke baad koye aur company vala garbar bhi nahei kar payega... Ruchi tho company guest house maie unke tehrne aur rehane ka bi imtjam dekeghege... ]

She looked curious, " I didn't know that... but suppose any client wants her company longer... "

[ Mujhe nahie pata tha yeh... par agar kisi nahe uske company aage bhi chahi... tab. ]

I said confidently, " No... No... that is not the idea Bhabhi. All mills keep ladies in public relation department... "

[ Nahie Bhabhi... yeh matlab nahie haie... eska... sabhi mills maie ladies officer in public relation maie hote haie... ]

She said, " But there can be problems. But I think she is not child... mother can manage that excellently... what mother says? "

[ Par esmei problems ho sakti haie... lekin veh bhi koye bachee naihe hai.,,,lekin mother ese acchi terah se dekh sakti haein... ve kaya kahte haie?]

9 -----------------------

I hadn't talked that to mother neither to Ruchi in all aspects... Yeah! I knew There were dangers! Which path to startling success does not have?

However we all in family had shown tremendous trust in our bride... I knew afterbeing enjoyed so hard by Reddi ji tonight, she would be a charming adult woman confident before giant Africans from hot lands and I was sure they would be always be leaking till they remain around here... but that didn't mean she would let any one sit her on his lap... and mother knew to protect her and her family. However for exceptionally important clients a bit more private couldn't be ruled out! It was altogether a different thing... such things could happen anywhere!

This was not worrying me at this moment, and I knew our nights from tomorrow would be on stronger footings... I believed things would run on broader tracks than what Mrs. Sen was imagining... There was however no use of discussing it now with her.

I said, " Leave that Bhabhi... we will think later about it... mother will be there... so why worry that... " My eyes again roamed over this beautiful lady. The nearness of her feet to me was maddening me.

I had this overwhelming urge to touch them, but I knew I dared not.

I said, " Bhabhi... please... you do think so much for others... please allow me little more... please... "

[Bhabhi... please... aap sab ke liye etna schooti haie... please mere eak prathna maan lejiye... please... ]

She again gave me a little treat by looking in my eyes, " You already have so much... now what is this new thing... "

[ Etna tho mil chukka haie... aab yeh naya kaya haie... ]

I giggled again but now like a better-grown child, "please let me touch feet only... "

[ Peroo ko choune diyeye... please.]

She gave her head a tinny shake, " Oh... no.what this... you want... "

[ oh... kaya haie yeh... ]

"Bhabhi... please... please... "', she was surely listening to the sounds from my heart.

[ Bhabhi... please... please ]

She swept her eyes at her sandal where my hand was trembling over a thin pad of air.

She swept eyes bit higher and continued to look at me, as my fingers were not daring to touch the strap of her sandal.

For a moment she moved her palm over my hairs and then looking again at her feet she said softly , " You are really not fearful of Sen sahib... "

[ Tumhe Sen sahib ka bhi daar nahie haie ]

Raising my head I looked in her eyes. I didn't know the answer to that but I chuckled, " Yeah! I am very afraid... but please Bhabhi... please... they are very good... please"

[ Unse tho bahut daar lagta hai... par please Bhabhi... yeh bahut sunder haie... please ]

Her mouth went dry , she looked at wall again and spoke more womanly ,"Oh!... what has gone inside you... but not above feet... in any case... and after that finish... "

[ Oh! kaya chala gaya haie tumhare andar... bilkul dar nahie haie... par peroin se upar nahie. Bilkul nahie... aur uske baad puri chuutee... ]

It was like winning an national award...

I could say, "This is the greatest reward for me... "

[ Mere liye tho yehe sabse bada enam haie ]

I picked her feet and took hold of her delicate sandal. My hands shook wildly but she didn't try to do any thing to make my nerves.

I reached over with my left hand to slip two fingers in between her sole and her heeled sandal and because her arches were high, I did it pretty easily. I didn't want to startle her so I barely touched her.

My heart was thumping as I slowly dragged my fingers along the sole to the point where her shoe touched her heel and traced the outside line of her heel around and to the other side of her foot. Then I softly tried to tug the thin back strap of her sandal but it didn't come with that delicate pull. I would have tried quite a few times then suddenly Mrs. Sen bent her knee and drew her right foot back towards her ass. For a second I thought that she was going to tell me to stop. Instead without even looking towards me she slipped the back strap completely off of her right heel. She just as quickly stretched it at original place between my legs. I was unbelievingly becoming lucky!

I caressed her foot with my fingers, massaging every inch of the sole of her foot with my fingers. Her feet were incredibly soft! After a while, I slowly opened the leather sandal from her right foot.

I twisted myself a little around so that I could place her sexy feet in my lap. Then I slowly lift her other foot from the carpet and also placed it over my lap and removed the sandal.

Her beautiful toes were facing me as I once again carefully explored every inch following every line, every little crevice, and adored the wrinkly soles that she had. Once in a while I would hold the heels together and down upon my lap with one hand while raking the soles of both of her feet with my other hand. I was careful not to do this too hard or for a prolonged period. I was doing special care to that pretty silver ring on her second finger, which was constantly reminding me of my powerful boss.

I thought for sure I was going to cum now. She cleared her throat and said, "I think you still act as boy."

Before my mind could think, I bent forward and kissed her soft silk clad instep. I almost exploded in my pants as I did so. I had never dreamed of doing such a thing.

A moan escaped my lips. Pre-cum flowed freely from my cock. I never knew such intense pleasure as I kissed her right instep, not once daring to look at her. A musky scent was hitting me like a train.

I had lost all control at this point. She arched them as my tongue danced across her toes.

Her salty taste made me crazy. I glanced up at her. She had a thin smile on her overcast face.

I had lost time and she spoke still under some embracement, " Ok... that is all... now... please... "

I looked at her as if my whole body was fill with gratitude. Our eyes met and she told me to finish now.

I looked down and took her right sandal and delicately put it back in her foot still on my lap and slipped back strap to her heel freely to pull it over her silk. Then I did it on her other foot. She moved her feet from my lap and placed over the carpet.

She spoke lightly, " Now happy... sit on the bed... "

Obeying her like a dot, I moved me up and to sit over the bed. For few minutes there was again the nice silence in the room.

10 -----------------------

I was still looking at her with the same lust in my eyes. She spoke," Now stop looking at me... just care of your future... I think you are getting promotion next week... every one is so pleased with you... "

I said moistening my upper lip with tongue, "... Bhabhi... How you did this miracle... no one in my house could have even thought like this... you did magic for Reddi ji... and so plainly... "

She raised her eyes and looked amazed," Do you still think like this!... I know this is not an easy thing... but see... how much happiness we are giving to all... think of unfortunate Reddi ji and the joys suddenly coming to him... and perhaps Sen has not told you that this morning when he talked on phone to Chairman sahib at Chennai for some thing, he himself has asked him to send papers of your case directly to him... I think you would be asked to begin the work immediately... your such a big promotion is merely a formality now... just see what is really coming to you... and in no time... your wife is not running any where... "

This could have brought heart attack to any one. Suddenly I remembered four days back wandering as unknown stranger in administrative block of our mill and then peeping in the export department , I would be heading if every thing goes normal.

I could however mumble, "... this could only be possible because of you... but... how could you talk mother in this?... she never speak like this... surprisingly my father... for the first time I have seen that he is not worried for us being out for whole night... He knows how desperately you have been persuading mother for our family's woman for Reddi ji... I saw his shame while Reddi ji was eating my wife with his eyes before every one... I can't believe how it is happening... "

She looked at me innocently, "It is God who does all... He himself makes pairs in haven... "

I said," No... bahbi... I can't fully agree to that... it was not so simple with mother and my father... in any case. They... haven't ever dreamt this for Ruchi... the first thing she does in morning is to touch their feet... many times after I leave for mill mother takes her to temple with her... "

I said looking at her feet , " Doing it one time... was different thing to some extent... can't there be... no other way to keep his family together?"

She kept on looking in my eyes, "... I will still say some times God acts himself... see how all happiness have come at the same time... your mother is very understanding... she knows such things happen in world... and I think for what was coming to you... she would perhaps have not objected pleasing Reddi ji by Ruchi once... in some softer way... but she has begun to love Reddi ji like her another son... You know Reddi ji has no parents... you might have seen that how she is pained for his unfortunate daughter... "

She thought for few moments before saying," You haven't met his wife... she is just opposite to him... you have seen Reddi ji... how good he has is in every thing... she is beautiful but... says her husband is too hard... she tries her best to adjust him but feels extreme pain even after one baby... but I think she has some medical problem... some ladies have that... so she began living with her parents at Bombay and took her daughter... Reddi ji has biggest love for his only child... he tried to bring her back many times but she lived only for few days... she says Reddi ji can't control... and keep on chasing her every where in house... "

Mrs. Sen continued to tell, " Reddi ji began hating of his being man... from years he is now keeping him away form thought of women... but how long a real man can live like that and with out family... and now he is beginning to break in pieces... Sen is his friend from school... he often tells me this... "

She was completely absorbed in her self, "Sen told him why not to think getting divorce on medical grounds and remarry... but it is unthinkable for him... then it was I... who suggested Sen if his wife is not comfortable with him... let her come and live with him here... and let her sleep in separate room... and look for some woman for Reddi so he may live with out doing it with his wife... Sen discussed it with him but... but If you know... How he began sweating all through his body! But perhaps it may happen in some way... I talked with his wife when I went Bombay... she too wants to live with him... "

"Sen put some good ladies in his office but he won't even look at them. We thought of many alternatives- virgins were out of question for at his age... there are needy women,... but it is dangerous... the woman had to be from good family and reliable... Yeah! I even suggested Sen... calling my younger sister from Calcutta here for few days after her second delivery two months month back and try to initiate some thing for him... but her husband is of different type... I was afraid if some thing went wrong and he knew... "

She continued, "Believe me... It was difficult to ask him look at any woman... –... "

" The miracle was done by God himself that day In marriage party... we thought it a joke when he showed signs of liking a woman... I can say this... your wife is extraordinarily beautiful... but if you believe me... that too would not have happened... "

She hesitated for a moment, " if Sen had not done that mischief in Reddi ji's ear... which I could hear... it was just a joke said to cheer Reddi ji... but it exploded him in pieces... you know that... "

She was yet in herself as she said not looking anywhere, " I say... don't think like this for Reddi ji!"

She stretched her swaying right feet to her left and spoke slowly, " It is natural to feel like this... but after few days it will be normal... your mother is very able woman. After knowing from Sen, I told her that you are willing to some extent... but she asked time to think of it... and did lot of thinking... she knows such things happen in world... she has thought it from every side... when a woman meets a man like this for once, she too after some time may begin to like being chased by tempting men... mother rightly thinks not to completely deny her man... and no one other than Reddi ji would suite all... or she may slip in hands of some strong man in back of you ",

"... I think... you should leave this all to mother to take care and I am sure both the families will be safe in her hands... she wants the first things to keep every thing perfectly secret... believe me... no one even in this house would ever know this... even Sen... forget outside... Reddi ji is so nice a man... some times you may your self like to send Ruchi with him to movie or to a hill station for a change... but it should be very- very rare...

I said looking her in eyes, "Bhabhi... you too think lot for others... "

Then I remembered her other words and Sen telling me some thing about the mischief he had done on that evening.

I asked while her eyes were looking me , " Bhabhi you said Sen sir did some mischief on that that day... what was that?"

She lightly smiled, " Now leave that... that was nothing great... and real. "

"Bhabhi please... tell me... "

She cutely smiled and shook her head, "Oh... better ask him," but seeing insistence in my eyes, she tried to say , " He said... , " but she again wrenched her upper body, " I don't know... you can ask from him first thing in morning... if that is so important for you to know... "

That was some thing I wanted to know, not because it was so important for me to know... but I was curious of every thing that happened around me.

I insisted, " You know I can't ask him... but you can tell... pleeasse "

"If you can't ask him... then forget... "

I again asserting, " I shall keep asking till you tell me... "

She seemed wearied in trap, "Oh! Ok... he told him to... look at that woman in pink sari... there... she is beautiful... but is just opposite to your wife... a man in our mill has told me in confidence that he has relations with her... and has done with her many times... and she is very fond of... oh! I can't say... that... dirty manly words... "

I giggled, " OK Bhabhi... please say... with all this happening around us... this is not for to be so reserved... "

She said shifting her stare to wall, " Oh... you are so insisting... he said she is fond of doing it... he did with her three times in two hours... she never tires... "

I gulped some salvia in throat.

She spoke faintly, "Sen than said to Reddi ji... I know this family and if he wanted I can let him meet her... " Seeing me in eyes, she hesitated, " Oh! What I am speaking... he said lie to cheer him... you... man talk about ladies."

I said, " Thanks... Bhabhi... "

She smiled and spoke , "Now you are happy... isn't... Incidentally just after he said this , you all began walking towards us, and fortunately I already knew your mother from your father's time... it had tremendous effect on Reddi ji... he became almost helpless even to sit rightly before your parents... "

She looked at me and spoke, " Next morning he phoned Sen... his voice told he couldn't sleep in the night... he asked him that if he was really serious... Sen tried to talk other things... but he only wanted to hear about your wife. After Sen had left at about 11 AM... surprisingly Reddi ji ringed me... he did that for the first time... Oh!... I still remember his voice... then I called your mother... and Sen talked to you in office... Ok this is all you wanted to... I too never believed it could happen like this... now tell where is our fault... except that little joke of Sen... he shouldn't have said that... but it has come for so good to all!."

11 -----------------------

However I would never forget what she lied after this truth. With out looking in my eyes, she said, " You are worried... so still... fortunately you can have second look... your wife is yet intact... and I told you is sleeping alone in our bedroom. We can call off every thing from this moment and forget... mother is clear about it... if it is not ok with both of you... tell me... we may deny Reddi ji out right... "
I could have died at that innocent lie of her... I wished I said ok... we call it back... but that would have made her embraced before me. I certainly didn't want that to do with Mrs. Sen, I had been fantasizing so lovingly since evening! That is always the ladies advantage!

I said trying to look in her eyes while her glance was at her feet, " Oh no... Bhabhi... I didn't mean that... we have thought enough... "

She glanced in my eyes longer to ensure my words. That gave a sudden wrench in my loins and that came out through my eyes, as I looked back at her. Yeah! She was too tempting to be looked like that!

The lust was again consuming every restrain I was trying to hold over me.

She looked at me ," It is late now... sleep for some time... I must go now... ok... "

She left closing the door behind her and I was alone, still sitting on the bed.


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