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Freedom and the Widow Ch. 13

Eric now looked starry eyed at his mistress Victoria as she watched with interest the techniques employed by Dominique as she exacted various humiliating and painful punishments on Bernard. He watched her mature yet supple body ripple, as she applauded with the other dommes at the end of sessions where Bernard had experienced the spiteful woman's prowess with cane, whip, or crop. Along with the other attendant slaves, he envied Bernard's position and yearned to be dominated by his mistress; he looked at the curve of her delicious thighs and buttocks encased in the tight black leather, sat primly on the seat in elegant fashion; he longed to be allowed to refresh her no doubt very sticky pussy and anus with his tongue, and then be caned by her for the pleasure of doing so.

Victoria sensed his attention and looked down on him with a sense of sweet triumph as the sound of Dominique caning Bernard rang in their ears, she could never have guessed just a few short weeks ago, just what a full and rewarding life there was to be had; her pussy tingled as her moist lips and clitoris were squeezed in the taut leather, as she looked on the kneeling male she now owned as she could never have imagined before. The idea of showing him off on her return to England gave her such a thrill; the women of her village would be so shocked to see the change in her, and she had the pleasure of being introduced to Wanda's friends also. She gave Eric a stern and wicked smile as she pulled his leash tight, which made his rigid cock pulse close to orgasm; his thoughts were similar to hers, and he was truly worshipping her now.

"I know what you're thinking Eric; you must be patient, I am eager to get you home and cane you, but we must enjoy our guest's company and the show first. You may kiss my feet and be satisfied with that for the moment. I shall remember your impatience when I have the cane in my hand." Eric had inferred nothing and had made no gesture to indicate impatience, but welcomed his mistress's divine and absolute judgement. His balls tingled and Victoria's pussy bulged, her nipples hardened, as he made the most of kissing his mistress's feet while other dommes close by, smiled in approval at his humbling gesture.

Bernard was reduced to the status of a snivelling child as the strutting Dominique and her two young assistants whipped and thrashed him to utter defeat; he was broken mentally as the cruel woman's taunts ensured he knew he was of no use to her. The delighted audience of dominant women sensed a change in the atmosphere; Dominique lifted her arms and had the tearful and utterly defeated Bernard face the audience. She then beckoned to someone who sat on the perimeter; Bernard looked on with a mixed expression of submission and horror as a huge domme of about 65 waddled toward him holding a collar and leash; her bulbous belly barely contained by the latex bodice she wore, which also fought to retain her huge sagging breasts. His look turned to bewilderment as he was collared and his head pulled between her huge sweaty thighs to enjoy a sniff of her equally bulbous crotch. As his head was allowed away again, he feared the worst as Dominique gave him a sneer and turned her back on him to strut away to the rear of the hall. She smiled with supreme pleasure as she pulled a curtain back to reveal a rope which she unhitched as her two assistants beckoned the audience to look up.

The watching dommes applauded as Dominique lowered the cage containing the leather bound male, which alighted close to the collared Bernard. Dominique studied his bewildered face to get the maximum thrill from the situation, and then released the cur from the cage and his leather bondage. She immediately had the fresh male kneel at her feet; his cock erect with excitement, despite having disgraced himself within his bondage several times as he witnessed the humiliation of the male he would now replace. Dominique looked at the tearful Bernard with wicked satisfaction; he looked at her wonderful mature and shapely figure, how he yearned to be hers, her cruel deception had worked perfectly. She laughed with utter contempt as she faced Bernard's pleading eyes.

"Yes Bernard, Monique here is your new owner, you are of no use to me anymore, but there is one more task you'll perform before you leave here forever." The stern woman, her pussy buzzing with the thrill, then turned her face to her new toy.

"You will now masturbate on my feet." The audience clapped their approval as the new male gratefully took his rigid cock in hand and stroked it in ecstasy as he knelt in absolute worship of the supremely dominant Dominique. She eyed Bernard with a deep sense of satisfaction as he watched the male enjoying his submission to the woman he thought he would serve.

The watching women laughed and cheered as the new male grunted and convulsed in sheer pleasure as he shot a worthy wad of hot semen across Dominique's shiny stilettos and ankles; further jets spattered the leather of her shins before his deliciously humiliating orgasm before a crowd of women subsided. Dominique clicked her fingers and the two smiling assistants leashed the new male and him away to her boudoir where he would be bound and left to await her pleasure.

Dominique smiled at Bernard and his fat new owner tugged on his new leash to urge him forward. Dominique's pussy was close to orgasm as the audience hushed in anticipation of her command. She looked at Bernard and pointed to the white blobs which decorated her calves and shoes.

"Oh yes Bernard, you shall be allowed to lick my feet just once more before you go; you'll lick me clean of every drop the cream my new favourite has provided for you, you'll never get another opportunity. LICK!" She laughed with complete satisfaction and utter contempt along with the on looking crowd, as Bernard performed this final humiliation. His cock was stiff and yearning for relief as he lapped another male's salty mess from the wicked woman's shoes and legs; her laughter and the same from the crowd magnifying his humiliation as they watched him lick and consume the now cold semen. Dominique would enjoy a thoroughly satisfying orgasm later, as she recalled her delicious torment of the worthless Bernard. The snivelling and worthless wretch was led away by his bulbous new owner to rapturous applause after he had tongued away every trace of cum; Dominique did not give him a second glance and strutted back to her guests who stood and continued their applause. They had thoroughly enjoyed the torment and complete humiliation of the male.

Dominique was careful not to pay the slightest attention to Bernard as he was led around the perimeter of the audience by his proud new mistress; she took great delight in bringing him closer to those who had enjoyed the show, and who now took great pleasure in laughing at him in a derisory fashion as he was led past on all fours, many taunting him about his worthlessness. His saggy new mistress ensuring the audience knew he was to be toilet trained as soon as he got home with her; she had over indulged as usual and her new slave would be put to immediate use.

Eric's cock rose at he witnessed his mass humiliation; his balls now ached for relief and he was yearning more than ever to feel the sting of his mistress's cane for the first time. His cock dribbled as he watched the folds of Monique's huge bulbous ass; Bernard would be ok, the thought of being made to lick that was a submissive male's dream, and this was another vision which would stay with him as he was caned. As he knelt and watched Victoria's full and shapely ass as she discussed the evening with the other dommes, he knew he would shoot his load long before he had sampled sufficient strokes of the cane. His cock almost exploded as Dominique sneered down at him, before Victoria also turned to him, smiling wickedly; in her hand was one of the canes that Bernard had been thrashed with. She had promised Dominique that it would be put to good use.

At last the evening came to an end and both Eric and Victoria were almost counting the lamp-posts they passed as they returned in the cab to Cherie's; Wanda and Cherie smirked as the the couple sat in silence for most of the journey, she flexing her cane across her leather-clad thighs with a knowing smile fixed on her face, he watching her; his mouth agape as he thought of the punishment he'd receive. Victoria almost blushed, almost, as she noted the two had noticed their intense desire to indulge their relationship; Victoria was still a novice but was gaining experience fast, and kept her composure so as not to show any flaw to the impeccably dominant persona she portrayed before Eric. She adjusted her posture slightly and looked sternly at Eric.

"Oh, and when we're done, you shall tend my Brazilian; it's been three days since you did it last, I don't want you getting sore lips, you'll not perform correctly that way. Tending my pussy to ensure it's perfect when you worship it with your tongue will help with your humility, and I find the feeling of having it done so pleasing. You can think about why you've been caned as you patiently perform the task; you know it's your impatience that's earned you a caning." Eric did his best to look chastened, but in reality he was thrilled with the prospect of receiving this punishment; the idea of the other women knowing that he would shave her pussy after his punishment gave him an extra thrill. Wanda smirked all the more; there was an even better way of having slaves appreciate the most feminine region of their mistress's anatomy, and it involved a second male. Her pussy buzzed as she delivered her tease.

"I find it so refreshing to be serviced by a well-endowed stud on occasion, whilst my slave of the moment watches him perform in a way that he will never be allowed, not being large enough to fully excite that way; as per your Eric. After being made to watch how a real man performs, the slave is then obliged to lick up the mess made by his fellow man; someone has to. It is SO invigorating to be fucked by a huge cock now and then, and the thrill of the slave's humiliation as his tongue cleanses your sated pussy of the worthier male's cream is sublime." Cherie chuckled in a way which echoed her agreement, Eric swallowed hard and his balls tingled at the divine humiliation he'd feel if Victoria was fucked as he was made to watch. Wanda smiled wickedly as Victoria looked curiously pleased at the notion.

"Have you ever had a nice black cock?" Wanda knew that there was not a hope in hell that her answer would be yes, but the tease at Eric's expense had the three women's pussies oozing as much as at any time whilst watching Bernard's degradation. Victoria smiled smugly at Eric.

"No, I have never been lucky enough to enjoy that pleasure; I have heard that black men have huge dicks though." Wanda now looked at both Eric and Victoria as she continued.

"And would you like to be fucked by a huge black cock?" Victoria looked Eric in the eye and saw that he was willing to endure any humiliation she chose for him; the seed had been sown and the upper-middle class widow from the dire grey background now imagined the glorious luxury of lying back and being fucked by nine or ten inches of Afro-Caribbean cock whilst the male she now owned watched, in readiness to lick her post orgasmic and messy cunt clean. She nearly orgasmed as the taxi negotiated a bump in the road. Eric's cock was rigid and his balls tingled with a strange anticipation as he awaited Victoria's response, and felt the lush enjoyment the women got from his humiliation; they sneered as he squirmed at the thought of seeing his mistress fucked. Victoria was not to be denied.

"I think I would like that very much, and Eric will enjoy the education." The women applauded her decision and laughed as they watched Eric's strange look of humiliation and resignation; his anus tingled now as he thought of this deeply humiliating act and wondered what another man's semen would taste like. He would not have to wait long to find out. Wanda and Cherie looked at each other in triumph.

"Marcel!" Cherie looked Eric in the eye as she lifted a phone from her tight leather bodice pocket. She licked her lips with a wicked smile as she tapped in a number, and then looked deep into Eric's eyes as though she was about to order his execution; his cock pulsed and dribbled pre-cum as he had watched her elegantly painted and spiky nails, now he waited for her voice.

"Hello... Marcel? Hello gorgeous, it's Cherie here; how would you like to fuck a nice white mature English lady, same sort of situation as usual; audience of one, willing or unwilling, whether he likes it or not?" Eric's mouth went bone dry and Victoria's pussy felt like it was opening like a flower as they listened to the obviously approving dark brown murmurings in response. Cherie chuckled delioriously.

"Tomorrow night would be just fine; no need to bring any tissues!" Eric's ;anus tingled like mad as he could not quite believe what was happening; further excited dark brown murmurings were heard, and Cherie laughed hysterically for a moment, and then looked at Eric with complete and utter contempt before holding the phone to his mouth and delivering the coup-de-tat.

"Marcel wants you to confirm that you will suck his cock clean when he's finished with your woman, you must say 'I will suck your cock clean Lord Marcel.' Eric was surrounded by three dominant women, he knew he was a wimp, but the phone before him dominated him as like never before. Victoria was now bursting with a new dominant spitefulness and was thoroughly enjoying her new authority as she poked Eric's erect cock with her new cane; he would humiliate himself as never before and would follow up tomorrow in completing his promise. Beads of sweat ran down his face.

"I will suck your cock clean, Lord Marcel." The women erupted with derisory laughing as the voice in the phone grunted a dark brown approval. Eric's balls were fit to burst with the divine humiliation; tonight he wouls be caned, tomorrow he would watch while another male fucked his mistress, then while she watched, he would take another man's cock in his mouth, a black man's cock, a ten inch black man's cock.
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