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From a Husband to a Dutiful Sissy Ch. 02

Chapter Two: My reveal, a true reveal for the sissy in me.

I reach to the bottom of the stairs and at the front doorway entrance, Helen and Jenny are standing and looking at me in my black maids dress, white tights, black velvet 5 inch spike heel pumps, wig and makeup. The look on their faces seeing me dressed as such is priceless. This is the first time Helen has seen her sissy husband dressed before her as a sissy maid. Helen and her work friend Jenny looks to have their jaws drop.

I sheepishly curtsy and say, "Ahh..ahhh..umm Helen, this is me... I hope it does not shock you or Jenny."

Helen is shocked but says, "Oh my God, Phil, you look, well both silly but actually quite cute...cute in a sissy way. I don't know exactly what to think."

Jenny interjects with giggles, "Sorry Helen but... [as she laughs] ... Phil looks oddly cute... My God look at that dress?" she giggles more and says, "And those tights, wow! white tights really look good on the sissy maid."

My face under its makeup is blushing and I feel so embarrassed. I'm told to turn around and give the ladies a good look at my whole outfit. I do the effeminate turn as I am told to do and they lap up the sight of sissy maid me. I can sense Helen is both bothered at what she sees as her husband, but also inquisitive and excited at seeing a rather cute, feminine looking sissy maid.

Helen says, "Curtsy again Phil, I want to see you do it again in your maids dress and heels."

I say. "Yes Helen." as I curtsy once again, resulting in both of them laughing at me.

We all head back up stairs as the ladies follow me and study my walk in my tall heels. Both note I seem to be able to walk in high heels quite well. As if I have been doing this for many years. As we enter the living room Helen and Jenny sit on the sofa and have me stand at attention before them, my high heeled feet daintily standing side by side, my hands in a graceful grasp in front of my dress and I stand still.

Jenny says, "Well Helen I'm sure this is quite a shock to you, to see your husband as a sissy crossdresser. I'm sure you are confused with what to do about this."

Helen says, "Yes, Jenny I am rather confused, angry and upset. First at Phil lying to me and not telling me about this side of him. Second, I'm mad at what he is having me to think and do. He says he does not want to become a woman, he told me he has not and does not have sex dressed like this with men, but he has taken clothes like these with him when on business trips so he can dress up in the motel rooms he stays at. I worry if he is lying and has had sex dressed like this with guys."

I interject, "Please Helen... please understand I have not had any sex with men, honestly."

Helen replies, "Phil, ok that may be true, but you did tell me that you think about sex with men when you dress up. Do you want to have sex with men?"

I reply, "Hun... I'll be honest again, when I dress up as a maid or as a slut I do think about being taken by men, it's not a gay thing as I will not want such dressed as a man, it's just a sissy thing, a power control thing sexually when I'm in my effeminate and sissy mind and of that of men."

Jenny jumps in, "Helen actually I've seen stuff on line about male crossdressers and sissies, when they crossdress and feel as if they are women or want to be women, so I guess any sex they would have in their mind is sort of straight sex, or well sissy domination sex to them."

Helen looks at me and says, "Phil, since you are dressed as a sissy maid, you should go to the kitchen and make us both some coffee and then serve it to us."

I meekly stand then curtsy as I say, "Yes Helen."

Jenny replies, "You know Helen Phil should refer to you as Mistress."

Helen nods and says, "You are right Jenny, Phil curtsy again and use the name Mistress Helen."

I am so embarrassed but I curtsy again saying, "Yes, Mistress Helen, coffee will be made and served."

I am dismissed to the kitchen to prepare the coffee.

While I am doing my new sissy maid chores of preparing coffee to then be served to Helen and Jenny they continue to talk. Helen is still flustered about her husband being sissy crossdresser. Jenny and her talk about the choices Helen has. She can simply divorce me, using the lies and hidden crossdressing and fear that I may have cheated on her with men as I was dressing as a sissy maid and slut. My word versus her word, but I'm the lying crossdresser, it would be pretty easy to have the divorce go bad for me.

That all said Jenny begins talking about the world out there of crossdressing men who get off on being humiliated and used as sissies, sissy maids and or sissy sluts. Jenny tells Helen that instead of just divorcing me, she can make terms where I will begin to live and serve as her personal sissy maid. Helen does grow interested in this discussion with Jenny. Jenny begins to outline the benefits.

Jenny sits up and says, "Look Helen, it's shock to find your husband and in your case of what eight years is some flaming sissy crossdresser, but most men like Phil love the thought of becoming some form of sissy maid. I bet Phil has fantasized about this sort of stuff his whole adult life."

Helen says, "Well yes, having a personal sissy maid can be fun and more so very useful. If I keep him down and help feminize him, it could be more worthwhile than simply divorcing him."

Jenny excitedly adds, "Imagine never having to do any household chores again, unless you want to. Imagine having Phil as your obedient, effeminate sissy maid wait on you like you are his Queen. Does that not just turn you on Helen?"

Helen now all perked up replies, "Well yes that is very exciting. Getting use to seeing Phil daily in feminine and sissy clothes will be an adjustment, but having him under my thumb would be great"

I'm in the kitchen preparing their coffee as I hear the ladies talk like this. My fears as a man are rising. I think about living much of my daily life as my wife's sissy maid, it scares the man in me but seeing myself in my maids dress, hose, heels etc. also turns me on. Jenny is correct most sissy crossdressers like me love the thought of being enslaved into some form of sissy maid service or slut servitude. But I don't know if I can live much of my daily life like this. But what is my alternative? To be outed to others and still divorced? If I become Helen's sissy maid we stay married, even though my relationship as her husband will change. I get to stay living in this house and surely outside of that Helen will not make my life too hard. She won't go against me on my work job, she will not just out me to family and friends, but I don't know.

I have a serving tray of two cups of coffee ready, with bowl of cream and a bowl of sugar. I pick up the tray and proceed to carry it out from the kitchen and to the living room where Helen and Jenny continue to talk about sissy me. I will mind my new manners, I must not upset Helen now.

They see me enter and smile as I daintily walk in the room with my 5 inch heels and I carefully place the serving tray on the coffee table. I now stand before them and ask Jenny how she likes her coffee. I say I know how Helen likes hers, two teaspoons of sugar and a small drop of cream. Jenny tells me she likes only a teaspoon of sugar but a good dollop of cream. I curtsy to both in acknowledging the task at hand and they both giggle as girls can.

They watch me intently as I very sissy-like make the coffees to order. Once I am finished I pick up Jenny's cup and saucer as Helen says the guest shall be served first. I walk to Jenny, then standing feet closely side by side, my knees locked and I daintily bend at my hips and graciously as I can present her the cup and saucer. Jenny takes it from my hands, sips and tells me "Thank you it's fine." I curtsy and then I walk back to the coffee table and pick up Helen's cup and saucer of coffee. I am so humiliated doing this for my wife, but I step towards her and again my high heeled feet together, knees locked and bending over I graciously present her the cup and saucer. Helen takes it from me and sips it too, saying, "Thank you Phil, it's fine." Another curtsy by me as I walk back before them a few feet away. Helen tells me to seat myself on my knees and make sure my dress sits nice across my thighs and back side as I remain quiet. I will be allowed to listen to their conversation but remain quiet unless I am spoken too. It's so damn humiliating for the man in me, but my sissy self is all a flutter with excitement and my sissy dick is rock hard in my panty. I so want too touch it but of course I do not.

Jenny tells more about how Helen should look at keeping me as her sissy maid. She notes that a contract of servitude should be drafted and signed. Since Helen is a legal secretary a good contract should be workable. It should include what shall be expected of me as her sissy maid and about being and open relationship as well.

Jenny says, "Helen since Phil no longer appeals to you sexually as a man but only as a sissy maid, you should make sure your contract allows for an open relationship... for you." she adds, " You will still want and need a man or men in your life including your sex life. Phil is really no longer suited to this role. I too see him as a sissy maid who himself says he enjoys the thought of servicing men as he dresses as a sissy maid and slut."

Helen says, "Yes, yes that is true, I mean I still love Phil but no longer can see him as a man. I think that I now want my relationship with him as a Mistress and sissy. I think sissifying him will be fun and good for him. I do think I'm going to have to make sure I can bring in and date other men, real men. Maybe letting them have fun with my new sissy too."

Jenny all excited says, "Yes! exactly you deserve a real man or men, you are still a deserving woman, cute, sexy and vibrant. Phil certainly loves you as such don't you Phil?"

I perk up and say, "Yes. Miss Jenny, I love my wife, or now my Mistress. I am very sexually attracted to her but as a crossdressing sissy I see how my wife may not care for sexual relations with me anymore. I see how she may need and want other men. A contract should be open as such."

Jenny says, "But only for Helen, Phil. You will not have such privilege. A sissy like you must be cut off any male, female sexual relations. Helen, it would be best to lock Phil up in chastity and to deny him from now on any penis in vagina sex. In fact I suggest he not be allowed to use his sissy penis on men as well. The best place for a sissy like Phil is to take it, take hard cock in his sissy mouth and up his sissy ass, even getting his sissy fill of hot cum. He should only be allowed as a reward to have chastity removed and masturbate on your guidelines.

Helen says, "You are correct Jenny, Phil should be kept from normal penetration sex, only that he is being penetrated."

Jenny adds, "Pent up frustration from chastity will make Phil be a much better sissy, much more willing to accept his fate if he knows that you as his Mistress will control any masturbation."

Sitting on my knees and hearing all of this worries me, I feel like Helen is getting serious about my sissy servitude to her. No longer having sex with women drives what is the man in me to angst. Guys normally chase and want vagina. Knowing Helen's is off limits to me now is bothersome, but my pathetic sissy side loves it and my sissy dick stays rock hard. I so fucking want to play with myself, I come close to putting my right hand in my crotch, but stop in time as I'm certain Helen an Jenny would not tolerate that.

Helen perks up, "You know we talk about Phil as a sissy but we use his male name, I never asked him if he has a feminine or sissy name."

Jenny says, "That's right, he probably uses the name Phillis or Phylicia, do you use such a name Phil?"

I sit up and say, "Um, I have always separated my male name and persona from my effeminate, sissy name and persona, my feminine name is, Chantel."

They both laugh, Helen says, "That's a cute name Phil." she pauses then says, "I can see you as a Chantel, Chantel it will be then. We will try to use this name for you from now on ok?"

I on my knees head bow and say, "Thank you ladies."

It seems my life of being a sissy maid to my Mistress wife is set full speed ahead. Helen is coming around to seeing me no longer as her dutiful husband of near eight years and now only to be her effeminate and useful sissy maid, named Chantel.

For the rest of tonight the ladies enjoy discussing my future and having me carry out commands as any good sissy maid shall do. It was all overwhelming for me, my normal male and husband side has been blunted by an original hurt and angry wife to now a woman who will use her power as a Mistress to dominate her pathetic sissy husband. All the while I am thinking that I should not be surprised as I know much of my adult life I have known I do truly lust for sissy crossdressing and as a maid and slut.

The night wraps up, Jenny leaves for home, Helen makes sure to tell me the bedroom is now off limits for me, tonight I will again sleep on the sofa. Tomorrow we will convert the spare bedroom into my sissy maid quarters where I will now store my clothes, set up a make up table, we will buy a bed and dresser and I shall begin to live out my home life as a sissy Maid.

I remove my maids outfit, shower and take off my make up. I dress for bed in what will be sleeping lingerie of a white satin full slip over a matching white bra and panty with a pair of white pantyhose on my sissy legs. Helen is off to bed and I too try to settle into sleep on the sofa.

Sleep comes by hard as my mind is all over with all that is happening to me. I do eventually fall asleep, but knowing I must get up at least an hour earlier now to shower, do my makeup and put on a maids dress. It sucks as I will only be wearing such for an hour or so just to wait on Helen as I will then have to wash all of my makeup off and take off the maids dress, hose, wig and heels as Helen goes to work and I then have to go in drab as Phil to my job. But Helen deserves a sissy maid husband and I will have to get use to doing this.

6:00am my alarm clock goes off and I get up to sit up on the sofa, in my lingerie and pantyhose. I come around and know I must quickly shower and get dolled up as sissy Chantel before 8:00am as I must get breakfast ready for Mistress Helen. So off I go and it's hustle and bustle to be all made up and in a maids dress. I go with a pink satin maids dress, frilly white apron, pink choker and a fluffy white petticoat. All over me wearing a pair of sissy girl pink tights and a pair of 5 inch spike heel pink pumps. My blonde and light auburn shoulder length, wispy wig is on and pink and white lace trim maids cap on my sissy head.

Once in the kitchen I get coffee going and make poached eggs over toast for my Mistress wife Helen. I see Helen arrive wearing black knee length cotton, pencil skirt and silver satin blouse, her auburn, shoulder length hair pulled back and with a black head band. She has very nice suntan sheer pantyhose on, she smells of Chanel No.5 and is very cute but business like. I know to curtsy as I greet her and she roles her eyes noting at what her husband has become in his pink maids dress.

I serve her coffee and prepare her poached eggs over toast plate and daintily serve her with a curtsy and saying, "Please enjoy Mistress." I still am so embarrassed as add by my new sissy life but I carry on. Helen notes I can have a quick bowl of cereal and coffee sitting with her and I do as she instructs.

Helen says, "Chantel, when you come home from your job tonight you will shower, do your makeup and get back into maids dress and heels ok?"

I'm seated but bow my head as I say, "Yes, my Mistress."

She adds, "I'm going to expect you to have dinner on the go as I come home, today I will be home by oh, maybe 5:30pm, that should allow you to get all sissied up and dinner on the go."

I reply with another head bow, "Yes, my Mistress, I will do as you instructed." My sissy cock is stiff in my panty as this is such sissy turn on for me.

We both finish up breakfast, Helen steps into a pair of black leather 4 inch spike heel pumps and puts on a blazer, grabs her purse and I curtsy to her and wish her a nice day at work. I have to quickly wash dishes and get out of my maids dress, and take my makeup off before I dress in drab for my job. But I am to wear panties and pantyhose to work from now on.

At work, my mind is all over the placed in what to think about how life is going for me. It's hard for me to get my work done, but I muddle through. About 1:30pm Helen calls on my cell phone.

She says, "Chantel, I'm going to a little late tonight, I'll be eating dinner out. You can make yourself something quick to eat, but make sure you are dressed as a maid before I get home."

I reply, "Yes, Mistress." hoping nobody in there office heard me say Mistress.

After my work day is over drive home and I safely arrive home, I shower, shave, do my make up and put on a black lace bra and matching lightly padded panty. I open up a new pair of white sheer pantyhose and slip them on my legs. I put on a black satin camisole, my white fluffy petticoat and then my black satin maids dress with its white lace trim. I put on the white lace and satin apron and a black satin and white lace choker. I top of my look with my blonde and light auburn, wispy shoulder length wig and the black and white lace trim wig cap. I grab a pair of 5 inch spike heel black leather pumps and just like that, I'm in my sissy maid glory.

I mince to my full length mirror and enjoy the view of my sissy reflection. I practice a few curtsies and am smiling at my look. This is really the way I love most to dress and be, a feminine sissy girl. Soon I get on with making myself a bite to eat and will do a few things around the kitchen as I wait for my wife, now Mistress Helen arrive home from her dinner out. I figure she is with Jenny or others from the office and try not to be so bothered by my wife eating out without me.

A quick meal for me and some kitchen tidy up work and I pour myself a coffee and decide to just sit in the living room and wait for Helen to come home. I'm sure my sissy maid look will be a sight of her. I think to myself, 'Jeez Chantel, I wonder really what does Helen think of me? I mean it must be a shock for her, your wife to now knows she is married to a crossdressing sissy. I mean last night Jenny really got her into the idea of me living as her sissy maid and not just toss me out on the streets as a perverted sissy in a divorce.'

I sit and enjoy wearing clothes I love to wear, but I try not to jerk myself off, no matter how bad I want to.

About 7:00pm Helen's car pulls into the driveway, I get up, fix my dress, smooth up my pantyhose and walk down the stairs to the front door. I open it up as Helen walks up to it, I curtsy and greet her, resulting her giggling and shaking her head. It's so embarrassing what is left of the man in me.

Helen says, "I don't know how I will get use to my sissy maid husband, nice curtsy... dear." as she steps inside.

She notes we both have black leather, spike heel pumps on and I agree with a smile. I was going to try to give her a kiss, but stopped in mid motion knowing I am now her sissy maid and not her manly husband.

I ask, "Um Helen, er Mistress, how was her day and who did you go out to dinner with? Was it Jenny or others at your office?"

Helen with a stern look on as she kicks off her heels says, "Um Chantel, what does it matter to you? I choose myself with whom I go out to dinner now that you have dropped your man card with me."

I reply, "I...I am sorry.. Mistress but I am still your husband and well... I was just interested."
Helen sternly says, "I went to dinner with Jenny and Linda as we drafted up a servitude contract that you and I will agree on tonight as our marriage moves from a man and woman loving and equal marriage to one that is a Mistress and a sissy relationship where I will reign over you and you will accept and in fact love it."

I reply, "Yes, Mistress, I'm sorry Mistress." as I curtsy.

We both head back up stairs, Helen goes to her bedroom and changes from her work clothes to something more casual. I go into the kitchen and pour her a glass of wine to serve her as she comes back out top the living room and relax.

Helen returns with a pair of faded blue jeggings and a white ribbed sweater, her auburn hair is let down in a Jennifer Aniston look, large black bangles on her right wrist and gold ones on her left wrist, she has always been girl next door attractive. I arrive back in the living room and daintily serve her the glass of wine with a curtsy, it's so humiliating but erotic of me to see my now goddess, Mistress wife, knowing it's me in my sissy maid dress.

Helen smiles and says, "Thank you Chantel." sips her wine and says, "You may kneel before me dear."

I curtsy and say, "Yes, Mistress Helen, I'm pleased you enjoy the glass of wine." as I now kneel before her making sure the skirt part of my dress sits nicely around my thighs.

Helen pulls out a multi-page document and tells me this will be our Mistress/sissy rules of conduct and contract, backed up by us being married. She tells me my role is now exclusively as her sissy maid husband and except for work and maybe unexpected situations I shall dress as a sissy maid or if required a sissy slut. I am to be 100% subservient to her and her wishes. Helen will reign as my Queen and the head of the household. She will instruct, conduct and apply suitable training and give out discipline to me and my transgressions as a sissy maid.

I sit on my knees and begin accept my new fate. Helen makes it clear she has the right to out me to work, family, friends or any other persons as she sees fit and /or as an intimidation tactic, such as my work place and/or ex-wife and adult daughter. This will surely help keep me in line.

Helen discusses that she will take 100% control over our money, finances and investments. I shall close my own bank account and will only be on our joint account. My pay cheques will be deposited into said account. My own investments will be closed and monies transferred to Helen's. I will have my name taken off our home's title. I will agree through rent continue to pay my part of our household costs. My Dodge Challenger SRT392 will be transferred into her name but I will continue to pay for its loan and costs including insurance. Effectively I am losing all control over or marriage and my role as a husband. She goes on in detail about the transfer of power, control monies.

I sit totally silent and I feel my manhood being ripped from my persona. Helen moves onto maybe the best part how we will conduct ourselves in any sexual, affectionate and such ways. Helen tells me we will have an open relationship, for her, and her only. Since I am not seen as a man by her anymore and seeing me dressed as a sissy maid and sissy girl kills any intimacy with me, she explains she will be able to date and see in any terms she desires other men. Men that she can and will bring home for any male/female intimacy and I will learn accept and celebrate it as a cuckold husband and sissy.

I can't help but to interject, "No Helen, no, please you are killing me with this stuff of you dating other men. I'm getting on board with being a sissy maid to you, but I must protest the open relationship thing you have."

Helen in a fit of anger, slaps my face and wags her finger at me, "You will not dictate my intimacy and seeing of other men. As a sissy you should be pleased at me finding sexual relations and intimacy with other REAL! men." she sits back in the chair and says, "You do not want me to out you as a sissy faggot to your boss, ex-wife, daughter etc.?"

I say, "No Mistress, I'm sorry, you are correct."

Helen goes on to make her part of an open relationship quite clear, then makes it clear that I shall not have any open relationship. She plans on denying me much of my sexual desires and will soon buy me a chastity device. I will be groomed into serving men's sexual needs as a sissy slut. After all I did say I think about sex with men when I dress up and I will be made ready and fully capable of doing such. I will be groomed into being a damn good sissy cock sucker and my ass used as a sissy slut cum dump. She tells me more on this to follow but from now on I will not have sexual intercourse with women but will have my two most important sexual holes used for hard cock.

We go on and the contract was fully explained and I along with her signed it before a video camera to show I was doing it of my free will. My married life has now officially changed. I will be cucked, I will be kept subservient as a sissy maid and slut to my Goddess wife and Mistress. Helen and I both know it is what I want and she is now embracing, after all what does she lose?

A house? No, it's hers.

All property and assets we have? No, they are all hers

Ability to have intimate relations with other real men? No, she is able to have any and all relations with other men.

Ability to control, command, dominate and punish sissy me? No, she is allow by contract for all.

She will have the ability to toss me out on the street penniless and wearing only sissy maid clothes while divorcing me if she wishes?

What do I get?

To be able to live mostly crossdressed as her sissy maid and slut.

To be emasculated.

To no longer have privilege of sexual relations with my wife.

To be used sexually by men who may enjoy such.

To be worked as a house maid and slut as much as feasible, while for now keeping my day job.

To soon be locked in chastity and Mistress controlling any masturbation of me.

To be able to live like this as long as possible and most if not all of my useful life.

Fear of still been tossed out own the streets, penniless and wearing sissy maid or slut clothes.

I am coming around to seeing it all for what it is and honestly with myself knowing it is what I want.

Helen tells me we are going to go out to a Home Store to shop for a convertible bed, a dresser, closet organizers and a desk to be set up in my new maids quarters and bedroom. She tells me I'm going out dress as a sissy maid and it shall be exciting and fun. Of course I protest with my fears but she has no care. I will be going out dressed as I am.

Soon were are in her Tiguan and I am silent with fear but knowing it will happen and the public will see me in my black maids dress, white sheer pantyhose, black 5 inch pumps, wig and makeup.

At the Home Store I sheepishly step out as does Helen, she's casual cute and I'm a sissy maid. Helen is wearing a pair of knee high, black suede wedge boots, I'm in my spike heel pumps, my heels click loudly on the asphalt. As we walk inside the store it's not too busy as it's after 8:00pm and will be closing soon. My face feels flush but my makeup helps to cover it up.

We make our way to the furniture section and she begins sizing up bedding, I remain silent speaking only as Helen talks to me. She does find a beige, microsuede convertible bed from a simple sofa to a single bed, as she looks at it a sales man walks in, he obviously sees me.

He says, "Hello... nice outfit." referring to me.

I along with Helen look at him, I am silent with humiliation, she says, "Hello, yes, thank you, this is my sissy maid Chantel. She is a new maid to me and I am getting her use too being out dressed as such. She is really my husband but he has thrown his man card way to be his dream... a sissy maid."

The man says, "Looks like you have him trained nicely, he's cute in his maids dress, nice heels and cute white nylons."

Helen smiles and says, "Yes, Chantel looks lovely and is quite happy but nervous as such, Chantel mind your manners and politely introduce yourself."

I am flushed with fear and chime out, " Ye...yes Mistress... I um thank you sir... my name is Chantel... I... live as a sissy maid." as I curtsy to him.

He cracks a laugh and says, "Wow, cute and good job on your curtsy Chantel. My name is Alan what are you both looking for tonight.

Helen says, "Well we need things for Chantel's new maids quarters. A converting bed like this micro suede one, a dresser, a desk for her makeup and a closet organizer." she smiles and adds, "Chantel no longer serves as my dutiful husband and is no longer allowed in my bedroom and bed as such."

Alan says, "Oh I see and I can understand, it must be shock to find your husband wants to be a sissy girl?"

Helen says, "Oh brother, you nailed it. It's been a change but one we both now embrace."

Alan and her move about and talk between each other as I sheepishly follow behind in my maids dress. He shows her a dresser, desk, closet organizer to go with the converting bed. They chat it up nicely and I only speak when spoken too. I am all so humiliated but ironically also excited by this. I see Helen flirt with Alan as he is a good looking man, about 6'2" maybe 200-210 lbs. nice brown hair, clean shaven, and looking fit for oh a maybe young forty something. Right now he is more of a man than I am. I sense he is excited at me being a sissy maid and my wife is really excited by his chatting and mannerisms. Helen tells him about how she found out I was a sissy and how she is working out new rules between us. I want to interact but remain silent just observing their chatting and flirting. Soon Helen says she already misses having real man in the house even though it's only been a couple of days. Alan commiserates with her and he looks and smiles at me.

She tells him how it's nice for how he is treating her and is such true gentleman. Alan senses Helen is soaking up his manliness as he says she is attractive, vibrant and polite. He is wanting to help her with the purchase of goods but also feels she could use a real man to help her out in this big life changer for us.

I am suffering jealousy, I try to speak up but am mostly cut off from their chatting, then, what's left of me as a man is mad at what I am seeing. However we all move along.

Helen says, "Alan it's tough to be a still young, healthy woman and to now at my stage in life and career to have thought I had a man in my life, I thought Phil, that was his male name and was good enough of a man of eight years, but look at him in his maids dress, pantyhose, heels, wig and makeup. I would like to find a man to unload my feelings on and to talk it all out."

Alan says with a seductive smile, "Helen, you are correct, you deserve a real man who can help and be with you. You are attractive and look to be fun and vibrant as a lady. Phil certainly fails to see that in well lifestyle."

Helen smiles after looking back at me waking in behind the two of them, "Yes, it's her new lifestyle but I want Chantel to be happy too and if crossdressing and submitting as such does it for her that's great. Well I will enjoy having her serve as my sissy maid, but I like testosterone and would like to share real company with man even if it's just a friendship."

Alan says, "Helen, tell you what, why don't we go for coffee or a lunch one day, I feel you may enjoy that. Here is my card and my cell number."

I am full of jealousy and want to stop this but I am too scared and keep silent.

Helen takes his card and says, "This will be nice Alan, maybe I will take you up on it."

We all load up a big cart as this furniture is all to be assembled. It is paid for with my credit card as it's my sissy maid stuff and all loaded up in Helen's Tiguan.

Helen thanks Alan, he tells her he will see her later and implores me to be a good sissy maid as I have a great Mistress. I am told to curtsy and thank him. He and Helen giggle and she hugs him, I'm steamed but keep quiet, oddly though my sissy dick is hard in my panty over this.

The drive home is odd and I want too blurt out in anger but I know I better not. I just hope that was a cute flirting session and Helen will now move on.

Once home me in my heels lug the boxes into the house and to my maids quarters. Tomorrow I will have to assemble it all. Tonight I will sleep on the sofa again. Helen has me make her a coffee and she tells me she enjoyed time with Alan, she sees I'm jealous and has fun with it. I am to get use to her flirting and being with men and I should be happy for her. Ironically my sissy side is, I like it as a sissy, that cuckold feeling. My male side being under attack hates it, but I endure. Soon it's bed time and tomorrow more issues will be dealt with as we both accept our new roles. Sleep for me comes by hard, in my white satin slip, white sheer pantyhose over a white bra an panty I toss and turn on the sofa were passed 1:00am before I finally go to sleep. My life is irretrievable in where it's now going.


Chapter Three to follow soon.
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