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Futa: The Emergence

Earth witnessed a massive meteor shower in 1950 which brought along with it extraterrestrial life, albeit as unicellular organisms, several of which crashed as meteorites in Central Asian, East Asian and South Asian countries with a few of them landing in the North and the South Americas. These single-celled organisms had a lot of similarities with viruses on earth. By pure chance these alien viruses found humans to be the easiest host to infect.

The infections caused by these viruses quickly spread across the globe, affecting close to 100% of the entire population and causing permanent genetic changes. This unicellular organism was fairly benign and even seemed to boost the hosts' immune system against actual viruses by acting as virophages. After infecting the germ cell line, they became a part of the human body, integrating themselves directly into the host's nuclear DNA. Their effects are still being studied to this day, with the most prominent being the genetic changes that affected the sexual characteristics of every one in 30 human beings leading to the creation of The Third Sex. These individuals looked like females, but possessed both female and male genitalia and were entirely sterile. The vagina was nothing but a 13-inch deep hole that got wet upon arousal, with no ovaries or true uterus. It seemed to serve no other purpose than for sex. Another organ not found in true females was responsible for secreting the normal female sex hormones. The penis and testis meanwhile, tended to be larger than average, producing a higher quantity of seminal fluid which nonetheless contained no viable sperm. As a result of these new arrivals, history on this planet took a similar yet different turn.

The arrival of this Third Sex received mixed reactions across the globe. The Western and Latin nations along with Russia and the Oceanic countries were among the few who legalized their status and accepted them in the late 1950s and early 1960s. India, Israel, and Japan legalized their status in the 1970s. China, Thailand along with a few Central Asian and Southeast Asian countries followed suit and legalized their status in the early 1980s to late 1990s. The Council of Islamic Countries(CIC) however refrained from enacting any such moves and have legalized their execution should their parents wish so. On the off chance that they are kept alive, they are generally treated worse than their women. Third Sex suicide rates are high in these countries. The Third Sex had various names in many different languages.

Officially recognized as New Females(N.F), the Japanese word for hermaphrodites, "Futanari", is more popular and as such is more commonly used among English speaking countries. These New Females themselves are incapable of reproduction. However, stem cell research made available in the year 1990 allows the stem cells from the New Females to be repurposed into egg cells which are then fertilized with a sperm and implanted into the womb of a surrogate. The offspring born from such methods usually always are NFs and in very rare cases turn out to be either males or females. This technology is widely available for nearly free of cost all over the world with the CIC being the only one to ban them completely.

A few preliminary reports suggest that NFs aren't done evolving. Successive generations might yet show some new physical changes.



This is my first original story on this site and the overall second original story. The first one can be found on Hentai Foundry under the same name. I may or may not complete this story. However, I'll sure as hell give it my best shot.

To the people who want to add to this story, you are free to do so.

As for the futanari stuff, I'll try to keep it grounded in this fictional reality (without being over the top) as much as possible.

Just a few general guidelines that you are free to ignore:

1) No scat. I find it disgusting but if you get off on it....just mark those chapters with a warning.
2) Keep really big penis sizes realistic-ish. It shouldn't be so big that it wouldn't even fit.

Things you absolutely have to follow:
Chyoa rules.

Other than that you are free to choose any year or place or POV from any person in any country after 1950.

I'll update tags as I add more.

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