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Goblin breeding slave

Kazex was a tribal goblin who lived in the enchanted forest far from civilized society. He lived in a cave with tribal decor, an alchemy lab, and a large sleeping mat.

He left his tribe almost a year ago. He felt that he could run the tribe a lot better than the current chief and he spoke his mind off it. That got him exiled but didn't mind. He made a plan to start his own tribe. He had the skills and knowledge to start one and make it prosper.

There was only one thing he needed. Tribe members. He had a good plan that would also be fun. He would find females to take in as breeding slaves to impregnate and birth him all the baby goblins he needed to start a proper tribe.

It would be easy and fast for his race was made for breeding. When a goblin impregnates any humanoid female, gestation time is between a week to six months. Birthing would be easy cause baby goblins are a lot smaller coming out as human ones. It's not only virtually painless but some females actually get off on birthing goblins and get great orgasms when they pop out. The babies even grow up fast by a month (at the shortest). Of course, these facts can differ between females. Finally, incest is not a big deal to goblins as they are able to breed with family members without birth defects.

His alchemy skills were great for this goal. He had potions to warp the minds of a female to be obedient slaves. He didn't even need them to be goblins cause his potions could alter their womb to only birth pure goblins.

One day he packed up what he needed in a bag. He wore only a loincloth and held a spear. He was ready to set off and find him a female for his first breeding slave.

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