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HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 02

I would personally like to thank the hundreds of readers who write constantly, expressing their enthusiasm for my stories. For the many readers who say that my stories fill a vast void on this site of the countless ones lacking "heat" or content that builds and builds I say 'thank you. Please be advised that even though there are great differences in the ages of all the participants, the youngest are always of legal age and consent. I hope you enjoy this series. Shoguy

In this chapter, the story includes:

1. The beginning of a hot fuck between Allison (the hot teen cheerleader and her boyfriends sexy mom)
2. Allison's two cheerleading teammates confess to fucking Mr. Jeffers
3. Asian friend Traci craves to fuck the black Principals enormous cock
4. Confession of Allison's boyfriends mom, to fucking Mr. Jeffers (black Principal)
5. The beginning of Allison and Mr. Jeffers cuckold of her father

Continued from chapter 1

We stood in front of his desk and continued our feverous kiss. Our mouths were wide open and our tongues were flicking in a wild blaze across each others. As we were deep into this naughty kiss, our hands were busily exploring each others bodies. Just having this older black mans hands playing with my tits and pinching my aroused nipples, then palming my ass cheeks, then spreading them apart, was sending sparks of electricity right through me. I felt so naughty to be standing completely nude, except for my high heel pumps while I kissed my 58 year old black Principal. Standing completely nude, in just my high heel pumps while kissing a black man who was 40 years older than me, added to the thrill of this being such a naughty fuck. As he bent forward to kiss me, my left hand passionately stroked his massive, black, 12 inch shaft, up and down, as it jutted way-out past my side. As my hand slowly pumped his unbelievable shaft in a slow twisting motion, I kept thinking to myself,

"God, I can't believe how fucking big this cock really is. It's fucking huge!"

As I lovingly pumped his huge black shaft, I broke away from our kiss and said, in a desperate voice,

"Oh baby, I need to suck this huge black cock again."

As I said it, I crossed one high heel over the other and bent at the waist and began flicking my tongue feverishly over his glistening, black cock head. When I looked up, Mr. Jeffers was eying my body with a smug look on his face. His facial expression told me, he was a man that knew he had a huge cock. It was also the type of arrogant look that said, ' I know this is the biggest cock you've ever seen, or ever will'. As I flicked my tongue over his wide cock-head I shot him a knowing grin, then said in a heated tone of voice, that was more of a statement than a question,

"You love having this great big cock don't you. I can tell you're really proud of this monster cock."

I kissed it as I looked up at him then added,

"You love knowing that you have a huge cock, don't you baby. A cock at least 10 times bigger than my boyfriends or every other guy me, and every girl fucks."

As I pumped it excitedly, I said in a raspy voice, with my curled up lip,

"Fuck, I know you love knowing that every girl you fuck says and thinks the same thing about this fucking huge, black cock, don't you baby?"

I watched him gaze at my pendulous 36D tits, as they hung lewdly off of my skinny frame, and then watched his eyes roam to my long extended nipples, which pointed straight up off the ends of my tits from being so turned on. He then looked over my narrow back and took in the sight of my sexy- round ass, as it jutted out invitingly. His eyes then trailed down my long, crossed legs to my black high heel pumps.

As I pumped his huge, throbbing cock I watched his eyes linger on my high heel pumps and the high arches of my size 10 feet. My arches are so high that the high curve could be seen in the center of each high heel. I was so turned on by the way Mr. Jeffers was looking at my body, knowing that he lusted for me, and wanted to fuck me for a long time. As I licked over his huge shaft I moaned with a hunger that told him I wanted to please every inch of it. It was a hunger that bordered on obsession. The way I was licking and kissing Mr. Jeffers huge black cock wasn't like the way I sucked on my boyfriends, or any other guys cock. Anyone looking at me stroking, licking, and sucking his huge cock would have said it was more like worship!

As I eagerly licked all over his long black shaft he said, in a hot voice,

"Yeah baby. Thats the kind of head I like. And, I like takin' in the sight of your wild body while you work on my big black cock, sexy."

He then added hotly,

"Fuck. I've wanted you for a long time baby."

"That's right baby, appreciate that that big black cock. Think about how much bigger it is than your boyfriends, or all you other boys little pencil dicks you've fucked" he added hotly.

I then took his glistening-wet shaft in the palm of my hand and began stroking it up and down feverously, and looked up and snarled hotly,

"Fuck, I can't believe how big this cock really is. Even though I heard so many stories about how huge your cock was, I didn't believe anyone could have one this fucking big."

I then looked right into his eyes, as I saw the hunger to fuck, and said teasingly,

"You must drive them all crazy with this great big black cock Mr. Jeffers."

He responded in a conceited voice that caused me to moan excitedly, and even tremble, saying,

"You're right about that baby. This big, black, 12 inch cock has made them all forget about their husbands, their boyfriends and even their kids."

As I thought about all the women and girls that made up an excuse with their partner to be with this great big black cock, and even the women that would dump their children with their husband or a babysitter, just to get fucked by this monster cock, a hot rush of wanton lust shot right through me. Just thinking about the woman and girls that would do anything to get fucked by this giant black cock, made me actually shudder and cum! As I was cumming, I immediately went back to pleasing his huge cock with my hands and mouth, as he added in a throaty-hot voice,

"Fuck baby, I've had your sexy body on my mind for a long time. You don't know how many times I wanted to pull you out of class and fuck you right on my desk with this big cock. I've wanted your pussy, and that sexy body of yours, real bad baby."

He then groaned and said with a deep voice, which emphasized how much he wanted to fuck me,

"I needed to sample you real bad baby...REAL BAD!"

His words were turning me on like crazy. I was so turned on knowing that this man, who had fucked hundreds of sexy girls, wanted to fuck me so bad. As I pumped and licked his huge shaft, I was moaning feverously.

I then looked up, and said hotly,

"Oh baby, I'm glad I finally got to meet the huge, popular black cock, I had heard so many stories about."

I went then went back to kissing and licking his massive black shaft. As I worked it wantonly, I thought back to a night when some of the cheerleders went to a party at my boyfriends after a game. One of his idiot friends (which there are many), on the football team brought a porn movie as a joke. It was about cheerleaders fucking black guys. The movie stared an actor named Shane Diesel. The only reason I, or rather we all remembered the name was because he was the actor in the movie that had an enormous cock.

As the movie played, all the boys were making crude, racial comments about the black men, but when the scene changed to two young white girls in pigtails and cheerleader uniforms stroking and sucking this enormous black cock of the actor who's name turned out to be Shane Diesel, the atmosphere in the room suddenly changed. Suddenly, all you could hear were the sounds of, "OH MY GOD,LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT THING" and "GOD, THAT THING IS HUGE", from me and my squad-mates. The guys were suddenly rendered silent, as they looked at the scene, in shock and disbelief, with their eyes and mouths wide open. It was so obvious that all these big-shot jocks felt embarrassed, because they knew they were puny compared to the black porn star. They also saw exactly what we saw, and that was, that these young white girls were going wild for his huge, older black cock. In fact, at one point in the movie both girls were squatting down and licking his huge shaft, one on each side, and the actor looked right into in the camera, as if teasing our jock boyfriends and said,

"That's right girls. A lot bigger than your pencil-dick, white, jock boyfriend's right?"

The girls took hold of his big cock and began pumping it with all four hands and started giggling while they looked up at him and said, "Fuck yeah. 10 times bigger"

The irony of this guy bringing the move was that we all knew our boyfriends had dicks that were tiny compared to the actor, so when they were silent, we all knew that they felt really small.

As I was deep into this trance-like state, I was thinking about the scene in the movie, and the similarity of me being a cheerleader, sucking, and about to fuck the huge black cock of my 58 year old Principal. The difference between Mr. Jeffers and Shane Diesel was that Mr. Jeffers actually had a bigger cock than the porn actor! The thing I remember most about the porn-star was that his cock was incredibly wide. So wide, that both girls in the movie couldn't reach all the way around it. The staggering thing about Mr. Jeffers was that he was equally as wide as Shane Diesel, but also was about three inches longer!

The thought of how those girls in the movie went wild, and couldn't stop cumming, once he began fucking them with his huge black, caused me to moan like crazy, as I thought of myself getting fucked by an even larger cock than the porn-star Shane Diesel!

I reached the point where I couldn't take it any longer. I needed to fuck this monster cock again. I needed it in my pussy, in the way that a person needs air to breath. As I moaned, I said in a hot, raspy voice, that sounded desperate,

"Lie back in your chair baby, so I can ride the fuck out of this great big black cock. I've gotta get this big- ass cock, back in my pussy, and ride the fuck out if it before I go crazy baby. Now its my turn to fuck this big-ass cock I've heard so much about!"

Before he sat back in the chair we kissed for a few more minutes. Our wicked kiss remained us of just how hungry we were for each other. Once he sat back in the chair, his huge cock thumped menacingly across his broad chest, until it settled and rose up to the bottom of his big pectoral muscles. I've never seen anything so staggering. Mr. Jeffers 12 inch cock looked so freakishly huge compared to my boyfriends puny 7 inch cock, or any other boy I fucked. It also looked more terrifying, because of how pitch-black it was. In the porn movie, most of the black actors were dark brown in color, but Mr. Jeffers was as black as coal. When his huge cock came to rest against his stomach I moaned out loud saying,

"Ohhhhh fuck. I've never seen anything so fucking big!"

I knew that no matter how many times a woman saw it; they would always be amazed, if not shocked by its staggering size. The wild maze of thick angry veins stuck out from the sides of his enormous shaft, which made it look terrifying!

I bent over and took it in my hands, and couldn't believe the weight of it. I kissed it a few more times, and moaned saying that I couldn't believe how heavy it felt. I then turned my back to him and took hold of his 12 inch cock and lined it up with my soaking pussy. As Mr. Jeffers sat back in his big desk chair I began slowly, and cautiously, dropping my scorching pussy down onto his towering shaft, while saying, in a turned on voice,

"Just sit still baby, and let me use your great big black cock...Let me fuck it for you baby...Oh fuck yeah baby, let me use my pussy to jerk- off this big, black, popular cock of yours. Let this tight, white teenage pussy you've wanted for a long time, please every inch of this sexy, big black cock of yours baby."

Mr. Jeffers was moaning loudly as I crossed one high heel pump over the other, then reached back and put my hands on the arms of his chair. I began slowly dropping my tight pussy down his huge black shaft, in a wide spiraling motion until it finally reached the base of his giant shaft. When my pussy finally bottomed out, I began slowly gyrating in small circles, spiraling from the wide base, all the way back- up to the rim of his huge bulbous cock head. He was moaning like crazy saying,

"Fuck that is one amazing pussy you have baby. This big black cock has never wanted a pussy as bad as yours baby. Yeah sexy, use my big, black dick to make your sexy, young white pussy cum real hard baby. Use that big dick to give your sweet ass pussy the kind of fuck you ain't gettin' from that penciled-dick, white quarterback boyfriend of yours, or any other cocks you fuck."

As he fucked into me, he kept saying that he's had so much pussy in his life, but mine was the best he ever fucked. He also said that he has never bottomed out like this before. He said that I had the deepest pussy he's ever fucked. I was so turned on knowing that I was driving this 58 year old, former football star, who fucked all the time, crazy.

I was delirious from the over- stuffed sensations my pussy was experiencing from the fucking it was getting by his incredible, 12 inch, black, monster cock. I fucked and used his black, monster cock for over an hour, as he remained perfectly still, enjoying the way my tight young pussy was literally sucking on every inch of his endless shaft, with every sexy stroke, from the tip of his huge cockhead right down to the extra-wide base of his shaft. . As I fucked onto his huge cock, I came over and over. I came at least twenty times from the sheer size of his pulsating black monster, as it relentlessly stretched my fuck walls to the breaking point. My pussy was being treated to the fuck of a lifetime.

I was cumming so hard from the sight of this giant black man underneath me, as I stood between his massive legs in my high heel pumps, watching his pitch-black, glistening cock, slide in and out of my stretched-out pussy. As I slowly fucked up and down on his huge black shaft, his hands were running up and down my legs, and then to my inch long nipples, which made me even crazier.

I was going delirious from having a foot, of rock-hard cock impaled all the way to the bottom of my trembling teenage pussy. I continued to moan in my turned on voice,


As my pussy clenched around his enormous pussy pleaser, like a vise that refused to let go, I convulsed uncontrollably in an earth-shattering cum, and coated his giant black shaft in a wild bath of foam. It looked so hot, seeing my white cum coating his entire pitch-black- 12 inch shaft. The sight of my white cum smeared all over his black shaft, made our fuck even hotter. There was something about me being a young white teen and him being a middle-aged black man that made this fuck seem immoral, which only added to the heat inside us, the desire to keep fucking beyond the point of exhaustion. As his huge black hands played with my inch long nipples, then pinched them, sent my body into a frenzy and I moaned hotly,

"Oh god baby your making me so fucking hot...Thats it, pinch my big, turned-on nipples baby. Oh God baby, the way you're playing with my big nipples is driving my pussy insane. God, I can't stop cumming all over that great big, in-demand, black cock of yours baby."

As I bottomed out on his huge shaft, I pushed off of my high heels, then gyrated my stretched-out pussy in a hot, teasing spiral motion, which caused him to groan and say,

"Thats it baby, use that big black cock."

As I spiraled around the beer-can girth of his cock I turned my head to the side and we immediately met in a wild tongue kiss. It was a sinful kiss, with our wild tongues flicking at each others in a frenzied untamed way. As we kissed heatedly, I said in a turned on voice,

"Oh baby, I'm so glad I came to school today."

Mr. Jeffers was moaning like crazy, saying that all he could think about all day was our meeting. He caused me to moan slyly when he said that his big dick was hard all day thinking about my sexy body, and waiting for me to come to his office after cheerleading practice. He caused me to groan and say, "Oh Fuck!", when he said that when I came into his office and he saw me wearing my high heels, instead of my uniform sneakers, he knew his big cock was finally going into my pussy.

The way he was grunting, and the way his huge cock was twitching inside me, told me that another big load of cum was on its way into my turned on pussy, and I was going wild waiting for it explode inside me. As I felt his giant cock pulsing rapidly inside me, I grabbed it by the base and pushed off the ground with my high heels, and raised way up until his huge cocked popped free form my scorching pussy. I immediately turned and bent at the waist to suck on it a little. I said in a deranged voice,

"Oh baby, it's all I could think about all day too. After practice, when I stepped into my high heels, all I could think about was turning you on, and letting you know that I wanted us to get into a real sexy fuck. I was hoping that when you saw me wearing my black pumps instead of my cheerleading sneakers that you would instantly know that I wore them to let you know that I wanted us to fuck."

I added hotly,

"Oh baby, after all the stories I heard about your huge cock, I couldn't wait to come here to fuck it. I thought about this for weeks now baby. I used to lie in bed, thinking about the stories I heard, imagining what your cock looked like and what it would be like if the two of us were fucking.

When Id come home from school, or from cheer leading practice I would strip off all my cloths, then put on some hot music, then step into a pair of high heels and slowly walk around my room, taking in the sight of my turned nude body in my mirrors, as I thought of you and all the things I heard about your huge black cock, and the girls I knew that you fucked.

I'd pinch my big nipples as I imagined the two of us kissing and playing with each other. I'd just walk around the room in my high heels looking at my turned on body, and my big turned-on, nippled tits in the mirror, then turn my back to the mirror and bend at the waist and spread my ass cheeks wide apart, opening my pussy and ass, real wide, as I imagined you fucking me from behind, with your huge, in demand, big black cock. Then I'd lie on my bed with my high heels on, and finger my pussy and ass at the same time while I thought about you and me fucking in my bed all night baby."

He said hotly,

"Oh fuck, you are a real naughty girl."

He then laughed in a sinister way saying,

"I like that quality in you baby."

I then looked into his eyes with a devilish grin, as I pumped his freakish shaft in both hands and said hotly,

"I'll bet this huge, black cock of yours makes every girl, or woman you fuck, naughty baby."

I then got between his legs again, putting my high heels firmly on the ground and inserted his huge, black cock into me again. As I slowly and cautiously took his amazing girth into me again, I hissed,

"Oh fuck. This is exactly what I wanted baby. Your great big black cock, fucking my tight-young-white pussy. Fuck I've never felt so stuffed; So fucking full."

As I listened to him groan and tell me, he imagined fucking me hundreds of times, I could feel his great big cock twitching inside me again, and I said heatedly,
"Oh God baby, I know you always get what you want. You get all the pussy you want cuz of this great big talked-about cock, don't you baby."

I was going wild, and said in my throaty voice,

"Oh fuck, this huge cock must have so much pussy, constantly lined up, begging to fuck it. Having a cock this big, gets talked about constantly. No girls ever talk about their boyfriends or husbands average 6"or 7" cock. They only talk proudly about the guy they fucked with the huge 12 inch cock. Fuck, a cock this big can never be kept a secret, that's why you fuck all the time baby.....YOU HUGE FUCKER YOU!"

I had a sudden urge to suck him again. I needed to taste that huge cock again. I said hotly,

"Oh baby, I can feel you getting ready to pop another big, hot load, but I need to blow your huge, sexy cock first....Let me suck on this big black cock just a little...Oh fuck yeah, I need to taste my pussy on it and suck it so bad baby...Let me blow it, and then we'll get right back into our sexy fuck, I promise baby."

Before he could protest I climbed off his giant cock, and before it hit his massive chest, I grabbed hold of it in mid-air and immediately began licking all over, under, and under his massive pulsating shaft, with a crazed animal-like lust. As I licked away at his towering black cock I couldn't stop marveling at the sheer size of it.

He began moaning and turning me on even more by saying,

"Oh yeah baby, that's it... taste your sexy, young white pussy on this big nigga cock....Thats it baby, suck that sexy young white pussy of yours off my great big nigga cock."

As I feverishly worshiped his staggering 12 inch python with my tongue, mouth, and hands, he was grunting louder and louder, and began saying,

"Oh fuck baby, your so fucking sexy. You are so right about the girls that line-up to fuck this black cock, because of what they've heard about it. Yeah baby, this big cock has had a lot of pussy, but you're the fuck I've been waitin' a lifetime for. Just looking at you lickin' and suckin' my big black cock, kneeling on those naughty high heels, that you wore to get this fuck started, is driving my big cock crazy baby....I cant hold this big load back much longer baby. You're too fucking sexy for my big cock baby. Takin' too much to hold it back. Have a ton of bitches all the time, but you're the sexiest bitch this black cock has ever fucked into!"

I was truly lost in pleasing his giant cock. As his voice continued to drop, he added,

"I need to get back into that sexy pussy of yours again, or I'm gonna blow this big fuckin load all over those big- assed nippled tits and that hot thin-framed body of yours, baby."

For a second I began to think,

"Ummm.... maybe I do want this great big sexy black cock to cum all over me. Maybe I want to feel his hot load splashing all over me."

I would have gladly let Mr. Jeffers shoot that great big built-up load, all over me- with pleasure, especially since his other load lasted minutes before he stopped shooting, but, I knew I wanted to feel his huge cock explode inside my sex- starved pussy. I never felt a cock shoot so hard and for so long in my pussy before, and I needed to feel that same thing again. I even had a naughty thought about taking off one of my high heel pumps, and jerking him off in it, then pouring it over my big turned-on tits. But, right now I needed to feel that great big monster cock explode inside me. I was on the pill for three years, and did a lot of fucking, but this is the moment that made being on it all worth while!

I hungrily blew him for a few more precious minutes, letting him know how much I loved sucking his huge, turned on cock and that I would have loved to bring it off with my mouth and hands.

Mr. Jeffers sensed this too, and got off his chair and spun me around aggressively, so that I was now leaning against his desk. He then positioned himself behind me, and put his big hands on my small hips, as I reached back for his throbbing, 12 inch monster cock to help line it up to my sweltering pussy again.

As I guided that giant black- veined monster to my sizzling pussy, he snarled and said,

"Baby, even after years of fucking, the hottest bitches in the world, you've got the sexiest body and snatch I ever fucked. Your pussy is driving my big black cock insane baby. Never had a pussy that could wrap around it and pull it so deep as yours baby."

I was moaning in a sea of lust, knowing that I was turning on this older black man who was 40 years older than me. I was going wild, knowing that he had fucked hundreds of girls, but said that I had the best pussy he'd ever tasted or fucked in his life. I couldn't stop cumming as his big, baseball sized, cock head pried my hanging fuck lips wide apart, as it inched into me. I looked back and snarled,

"Oh fuck yeah baby... give me every fucking inch of this big black pussy pleaser of yours...Fuck it like a wild man baby. I want you to drop that big, hot load, inside my horny, white, young, teen pussy. Let me feel that great big cock again, that's exploded inside thousands of pussies."

I added hotly and in a challenging tone,

"Go ahead baby, fill up another teen pussy with one of your big, hot loads....Oh fuck baby, I could feel that huge black fucker getting ready to pop."

The deeper Mr. Jeffers huge black cock plunged into my sex starved pussy, the more I was forced to except it, and to fuck back down on it. As his freakish, angry, black monster fucked into me, I was cringing, in a state of wild lust, from all of the places his black monster was hitting me, so deep inside. I couldn't believe how incredible his black cock made me feel. I was going wild, feeling the waves of lust building inside my tormented pussy, then exploding throughout my body. As his huge black cock forced its way, way-deep inside of me. I cried out in craze,

"Ohhh fuuuuck I can't stop cumming all over your big black cock baby....Ohhh God, it's splitting me in half.....Soooo fucking big......Soooo fucking deep...Fucking hitting every spot in my deep pussy....Sooooo fucking good. Oh god, your great big black cock really knows how to fuck!"

I was going crazy as his huge black cock pistoned in and out of my squelching, ultra- tight, fuck hole. Mr. Jeffers was fucking me the way he wanted now. It was as if his huge, black cock took over, and was now controlling our fuck. I was going wild, as it stretched me beyond any limit I have ever imagined, or experienced. As his huge black hands gripped my thighs, he would aggressively pull me onto his huge 12 inch cock, and fuck me like a mad man, knowing his huge cock was re-shaping my young, teen pussy, to fit his huge shaft.

He groaned in a rage-like way, saying my pussy was the perfect fit for his big black cock. The experience of being punished with each unrelenting stroke, by his hammering shaft, caused me to explode over every inch of it, each time my turned on pussy made the long journey down the length of his enormous, throbbing, wild black veined shaft.

As we fucked like two sex crazed animals, Mr. Jeffers ran his hand down my right leg and pulled it back against the outside of his leg. He then held onto my black, size 10, high heel pump and gripped it in his hand, then grabbed onto my shoulder and began pummeling that huge black cock into my stretched out pussy from a different angle. As he held onto my high heel pump, he pushed my leg to the side, which created a little more room for his cock. He immediately began angling his cock, so that he could fill that new area up. He did this instinctively. It was almost as if his cock knew where to fill a vacant space when it became available inside a pussy.

The force that he was fucking me at, with his massive 300 pound muscular body, sent a volcanic explosion through me and caused me to moan hungrily,

"Ohhh fuck, your so fucking huge baby... I can feel this great big fucking cock of yours everywhere!... Oh god, I love your great big, older cock baby...I love the fuck that your huge, older, black cock is giving my tight young pussy... That's it, keep fucking me baby.... Ohhhh fuck yeah, that great big older black cock feels sooo fucking good in my tight-white teen pussy baby....Sooooo fucking good."

As he fucked into my tight, wet pussy with an animalistic rage, I looked back and saw a crazed look on his face.

As the 58 year old, black Principal savagely fucked into the sexy teen cheerleader, he was proudly thinking to himself,

'Oh fuck...I've fucked hundreds of sexy girls who wanted this big black cock of mine, but none are as fucking hot as this teenage slut is. Fuck, if she only knew all the times I was fucking some white or Asian bitch, and thinking it was her young pussy I was poundin'. Oh yeah, now I'm gonna fill this hot teen pussy with the biggest bucket of cum it ever had. Oh fuck, look at this hot young slut take my big fuckin black cock while she keeps cumin all over my big shaft. Look at this sexy bitch takin every fucking inch of my big cock. God, she can actually fuck it right to the bottom of my shaft! Just look at how hot she looks with just those sexy high heels on. Oh yeah, when I saw her wearing those high heels, I knew she came here to fuck. Damm, this one has a real gift for fucking. God damm, her pussy's too much action for my big cock. Never had one that took my cock like hers. Can't hold it back----her pussy's to fucking good-I'm fucking gonna pop!'

As the older black man continued to fuck wildly into the stacked, thin-framed white teen, he felt his 12 inch cock pulsing uncontrobally once again. As his huge black cock separated the folds of her tight teenage pussy, he thought to himself lustfully,

"Fuck. Her pussies driving my big cock fucking crazy again. Shit,this young sexy bitch has a magic fuck-hole, unlike any other I've ever fucked. God damm, this fine-ass pussy of hers has got me close to a third cum. Fuck,even those two nasty twin- sister, 18 year old Asian girls I met at Hooters last Friday, then took home and fucked all weekend long, didn't turn on, and fuck this big black dick of mine like she is. Fuck, gonna be my third cum tonight, and I know that this sexy pussy is gonna make me drop at least two more loads before we're through! Fuck..This big titted bitch is incredible!

He then cupped her swollen 36D inch tits and began pinching her huge inch long nipples. The sexy High School senior was moaning non-stop, as the 12 black cock continued invading her tight fuck-hole. As the older black man pinched her long nipples she turned her head to kiss him. As they kissed frantically, he again thought to himself,

"Fuck, I can't get over these huge tits on such a thin frame. Never seen a pair of tits this big, sit so high-up on a chest before. So heavy too, and no fucking sag. And these nipples are huge. Even bigger than both of those Asian girls I fucked last weekend."

As Mr. Jeffers huge cock continued to split my pussy, in a hundred different directions, I could feel his monster starting to pulse rapidly again. My pussy was exploding over and over, from the twitching and expanding of his huge cock. I was so thrilled that my pussy was tuning his huge, black cock on and driving it crazy. I could also tell by the way his huge black hands were playing with my big tits and the way he was pinching my throbbing nipples that he was getting real close to popping another hot load. My body was on fire and going crazy by the fucking my pussy was getting from his older, experienced, black cock. I was going wild by the way his giant, 12 inch cock kept making me cum. His huge black dick was making me delirious, and I couldn't get enough of that great big pussy pleaser of his. I was so crazed that I kept urging him on, saying in the most lust-crazed voice,

"Oh baby, Keep fucking me. Please don't stop baby. My pussy loves cumming all over your huge black cock. Oh god baby, my pussy was made to fuck and please your huge black cock. I love big cock now. I'll never fuck a tiny 6 or 7 inch dick again. Oh baby, because of you, I know my pussy can take a real big cock; I know what my pussy needs now every time I fuck. Go ahead baby, it's all yours. Take my pussy. Use it anyway you want. Use my young, white, teenage pussy to please that huge, older, black cock of yours. God, I could feel that huge fucker twitching inside me like crazy baby. Fuck, I love knowing my pussy's got that great big cock crazy to cum."

Mr. Jeffers than pulled out suddenly, and in one lighting motion, spun around and sat back in his chair. Not taking a second to break the action, I immediately grabbed his pulsating cock as it swung about angrily in mid air, and inserted it back into my smoking pussy. In the same motion, he reached under my thighs and lifted my legs so that my high heel pumps rested on his tree-trunk sized thighs. He than took hold of the backs of my high heels and began pounding that 12 inch monster into my stretched out pussy like a man gone wild. As he fucked into me, like a mad-man, he snarled in a heated breath, saying my white teenage pussy was driving his black cock crazy, but that he needed to fuck it more before he dropped his load.

I was going crazy, and said hotly,

"Oh fuck yeah. Its amazing how you control a fuck, and how you decide when you want to pop-off. Oh baby, use my pussy as long as you like. I love the way you fuck."

I was going crazy from the exquisite feeling I was receiving, as his massive cock filled every inch of my pussy. It felt so sexy, fucking his huge black cock while I rested against his massive chest, while he tightly held the backs of my high heel pumps. He then took my thighs in his hands and in a demanding tone said,

"Cross those long sexy legs baby"

I immediately did as he did as he instructed. Crossing one high heel over the other caused my pussy to clamp down even tighter around his big black shaft. In this position I looked tiny as I lay against his giant 6" 8", 300 pound black frame!

The new sensation of having my long legs and my high heels crossed as he fucked into the deepest part of my pussy was driving me insane. I was going wild as my pussy clung to his monster cock, desperately trying to endure each long, punishing stroke. This tightening of my pussy seemed to make Mr. Jeffers even angrier to fuck. In this position my pussy was sealed tight, which caused his huge cock to actually bend like a bridge, in the middle, as it ruthlessly forced its way into my clamped-tight pussy. I was exploding with every invading thrust, as his huge cock continued to pry me wide apart, mercessilly. I was cumming so hard and so much that I thought I was about to pass out from the sheer pleasure of being fucked by such a big powerful cock.

He then placed the heels of my pumps on his thighs again, and as he grabbed onto each of the three inch heels, he began fucking me harder and crazier. In this position my pussy was wide-open and vulnerable to the assaulting strokes of his huge black cock. As he fucked way up into the back of my pussy, my high heels dug into his thighs, which fueled his fire and animal rage even more. My heels digging into Mr. Jeffers massive thighs enraged him and he fucked me faster, deeper and harder. I was going crazy as I looked across the room and saw our reflection in the big mirror. The sight of his huge cock, bending at the middle, as it angrily forced its way into my clamped-tight pussy was mind-blowing. It was the ultimate black/white taboo: A huge black cock, taking a tight-white teen pussy that never fucked anything so huge.

As we were deep into our fuck, I looked up and watched our hot action in the big mirror across the room. Mr. Jeffers saw me staring in the mirror, taking in this taboo sight and could tell I was really turned on. He said in a dark voice,

"Yeah baby. You like watchin' your sexy- self in that mirror don't you baby. I put that big mirror there so that all those rich, married white and asian mothers, that never fucked a black cock, or a cock this big, could see what a real big one looks like when it's fucking their tight pussies.

He then added arrogantly, and with a smug tone,

"Yeah baby, you've got the same wild look on your face as all those married bitches and all your friends have that come in here to fuck this 12 inch black cock have. They all stare at this 12 inch black cock going in and out of their pussy's just like you are, not believing that something so big can fit inside there tight holes. They always say out loud that 'they can't believe the size of my cock, and that they can't believe how sexy it looks going in and out of their pussy. Then they always tell me that my cock is at least 10 times bigger than my husbands or boyfriends and that they wished their guy had a cock like mine."

As I kept fucking down on his huge black cock, and watching our fuck in the mirror, I was in a mesmerized state, watching it spread my pussy far apart, with every deep-penetrating stroke.

As his huge black cock continued to pry my tight, white pussy apart, I began to picture all of the women he was talking about. My school was made up of the wealthiest families in Beverly Hills, and they were all white and asian. I was going wild with lust as I pictured a bunch of my friends' moms sitting in the same chair, and getting fucked by Mr. Jeffers huge black cock.

I remember my boyfriend Bobbi's mother leaving the house in a rush last month. Mrs. Hall is a very sexy woman. She was a former runway model and has that same high-society look as my mother. She has the classic socialite slender face, with high cheek-bones and thin nose. She is 55 years old and stands about 5' 4' tall and weighs about 115 pounds. Like my mother, she works out with personal trainer's everyday, to maintain her slender upper-class figure. Her measurement fit the classic, high-society type. Tiny tits, long slender legs, with a narrow waist. In fact I happen to know that her measurements are 32A-22-35.

As I pulled in the driveway I saw Mrs. Hall rushing out of the house dressed like she was going to a trendy Beverly Hills club. She was wearing a skin tight white mini dress that had a plunging neckline and open back. The dress was sheer enough that you could easily see that she had on a very sexy, sheer white lace bra. The bra was designed more to tease. It was a transparent white color and clearly showed the outline off her wide dark-brown nipples and her dark areolas. She had her hair done up which exposed her neck and a pair of long diamond earrings. She also had on a pair of nude thigh high stockings and brown open toed high heel pumps. I knew she was wearing thigh high stockings, because when she slid into her Jaguar, her dress rode up high on her legs, which revealed the lace tops of her stockings and the nude area above the lace.

When I waved, she rolled down her window and said that she hello and said she was running late. She immediately rolled up her window, and then pulled out of the driveway with a screech of the tires. When I asked my boyfriend where his mom was off to all dressed up, he said that she was going to the school to meet with Mr. Jeffers to discuss a fundraising event. I told him that I was surprised she was going to meet our Principal dressed the way she was, and that it was almost 9pm, which seemed late for a school appointment. He said that she was dressed that way because, after her meeting with him, she was going to meet friends at a club.

I had a suspicion about my boyfriends' mother and our Principal We were watching a movie and fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up it was 2am. Being both suspicious and curious, I decided to go by the High School on the way home to see if Mrs. Hall was there. When I drove into the parking lot the only two cars that were there was Mr. Jeffers Corvette and Mrs. Halls Jaguar. I could also see the lights on in Mr. Jeffers office and the silhouette of two people that were clearly in a deep kiss. One was a huge tall- dark figure and the other was tiny in comparison. The next day my boyfriend told me that as he was leaving for school, his mom was just getting home. He said that she stayed at her friends after they left the club, because she drank too much to drive home.
As I stared at Mr. Jeffers big black cock I knew that Mrs. Hall never made it to the club. In fact the only club she got to see that night was Mr. Jeffers members only '12 inch black club'.

As I was watching this sexy sight, he looked in the mirror too and said hotly,

"Yeah baby, there been a lot of rich-married pussy, that sat right were you are now, watching this 12 inch cock goin in and out of their tight married pussies."

I then teased,

"You mean like my boyfriends mom, Mrs. Hall."

He smirked and said arrogantly,

"Yeah baby, just like Mrs. Hall."

He then added hotly, as he took in the sight of my body,

"Let me tell you this baby. I've fucked a lot of sexy women in this office, just like your boyfriends mom, but, your body is the sexiest sight I've ever seen and fucked. Not only in this mirror, but anywhere baby!"

He added hotly,

"Yeah baby, your boyfriends mom loved fucking this big black cock, just like all the other rich, high-society moms in this school. They all come here dressed to fuck, just like your boyfriends mom did, in stockings, and high heels, and sexy garter belts and lace, see-through bras. They all come here for the same reason, because they all heard the stories from their friends or daughters about my big cock, and want it too. Yeah, Mrs Hall was a real good fuck, just like a lot of your friends and their moms, but none of them fuck half as good as you baby. Not even close to what your fine-ass pussy is doing to this big black cock"

He caused me to moan when he added,

"None of those rich, married bitches turn me on like you baby. Your body's been on my radar for a long time now. Those big nippled tits, sitting way-up high on your chest. Those long sexy legs. And that tiny waist and incredible ass of yours have been driving my big cock crazy every day baby."

I was moaning like crazy when he added,

"Even when I was fucking your boyfriends' mom, and all the other married moms and girl-friends of yours, all I could think about was getting this big black cock into your hot, white, teenage pussy."

He then added with a commanding voice,

"Fuck, when I see you walking the halls in one of your tight-ass mini skirts and those see-though blouses, and those sexy high heels, my big dick gets as hard as steel."

I was so turned on by that, that I stepped-up the tempo of our hot fuck a little more. When I questioned him more about what he thought about my boyfriends mom as a fuck, he told me she was a wild fuck, but that she couldn't take more than half of his cock, before he bottomed out. He said that's what usually happens to most of the girls he fucks, which is why my pussy drove his big cock crazy. He said he rarely gets to bottom out in a pussy.

I was so turned on from hearing this. It was so hot knowing he fucked my boyfriends mom and other friends moms and even girl-friends of mine, but that it was my body that he thought about fucking constantly, and that my body drove him crazy., and my pussy could take every inch of his great big cock.

As I watched his huge black cock spreading the lips of my pussy wide apart, and going deep inside me he went on and said heatedly,

"See how sexy you look, fucking on my big black dick baby. Look at that sweet pussy of yours take that big black cock and make love to it, as it deep fucks you, 10 times deeper than all of those little white pencil-dicks you fuck baby?"

I immediately turned and we kissed with the tips of our tongues darting sinfully across each others. I then looked back at the mirror and said, with an absolute hunger in my voice,

"Oh baby...Now I'm just like all the other moms and girlfriends of mine that fucked this huge in-demand black cock. Now I know what all the rumors and stories are about. Now I know what its like to fuck your huge, popular, black cock too. The cock that was buried in my boyfriends moms pussy last week! Fuck Thats real hot!"

Mr. Jeffers caused me to come like a volcano when he said,

"Maybe you, me and Mrs. Hall will come to my place for a weekend baby. How would you like to suck on your boyfriends, moms pussy,while my big black cock is slidin' in and out of your sexy fuck hole."

"Ohhhh Fuck....Thats Sooooo Hot" I moaned.

He drove me over the edge when he said,

"You know baby, I happen to know she'd really like that, cuz while I was fucking her, I asked her the same thing, and she went crazy too. She couldn't stop cumming over my big cock when I mentioned your name to her, and how I'd like to fuck the two of you together. When I mentioned the three of us fucking for a weekend get-away, it turned her on so much, her pussy shot all over my cock like a raging stream. As we fucked, she kept saying how she'd love to suck your pussy and big tits, and kiss you while I fucked the two of you. When I was fucking her she even confessed, and said she thinks about fucking you constantly, and when you're at her house, all she does is think about getting you in her bed and fucking you."

The thought of me and Mrs. Hall in the same bed with Mr. Jeffers turned me on like crazy. I immediately came so hard; I felt my pussy actually squirt over his giant black cock!

As I came I groaned out loud saying,

"Oh fuck, I think about fucking her all the time too. We've been talking everyday this week about fucking each other. I then proceeded to tell him the story of how her and I.

It started about three months ago. When she'd go out with her husband or to a club with friends, she'd ask me to come to her bedroom and help her pick out cloths and would dress right in front of me. She'd always wear the shortest and tightest mini dresses with sexy high heels, or these real hot leather or suede, thigh high boots. It was like she wanted me to see her body, like she was teasing me with it.

Two weeks ago she called me at school and asked me to come over to help her decide on a dress for her anniversary. When I told her that I could come over right after cheerleading practice, she asked if I could cancel going to practice. She said that she'd really like to spend a few hours alone with me, without being interrupted. She said she really needed me to help her try on a few new outfits she bought, because she wanted to look real hot for her anniversary.

When she told me that she wanted to spend a few hours alone with me, I instantly got turned on and told her I would. Driving to her house I got really wet thinking we might actually fuck. I kept thinking about her comment ' to be alone, without interruptions' and all the times she would seem to tease me in her bedroom, while she was trying on different dresses. I was getting so turned on that I began rubbing my pussy through the skirt I wore to school that day. It all seemed to be coming together between us. This was the perfect opportunity for us to be alone for a few hours, because my boyfriend had football practice and her husband was working. As I rubbed my pussy with my free hand, I sinfully thought to myself,

"If Mrs. Hall wants to fuck, I'm more than ready."I>

When she opened the door she was wearing a very short mini dress and high heels, and I got instantly hot. That day I wore a real tight mini skirt and black pumps. This was the typical cheerleader outfit for school. It was our conceited way of showing everyone that we were the we were the hottest girls in the school. I had on a sheer white blouse and a real lacy white bra, which proudly outlined my firm 36D tits. The top was unbuttoned, revealing my plunging cleavage.

Before I got out of my car, I purposefully unbuttoned another three buttons. As soon as she saw me, she said I looked 'delicious' and said that she was thinking about me all day. I took this as the cue that we were definitely going to fuck each other. She said she wasn't happy with the dress she was wearing and wanted to try on a different one and really needed my opinion. She took my hand and walked me up the staircase to her bedroom. As we walked through the marble foyer and up the marble staircase the clicking sounds of our high heel pumps instantly changed the atmosphere in the house into something very naughty and very sexy.

Half-way up the staircase she stopped and told me she was glad I didn't go to practice. As she said it, she leaned in and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. As soon as I felt her red lipstick covered lips touch mine, sparks went though my already wet pussy and my inch long nipples got rock hard and pushed right through my flimsy, lace bra. As she softly kissed me, the tips of our tongues met, causing us both to moan. Our kiss sent a clear message that we were hot for each other and that we were going to fuck.

As we kissed, I moaned softly, saying, "Ummm, I'm so glad I decided not to go to cheerleading practice too." She groaned and said, "Now I wished I called you this morning and asked you to take the whole day off." We kept kissing, with our tongues exploring each others, as we moaned lustfully for about ten minutes before continuing up the stairs.

We both knew we could have fucked right there on the marble stairs, but something inside told us that we needed to make our way to her king-sized bed to really get into a sexy fuck;a fuck that had been building between us for months. It was so naughty, walking to her bedroom, holding hands, and stopping every few feet to kiss each other, knowing we were we were finally going to get on her bed, and release this sexy tension that had built to the boiling point, and finally fuck it out of us.

As soon as she closed the door, she unzipped her dress and stepped out of it. When she stepped out of it she had on this ultra-sheer, white, half-cup bra. It was so sheer; her big, brown nipples could be seen a mile away. I could also tell that she was really turned on, because they were popping through the sheer material, as if they were begging me to suck all over them, ad her round areolas were really puffy.

She was also dressed to fuck. She was wearing a very sexy pair of tan thigh high stockings that were clasped to a sexy, white garter belt, and tiny, white thong. When I told her she looked real hot, she kissed me and said hotly, "I dressed for you. I wanted to turn you on." She then turned around and asked how I liked her thong. After she turned, she purposely ran her manicured nail over one of her firm ass cheeks, which caused me to moan. I got really turned on seeing her firm, toned ass in her thong, and was going crazy to eat her ass and pussy from behind. I wanted to fuck her so bad. When I told her the thong looked real sexy and that she had an amazing body, she turned and thanked me and gave me a kiss on the lips.

As she kissed me, her tongue came out and ran over my lower lip slowly and teasingly. Mine immediately came out to meet hers and we really started kissing each other deeply. As we were kissing she told me that she really got me here because she's wanted to fuck me for a long time, and was going crazy, thinking about me and my sexy body. I immediately groaned and began sucking her huge, dark brown nipples through her sheer bra, and told her that I've wanted to fuck her too and that on the drive over all I could think about was finally being alone and fucking her.

We went back to kissing, and slowly worked our way to her bed. When we got to the edge of her bed, I turned her around and immediately knelt down on my high heels and began kissing her beautiful ass. She leaned forward, placing her hands on the edge of the bed, with her high heels giving her back the perfect arch and lined her sexy ass right to my mouth. As I began licking her ass she instantly began moaning, "Oh, Yessss. That feels soooo sexy."

I then pulled her thong to the side, and spread her beautiful ass cheeks wide apart, and began flicking my tongue over her dark-brown asshole. She was squirming like crazy, causing the backs of her high heels to come off the ground, and moaning in a guttural voice, saying "Oh God that feels so fucking hot."

Just as I was about to lick her hanging pussy lips we heard my boyfriends voice calling my name and hers. We were both so pissed that he was home,interupting what we both knew was going to be an incredible fuck,because of all the weeks of sexy, teasing, that had built up between us. He came home early from football practice, because the weather got real bad. We managed to collect ourselves immediately. Before I walked out of her room, she kissed me and whispered, "We'll do this real soon. I'll get a hotel and we'll fuck all day." I kissed her back and said,"Deffinitily. I need to fuck you so bad."

That night and the next day at school and even during cheerleading practice, all I could think about was kissing her and sucking on her big hard nipples and her beautiful ass. All day, all I could think about was what she would taste like, and what it would have been like to fuck each other, if my boyfriend didn't come home from practice early. I was so hot all day, knowing she invited me to her house, because she really wanted to fuck me, instead of helping her pick out a dress.

I couldn't get the image of her out of my mind, dressed in her garter belt and stockings and brown open toed pumps. I was so horny in school that I went to the bathroom five times to play with my pussy and finger my wet ass. She called me the next day when I got home from school, and told me, she couldn't stop thinking about me. As she was talking to me she said she was lying on her bed, wearing the same garter belt and stockings and her high heels.

She said she played with herself all day, thinking about me eating her ass and pussy and the two of us fucking each other. She said that all she could think about that night when she was out with her husband at dinner then in bed fucking him was me. She said she wanted to fuck me ever since her son brought me to her house. She said my body drove her crazy, and that she needed to fuck me.

I told her that while was fucking her son that night I came 10 times thinking about her, sucking her tits and kissing her, and imagined the two of us rubbing our pussies together and fucking each other. I told her that when her son was eating my pussy I imagined it was her eating me. I told her that I always thought she had an amazing body and that I wanted to fuck her real bad too. As we talked we were both playing with ourselves, and telling each other that we couldn't wait to fuck each other. We even got off on the phone.

I told Mr. Jeffers that when I saw her dressed up that night, when she went to fuck him, I wanted to take her to her bedroom and strip her down to her high heels and stockings, and fuck her myself.

Even though I was on fire thinking about Mrs. Hall and I fucking each other and fucking Mr. Jeffers together for a weekend, I put the image of her and I playing with each other to the side for a minute, because I wanted to focus on his huge cock as it slammed in and out of my over-stuffed pussy. It looked so wild watching that enormous 12 inch black cock fucking in and out of my teenage pussy and seeing my long, fuck lips stretch so far apart as they clung to his giant cock with each long, punishing stroke. As Mr. Jeffers huge black cock fucked way up into the deepest part of my overly-expanded pussy, the room was filled with the mixed sounds of our animalistic moans and the wet-popping sound my pussy made each time his cock bottomed out inside me.

One time his giant cock sprang free from my pussy and swung wildly about. The sight caused me to gasp as I looked at his 12 inch black cock coated with the juice of my soaked pussy. It was such an amazing sight to see this freakish cock waving angrily from side to side. It caused me to moan out loud and say lustfully,

"Fuck, I can't believe that that whole fucking cock fit way inside my tight pussy!"

Just watching his huge glistening cock wave about wildly, as it pulsed rapidly caused me to cum! I could not believe the staggering sight. Mr. Jeffers cock was so big that when his huge cock popped out of my pussy, it stayed stretched apart for almost five minutes before gradually going back to its original tight size! His monster cock spread me so far apart it looked like a deep, dark tunnel. It was shocking to see my once tight as a glove pussy stretched out as wide as a beer can!

As I watched this freakish scene in terror, I greedily reached out and grabbed that swaying cock and lined it back up between my hanging fuck lips and continued to moan and cry out in dark seeded lust,

"Oh fuck...I need more of this big black cock baby. My pussy is on fire. I want to fuck this big black cock all night."

Mr. Jeffers was going wild, saying that he never fucked such a perfect pussy. He said he loved the way I fucked and loved the way my pussy was clinging to his big cock. I was delirious from the way his cock was reshaping my pussy, to fit around his massive black shaft. I began to think about my boyfriend and my mother fucking somewhere tonight, while I was here taking the Principals huge,12 inch black cock deep in my pussy and started to say in my deep throaty voice,

"Take that sexy, white teenage pussy with that giant black cock....take it all baby...make it your pussy baby. Make it your pussy of the week. It's the pussy you said you wanted and dreamed about fucking for a long time. Take it baby. You finally got your chance to fuck it. Fuck it as much as you want. Be selfish baby. Just think about pleasing your great big cock. Go ahead, be selfish baby. Just think about what you're great big black cock needs"

Mr. Jeffers saw me looking in the mirror on his wall as I watched with an amazed look as his 12 inch black cock fucked into my pussy and spread it wide apart. As he watched my young white teen pussy being spread four inches across by his giant cock he began thrusting and swearing crazily saying,

"Oh yeah, you fucking sexy bitch. Look at you in those sexy high heels baby. Yeah baby, when you walked through my door, those high heels told me you came here to fuck baby. Ain't I right baby?"

I looked in the mirror knowing he was watching me and I made a smirk and then licked my lips slowly-and said teasingly,

"When I packed my black pumps in my bag this morning all I could think about was turning you on. Then when I was stepping into my heels after practice, all I could think about was looking sexy for you, and as I was walking to your office, I was getting so turned on by the clicking sounds my high heels made on the tiled floors. As I listened to the clicking sounds bouncing off the walls, all I could think about was letting you know that I wanted to fuck that great big cock I heard so much about on. "

He groaned saying,

"I like that baby. I like a young girl that knows how to start a fuck. "

I then began spiraling my hot sexy ass down on his huge black shaft, watching my sexy legs in my black high heel pumps were anchored to the floor, helping me rise up to the top of his endless shaft, giving it the perfect angle. Mr. Jeffers was like a wild animal and sneered,

"Yeah that's it baby; spin that sexy pussy down on this big black cock. Your boyfriends little pencil-dick never worked your pussy the way it was designed to be fucked."

He added heatedly,

"Yeah that's it, watch yourself cum all over my big fat black cock you sexy fucking teaser you."

I was howling as I came again and again from watching his huge cock disappear into my entire pussy as I watched in disbelief in the mirror. I loved knowing the look of me in just my high heels was making his huge cock mad with lust.

Mr. Jeffers then brought his big black hands under my sexy ass and cupped my ass cheeks again and guided me up and down his huge cock at the speed he wanted to fuck at. I loved the feeling of his big hands on my perfect round ass, as he played with it while he guided it onto his glistening long shaft.
I sneered, as I watched the incredible sight,

"Yeah baby, grab that hot, turned on ass and guide my pussy over that big, fat, black cock. Use my pussy to fuck and please your great big in-demand cock baby."

The excitement from being fucked so hard, and so deep, by such a huge cock, and enjoying the feeling of being so stuffed, and stretched apart by it, caused me to shriek over and over,

"Oh Fuuuuuuck.... Fuck Yeah.....Fuck Yeah,"

As I watched his huge black cock fucking into me from the mirror I was so turned on from the sight of my swollen 36D tits and my inch long nipples as they pointed straight up off the tips from being so turned on. Then, the look of my tiny waist and my long legs in contrast to my huge tits.

I loved looking at my turned on body in the mirror, fucking up and down on my Principals huge black cock. I loved the sight of my nude body, fucking in my black, size 10 high heeled pumps. I loved the sight of my pumps, anchored to the floor,helping to balance me in this sexy position. The sight of Mr. Jeffers giant-like,pitch-black body, underneath me as his huge cock sliced its way between my gripping fuck-lips was driving me crazy.

What was also turning me on were the guttural noises he was making, as my pussy was pleasing every inch of his huge black shaft. Just knowing that I was driving his huge cock mad with lust was so thrilling to me. I loved hearing him utter that I was the best fuck he ever had, as he was fucking into me. Hearing those words mad me desperate to please him-desperate to drive him crazy-desperate to make him cum!

After a while Mr. Jeffers told me to get up and sit on his leg. I immediately did as he commanded. When I stood up, his giant black shaft was glistening from the wetness of my pussy. I couldn't help myself and instinctively bent at the waist and licked all over his huge-glistening black shaft. As I licked it with a hypnotized lust, I felt the rapid pulsations that ran through his long web-like veins along the length of his 12 inch shaft, with my tongue. As I licked his massive black shaft, his eyes were taking in the sight of my turned on body. I looked up and gave him a sly smirk and said hotly,

"So fucking big baby. I love the taste of my own pussy all over this great big black cock of yours."

He teased, causing me to moan like crazy, saying,

"When we're in my bed, you can pull my big wet cock out of your boyfriends, moms pussy and suck all her cum off it."

"Oh fuck yeah." I responded, "Thats so fucking hot."

I just couldn't stop lavishing his huge black cock with my tongue. I was licking it to the point of worship. I couldn't stop thinking about me and Mrs. Hall sucking his huge black together. After 15 minutes he once again told me to sit on his leg. He said he loved the way I licked his big cock, and loved looking at my body while I was working it. He then added in a assertive way, that he wanted to get his big cock back into my sweet pussy now, and that he wanted to 'side-fuck me'. I immediately stood and gave him a kiss while I continued to pump his massive shaft, without missing stroke, and said hotly,

"Anything you want baby."

I then added in a hot breath, as I pumped and jerked his pulsating shaft, emphasizing,


When I walked around and sat on his leg I looked back and nearly passed out from the staggering sight of Mr. Jeffers giant cock, which hung over his massive left thigh and lined up with the mouth of my pussy, a foot away! The sight of his cock hanging over his massive thigh, really showed how huge his cock really was. It made me think to myself, that the only way you could fuck in this position, was if the guy had a giant cock. I laughed to myself as I thought about my boyfriends cock and all the other jocks I had fucked, and how impossible it would have been to try to fuck in this position because their cocks were tiny compared to Mr. Jeffers black monster.

He then told me to reach back and spread my sexy ass cheeks wide apart. As soon as I did he inserted the oversized cock head into the mouth of my flaming pussy. It nearly died when his huge cock head separated my long lips and went into my pussy again. I was amazed that he didn't even have to move to his left side to insert his cock into me; hats how big his cock was!

This caused me to shudder and cum wildly. Once he felt my pussy sucking on his cock head, and pull it in, he began a slow rocking motion to the left. This motion sent his huge cock way up into the center of smoking fuck hole. I was going crazy as we fucked in this sexy position. I felt weightless in this exciting fuck-position. As he 'rolled' his giant cock into my pussy, I would push down on my high heels, which caused my pussy to bottom out on his huge shaft. When my pussy met the base of his huge cock, he would stay still then twitch his cock inside me. This sent shock-waves right through my pussy and way-up inside me. The twitching of his massive cock, caused my weightless pussy to expand and cum like an open faucet. As I came he said confidently,

"I can tell that sexy fuck hole of yours really likes that action baby."

I groaned out loud,

"Oh fuck, I never came like that."

He then added, already knowing the answer,

"I'll bet that little dick boyfriend of yours can't fuck you like this, can he baby?"

"None of them could fuck like this baby. Their little cocks could never reach my pussy in this position."

As Mr. Jeffers laughed in a superior way, I added hotly,

"Only a cock as big as yours can fuck like this....UGGGGGG....CAN'T STOP CUMMING........AHHHHH."

While I came, he took his left arm and put it under my knees and lifted me up in the air effortessy, as he continued fucking into me. It was as if he was holding me in his arms like a man would carry his bride through a threshold, The difference was that while he held me in this position his 12 inch cock was slicing deep into my tight-as-a-glove pussy.

He then began proving just how strong he was, as he started doing arm curls, making my pussy roll onto his huge cock! By rolling me onto his cock, he didn't have move his legs or thighs, just curl his strong arms. God, it was so sexy to fuck like this. It showed just how strong this massive 300 former football played was. Mr. Jeffers fucked me like this for almost 30 minutes. He wasn't even breathing hard. The only time he stopped curling me onto his cock, was when fucking got so hot we needed to kiss. I couldn't stop cumming in this sexy fuck position. Mr. Jeffers had total control of this fuck, and I loved every second of it!

As he fucked into me this way, I looked up and saw this incredible sight in the large mirror. I was groaning like crazy as I watched his huge black cock coil and uncoil way up into my exposed-venerable pussy and spread it as wide as a beer can. God, this was such an incredible sight, that I came watching my wet pussy coat his serpent- like shaft!

As I looked in the mirror disbelievingly, of the sight of his huge black cock going into my tight, white pussy, I thought back to a time last month when two of my cheerleader girlfriends stayed over my house one night after a game we cheered. We began talking about the rumors of Mr. Jeffers having a huge cock. As we were talking I said that I really didn't believe the stories of how really big he was. As soon as I said this, my two girlfriends looked at each other and starting to giggle slyly. After a little persuading, and swearing never to tell, they admitted to fucking him together one night after a basketball game.

It started in the parking lot, when they yelled to him from the gym door and told him that they really liked his Corvette. Even though they both heard the many stories about him having a really big cock, Claire said that it was Traci who said, "I really wanna find out if his cock is really that huge." Traci then asked him kiddingly if he would give them a ride it. They didn't expect him to say yes, but when he did they eagerly accepted, Claire said as they were walking to him Traci whispered, "You sit in the back. I wanna sit close to him, and see how big it can really get."

Claire said that the back seat in the Corvette was a little bucket seat, and it felt like you were sitting in between them. They said that as they drove through Beverly Hills things got really playful, and the girls began kissing each other when they would pull up to a car with boys in it at red lights. Claire said that the word 'big' came up when they passed a huge trailer-truck and they both started to giggle.

Mr. Jeffers knew exactly why they were giggling and suggested that they go to his house for a swim in his hot tub. Traci said that she immediately called her father to tell him that her and Claire (who was staying over her house that night) were going out with friends from school for something to eat and talk, and wouldn't be back until real late. Traci said that as they drove to his house they were both playfully kissing him and then began messaging his cock, through his pants telling him that they heard tons of stories about his huge cock.

They both said that when they were messaging his cock through his pants they knew instantly that all the stories about it were true. Claire said that during the ride, they each took turns playing with his cock and kept repeating to each other and to him that it felt enormous.

She said that at one point the car ride got really wild. As she was rubbing his huge cock through his pants, he was fingering Traci, who had slid her thong over her high heels and had taken it off.(like I said, high heels and tight sheer blouses were always a part of our cheerleader image, and Claire and Traci both had their high heels on after they changed from their cheerleader outfits after the game).He had one hand on the wheel and his other hand was busily working her pussy. Traci said that she was so hot, she came like crazy. Claire said that after Traci came, he told her to suck Traci's cum off his fingers then kiss her. She said that he really liked watching us kiss, and during the night he got them to eat and kiss each other while he was fucking one of us.

They said when they got to his house; they all instantly took their cloths off. When they saw his enormous cock, they went crazy, and instantly squatted on their high heels and began stroking and licking him as he leaned against the hot tub and told them how nasty and how sexy they were. They both said that his cock was so wide; they couldn't stretch their mouths enough to suck on it.

Claire said that she and Traci blew (actually licked and stroked off) Mr. Jeffers enormous huge cock twice, before they got into the tub, and that they were not only amazed at the size of his cock, but also the amount of cum that shot out from it. They said that they couldn't believe that he could remain so hard, even after emptying a second, huge, load of cum. When they got out of the hot tube and dried off, he told them to put their high heels back on. He said that he liked sexy teens who wore their high heels when they fucked,because it made the fucking more nasty, and high heels took their innocent, daddy's, little girl image away. I wore high heels all the time, but never wore them when I fucked my boyfriend, or any other guy. So I made a mental note to myself, thinking slyly, "When I fuck him, I'll make sure to keep my pumps on."

They said that after they left the hot tub, he actually lifted them each in one of his massive arms and carried them up the flight of stairs, to his bedroom. They said that they spent the next five hours on his king sized bed, fucking and sucking each other, and cumming non-stop. Claire said that although she came harder than she ever had with her boyfriend, she knew that this would be a one-time experience for her.

She said that, even though she came so hard, his cock was just too big and too painful for her pussy.She said it nearly caused her to pass out twice, from feeling like she was being split in two. She also said that she knew Mr. Jeffers was more into Traci, because she admittedly told him how much she loved fucking his huge cock. Claire said that she was content with fucking her boyfriends average 7" cock, or marry a guy with an average sized cock, as long as he was rich-of course. Traci said that after fucking Mr. Jeffers 12 inch cock, she knew she would always crave big cocks. She said that, she now knew that nothing would get her wetter than a big dick, and nothing would bring her pussy off harder than having one buried way up inside her.

They both told me that while he fucked them, he would constantly bring up my name, and say things like, "I fuck tons of sexy pussy, just like you two sexy girls, but I gotta get this big cock buried deep into that sexy big-titted, big nippled, long thin sexy legged, tiny waisted girlfriend of yours." Traci said he continued pounding into her pussy like a crazed man saying, "I've seen your big titted friends' pussy, wrapped around this big cock too many times. "When I heard he was bringing up my name while he was fucking them, got me so turned on I almost came right in front of my friends.

Claire said at one point, Mr. Jeffers picked up Traci from the edge of the bed and carried her around his bedroom, as his giant cock pounded into her pussy. Traci added that he was talking about me in an enraged voice then put his hand on her shoulder and forced her pussy down onto his giant cock, for more than 15 minutes. Traci said that Mr. Jeffers was fucking her so hard, that both of her high heels flew off, as he forced her pussy down on his huge black cock. She said she couldn't stop cumming over his cock as he fucked her into submission.

She said that when Mr. Jeffers put her down, she immediately stepped back into her black pumps, because she knew he would have made her put them back on, and because she wanted to keep him turned on. After she stepped back into her pumps, he led her to his big desk, and told her to spread her legs and lean forward. Traci said, "I was glad I wore my pumps, because I needed the extra height if Mr. Jeffers wanted to fuck me from behind."

Claire said he snarled at her and in a commanding voice told her to spit all over his cock and make it nice and wet for Traci's pussy. Claire said that she spit on it, and then used her tongue to spread her hot saliva all over his huge shaft. She said she had to spit about 20 times to coat his entire cock. As soon as she had it real wet he ordered her to spread Traci's ass cheeks real wide apart. As soon as she did, he lined up his giant cock with her tiny pussy and began pounding it into her again like a wild man. She said he was fucking Traci so hard that the backs of her feet came out of her high heels and she was screaming that his cock was 'so fucking big'.

As he fucked into her he kept repeating that he loved her pussy, but that he wanted to fuck their hot, big titted friend with his huge cock. Traci said he was using her pussy while he thought of me, but she didn't care, because she was loving the way he was fucking her and making her cum. She said that even though she couldn't take more than half of his huge cock, she came every time worked itself way up into the back of her pussy.

I was really turned on knowing that, as Mr. Jeffers fucked my best friend he was talking and thinking about me. Traci said, she was going wild and kept cumming all over his huge cock with every pummeling stroke. Claire said it was wild to watch. He fucked Traci so hard; she actually squirted all over the carpet. Traci said it was the first of many times she squirted over his huge cock that night. She said she never squirted in her life before, and that they were the most powerful, mind- blowing orgasms she ever had.

Claire said that after a while he shouted that he was going to cum and pulled out his giant cock and made Traci jerk it off all over her face and tits. Traci laughed a little, which made Claire become irritated, when she said, "He was so turned on thinking about fucking you, he covered Claire's face and tits in a blanket of cum. Claire said, she closed her eyes as blast after blast sprayed onto her face, hair and tits like a fire hose.

She said his cum was so hot and shot so hard that she actually came, as it sprayed onto her body. Claire said as he was cumming Traci taunted him and made him cum harder and longer, when she said teasingly, "Yeah baby,cum all over her with that great big cock, and imaging it's Allison's face and huge tits and huge nipples you are pumping your hot load onto." Claire said that Traci really got him when she said, "Yeah baby, keep cumming. We see her huge popular tits and huge nipples all the time. I'll bet she'd love that great big cock to cum all over her." Claire looked at Traci as if reliving the moment and called her a real bitch. She said that he became super-charged and his cock kept spurting blast after blast for like five minutes before he finally stopped, and when he finally finished, cum was dripping off her tits and face and splattered on the carpet.

Claire said that she ran to the hot tube to wash off and stayed there for almost an hour, because she was so exhausted from fucking him. Traci said that when Claire went to the hot tube, she knelt down on her high heels and eagerly licked his huge cock clean, as he told her to enjoy the taste her sexy Asian pussy on his big dick. Claire said when she got out of the tub, she stepped back into her high heels and came back to his bedroom. As she was walking down the hall she heard Traci screaming for him to fuck her with his huge black cock.

Claire said when she got to the room she couldn't believe what she saw. Mr. Jeffers was sitting in his chair and Traci had her back to him and was wildly riding his huge cock with her high heels anchored to the edge of the chair and her hands braced against his chest while he fucked up into her like a jack hammer. Claire said it was the wildest sight she had ever seen, and would remember it as long as she lived. She said that Traci looked like a tiny china doll being fucked by the Jack-In-The -Bean-Stalk-Giant!

Claire said that Traci looked so tiny next to the giant frame of Mr. Jeffers that she could easily fit in his hand! She said she couldn't believe that tiny Traci was taking half of his giant cock, and said that when he pulled it out and ran it against her stomach, it took up more than half her body. She said she couldn't believe little 5'1", 80 pound Traci could fuck such a giant of a man, with a massive12 inch cock. Traci said, she couldn't get enough of his giant black cock, and that once he got her pussy to squirt, she was addicted to fucking it.

Traci said that she was obsessed with his huge cock. She said that after that night they would get together every third day and fuck in his office. She said that she would have easily fucked him everyday, but needed the break between fucks, so that her pussy would heal and return to it's original shape. She also got me excited when she said that she always felt that when he was really getting into their fuck, he was always thinking about me. Traci said, when he was fucking her, to the point where she was seeing stars, she would say, "I know you're thinking about those huge tits and big nipples and those long thin legs and that tiny waist baby." She said those were the times he'd cum for minutes at a time, and after he came, he'd keep fucking her, without loosing his giant hard-on.

Traci said that she couldn't get enough of his huge cock, and one day when she was in school she texted him from the bathroom and wrote that she was in the 3rd floor bathroom, playing with her pussy, thinking about his giant black cock, sliding in and out of her tight wet cunt. She said that two minutes later he was in the bathroom with one of the schools custodians, and told him to lock it and put up an 'Out Of Order' sign. Traci said that it was so hot, knowing that the janitor saw her and knew what she and Mr. Jeffers were going to do. She said, when Mr. Jeffers told him to stand by the door, and not to let anyone in, and that he's be out in 15 minutes, the guy just looked at her and smiled at Mr. Jeffers and said, "Take all the time you need Mr. Jeffers."
She said it was so hot knowing that her and Mr. Jeffers were going to fuck, and that the janitor was outside the door keeping guard as they fucked.. She said that he had a powerful control over his custodial staff. (I found later that she was absolutely right about that). She said he went right to her and pulled down her skirt and thong in one swoop, then lifted her onto his massive shoulders and ate her pussy until she shuddered and came. She said he spun her around without even putting her down, and held her with one hand and ate her ass. She said the way he was holding her looked like she was swimming. She said she came five times in this sexy position, as he went from her pussy to her ass.

After she came he put her down and she feverishly unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge black cock, and began stroking it with both hands, telling him how much she loved his huge black cock. She said they kissed for a few minutes, as she pumped his huge shaft, which was as long as and thicker than her arm. He then put down the toilet seat told her to kneel on it. She said he fucked her like crazy for 10 minutes and shot a huge load into her pussy.

She said he came so hard that his cum leaked out of her all afternoon. She said that she was so cock hungrily for his monster cock that she started spending Friday nights at his house until 3 and 4 in the morning. She said that one time when she got home her mother questioned her about where she was, and even though she had an excuse that she was at Claire's house, and it seemed to Traci that her mother knew that she was fucking Mr. Jeffers, but was surprised that she didn't say anything more about it..

After they confessed this to me, and told me how much he talked about me and said my body drove him wild, the seed was planted, and I began to visualize myself fucking my 58 black Principal and his legendary monster. I knew then that I had to have that monster in my pussy. If he wanted me, I was more than happy to give him everything he wanted to take.

As his tireless 12 cock burrowed into me like a machine, he picked up speed. This caused my pussy to open wide without a moment to close. He began doing rapid arm curls, which caused my 36D tits to sway uncontrollably from side-to-side. At one point, one of my high heel pumps nearly came off my foot, and dangled off the tip of my toes, as his huge cock invaded my sex-starved pussy. It was such a wild sight, watching that monster anaconda cock, snake its way into my quivering pussy as my high heel dangled back and forth, from my foot. After a while Mr. Jeffers carried me back to his chair and spread his legs, as I swung my high heels over his thighs and planted them on the ground, and continued dropping my sex-starved pussy down onto his impaling cock, without taking a break in the action.

Mr. Jeffers then grabbed hold of my ass cheeks and began controlling the angle and speed of my pussy.I loved the way Mr. Jeffers was controlling our fuck. He would bring me half way up his shaft, and then hold me there as he made his big cock snap wildly inside me. I loved the way he would change up the action, by slowly bringing my pussy right up to the tip of his big cock head, and then hold me there for a few seconds, before he slammed me back down to the base of his wide shaft, causing me to see stars. This teasing and forceful action caused me to cum like crazy. I was going wild and sneered,

"Oh god baby, you really know how to control a fuck...Oh fuck yeah, you're driving me crazy baby...... Oh god, my pussy's never been fucked like this. FUCK YEAH. Take that pussy baby!."

At one point he brought my pussy up to the head of his cock real slow, in a spiraling motion. When the mouth of my pussy reached the tip of his cock, I was almost standing on the tips of my high heel pumps. This made me glad I wore my pumps and kept them on during our fuck. The extra three inches of the heel helped me raise my ass right to the tip of his 12 inch cock.

After reaching the head of his big cock, he slowly guided my ass back down, until I bottomed out on his long shaft. When he reached the bottom he pulled out his cock and rested it on my stomach. I nearly died when I saw it go to the middle of my stomach. This was his way of purposely letting me and every other woman or teen he fucked; know just how big he was and how much of his big black cock went up into our bodies. It caused me to moan out loud, and say in a disbelieving voice,

"Oh fuck, I can't believe my pussy took all of that huge black cock. Fuck- that's one big ass cock!"

I could see the look of superiority on Mr. Jeffers face. This was the look that showed he was superior to every woman's husbands or every girl's boyfriend. He knew it made every woman compare his huge black cock to their husbands or my friends to their boyfriends. I know, because as I stared at it in disbelief, I was comparing his monster to my boyfriends' tiny 7 inch cock and all the other guys I had fucked. Mr. Jeffers black cock was easily 10 times bigger than any cock I had ever fucked, and I'm quite sure it was the same for every woman who saw his huge black cock resting on their stomachs.

After a few minutes of gazing at his huge black cock on my stomach I turned my head and kissed him headedly, while begging him to put it back in my pussy. After he worked it into me again, he grabbed my ass and began spiraling it down on his huge cock again and caused me to gasp out loud and snarl in a heated tone,

"Yeah baby, grab that sexy ass, while I cum all over your great big ,12 inch, black pussy pleaser, you big cocked fuck you."

We were now in a rage to out fuck one another and we went back to fucking like two sex starved animals.

As I continued to fuck up and down on his huge black cock, I repeated over and over in a lust-crazed state saying,

"Oh baby your cock is so fucking big....So fucking big baby... I can feel it everywhere baby...Oh god, you're stuffing my teenage pussy with every inch of that big black cock baby, Oh fuck, my boyfriend can never go back in this pussy. Not after you stretched the fuck out of it, with that great big black fucker of yours baby....Uhhhh....thats it. Fuck it baby, fuck every inch of your tight white pussy."

At one point Mr. Jeffers pulled his huge cock out as he moaned saying,

"Ahhhhh fuck, that pussy is too fucking good baby. Your pussy is too much action for my big cock baby. Noones ever bottomed out on it like you sexy."

He then began slapping his enormous towering shaft against my swollen extended clit and over onto my stomach. I shrieked when I saw his giant turned on cock in the mirror, as it almost touched the underside of my round 36D tits. I shuddered in disbelief when I thought about my pussy taking every inch of such a freakishly huge cock. I then turned my head and groaned, as we got into our wild student/Principal kiss. Once Mr. Jeffers cooled down for a second, he grabbed that monster cock again and fed it back into my stretched out pussy. We picked up or fucking action and he began moving to the front edge of the chair.

As I was enjoying the indescribable feeling of fucking up and down on his huge cock, he moved off the edge of the sofa and began fucking into me like crazy. I was screaming out of sheer pain, from being stretched so far apart, combined with lust from the way his powerful ass was coming up, from the floor, and plowing way up into my pussy, as he met my burning ass as my scorching, over-stuffed pussy was coming back down on his giant shaft.

As I watched his huge black cock spread my pussy wide apart, with each penetrating stroke, my lip was curled up, showing the look of depraved lust all over my face. As I snarled, watching myself in the mirror, I kept cumming all over his huge black cock like a possessed teenager. As I came I was going wild watching my cum flow out of my scorching pussy, and bath his pitch-black shaft in a white frothy coating.

The excitement from being fucked so hard, and so deep, by such a huge cock, and enjoying the feeling of being so stuffed and stretched apart by it, caused me to shriek over and over,

"Oh fuuuuuuck.... fuck yeah....Sooo big."

As I was screaming like an animal in heat, I came in an uncontrollable flood, all over his huge black shaft. I was going out of my mind, delirious, as I continued to explode all over his huge shaft as he continued to fuck into me relentlessly. As he fucked me he commanded me to keep cumming all over his big black cock. It was as if I was in his spell, and continued to fuck up and down on his tireless shaft and cum for nearly 5 minutes! After this merciless assault on my pussy and making me cum five times, I lifted off his cock and leaned forward and licked it all over desperately, as I tasted my cum all over his giant shaft.

As I feverishly licked all over his massive cock, he ran his big hands along the sides of my hanging 36D tits then pinched my inch long nipples, as he worked his long tongue into my hot turned-on asshole again. The feeling of his hands playing with my tits and pulling on my nipples while his tongue fucked deep into my ass was so driving me crazy.

I looked over my shoulder and moaned,

"Ohhhh baby ...that feels so fucking sexy...Your big black cock and your tongue in my ass is driving me crazy baby."

I then went right back to licking and pleasing his huge cock as it towered in front of my face. As I worshiped it with my tongue, he moaned, and told me that he loved the taste of my ass.

We were deep into our sexy fuck, with both of us pleasing each other and driving each other wild. This naughty 69 position was making us hotter by the second. Pushing off my high heel pumps, I was able to center my ass to his hungry mouth. The three inch heels of my pumps gave my legs the perfect angle and height to line-up my burning ass to his mouth. The feeling of licking, kissing and pumping such his huge cock, as my burning asshole was being fucked by his long tongue, while he teasingly played with my swollen nipples, caused me to shudder and cum again.

Just the sight of Mr. Jeffers big black cock towering way above my face as I feverously licked it, made me delirious. As I held onto his towering shaft as best I could, I would lick it wildly from the base all the way to the tip and from side to side. My tongue was like an untamed snake, desperate to please every inch of his huge black shaft. His tongue was too much excitement for my ass. As it snaked into my asshole I was moaning deliriously saying,

"Ohhhhh baby that feels soooo fucking good...My ass is on fire baby... Your gonna make my fucking ass cum again baby...uggggggggg."

As I feverously sucked his huge cock, and as his wild tongue stabbed deep into my ass, I could feel an amazing cum beginning to rise from my wet asshole. His long stabbing tongue and his pulling on my aching nipples was just too much excitement. Suddenly I felt my asshole begin tighten around his tongue and I came in a violent orgasm from the depths of my sexy asshole.

As I came, I lifted my mouth off his 12 inch cock and grabbed onto his huge shaft and pumped it wildily as I moaned in a loud throaty voice,

"Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck."

As I came, Mr. Jeffers continued to fuck his tongue way up into my scorching ass, making sure I drained all the cum from my ass to his mouth.

After I exploded from a mind-boggling ass cum I stood and climbed over him until I faced him, then lifted his giant black cock to my pussy. I inserted his great big cock between my long distended fuck lips then into my sex starved pussy again. We started fucking slowly, because my pussy had tightened once again, while I was sucking his cock and he was eating my ass. After 15 minutes we got back into our naughty fuck until we began fiercely fucking each other.

As we began getting wilder and building the tempo to our fuck,I said hungrily,

"Kiss me baby."

We immediately began hotly French kissing, as his massive cock fucked way up into me, causing me to moan uncontrollably.

I was delirious as we fucked wildly in this position for over an hour. We were so turned on, and were fucking each other crazily. As we fucked, his mouth was greedily sucking my inch long nipples. This drove me mad with lust. As we fucked in this position, my high heels were clicking on the floor in rapid taps, and were mixed with the lusty sounds of his huge black cock hitting the bottom of my smoking pussy. The clicking sounds of my high heels on the wood floor, mixed with the thumping noise of his huge cock when it met the mouth of my steaming pussy, and the slapping of his giant balls against my ass, when he bottomed out, combined with our guttural, lust-filled groans, filled the room with the sounds of our immoral fuck.

At this point, we were both so hot, and ready to explode again. As we wickedly kissed through our heated fuck I could feel Mr. Jeffers huge cock throbbing inside my pussy which caused me to moan like crazy. As his deep- breathing was getting heavier, he was moaning loudly, saying that my pussy felt so fucking good wrapped around his big cock, and that he was going to pop real soon. I was going wild and needed to blow his massive hard on one more time before he came. again. I needed to have his great big cock, which was covered in the wet juices from my hot pussy into my mouth.

As I began sliding off his huge cock he began to protest saying almost threateningly,

"Keep that fucking sexy pussy wrapped around my big cock baby...Don't you dare stop this fuck... Your pussy's jackin' my big cock too fucking good...DON'T YOU DARE STOP THIS FUCK BABY!"

He then started fucking into me angrier and more deliberately while he held my wild ass firmly with his filthy hands while he slammed my pussy down on his huge cock. I knew he wanted to fuck more because he kept saying that my pussy had an amazing hold on his big cock and it was jacking him so good. This meant that his great big cock was real close.

Part of me thought that I shouldn't stop our fuck, because I didn't want to get this giant 300 pound black man and his massive,12 inch cock angry. I knew Mr. Jeffers could tear a girl's pussy into shreds if he got real angry, and really wanted to punish her with his monstrous cock. As we fucked, I told him that I needed to blow his huge cock again, and that I needed to taste my pussy all over his huge shaft. Even though he protested, he let me slide off his huge hard on.

He knew I couldn't resist blowing his huge cock and that I was desperate to suck him off. I was just like every other girl and married mom who fucked his huge black cock. During every fuck, we all got a desperate urge to stop the action, and take a break to worship his huge tireless black cock. We all needed to let him know just how much we loved his huge black cock. It was our way of letting him know that we would leave our husbands or boyfriends in a second if he needed to fuck.

When I climbed off his huge cock it made a loud popping sound. This was because my tight pussy clung desperately to his massive shaft. As soon as I pulled off his huge throbbing cock, I immediately lifted it with my hands and began stroking it sexily up and down so that he didn't loose his huge hard on or his horny edge. I could feel his huge cock pulsing like crazy in my hands.

As I stroked him I began kissing him with my tongue and said wantonly,

"Oh baby, you know how much I love fucking your huge cock, and how much I love having it in my tight pussy, but right now I've gotta suck it off baby or else I'll go crazy. I need to suck it until it shoots off all over this fucking room... I need to watch it cum for me baby."

I then added hotly as he was moaning like crazy,

"Oh baby, I can feel your huge cock throbbing like crazy. I know this big black cock needs to get off. Let me finish you off and pump you dry lover. Let me pump every last drop of cum out of this sexy black cock baby. Let me pump you off, then I'll blow you again and we'll fuck all night if you want baby.

From his moans, I knew he was ready to shoot another big load. As I pumped him I teased,

"Oh fuuuuck.... you are ready baby."

I then knelt beside him, squatting on my high heel pumps, and began kissing and licking his pulsating cock while I jacked it lovingly in the palm of my outstretched hand. As I eagerly stroked and blew his huge cock I began to think of how any woman could easily become obsessed with his huge cock or a cock this huge.

I kept stroking and pumping his huge, angry cock as I amorously kissed it and talked to it. I said in a lust-filled voice that I craved and loved fucking his great big black cock, and that I was addicted to it. I told him that I knew he fucked all the time, and that he could have my pussy anytime he wanted it. I told him that even if I was in the middle of fucking my boyfriend or some other guy; I'd stop that fuck to be with his big black cock. This was really turning him on and his groans were growing louder by the second. Finally I snarled and said urgently,

"Come on baby, I want to watch your great- big sexy black cock pop off."

I began spitting on his enormous black shaft as I jacked it up and down with long deliberate strokes. As I stroked it, I looked at him with sex starved lust and snarled, "Oh baby you've got the biggest fucking cock I've ever had or seen (hand jacking up and down real slow)....Oh yeah I know this big cock is real popular (hand jacking up and down real slow)....Oh yeah... I know you fuck all the time don't you baby. (hand jacking up and down real slow) Oh yeah that huge fucking cock, so fucking big and so fucking ready to explode(hand jacking up and down real slow)

I continued to drive him wild as I pumped his huge throbbing cock feveriously,while I deliberately taunted him saying hotly,

"Oh yeah you like the way I'm jacking your big fucking cock (hand jacking up and down real slow)....Oh fuck, your huge black cock feels so fucking good in my hands baby (hand jacking up and down real slow )....I can feel your great big cock throbbing because I'm jacking it just how you like it baby (hand jacking up and down real slow)...Just how you like having it pumped, (hand jacking up and down real slow )Ummm....Oh fuck yeah, look at how sexy that great big black cock looks in my white hand, while I'm stroking all over it."

Suddenly his huge cock began pulsing uncontrollably. I began to pump up and down his huge shaft faster and faster and said,

"Ohhhh yeah baby, hats it. Cum real hard for me baby. I want to watch that huge built- up load explode out of that giant black cock... Lay back and let my hands jack all that built-up cum out of you baby."

That did it. He began to moan,

"Oh yeah baby... Fuck! Here it cums sexy."

For the next two minutes long thick ropes of hot cum flew every where. I continued to vigorously pump his huge hard on; fisting it insanely and telling him how sexy it looked. As the cum flew out of his giant cock I reached down and began massaging my huge hanging clit. The sight was so hot I came just from watching it.

As he lay back on the sofa his giant cock continued to shoot rapid burst of thick cum. One long white rope followed by another then another. The white ropes of cum shooting out of his black shaft made this scene even hotter. Each blast of cum was long and powerful, over a foot in length! His hot long ropes of cum hit every piece of furniture in the room, including this cheep tacky white trash glass table! It was so fucking wild watching blast after blast of thick cum leap out of that freakish monster cock and land on a glass table over ten feet away!

You could actually hear the splattering drops as they hit the glass loudly, while I was moaning,
"Oh fuck ....soooo much fucking cum.....sooooo much fucking cum baby....Don't fucking stop baby ....Don't fucking stop shooting that great big load of yours baby... Shoot it all over the fuckin place baby."

When he finally stopped his huge cock turned rubbery in my hands. Even though it was thoroughly drained from having cum so many times, it stilled remained huge in length. Even flaccid, Mr. Jeffers cock was almost 8 inches long and at least 6 inches wide. I continued to eagerly lick and kiss his softened cock as I moaned over and over about how huge it was, and how much I loved fucking and blowing it.

For anyone watching, they would have maintained that I was obsessed with it, and was worshiping every inch of it. It was as if I was in a trance and was possessed by him having a huge black cock. I wondered if this was the same for all women when they fucked a huge black cock for the first time. I was sure I was just like every girl or women that worshiped his huge black cock after it came. I thoroughly enjoyed sucking his huge rubbery cock, as I licked it all over for more then half an hour.

As I continued to suck it passionately I was moaning,

"Ummmm your huge cock tastes so fucking good...Ummmmm, soooo fucking good."

I was moaning softly as I continued to worship his black cock and licked it totally clean. Mr. Jeffers pulled me up to him and we kissed deeply this time. As we kissed his hands were cupping my ass, which even though I had cum hundreds of times tonight, sent a quiver through my pussy again. I knew if he wanted to fuck some more I would gladly fuck him too, even as sore as my pussy was. When we looked at the time it was after12am. We had been fucking non-stop for over five hours! When I told him I needed to call my father for a ride home, he insisted that he drive me. I called my father and explained that I was still at school with the Principal, but that I was finished organizing the upcoming cheerleading event. I told him that he didn't have to pick me up, because Mr. Jeffers was going to drive me home personally.

As I talked to my father, Mr. Jeffers was standing behind me, kissing my neck and playing with my aching tits, and big, wide nipples. As his hands were cupping my tits and pinching my big, swollen nipples, I was pumping his cock in my hand, in a very sexy stroking motion. As I talked to my father I would turn my head and we would softly kiss. I was getting turned on again, especially because I felt his cock respond to my touch. I was amazed that his cock was almost 12 inches long again, and real hard!

When I got off the phone we kissed hotly for ten minutes then got dressed. I walked out of his office with Mr. Jeffers big, strong, arm around my tiny waist. As we walked through the halls, my black high heel pumps clicked against the tiled floors and filled the empty school with the sounds of something very naughty, which was not part of an academic environment.

Each click of my high heels had a very sinful quality to it, and added to the lusty sight, of a white High School senior walking down the hall in her tight cheerleader outfit, with the arm of her black 58 year old Principal wrapped around her. As we walked down the hall we passed two janitors. I was surprised that they didn't even look up at us when we walked by. I realized that they must have been through this a million times and knew if they ever said a word about all the fucking that went on in his office that they would never work anywhere again. Mr. Jeffers confirmed this, as he leaned into me and said in an authoritative tone,

"Baby my custodians earn a lot of money here; more than the teachers in fact. They get paid for their discretion. They also have expensive mortgages and families that depend on that fat pay check."

I grinned knowingly. It was all about power, confidence and control. This was something my grandfather had, but the big difference between Mr. Jeffers and my grandfather was, my grandfather was extremely wealthy, and power made him a 1000 times more superior than Mr. Jeffers. Along with my grandfathers wealth and power came even more young females then anything Mr. Jeffers could imagine. My grandfathers power and wealth even had me turned on, to the point where I thought about fucking him many times over., especially when he would have a young teenage girl, or two, on his arm.

When we were outside, we walked to his personal parking space. Before he opened my door we kissed for a few minutes. Like I said, he was so imposing and threatening, that he didn't care that he was the schools Principal and that he was in the parking lot kissing a 12 grade student. As we kissed I rubbed his still amazingly stiff cock through his pants and said sinfully,

"Umm still big and hard after shooting three huge loads.Ummmm, I miss this big black cock already."

When he opened the door I slid into the bucket seat of his Corvette, and before he closed the door he looked over my body with that same hungry expression he had on his face when I first walked into his office and said in a deep resonating voice,

"Baby, I almost feel like taking you to my place and fuckin' that sexy body of yours all night."

When he got in the car his massive frame seemed fill the entire car. We immediately kissed, and I said hotly, as I massaged his stiffened cock,

"Umm, I like the sound of that baby."

I realized that I had to go home, because I needed things for school the next day. Mr. Jeffers then suggested that we could fuck at his house all weekend if I wanted to. He said he had plans that he could cancel, which I knew meant that he had someone or a few girls lined up to fuck. I rubbed his cock through his bulging pants and licked his lips seductively, with the tip of my tongue and said heatedly,

Ummm, I like that idea a lot baby."

I then added teasingily,

"Oh baby, I'm flattered that you'd cancel one of your many whores to fuck me."

He then looked at me with a sly grin and said,

" I told you baby, your the best fuck I've ever had, and I want a lot more of that sexy package you have baby.....A lot more."

He then caused me to moan when he said heatedly,

"Maybe you, me and your boyfriends mom, could fuck all weekend."

I instinctively pulled my legs tightly closed, and actually came from the thought of it, and moaned in a heated voice saying,

"Umm, I really like the sound of that."

I told Mr. Jeffers that I happened to know that her husband was out of town on business for two weeks. I told him that she and I talked about getting a hotel for the weekend, so that we could fuck without any interruptions. She had an excuse that she was taking me to her former College on a weekend orientation, so that I could see the campus, and decide if I would like to go there. I also told him that I knew my mother and boyfriend would love the idea, because it would give them an opportunity to fuck as much as they wanted. When he asked about what my father would do for the weekend, he looked at me with a blank expression, when I told him that he would love the fact that my mother and I were out of the house for the weekend, because it would give him the opportunity to jerk off to all the pictures and videos he had of me.

I told him about the private modeling session I did for my father, the day he took me lingerie shopping for the sleep-over I was went to at one of the cheerleaders houses. The sleepover was the night of the Victoria Secret TV show, so she decided to make a theme party out of the sleepover.

We all had to model four sexiest outfits. My mother was gone for the weekend, and I knew my boyfriend was with her, so I decided to have some hot fun with my father. I told my father, that if he took me shopping for sexy outfits, I would spend the entire afternoon posing privately for him, and letting him take all the pictures and video he wanted of me. He told me it was a deal he couldn't wait to sign on for. I made my father a deal he couldn't refuse. Like I said, I loved to tease him when my mother was away, but this time I decided to really raise the bar. (STAY TUNED. THIS WILL BE A FUTURE STORY: Daddy's Not-So Little Girl). After I told Mr. Jeffers the story about posing all afternoon for my father in these sinfully hot, sling-shot bikinis and mesh outfits and high heel pumps, he bought, while he snapped away and filmed me all afternoon, he just smiled and said, " That's what I love about life in the Hills."

As we were driving, my cell phone went off and I saw that it was my boyfriend's mother. I saw that I had 40 messages and 20 were from her. We had been talking everyday, since that day in her bedroom last week, about making a plan to fuck each other. When I looked at Mr. Jeffers and told her who it was, he smiled and said, "Take the call baby Let's get Mrs. Hall on board for the weekend."

He told me that she knew we were meeting tonight, because he had told her during the day that I was coming to his office after cheerleading practice. He told me she called him to find out when she could fuck him again. She also knew that he wanted to fuck me when they had their fuck. I didn't let her know that I was in the car with him, because I wanted to continue playing with his huge cock, and wanted to keep it going between us.

When I answered the phone, I told her I was driving and put her on speaker phone. I wanted Mr. Jeffers to hear the conversation, while worked his huge cock without holding my phone. Her first words were, "You little bitch, cheating on my son and me." As soon as she said it, she laughed and said," So what did you think of that enormous, fucking black cock?"

We both started laughing, and I told her that I never experienced anything like it, and that my pussy would never be the same again. I told her that I must have cum over a 100 times. She said she couldn't walk for three days, saying it was the biggest, thickest cock she ever fucked. She told me that her pussy never came so hard and so many times in one night, and confirmed that she could only take half of it, because it was so long and fat.

She told me she ran into Jordan (My co-captain) at a store on Rodeo Drive, and said that she saw me change into a pair of black pumps after practice, and assumed I was going out with her son. She said she laughed to herself when she heard that, because she knew where her son was, and that was fucking my mother in some Beverly Hills exclusive hotel. A little secret I shared with her.

She also knew that I was going to meet with Mr. Jeffers that day, because she had spoken to him earlier, and he had told her. Once she heard that I changed from my sneakers into my high heel pumps, she knew that I was going to his office to fuck him. She also told me that she knew he was hot for me, because when they fucked; he talked about me constantly, saying how much he wanted my body and that it drove him crazy every time he saw it.

When she said that, I squeezed his massive cock, and shot him a sly grin. I asked her how she ending up fucking him, and she told me the story about a night after a PTA meeting, when her and my Asian friend Traci's mom stayed behind to talk to him about some personal things. They had also heard the many rumors about his giant cock and were both very curious. Traci's mom also had a suspicion (which I knew was right) that her daughter was fucking him, and wanted to discuss this with him.

I also learned a month later, Traci and her mom were both fucking him together. This was just another example of the freaky, Beverly Hills lifestyle. She said that her and Traci's mom left his office at 4 in the morning, exhausted and having had the best fuck of there lives. I was laughing and told her that I thought it was wild. She said that the day I saw her rushing out of the house was because, he called her an hour before and said he'd like to fuck her again, and asked if she could get away that night. She told him she'd cancel all her plans, and immediately got dressed to fuck him and rushed out. We both started laughing when she said, when a guy with a 12 inch cock that can fuck for days without a break, calls to say he has time to fuck, you drop what you are doing instantly, not to miss the chance.

I then told her that after all the stories I had heard about him having such a huge cock, I was curious and needed to find out for myself. I told her that while he was fucking me, he said that he wanted to fuck us both, and when he mentioned the three of us fucking, I went crazy, and couldn't stop cumming over his giant black cock. She said that she did the same thing when he brought up the idea of the three of us fucking to her.

When I told her about his idea for the weekend she said that she thought it sounded real hot. She said that she was really looking forward to taking me away, and fucking me this weekend, but that this could really be sexy too. I told her that I was going crazy to fuck her too and couldn't wait to taste her pussy and ass again. As soon as I said that, I saw Mr. Jeffers huge cock began to throb and almost burst through his pants.

She said that she was going crazy all night thinking about the things his huge black cock was doing to my pussy and the things I was doing to his huge cock. When I told her that I could barely hold the huge fucking thing, she laughed and told me that her and Traci's mom took turns holding it, and lining it up to the others pussy when they were going to ride it. Or that they took turns holding it when one of them was busily licking it. When I told her I could barely get his huge cockhead in my mouth, she said that there jaws were cracking and dislodging every time they tried too.

She had an idea that sounded real hot to me. She said we could go shopping for a few real sexy things, then get a hotel and spend all of Friday night in the hotel, playing with each other and fucking, then go to him on Saturday night and fuck the rest of the weekend. He smiled, and gave his thumbs up at that suggestion. I told her that I loved the idea and that I was sure he would too.

She said in a deep sultry breath, "I can't wait to fuck you. I've been going out-of-my mind these past few days thinking about those huge, beautiful tits and those great, big nipples." I told her I was touching my pussy while I was driving (which he actually was), just thinking about finally fucking her. After I hung up, I messaged his enormous cock and said, "We're on for the weekend baby. The three of us fucking in your bed."

I went over our plan about shopping for sexy lingerie first, then going to a hotel and spend Friday night, just fucking each other, because we needed it real bad. Then coming to him, on Saturday and give that great big black cock all the attention, and wet pussy it deserved. He laughed slyly and said, "I love the way the filthy-nasty rich Beverly Hills types work."

As we drove to my house we kissed at every light, with our hands running up and down each others thighs. I loved rubbing his 12 inch cock through his pants as he drove the fast sports car through the streets of Beverly Hills. As we drove, Mr. Jeffers asked about my father and what he did. I told him that he basically did whatever my grandfather needed him to do. I told him how my mother's father was very wealthy and basically gave my mother everything we have. When I talked about how hot my father was hot for me, and that I loved to tease him by wearing the sexiest of cloths and high heels when my mother was away, he scanned my body, then started to laugh, and said hotly,

"Baby if I had a daughter that looked as sexy as you, with a body like yours, I'd have her pussy wrapped around her daddy's big fat dick every night too."

I grinned then ran my long manicured finger nail along the length of his massive cock and said hotly,

"Ummmm..If my daddy had a cook this fucking big, I'd gladly have my tight pussy wrapped around it every night too."

He then added with a smirk,

"God, I love Beverly Hills."

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