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HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 07

This chapter features Allison and her father
Allison with a Sultan
Allison's father with two of Allison's best friends

My father wanted made arrangements to take me to a very exclusive club in Beverly Hills for dinner. He used my grandfathers name to get the reservation. It was an exclusive club where the richest of Beverley Hills and around the wealthiest people from world went. It was a club with a well-known reputation for seeing the sexiest, youngest women with the wealthiest older men in the world.

For my eye catching outfit I wore the most risqué, wicked slingshot dress. The dress was absolutely sinful, showing every, sexy inch of me. The material was sheer white and had two thin straps that crisscrossed my neck, exposing my entire back. The straps barely covered my nipples, exposing my firm, suckable 36DD tits. The straps crisscrossed my big tits and attached to the side of the very, very, short mini dress, that displayed every inch of my long, sexy, tapered legs. I wore a pair of tan, thigh high stockings and a pair of black, high heel pumps.

When I walked out of the bathroom my fathers eyes were riveted to my body. We had fucked all night and all day, over 12 hours and had both cum numerous times, and I was so thrilled to see his huge cock bulging through his pants at the sight of me.

"So sexy baby," he said as I walked to him. As soon as I came to him he took me in him arms and began kissing me, running his hands all over me. It was as if we were lovers, the furthest thing from being father and daughter, hungry for each other, hungry to please each other, and especially hungry to fuck each other.

This was such a turn of events for me. I had been such a bitch to my father for years, despising him for being my grandfathers pawn, but after the night last week when I fucked my black Principal in front of him for the sole purpose of humiliating him, and then my Principal making me play with my father to tease him, things instantly changed between my father and I once I found out how good he made me cum with his hands and his mouth, and that he had a giant, 12 inch cock, just as big as my black Principals, and really knew how to fuck and make me cum.

As we kissed my fathers incredible hands were all over my body, instantly turning me on and driving me insane with lust. We were in a deep, sexy kiss for over 10 minutes when I felt him push the tiny, thin straps off my nipples. At this point my bud-like nipples were on fire as he began masterfully kissing, licking and sucking each one. My pussy was dripping and as he kissed my nipples then ran his hand over the lace tops of my stockings and began massing my ass and spreading my firm cheeks apart.

"Oh fuck," I groaned, as my father once again took control of my body.

"I've got to suck your pussy," my father said, then instantly spun me around and bent me over the bed. He immediately squatted down and pushed my tiny thong to the side and began eating me, going from my pussy to my asshole.

"Oh fuck baby," I moaned over and over as he ate me masterfully, while his fingers played with my extended clit.

We stayed this way for almost half an hour, and I was going crazy as my father skillfully ate me. The way he used his hands to turn me on, running them up my stocking covered legs to the tops of my nylons, raising the level of heat in my body drove me crazy. I could not believe that the man I used to tease and torture was a master at fucking.

"Oh fuck baby, you are driving me crazy," I moaned as his hands ran up and down my thigh high stockings, softly, sending sparks through my body and deep into my wet pussy. "Oh god baby that feels so sexy."

Finally after a half hour of this luxurious head, my pussy shuddered in a nice, long, slow cum. After I came he pulled me up and we continued our kiss then went to the car. During the ride to the restaurant my father and I kissed at each traffic light, my hand lovingly caressing his huge, bulging cock as he drove his Ferrari through the wealthy streets of Beverly Hills.

The sides of my 36DD exposed tits in my sling shot dress, with the tops of my thigh high stockings showing as I crossed my long legs, and the sight of my black, high heel pumps were driving my father crazy. Every time he glanced over at me I felt his huge cock throb. This thrilled me to no end, knowing that my body turned him on, and that I excited his huge cock.

As he drove I played with his huge cock and talked about how much I couldn't wait to get back to the house after dinner and fuck him again. I had no doubt we'd fuck all night, just like we did the night before, and with my mother being away for another day, I knew we'd fuck right up until she drove up the driveway.

The dynamic changed drastically between my father and I this past week. We were lovers now, both desperate to fuck and please each other. I swore to myself that I'd never be a royal bitch to him ever again, especially knowing that every time I was a bitch to him when I dressed sexy just to tease him with my body, he was fucking one of my many girlfriends with his huge 12 inch cock. Knowing now how my father could turn a pussy on and how great he was at fucking, and that he had a 12 inch cock, there was no way I was going to let him fuck any of my girlfriends ever again. It was my cock now, and I was desperate to please him and desperate to fuck him.

I knew my mother was fucking my boyfriend this weekend, even though she made up some lame excuse about where she was going. Coincidently my boyfriend was going to some college trip, where all senior High School students go, but I knew he was fucking my mother all weekend. I could care less and so could my father, because it gave us the perfect opportunity to get into our long, overdue fuck.

As he drove we kissed at every light, which kept the heat burning in inside of us.

The restaurant was very elegant and stylish. Most of the men were older in their 60's and 70's and all were with young teens like me. Although the dress I wore was sinful, each of the teens wore something to catch the eye of the wealthy man she was with. Every teen was in some type of sinful mini dress, that were all skin-tight like mine, designed to show off their tits, whether big like mine or flat chested, their legs and asses.

When I saw all the sexy, young teens my age I immediately thought of my wealthy and powerful grandfather, who I was certain always, had one, two or even three teens on his arm when he came to the restaurant. I learned from my father that the annual membership to the exclusive club/restaurant was 3 million dollars. It was a place designed for the elite class of society, where discretion and privacy was the unspoken rule.

As I walked into the restaurant my dress and my body instantly caught the eye of everyone in the room, both men and women, but especially the older men. Although the ages of the men varied from their mid 60's to mid 70's, some being well into their 80s, the common thread that ran through each of them was they were all extremely wealthy, and very powerful, and ruthless.

Most of these men had a take no prisoner's attitude in business and in life that gave them whatever they wanted, at any cost, without any regard who it affected. These were ruthless men that could tear families apart to get what they wanted. And, what they wanted was more wealth and young, sexy teens to fuck, to celebrate their power.

Deep down, these were the men that really turned me on. I craved that kind of powerful man, who knew what he wanted and always got what he wanted. Suddenly the thought of my grandfather made my pussy wet. At 78 he was very distinguished looking and very powerful. A billionaire ten times over, who always got what he wanted in life. AT 78 he was in better shape than most 20 year olds. He was always in the company of a sexy teen sometimes two and three at a time. These were sexy daughters or granddaughters of business associates who like me craved the same kind of powerful older man who would stop at nothing to get what he wanted.

My grandfather had just bought me a 70 thousand dollar BMW for my 18th birthday last week and was flying my family including my boyfriend for a parry in his honor (Read the series: Power & Wealth: A Grandfather's Control) The thought of being here with him, then being in his bed washed over me. Nothing stayed in the path of these men taking or getting what they wanted, and if my grandfather wanted me I'd be his instantly, which was something I'm sure he already knew.

My father dressed in an expensive Italian suit which highlighted his incredible slim physique. When I walked into the room my sinful slingshot dress I could read the thoughts of everyman and most of the young girls thinking that they would love to fuck her as they all undressed what little I had on with their eyes. At one point I got up to use the bathroom.

When I came out, I was greeted by a distinguished looking older Middle Eastern man dressed in cloths of a sheik. He looked to be in his mid-seventies, but, I found out that he was actually 84, which I could not believe, because he looked so much younger. He was surrounded by six men dressed in black suits wearing dark sunglasses that looked very imposing.

He introduced himself as a Sultan form a country in the Middle East. He told me that he followed me to the rest rooms because I was the sexiest young woman he'd ever seen. I smiled and thanked him for the compliment. I knew he wanted to fuck me which turned me on like crazy. He immediately confirmed it when he said he would pay me 250 thousand dollars if I would fly to Dubai in his private jet and spend a luxurious weekend in one of his palaces. A little stunned by the offer, I knew he was serious and my pussy began to get wet. I even felt my nipples turn on at the thought of flying to the Middle East and fucking him and coming back with that amount of money. He gave me a cell phone with his direct number, and told me to think about his offer. I smiled slyly and said I absolutely would.

Suddenly I found myself in a deep kiss with a man nearly 70 years older than me. The Sultan looked at his personal body guards, giving them the signal to turn their backs and watch out for anyone coming. He then took my hand and led me around a corner wall and pushed me up against it. We went right back to kissing, as my groans filled the air.

As we were lost in our kiss, I had a thought of my father waiting for me. A part of me knew I shouldn't be fucking another man, especially since I was fucking my father, and was totally loving our weekend fuck we were having while my mother was away fucking my boyfriend, but I couldn't help myself. I was so taken by the assertiveness of the powerful Middle Eastern Sultan; I couldn't break away from him, because I didn't want to.

I was so hot from his aggressiveness that I groaned as he pushed me up against the wall. Our mouths locked instantly in a deep kiss, that had our tongues flying inside and outside our mouths hungrily as his hands roughly pushed the sides of her slingshot straps of my dress off my big tits, to the middle, between my deep cleavage.

For the next two minutes he went crazy, as he greedily sucked and bit my turned on nipples, as I tossed my head back and groaned loudly.

"Beautiful tits," he said in his heavy, Middle Eastern accent, as he greedily sucked and bit my turned nipples.

"Oh fuck baby, bite em," I groaned, encouraging him to keep biting my nipples.

As he hungrily bit my turned on nipples I felt my thong being pushed to the side and his fingers shooting way up into my pussy. I was so wet from being taken so aggressively by the Middle Eastern Sultan. I felt my pussy build-up real fast then closed my mouth down hard on his and threw my head back as I snarled, "Cumming," in a deep throaty voice. As I came I felt the backs of my feet come out of my high heel pumps, from cumming so hard.

As soon as I came, I squatted on my pumps and pulled down his pants.

"Oh fuck, I cried out, as I looked at 10 inches of flesh that shot out through the bottom of his underwear.

As soon as I saw it I knew he had a real huge cock; a giant cock. I immediately started kissing and licking all over the flesh that came out of his underwear, then pulled the rest down and watched it transform into a freakish cock, right in front of my eyes.

"Oh fuck baby," I uttered in a state of shock, as it continued to balloon out menacingly. Within seconds it was over a foot long, and very fat around, and it was still growing I couldn't believe how big he was. He was bigger than my father and my black Principal Mr. Jeffers. I soon learned that he in fact measured 13 inches long and was almost 10 inches around.

"Such a huge cock baby," I said as I spit on it then pumped it with both hands, wishing I had four more to help work his massive shaft, and to really please it. I pumped him up and down as I continued to spit on it with my hot saliva, while looking up at him with a sexy smirk.

"Oh yes baby, you like my big cock," he said in a voice that let me know, and I'm sure every other teen who saw it, how proud he was to have such a freakishly huge dick.

"Oh fuck yeah baby. I love a man with a real big cock," I said as I looked up at him while pumping his huge shaft that was coated with my saliva.

I jacked it for a few minutes and could feel him really swell up. "God he's so fucking huge," I thought to myself as I pumped his gigantic shaft. He then pulled me up and we kissed hard for a minute as our tongues wrapped around each other in a wild fuck-fest.

"I've got to fuck you now, you are too sexy," he said in a voice that was commanding, and led me by my hand. I was so caught up in his aggressiveness and his hunger to fuck me and that he had such a giant cock, that I gave no protest.

Hearing me gasp, "Oh Fuck,"he looked and saw me starring at his huge cock as it bounced off his knee in a loud thumping sound as he walked me to the other side of the sitting area. He spun me around and as I reached out and held the edge of the sitting table, exposing and bringing my ass right to him. I was already groaning in anticipation of getting my pussy fucked by an enormous cock.

As I looked back and saw him take hold of his big 13 inch cock a sudden pang of fright came over me. Even though my fathers cock was huge, this cock looked freakish, almost grotesque, with giant veins running the length of it like a angry maze. This cock looked menacing compared to my fathers cock. I was lucky because I was so wet from fucking my father all day and knowing that we were going to fuck all night that the Sultan's huge, 13 inch cock slid up inside my pussy without too much resistance.

The Middle Eastern Sultan was a man that fucked all the time; the sexiest young teens from all over the world, but this American pussy was different from all the hundreds he had fucked. Her amazing pussy gripped his enormous cock like a glove, sucking him in, allowing him to go deeper than any pussy he's ever been in. With a vast majority of the young teens he fucked, his huge cock could barely go more than a quarter of the way, half way at best and under loud protests, but Allison's sexy cunt took him to the base, feeding his massive cock sensations he'd never experienced before in his life.

As he fucked into the sexiest pussy he had ever had, he began to swell-up and throb within a few pumps. I could feel his giant cock building up to explode and looked back and snarled as I bit my lower lip.

"Oh fuck, I love your huge cock baby," I said and then turned her head to meet his tongue in a wild kiss. "Fuck that tight pussy just the way you want baby. Fuck it just the way you want," I said in a deep, lust filled groan. "Oh god baby your great big cock deserves to be pleased by every pussy you fuck, "I groaned, which made him groan.

"Oh yes baby, the best pussy I have ever fucked, "he groaned out loud as he began to expand deep inside me, nearly causing me to pass out from his immense girth.

As he fucked into my burring pussy, he kept saying how sexy I was, and that I had the most incredible body and pussy he ever fucked. I could not believe that I was so caught up in this wild fuck. My father was waiting for me at the table, and here I was fucking a man I just met. Of course I was turned on by my father and loved the slow, heated passion that we now shared.

The way my father slow fucked me with his huge cock was incredible, but I could not resist the powerful approach of the sultan. He was like all the men I hungered for, that took whatever they wanted, even if it belonged to someone else. Men like Mr. Hall (my boyfriend's father) or my sexy grandfather. They each had a power over my pussy that drove teens an myself fuck crazy.

Although I am only 18, I know exactly what I want I want out of life, and more importantly, out of a fuck! Older men had skills beyond any boy my age, and older men of power knew what they wanted in a fuck. It was mostly all about pleasing themselves too. My father was a very gentle lover, using his 12 inch cock in ways to please me and make me cum. Men like the Sultan, Mr. Hall, Mr. Jeffers and my grandfather were all about pleasing themselves. They fucked hard and came hard. They used a girl's pussy for their sole pleasure. It was an incredible turn on to me. A power I couldn't resist!

I know I should have felt guilty for fucking another man while my father was waiting for me, but I could not resist the power and the assertiveness of this 84 year old Middle Eastern Sultan, and his enormous cock. Right now I was lost in this fuck, and needed to please his giant cock and bring him off with my sexy body more than anything in the world.

I felt like such a slut, as the Sultan fucked his gigantic cock into me recklessly and with angry force, that had the backs of my feet coming out of my pumps, and my pussy spasming all over his angry monster.

"Oh fuuuuck," I moaned as I bit my lower lip, as his huge cock spread my pussy wider than I ever felt it.

"Oh yes, take that big cock you sexy bitch," he snarled, as he pounded every inch into me. "Your pussy is the best I ever fucked," he snarled.

"And yours is the biggest cock I ever had," I moaned as I turned my head and met his tongue in a fierce tongue, flicking battle.

He leaned over me, fucking nonstop, and in a punishing way as he reached around and grabbed my hanging tits.

"Beautiful tits. Sexy tits," he snarled as he fucked into me like a jack-hammer.

"Oh god baby, I love your great, big cock," I moaned as it filled every crevice in my burning pussy. I was caught up in this wild fuck that nothing mattered to me more than pleasing every huge inch of the Sultans giant cock. I loved fucking my father beyond words, but what I needed right now was to give the powerful, huge cock Sultan, exactly what he wanted; my hot pussy.

As the Sultan violently fucked his angry, 13 inch cock into the gorgeous, stacked 18 year old, sitting at his table were four young teens that the older Sultan would fuck that night, and although they were all sexy: one black, two Asian and one white, none came close to having the perfect body as this sexy American teen he was driving his huge, 13 inch cock into. None of the four teens would take his monstrous cock nearly as deep either. This teen was special and he knew that he had to have her at all costs.

Sensing how close he was to cumming, I pulled him out of my pussy which caused a loud pop, and made us both groan. Against his protests to keep fucking him I squatted down on her pumps and jacked his cock off until it exploded. His huge cock shot like a cannon, spewing bursts of cum all over the mirrored wall. As soon as he was finished cumming, I licked his still huge, hanging cock and kissed its entire length, as I looked up at him slyly.
He pulled me up to him and we kissed heatedly for almost two minutes. As we kissed I pumped his huge, rubbery cock in my hands, feeling it pulsate, as I enjoyed the sheer mass of it. Before he walked to his body guards he gave me 200 one hundred dollar bills, and said that he wanted me, and that he had to have me again. He said he wanted me that night but I told him that I was on a very special date. I agreed to go to Dubai with him and told him I loved fucking his huge cock and couldn't wait to have it in my pussy again.

I then told him that I had to get back to my date then kissed him one last time. I then bent at the waist and lifted his huge, rubbery cock and kissed its enormous head as a way to let him know much I worshiped his huge cock. He then walked out and I followed behind the six guards.

When I got to the table I apologized to my father for being gone so long, saying the sheiks body guards had blocked the bathrooms until he came back out.

I then leaned in and began kissing my father, telling him I couldn't wait to get back home and fuck him all night. As we kissed I kept thinking about the Sultan and his huge cock, and that I was definitely going to take him up on his offer.

"A multi- billionaire with a 13 inch cock." Not a bad deal I thought to myself cunningly, as I began to think about what I was going to buy with the money he gave me and the 250 thousand dollars he was going to pay me for our weekend fuck.

During dinner my father and I got back to each other and kissed as we ate our fantastic dinner. Our kiss was soft, and sexy, and instantly had my pussy going again.

"God baby, you really turn me on, "I moaned as I felt my fathers skilled hands all over my stocking covered legs. Out of the corner of my eye I made eye contact with the Sultan and even shot him a sly grin before I kissed my father. On the way home I snuggled up to him and rubbed his super-hard cock. At one point he ran his hands up my stocking covered leg and touched my pussy threw my wet thong.

"Oh god, lets get home fast. Lets get back into our fuck baby," I moaned as he rubbed my extended clit with his masterful touch right though my tiny thong. Feeling my fathers expert hands rubbing my rock-hard clit, then sliding inside my pussy caused my pussy exploded just from the way he was playing with me. He had a way of driving me crazy that no man ever did. Even having just fucked the Middle Eastern Sultans huge 13 inch cock and cumming hard all over his huge shaft, was nothing like the feeling I got when my fathers hands were on my body, or when I was fucking his huge cock.

My father and I kissed passionately at every light, and as soon as we got home, instantly got back into incredible fuck. Parking the car in the driveway, we walked to the door with his arm around me. My high heels were clicking against the pavement, giving off a sexy sound, announcing in a real lusty an obvious way that my father and I were going to fuck.

At the door we kissed for a few minutes as his hands cupped my ass and I rubbed the length of his huge cock. When I looked up, I noticed a neighbor watching us. I recognized that it was Mrs. Vivian Wentworth, a wealthy and very sexy high-powered businesswoman who owns the most elite real estate office in Beverly Hills that caters to the wealthiest clientele and celebrities in the world.

Vivian Wentworth starred out the widow of her up-scale Beverley Hills home and watched the incredibly sexy 18 year old daughter kissing her very own father in an openly act of passion. She was riveted to the wild act of her neighbors and was instantly turned on herself, instinctively rubbing her tits and her pussy.

At 64 years of age Vivian Wentworth was a knockout by all men's and women's standards, looking more like 35 than her 64 years of age, and in better shape than most 20 year olds. Standing 5'8" tall and weighing 115 pounds, her body oozed sex. With constant workouts maintaining her perfect, head-turning, 34D-22-31 measurements with three personal trainers (all of which she fucks during each session; two being 22 year old male studs and one very sexy 20 year old Asian with an incredibly tight body), Vivian Wentworth was a virtual walking fuck- fantasy.

Her husband is a pilot and her son is a football star at college. Knowing she has the perfect body, Vivian used it many times when making a big sale. With an incredible attraction to her son, and him to his mothers hot body, they crossed the line and have been fucking on a regular basis. Read about Vivian and her well-hung son: (Sinful High Class Mom series).

As Vivian watched the sexy, father/daughter kiss, it reminded her of her and her son Kyle, of how they fucked and how huge his cock was. Seeing the sexy 18 year old daughter and how hot she looked turned her on like crazy and made her put a plan into action to give the sexy 18 year old teen a call to come over for a swim this week.

As I looked up at Mrs. Wentworth I saw her playing with her beautiful tits and rubbing her pussy through her sheer nightgown while she looked right at me. I looked at her slyly and began to think about how hot it would be to eat her pussy and to fuck her. Her husband and her jock son were always after me, but I'd really love to fuck her sexy pussy. Her bodies been on my mind for a long time, and the way she was looking right at me while she played with her tits and pussy through her nightgown told me that my bodies been on her mind too.

After 10 minutes of hot kissing, giving Mrs. Wentworth the sexy view I wanted, my father said, "Let's get inside baby. I have to fuck you, you're so sexy." Half way up the staircase I was bent over the handrail with my huge tits out of my slingshot dress and with the bottom pulled up over my ass.

After my father ate me from behind for almost an hour, playing with my ass, running his hands over my stockings, and pinching my bud-like nipples, he got behind me and fucked me for two more hours straight. As he slow-fucked his huge, 12 inch cock into me I was cumming like a faucet, loving the way my father was fucking me, hitting my pussy in the most sensitive places.

As he fucked into me slowly, I thought back to the restaurant and the Sultan, forcefully fucking me like a wild man with his enormous 13 inch cock. I thought about Mrs. Wentworth and fucking her too, eating her sexy pussy while she ate mine as we wrapped in an amazing 69 position, both dresses sexy in thigh high stockings, a garter belt and high heels. As my soaked pussy spasmed over my fathers giant cock, I turned my head and met his tongue in a sexy, sinful kiss, as I had flash-backs to the Sultan and his massive cock, and how we fucked so hard outside the bathroom.

It was the slowest most passionate fuck, right on the stairs. As we fucked he would cup my big, hanging 36DD tits and play with my nipples. As his huge 12 inch cock fucked into me he would play with one nipple and have me suck his other finger. I was delirious with lust and passion as he slow fucked into me. With every long, deep stroke I came in a wave of passion, coating his huge cock in my frothy love juice.

The way he fucked in this position, he would take over two minutes to go from his huge cockhead, all the way to the base. In that time a man like Mr. Hall or Mr. Jeffers or especially my sexy Grandfather would have thrusted their huge cocks into my pussy a hundred times! But, this was a fuck unlike any other, an intimate lovers fuck, as my pussy exploded over and over my fathers massive shaft, as he masterfully fucked me.

With each long, deep fuck he would kiss my neck or my back and tell me I was the sexiest thing on this planet and that he dreamed of fucking me for years. Or kisses reminded us of how turned on we were to each other and that we never wanted this fuck to end. As my father fucked his huge, 12 inch cock into me he would use his index finger to softly massage my aching clit as he rotated his hips, as his massive cock found places in my pussy I never knew existed. My pussy came like a flood from the incredible sensation. "Oh god, you really know how to fuck, "I cried in a lust-filled voice.

I'd turn my head every few minutes to get that needed kiss from my father. Every few minutes we'd meet in a passionate father/daughter kiss that was so hot it caused me to cum. After I came I was so horny that I needed to suck my fathers huge cock in the most desperate way. I just wanted to please him, and drive him crazy to fuck me again.

"Let me take the edge off this great, big fucking cock baby. I wanna suck you off so bad," I said hotly as I instantly squatted on my pumps and proceeded to lick every inch of his tremendous cock, as he leaned against the railing. His cock was so huge and heavy that it had to rest against his knee for support. It was way too big to stick straight out like my boyfriend or all the other guys I fucked. I put my palm at the base and hefted it to my mouth. It was so sexy to have control over my fathers massive cock.

I started by just kissing the huge head and licking it wildly, flicking my tongue across the giant crown as I looked at him slyly. I then ran my tongue across one side, feeling sparks in my pussy from the powerful veins that crisscrossed like a giant spider web and ran along the length of his shaft, than to the tip and back down the other side.

At times I would stab his huge cock with my tongue which made it thump off his knee and bounce to the other side. My fathers huge cock was like a giant magnet, drawing my tongue to it, and sending sparks into my pussy every time I flicked at it. He groaned which sent a signal that he liked the way I was playing with his great, big cock.

"Oh Allison that's perfect baby," he moaned looking at me while I basked in the sexy play with his huge cock.

When I brought it to my mouth I realized that I would never get more than the huge, baseball shaped cockhead inside, so I knew my hands and tongue were what was going to please it. My fathers cock was so huge it was impossible to suck like my boyfriends or other guys I fucked. What my fathers huge cock needed was to be played with and worshiped, and I was more than eager to do both.

"Spit on it baby," he commanded as I looked up and grinned slyly.

"Umm, you know just what you like," I said, looking up at him slyly. "With this huge cock, anything you want baby," I said in a voice I didn't recognize, astonished by his staggering cock. I was so turned on by my fathers new confidence, I instantly began spitting my hot saliva along the top of his shaft, and began pumping it through my palm as my other hand caressed his huge, hanging balls. His huge, hanging balls, the size of grapefruits, seemed perfectly matched for his giant cock and something inside me told me he could store up and shoot a real big load of cum.

"That's perfect Allison," he said which made me real happy and real hot. There was something about the way he said my name that turned me on and almost made me cum. It made me feel so sexy, and made me forget that I was his daughter. Calling me by my name made me feel more like one of his many 18 year old fucks, who I knew were my friends, and that drove me wild.

"I can't believe that my girlfriends had this huge cock while I was being such a bitch to you," I moaned out loud then licked up from his huge hanging balls to his fat cockhead.

"Oh baby, you were an absolute bitch. Your body drove me crazy every time I saw your wearing something naughty. All those mini dresses and high heels and the skimpiest bikini's with those sexy high heels drove me crazy baby, and I knew that you were purposely doing it to me baby," he groaned as I began slowly pumping his huge shaft with both hands. "Oh fuck," he said in a deep groan as I looked up at him slyly.

"Oh baby if I only knew you were this huge, and how good you fuck," I said kissing his huge cockhead as my hands pumped his massive shaft lovingly.

"I wanted to fuck you so bad, but you were such a bitch to me," he groaned as I licked all over his 12 inch shaft, while pumping it in my outstretched palm.

"I know baby. It's what I wanted you to feel. I was an absolute bitch to you, but now I'm so jealous of all my friends you fucked with this huge fucking cock," I groaned.

"Baby, it was you I wanted to fuck so bad," he said as he enjoyed his daughters amazing hands on his giant cock.

"My pussy's the only one you'll need now baby," I groaned. "I'll be the only fuck you'll ever need," I said, with a deep lust in my voice. ""Oh god, you're right how I used to dress up real sexy to tease you, but no more baby. Now I'll dress sexy to fuck you and this great, big cock of yours," I snarled through clinched teeth as I stroked his giant shaft.

Mesmerized by the size of his cock, and his huge, hanging balls, I lifted it against his tight stomach and pressed it in place with my palm. His cock was so heavy and so huge that it went a good 10 inches above his navel, and ballooned out over 8 inches away from his skin. It was such a powerful and staggering sight that it made me so excited and so desperate to please him. I began licking all over his huge balls. They were each the size of a baseball and his sack hung down almost 10 inches.

While I was lost in the stroking and licking of my fathers huge cock, he was watching my every move. His deep groans combined with telling me how sexy I looked had me so turned on. I ran the tip of my tongue so slow and so deliberately up the side of his shaft, tracing over every vein that protruded from his fat shaft. When I reached the crown of his massive shaft I flicked my tongue across it wildly as I looked into his eyes slyly.

"Oh fuck Allison, you are so fucking sexy," he groaned as I looked at him with a sly grin.

"And you're so fucking huge," I said hotly as I spread my jaw as wide as I could and began sucking on the grapefruit sized cockhead.

"Oh fuck baby that's so good," he moaned.

We then met in a brief kiss, reminding each other that we were sexy lovers who could fuck for days, before I went back to running the tip of my tongue down his 12 inch shaft. My pussy seemed to feel every vein of my fathers huge cock as I ran my tongue up and down the sides of his massive shaft which sent sparks into my smoking pussy.

As he watched his incredible daughter play with his huge cock he couldn't stop thinking about his amazing fortune. "Fuck, look how sexy she is," he thought to himself. "I've wanted to fuck her for years and now here she is playing with my cock just like I imagined a million times. He thought about all her friends he was fucking and how they didn't come close to fucking him the way his sexy daughter did.

I was so turned on to pumping and licking my fathers huge cock, that I could have stayed on the stairs all night just worshiping him and his huge cock,pleasing every inch. It wa so thrilling to be pumping him as I looked at his amazingly sexy body and then looking into his eyes. That alone made me cum, as I groaned and threw my head back. Fucking my father and stroking his huge cock sent my body into spasms.

His huge ball sack added to making his cock look terrifying. I went wild with my tongue licking his hanging sack and lifting each of his huge balls with my tongue. When I looked up I was happy to see my father looking at me with lust in his eyes. I grinned at him slyly.

"That's real nice Allison. Suck my balls just like that baby," he said as I took one in my mouth and pulled on his ball sack, stretching it out almost a foot. "Oh naughty Allison," he groaned in a deep resonant voice, as I grinned at him slyly.

" Ummm,the biggest pair of balls, loaded with hot cum for me I hope," I said in my throaty voice, as I went back to licking all over his towering shaft as I held it in my palm.

"Lot's of cum for you Allison. Lots of cum," he snarled as I let go of his huge cock, as it bounced to his knee and continued spitting all over his massive shaft, and pumping the endless length of it. "Oh baby, you're so sexy," he moaned repeatedly.

As he watched his incredibly sexy daughter kiss and pump his huge cock, he couldn't get over how sexy she was, and how fortunate he was that she changed her attitude towards him. For years she was a total bitch to him, and now she was his love, desperate to please every inch of him.

Sensing he was looking at me, I leaned it and we met in a sexy kiss as I continued to pump him excitedly. He broke off and then began kissing and biting my bud-like nipples.

"Oh fuuuck," I groaned as I rolled my eyes back into my head and threw my head back. I felt so sexy, so hot. My father had me so turned on. Pumping his huge 12 inch cock while he bit my aching nipples was driving me insane.

Leaning back against the railing he watched his sexy daughter working his massive cock again. He knew having a 12 inch cock had a lot to do with it. All her girlfriends knew it too. In the last two months he had fucked 10 of her sexy girlfriends. They all had incredible pussy's and loved fucking his 12 inch cock.

It started with her closest friend Krissy who was a co-captain with his daughter on the cheerleading team. They had been best friends since elementary school. Like Allison, Krissy was very popular at school too, but it was more because of her personality as opposed to her looks. Where Allison was a drop-dead stunner, with a drooling perfect fuck-body, Krissy had an altogether different type of body. At 18 she looked more like she was 12, with pale skin and freckles, and braces, and a very skinny body.

Her measurements were boy-like, with absolutely no tits and the most tiny, eraser-like pink nipples. Her legs were long and skinny too, which made her even more girlish. It was those features that made look like a very, plane adolescent girl when she dressed casually in jeans and sneakers, but real naughty when she was dressed sexy in a tight see-through mini dress with high heels on, or the skimpiest bikini with high heels when she was at a pool party. Krissy was mature beyond her years, and knew she had a sexy quality when she was dressed up that attracted older men to her. Older men like her black Principal Mr. Jeffers or older men like her own father. Although she had a steady boyfriend who played on the football team, she was drawn to older men, because of their power and confidence.

One day she came to the house to pick up Allison for a party. The side door was open, and she walked in right as her best friend was talking to her father. She came in just as her best friend was in the middle of saying something to her father as he was reading the paper. What she heard and what she saw was more like teasing, so she just stayed near the door quietly and watched and listened. She heard her best friend giggle then saw her walk right in front of him as if she was teasing him, which she was.

She saw her best friend dressed for the party in a sinful skin-tight black micro mini dress and high heels. The dress barely covered her ass, and had a plunging front that showed most of her tits, and because she wasn't wearing a bra her bud-like nipples pierced though the sheer white fabric as if she was nude. She was also dressed for the party in a very hot white mini dress that was cut deep in the front and hung loosely, which showed her ribs running across her chest and reveled her ultra-flat chest and that she had absolutely no tits. Her dress was very short too, coming to the bottom of her tiny ass, showing off every inch of her long thin legs. She wore a pair of nude thigh high stockings to accent the sexy quality of her legs, and a pair of black, classic pumps to give off a sinful sexiness. Her fair skin with all the freckles and the shimmering, silver braces and the way she was dressed, made her look like the most sinful teen fuck.
She heard her best friend ask her father if he liked her body and was shocked when she heard her say, "I'd bet you love to see me out of this dress wouldn't you baby." She couldn't believe her ears when she heard her father groan and say "yes." She then heard her best friend giggle slyly and say, "Well if you weren't such a lazy slacker and didn't have to be a lackey for my grandfather you'd see a lot more of this body. The only thing I'd be wearing right now is my high heels and stockings just for you baby," she added in a hot voice that had a lot more than tease in it.

"Oh god," he moaned as soon as she said it, as his eyes were riveted to her amazing body.

After that she laughed at him and said, "You're so pathetic and spineless dad. Such a looser, depending on my mothers father for everything and the lifestyle we have."

Just then Allison saw Krissy standing in the side door and said in an annoyed voice, "Let's get out of here.

Before they walked out Allison had to get something from her bedroom and ran upstairs quick. While she went to her bedroom, Krissy walked into the living room to say hello to her best friends father. When he stood she almost melted because of how handsome and sexy he was. Her best friends father was the sexiest man she'd ever met. She knew every one of her best friends girlfriends thought so too, and were always telling Allison that her father was real 'hot.' She had a real good idea that her best friend knew it too.

Seeing Krissy dressed the way she was instantly turned him on. Just earlier that day he had seen her with his daughter before they left to go shopping. She was dressed in loose fitting jeans and a loose fitting T-shirt with some sports team's name on it. She had her hair in a ponytail and a pair of sneakers on. The casual look made her look very plain and boyish. But, now her she was standing in front of him with a sinful mini dress that clung to her body like a second skin. Her body was real sexy, but a lot different than his daughters stunning 36DD-21-33 frame.

Krissy was the same height as his daughter, 5' 7" tall but, very thin, and very skinny. She only weighed 85 pounds and her measurements were a flat 29AA-22-33. She had no tits which he found really sexy, as his eyes roamed freely over every inch of her body, going from her high heel pumps, up her long sexy legs to her ultra-flat chest. She had makeup on and looked absolutely wicked. Because of her skinny, boyish frame, and having the tiniest of tits, made her an absolute fuck fantasy. Krissy was real happy to see her best friends father check her out, feeling his eyes scan over every inch of her body deliberately, and very slowly, turned her on like crazy. When he told her she looked incredibly sexy, she felt her tiny nipples get instantly hard and felt her pussy get suddenly wet. She suddenly wished she wasn't going to the party and wished it was just her alone with her best friends amazingly handsome father. The way he was looking at her body, she knew he wanted to fuck her, and she absolutely wanted to fuck him too.

When they walked out Krissy felt bad for her best friends father. She thought her best friend was being an absolute bitch to him, but what she didn't realize was that Allison thought her father was the sexiest man alive too, and that she would absolutely love to fuck him, if he wasn't such a looser. It was a love/hate relationship for her and her father, torn between how sexy he was, and that he couldn't stand on his own two feet, relying on her mothers father for everything they owned, and the wealthy lifestyle he provided them.

In the car Krissy told her best friend that she was a total bitch to her father, and a real tease. She then heard the story about how her best friend loved to dress real sexy and tease her father and belittle him at the same time. The only part that Krissy liked and thought was real sexy was the teasing part. She herself had been fucking her own father for the past two weeks. It was the day after her 18th birthday when he took her on a shopping spree that included a sexy lingerie store in Beverly Hills and a kiss that started there and ended up in his bedroom where they fucked for the entire weekend. Krissy's father is a high powered lawyer and had divorced her mother since she was 5. This was life in the Hills, sexy and very decadent, and extremely taboo, and sinful.

Krissy's pussy was soaking through her tiny white thong as she thought about how she'd love to be the one standing in front of her best friends father teasing him with her sexy mini dress and high heels, but then fucking him. Feeling bad about the way her best friend treated her father she decided to leave the party and go back to his house. She made up an excuse to her boyfriend and her friends that she didn't feel well. She knew Allison wasn't coming back, because she was going to stay at her boyfriends that night, and knew her boyfriend was staying at his friends and that they'd be passed out till the afternoon from partying so hard. She also knew that Allisons mother was out of town and that there was a good chance that her father would be alone.

As krissy drove back to the house she got wet thinking about how sexy her best friends father was. Krissy and all her friends always thought that Allison's father was gorgeous, and even though he was 62, he was in the greatest shape and was drop-dead handsome. She was so glad that she wore a micro mini dress that night and even more glad that she wore a pair of nude thigh high stockings, a black string thong and black pumps. As she drove to his house all she could think about was how sexy he was and how much she'd love to fuck him.

When he opened the door, he looked somewhat surprised to see her, but then instantly scanned her body up and down which thrilled her and made her pussy moist. When she came in they walked to the living room, her high heels clicking in a sexy pattern that stirred his huge cock. They sat on the sofa in the living room and shared a glass of wine together. She was turned on by his charm, and thought he was so sexy. Her tiny nipples were as hard as pebbles as they pushed through her top sinfully and her pussy was soaking wet. She was instantly turned on, and wanted to fuck him real bad. She told him that she felt bad about the way his daughter treated him and that she came back to tell him personally.

As they talked he couldn't keep his eyes off her long, stocking cover legs, as she sat with them crossed, showing her sexy high heel pumps. He couldn't get over how sexy she looked, and had a good feeling that she came back for a different reason other than to tell him how bad she felt. He was hoping it was because she wanted to fuck him. Right after she told him how bad she felt about the way her best friend treated her she was in his arms and they were instantly kissing.

Within seconds she learned exactly what her best friend was going to learn and that was he was an amazing kisser, and had the most amazing hands, as they moved skillfully up her stocking covered legs and across her tiny braless tits, the feeling of his touch driving her absolutely crazy.

"Ummm, your hands feel amazing," she groaned out loud while flicking her tongue out at his.

As they kissed sparks flew through her body like never before. Her pussy was on fire just from the way he kissed her. He had her so turned on. Not even kissing her own father or her black Principal Mr. Jeffers had the same effect on her body.

"You have a very sexy body Krissy," he groaned while he kissed her neck and ran his hands over her flat, non- existent tits. "I always thought you were so sexy," he said which caused her to groan. He could feel the heat rise in her body from the way he was kissing her and running his hands over her body. "So sexy baby. Such a sexy body," he said kissing her neck while he ran his hands up her stockings and over her flat tits.

"Oh god, you're driving me crazy baby," she groaned. "Got me so turned on," she moaned.

He knew she was gonna cum from the way he was kissing her and playing with her tiny tits and sexy legs. She was squirming and moaning deeply.

"Oh fuck that feels so hot," she groaned as he played with her body. She couldn't believe the effect he was having on her body, with just his touch and the way he kissed. Stunned, she felt her pussy begin to tighten, without him even touching her cunt. "Gonna cum," she groaned out loud, as she felt her pussy tighten and shudder in a nice, slow cum.

After a half hour of sexy kissing he pushed the top of her dress off the side and exposed her flat tits.

"Not like hers," she said, referring to her tiny tits, comparing them to his daughter's.

"Sexy baby. Very sexy. I love these tiny tits Krissy. I've always thought you had very sexy tits, and a sexy body," he said hotly and then began kissing her non-existent tit flesh and then her tiny, pink nipples.

His mouth drove her crazy; making her cum 5 times just by the way her kissed and licked her flat tits and little eraser-like nipples.

They kissed for almost an hour, their tongues flicking and twisting in a very sexy display, before he made her stand and helped her out of her tight mini dress. After her dress was off he took in the sight of her body, telling her how sexy she looked. The sight of her slender body dressed in nude thigh high stockings and black high heel pumps was an absolute sexy contrast to her young, almost pre-teen look. The sexy look of her stockings and heels with her ultra-flat chest and eraser-like nipples made his huge cock rage to fuck her. She was so happy that she wore thigh high stockings and a pair or classic black pumps. It just seemed so right to be dressed this way, and added to the excitement of fucking her best friends father. When he saw her in her stockings and high heels he told her she looked real sexy and that he loved her look.

They kissed for a half hour before he stood behind her and slid her tiny thong down her long stocking, covered legs to her pumps. When the thong reached her high heels, she lifted each leg for him as he removed the thong. He then leaned her forward and spread her tiny ass cheeks and ate her pussy and ass from behind, for over an hour. After making her cum 20 times with his amazing mouth and fingers he stood and they went back to kissing. Krissy could not believe how sexy her best friends father was and how skilled he was at making her cum. As they kissed she reached down for his cock.

This is when she discovered that her best friends father had a shockingly huge cock. Once she messaged his cock, it changed everything. What was going to be something sexy and very naughty, was about to turn into a mind-blowing fuck, fueled by him having a monstrous cock. As she massaged it through his pants she thought about her own fathers cock and how big he was (10 inches) but how much bigger her best friends father felt. She thought about her black Principal, Mr. Jeffers who had an enormous cock too.

She fucked Mr. Jeffers one night after a basketball pep-rally party right in his office. She was one his many fucks and like every other teen (most every girl on the cheerleading team) loved his huge black cock, and the way he fucked. Her best friends fathers cock felt just as big, and she was so horny to fuck it. After it was freed from his pants she went wild seeing it, totally disbelieving his freakish size and for the next hour went crazy worshiping it. Throughout the incredible hour, her eyes were always making contact with his.

"Oh god, you have the biggest cock," she mumbled to him repeatedly as she pumped her hands up and down his 12 inch shaft, trying desperately to comprehend his freakish size. "Such a huge cock," she groaned over and over as she sent her tongue out to lick up and down his shaft, as she teasingly flicked her tongue across it.

"Oh fuck Krissy, you're so sexy," he said in a heated voice as he watched his daughters best friend flick her tongue quickly across his huge shaft then pump her hands up and down, while twisting her palms in an effort to massage every inch of his huge cock.

Hearing him groan excitedly while telling her she looked so sexy, caused her to look up at him slyly and flick the tip of her tongue across his grapefruit, sized cock head. She played with his cock, consumed by his shocking size, and her desperation to please him and bring him off. His moans of pleasure filled the air and added a sexy background while she played with his monstrous cock.

"Oh baby, let me take the edge off this giant cock," she said hotly as she increased the speed of her two pumping fists. She then drove him mad and said, in a hot voice, "Oh baby, she was such a bitch to you and this great, big cock of yours. She should have stripped down to her stockings and high heels and let you fuck her with this huge cock." What she needed was a good fucking by this great, big cock," she said in her hottest voice while looking right into his eyes, then added hotly," I could never be a bitch to you, especially knowing you have a cock this fucking big." "I could never be a bitch to you. All I would want to do is to dress sexy for you, and then blow you and fuck you, every chance I got," she added hotly while grinning up at him slyly.

"Ohhh fuck," he groaned in a deep voice, as his huge cock twitched abruptly at the thought of fucking his sexy daughter. The thought of his incredibly sexy daughter, with her pussy wrapped around his huge shaft had driven him crazy for years. And now, the sight of her best friend flicking her tongue at his huge shaft while she grinned at him slyly, showing her shiny braces was driving him insane.

Suddenly, his huge cock began to pour out a steady stream of clear pre-cum. Her pussy was on fire form the unbelievable sight. His pre cum flowed out like an open faucet, going down his long shaft, coating her palms, which filled the air with a loud squishy sound. She felt his huge shaft twitching uncontrollably, the long maze of veins popping off his shaft, and filling with blood. She knew he was about to cum, and that thrilled her more than anything in the world.

"Oh baby, are you thinking about filling her pussy with this huge, fucking cock. Filling her pussy and then fucking her with this big ass monster," she teased, knowing he was, but glad it was going to be deep inside her cunt that night.

"No baby. I'm thinking about your sexy pussy, how I've wanted to fuck you for a long time," he said hotly, even though he was thinking about his sexy daughter, and how bad he wanted to fuck her

"So huge...So fucking big.....Not the little plain, innocent girl that you always see me as, am I baby," she said more as a statement, flicking his huge cock with her tongue, then pumping it up and down with both outstretched palms.

"Oh fuck Krissy. If you only knew how many times I thought about fucking you with this big cock," he said closing his eyes for a few seconds as he imagined her in one of her sexy string bikinis and high heels when she was at the pool with his sexy daughter. Her flat tits and her tiny ass drove him wild.

"And you don't know how many times I thought about fucking you," she said in her hottest voice. "Now here I am, blowing your great, big cock. So fucking big.....So fucking huge," she snarled through clinched teeth.

"So sexy baby," he groaned while watching the sexy best friend of his daughters work his huge cock.

"Oh god, I tried to get you to notice me a bunch of times when I was at your house," she said heatedly, as she pumped his huge shaft.

"Oh god Krissy, trust me, I always noticed you," he said through a deep groan, as he watched the girl he had known for years, pumping his huge shaft with intense passion.

As he watched her pump him up and down, twisting and reversing her palms to please every inch of his huge shaft he looked down at her long crossed legs and took in the sexy sight of her nude stockings and her black pumps. Without a doubt she was "pure" sex. He could see the high arches in her feet which made the effect of her pumping him even more sexy.

He thought about that day last week when his daughter had six girls on the cheerleading team over for a pool party. He remembered how all the girls looked incredibly hot, each one dressed in the thinnest of bikinis and all wearing high heel pumps to accent their sexy legs. He remembered his daughter wearing a white mesh bikini which showed off every sinful inch of her incredible body. Her thong-like bottom showed her amazing ass and drove him crazy as the string in the back went between her ass-crack making her look more nude. Her white, open toe high heel pumps added an explosive effect to her amazing body, as she purposely walked in front of him at every opportunity.

On any day he would have been climbing the walls, imagining his huge cock fucking into his sexy daughter, so deep, but that day it was her best friend Krissy that had his cock stirring in a raging hard on. Her skinny, pale body covered in freckles, with her shiny braces glistening made her look sexy, but then add the string bikini and the black pumps and she was now the ultimate, teen fuck.

He watched her every move and when she bent forward the dental-floss-like string could be seen right through the middle of her ass. That and the sight of the thin string covering just her nipples was the sexiest sight.

After telling her the story about that day, she was so thrilled.

"Oh god baby. That's exactly what I had hoped for," she said hotly as she pumped his giant shaft lovingly. "When I got dressed for the party I picked out something that I hoped would catch your eye, and even turn you on," she said hotly as she looked into his eyes and pumped him up and down.

"Oh fuck Krissy, when I saw you in that hot dress, and those high heels, I was instantly turned on," he said in a low-groan.

"Does that feel good baby," she said as she pumped his huge shaft looking up at him provocatively.

"Oh God yes Krissy."

"God I love pumping your huge cock baby. Pumping it....nice...and slow. So fucking huge," she groaned as she pumped him."

"Ahhh baby," he groaned hotly.

"The bikini I wore last week was to purposely to get your attention," she said as she stroked his huge shaft then kissed it for added effect.

"Oh fuck Krissy. I went wild that day. Your tiny ass. Seeing the sting go right between your sexy ass. Your long legs, and those sexy, tiny tits of yours on that flat chest, drove me wild," he groaned as she pumped him, thrilling his huge cock.

"I always try to wear something sexy when I know your home, buy it's always so fucking hard to get your attention, when Allison is always dressed in something hot around you."

At the mere mention of his daughters name his giant cock began to twitch rapidly. "Trust me Krissy, I've thought about your sexy body hundreds of times, and last week when you were at the pool in that bikini all I could think about was fucking you with my big cock," he said hotly, as he watched her put her mouth over his huge cockhead and suck it then kiss it.

"Did you like my black pumps? After I put on my bikini, I wore my black pumps because I really wanted to turn you on," she said then flicked her tongue across the length of his shaft.

"Oh god, they made your legs look so sexy Krissy."

"Do you like the way they make my legs look with my stockings on?" she said grinning slyly, her girl-like braces and her freckles, making her look so naughty.

His eyes were instantly drawn to her legs and to her sexy black pumps, the arches rising high in the middle of her shoes. "Oh god yes baby. They make you look so sexy. So sexy and so mature," he snarled as he looked at her pale body, accented by the nude thigh high stockings and black pumps, as her hands continued stoking his huge, 12 inch cock.
"Not like a 13 year old when I'm dressed to fuck," she said in a teasing voice that made his huge cock thump and expand. "I may look like I'm 13, but you're gonna find out real soon that I fuck like I'm a lot older," she moaned as she feverously pumped his huge cock.

Leaning forward, they met in a hot kiss, as her palms continued to pump his 12 inch shaft. "You are far from any 13 old Krissy. Your body is so sexy, and I can't wait to have this big cock you've been driving crazy for years, deep inside that sexy pussy," he said in an almost rage-like voice, as he watched her pump his giant shaft, and felt his cum boil.

She felt so naughty and so sexy being with her best friends father, who she always had fantasies of fucking, but never imagined a cock so huge. She was so thrilled to be turning him on. She wanted to fuck him for so long, and hear she was stroking his huge cock, and about to get stretched a mile wide by it. "God I want to see this huge cock cum," she thought to herself. "I want to watch it explode. I'll bet this huge cock holds a lot of cum."

"Does that feel good baby," she said slyly, as she pumped his shaft, and twisted her palms, causing him to groan.

"Oh god Krissy your hands feel amazing baby.

"I could pump this giant cock all day," she said in her hottest breath. "Pump it nice and slow, then fuck it just the way you like," she said in a hot groan.

"Oh baby, I'm so glad you came back from the party tonight," he said as he watched her every stroke. He watched his daughters childhood friend who he watched grow from a little girl to a sexy and naughty 18 year old, stroking his huge cock, worshiping it as she pumped then kissed it. As he told her how good she was pumping his huge cock he took in the sight of her stockings and pumps, then her tiny tits on her ultra-flat chest, and groaned out loud at his incredible fortune.

"Ummm, I came back because I wanted to fuck you so bad," she groaned as she felt his huge cock throb.

"Oh baby, I can't wait to have this big cock deep inside that sexy cunt of yours," he said through clinched teeth as the young girl he watched grow- up with his daughter lovingly pumped, with worship, every inch of his huge cock in a very sexy rhythm.

"Oh god I want to fuck it so bad baby. Show me how bad you wanted to fuck me baby. Show me with a real big load. Cum for me baby. I want to watch this great big pussy pleaser cum," she moaned hotly.

Within a minute he exploded in an orgasm that shocked her. The startling sight made her own pussy cum. For more than two minutes, three foot long ropes of cum shot out of his huge cockhead with such a force that it went over the sofa 10 feet away. She went wild, repeating the word "fuck" over and over, in total disbelief. As she watched the cum burst from his cock, she went wild, moaning that she had never seen so much cum.

After he finally finished cumming they kissed passionately, until he said he needed to fuck her.

Thrilled, with sparks of lust to fuck her best friends fathers giant cock, they walked to the bar area with his arm wrapped around her, as they both groaned softly, anticipating an incredible fuck. As they walked past a mirrored wall she was so turned on to see how sexy they both looked together. Her being 18, dressed to fuck in stockings and heels, with the 62 year old father of her best friend.

It was such a sexy and naughty sight that it made her almost cum. As they walked to the bar, he stopped and told her he had to eat her sexy ass. He spread her legs as he squatted down and began eating her pussy and ass from behind. She was delirious as she put her hands on the mirrored glass and her mouth right up to it. She watched him spread her tiny ass cheeks and run his tongue up the inner thighs right at the tops of her nude, thigh high stockings then along the rim of her pussy and her ass.

"Oh fuck, "she groaned as she watched her best friends father masterfully eat her from behind. Seeing his hands run across her nylons and the sexy lace tops drove her into a deep lust-filled state. He then ran his hands up over her tiny tits and rubbed across them as he pushed his tongue deep into her burning asshole.

"Ummm, you do like those tiny tits don't you, "she cooed out lustfully.

"Sexy tits baby. Flat, sexy tits, "he groaned, then fucked his tongue deep into her burning cunt.

"Oh god baby, you really know how to fuck a girl up," she howled, then came all over his face in an explosive blast.

The other thing that made it so sexy were the sounds that filled the air. The clicking of her high heels on the tile floor, mixed with the sinful sound of her deep groans, combined with the loud thumping sounds of his huge cock banging from knee to knee, made it an incredible atmosphere of hot sex to come. As she looked down and watched the huge cock of her best friends father bounce from knee to knee confidently, as it waited to fuck its newest pussy, had her so turned on that she almost couldn't breathe.

She had no doubt that her best friends father fucked all the time. Being so irresistibly handsome and having a monstrous cock, she just knew he had to fuck all the time. She even thought to herself how stupid her best friend was, being such a bitch to a man that had a huge cock and absolutely knew how to turn a girl on, and make her cum.

Reaching the bar area in the house they kissed hard, their tongues flicking in a blaze as his hands ran all over her non-existent tits as she pumped his huge hard-on in both her small palms; his huge 12 inch cock dwarfing her hands. They started their incredible fuck on the tall barstool as she wrapped her long, stocking covered legs around his tight waist as he held each of her high heel pumps in his hand, and slow fucked into her tiny pussy, going in and out, in what seemed like slow-motion to her, especially compared to the way her boyfriends, Mr. Jeffers, and her father fucked her.

As he fucked into her, he kissed her in a sexy way, their tongues meeting in mid-air, flicking and twisting against each other's with incredible urgency, as thy fucked like sex-starved lovers. As he fucked his huge cock into her he kissed and sucked her tiny nipples which sent bolts of lightning into the deepest parts of her pussy. As he sucked her tiny nipples he was so turned on to her non-existent tits and her ultra-flat chest. He took his time stretching her pussy. Inch by inch, he fucked her slowly, re-shaping her ultra-tight cunt to fit his massive 10 inch girth.

He took over an hour to work his giant cock to the base, stopping and pulling out every five minutes, to kneel down and kiss her pussy to help clam her, and help her adjust slowly his staggering size. When he finally bottomed out, he held his huge dick in place without moving a muscle while he kissed her for 15 minutes before he started his slow, in and out fucking. As he held his huge cock in place, he felt her glove-like pussy tremble and shudder and cum all over his shaft, in a wave that lasted almost 5 minutes, as her cunt opened and closed around his huge cock.

"Oh god," was all she moaned repeatedly throughout that long, lasting orgasm. "Oh god that huge cock's got me so fucking hot, so fucked up," she cried out as she felt her own cunt opening and closing like a flood gate on his huge shaft.

When he started to pull back, her pussy instantly started to cling around his massive girth like a vice grip, refusing to let him leave her burning cunt. When he was half-way out, he stopped and felt her incredible pussy muscles pull him back into the center of her fuck hole. It was an incredible feeling that stimulated his giant cock and made him go wild inside.

"Oh fuck Krissy, you have an amazing pussy baby," he groaned in a deep voice that turned her on like crazy.

"Oh god baby, my pussy loves your huge assed cock. I've never cum or been fucked so good," she said through another explosive orgasm, as she threw her head back and met his tongue in a very heated and sexy kiss. "Oh baby, this pussy is yours anytime you want it," she said in a deep groan as she continued to cum over his unbelievably huge cock.

As he fucked into her amazing 18 year old pussy it triggered him to think about his incredibly sexy daughter, and imagined his huge cock fucking in and out of her hot pussy. Fucking Krissy was the closest he got to fucking his sexy daughter. Images of all the times she dressed sexy in micro mini dresses and skirts and sexy high heel pumps to tease him instantly flashed before him.

"Oh fuck Allison, I wish this was your hot pussy wrapped around my big cock," he thought to himself as his huge monster fucked her best friends pussy from one mind-blowing orgasm to the next. "This could be us fucking right now baby. Fucking each other all night. God, if you weren't such a bitch to me," he thought to himself heatedly as his huge cock moved between the fuck-walls of her best friends steaming cunt.

At that point his huge, grapefruit sized cockhead was at the mouth of her steaming pussy, and her cunt muscles were sucking on him again, drawing him back into her flaming cunt walls. With the thought of his daughter sexy body and the way she was dressed tonight, and the thought of her cunt wrapped around his giant cock, he began to rotate his hips and sink his 12 inch cock deep into her best friend Krissy's ultra-tight pussy. His daughter had teased him and been a bitch to him for years, and even as he fucked her best friends incredible cunt, he couldn't get her out of his mind.

With every slow and deep penetrating stroke, she came in a shuddering, and blissful orgasm all over his massive shaft, coating every inch of in from his grapefruit sized cockhead, across his massive shaft, and right to his incredibly thick base. Her pussy was going off like a pack of lit firecrackers as his huge cock fucked into her sexy 18 year old cunt. As he expertly fucked his huge cock into her steaming, and clinging cunt he leaned in and kissed her and licked her turned on nipples, which further heightened her intense orgasms.

As he fucked into her, he was going wild looking at her boy-like body, a body that looked more like 12 than 18. Her freckled skin and shiny braces and her ultra-flat chest with absolutely no tits made his cock throb with lust. After an hour of intense slow fucking and deep, sexy kissing he went back down on her. He ate her ass and her cunt in ways no one ever had and brought her off expertly. After cumming 20 times she said, "Bring me that huge cock and let me suck it baby," she said in a lust crazed voice that she didn't recognize.

As she held his massive cock at the base with her outstretched palm, pushing his shaft against his tight chest she went wild looking at the staggering sight. His huge cock towered up his chest, over 10 inches past his navel, while his giant baseball sized balls hung down 10 inches! "Oh fuck you're so huge, "she cried out in a dazed voice as she hungrily licked up and down his massive shaft, tasting her explosive pussy which drove her wild. As she licked his staggering cock she couldn't stop thinking what her best friend would say if she saw her blowing her fathers huge cock. "God what a fool you are Allison. If she only knew how great a fuck her father is and that he has the biggest cock......" she thought to herself as she pumped and licked his massive shaft with a hunger like it was the last cock on earth.

Krissy and her best friends father fucked like lovers for four hours, her pussy desperately pleasing every inch of his huge cock, clinging to it as it filled every available inch of her smoking cunt. In one position he had her get on her knees on the bar stool, with her hands on the bar. Her ass was hanging off the stool with her pussy wide open as he fucked his huge, 12 inch cock way up into the deepest places in her cunt, which drove her into cum heaven. She was going wild feeling his huge cock explore every inch of her pussy, places no one had ever been in before. His skills at angling his massive dick, and fuck it into so many different places in her pussy were absolutely incredible.

Not once did he slam his giant cock into her and fuck her the way her black Principal and her father or any of her boyfriends did. A few times, when she started to fuck back onto his cock; he deliberately slowed-down even more, which sent her cumming through the roof. His slow fucking technique made her delirious, and made her cum more than she ever had.

"Oh god, if she only knew how huge your cock is and how great you fuck......," she said out loud; so caught up in the wild fuck that she didn't realizing she said it.

"Ohhhhh fuck," he groaned, knowing she was talking about his incredibly sexy daughter.

Suddenly, she felt his huge cock throb and expand so wide that she thought she was going to pass-out, and knew it was because he wanted to fuck his incredibly daughter. He then leaned in and they kissed hard, as his giant cock continued to stretch and drill-out her pussy.

During that incredibly, slow fuck, she felt every vein on the shaft of his huge cock rub against the fuck walls of her over-stretched cunt, as every long vein brought her off in waves. As he fucked into her he would kiss her neck as he rubbed her flat chest, telling her how he loved her tight cunt and her tiny tits, and flat chest.

At one point he put his finger in her mouth and told her to suck it. Sucking his finger as if it was a cock, it drove them both crazy. After she came, he rubbed his finger across her braces and told her she looked like a sexy little girl, but fucked like a mature teen. His compliments drove her crazy and made her desperate to please his giant cock. She sensed that he was really turned on to her boyish and pre-teen looks.

Being on the pill, she begged him to cum inside her and fill her cunt with his huge, hot load. Even though he had had a vasectomy right after Allison was born he began bursting inside her burning cunt, which made her fuck-crazed as she felt blast after blast shoot way up into the back of her pussy. He was cumming so hard and for well over a minute, that she began to hear drops of cum hit the floor. When he finally finished cumming inside her incredible cunt, there was a small pool of cum right under where her pussy was hanging off the bar stool.

After she came they stood and kissed. As she kissed him she was startled to find his cock still massive, hard as steel and ready to fuck again. She dropped down, squatting on her pumps and began licking all over his giant shaft, tasting her own pussy once again. As her wild tongue flew over his cock, he looked over her shoulders and saw the tips of her high heels anchored to the floor, while the backs of her feet were lifted out of each heel. The sight of her exposed feet, out of her pumps while they were anchored to the floor had his cock hot to fuck her. Here was his daughters best friend, that he knew since she was in elementary school, now 18 and dressed in thigh high stockings and high heel pumps, stroking and licking his huge cock with incredible lust and passion.

After in a few more seconds, his huge cock began to swell and throb. Sensing he was going to cum again, she pumped him faster and more deliberately, as she looked up at him with a sly grin that showed her shiny braces. "Cum for me baby. Let that great, big cock of yours shoot off again," she groaned out loud, eager to see his huge cock explode. Within seconds, his body tensed and he began shooting blast after blast of two foot ropes of cum across the living room floor. The sight was so hot, that her pussy exploded too. After two minutes of a staging sight of cum shooting out of her best friends fathers massive cock, he pulled her up to him and they kissed for 10 minutes, as their animalistic groans filed the air with hot sex.

As they kissed he hungrily rubbed her tiny tits and she continued to stroke his massive cock, once again dazed that he was still hard. As she pumped his enormous shaft, twisting her palms over and under it, to please every inch, he told her he wanted to fuck her all night. She was thrilled and immediately called her mother and left a message that she was going to sleep over Allisons that night. Her mother wasn't home, because she knew she was out fucking the star quarterback at her High School. Krissy had dated him a couple of times, and found out that her mother was fucking him a week later. She didn't care; because she had just started fucking her own father....Such is the sorted, scandalous life in the 'Hills."...

After she left the message for her mother, they worked their way to his bedroom. As they walked up the long staircase they stopped to kiss every few steps, and even fucked for an hour as she leaned over the banister while he slow fucked his huge cock into her. In his bedroom they fucked all night in hundreds of positions that she never experienced. Positions that you could only get into if you had a huge cock, and knew how to fuck. At one point she told him she wanted to fuck him and squatted over him on the bed. She planted her high heel pumps on both sides of him and lifted her pussy up and down his huge shaft while she spiraled her ass around and around slowly.

She could not believe how high she had to lift her pussy to reach his giant cockhead. She was happy she had her pumps on to help her reach to top of his mammoth cock. Having her pumps on while on the bed helped anchor her pussy while they went from position to position. When he fucked her from behind, she had her right leg up and her high heel pressing down while he leaned over her and fucked deep into the back of her smoking cunt.

From there he lifted her off the bed and carried her around the room, kissing her, while he fucked his enormous cock into her glove-like fuck-hole. As he held her close, she wrapped her stocking covered legs around him and locked her pumps together. Changing positions, he drove her to the point of insanity when he put her ankles over his shoulders, and held her by her ass cheeks while he guided her pussy up and down his massive shaft. Her 85 pounds made her the perfect fuck-toy for his 12 inch cock, as he angled her pussy from side to side, which maximized the intensity of the amazing fuck position. As he fucked her in this incredible position, her repeated cries of, "Oh Fuck," bounced off the walls in his bedroom in one, continuous echo of sex-starved lust. She was crazed from the way her best friends father fucked, cumming in a non-stop flood, as his huge cock stretched her glove-like pussy 10 times wider then it was ever meant to be stretched, as it fucked into places deep inside her pussy that she never knew existed.

As he held her tiny ass and fucked his giant cock up into the deepest part of her cunt she could not get over his incredible stamina. What she had was no idea that part of his intense fuck-drive was due to his constant thoughts of fucking his incredibly, sexy daughter. It was the thought of his giant cock deep fucking into his daughters wild cunt that kept him turned on. "God, I wish this was your pussy Allison," He thought to himself as his giant cock plunged into the depths of her childhood, best friends cunt. "So sexy Allison," he kept thinking to himself about his daughters amazing body. Her ass, her tits. How flawless she was. He wanted to fuck her in the worst way.

They fucked and kissed, as her steaming cunt continued to coat his giant cock with an endless flow of cum. They were fucking like lovers who couldn't get enough of each other. After fucking her like this for over an hour he put her down and fucked her from behind while she rested her hands on the bed. As he fucked his giant cock into ever-so-slowly, he leaned over her and ran his hands across her flat chest with one hand while his other ran up and down her stocking covered legs.
"You're so sexy Krissy," he said nibbling her ear then kissing her neck. "Your pussy feels so good wrapped around my big cock baby," he groaned. "Such a sexy pussy. A pussy I wanted to fuck for a long time," he groaned, then turned her head so that they could meet in a sexy kiss.

As he fucked into her, her pussy came in waves of lust that had her groaning and cooing, as her turned on pussy coated every inch of his monster cock while her fuck lips sucked on his shaft like a tight, clinging glove. As he skillfully fucked her she was in a constant state of lust, filling the room with sounds of crazed passion. Over and over, deep gowns combined with her telling him he was huge, and that he fucked her better than she's ever been fucked in her life. She told him over and over how she wanted to fuck him for years, and now wanted his huge cock in her pussy every day. From there he brought her back to his chest and lifted her behind her skinny thighs and fucked her up and down while her pussy suspended from his huge cock.

When they weren't fucking, they were playing with each other, keeping each other in a constant state of arousal. They would be on a sofa, with her leaning into him, kissing each other hotly as she ran her fingers up the length of his huge shaft that towered all the way up his tight chest, almost touching his pectoral muscles. As she ran her finger tips over his huge cock she was insane with lust for how huge he was. As their tongues flicked across each other in a sinful and heated dance he was playing with her wet pussy, inserting one, then two fingers into her boiling cunt then bringing them to her mouth so that she could taste herself. He had her climbing the walls with the way he controlled the sexy play.

They played like this for hours until they exploded in powerful orgasms. It was so sexy for both of them. Here he was with the little girl he watched grow up with his daughter, now 18, sitting beside him all dressed for fucking in a pair of sexy thigh high stockings and high heel pumps, while stroking his giant cock as he kissed her hungrily and finger fucked her tight, wet pussy . While he kissed her in a way that had her pussy melting he ran his hand across her ultra-flat chest and her tiny, eraser-like nipples, totally getting turned on by her non-existent tits

While they kissed, she was thinking how lucky she was to be lying next to the father of her best friend, the man she had always fantasized about while growing up, and now finding out that the man she masturbated to thousands of times had the biggest cock that could make her cum in waves.

When she came he kissed her hard as he fucked his fingers into her wet fuck hole, and when he came she leaned down and put his huge cockhead to her mouth and drank and drank every ounce of cum out of his monster cock, loving the fact that she was pleasing the man she had wanted to fuck for years.. After they came they went right back to kissing and playing with each other, until they worked themselves up to another session of long, slow, sexy fucking.

Throughout their wild fuck, she could not believe how amazing a fuck her best friends father was, and all the ways he made her cum with his enormous cock. Her own father fucked real hard, not nearly as slow and passionately as her best friends father. She loved fucking her own father, but the orgasms she experienced from her best friends fathers huge cock, and his mouth and hands were mind-blowing.

She was also amazed, at the amount of cum he could shoot and how many times he recovered after cumming. Although she loved fucking her own father, she knew that she had to have a lot more of her best friends fathers giant cock.

As the weeks past, Krissy fucked her best friends father every other day. Being a typical High School girl, and one that was extremely popular, she began to tell all her cheerleading friends about the enormous cock of Allison's father and how amazing a fuck he was. His 12 inch cock and the way he fucked and made her cum where too hard to keep a secret form her cheerleading friends.

In a few days girls on the cheerleading team began showing up at Allison's house, sometimes two and three at a time, when her and her mother were out. Within two weeks Allison's father was fucking 12 of her closest and sexiest friends. While they all had boyfriends and were fucking all the time, they each craved the fuck they got from their best friends father, and his huge,12 inch cock.

One girl in particular, a sexy Korean girl named Doreen, after hearing the incredible story from Krissy, about her wild night fucking Allisons sexy father, and the description of his giant cock and how much he came, and how incredible a lover he was, she knew she just had to have his huge cock herself. Doreen was an absolute exotic stunner. Standing at 5'8" tall and weighing 110 pounds, with mouthwatering 34D-21-31 measurements, and a pair of the longest, darkest nipples, that stood straight to the sky, off the ends of her beautiful, perfect tits, over an inch, made her one of the most drop-dead, fuckable teens in and out of High School. Already an established model, doing bikini and shoe adds, the 18 year old Asian teen was mature beyond her years. She knew her body and all the potential it had, and used it for her every advantage.

Although she had a steady boyfriend, the High School star basketball player, she knew that boy's her age were not going to give her what she wanted out of life, which was money, status and power. To date she had fucked five older men. One was her black Principal, Mr. Jeffers. Hearing hundreds of stories about his huge, black cock found her in his bed the night of her 18th birthday dressed in a sexy white garter belt with thigh high stockings, a sheer white strapless bra that showed her huge, dark nipples and a pair of white open toed high heel pumps. Three others were associates of her fathers, bank Presidents and C.E.O's each over 50 years her senior, ranging from 73 to 78 and one much older man who was an 85 year old grandfather and the wealthiest of her fathers clients. Each one of the men wined and dined her, lavishing her with expensive gifts that set up a sexy night of fucking.

She knew instantly that being with an older man was entirely different from being with boys her age including her boyfriend. The way they kissed her and played with her body, instead of rushing to take her cloths off and fuck for 5 minutes was one of the many things she craved from fucking older men. All the older men she fucked took their time with her, working her up in a frenzy as they kissed every inch of her incredible body, then spent hours eating her pussy and ass before fucking her. When they finally did fuck her, they fucked her real hard and non-stop. Allisons father was masterful at making fucking and making her pussy cum. He had an amazing way of making every inch of her body explode. His huge, 12 inch cock and the way he skillfully slow fucked her thrilled every inch of her pussy and made her cum harder than any man she ever fucked.

The 85 year old grandfather flew her to his private villa in Mexico during her Spring Break. It was a gift for her 18th birthday which her parents conceded to, because of the billions of dollars of business he did with her father. The two fucked from the moment they got in his private jet, to the time they landed at the airport on the return to Beverly Hills. To date, not only was the 85 year old grandfather the oldest man she ever fucked, almost 70 years her senior, but that he had the biggest cock she ever fucked. He was 11 inches long and 8 inches around. It was then that Doreen knew a man who was wealthy and had a huge cock would be what turned her on the most. She also knew that an older man made the fucking more exciting, more thrilling, and a lot more sinful.

Hearing the story from Krissy about Allisons father having a giant cock, and really knowing how to fuck made Doreen lust-filled to fuck him. One day when she knew Allison and her mother would be gone for a weekend, she showed up at the door that Friday wearing the most sinful deep-V, black mini dress with black open crotch pantyhose, a black thong and classic, black high heel pumps. When she came to the door, her excuse was that she was in the neighborhood and wanted to see if Allison wanted to go to a party with her.

As soon as he opened the door he couldn't take his eyes off her body. Every inch of her body exuded pure sex, and although she had an incredible pair of long, tapered legs, and a world-class ass coupled with a perfect set of tits, it was her huge nipples piercing through her sheer dress that his eyes were riveted to. They were absolutely huge, especially compared to the size of nipples of the girls her age. Her amazing nipples stuck out proudly, pointing straight up at the ends of her perfect 34D tits, and always made her look absolutely wicked, and incredibly fuckable. They always seemed to be rock-hard, sticking out over an inch and the width around of a nickel. There wasn't a bra made that could mask the fact that she had huge nipples. Aware of her huge nipples and that they turned on men and women, the only bra's she ever wore were paper tin and very transparent, and tonight, going to her best friends father, she didn't wear one.

Even as she dressed they were already hard, aching and triggering her pussy, as she anticipated fucking her best friends father. With her tight mini dress on they pierced through the sheer fabric almost as if to say, 'suck them,' and made her look absolutely sinful. On the ride to his house her huge nipples were rock hard and throbbing, so much that her pussy was twitching like crazy. When he opened the door and took in the sight of her his huge 12 inch cock began to instantly stir in his pants, and when he locked his eyes on her huge nipples all he could think about was how bad he wanted to suck each one and make her cum.

Once inside the house she confessed the real reason for stopping by, and told him the story she heard about him having a huge 12 inch cock and being an amazing lover. Within seconds they were kissing like sex starved lovers and she found out instantly, just how true the story actually was. In fact, after she fucked her best friends father, the story she heard was understated by a mile.

The way he had her stand while he kissed her, then helped her out of her dress sent chills up her spine. Just the way he expertly and assertively slipped her out of her dress showed her that he was a man that had done this a million times. Unzipping her while pushing her long, black hair to the side then kissing her neck, telling her how sexy she looked, had her pussy melting. The way he pulled down her mini dress top just under her tits, then slowly kissed each nipple for an hour while he met her tongue to kiss thrilled her beyond words.

The way he sucked each nipple and lightly bit each one while he cupped the sides of her tits drove her into a wild cum. Her nipples were huge, the biggest pair he ever saw. The second his tongue flicked across the inch-wide surface of her dark nipple she threw her head back and instantly came. As his mouth expertly sucked on each one she would shudder and come. Her nipples were so tuned on by his mouth and his fingers. They were extremely sensitive, but with her best friends father they were never more connected to her pussy. She went wild with the way he got her off, and so effortislly too. After she came the first time just by licking one nipple he made a mental note to play with them while he was fucking her, to make her really explode and have the most intense orgasms.

The way he took in the sight of her body after he removed her dress, groaning and telling her how sexy she looked, turned her on beyond belief. And then, when he stood behind her and slowly removed her thong over her pumps and squatted and spent an hour just kissing her ass before he spread her ass cheeks and ate her pussy and ass from behind for another hour, absolutely had her delirious, and cumming like a faucet. She was more turned on than she had ever been, and knew that her best friends father was going to fuck her in ways she never experienced. And, like her friend Krissy, she laughed at the thought of Allison being such a bitch to a man that could get a girl to cum just by his kiss and his touch.

The way he sucked her huge, dark, Asian nipples while he ran his hands over her stockings got her off again and again. Like Krissy, their fuck started at the bar, with her seated on the high stool while he held her pumps and fucked his enormous cock into her cunt in a slow motion that had her cumming every few seconds. Even though her tight, Asian pussy could only take half of his giant cock, she came non-stop and 100 times harder than all the men she fucked and her boyfriend combined.

At one point she came so hard from the intense kissing and deep, slow fucking that her pussy exploded so violently it pushed his huge cock out, as her smoking cunt sprayed her own cum across the floor. She never in her life squirted before, but during that weekend would squirt a 100 times! They fucked the entire weekend, non-stop. Her Asian pussy seemed to be glued to his huge cock. He fucked her masterfully, in positions she never knew existed making her cum in the hottest, most explosive orgasms of her life. Her body was in a constant state of lust from the way he fucked her and turned her on.

In one heated position he was behind her while they were on their sides, as he held her left leg up while sliding his huge cock into her steaming pussy. They were in front of a mirrored wall and the sight of his huge cock going in and out of her tight, Asian pussy had her cumming in waves. It was a scene that would have any man between 40 and 60 envious, and seeing the sight of his massive, 12 inch cock would certainly make them jealous. The sight of a 62 year old man in impeccable shape with a mamoth12 inch cock, sliding in and out of the sexy 18 year old pussy of a exotic Korean teen dressed in a white bustier with long garter straps attached to sexy, white stockings with 8 inch lace tops and a pair of classic, white high heel pumps, was the ultimate old and young fuck. As they side- fucked her body was lost to his huge cock. It was an absolute sexy sight, seeing a cock so massive sliding into the incredibly sexy Asian pussy and seeing her long, dark fuck lips wrapping around his huge shaft as if it was glued to it.

She came in waves, all over his huge shaft. Fucking her best friends father as so different from the way her black Principal and all the other men fucked her, including the 84 year old billionaire, and her best friends 76 year old grandfather. All the other men got her off in a totally different way. Where they all fucked her real hard to the point of her passing out, especially Allisons grandfather who pummeled her tight cunt with his 14 inch cock for hours at a time, using her pussy for his own pleasure, Allisons father fucked her real slow, each long stroke lasting over a minute. He slow-fucked her in a way that made her pussy cling to his giant cock and feel every vein of his huge shaft as it went into the deepest parts of her steaming cunt. It was an intense fuck, the pinnacle of lust. Her experience with Allisons grandfather was completely different than her fuck with her father. Her best friends grandfather used her like a fuck toy, fucking her so hard, it took her pussy a week to recover. Because of his incredible wealth and power and his massive 14 inch cock, it was the most incredible fuck experience of her life. During that incredible weekend she was a virtual slave to his huge 14 inch cock, giving him everything he needed, which was always her sexy, Asian pussy. At 76 years old he fucked her for hours at a time. He was without a doubt a marvel of health and stamina, with an incredible ability to fuck and cum for days. It was an experience Allison herself was going to find out shortly after she fucked her own father.

As she came they would kiss like lovers, her heated groans filling the air in the room and adding a backdrop of lust and passion to the sexy, fuck scene, as her turned on pussy exploded in a wall of cum. After she came they would kiss and play with each other for hours, until they both exploded again. They would lie side by side, with her leaning into him. They'd be kissing each other hotily as she ran her fingers up the length of his huge shaft as it towered all the way up his tight chest , almost touching his pectoral muscles, and balloned- out like a giant log. As she ran her finger tips over his huge cock she was insane with lust for how huge he was, and how amazing it felt in her hands and especially in her pussy.

As their tongues flicked across each other in a sinful and heated display he was playing with her big nipples, skillfully pulling them off her tits lightly then rolling them between his thumb and index finger with one hand while he insirted one finger into her hot cunt. Her pussy was firing like crazy from all the sensations of her nipples being pinched, her pussy being finger fucked and her mouth kissed. Even her finger tips tingled as they ran over his huge shaft. then bringing if to her mouth so that she could taste herself. He kept her in a constant state of arousal, and made her tight, Asian pussy cum at will. Fom there they fucked like lovers. Older man and young teen, each fucking at the top of their game.

After that weekend she was texting him every day asking when she could fuck him again. Although she would have loved to fuck him more, they fucked twice a week.

Other days were filled with fucking other friends of his daughters that heard the stories of his incredible cock and his amazing fucking skills, and had to have for themselves too. One time she invited him to a modeling shoot in Miami where he watched a bikini modeling session. He used his father-in-laws private limousine to pick her up in, and then his private jet to fly them to the shoot. After realizing that her best friends grandfather must have been very wealthy, to own a private jet, she did some researching on the internet and found out that he was one of the wealthiest men in the world. What she also found out was that he was one of the most distinguished men she had ever seen. He exuded a sex appeal and a confidence, and was also known as one of the most ruthless businessmen in the world. As she read about his reputation for running the lives of millions while he acquired billions of dollars turned her on like crazy.

Being very resourceful, she reached out to him, sending modeling pictures of her in the sexiest bikinis and lingerie, and mentioned that she was his granddaughter's best friend. A few weeks after the pictures were sent she found herself in the same private jet dressed in a white bustier that had long, white garters attached to a sexy pair of white, thigh high stockings. Squatting on a pair of white high heel pumps, she was eagerly licking and sucking the enormous 14 inch cock of the 86 year old wealthy billionaire. It would be the biggest cock she would ever fuck in her life, and the one that fucked her the hardest.

During the shoot Doreen wore the sexiest string and slingshot bikini's, and always with a pair of classic black or white high heel pumps on. As she posed for each shot all she could think about was her best friends fathers huge cock and how she couldn't wait to get it in her mouth and pussy, and while he watched her amazing body posing in the most sinful bikini's, his huge, 12 inch cock throbbed as he thought about her sexy pussy being wrapped around his huge shaft.

During the shoot her huge inch long nipples were straining at the thought of fucking her best friends father, whose eyes were riveted to her incredible body. The photographer and videographer both could not say how sexy she was enough times. Her last bikini had the temperature in the room at what seemed like 200 degrees. Her sinful bikini was a transparent white, which showed the dark Asian quality of her skin right through the sheer material. There were two strings that just covered her huge nipples, and they were so hard and so dark she almost looked nude. The sight of the string going between her sexy ass and the white high heel pumps made her look so sinful and wicked that every guy in the studio was imaging himself fucking her. Even the gay photographer had nasty thoughts about her. Of course the only guy she was going to fuck was her best friends father, and his huge 12 inch cock. In the future she'd fuck lots of photographers to advance her career including fucking the two photographers on the set this weekend, with the gay videographer who surprised her with a nice 11 inch cock, but her thoughts and her pussy was only focused on fucking her best friends father and his 12 inch cock. As soon as they got in the private limo they started there all night fuck by kissing all the way back to the hotel.
They fucked every night and into the next day, fucking like lovers that they couldn't get enough of each other. She dressed for fucking in the hottest lingerie and high heels and fucked him with her pussy and mouth as if they were slaves to his huge cock. Just blowing his huge cock had a way of making her cum and when he slow fucked her she felt her own asshole tighten and cum from the sheer pleasure his giant cock gave her. The way he sucked her huge, dark nipples gave her pussy spasms that went on for minutes at a time. The weekend fuck continued on the private jet with her in a pair of white pumps riding up and down his huge cock until it erupted in her pussy then in her mouth as she pumped him off.

As he looked down at his daughter pleasing every inch of his huge cock he thought about all of her friends that he was fucking, and knew that all of them combined weren't half as sexy as his daughter. She was the most incredible fuck he ever had, and knew her pussy was designed to fuck his great, big cock. With that thought, he couldn't wait to fuck her again that night.

After I bathed his huge cock in my hot saliva I mischievously flicked the tip of my tongue, over the crown of his big cockhead, like a snake.

"Umm, I like a real naughty girl," he said as I kept flicking my tongue against his cockhead, then kissed it as I looked into his piercing eyes with the slyest of grins.

"Oh trust me, I am real naughty baby, and with this great, big cock, I'm going to be naughtier than ever," I said teasingly, looking up at him with a sly grin that caused him to grin back. I then spit on his huge shaft again and took the flow of pre-cum in my palm and messaged it into his thick, veined shaft, mixing it with my hot saliva.

Abruptly, he took his huge shaft in his hand and started rubbing it against my throbbing nipples. I was delirious from the friction his massive shaft caused as it ran over my nipples, crushing the rock hard tips, bending them almost flat to my chest. I was going wild from the sensation of his big, maze of veins that ran off the sides of his giant cock.

"Oh fuck, that's so fucking hot," I moaned out loud, feeling my bud-like, sensitive nipples go crazy from the incredible sensation of being rubbed by his huge cock. As his huge veins traveled over my nipples I felt my pussy reach the boiling point and knew his huge cock was going to make me cum, and he knew it too.

"Cum baby," he snarled. "Let those sexy nipples cum Allison," he said in a commanding voice. That did it. For the next minute I came like a faucet all over his huge shaft as he continued to rub it against my aching nipples.

A few seconds later his breathing got deeper and his moaning heavier. His huge balls began to slide-up into his massive shaft and it began to expand so wide that I thought it was going to fall out of my hand. I knew he was going to cum, and was going wild in anticipation of watching it explode, but I was also wondering if I should stop him and go to his room and fuck.

Although my father was in great shape, he was 62 years old, and we had fucked so much this weekend so far, and I wasn't sure if he'd recover after cumming. All I knew was that I wanted my pussy wrapped around that great, big cock in the worst way. As if he was reading my mind he said in a confident tone,

"Don't worry Alison. I'm going to fuck you all night.

I looked up at him slyly and grinned at the thought of him fucking me all night.

"Oh god, I can't wait baby," I said hotly as he kept rubbing his giant cock across my aching tits.

He was moaning like crazy, and his cock was throbbing uncontrollably.

As he looked in the mirror along the staircase wall, his eyes were riveted to his incredibly, sexy daughter, the white slingshot dress clung to her body like a second skin. His daughter was every man's fuck-fantasy, and here she was pumping his huge cock, in the sexiest way.

He still could not believe his fortune, as he watched her in her sexy slingshot dress worshiping his huge cock. He thought about all the times he used to jerk off, thinking about her amazing body, and how she intentionally teased him, wearing the most sinful mini dresses or string-like bikini's, and being such a bitch to him. But that night when her black Principal came to the house changed everything between them.

Allison felt his huge cock begin to expand. She knew he was ready to cum.

"That's it baby. Let that great, big cock explode. I know you want to cum, and need to cum," I repeated hotly. It was so hot knowing I was bringing my father off. The control I had over such a huge cock was so hot that I felt my own pussy begin to spasm.

As I lovingly pumped my fathers giant cock, I heard his breathing get deeper and watched in amazement, as his huge, hanging balls pulled all the way up into his massive shaft. My pussy was screaming at the thought of making him explode for me.

As I pumped up and down his incredible shaft, I leaned in and we met in a sexy kiss. his tongue was flying against mine in the most frantic way, because of his breathing getting faster, because he was ready to cum. Suddenly my palms got really wet and slippery as I looked down and saw a stream of pre-cum flow out of his grapefruit sized cock head. My fathers pre-cum alone was as much as most men cum. It was like a running faucet. The clear liquid helped lubricate my palms, and made a squishing sound as I pumped his giant cock. His huge cock began to expand and I knew he was seconds away from shooting-off.

"Oh baby, I feel that huge cock getting ready to explode," I groaned, as I met his tongue for a wild kiss.

"Oh fuck Allison, you're so fucking sexy, and your hands are amazing baby," he groaned as his stomach tightened.

"Oh baby....Gonna cum baby," he snarled.

"I wanna watch it. Cum for me baby. I wanna see that huge cock explode," I groaned, and grabbed his cock and pumped fiercely and kissed him hungrily. My pussy was melting, as I felt his huge cock getting ready to burst.

Suddenly I felt his cum push out of his shaft and fly out pat my face. The first 10 spurts were over two feet long. The long ropes of cum hit the mirrored wall making loud pelting sounds. I was going insane, feeling burst after burst of cum push through his enormous shaft, feeling each burst in my palms as they pressed against his massive, throbbing shaft.

It was as if our bodies were connected. It was the most amazing feeling, to actually feel my fathers cum work its way up through the maze of veins in his massive shaft, as my palms pumped him up and down in the most intimate way. His cum exploded in the most powerful surge I ever felt.

Pumping my fathers huge cock and feeling and watching him explode all over the mirrored wall was the most intimate act of lust I ever experienced. As cum flew out of his huge, straining cock I leaned in fast and wrapped my pouty lips around his grapefruit sized cockhead and drank down 5 powerful burst of cum.

"Ohhh Fuck Allison, "my father groaned as I swallowed five times before I released his huge cock and went back to jerking him. He was cumming so hard I didn't think he would ever stop, as blast after powerful blast of cum continued to fly past my face and splash against the mirrored wall.

It was the wildest and most powerful sight I ever saw, and as he shot-off I kept pumping him wondering when and if he was ever going to stop. It was as if I was siphoning his huge cock, and that he had an inexhaustible reservoir of cum.

The sounds of cum splashing against the mirror wall filled the air with the naughtiest of sounds and triggered my pussy. As I squatted on my pumps and jerked my fathers huge cock I rolled my eyes back and came in a violent rush. After he finally finished I continued to worship his cock, licking all over it and messaging it with my outstretched palms. I kissed his huge cock, the popping sounds of my pouty lips mixed with my deep moans filled the air with the sexiest sounds. I went on for 15 minutes, kissing his huge cock as his giant-sized balls released from inside his huge shaft. Remarkably, my father was still hard after cumming so hard.

"I have to fuck you Allison," he said hotly.

"Oh god baby, I'm so horny for your great, big cock. Lets go fuck. "Lets fuck all night," I added in my hottest breath.

We then got into a sexy kiss right on the stairs 20 minutes, fueling the fire burning deep inside us to fuck.

After that intimate kiss my father and I worked our way to his bedroom, his giant cock anxious to fuck me again as it ballooned way out, and down his leg, and my pussy so desperate to be wrapped all the way around it. That night fucked like sex-starved lovers, fucking into the morning, with my father molding me into so many positions that made me cum over and over. Between my legs, or with me on my stomach, he masterfully fucked me, slow, as if time was standing still. Fucking and kissing me, while he used his hands all over my body. My father was the most amazing lover, and I resented being such a royal bitch to him all these years, when I could have been fucking him instead.

The next day I came into the bedroom wearing a sinful black mesh dress with black thigh high stockings attached to a black garter belt. My black high heel pumps made me look even more sinful. My father and I fucked for five hours straight before we dressed in our bathing suits and went to the pool. When I came out wearing a wild slingshot bikini, and black open toed pumps, my father was instantly hard again. We fucked by the pool all afternoon, and right up until my mother came home that evening.

Even after my mother came home and went to bed, I was in the kitchen sucking my fathers huge cock one more time before I went to my bedroom. It was the first of many times me and my father would fuck. Our incredible and passionate fucking went on every weekend when my mother would go away herself, and it continued right up until I began fucking my wealthy and powerful grandfather.

When I was away with my grandfather or with the Arab Sultan, or the older businessman I met in the boutique shop and wasn't fucking my father, he was fucking one of my many girlfriends. This was life in Beverley Hills......Next: Allison and Mrs. Wentworth- Sexy lesbian fuck. Sexy older woman fucks knock-out teen
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