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Handsome Ch. 06

Chapter 6

A Three Cherry Afternoon

The following day at school, I took great pains to avoid the girls. They searched me out following the first period.

"Aubrey!" Mora called out before I could disappear around a corner. I stopped and waited.

She ran up to me breathing heavily. "Where have you been? We've been looking everywhere for you. Joy's over at the Gym, and Chelsea's hovering around the Principal's office."

"The Principal's office? Why?"

"We couldn't find you in any of the classrooms so we split up to better cover campus," she huffed, apparently pleased at having gotten it all out in one sentence."

"Are ... are we still on for this afternoon?"

"Sure, I'd have let you know otherwise. I don't make a date and cancel for no reason, Mora."

"Me and Joy invited Chelsea to come with us. I hope that's okay with you?"

"The more the merrier," I grinned. "Um, you told her what went on?"

She nodded vigorously.

"And ... she's okay with it?"

"She said to tell you that she won't be wearing any underwear!" Mora then broke into an uncontrollable giggle. I looked on with growing embarrassment along with a growing erection. I was reminded that I had not gotten any the day before. That would not be the case this afternoon, I vowed.

Then both Chelsea and Joy came running up to us.

"Girls," I said quietly, but firmly. "Do you want the whole school to know what's going on?"

"No!" they blurted in tandem.

"Well, knock this stuff off. I'll see you at my house around three. My mom's out until six."

Seemingly chastised, all three trudged off in the opposite direction. But as they put distance between us, I noticed a spring come into their steps, and soon they were running giddily down the corridor until halted by Mr. Stevens, the assistant principal. ________________________________________

I arrived home a scant ten minutes before the girls, who arrived together. I had sold my mother on going to a movie with her girlfriend Greta. It was a double feature starring Paul Newman, whom both women adored. They would happily sit through both films.

The girls stood nervously in the foyer, until I had them sit separately in the three easy chairs I had placed at various points in the room. Actually, I only moved the one chair, it being next to its twin, and I wanted space between the young ladies.

"Here are today's ground rules, ladies," I said and saw them hanging on my every word. "Chelsea, you weren't here yesterday. So I'll start off with you, and hopefully bring you up to date before resuming the lesson with Mora and Joy."

"Oh, goody!" Chelsea giggled.

"We'll start with a kiss, and see how it goes from there. I'm told you know what happened yesterday. Is that right?"

"Yes!" she chirped giddily. I wondered how she'd sound when I tapped my dick against her lips just before I had her suck me off.

Of the three, Chelsea had the best body, edging out Mora by a hair. Joy's breasts had yet to develop, although her nipples, when aroused, stood out a tad more than Mora's. On the other hand, Mora's smallish, pear-shaped breasts almost filled my mouth.

Moving to Chelsea's chair, I helped her up and sat down, pulling her onto my lap.

"Ready for that first kiss?" I asked.

"It's gonna curl your pussy hairs, Chelsea," Mora yelped, and she and Joy erupted into gales of laughter.

"Don't let them get to you, Chelsea, if you want me to stop ... and I mean at anytime, just say 'stop.' It's your safe word. You say 'stop' and I will absolutely stop. Understand?"

She glanced at Mora who was nodding in assurance, and a moment later, she nodded her agreement to the terms I had set for her.

I allowed my lips to brush lightly against hers. She shivered with excitement, and I heard either Joy or Mora say, "Good thing we practiced with her last night."

And the other responded with, "Mmm, remember how she shrieked when you tongued her?"

"But after a while there was no stopping her. Isn't that funny?"

"Well, once you get a taste of sweet tongue there's no going back."

I never found out who said what, but I had just been given a wealth of information, and I silently thanked the both of them.

Chelsea's arms clung together around my neck. I kissed her lightly again, this time allowing my tongue to trail along across her bottom lip as our lips pressed a little closer together.

"Mmm," I moaned into her cheek. "What a fresh, minty breath you have."

She sighed and pressed her breasts into me. I wrapped my fingers in her hair and shifted to one side as our mouths began to mash against one another.

"Open your mouth," I whispered into her ear when we parted ever so briefly. Of course she did just that and I let my tongue flick against her lips, first the upper and then the lower, before I repeated the action, Chelsea's tongue came out to play with mine. We exchanged a series of flickering kisses like bumblebees at a flower.

Then Chelsea astounded me, shifting all the way to one side of the chair. Almost tipping it, she leaned back, lifted her left leg over my head to the other side of my body. There was a kind of glazed expression on her face.

I caught a quick view of Joy's face. She appeared to be astonished at what Chelsea was doing. That made two of us.

Her skirt was riding high, and she was not wearing any panties!

She kissed me harder than before and ground herself into me. She had to feel my swollen dick where it resided against my thigh, and it didn't seem to bother her. On the contrary, she seemed to be going after it, and I wondered if it would be her or me taking it out for the first time with these girls.

I snuck a look at Mora and Joy. They had their arms around one another, and their eyes were locked on what Chelsea was doing to me.

It occurred to me that Chelsea's pussy was clearly observable to them, at least part of the time. I lost track of what was going on for a moment because Chelsea began to hump outrageously against my groin.

I remember kissing her everywhere I could reach with my mouth; her lips, cheeks, jaw, neck and the hollow of her throat.

We were both moaning passionately. I was convinced at that moment that I would be fucking Chelsea before the others and really didn't care.

I recall tearing the buttons of her blouse open, but not ripping any of them off, as I listened with a third ear to the rapid beat of her heart before realizing that the annoying noise I was hearing was that of my own breathing.

I recall wondering if her bra opened from the front or the back, and silently thanked my Aunt Nicole for teaching me the rudiments of both. As it happened, the bra opened easily ... from the back, and her nicely developed breasts popped into view.

I pounced on the closest one, chewing the engorged nipple while listening to her moans of satisfaction.

Glancing over at Mora, I saw that Joy had joined her on the chair and was opening her blouse and probing with excited fingers to release Mora's just budding breasts.

'An orgy, ' I thought. 'We'll have ourselves a fucking orgy!'

"Show it to me!" I heard as if off in the distance, and realized Chelsea wanted me to take my dick out.

I struggled briefly to find the appropriate position to accomplish the act, and when it sprang into view, had the pleasure of hearing all three of them gasp at its size.

"Look what you did to me, Chelsea!" I exclaimed, wanting to elicit comments from all three if possible.

Looking down, Chelsea said in a very small voice, "My God! I didn't think I could do that!" "Stand up!" Joy yelled from across the room. "I can't see it all."

I obliged her, as Mora yelped, "He'll never get that thing in me!"

"Ladies," I said, slowly and clearly. "Before we're finished, I promise it will have been in each of you."

"No way!" Mora yelped. "You'll tear me apart!"

"You're getting carried away, Mora. Remember yesterday when I gave you the safe word?" She nodded.

"It still works. But to help assure you that it won't tear you up, I'll have you coming so much that you'll demand that I put it in you, and I will. And it won't hurt ... well, the hymen will hurt when it tears, but every girl goes through that. And that only hurts momentarily then the pleasure is so great you'll have forgotten any inconvenience."

"You make it sound like child-birth," Chelsea said.

I noticed she had both hands wrapped around my dick, and I smiled at her.

"It is, but a lot less painful."

I decided to concentrate on Chelsea, taking her nipple between thumb and index finger and rubbing it slowly, applying an ever increasing pressure that I measured by the intensity of her moans. Joy slid from the chair she was in with Mora and knelt before me.

"Yes?" I inquired gently of her as Chelsea continued to moan from my stretching the nipple to its furthest limit.

"Can I kiss it?"

"Yes, Joy. Please kiss it. Suck it a little too if you like."

"Mmm," she murmured and placed a wet kiss on the tip.

Mora remained seated, watching our every move like a hawk.

"Chelsea?" I whispered huskily in the girl's ear. "Huh?" she answered, hazily.

"I'm going to finger you now. Are you ready for me?"

"Oh ... I'm more than ready, Aubrey."

As my middle finger sloshed into her wetness, I felt her shudder. Joy's mouth descended upon my cockhead at the same time, causing me to groan. I permitted my thumb to graze against the side of Chelsea's clit and she gave a violent heave as if to throw me off, and then an instant later, seized me by the arm intent on keeping my fingers in place.

"Feels good, huh?"

"Yesssss!" she hissed, rocking her pelvis into my thrusting finger.

Joy popped the head of my dick from her mouth and gave it a long, lollipop like lick."

"Yes," she replied, evidently thinking I had asked the question of her.

"Give me another kiss, Chelsea," I said, and she turned her head to meet my mouth and tongue, devouring my tongue by closing her teeth upon it.

This young thing had a flair for the erotic that was for sure.

Joy was attempting to get more of my dick into her mouth, but it wasn't going to happen. I was too thick for her small oval opening. I hoped that I wouldn't have a similar problem when I ventured down below. Aunt Nicole had assured me that women had a great deal of elasticity there, and I had no reason not to believe her.

Suddenly, Chelsea rolled over on her back and spread her legs over the arms of the chair. "Fuck me!" she groaned.

That plaintive demand set several things in motion around the room. There was the musky scent rising from between her legs, and the sight of Mora crawling across the room toward us ... naked.

Not to mention, Joy was now feverishly lapping at my balls and fingering herself.

"Rub my clit." Chelsea croaked.

"Suck my hole!" Mora pleaded, having reached the three of us, and laid back exposing her fleshy cunt to me by holding it open, and so peeling it away from the thick black bush that all but hid it from view.

"Mora, you know I'm doing Chelsea first," I said, trying to placate the over-heated teen.

"Do us both!" she spat out, reaching out to grab my arm.

"And what about Joy?" having to shout to be heard. This was turning into a disaster.

"Fuck her!" Mora yelled defiantly.

"Fuck me? Fuck you!" Joy responded, ready to pounce upon her friend.

Extricating myself from the tangle of arms and legs that were wrapped around me, I stood and glared down at the three girls.

"Now listen," I said, loudly and as sternly as I could manage. "This is out of control. I welcome any ... usable suggestions as to how to continue. But let's have some order before we start breaking up the furniture."

I caught a glimpse of myself in the wall mirror across the room. My dick was pointing at the ceiling. Quite frankly, I thought I looked ridiculous. Evidently the three girls felt other-wise.

"Joy, I pick you to be with first. Mora, you're next and I'm saving the best for last. That's you, Chelsea"

"Now, let's move it into my bedroom. Everybody get naked ... if you aren't all ready."

To my surprise, there was no protest, and all three meekly followed me into my room. I gently pushed Joy down and guided her to the center of my bed.

"Each of you gets at least one climax," I told them in no uncertain terms. "Whatever happens after is up to you."

Then I literally fell upon Joy's lithe form and kissed her hard. In the background I heard a distinct gasp from Chelsea. I gave Joy's clit a tentative stroke and she pushed her hips at my hand and kept thrusting. I inhaled the musky fragrance coming from her steaming pussy, and leaned down to taste her.

"Gawd!" I heard one of the others moan, "He's going down on her!" That had to be Chelsea again; Mora would have been expecting it.

Ignoring them, I concentrated my efforts on Joy's delightful cunt, licking her salaciously back and forth, and drawing a long moan from her.

"Breathe," I told her firmly, for she seemed to have stopped, and I didn't want her turning blue in front of the others.

She took a breath and then another and I returned to her sopping love nest.

Soon I discovered that when I sucked her clit in a certain manner it really got her going more than any other moves I put to her. I established a light rhythm with it, knowing not to treat it roughly, and had her mashing her hot pussy into my face, while holding my head against her with both hands.

She was moaning and writhing when I felt her body stiffen.

"Oh, Jeez ... I think ... I'm cumming!" and she started that all too familiar spasm that a good climax produces.

I sucked furiously on her snatch until she went limp. When I attempted to pry my face from between her legs her juices had congealed to the point that I had to peel my face away from her body.

I sat up and looked at her body. Her legs were spread wide, her pussy was bright red and swollen, and her breathing was coming in gasps. Pushing away from her I heard Mora say, "Jesus, look at his cock. It's huge!"

I savored the moment and then signaled for Mora to join me.

She scampered over to the bed and hopped up, taking care not to disturb the almost comatose Joy.

I glanced over at Chelsea to see how she was handling the situation and found her with both hands between her legs, masturbating.

A warm, wet mouth closed down on the crown of my erection and I realized that Mora had started without me. Well, not exactly without me. I turned back to her in time to see her hot mouth slide down about three inches, making a total of four in her mouth. Her mouth was stretched to what seemed the breaking point, although I knew it wasn't. Still, it was a very impressive sight, and did wonders for my ego.

I found myself moaning happily as one of her hands fondled my balls and the other held my dick to her mouth. My hands instinctively moved down and rubbed her hair as she sucked vigorously on my cock. My hips started moving as I started to fuck her mouth.

She moaned and then removed it from her mouth, and still holding it tightly in her hand, began licking it like a lollipop.

Before she replaced it back in her mouth, Mora admonished me, not to cum in her mouth.

"I won't, I promise," I said, and meant it. Mora looked at me with her doe-like eyes and said, "I really want to make you cum with my mouth, just not in it. I can't stand the thought of your stuff going down my throat."

She gripped me by the root of my dick with her small hand and squeezed. I groaned, signifying that what she was doing was a pleasurable enough experience. She grinned up at me and tossed her hair back with a rambunctious move of her head. "I want to concentrate my first time doing this," she said after kissing the hole in the tip. "What should I do?"

"Kiss it. Lick it," I managed to breathe, "And whenever you're ready, just kind of slip it into your mouth -- suck it in the way you would suck in a piece of spaghetti."

All three girls began giggling when Mora batted her eyes at me and said, "Some piece of spaghetti!"

But seconds later she turned her head at an angle, leaned forward and kissed the side of my cock. She did it again and then again, moving up and down the length. She tried variations, letting the tip of her tongue part her lips and twirl lightly against my dick, and/or doing little lip-nibbles along the underside.

"That looks so hot!" Chelsea whispered to Joy, but I heard every syllable.

I felt the sticky juices running out of Mora's pussy onto my leg. She was possibly more excited that me at the moment.

"Mora," I whispered at her ear, "I can tell you like it. Tell me, what is it you like best?"

"I like how hard and hot it feels, and I really like the way it kind of jumps and jerks when I make it feel good."

Then she raised her head and kissed the glans. Her lips opened slightly and her tongue began moving slowly on the sensitive flesh. Her eyelids were slowly closing, and her little ass moved as she shifted her hips in restless abandonment.

"Jeez," Chelsea whimpered her own excitement barely containable. "Where did she learn to do that?"

"Maybe she practiced on a banana," Joy replied recalling the afternoon the two of them had done exactly that.

Mora slowly absorbed another inch of my thick salami, sucking hard all the time. I thought my balls were going to melt. This girl had a real talent for this stuff.

She managed another inch before starting to gag and backed off, a strange expression in her eyes, a kind of bafflement as to her inability to accept more of my meat down her tonsils.

Mora let the head of my dick come out of her mouth with an audible "pop" before looking up at me. Her face was a study in lust.

"I'm sorry, I can't get it all in, Aubrey," she whimpered, like a girl who knew she'd been bad and expected to be punished.

"Don't be sorry," I said kindly and caressed her cheek. "You're doing great."

"I am?"

I placed my palm on the crown of her head, guiding her back into position.

"More please?"

Her eyes slowly closed and then reopened, halfway. "I love sucking it. I just wish I could swallow it all."

Those words made my dick jerk so violently that the other two girls screamed.

"You'll gag if you try to force things," I told her.

"I know," she said, the resentment of that fact hanging heavily in her words.

I watched her lick the tip of my dick. Holding me securely in her fist, she looked over her shoulder at the others and said, "You have to try this; it's terrific." Then she was sucking frantically and fondling my balls in a very skillful fashion.

Mora popped me from her mouth to say, "I've cum a couple times already and I think I'm gonna cum big soon."

"That's wonderful, Mora. You cum as often as you want."

"Mmmm, you know..." she said with me half in, half out of her mouth, "you can cum in my mouth. I don't care anymore."

"All right," I croaked, steeling myself to prevent an immediate ejaculation.

"I mean, what should I do?" she said holding me against her mouth. "Should I keep sucking, until you finish and then swallow, or what?"

"When I cum, take me out of your mouth. I'm almost there. I'm gonna cum a lot. I seriously doubt you can handle it all. So take some and swallow, or spit it out. It doesn't really matter. Let the rest go on your tits and try not to let it get in your eyes. It burns."

"It burns?" Chelsea said, repeating my words. "How do you know that?"

"Someone told me," I lied. I had seen it in a porno film, but I wasn't giving up all my secrets.

"I could suck you all day," she murmured and returned her mouth to my cock. She did what she'd done before, but this time she didn't release my dick on the upstroke. Instead, she suddenly began bobbing her head, sucking furiously and noisily. The other girls, seemingly fascinated by her performance, moved in and stood next to the bed.
Then Joy, unable to restrain herself, hopped up on the bed next to us and put her face against Mora's.

I heard Mora giggle, but all she did was slow down and exaggerate her fellating for the others benefit. She took me from her mouth and slapped me against her lips, and then her face. And with an impish shriek, she slapped Joy on the cheek with it before attacking me by nibbling on my glans and all around the corona.

Joy remained in place despite being slapped by my cock, which kind of surprised me. I would learn in time that nothing a woman in heat does should surprise me.

Mora must have sensed I was ready and quit nibbling to furiously move her head around at different angles. I was in heaven, and when she cupped my balls I began to cum.

"Here I..." was all I managed to say before the first jet caromed against her tonsils.

Mora tightened her lips and her baby-fat cheeks hollowed as she sucked and swallowed, until remembering my caution about letting the remainder of my load shoot onto her body. But instead of doing that, she directed my cock at Joy, who caught the next jet in the middle of her forehead, with some spattering into her left eye.

"Damn, it does burn!' she yelled, rubbing her eye.

I was already laughing, although still coming, as was Mora. Chelsea stood there, a look of amazement on her face.

As my dick began to soften, Mora took the opportunity to get more of me into her mouth, using her tongue to flip it from one side of her mouth to the other.

Suddenly, she ejected me, almost spitting me out and then, with a cat-ate-the-canary grin, she placed a hand around the back of Joy's neck and brought the girl to my cock, and commanded her to suck it.

And she did - licking and sucking me clean. This was the girl who couldn't get her mouth around me earlier, but now that I was in a more flaccid state she managed quite well. It augured well for the future.

Afterward I held both girls in my arms and even made room for Chelsea to join us.

Mora nuzzled into my neck and murmured, "I did pretty good, huh?"

"You were wonderful. And you know what made it even better?"

"Um-um," she hummed into my neck.

"I could tell you were enjoying it."

She pulled her head back and looked at me. "I really did. I liked the silky feeling of your thingy and how hard and thick you were, and how I couldn't get you all into my mouth. You're like gigantic ... really gigantic."

She was caught up in a deluge of thoughts about it and kept going. "And how Joy couldn't even get her mouth around you earlier ... and I thought ... after you came that maybe now that you weren't all that hard she might ... and she did! Right, Joy? You were able to suck on him, right?"

Joy nodded, and I knew I had to return to action, as there were two ladies waiting, and patiently at that. ________________________________________

"Let me try something," I said, rolling off the bed.

"You can try anything, Aubrey," Mora said.

"Thank you, Mora, but you've had your turn. I have two ladies here who have been remarkably patient with me. I glanced at the clock on my dresser. "Besides, we only have an hour and a half."

"You said three hours!" Joy protested.

"We do have three hours, but we'll need at least a half hour to get the place in order and get dressed before my mother gets here. And if you're all here when she does, you had better have every hair in place, makeup on and be sitting primly in the living room, with angelic looks on your faces. "All three were smiling at me.

"I'm sorry," Mora said, "You're absolutely right. Now come on, do us, and maybe I'll get to go again."

"Okay, Joy and Chelsea, sit up on the side of the bed."

They were quick to comply and I reached out with both hands and gently pushed them onto their backs.

"I'm going down on both of you," I told them. Both squealed with excitement.

Joy's eyes were unfocused. Chelsea couldn't stop blinking. I suspect it was a nervous condition. I placed Joy's right hand between her legs and whispered, "Time for you to start. I'll be back to you shortly, I promise."

"Please, don't make me wait," she said beseechingly, although her hand was already delving along the damp, matted hairs covering her cunt.

I leaned down and kissed her soft, pliant mouth. It opened and I sent my tongue in to meet hers. She may not have fucked anyone before, but she sure had some practicing kissing as she savored the kiss as much as I did. When I finally broke it off, I started kissing the line of her jaw, then her ears before breaking away to reach out for Chelsea.

We kissed, but all too briefly as her hand went to the back of my head and guided my mouth to her ripening tits. As I kissed and licked them I found them unbelievably sweet and vulnerable.

Her skin was smooth and very, very firm. Her nipples were hot and when she felt me take one into my mouth, she gasped and pulled my face down fiercely onto her young boob.

I busied myself sucking and chewing on each breast in turn, causing an unending string of whimpering from her. My left hand moved over her belly, caressing her abdomen, hips and thighs.

She was short enough that I could easily reach all the way down her constantly moving legs to her taut calves. And when my fingertips trailed up the inside of one quivering thigh, she gasped loudly, and hunched down at my hand.

I pulled my hand away and sent it to Joy's breast, catching her completely off-guard.

"C'mon, c'mon, touch me ... Joy moaned." Make me get over!"

My lips followed the trail blazed by my wandering hand. I nursed on Joy as I had with Chelsea, finding Joy's breasts less developed, but seemingly just as sweet in taste. Joy was not afraid to show me what she wanted, although I knew what that was as well as her. She had both hands on my head, fingers twined in my hair, tugging me - and not all that gently — so that my lips descended first on one hip, then the other.

I snuck a look at Chelsea and caught her fingering herself, eyes closed and mouth murmuring a silent prayer of thanks.

I sent my tongue gliding down to the unlined crease of Joy's thigh and traced it almost to her pussy. Her pubic hair was nowhere as thick as Mora's, or as free of hair as Chelsea's. Her fragrance was delectable, clean and rich. She opened her thighs wider, and tried to trap my head between them. I had to use both hands to hold them apart as I repositioned myself between her legs, belly down and ready for lunch.

"I haven't deserted you, Chelsea, honey. I'll be right back to you," I said, meaning it. But double-duty was beginning to take its toll.

I blew softly across Joy's tightly pressed lips, causing her to scream elatedly at the same time she attempted to drag my mouth onto her. I let her win the tug of war, only because that was my destination anyway.

Once I started, she kept moaning, "Don't stop! Don't you dare stop!"

So I flicked the tip of my tongue around and around the compressed lips of her fledgling cunt, unhurriedly drawing the spirals in. And when I flattened my tongue against her cunt and licked upward at a snail's pace, she began humping at me and grunting rhythmically.

I reached out with my free hand and caressed Chelsea's thigh, venturing down to her almost hairless twat and elicited a magnificent groan of want from her. At almost the same moment, a hot mouth closed down over my cock.

Mora was going to try to blow me while I satisfied the other girls. This had really turned into a three ring circus.

I brought Joy's clit into play, flicking it twice in succession. And when I sucked her little trigger into my mouth, she whimpered, and came.

She came really hard, grinding her pelvic bone into my chin. Acting quickly, I deserted Chelsea for the moment and buried both hands under Joy's ass. I then raised her up to my mouth and allowed my tongue to range every square inch of her cunt.

She came and came again. She was yelling, then moaning, but it was unintelligible. I stopped when my jaw felt like it was going to seize up. But before leaving her for Chelsea, the ever patient, unbelievably patient, Chelsea, I had one step left in finishing Joy off.

Yanking my hands out from under her ass with remarkably little ceremony, I sent my index finger to the entrance of her tight little cunt hole. This took a minute, for I had to be extremely careful with her even in her relaxed state. I began licking at her entrance, trying to pry it open with my tongue.

She was still shuddering from her massive climax and allowed me access to her unbelievably wet portal, and slowly, ever so slowly, I managed to work my index finger into her.

Her cunt clenched on my finger and she emitted a soft scream of pleasure as she rammed her hips down onto the digit. She immediately started a fucking motion, pausing ever few seconds as another orgasm racked her body. I moved the fingertip inside her; put my other hand on her abdomen, just above her sparkly haired pubis. Then pushed down with the hand and felt the swollen, pulsing bundle of nerves on the upper part of her cunt with the inserted finger -- and began massaging.

"OH SHIT!" she screamed, and then what must have been uncontrollable spasms of pleasure apparently wracked her small body. Her scream was suddenly muffled as Chelsea slammed a pillow over her face. Obviously I had located her G-spot, and I continued massaging it while awaiting the results of my action.

Aunt Nicole had told me this was the greatest thrill for any woman, but I had not brought anyone to a climax massaging it. I had had problems locating it for one, and then when I had found it, I had rushed the rubbing and made my partner sensitive enough to have to call it off. I waited patiently for the spasms to end, and when they did, had some difficulty in extracting my finger.

Joy lay tense and shuddering as an occasional spasm continued to rip through her. Eventually, she shoved the pillow from her face. There was a small spot of blood on her lower lip where she had bitten through the skin.

I realized that Mora was still sucking on my cock, now hardened to steel. Gently, I pried it from between her tightly clenched lips, murmuring, "It's Chelsea's turn, sweetheart." Joy's lips moved but no words came out. Finally, she gulped and exclaimed," No one ever told me it could be that good!"

"You came a lot," I said with a grin.

"I'm still coming. Can we go again?"

I placed my finger to my lips, and for the first time realized that they were somewhat bruised and said, "Now Chelsea gets to cum, do I need to hang a 'Do Not Disturb' sign out?"

She began to laugh, and I heard Mora join her from the floor next to the bed.

"Now, off the bed with you; you two can watch, but leave us alone, understand?"

They both gave me a weak sounding, "Yes." I turned to the waiting Chelsea and said, "Your wish is my desire, what shall it be?"

"Can you fuck me?" she said.

"I like a girl who knows what she wants," I said in return, and promptly pulled her into my arms and kissed her.

"Chelsea," I said, needing to know, "Have you shaved your pussy?" There was hardly a trace of hair on her pubes, although her labia were red and swollen. I leaned down and kissed her cunt and discovered her clit fully engorged and protruding out from its normal hooded hiding place.

"Well," she replied, I thought about it, but I don't really have much to shave. Besides, I worried about nicking myself badly enough to prevent you from doing me."

I kissed the inside of her fleshy thigh.

"Is it ... will it fit?" she asked, raising her head to look down between her widely splayed legs. There was an excitement in her eyes and a worried expression on her freckled face. I put the head of my cock against her flesh and the fat lipped labia parted easily enough. With most of my dick resting against her stomach, I reached down and slid a finger over her folds and she shook again.

"Get in me, please," she whispered, eyes closing, legs opening and raising toward me.

I leaned over her and guided my prick to the vulnerable sleek little slit, and suddenly realized that she was going to be really tight; that I might do serious damage to her because of my size. I felt the burning heat emanating from her love furnace. Her pinkish orifice was snug, but as I pressed into the tight opening its elastic properties expanded enough to engulf the tip of my cock with a delightful, moist heat.

"I'll stop when ... if you want me to, Chelsea," I groaned. It was an empty promise. I knew, at this point I had to be in her, I had to fuck her. I was too far gone from getting the others off.

Chelsea began swiveling those narrow hips of hers attempting to screw her cunt onto my dick. And when her legs went around my waist, and she started humping herself up at me, I went for it, and worked with her. With my hand under her tautly upturned behind, I pressed into her even as she squirmed against me, forcing me in ever deeper.

She winced, and bit her lower lip as I pushed in deeper; feeling the walls of her cunt spreading from the thickness of my cock stretched them apart.

Chelsea groaned. "It feels like ... you're splitting me open!"

But she remained sprawled on the bed, compliant and unresisting; her head now resting on the pillow that Joy had thoughtfully placed within easy reach.

Then she screeched loudly, and I knew from the sudden lack of resistance that I'd broken her hymen.

"You just lost your virginity, Chelsea," I murmured into her ear, having halted my thrusting to impart that vital piece of information to her. "I know goddamn well I have. Now c'mon, make me cum!"

We were both straining as her vaginal passage was tighter than any I'd ever been in. Not that I'd been in that many, but it was tough going and I was tiring fast.

She looked up at me and asked, "Is it all the way in?" Not waiting for my response, she glanced down and saw that I was perhaps halfway in.

Glancing at Joy and Mora, I saw fearful expressions on both their faces and brought our encounter to a halt.

"What's wrong?" I asked them.

"There's blood ... everywhere," Mora said and began to cry.

"Her hymen," I said weakly. "It broke." "I think you did more than that, Aubrey," Joy said somberly. "We may need a doctor." "What!" I cried out and promptly disengaged myself from poor Chelsea, who was bewildered by it all.

"What?" she moaned, partly at the loss of my dick filling her, partly at the concern she spied on her girlfriends faces.

"You girls know more about this then I," I said, "Look her over. See if I hurt her. I certainly didn't mean too."

I was ready to panic. Should I call a doctor? Should I take her to a hospital?"

My dilemma was solved by Joy, who happily pronounced Chelsea fine and fit. "It was her hymen, Aubrey. She just bled a lot more than I did."

"More than me too," Mora added quickly.

"I thought you were all virgins, I said, getting a little angry with them.

"We are," Joy answered belligerently. "That doesn't mean our hymens have to be intact."

"It doesn't?" I said, growing confused.

"You just don't know women, do you?" That was Chelsea joining in with the others.

"So, tell me," I said.

"I ruptured mine riding my bicycle," Mora told me, rubbing my knee for emphasis.

"Horseback riding," Joy threw at me, as if I would understand. Of course I didn't. Not quite, but I was relieved, and turned back to Chelsea.

"Want to go on?"

"Of course I do. You worked so hard to get that monster in me, why would we want to quit now?" "You're right, of course, you're right," I said and began to mount her again.

This time, as I entered her with some trepidation, Chelsea threw caution to the wind, yelling, "Give me more! C'mon give me all of it!"

Her hands reached behind my neck, pulling my face to hers, and we kissed even as her legs wrapped themselves around my hips.

Slowly, so very slowly, I sank into her. Then with her hips bucking like a wild bronco, I sank deeper and deeper.

Glancing down I saw her tiny, swollen labia stretched so thin by the thickness of my cock I feared they would tear apart from the pressure on them. I couldn't have been more wrong.

The best I could manage penetration wise, was to get three-quarters of my dick into her.

Apparently, it was enough, for Chelsea was feeling pretty good by this point and both Mora and Joy were calling out to us, much the way spectators at a boxing match do. It appeared Joy was rooting me on, while Mora was cheering for Chelsea.

When I asked them about it afterward, they appeared embarrassed about the entire thing. Women — try to figure them out.

Anyway, I started to Chelsea's petite pubis against the bony ring near the base of my cock and I concentrated on grinding it against her. It was making some contact with her clit and in a few moments I felt her cunt spasming.

It was like rings of muscle rippling the length of my dick. It felt like her cunt was sucking at me. I knew I wasn't going to last long in the grip of her tight twat and with a groan, I asked if she was ready to cum.

"I'm close, but not there yet. Can you go faster?" Chelsea replied.

"Okay," I grunted and pumped into her at a slightly faster pace. We fucked like that for a minute or so, and I felt myself coming to a boil.

I resorted to the power of suggestion to get her over. "I'm going to bury my big dick in you, Chelsea. It may hurt, but I'm going all the way in."

Her tight little cunt began to milk me then, and I knew I was lost unless she came in seconds. Then with my cock about halfway into her, I thrust hard, tearing through whatever inner flesh had been holding me back. With a free hand, I roamed over her behind until locating her butt-hole, and finding it, I drove a finger into it. It was even tighter than her pussy had been, but it caught her totally off guard and triggered her release.

As it happened, we came together, and it was wonderful for both of us. Her screams were purely animal as she came and came. As Aunt Nicole had taught me, I abandoned her ass and continued to jack-hammer my hips at her. Chelsea's legs and arms went completely limp, and whenever she paused for breath in her screaming, I could hear her tiny pussy sucking at my pistoning cock. I was flooding her and she continued her climax, or should I say multiple climaxes.

Long after the last of my ejaculate left my balls, Chelsea was still humping back at me. And when I was convinced that I was now limp as a dishrag, I let it slip from her gooey crevice with a soft pop.

I pulled her into my arms and held her tightly. Moments later we were joined on the bed by Joy and Mora and the four of us lay nestled together.

We were still a tangle of arms and legs when my mother walked in on us. ________________________________________

Talk about your most embarrassing moment.

And yet, thinking back on it, I now realize that my mother reacted unlike most parents would have under those trying circumstances.

She clapped her hands to get our attention; waited for our initial response — shock, embarrassment, and panic. Then she quelled all three responses with one command. "Get dressed, all of you. Meet me in the living room."

That said, Mom turned on her heel and stormed out of the bedroom and went - I guess — directly to the living room to await us.

With great trepidation, the four of us trudged into the living room and stood sheepishly in kind of a circle.

"Aubrey," my mother said, "I hold you responsible. You obviously brought these girls to our home."

"Yes, ma'am," said quietly, accepting the blame. It was true. I had brought them, and although they were willing accomplices, nothing would have happened had I not brought them into my home.

My mother began walking around us. Obviously choosing her words carefully before addressing us, she began; "I don't know what to say about this..." she began. "There is no book a parent can read that covers this situation."
I was sweating profusely and it had nothing to do with the sexual activity just finished moments earlier.

"I understand, even if you children ... you are children you know. I don't consider any of you adults, and don't tell me you're eighteen or ninteen. You're not adults ... not really. You think you're adults, but obviously lack the maturity of one. So you're still children, and that's how I propose to treat you."

"Did you use a condom, Aubrey?"

"No, ma'am."

"Then shame on you, Aubrey, and shame on you girls, too. I'm certain that you're mother's have drilled it into you that you MUST use protection when having sex. You," she said, pointing to Chelsea. "How old are you?"

Not waiting for an answer, my mother went on with her tirade. "It doesn't matter how old you are. Do you want a baby nine months from now?"

With trembling lips, Chelsea sniveled, "No, Mrs. Morgenthall. No I don't."

"Then why did you spread your legs for him?"

Sobbing and with tears running down her cheeks, Chelsea stammered, "I ... I wanted ... to lose ... my virginity."

"Hormones..." my mother said, throwing her hands in the air. "Jesus ... what am I going to do about this?"

"Mom?" I said, nervously.

"What?" she snapped at me instantly, as if looking for her next victim.

"Why not pretend it never happened?"

The girls all nodded approvingly at this suggestion. My mother did not.

"What!" she shrieked.

I was compelled to go forward.

"You know, pretend you didn't come home when you did. We'll get out and I'll come home in ten or fifteen minutes and it will be like nothing ever happened."

"I can't ignore what happened. I'm an adult. Adults have to face up to their responsibilities. Even silly, stupid teenagers have to face up to responsibilities." She bit her lip, exasperated at the situation.

"I should call each of you parents," she said to the girls. She took a deep breath, and tried to compose herself.

"Aubrey, after dinner you and I will go over to Trader's Pharmacy, and buy some condoms. I'd be a fool to think you'll remain celibate after this."

Meekly, I nodded. 'This was going to be all right, ' I thought for the first time since I'd heard my mother's voice in the bedroom.

"Girls..." mother paused, and then said, "What the hell are your names anyway?"

"This is Chelsea," I said touching Chelsea on the shoulder. She winced at the touch as if I had burned her. "And this is Joy, and this is Mora." Mora raised a hand and gave my mother a weak wave.

"Chelsea, Joy, Mora, do I have your undivided attention?"

"Yes, Mrs. Morgenthall, they said as if repeating the Pledge of Allegiance together.

"I want your word of honor ... you are honorable women are you not?"

"Yes, Mrs. Morgenthall, they said again in unison.

" ... I want your word of honor that you will, each of you, go home and pressure your parents for birth control devices. Be circumspect about it. Do you know what that word means?"

"Yes, ma'am, you want us to be careful how we approach the subject," Mora said.

"That's right. And why should you be 'careful?'"

"So our parents don't get suspicious and find out what happened here at your house?" Joy said, making her statement a question.

Correct again. My, we appear to have an intelligent group here. Now why in heavens name did you all wind up in Aubrey's bedroom?"

"Because he's hung like a..." Mora began, but Joy cut her off, saying, "He's a hunk. He's the handsomest guy in school. All the girls think so." My mother decided not to push the subject, remembering that we were teenagers and more prone to answer a loaded question like that honestly, rather than diplomatically.

"Go home, girls. Get the proper protection, and do not, I repeat, do not let me catch you in a compromising situation like I did this afternoon, ever again."

"Yes, ma'am, each girl said and headed for the front door.

Only Chelsea bothered to say goodbye to me.
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