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Hipster Chicks Love Big Dicks

This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author's consent. This story is a bit different from my usual fare. To be clear, this is a cheating wife story, and it's not for the faint of heart. There is betrayal, seduction, and heartbreak. Don't expect a happy ending. This is the story of a hot-bodied, big-breasted, innocent wife getting seduced and corrupted by a misogynistic asshole of a man with a huge dick. And this guy is just a motherfucker in this story, so I think it would be a good idea to make something clear: the words and language this character uses are harsh, and do not reflect the views of the author or any right minded thinking individual. He is a villain, and his views support that. So, for those who think they can handle it, go forward. Just don't say you weren't warned...


It would take a force of nature to get Stephanie Miller down after the amazing day she had just had.

She didn't know what she was in for.

Steph was buzzing. She felt like a million bucks. The events of the day left her body feeling like a live wire, coursing with an excitement that needed an outlet.

"How are you so full of energy?" Eli asked, watching his wife bopping up and down, practically skipping as she walked through the tunnel towards the plane. She was in a bouncy, bubbly mood. Eli always marveled at how full of energy she seemed to be all the time. Early in the morning, late at night, she was always full of pep.

"Today was a great day. We did some real good." Steph replied, bouncing forward and kissing her exhausted husband.

"Yeah, we did. But it's late, and it's been a long day, so now... its sleep time." Eli said, his shoulders dropping in exhaustion.

"How could you sleep after today?" Steph said, feeling amped after the day they had.

Steph and Eli boarded the redeye from Washington D. C. to Seattle. They felt pretty proud of themselves after having spent the day at a rally protesting against the various wars the country was involved in, and the general "shoot-first" mentality the government seemed to have. The young married couple fashioned themselves as intelligent and well informed members of society, and they loved voicing their opinions to anyone that would hear them. They weren't gonna be those brainless droves snowed over by the government's lies and double-speak. They would speak out. They would speak their minds. They would not be silenced.

They were a cute young couple, having married at 23 just after graduating college. They had met during high school, and now a year after getting married they were still going strong. A lot of people didn't take them seriously, older people mainly, because of their unique sense of style. They would fall under the category of people commonly known as "hipsters". They took advantage of ironic trends, wearing a mish-mash of styles that older people didn't understand. She wore t-shirts with ironic, retro images, while also wearing clothes made of natural fibers, with them caring about the planet and all. Clothes that women wore in the past and were seemingly out of style she wore with glee. Corduroy pants. Pull over cardigans. She loved clothes. Eli wore tight jeans and shirts, not caring when macho guys teased him for it.

Eli had been called a slacker quite a bit, and he looked the part. He had shoulder length black hair and a scraggly beard. Despite that, he was a handsome man, his good looks buried behind his hair. But his bright smile could shine through, and his fun-loving personality was enough to charm people over.

It was a shame Steph liked wearing so much clothing, cause if you asked most men, they would prefer her to be in very little clothing. She was a stunningly gorgeous girl, and her body was absolutely insane. Jutting DD breasts, with succulent chewy nipples. A butt that was full and round, perfectly heart-shaped and built to be touched. A fit, flat belly and long sexy legs. She was also just absolutely gorgeous, with a naturally pretty face, fair skin, long brown hair, and full lips. She also loved to wear cute black glasses. She didn't need them, but she loved the way they made her look. She was bright and friendly and personable, with a gorgeous smile that could light up a room. But don't get on her bad side, or she would come at you. Eli loved that passion in her.

Both of them were in good shape, Steph especially. While Eli could be viewed as overly skinny, Steph's body was perfectly filled out and ripe. They were both strict vegans, which made it even more impressive that her body was as good as it was. No meat had entered her mouth for years.

They were both tired from a long day of protesting. They had met a lot of great, like-minded people that they planned to keep in touch with. The plane was pretty empty, but of course their seats were right next to one of the few seated passengers. Steph glanced at the seated man. He was a handsome older guy, maybe 50 or so, tanned, with salt-and-pepper hair. He didn't even glance up from his phone as both Steph and Eli started to stash their bags in the overhead compartment. Perfume hit the seated man's nose, causing him to take notice of the woman next to him.

The man, Bill, looked up as the people sitting next to him began to pack their bags away. He was immediately struck by the beauty of the woman in front of him. She looked good, very good, even dressed as she was, wearing a tight pair of jeans, a snug t-shirt, and a thin, pull-over sweater. He watched as her t-shirt rode up, exposing a hint of her sexy belly. Bill averted his eyes before he could be noticed, and he nodded politely as Steph sat next to him and responded in kind.

Steph didn't know what she was getting into. She didn't know what she was dealing with when it came to the man seated next to her. She didn't know what hid behind that fatherly façade. She didn't know Bill Savage.

Steph was a sweet, good hearted girl who was friendly to all and was passionate for the things she felt strongly about. Sure, she might be a bit uppity, but her heart was in the right place. But Bill... he was the opposite. If Steph's world was sunshine and flowers, Bill's was one of rough fucking and sexual domination. You see, Bill was a serial sexual deviant. Nothing illegal, mind you, but he was not the type of guy you wanted to leave your wife around. At least if you wanted her to be your wife for much longer.

Even though he had just turned 50, Bill was a winner with women. He was ruggedly handsome, and kept himself in great shape. He took care of his body, keeping himself taut and fit. Sure, he had a bit of gray in his short dark hair, but the look really worked for him. He was always dressed to impress. Even now, settling in for a flight, he wore a perfectly tailored charcoal suit, a light blue business shirt, and a very expensive blue tie. To all outsiders, he seemed like a business traveler, and nothing more.

That's how he lured them in.

He hid his true self well, perfecting a fatherly, professional veneer that he would project to those around him. But behind that façade, he was a master of seduction, specifically with young women. He could lure them in with his friendly veneer, but he was an absolute master at charming these young women out of their clothes. He could convince the most innocent of women to do the filthiest of things. How did he charm these pretty young ladies, you may ask? His dominant nature, his rugged looks, his smooth charm, his ability to dominate conversations, and most importantly... his giant, oversized cock.

He couldn't count how many times women told him that dick size didn't matter. How it was ridiculous that any man could have a cock the size that he boasted he had, that girls didn't want a man of the immense size he boasted about, that they would rather have something more manageable. But once he got his soda can thick, 10 inch cock buried to the balls in some tight young pussy, those women changed their tune immediately. He had been called an arrogant asshole, arrogant just because he had a big dick, and it was the truth. He had seen the power his large cock had over young, sexy women. He had seen his giant cock turn good girls into sluts. He had seen the most loyal of young wives eagerly and lovingly slide their lips around its girthy circumference. No woman was immune to its charms. He was positive that most of the women he had sex with didn't especially like him, but that didn't stop them from eagerly taking his meaty shaft down their tight throats. So, it wasn't really arrogance with him. It was confidence.

Steph didn't know the predator sitting next to her.

But alas, she might just be getting a reprieve on this night. While impressed by the beauty of the girl sitting next to them, Bill's initial plan was not seduction. To be honest, he had had a long day, and he was looking forward to a rest filled flight. But the girl next to him had other plans.

That would be her downfall.

"Hi!" she said perkily.

"Hello." Bill replied, his voice deep and smooth, not looking up from his phone. He could smell her perfume. He loved the perfume these young girls wore. He had gotten so used to that smell hitting his nose during many intense bouts of rough fucking that the smell was enough to cause his dick to stiffen.

"Are you going home?" Steph asked, making conversation. She didn't like just sitting still. She always had to be doing something. She was so full of energy. She must be a wildcat in the sack, Bill theorized.

"Steph, he doesn't want to talk." Eli whispered, but still loud enough for Bill to hear.

"No, it's okay." Bill said, pocketing his phone. He glanced over at Steph, and looked her in the eyes for the first time. Her eyes were bright and friendly behind her cute glasses, and his looked confident, hiding the depths of deviancy within him. She didn't know who she was dealing with. She just smiled, friendly as ever.

"I'm going for work. We have a field office out there. I need to get some business in order." Bill said.

"Who do you work for?" Steph asked, out of genuine curiosity. Bill smiled, reached into his coat pocket, and removed his wallet. He held it out and unfurled it, revealing his badge to the curious wife.

"William Savage, National Security Agency, Field Agent."

Bill watched with a smile as Steph's expression dropped a bit.

"You're an NSA agent?" Steph asked. "The same NSA that violates people's civil liberties and freedoms with their unconstitutional wiretaps and violations of people's privacy?"

"Pretty much." Bill replied smoothly with a little smirk. This response startled Steph. Not expecting that reply, and she couldn't help but smile a bit at the witty response.

"Let me guess." Bill started, "You two were at that little protest, weren't you?" He asked with an amused smile.

"As a matter of fact, we were." Steph said proudly, puffing her chest out.

"Well, I'll say this, it's easy for people like you to build up horror stories about what we in the government do, but the work we do is invaluable to keeping this nation safe." Bill said lazily.

"At what cost? Listen, it is obvious that you guys step over the line. What is the point of this so called freedom if you impose on it whenever you feel like it?" Steph argued, getting worked up immediately.

"Steph, please. This isn't the time or place." Eli started. He turned to Bill. "I'm sorry. She can get a bit worked up."

"I can tell. It's no problem. I love going toe to toe with a worthy adversary." Bill said with a smile at the young woman. Eli put his hand on Steph's shoulder, calming her down. She pouted as she faced forward and waited for the flight to take off.

Now intrigued, Bill couldn't help but eye her up as they took off. She was a hottie, despite all that bulky clothing. If he pushed at her a little bit, he knew she could make a fine addition to his harem. You see, Bill's work was not all above board. As a company man for years, he had connections all over the place, on all levels of society. And as an experienced field agent, he knew the ways to avoid arousing suspicion. Avoid getting caught. Bill figured he could get away with murder, but that wasn't his style. His predilection was women. He was a serial devourer of women. A chronic seducer. With his addiction, and his connections and knowledge, he was able to start up a high class prostitution ring right under the government's nose. Although... prostitution might be the wrong word. Basically, he had a black book of women on call, a list of his conquests, women he had seduced and fucked, eager to do whatever he wanted of them. He had made these nice and sweet women his sluts, and they were now willing and eager to do whatever their master wanted. And that typically entailed serving him or his group of friends and contemporaries.

But, this group was a members only type thing. It wasn't like some guy off the street could get in on the action. You had to be invited to join. And it wasn't like someone paid cash in exchange for a night with one of these gorgeous women and that was that. Sure, sometimes these women were assets used to sweeten off-the-book deals. Sometimes he had to turn women into his sluts to avoid word getting out about them. Like that pushy reporter he banged, and some of his whores' nosy best friends. But for the most part, this whole ring of whores was basically used as a way for him and his buddies to get young pussy. His buddies, men he had known for years, men who he had done work with and that he could trust. Plenty of military men, some politicians, lawyers and judges, men of power from many walks of life. Like minded individuals who knew how to treat women.

Bill was not a good man. Far from it. He was a relic of the past. A time where women were submissive to their men. Where men ran the show, and their women lived to make their men happy. Where they would do anything to keep their men happy, and put their men's pleasure above their own. His buddies felt the same way.

Bill did not feel bad about corrupting these young women, because he truly believed these ladies were destined to be at the beck and call of a strong, powerful man. In his mind, these women wanted to serve as badly as he wanted them to serve.

You would think in a time where women are more independent than ever, it would get tougher and tougher for this group of perverted old men to corrupt young women, but in fact, the opposite was true. He had no respect for this idea of "strong women". It was a farce. A fiction. In his experience, the bigger front these women put forward, the more they would crumble under the will of a strong man. In his mind, these so called independent, strong women were just dying to be fucked by a strong, dominant man. And Bill knew that Steph was no exception.

She put up a façade. They all did. She talked a big game. She dressed in a way to downplay her sexuality. It was all fake. This bitch was a phony. A lie. Plus, she had a big mouth. Bill couldn't help but imagine her putting it to better use. Her man, that dopey little shit, did not have her on a strong enough leash, and he would come to regret that. She was a woman untamed, and oh, was she ever asking for it. A surge ran through the older man, as the thrill of the hunt burned through him. It was decided then, in that moment. Steph didn't know that her destiny was in the weathered hands of the man next to her, but it was, and he had come to a decision.

Steph would be his. There was really no other choice. Steph was about to become the older man's bitch. There was really no other possible outcome. He was on the hunt and he would not stop until he had conquered his prey. Bill intended to tame her, domesticate that bitch to the point where all she cared about was stuffing her holes with giant cock.

Bill's giant cock.

Now that he was on the hunt his energy was now restored, and his attention had become laser focused. Bill admired the way Steph's firm, full tits trembled as the plane took off. His hungry eyes gazed on the slight indication of her nipples under her shirt. He admired those big innocent eyes of hers. He could have her anytime he wanted, he realized. She was dying to be taken. Dying to be turned out and fucked in the way she so clearly needed. Steph needed to be fucked badly, and fucked as soon as humanly possible. And he intended to. Before this flight was over her loyalty would be to Bill. Bill and his giant cock. She ascended from the ground a happily married woman. By the time she landed, she would be a submissive whore. His whore. She would be game for some absolute filth if Bill just gave her the right push. He had a sixth sense for this type of thing, so he knew this bitch was something special.

As soon as the seat belt light turned off, Bill undid his and pulled out his laptop. He could hear the happy couple next to him whispering to each other. Finally, Steph turned to Bill.

"I'm sorry I got so worked up before." Steph said. Bill knew why she was worked up. Her hubby didn't give her the seeing to she really needed. He knew she needed a good reaming before she could calm down properly.

"It's quite alright. When you work for the government, you get used to it. You develop a thick skin." Bill said with a smile. "I think we got off on the wrong foot. I'm Bill Savage." he said, holding his hand out.

"I'm Steph Miller." she said, taking his rough hand in her young, smooth one.

"Eli." Eli said, reaching over to shake the older man's hand. Bill shook it quickly before turning his attention back onto the young wife.

"It's nice to see young people so passionate." Bill said.

"Well, we try to keep informed. It's important for young people to be knowledgeable of where the country is going." Steph said.

"I agree. So, if I had to guess, you seem to have pretty negative feelings about the government?" Bill started. Steph laughed before speaking up.

"Well, to me, it seems like the government is just fat and bloated. We need people running the show who are committed to change, committed to improving the nation, committing to fixing the planet, and not just lining their pockets." Steph said.

"So, I'm guessing you two are those going green, save the planet types?" Bill said.

"Yes, of course... you're not?" Steph asked. Bill smiled internally. He had friends in the oil business, business that Bill was able to get into and make some serious cash. Cash that funded his various extra-curricular endeavors.

"Well, I would be happy to adopt a new energy source if we find a better one, but until then, I'll stick to what works." Bill replied. He could tell Steph didn't like this answer, but she held her tongue in response.

"So, you have a view from the inside. How can you honestly say you are happy with how things are run?" Steph asked.

"Like I said, it's easy to invent ghost stories from the outside. Believe me, I have been a government man for almost 30 years. I know what I'm talking about." Bill started. He had both Steph and Eli's undivided attention. Bill had a smooth voice, perfect for story-telling. "I have gone through many administrations, and I have seen things run many ways. Many manners, many different styles of running things. Tell me, what do you guys do for a living?" he asked.

"I'm an artist. Not quite starving, but I get by." Eli said, as if that was his stock line whenever someone asked his profession.

"Uh, I work at a health food store." Steph said.

"Perfect. As you well know, when you work in retail, you start to resent people. You start to realize that most people are completely idiotic. Correct?" Bill asked.

"Well, yeah, kind of. Some people can be frustrating." Steph replied, ever polite.

"Now, imagine instead of running a store, you are running a country. You begin to realize that these people, these citizens you are trying to protect, are complete morons who have don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. You can't coddle them. You can't let them do whatever they want. If we did, then we would have anarchy. I have realized, from over 30 years of being with the government, that the best way to lead people is with a firm hand. People will do what you tell them if you ask in just the right way. They might not like it, but most people will conform. They will go with the masses. It is our duty as the elected few to take this chaos that is humanity and stop them from destroying themselves." Bill said.
"Wow. Well, that's pretty pessimistic, dude." Eli said.

"Yeah, I don't know if I agree with that." Steph said.

"Well, I'm not surprised. When you're among the masses, you can't look at it from an unbiased point of view. When you come from where I do, it's really quite easy to see." Bill said with a knowing laugh.

"Wait, you're saying we're part of the mindless masses? The sheep?" Eli asked.

"Absolutely." Bill said with a smile.

"What do you mean? You said before that we were a change of pace from most people. You said it was nice to see young people caring about the issues." Steph said, defending herself.

"You two and the other thousands of people who did the same thing at your little protest." Bill replied, smirking

"Oh, I get it." Steph started, "I think you are one of those people that wouldn't change a thing. You are one of the guys who benefits from the way things are, and would happily keep exploiting a flawed system."

Bill simply smiled, working on his laptop.

"You don't respect people like us, do you?" Steph said, fighting back. "You don't respect us bratty, disrespectful young people who want to change things up. You just want us to nod politely and go along with how things are. You just want you, and all the other old fat cats, to stay fat and happy."

Bill smiled again. "I'm not old, and I'm definitely not fat."

"Seriously," Steph whined, getting irritated, "Why don't you respect what we are trying to do?"

"Because it's fake." Bill said, getting deathly serious. "This façade you two have created where you are intelligent, liberal free-thinkers is total bullshit. You don't see people like you at my age. You know why? Because they know better! People like you eventually grow up and stop acting like disrespectful children. You will cut your hair, lose the stupid outfits, and join the rest of us adults."

Both Steph and Eli were taken aback by this harsh criticism of their way of life.

"Excuse me! We will never stop caring about the issues. We will never be one of the blind masses. We will never line our pockets at the expense of the people of this country." Eli said.

"Yes you will. Everyone has a price. Everyone. Eventually, you will both do what you're told. It is best for everyone if you stop creating dissent and keep everyone united." Bill said.

"Well, I'm sorry. I've never been good at doing what I was told." Steph said, jutting out her chest unconsciously in pride, unknowingly giving the old man a primo view of her chest.

"You, honey, you..." Bill started, pointing at the married woman.

"I'm not 'honey'. My name is Steph." Steph said, as if this exact moment had occurred many times before.

"Steph," the government agent relented, temporarily. "You are the worst kind of fake. You talk big, you act enlightened, but in the end, you are nothing special. Nothing out of the ordinary. You are sheep. A pretender." Bill said, staring deep into her eyes. Steph looked at the rough old man, anger boiling over.

"Screw you! I am an intellectual, intelligent, independent woman. Excuse me if I care. Excuse me if I threaten you." Steph replied, eyes blazing behind her glasses.

"You do not threaten me. You are a young woman who does things in order to make her man happy. Just like all the rest. Like I said: nothing special." Bill said arrogantly. Steph laughed in his face.

"Oh, yeah. I am a dumb, submissive wife who doesn't know what to think without a big, strong man telling me what to do." Steph said mockingly.

"That's not what you are. You are something far more annoying. You are a dumb, submissive wife who acts like she's not." Bill said.

"HA! I don't know why I'm even bothering arguing with a dinosaur like you. Go back to the 50's dude." Steph said with a laugh, turning away, facing forward. Bill smiled, enjoying making her mad. She sensed his smile and could barely contain herself. She needed a breather.

"I'll be back." Steph murmured to her husband, her cheeks hot with anger as she unbuckled her seatbelt and stamped towards the bathroom, impetuously. Bill kept one eye on the married woman's juicy, bouncing ass clad in her snug pants

The immediate silence between Eli and the older man was awkward indeed. Eli was convinced this guy really resented the young married pair, so he didn't want to annoy him any further. Eli would be happy if this little spat just got shut down here and now without going any further. Bill had just torn the married couple's way of life apart, so it was clear he held a definite grudge against people like them. Bill probably couldn't stand to be next to a pair of liberal, free-thinkers like them. That was why what Bill said next really stunned him.

"I tell ya, buddy." Bill said, breaking the silence, leaning slightly towards the younger man. "That wife of yours is one hot piece of ass."

"What?" Eli said, shocked.

"Good job locking that down." Bill said with a smile.

"Oh, uh, thanks." Eli said, surprised by this turn.

"I mean, that ass on her, it's like ripe fruit. It's perfect! And those tits... my God, those tits! Your wife's breasts are incredible. If I were you, I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off of those. I'll bet you're happy to go home to those jugs every night." Bill said, knowingly making the young husband uncomfortable.

"Uh... thanks," Eli stammered.

"What are they, Double D's?" Bill asked. "Man they look so fucking soft, my God!" he marveled. Eli didn't know why Bill was suddenly talking to him like they were in a locker room or something, and he didn't know how to respond, so he said nothing.

"Keep an eye on that one." Bill continued with a smile. "I can tell she's a wildcat."

"Oh, uh... yeah, I know." Eli said, a crooked smile on his face, taking a bit of pride at having such a gorgeous wife, but not feeling comfortable treating her like an object.

"Although I tell you, man... if she had met me first, you might not be so lucky," Bill said with a satisfied chuckle.

"Oh, yeah, maybe." Eli said with a light, uncomfortable laugh, while thinking internally, 'Yeah, as if this old dinosaur would ever had a chance with my hot, young wife.'

"I know you doubt me, but... I think your wife likes me more than she lets on. Trust me, I've seen it before." Bill said.

"Got it." Eli said more firmly, trying to end this line of conversation, causing the old man to turn away with a satisfied smile.

A few minutes of silence passed before Steph returned, having cooled down a bit. She didn't even glance at the older man while she took her seat. She began to talk to her husband quietly, but Bill was ready to get in her head some more. Bill leaned closer to her and began to speak.

"I can prove it." he said quietly.

"What?" Steph said with a jump. "I don't want to talk to you anymore." He just stared at her for a few moments before she shook her head. "Prove what?" she relented.

"Prove that you are nothing more than a sheep. A dumb, submissive little wife waiting for a mighty man to conquer her."

"And how would you do that?" Steph said skeptically, daring this arrogant older man to challenge her.

"Tell me, before you met Eli, did you dress like this? Or was after you met him that you began to dress this way?" Bill argued.

"What?" Steph asked, taken aback.

"You heard me." Bill said, like a stern father.

"We, uh, we met when I was younger. I hadn't found my true style yet." Steph said.

"So you admit it!" Bill said victoriously. "You met Eli, noticed how he dressed, and started to dress similarly just to please him. To please your man."

"You're... you're oversimplifying things." Steph said. "Eli opened my eyes about how I shouldn't conform to what society says we should dress like."

"And you dress like millions of other people. Good point." Bill said. This shut her up. Eli noticed this and stepped in.

"Listen, you don't like us, man. I get it. Let's just ride out the rest of this and then we will never see each other again." Eli said, attempting to be peacemaker, amicably trying to get this 'pervy' old guy to stop chatting up his wife. Bill gestured to him, as if saying as you wish, and went back to work on his laptop. But Bill knew Steph would not be silenced. He could see her fidgeting, as if bursting to speak. Finally, she couldn't stand it anymore.

"I am not submissive to whatever a man wants. I make up my own mind." Steph said, turning to face Bill again.

"Steph..." Elis started, urging her to stop, but she held out her hand, stopping him from interrupting her.

"Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better." Bill said coldly to Steph, not looking up.

"Screw you. I have never done anything just because some big, strong man told me. I make up my own mind." Steph said.

"That's because you never dealt with a man strong enough to take advantage of your submissive nature." Bill said, glancing at her. Steph rolled her eyes.

"Whatever." she muttered, bringing her arms to her chest, pouting. An uncomfortable silence fell. All three could feel the tension in the air. Bill knew she was loving this back and forth. She was loving his harsh judgment. Despite her outward annoyance, Bill knew that Steph liked him, liked him a lot, and that she was already desperate for his approval. He knew she was the type that subconsciously loved the fact that she was being outsmarted, out argued by the very government they despised. She was dying to be conquered. She was secretly rooting for her own capitulation. Like a moth, she was attracted to the flame. He knew she was this close to getting on her knees and sucking his dick. THIS close. She only needed a bit more prodding. Bill leaned over to Steph.

"I tell you what, Steph. I can give you the opportunity to prove me wrong. I will happily accept my own mistake if you do. How about I give you an order? I consider myself a strong man, the type that can make someone listen, and my experience with in life has proven that to be true. If you don't comply with me, then I am wrong, and I will happily step aside and admit so. If you can resist the urge to obey, resisting your inner urges, then you will have proven you are your own woman. But if you don't, then, well, I guess... I win, and I'll surely reap the rewards." Bill said with a knowing smirk.

"Fine. Whatever. Tell me to do something, you big strong man. You will find that not all women will cater to a man's will." Steph said, looking right at him, challenging the misogynist. Bill smiled. Bill knew this would be a battle this bitch would lose. Those breasts, that were so teasingly close to him, they would soon be his. His hands would get to squeeze those massive udders, and not Eli's. Bill licked his lips, savoring the flavor of the words about to leave his mouth.

"Honey..." Bill started, teasing the young wife. "Suck my dick!"

Steph burst into laughter.

"Hey!" Eli said, tensing up, putting his hand on his wife's arm. Bill watched the young wife's firm boobs jiggle as she laughed. She brushed off Eli.

"Don't worry, baby, I can handle this." Steph said, calming down her husband. She turned to Bill. He looked at her with a raised eyebrow, challenging her. "Is this what this has been about? You just want to do me? Well guess what... honey..." she paused, fully facing him, sitting straight, showing off her firm body. "I know I have a good body. A great body. And an old man like you will never get to see it. Only my hubby gets to see it."

He knew she was lying. He knew that deep down, she was desperate to show off her tits to him. But, the bitch would pay for calling him old.

"Steph, we should move. There's plenty of open seats." Eli suggested.

"Don't you trust me? These are our seats. I'm not going anywhere." Steph said, her mind made up.

"You don't want to move because you want to obey. You want to get on your knees, open my pants, and bury my thick shaft down your throat." Bill said. Her eyes widened at his crass words, and then she smiled.

"Ha! You have confidence, I'll give you that. Impressive for an old guy like you." Steph said. "Yeah, and I bet you're huge too, right? Yeah, I really buy that." she said sarcastically with a laugh. "And besides, the joke's on you. I have too much pride to get on my knees and put a guy's... thing... in my mouth. Only skanks do that."

"I think that makes the joke on him, actually." Bill said, referencing Eli while not looking up from his computer.

"Eli respects me. He doesn't treat me like a whore." Steph said.

"And that's where he and I differ, I'm afraid." Bill replied. "When women get with me, they know their place. He might not treat you like a whore, but believe me, I will."

"Oh my God!" Steph said, rolling her eyes again, laughing at his ridiculousness, in awe of the depths of misogyny of this old dinosaur. It was almost impressive how much of an asshole he was.

"Trust me, babe, by the end of this, you'll be calling me 'Daddy'," Bill boldly predicted.

"Ew," Steph replied, scrunching up her nose.

"Steph, seriously, we should move. I don't want to be around this guy." Eli attempted, but his wife's pride was too strong. He should have made this call after hearing how the old man spoke about his wife, but he didn't. And at this point, she wasn't walking away. She was steadfast, wanting to remain in her seat, not wanting to back down. She was in the midst of a battle with this older man, a battle she would win.

"I can just look at you two and know how pathetic your sex life is. You want to know why that is? Because you are not listening to him in the bedroom. My women... they do what they are told. If he was getting the job done, you would respect him enough to do what he wants. You wouldn't want to risk being on the receiving end of that proper treatment. But you don't, because he doesn't care for you properly. You are an undersexed slut who is dying to get fucked properly by a real man." Bill stated.

This statement made Steph laugh again.

"Yeah, you got me." Steph said sarcastically.

"Laugh all you want, but it won't hide the truth that he can't fuck like I can. You know that, deep down. You've known that from the start. You know he doesn't get the job done. And you know I will." Bill said quietly, devilishly. Steph just shook her head and smiled, but she considered the words Bill said.

"Let's go!" Eli insisted, moving to stand.

"No!" Steph affirmed. "These are our seats. I am not gonna move just cause some pig thinks he can push me around!"

Steph was not one to be treated like a whore. And Eli did not expect that from her. He was a perfect gentleman in and out of the bedroom. He had never thrown her down and used her like a whore. Used her for his pleasure. He was a careful, considerate lover. But unfortunately, he had never made her cum. She had never cum except by her own fingers. Most of her girlfriends had the same issue. And that was fine. She loved Eli, and wouldn't want to be with any other man.

Despite her dislike of Bill, she had to admit that she had no doubt Bill would be a different animal altogether than her Eli. He would use her like a whore. He would treat her rough... rough like she had always wanted.

Bill was right about one thing. She was very, very horny. Today could be written off as being horny due to excitement of fighting for her beliefs, not by anything Bill was doing. But in general, the old man had a point. Deep down, she wanted to have better sex. She wished there would be more variety in her sex life, her sex life with Eli. She would never cheat on him. Ever. She was SO not that type of girl. Though sometimes, she wished he could change up things. Be a bit more assertive... more controlling. But she loved him, and she could get by just fine using her fingers. The love she had for Eli made it worth it. But Bill's assumption of her sex life was accurate. She was an undersexed slut indeed, bursting to get out.

Bill knew the type. They looked down on other girls for being sluts, when deep down they wished they had what it took to skank it up. All it took was a little cajoling before the slut side of them begins to shine through. Like with most people, it took a firm hand to get them to confront their true desires.

Eli, meanwhile, was terrified. He was not the confrontational sort, and this was the kind of situation he typically avoided, as he was trying to do here despite the government agent's slights. It was strange to be sitting next to his wife while she was being mercilessly judged by an older man. It felt strange to sit back and watch his wife get more confrontational than he ever did. But she was a spitfire. She could handle herself against this dirty old man.

So, here was a gorgeous, big-titted, undersexed wife, a dominant older man, and a husband willing to sit back and watch from the sidelines. There was only one path this was leading towards.

"Here's what's going to happen. I am going to head to the bathroom. I'll be in there for about five minutes, I think. Feel free to join me. If you don't join me after five minutes, then I will gladly return to my seat and keep the peace for the rest of the flight." Bill said. It wasn't a question. It was a statement. Before they could react, he closed his computer, stood tall, walked by them, and walked down the empty aisle to the bathroom. The couple watched until he entered the stall. Once he did, they looked at each other. Steph laughed loudly.

"Do you believe that guy?" Steph said.

"Yeah, I know, right." Eli said, laughing nervously.

"The nerve of that guy, who does he think he is?" Steph said, nose turned up in distaste.

"I'm sorry. I let this go on too long. When you were gone before, he started to talking about you, and... it wasn't nice. He started calling you a wildcat, a piece of ass, I'm sorry, we should have moved then." Eli apologized.

"A piece of ass?" Steph asked, her reaction strange, not sure if she should feel flattered or grossed out. Despite knowing better, hearing that sent a sizzle through her. "Well, we should have seen this coming, I guess."

"You did a good job with him." Eli said, impressed by his wife.

"Thanks. He's nothing but a gross old man." Steph said. There was a long silence, before Steph broke it. "I bet he has a small willy." she added. If Eli were drinking something, he would have choked on it. "I'm serious. I bet he's one of those guys that talk a ton of shit, but when the time comes, he comes up a bit short." Steph said.

"Steph!" Eli said, shocked at this line of thinking from his pretty young wife. She never talked this way.

"You know what, I bet I can get back at him." Steph said, looking down the aisle playfully.

"What do you mean?" Eli said.

"I bet I can prove my theory." she said, pulling out her phone. She started to stand.

"Steph! What are you thinking?" Eli said, trying to hold his wife's arm, holding her in place.

"Hey, he started this. We'll see what happens when the shoe is on the other foot." Steph said.

"What!? Steph, he works for the NSA! If you make him mad... we might regret it." Eli said, keeping a cool head.

"He won't do anything." Steph said confidently, sure that this old guy wouldn't come after her for revenge. Despite her dislike of him, she knew he was a player. He knew the game well. And she knew he would respect this play of hers.

Steph pulled her arm from her husband's grasp and walked towards the bathroom. She told herself she wanted to embarrass this guy and take a picture of his tiny dick. It wasn't like she secretly suspected he was packing serious heat, and wanted an excuse to take a quick glimpse of his massive meat, to see what he was working with before deciding what to do next.

At least that's what she told herself.

She reached the stall and put her hand on the knob. She looked at her husband, trying to stop her giggling. Eli nervously watched this happening, knowing this was extremely out of character of her. He didn't want her to do this, but she would not be denied. Eli watched her rip the door open. The open door to the bathroom was now between the married couple, blocking Eli's view of her. Eli was worried when the door didn't slam shut quickly. It stayed wide open.
And there was a very good reason for that. Because Bill's cock was hanging out of his pants, having just finished his business, and it was in full view of the busty young wife. And it was truly a cock. A big, fat, hard COCK! Ten hard, thick inches of meaty dick. Steph couldn't take her eyes off of it. It was absolutely massive! She couldn't help but study it, her wide eyes hungrily gazing over every inch. It was hanging between his legs, his full, heavy balls hanging below in his smooth scrotum. She had taken a picture of his cock as soon as she opened the door, reflexively, as if on instinct. As if, deep down, she wanted a permanent record of this massive cock. She had intended to open and shut the door quickly, but she was staring, hypnotized.

"You like?" Bill said. She didn't say anything. Almost imperceptibly, she nodded. Only a keen eye would notice, a keen eye possessed by Bill. The hook had been successfully baited, and now it was simply a matter of reeling her in.

"You can come in if you want?" Bill offered, letting his cock hang out in the open air, inviting her into close proximity to his massive weapon.

Eli watched, waiting for his wife to appear. His mind flashed on the image of the door shutting and his wife being gone, having entered the bathroom. But that was a ridiculous line of thinking. But still, he was nervous as he watched the door begin to shut. And with great relief, his wife was still there, having not entered the bathroom, having shut the door on Bill's face. He looked at Steph, expecting her to be proud of herself, but she looked like she had seen a ghost. She walked in a daze back to her seat, and didn't say a word.

"What? What happened?" Eli said, taking his wife's hand.

"Nothing. He... nothing." Steph said, staring forward, as pale as a sheet.

"Steph, what..." he started, before Bill returned, interrupting their conversation, facing them momentarily before taking his seat, allowing the wife to take a good look at his massive bulge. And she did. Her eyes couldn't pull themselves from the sizable bulge inches from her face. Her nose detected the animal scent pulsing from the older man's sizable meat, sending a thrill through her. The seed had been planted, and it was quickly taking root in her mind. And, if things kept going this way, his seed would soon be planted in much more pleasurable places. He glanced at the sexy young wife and smiled smugly.

Steph could not get the image of that cock out of her mind. It was huge! She had never seen a cock that big! She didn't know they made cocks that size! But Bill had one, and it was pretty amazing. The smooth skin covering the rock hard meat. The thick shaft, pulsing with desire. The skin covering it was so smooth and perfect. The big, prominent tip, almost too big to fit inside a girl. Almost, but it would fit, it so would, even in the tightest of pussies. It was made for that very purpose. It was the type of cock a girl would make fit or die trying. The type of cock a girl goes nuts over. And there was no doubt it would feel SO good.

Steph was partially tempted to pull her phone out of her pocket and stare at the pic she had 'accidently' taken. She was telling herself she wanted to look at it one more time, study it fully so she didn't have any unanswered questions. So she wouldn't have to think about it anymore. God, she did want to take another look, but she knew how wrong that was. In fact, she should just delete that nasty image out of her phone right this minute and remove the temptation. Either that, or make it her phone's permanent background photo so she could look at it all the time. No, no, no! She couldn't. She couldn't look at that photo again. If she did that, then that would mean that Bill had the advantage. No, she couldn't have that. Ever. No way, no how.

Seconds later, Steph's phone was in her hand, Bill's cock exposed to her eyes again.

Steph made sure neither of the men next to her could she was up to, and when she verified she was in the clear, she allowed herself to gawk at the older man's weapon on her phone. She couldn't get over it. It was so big, and knowing that that a dick that big was hard because of her, that prime specimen of male genitalia was throbbing because of her... it filled her with a strange pride. It just seemed so powerful... so masculine... masculine in a way her husband had never been able to achieve.

She loved her husband's sensitive side. She loved that he wasn't this stereotypical meathead. That he didn't want or crave the things that other men seemed hardwired to want or need. But Bill... he was pure man. He was all man. He had the body of a man, the desires of a man, the confidence of a man, the power of a man. And, most importantly, the big, fat, meaty cock of a real man.

Steph quickly stashed away her phone and shook her head, trying to clear away these crazy thoughts. She was telling herself it didn't matter. Sure, this older guy had a gigantic cock. But he was still an asshole. A fucking asshole with a giant, sexy cock, made for fucking. Steph knew now that this guy was not bullshitting. He could handle himself in the bedroom, no doubt. With a cock that big it would be hard not to be good at sex.

Steph examined this line of thought. Why did she just immediately come to the conclusion that just because he had a big cock he was a master at sex? Did she believe that good sex required big cock? Whenever she had discussed dick size with her friends, they had always expressed doubt about how a really big cock would feel. Most seemed to feel that there was such a thing as too big, and that most girls were not built to handle a huge cock. Most of them thought it would be painful. Most were fine with an average sized penis. But Steph, she kept thinking about this conversation. And she had to wonder why. Why did this discussion resound so deeply within her? Why did she keep thinking about dick size? Was it possible that she still wondered how good a big dick could be? Why did she seem to think that there was no such thing as a cock being too big? Was it possible that deep down, Steph was a size queen? To Bill, the answer was clear.

Yes. Yes she was.

Steph had never been the type of girl controlled by sexual desires. Sure, she liked sex, but she didn't depend on it. Eli was nothing incredible in the sack, his five and a half inch dick never fully satisfying her, never doing the trick. Steph had never had the life changing sexual experience that some had advertised. For a while, Steph thought she just wasn't built that way, because she would never get in the mood as much as Eli would. But eventually, she realized she had these deep, dark urges, urges that weren't being satisfied and would occasionally rise to the surface. So it became clear to her that her husband just wasn't doing the trick in inspiring the kind of feelings she needed. But honestly, she was willing to let that slide. Sex wasn't everything, and other than these occasional pangs of vague, deep-seeded sexual urges, sex didn't play a huge role in her life. Her slightly uninspiring sex life was never really that big of an issue for her, all things considered. She loved Eli and she loved her marriage and she wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. But sometimes, her mind would occasionally wonder as to what she might be missing out on. Love and marriage is great and all, but sometimes, a girl just wants to get fucked, you know?

She did her best to control these wild thoughts and most of the time, when they flared up, she successfully kept her urges under control. That is what made this situation so unusual. She only rarely got really sexually charged. But sitting here, now, after seeing Bill's giant cock, her pussy was sopping wet and her nipples were rock hard. She hadn't been this horny in a long time. Despite her feelings about Bill, she was turned on by him. Very turned on by him. By his words. By his confidence. By his big cock.

Steph suddenly realized she was very attracted to Bill.

He had resumed his work on his laptop, not paying the wife any attention. Steph glanced over at him, and she had to admit, despite the fact that he was old enough to be her father, he was kinda hot. Kinda really hot. He clearly worked out and was in great shape. Plus, he looked like a rugged, tough man, the type of man that would easily be a success with women.

Bill could read this bitch like a book. She talked a big game, but now that she had seen what he had to offer, she was putty in his hands. Bill knew this type of girl well. They talked big, but in fact had low self-esteem. Because of this, she became the girl the man she was interested in wanted. Eli was into hipster girls, so that is what she became. And she was now interested in Bill, and that fat cock of his. So to get his attention, she would have to be the type of girl he wanted.

She would just have to become a whore.

He was living up to his end of the bargain by not conversing with the happy couple. But Steph was not content to let sleeping dogs lie. Things had gone too far to just stop. She turned to face this brute of a man, this man she was beginning to be very impressed by. He just had giant balls, literally and figuratively. To hit on a married woman so brazenly. A married woman so much younger than him, right next to her husband. His confidence was remarkable. That level of confidence was very sexy. Her submissiveness was beginning to shine through big time. Real, true independent women always expected victory. But Steph, deep down, her mind was pulling for her to lose. She wanted to lose. To be defeated. To be successfully seduced by this handsome stranger.

She was rooting for him for that thick meat she had gazed lustfully upon earlier to end up balls deep inside of her tight, dripping, married cunt. And if things kept going this way, she would be getting her wish.

She turned to face Bill fully, subconsciously pushing her chest out, begging him to appreciate her large, bouncy breasts under her tight t-shirt.

"You have no shame, do you?" Steph asked, biting her lip. Bill's gaze turned to her, first looking at her jutting rack for a few moments, letting his eyes stay there for far too long before meeting her gaze. This blatant act, which would have revolted her only an hour before, now it only made her smile.

"What do you mean?" he said. He looked at her face. Her cheeks were blushed, her nostrils were flaring, and her mouth was open. She was begging for it.

"You think just cause you have a big dick, you can do whatever you want? You think you can get away with hitting on a married woman?" Steph asked.

"Wait, what?" Eli said, stunned by the new information that Bill had a huge dick. But Steph did not react to his words. All her attention was on Bill.

"You would be amazed with what I could get away with." Bill said arrogantly, reaching forward with both hands in an attempt to cup both of Steph's giant breasts.

"Ah ah ah." Steph said, grabbing his wrists in her soft hands.

"It was worth a shot." Bill joked, causing Steph to giggle, making her boobs jiggle, causing Bill to stare. Why was she suddenly giggling at this man, Eli wondered?

"Keep dreaming, bub." Steph said she guided Bill's hands back to his sides. "These are the property of my husband and him alone. Only his hands get to touch."

"Ha! His property? Do you where these hands have been?" Bill asked, holding up his rough, calloused hands. "These hands have been to war. These hands have killed. I have felt the last breaths leave the throat of the enemy. These hands have served our country day after day. These hands have won me accommodation after accommodation. These hands have shook hands with five different presidents. These are the hands that want to squeeze your tits. These are the hands that should get to squeeze those tits! And I would do a lot more than squeeze. I would do more than fill my hands with their succulent flesh. I would slap them. Pinch them. Make them red and swollen. I would wrap them around my cock as I fucked them. I would cum all over them. I would defile them. I would own them. I would make them my property." he finished, speaking intensely, his smooth, weathered voice like silk.

"Jesus..." Steph said, taken aback.

"Okay guys..." Eli started, trying again to play peacemaker, not knowing the old dog of war he was dealing with would never play nice. "This has gone far enough. This... game is getting over the line."

"Of course, son." Bill said, returning to his laptop. "I wouldn't want to intrude."

"Huh, yeah, I think you began to intrude when you told my wife to suck your dick." Eli said, angrily.

"She started this. I simply wanted a peaceful flight." Bill began.

"Hey, I was just making conversation..." Steph began, justifying herself to her husband.

"Well, let's just drop it. Okay?" Elis said. Bill didn't respond, so Eli took that as an agreement to his statement. Steph got a bit huffy and crossed her arms under her chest and sat back in her seat.

Silence fell over the three, a tense silence as the flight continued onward. Even though she was silent, Steph's mind kept racing. Why did she keep pushing it? Why did she continue this conversation with this dirty old man? Something kept telling her to keep pushing this sexy older guy's buttons. Something kept telling her to play this game with him. Surely, it wasn't his gigantic, meaty, suckable cock. It was just... this whole thing was just oddly thrilling to her. To be so desired, so wanted, so nakedly lusted after, well... it was nice to feel attractive. It confirmed to her that men wanted her, even men old enough to be her dad, even dirty old perverts. Though it grossed her out a bit, it did feel kinda nice to feel hot.

She glanced over at Bill to see him sit back, ever relaxed, close his eyes and attempt to rest. How could he be so calm, so relaxed, after everything he just did? How could he go from aggressively hitting on her to resting comfortably? Her mind was in turmoil, but he was calm. He must have ice water in his veins. A real cold-hearted bastard. He must have been a great warrior. To be so calm while causing chaos all around. If he was so calm now, she had to think the beast in him emerged only under the right... motivation.

As soon as the couple noticed that Bill had fallen asleep, they began a hushed conversation.

"What are you doing?" Eli asked.

"Eli, it's nothing. He's just a gross old guy." Steph said.

"Why do you keep toying with him?" Eli replied.

"I don't know. I just got a bit carried away." Steph replied, not being fully able to explain why she was doing what she was doing.

"Why... is it..." Eli began, pausing for a moment, not believing he was about to say what it was he was about to say. "Is it because he has a big dick?"

"Eli... what kind of girl do you think I am?" Steph asked, hurt.

"I know the woman I married, but... I've never seen you act like this." Eli said.

"It's just... I don't know. This is all so strange for me. I just got a little caught up in the moment. I'm sorry." Steph said apologetically.

"Steph, we should move." Eli said insistently. Insistently, but not forceful. Trying to be tough, but not pressing the issue, leaving the choice in her hands. And she was too proud to give in. To admit that Bill was too big... too much to handle.

"No, it'll be fine. He's asleep anyway." Steph said. Eli never was the type to tell his wife what to do, to be forceful. He admired her independence too much. It was this quality that prevented him from forcing his wife away from this beast of a man.

This would be his downfall.

"Just don't talk to this man anymore." Eli said.

"Yeah. Of course." Steph said, nodding shamefully at her husband due to her odd behavior.

They sat in silence for awhile, Eli and Steph in internal turmoil while Bill rested peacefully. Once Eli saw that Bill was really asleep and not faking it, he sat up and retreated to the restroom. As soon as the door clicked shut, Bill awoke, as if on cue.

"So... how's your sex life?" Bill asked, smiling smugly, looking like the arrogant asshole he was. Steph glanced sheepishly at him, rolled her eyes, and looked away.

"I'm not supposed to be talking to you." Steph mumbled, not daring to look at him.

"Finally, that boy trying to insist on some control over you. I thought you were the type that couldn't be controlled, but... I guess I was wrong." Bill said.

"I'm... not being controlled." Steph replied.

"Well, earlier, you were happy to be talking to me. You were loving it. Now, he insists on controlling you, and you seem so down." Bill replied, grinning knowingly.

"I'm not being controlled." Steph said, more insistently.

"Then answer the question. How well does Eli fuck you?" Bill said, staring the young wife down.

"I... uh..." Steph stammered, not knowing how to reply.

"Does he fuck you hard?" Bill asked. Steph just looked at him.

"Does he take you in every hole?" Bill continued, more persistently, pressuring young, sweet Steph.

"Does he cover you in creamy cum day after day?"

"Does he fill your cunt with warm cum?"

"Does he claim each part of your body as his own?"

"Does he rock your world?"

"Can he even make you cum?"

"No!" Steph screamed out. "Okay. Just... shut up. No! Our sex life isn't the best. Just shut up about it okay?" Steph replied, hushed and angry.

"There! Isn't that better?" Bill said with a smile, like a proud father.

"Just be quiet!" Steph said, terrified her husband would catch her talking with Bill again.

"So you wished you were getting fucked a bit harder, right?" Bill asked with a smug smile. Steph couldn't bring herself to answer. She just looked down at the floor, her silence giving Bill all the answer he wanted. He continued his verbal beat down of the hypocritical wife. "Don't worry, you're not alone. Trust me, I know firsthand. There are a lot of young, sexy wives like yourself who just aren't getting it at home the way they need. They suddenly realize the type of guy they marry is very different from the guy that can satisfy them the way they crave." he finished. Steph turned away, so Bill kept pressing.

"You want Eli to fuck you the way I would, don't you?"

"You're not happy with him, are you?"

"You've thought about cheating on him, haven't you?"

"You wanted to slip off these bulky clothes, slip on a tight, slutty dress, take off your bra, and go hunting for big cock?"

"You want to be a little whore, don't you?"

"You want to be my whore, don't you?"

Steph looked up, her big, expressive eyes shining behind her black-rimmed glasses, staring into his, her big, fat nipples rock hard. Steph was in turmoil. Why was she not fighting back? Why was this tough old misogynist, the antithesis of everything she believed in, turning her on? Why was her pussy sopping wet? She had never met a man like this. So rough. So aggressive. So dominant. So mean. Such an asshole. She liked sweet guys, with a unique sense of style. Guys who weren't afraid to be sensitive, to cry at sappy movies, to listen to slow music. Not an old, pervy government worker. Not a cog of the system. A part of the corrupt and bloated government she so despised. Yet somehow, this guy was affecting her. Despite all instincts telling her otherwise, despite him being so rough, so arrogant, so misogynistic, so against everything she valued, she found herself very attracted to this brute of a man.

Sure, she was turned on, but she didn't want to cheat. She loved Eli, dearly. She loved him more than anything. He was her husband. She wasn't gonna cheat on him just for some no-doubt great sex. This asshole was brow beating her, defeating her like she had never been defeated before. She was on the debate team in high school. She had participated in countless protests and boycotts, so she knew how to take care of herself in an argument. Yet, this asshole was beating her. But Steph was too stubborn to admit defeat. Steph was too spirited to give up. It was time to fight back. Turn the tables on this old man and beat him at his own game.
She sat up straight and tossed her hair over her shoulder, turning on her seductive charm, a side of her few got to see. She looked straight at Bill. She glanced towards the bathrooms to verify Eli was still there, and she began to speak.

"You're right." Steph began, her voice breathy as she leaned close to Bill, "I am a little slut. I desperately want to get fucked, really fucking hard. I want to get all hot and sweaty as much as possible. And Eli... he doesn't make me cum. He has never made me cum. No man has ever made me cum."

"Honey, I'd make you moan." Bill said quietly, huskily.

"Mmmm, I bet you would. I know my body is hot. My tits are huge. 34DD's. And trust me, they are really perfect. My nipples are always hard, cause I'm always so fucking horny. I'm horny right now. I have trouble hiding how horny I am. I always wear slutty underwear. All natural fibers of course. No animals harmed. That fabric, grown from Mother Earth, makes up the fabric of the thong running up the crack of my ass." Steph continued.

"Bitch, you want it bad." Bill growled, moving closer, his face within a foot of Steph's.

"I do. I really do. That's why, when I go home, I'm gonna pull my husband into bed, and let him give me his best. Cause I'd rather make love to my husband than let an asshole like you get a crack at this body." Steph said, her tone changing from lusty to going on the attack. "I'll get more pleasure making love to the man I love than having raw animal sex with a guy like you. Sure, you have a big dick. Sure, you're kinda hot, for an old guy. But you will never get my body, so quit trying. You're dick will never feel my warm... wet... tight... pussy. My soft lips. My tight throat. My big, soft tits. My virgin ass, that's desperate to get fucked by a real cock. You don't have a shot with me, so give up. You're embarrassing yourself." Steph said, smiling smugly, telling herself that the words she told this old guy were just an act and not in fact the truth.

Bill smiled, almost proudly, at this speech. His cock was like iron at this point. This woman was really something special. He would love fucking her. She was more than just a repressed slut. She had potential to be a top-tier Grade-A whore. He knew this bitch would be one hell of a fuck. She would fuck hard. Despite her hippy, kinda nerdy exterior, she truly would be a wildcat in the sack. Few women fought back like she did. It would make all the more sweet when he would make her cum at the end of his cock and she promised her pussy to him forever.

He smiled, enjoying the game they were playing, as he spied Eli emerge from the restroom. He returned to his laptop, resuming his work as Eli sat down. Steph smiled at him as he looked worried about the fact that Bill was once again awake. Steph took his hand in hers, assuring him that their love was winning out.

Bill was getting impatient. His cock was throbbing and he needed release, preferably into the pussy of this hot young slut. It was time to move this game forward.

"Let me make an argument," Bill began.

"Dude, stop. We don't want to talk anymore," Eli said, trying to be forceful.

"Be quiet, boy!" Bill growled angrily, threatening Eli for the first time.

"Okay. We're moving," Eli said, beginning to stand, guiding Steph to her feet. He was startled by a hand on his shoulders.

"Guys, I'm gonna have to ask you to put your seatbelts on. We are about to pass through some bad weather." the stewardess said with a friendly smile.

"Uh, I have to move. We have to move," Eli said.

"I'm sorry, you will have to wait a few minutes." the stewardess insisted. Eli plopped into his seat angrily.

"Ah, fate is too kind. I get to make my argument after all." Bill began. Eli was a little afraid to stop him, so he let the old guy speak.

"Your type... you 'hipsters'... I've come across quite a few of you in my time. You are all about going down the path less traveled. About doing things that no one could predict. About being ironic," Bill began, speaking like a guy who loved the sound of his own voice. "But you guys always end up with each other. Hipster girls end up with hipster guys, to the point where it's as if they are just fulfilling a role. Fulfilling a quota. You never see hipsters with actual professionals. Hipster guys with professional women. Hipster girls with businessmen, or CEOs, or government workers. You could make the argument that a true hipster would not be a hipster." Bill postulated, both Eli and Steph paying close attention.

"A true hipster would not comply with other hipsters. A true hipster, a real, independent person, a free thinker, would buck the trend. A truly independent thinker, a real hipster, would be free from the expectations that being a hipster brings along. You should not feel bound to end up with someone like you because it's the thing to do. That's idiotic. Only a moron would do that. A true hipster should do the opposite. A true hipster should end up with someone completely different. Take you, for example, Steph. If your goal is to be unpredictable, unreadable, the solution is simple. You rail against 'the Man' so much that... the truly ironic, the true hipster thing to do, would be to go home and get railed by 'the Man'. Get fucked by the strong arm of the government you hate so much. Cum on the hard cock of the law! Only then will you be the true hipster you fancy yourself as." Bill said.

"Dude... screw off." Eli said, laughing off this criticism of him and his wife's way of life. He looked at Steph, and there was a pause before she smiled in annoyance at this dinosaur of a man. Even though he was railing against their way of life, Steph had to admit there were some logical points made by Bill. Steph did fancy herself independent. A free thinker. A strong woman. But all girls like her did end up with guys like Eli. They never considered men like Bill. So, she would be truly unique if she ended up with a guy like Bill. If she were to play the role of the housewife, the doting submissive wife who does everything to please her man, ironically of course. Knowing this line of thought was so retro, so outdated. A woman who greets her man at the door with a kiss on the cheek, dinner on the table, and a glass of scotch for him to drink. A woman who makes sure her man's belly is full, his muscles are relaxed, and his balls are empty. A woman who slips off her clothing, exposing the filthy lingerie underneath. A woman who makes sure her man spends his evenings in the bedroom with her and offers up her body and all of her holes for his pleasure. A woman who puts her man's pleasure above hers, and makes sure his big cock is taken care of, and she can only thank him for the many orgasms she has in the process. And all of this would be ironic, of course. A knowing wink to the truth. But, this was nothing serious. Just a hypothesis. It wasn't like she really just wanted to be a housewife who spends most of her day trying to think of ways to pleasure her man's great big cock. Obviously.

"Okay, Eli. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm misreading things. Maybe you two do in fact have a great sex life. Maybe you do fuck your wife properly. Maybe you two are wilder than I thought. Maybe you are naughty in the way she needs to be." Bill began.

"Eli," Steph began, smiling naughtily at her husband. "I have an idea." she said, leaning in close to her husband. "It's obvious that Bill here thinks he's more of a man than you are. He thinks being a big, strong government worker makes him a real man. He doesn't understand that a girl like me doesn't need a man like him, cause he's not a real man. He's a pig. Let's show him that our love is strong. That a girl like me only wants a guy like you. A true man. Let's get really naughty. The bathroom is open. Let's show him what he'll never have. What he'll never get."

"Steph, we're stuck in our seats. The stewardess said..." Eli began.

"So? Don't be such a square. Let's sneak off. Let's get wild." Steph suggested, still full of energy, her boobs jiggling, catching her husband's eye. He looked at Bill smugly, knowing he had something Bill would never have. He nodded.

"I'm gonna sneak off first, honey. And then..." she began, speaking to both of the men. "A real man is gonna join me. A real man is going to pleasure me. A real man is gonna make my screams reverberate throughout the plane." Steph said, smugly. Smiling, she glanced around and verified the path was clear. Before anyone noticed, she quickly sneaked down the aisle and bounded into the restroom.

Bill smiled. A real man was about to join her. He knew this was Steph leaving her options open. She wanted to get fucked by him, that much was obvious. But she couldn't cross that line. So she put the choice onto her husband. She was forcing Eli to stand up and declare himself a real man and to claim her, while leaving her options open with Bill, leaving him an opening to have a crack at her. Little did she know that Bill had a plan. Little did she know that Bill was the only real man here.

It was a cold cunning plan from a supposedly sweet girl. She was testing her husband's manhood. Would he be a real man and go fuck his wife and rub it in Bill's face, or would he crumble beneath the will of this government agent? It was up to Eli, and if Bill's plan worked, Steph's efforts to have her husband prove himself as a real man would fail miserably.

Eli glanced around, checking that the coast was clear. This was way beyond anything he had ever done, but he had to, didn't he? He didn't have a choice. As he undid his seatbelt and began to stand, Bill grabbed him by the wrist.

"Not so fast, my boy." Bill began. He spun his laptop around, exposing the video footage on the screen. Eli glanced at it. He was seeing familiar images.

"Hey! Is that my house?" Eli asked, seeing the camera exploring his house.

"Absolutely. I have connections, more connections than you will ever know. I have a guy in your house as we speak. And we found your little secret. That little pot farm in your basement. That's illegal, you know?" Bill asked, watching Eli's expression drop.

"Well, okay, yeah, I guess, but... it's just pot." Eli stammered. "I mean the government's finally starting to come around that pot's not so bad, so..."

"Well, it is still a crime, despite what you think. And besides..." Bill began, leaning towards the young man, "If the authorities raid your place, do you seriously expect that pot is all they'll find? Do you think that with all the work I've put into this, I would leave it up to chance? I know a lot of people in the underground. Rest assured, if I have the authorities take a look around your place, they'll find something there that will put you away for a very, very long time."

Bill let this threat hang as Eli began to feel the weight of it.

"So here's your dilemma," Bill began, "You can take your medicine for your crime, for all the illegal contraband in your house, let your secrets get exposed, and go to jail. But what you have to ask yourself is this: do you think that wife of yours will stick around while you're away? Do you have enough faith in your wife where you believe she'll be there when you get out? That she wouldn't shack up with someone else? You know the truth, don't you? You've seen it today. You saw how your wife reacted to me. You know your wife is a hot piece of ass, and if you think there aren't more men waiting to scoop her up in your absence, you're kidding yourself. If you go to jail, you know that you'll lose her forever, probably to me. She'll be getting fucked by huge dick as soon as you're taken away and you'll be alone. And if you go over there and bang your wife, sure, it'll be a pleasure, but it'll be one last goodbye fuck, cause I will have all this time alone here, and I will just have to expose your crimes. I am a man of the government, after all."

Eli watched with a stunned silence.

"But, I am an agreeable man, so I will offer you a way out. All I will ask is that you stay seated, tucked in tight, like a good little boy, and let the men do their work. You stay there, and I will be the one to join your wife. Now, if she turns me away, then you both win, and your little secret will stay with me. And if she doesn't turn me away, well... then... we all win." Bill said with a laugh.

"You can't do this. Someone in my house? Planting evidence? This is all illegal!" Eli said, panicking, feeling his whole world swiftly falling apart.

"True. But, if you don't believe I am well connected, that I could practically get away with anything, well then, son, you are truly mistaken." Bill added.

Eli felt the walls closing in on him. He was trapped. He could bite the bullet and pay for his crime, but he might lose his wife forever. Bill was right. He loved Steph and trusted her, but with the way she reacted to Bill, he knew that despite her loyalty, if he was out of the picture, some guy would finagle himself balls deep into her tight snatch. But, if he let Bill have his way, if he ceded this mile high sex session with his sexy wife to this asshole of an older man then he would save himself and maybe his marriage. But Bill would get to have his jollies with his sexy wife.

Wait, why did he think Bill would succeed? No, he had to have faith in his wife. She could just say no. She could fight back. Even though she seemed more susceptible to Bill's charms than he would have thought, she was still totally loyal to him. She was still his wife, and that meant something to people like them. She would fight back, she would stay loyal. She would resist this prick's charms. It was their marriage's only hope. Everything was riding on Steph. He had failed as a husband. It was her job as a loyal wife to save their marriage.

Eli's head sagged, his decision wordlessly made. Bill smiled and began to stand.

"You made the right call, boy. It's not your fault, really," Bill told the younger man, patting him on the shoulder, like a father reassuring his misguided son. "This is why the government always wins. We're too strong. Too powerful. Too far-reaching. Too organized. A well oiled machine. This is why people like you, outliers and dissidents, always lose. That is why we aren't even bothered by guys like you. You are literally a joke in the eyes of the government. The only effect you guys have on the world is causing traffic jams. You don't affect us in any negative way. We don't even think of you. We're too busy doing men's work. You only do what you do to impress women, but you know what impresses women even more? Big dick. They all love it. Give these girls a choice, between protesting or inhaling a massive cock, I could tell you from personal experience which one they'd choose, buddy. That's why we actually love your protests. All you're doing is helping guys like me get laid. Bringing all those pieces of ass to our doorstep. They act tough around you guys, but when they meet us they forget all about their little protests. Those months of organization, weeks of work, and all your doing is helping guys like me get their balls drained by young hotties. How does that make you feel, huh? That's got to sting, right?"

"I appreciate you giving up your wife. The young filly you have needs more than what you can give her. Luckily, I'm the man for the job. I'll show her the true 'well oiled machine' of the government, and the power it has. Night after night. Cause she will be mine." Bill said, confidently, straightening his coat. Eli couldn't watch, but he had to.

With a cocky stride, Bill walked down the aisle, passing Eli, unworried at getting in trouble with a stewardess. Bill walked towards the bathroom, where Eli's wife was waiting. Eli could only hope Steph could save their marriage, cause at this point, his hands were tied. Bill smiled smugly at Eli, reached forward, and opened the door.

Standing inside, waiting impatiently, was Steph. She looked up at Bill, with her big doe eyes.

"Oh no." Steph said softly, immediately knowing her fate. Knowing Eli had left her on her own. Despite her reservations, despite her hesitance, she just knew how this was gonna end. She knew she was about to be sweet-talked into doing some VERY bad things. She knew deep down whose dick her tight married pussy would soon be stretched around. She knew her hot ass was about to be tapped.

Before she could say anything, Bill shut the door behind him, trapping the two in the cozy bathroom.

"What did you do to Eli?" Steph asked, suspecting the government agent of wrongdoing.

"He is sitting in his seat, waiting patiently. We had a discussion, and we both agreed that it would be for the best if I took his place. If I joined you instead of him. Real tough guy you've got there." Bill remarked.

"Bullshit!" Steph said, her fire still burning. Even though she could see her destiny clearly, that doesn't mean all the fight was out of her. Not yet, anyway.

"Why are you so mad, honey? We all know that even though you were asking for him, you were rooting for me," the 50-year-old said smugly.

"Just... move so I can leave." Steph asked impatiently, trying to get around him, but Bill did not budge. In fact, he stepped forward, forcing the young married woman back, forcing her to sit on the closed seat of the toilet. The bathroom was decently big for an airplane bathroom, big enough for the two to fit in. Big enough for the inevitable sex the two would soon be having, if Bill got his way.

"Now, I'm not the type of guy to force a woman into something she doesn't want to. But, I need to show you something so you can truly make an... informed... decision." Bill said confidently, looking down at the beautiful young wife. With that, Steph heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down.

Steph tried pulling back, but she was unable to look away. Like someone removing a snake from a cage, Bill reached down and scooped his beefy cock out of his pants, exposing himself to the young hottie in front of him.

"Oh my God!" Steph gasped, his cock looking even bigger than her previous glimpse.

Bill's ten-inch beast of a cock was now inches from Steph's face. Steph's eyes crossed as she gazed down the length of it, studying every nook and crevice. If she couldn't resist the lure of a mere photo of his weapon, she didn't stand a chance with it poised directly in front of her. Her eyes were locked on the older man's cock, and they weren't going anywhere. It was smooth, like a young guy's cock would be. But there were some lines and marks, showing it had gone through some real battles. It was clear this cock had not gone unused, not that she had any doubts. This cock had seen a lot of action. This perfect fucking cock... ten inches of meaty, soda-can-thick dick, pulsing with blood, with swollen veins and extremely large, round balls.

This was so wrong. No fifty-year-old man should have a chance with someone like her, a young babe, a married woman, stacked but innocent, sexy yet nice, in the prime of her life. An old guy like him shouldn't be so bold to assume he's got a shot with a woman like her. But he did, and that kind of confidence was irresistible. A bold arrogant, asshole like Bill knew how to make progress with women. Sure, his methods never led him to a fulfilling, loving relationship with a woman, but his methods did get him laid. A lot. And that was all a man like him needed. He could read women like a book. And he knew he was going to get in this girl's pants from the very start.

Like any good warrior, Bill knew Steph's pussy was his for the taking.

Steph was silent, and Bill watched how awed she was by being in such close proximity with his enormous cock. She chewed on her lower lip, the lust clear in her expressive eyes. Her nipples were throbbing underneath her top, and as she gasped a few panicked breaths, her mammoth breasts were being pushed out, bursting to escape her tight t-shirt, eager to be exposed to the scheming government agent. He knew this bitch thought she was such an enlightened, educated, informed woman, but she had been stripped of that. All she was now was a drooling, submissive size-queen bending to the will of a strong man.
"Look at it, bitch!" He growled, not hiding behind his fatherly veneer. He was cold and calculating, putting this uppity woman in her place. "Study it. Learn every nook and cranny of it, because you will be getting to know every inch of it very well." Bill whispered. Steph didn't even notice or object to how casually he used the word bitch around her. Which was good, cause it would probably not be the last time Bill would call her that.

"How big is it?" Steph whispered, eyes wide behind her hipster glasses, her nipples throbbing beneath her tight top.

"Ten and a quarter inches. Ten and a half on a good day." Bill said. Steph was awed by this dick. Awed and terrified. There was no way she could get by this sexy older man without at the very least brushing into his dick. It was inevitable that his cock would contact her young hot body in some way, and that sent a chill through her. A chill that made her pussy very wet.

"He shouldn't have left you to me, you know that," Bill started. "What kind of man is that, to leave his lovely wife at the mercy of another man? What kind of man just gives up his wife like that? What kind of man leaves his wife on her own, especially to an asshole like me? Leaves her to the wolves to save his own ass? A strong woman... an independent woman would not take that lying down. A real adult woman would not let her husband get away with that bullshit. A good, loyal wife would make her man pay for selling her out so callously."

Steph stared up at the government agent, the man she despised, but at that moment, it wasn't him she was furious with. It was Eli. Eli let this old man get to her. Eli left her to this fate. He wasn't fighting back, defending her honor. Even though she was the type of woman who could normally care for herself, she had never felt more like a damsel in distress as she did in this moment, and her Prince Charming was running the other way. He wasn't beating at the door, trying to free his wife. He was probably still in his seat, with his thumb up his ass. He surrendered his wife's ass to another man without a fight. Bill was right. What kind of husband does that? That kind of act cannot go unpunished. Steph would have to make him regret it.

And Steph knew, deep down, she was about to surrender her ass to this man. Oh, she would surrender it to him. At this point, he had SO earned it.

"You can really make him pay. And you know how to make him pay. You know what to do. You know what you want to do. You want it. I want it. And clearly, Eli is willing to let you do it. So I ask you, what's stopping you?" Bill asked, his voice fatherly once again, enflaming the embers in the wife's head like a maestro.

"I'm married." Steph whispered, fingers toying with her ring, her vows preventing her from fully giving in yet. "I vowed to keep myself for him, only."

"And he vowed to protect you. Protect you from things like this. From men like me. But here we are." Bill spat out. "If he is willing to throw away his vows, why can't you do the same? Are you some dumb, pushover of a wife who lets her man get away with whatever he likes? Does he keep you in the kitchen so you don't ask any questions? I thought you were a strong woman. A proud woman."

Steph looked up at him with her big eyes, emotional, not sure what to do. Bill had effectively and succinctly torn apart her marriage, the thing she drew the most strength from. Eli was her best friend. Her sweetheart. Her true love. The man she went to with all of her troubles. But he had abandoned her. Left her to defend herself. Sold her out. He left her to this, sitting here with another man's huge cock pointed right at her face. She didn't know what to do. There were so many swirling emotions. Swirling desires. She couldn't decide what to do. Should she run away, or should she suck it down to the root? If only she had someone to help her out. To ask what she should do. To guide her, guide her scattered mind. She looked so fraught. So beaten down.

For a guy who thought so little of women, Bill was not surprised by this reaction. Sure, this girl was a spitfire, but she was emotionally weak. Okay, she was 'well-informed', but Bill thought she was kinda dumb. But then again any woman who didn't want his giant cock was dumb to him. Any girl who thought her purpose was to do anything besides be a willing whore for his huge dick was dumb to him. But even to a heartless bastard like him, looking into her big, expressive eyes almost made him feel bad for taking advantage of her naivety. It almost made Bill feel bad for having his giant dick inches from her cute mouth, poised to fuck her roughly.


"I know what you should do. I know what you need to do." Bill said, his voice silky smooth, like the devil on her shoulder, corrupting her.

"You do?" Steph asked, like the inexperienced girl she was. Unknowingly, in her kneeling position, she was maintaining perfect posture, pushing out her enormous jugs towards the evil man, begging for his approval.

"Yes, I do, sweetie. I know you want to be a whore. Desperately. You're built for it. I mean, look at those tits! You're meant for it. You wish you had to the guts... the courage to show everyone that you are a true slut. You hide under these bulky coverings, but you know you're a true slut underneath. But you're so afraid, so ashamed to admit it. You've sacrificed so much to be such an independent, well-liked girl. You fill your head full of knowledge and worries that are, quite frankly, too big to worry your hot little self about. You do this to fit in, to seem smart and knowledgeable. You are terrified to show everyone the stupid slut you really are. You look down on whores, on slutty women, but you're exactly the same as them. A filthy little cock slut. At the end of the day, while you're at protests wasting your time, trying to act smart, those girls you look down at are moaning their heads off with screaming orgasms as they get fucked by men like me." Bill said. Steph looked up at him, mouth unknowingly agape as she listened to him cutting her apart.

"You've sacrificed so much, dear, just so people don't see the slut you really are. You waste time at these silly protests and you saddled yourself with a pathetic boy like him. Just think of what you've missed out on. You spend so much on these little outfits, downplaying your gifts. You work so hard, when you don't have to. Imagine being truly happy, extremely courageous, unfailingly honest. Imagine being a true woman, an independent female, a real slut. Cause if any woman is honest with herself, that is what you really want. You want to be a sex object. You want men to look at you. You want men to get hard for you. You want to tease men. You want to be a walking, talking sex bomb. You don't want to be so covered up and hidden, ashamed. You want to show off those tits, show off that hot ass. You want to show off your juicy tits and hot body and get men throbbing for you." Bill said.

"No. It's not true." Steph whispered, breathing hard, licking her lips, eating up his harsh judgment.

"Just think of the pleasure you gave up to hide your true self. You should be strutting your stuff, shaking your hot ass and huge tits. Think about the men you could have had. A girl with those tits could have any man they want. Just imagine all the big dicks you could have had stretching your tight cunt. Imagine the orgasms you could have been having if you were just honest with yourself. About what you truly are." Bill said.

"Who am I?" Steph asked. Bill smiled. It was as if he had scrubbed her mind clean of all the riff-raff society, her friends and family, and Eli had ingrained into her. Now, her mind was his to meld. To reprogram.

"Steph, you are a slut. The worst kind of slut, a total size-queen who wants to find the biggest dicks to fuck. That's why you came to me. That's why you flirted with me as soon as we met. Fate has a way of bringing girls like you to me. The world is rooting for men like me to have sex with girls like you. You are not the first girl to look at me and want to become my slut, and honey, you won't be the last. You're not the first 'happily married' woman to look at me and realize you would give anything to become my bitch. And Steph, I am going to make you my bitch, you hear me? You are a whore who wants to act all smart and knowledgeable, but all you're doing is filling your mind with things you shouldn't be worrying about. You're not smart enough to understand the way the world works. You're not like me. But you want to be, so much. The closest you will ever get to your dream is to get close to me. There is only one way to be the woman you want to be. Steph, you need to become my personal whore. You need to be a whore for me, and then you will get everything you ever needed. You fill your head with such nonsense, so you should be with a man who makes all the decisions for you. Then all you have to worry your pretty little head about is me. All you need to care about is my pleasure. My pleasure is your pleasure. You are built to make men happy. You are built to make me happy. All you care about is making me happy. And there is one way a slut like you can make me happy. And that's by draining my balls. Steph, to be truly fulfilled, you need to be a whore for a big, strong man like me. You need to give up all of your holes for my pleasure. You need to swallow my thick cum with a smile on your face. You need to devote your life to my pleasure, and nothing will make you feel happier, more fulfilled as a woman. Cause nothing has made you feel as womanly, as sexy, as I have. I have treated you as the sex-object you are and you ate it up. You wanted it, you needed it, and you loved it. You loved that I looked past your bullshit and saw the whore you really are. You are a hot piece of ass, and you have wasted you're time saddling yourself down to a boy that cannot pleasure you."

"No." Steph gasped, her eyes no longer on his. No, her eyes were transfixed by the giant unit in front of her. It couldn't be emphasized enough how hypnotizing the massive cock was to her young eyes. She couldn't pull her gaze away. The swollen organ, its veins and ridges, the throbbing tip, the huge balls... every inch of it was just so utterly perfect. For Steph, this was a dream cock, attached to a man she couldn't stand. Would that dislike be enough to stop her from succumbing to her obvious lust for the mammoth organ?

"You loved it when I told you to suck my dick, because that's what you wanted me to tell you. You saw me and immediately knew I was the type of guy to treat you like the whore you are." Bill said, stepping back from her slightly.

"No." Steph gasped, although it was unclear if she was referring to his words, or him moving that prime piece of cock away. Unknowingly, she followed, sliding down to her knees, moving back so she was in close proximity to that huge dong again.

"You had to stop yourself from sucking me off. Sucking me off in front of your husband. You had to stop yourself from obeying me. Because it is in your nature to obey me, isn't it? You like having a man order you around, telling you what to do. It gets you off to be ordered around, like a dumb submissive whore. You fancied yourself so independent. Your nightmare was to be bossed around by men. You are every bit as smart and capable as any man, right? But all you could think about was the good old days, when women knew their place. When women knew their place was to pleasure their men, let them do the thinking for the both of them. When women were so... compliant. You thought about that so much. It was your nightmare to live in a society like that. But you couldn't stop thinking about it. You couldn't stop thinking about what would compel those girls to be so submissive, to not fight back? Was it their nature to live for their men? Or was it something else? Was it possible that maybe, just maybe, their men returned their favor, fucking them into oblivion night after night so they had no choice but to obey their men as a thank you? That's what you thought about, isn't it? You started thinking about it, those dumb, submissive wives getting pounded night after night by a strong man. Submissive women, women built to be taken by a strong man. Those were the women who were fulfilled in the end. They were the women being fucked so well that they were absolute whores for their men. And that's what you wanted to be, wasn't it? You tried to be a good girl, but that got you nowhere. It was the whores that were having all the fun. And all you could think about was if you could become a submissive whore, you would be the one getting fucked instead." Bill said.

"No." Steph pleaded.

"It's true. You fantasized about being submissive, you filthy slut! You dreamed of it. Nothing got you off quite like submitting to the will of a strong man. But you were ashamed of it, so you rejected it. Rejected it, until you met a strong man cunning enough to see the true you. A man clever enough to know that if he told you to suck his dick, you would listen."

"Please." Steph pleaded, begging him to stop.

"That moment where you give up all pretenses, where you give up the facade of being an independent woman and you become a submissive whore, that's what you are dreaming about. That moment will make you cum harder than you ever have before. Steph, you will have the greatest cum of your life when you give in to me, accept my superiority, and you wrap your lips lovingly around my fat cock. And all that's needed to turn a girl like you into a submissive whore is wave a giant dick in your face and give you one simple command. One order, that you have no choice but to comply with, because it is in your nature. In your blood. You're a whore, Steph. Accept it, and you will never be the same. And all I have to do is say four simple words." Bill said, smiling smugly.

"Please don't" Steph begged, terrified he was right.

Steph's mind was in absolute chaos. She as always so intelligent and self-assured. She always knew the right thing to do and say at any given time. She had been a part of protests, she had been the target of scorn and ridicule due to her lifestyle and political beliefs. But she had never backed down. She always knew the right response and she never hesitated to say it. She was never silent, until now.

Steph was a spitfire, a hellcat in hipster clothing. But this hellcat was finally being tamed. She had been allowed to run wild for too long. She had been unrestrained, her mind and opinions running free. She never had any rules. She never had any discipline. But that was changing. That fight in her, that spark that identified her as a strong, young, independent woman, was fading away. Hammered away, pounded away, by the cruel and twisted logic, the scheming machinations of the cunning older man in front of her. He had used his rough charm to anger the young wife, inspire passion within her, pissing her off, making her anger boil over the top where she had no other choice but to fuck him hard and drain his giant balls. He had beaten down her way of life, torn it to shreds, and broke her down. And now his words, his actions were building her into a new woman. A woman more fit for a guy like him. Not only was this hellcat being tamed, she was willingly and gleefully accepting the leash. The flame of her spirit was being crushed, and in its place a new woman emerged. No longer was she the type of woman to waste time at silly protests and trying to fight a battle much too big for a slut like her. She would give in, give up, and yield to the unstoppable force she had fought for too long. Yield her young mind and her hot body. She was now destined to become the type of woman she always hated, but secretly always wanted to be. No woman could resist the incredible power of the government, and the undeniable arrogance and sexuality of its agent. She had no choice but to give in and become the only thing a woman like her could when faced by someone as strong and powerful as the man in front of her.

A true submissive whore.

Bill could almost see the fight slowly draining from her. Her mind was figuring it out, slowly but surely, that she really had no other choice but to give up her hot body to this scheming misogynist, and let him do his worst. He had defeated her at every turn in a battle of logic like the ruthless warrior he was, and now it was time to take his prize. This older man, this government agent, this arrogant fucking prick, had manipulated his way from sitting next to the petty wife, casually relaxing, looking forward to a quiet flight, to here in this bathroom, dick pointed straight at the young wife's pretty mouth, poised for the gleeful oral worship she was soon to give him. And after that... he would be manipulating his way into her tight pants. That was the only logical outcome.

He just watched her, waiting, watching her slowly come to this same conclusion.

Steph was a loyal wife, she really was, but Eli clearly didn't care about that, because he left her to this fate, face-to-face with a humongous cock. Face-to-face with this cocky government agent, with a cock to prove his arrogance wasn't unjustified. She knew this whole thing was wrong, but his cock was SO big!

Eli had left his pretty young wife to fend for herself. He had allowed this outcome. He had agreed to leave his wife's hot ass to the mercy of this old man. And now, face-to-face with this evil, scheming man's giant dick... Steph couldn't think straight. She didn't know if it was Bill's harsh, commanding words, or the giant cock emitting pure sexual energy in front of her face. She had no one to go to for help, and the only voice guiding her along was Bill's. She didn't want to listen, but she couldn't help but be caught up in his smooth language. His silky words, tempting her young, malleable mind, transforming a sweet, good-hearted girl into something far nastier. Turning a girl known for her big heart into a girl known for her big tits. He was the only one that seemed to have a handle on this situation, so she couldn't help but listen and take his words as gospel.

Maybe Bill was right. Maybe she was just a cheap fucking whore. Cause that's what she felt like. She hated to think about it like that, but a loyal wife wouldn't be here. A good girl wouldn't have ended up in a bathroom with a meaty cock pointed at her face, poised to be sucked. Why had she responded to this arrogant prick? Why did this asshole make her nipples rock hard? Why did this old man make her pussy dripping wet? And she had been wet from the very beginning, as soon as this older man went on the attack. Clearly, her body knew the answer. Her body knew what she truly was. Steph tried to fight back in this seemingly losing battle.

She was a married woman! That had to mean something! But her husband... her husband had abandoned her, left her to this fate. Asshole! What kind of man does that to his wife? Leave her to the whims of a man they both knew was sexually superior to her husband in all ways possible. Leave her fate in the hands of a man that they both knew was a sexual dominator, a real son of a bitch, that was too arrogant to think about anything but his own pleasure, an asshole who would use his wife like a cheap whore if he got the chance, a man that clearly knew how to fuck a woman and keep her loyal.

Steph didn't want to admit the truth. She didn't want to admit she might be a bit slutty. She might be a bit submissive. Or... a lot slutty... and a lot submissive. She might be the type that gets off on being bossed around by a strong, evil man. She might be the type of girl who sucks and fucks the biggest cock she could find just to make her husband pay for screwing up. She might be the type to give another man the type of nasty sex she would never give to her own husband. The type of fucking that happily married couples don't have, the type of sex a woman can only have with an asshole of a man with a giant cock that knows how to dominate her. The type of guy that doesn't deserve her, the type of guy who is such a prick, such a son-of-a-bitch that he does not deserve to be as lucky with women as he should be. The type of guy who's an evil bastard, a bully, great looking but evil inside, his silky words invading her mind like warriors, conquering the young woman's mind and tempting her into giving up her body.
Is Steph that type of girl? Is she the type of girl that serves her man, does what he says, and yields her body and mind to? She was afraid she knew the answer, and she knew the test was coming. Bill was about to give her a command, and whether or not she was a good girl or a true slut would depend on her response. It would depend on whether or not she would comply with the order or not.

Was Steph a good girl, or a slut?

Steph looked up at Bill, and seeing that she was finally ready, he licked his lips, ready to speak. She didn't say anything, leaving him room to speak, waiting for him to boss her around just one time, leaving him the time to give the order she wanted him to give.

"Suck my dick, bitch!" Bill ordered, punctuating that last word with feeling.

All of Steph's defenses shattered at this statement, the only response she could manage was a soft, lusty sigh. Any semblance of the Steph that walked onto the plane disappeared. Her eyes closed, her plump lips parted, her mouth salivated, and an itch appeared deep in her throat, an itch that would soon need a very thorough scratching. This all happened quickly, because in a matter of moments after Bill gave his stern, unyielding command, Steph took action.

Her lips curled into a wicked smile, a smile of pure lust. Her eyes flashed behind her glasses. Her tongue wet her lips. She couldn't resist the magnetic pull his massive perfect cock had on her anymore. Her mouth was drooling for him, for his massive, perfect, tasty looking cock and the hunger was too powerful to resist. And Bill watched, supremely smug, as Steph's head move forward, mouth opening wider. This haughty young, independent woman, this gorgeous young wife who had been so arrogant in her beliefs, so sure she was right, was now on her knees, where she was poised to suck cock. Bill began to feel her warm breath on the throbbing tip of his massive penis. And finally, Bill felt contact. Bill felt her soft lips pressing against the head of his cock, giving it a loving kiss with her soft, plump lips. Her lips began to spread, sliding over the tip of his meaty cock, allowing it entrance into her married mouth. Her warm mouth kept sliding forward, her smooth lips giving him a supreme pleasure, and a jolt went through Bill as he felt the tip of his cock pop into her mouth.

But Steph kept going, taking the thick shaft into her mouth. Steph could only take few inches more before she paused, finding the mighty weapon too much to take in one go. Her energetic tongue ran across the underside of his shaft, near the tip, wanting to give this older guy pleasure despite not being able to overcome the discomfort of so much meat in her mouth. But Bill was not satisfied with this helmet polish. He didn't care about any discomfort she might be feeling. He knew this slut was capable of more. A lot more. So Bill, supremely confident, brought both of his hands to the back of the young woman's head. And like the arrogant, uncaring asshole he was, pulled her face forward, smoothly forcing a good 8 inches of thick cock down her tight throat. Bill's accusations about her were proved accurate: she was a born cocksucker. She didn't hesitate or fight back as eight solid inches of meat slid into her gullet. She just took it like the good little bitch she was. He held his cock in place, smirking at the young wife, choking her for a few moments, causing tears to well up in her eyes, letting her savor the thick piece of meat lodged in her throat, letting it marinate in her saliva.

For the first time in her young life, Steph was sucking cock. This vegan slut had a giant hunk of meat in her sexy mouth.

He held himself there, really staking out his dominance by staking his cock in her tight throat, forcing the young woman to hold his weapon in her mouth despite her discomfort. He held his cock in place, making the wife take it, making her experience its power first hand. Tears of discomfort slid down her cheeks, but she wasn't fighting back. She was compliant, doing what was asked of her, like the good bitch she was. She certainly had potential, Bill thought to himself. Finally, sensing her lack of air, he released his grip on her. She removed her mouth from around him as she panted deeply for air, refilling her lungs. His cock was coated with her spit, drool connecting his pulsing shaft and her open mouth. Her eyes were glassy with lust, and her skin was glowing. Bill watched her, eager to see her reaction to sucking his mighty cock.

He would not be let down.

An expression of heavy lust crossed her lips as they curled up in a wicked, hungry sneer. Then, eagerly, savagely, Steph attacked Bill's throbbing cock with her hot, wet, married mouth. She dove forward, mouth wide open, attacking Bill's iron erection. There was no hesitation. No fear. Steph didn't slow down as she forced herself deeper, taking inch after inch of turgid, old-man-cock smoothly into her young mouth. The thick meaty weapon grazed across her smooth lips, and the underside slid across her hot, wet, eager tongue, absorbing its addictive flavor. She didn't slow down. She just took that cock into her mouth like a trooper, like the good little slut she was. Her smooth, plump lips formed a tight seal around his thick shaft, and her cheeks hollowed as she began to properly suck the brutal older man's huge cock. She looked up at Bill, her eyes still watery, seeking his approval.

"That's it, bitch. That's it. What a good little cock sucker you are! I'm glad I got this honor before your husband did, ha, ha, ha." he laughed, dripping with confidence. "I guess you do like me more than that dumbass husband of yours."

She flinched slightly at the mention of Eli. She wondered how she got to this point. She had vowed to love and cherish him always, but here she was, kneeling in an airplane bathroom, lips wrapped around this evil man's giant cock, sucking it hard. Her guilt should have been enough to stop her, but she was so far gone at this point that nothing could have pulled her mouth from Bill's throbbing cock. This was an experience that she didn't know she craved, but now that it had begun, she was gonna experience it fully. Eli left her to this fate, so screw him. He was gonna allow her to do this, she would do it. She would give the older man her absolute best. She would give this handsome, experienced man more than she had ever given her husband, just to make him pay for abandoning her like this. She would suck this misogynist's fat cock harder and better than she would ever do for her husband. She was gonna give this absolute bastard a better sexual experience than she had ever given to her loving hubby. She was gonna show this fucking asshole how much of a whore she could be, just to make her husband pay. And oh, he would pay. She began to bob up and down on Bill's dick, his shaft covered with her saliva. She was sucking his dick like a real slut, her cheeks hollowed, her lips wrapped tightly over the thick cock, sucking it with such ferocity that it was making her massive breasts bounce and jiggle.

Bill let his head roll slightly. This girl, despite her inexperience, was so good! A total natural. She was clearly enthusiastic, this side of her having been repressed for far too long. And it took the experienced hand of Bill Savage to bring it to the surface. She bobbed and choked on his dick, never slowing down, never stopping, just giving Bill her absolute best. Her hubby wasn't man enough to bring out the slut in her, but Bill was, and boy, the slut in her was in full bloom. It took him two hours to get something that her husband had never received.

It was as if he cracked the code. It was like she was a vault. A hard exterior, with a series of safeguards, a series of locks, requiring the right combination to unlock and reveal the goods within. No one had ever found Steph's combination. No one had seen the Steph hidden behind her safeguards. Most didn't even see the locks in place. But Bill was an absolute master of seeing these locks, and coincidently, he was a master locksmith. And the vaults that he could unlock were gorgeous young women. He could find their combination like a true master, and he could confidently and succinctly break through their defenses, exposing the true delights within.

Bill had cracked Steph's code. Torn apart her safeguards, those safeguards being her good girl façade. Her proclamations of being a faithful wife. Her hipster clothing. All safeguards protecting the true her. But Bill, this sly dog, this cunning asshole, knew which buttons to push, what things to say to break this bitch down. And luckily for him, he had the skeleton key built to open any young woman's vault. A bone-hard weapon between his legs, which made any girl's defenses crumble, just like he had done to Steph. He had torn apart her defenses, exposing the secret she hid from the world. The one thing she doesn't want anyone to know.

Steph was a slut. Born and bred.

Everything about her is fraud. A fake. It took the right man to expose the true her, the woman she really was. She was not a hipster. She was not an independent woman anymore. She was a whore. A submissive little slut. Bill knew that, and he knew it was time to expose her secret to the world. To the detriment of her life, and all the good things she had done. To the detriment of her husband, who could only handle the façade Steph put up, but he was not built to handle the true her. The only one winning in this situation was Bill.

Finally, she pulled her wet mouth off of him with a loud pop, gasping for air, her chin covered in her own spit, as was Bill's swollen dick.

"You're cock is so fucking big!" Steph gasped, giving the first of what would be many compliments she would soon be giving to the arrogant older man.

"You love big cocks, don't you?" Bill asked the hot young wife.

"Mmmmm, I love huge cocks!" Steph said, the pleasure of vocalizing her secret fetish sent a thrill through her voluptuous body.

"You wanted to become my bitch the second you met me, didn't you?" Bill said, his voice slithering into the young wife's mind.

"Oh, fuck yes! You are so fucking sexy!" Steph said, kissing the tip, vocalizing a belief that she wasn't even sure was true, but God, it felt great to say.

"Look at my dick, bitch! Look at it! Tell me how much you fucking love my fucking cock!" Bill demanded. Her big eyes stared at Bill's piston, gazing at it lustily.

"It's so fucking big! And fat! And nasty! And so manly! I love it! I fucking love it! I bet this big dick gets you all the pretty girls." Steph panted out.

"You have no idea." Bull growled.

"And your balls... God, they're big!" she moaned out, before diving down, extending her tongue, sliding it against the older man's heavy sack.

"Look at you, haha, you were so proud a few minutes ago, but now you're on your knees, worshipping my balls! Hahaha! God, I'm good at this," he moaned out. She continued worshipping his heavy nuts for a few moments before licking along the underside of his shaft, finishing her lick with a flourish at the tip of the big fat cock, licking away the pre-cum.

"Tell me... tell me what you want to do to it!" Bill demanded, pushing her head back slightly. She was panting with need, need for the older man and his big cock.

"Oh my God, I'm gonna suck it, then I'm gonna fuck it." Steph said eagerly, without shame, eyes flashing with lust. "I'm gonna drain the cum from your balls. I'm gonna fuck you better than I ever fucked Eli, just to make him regret leaving me with you."

"That might take a lot of work, bitch. You up for it?" Bill asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Absolutely." Steph purred, her lips curled in a nasty smile. The slut within her was now fully unleashed.

"You're gonna give me all of your holes?" Bill asked arrogantly.

"Whatever it takes." Steph said, more turned on than she had ever been before.

"You're gonna give me that married cunt?" he asked.

"Yes, it will be yours." Steph replied, not flinching at this brute of a man using such a nasty word in front of her.

"You're gonna give me that ass?" Bill asked.

"Yes! I need it in the ass so bad!" Steph moaned out, vocalizing a desire that she had never admitted before. The desire to get her asshole reamed by a giant, thick cock.

"Take my dick in your hands! Feel it! Squeeze it! Stroke it! Understand its power!" Bill commanded the young woman while indulging his own ego. He quickly felt her soft, girly hands against his throbbing shaft. Her fingers grasped his solid, meaty shaft, and on instinct, she began to stroke it.

"Aaahhh, you're a good whore, Steph. I knew that as soon as I saw you." Bill said, his smooth, devilish voice weaving into her mind. Just looking down at her, her big eyes looking up at him worshipfully through her glasses, her small, girly hands eagerly stroking his evil weapon, it was a thrilling sensation. It almost made him lose control, it felt so good. He was experienced in the ways of pleasure, so he was controlled enough not to vocalize the pleasure her smooth hands were giving him. He never showed any sign of weakness to the sluts he fucked. That would give them the power.

"Can you feel it? Can you, bitch? Can you feel how strong it is? How powerful it is? Cup my balls. Aaahhh, that's it. That' a good slut." Bill grunted as the young wife cupped his balls softly in her palm.

"Yes!" Steph called out, vigorously stroking his meat. "It is so strong. And powerful! And mighty!"

"You know now how I get women? You know how all you little sluts fall under its spell, don't you?" Bill asked.

"Mmm, yes! This thing would make any woman's nipples hard and pussy wet! It would make any slut's mouth drool! Cause that's what's happened to me." Steph moaned out lustfully. Lust for this cunning seducer and his big cock.

"And you are a slut, aren't you?" Bill asked.

"Yes! I am a slut. I am a slut for big, nasty dick. I love teasing all the men with the big cocks. I love shaking my hot ass and big tits at all the sexy men. I love letting them know they couldn't have me. And I kept waiting for the one man who wouldn't listen to my bullshit and come after me anyway. Because I am a slut who needs a big dick in her life, and any real man should see that." Steph moaned out.

"Oh, I know you do, bitch, I do." Bill said, appreciatively to the slut on her knees in front of him. His cold sneer returned. "Now, get back to work," he commanded uncaringly. She dove forward again, eager to swallow that fat piece of cock-meat. She began to bob on him again, the sweet sounds of her choking ringing through their ears.

Bill looked down, smiling devilishly as he studied the beautiful young wife's face. Her eyes teared up again at the choking sensation she was feeling, but she didn't pull away. She looked up, matching his gaze, eager for his approval, but the only feedback her pretty eyes received was his cold, cocky stare. He simply expected more. Staring at him, she formed a tight seal with her lips around his shaft, grabbed his thighs, and forced herself deeper, getting another inch into her mouth.

"Ohhh, fuck, you are something else, slut." Bill complimented. Steph's tongue swirled on the underside of his shaft, soaking it with her spit. She pulled back, slowly removing his shaft from her throat. More and more meat escaped the confines of her wet mouth. Finally, the wet cock fell from her mouth, strands of drool connecting her lips to the old man's fat cock.

"Wow." she gasped, her moving lips severing the strands of spit, landing on her jutting, t-shirt covered rack. "Your cock is amazing! It tastes so good!"

"Less talking... more sucking." Bill commanded. Steph's eyes flashed at the arrogance of this man who felt he could boss her around. Her eyes flashed, her nipples tightened, and her pussy was positively dripping. Clearly, she loved being bossed around by this brute of a man.

"Yes, sir." Steph said, looking up worshipfully at the older man, her new master. She grabbed the base of Bill's thick cock, pointed it at her mouth, and dive bombed onto it mouth first. Looking back up at Bill, she formed a tight seal around his thick shaft and began sucking hard, her cheeks hollowing around his meat.

"Ah, that's it, bitch. You are so good at this. You're husband doesn't know what he was missing out on. It took me two hours to get what you wouldn't give the so called love of your life." Bill said with a laugh as the young wife inhaled his cock. The only sounds heard were his groans, her slight moans, and the sucking noises coming from her mouth.

"Play with my balls." Bill commanded. Steph complied quickly, cupping his large, swollen balls in her small hand, playing with them lovingly, letting the flesh of his sack pour through her fingers as she choked on his cock.

Bill looked down, past the sexy wife inhaling his cock, down to the jiggling tits under her t-shirt. To the nipples dancing under her top, bursting to be exposed.

"Show them to me," Bill ordered.

"What?" Steph asked as she extricated the cock from the loving confines of her sucking mouth, the cock dripping with her spit.

"Show me your tits, bitch. Show them to me!" Bill demanded impatiently. A bit taken aback by his sudden anger, and not wanting to make him any angrier, she felt she had no choice but to comply.

After all, she was his bitch now.

So, Steph reached down to the hem of her shirt and began to slowly lift it, ready to reveal her tits to the man who she vowed would never get to see them. Another step of her slow descent into yielding her body completely to the evil older man, any signs of innocence falling by the wayside.

Her mind flashed to when she was leaving her parents house to go to college. Her father had warned her to be careful and be safe, because predators are out there. Evil men who only cared about their own needs and didn't care about what was best for her. Steph laughed it off, assuring him that she would be fine. Her father knew she was bright enough to not be tricked into making a stupid mistake, but he still wanted to warn her, and she listened. She assured him she could take care of herself, and besides, Eli would be there with her. As she left for school, she was unworried about the evils of the world. Eli would be there to protect her from those who would do her harm. Evil men, like Bill, who were only out there to hunt down and claim her juicy body. But the truth was out there now. Eli couldn't save her, and when confronted by a sexual hunter like Bill, she simply wasn't strong enough to resist. She was so bright and full of spirit. A girl any parents would be proud of. But now, poised to reveal her massive breasts to this evil piece of shit, ready to eagerly become this old man's bitch, his whore to use, she had shown she was no better than any other slutty girl.

Steph struggled to pull her tight top over her mountainous peaks. With a firm yank, she pulled her top up over her breasts, revealing her barely contained boobs, overstuffed into her tiny, lacy black bra. She tossed her glasses to the side and pulled off her shirt completely.

"That's not the bra of a good girl, Steph." Bill remarked. "That's the type of bra a slut wears." he added with a laugh, looking at the lacy black number, a size too small to illustrate just how big those jugs were. She simply smiled with a combination of sheepishness and lust. "Now take it off. Show me those ripe tits!" Bill ordered. Reaching between her tits to the clasp, she undid it and the bra cups exploded outward, exposing her great big breasts to Bill for the first time.

Even for a man who had seen as many pairs of big breasts as Bill said, Steph's magnificent rack was truly jaw-dropping. They were just huge, amazingly perky and perfectly round. They possessed the ripeness of a teenager's breasts, jutting out and standing proud on her chest, her hard nipples pointing outward. They were just enormous on her slim, luscious frame. The flesh of these massive udders was a smooth, soft white. These breasts were still pure. Unsullied.
That would have to change.

Bill marveled at them for a few moments. Steph had been so sure he would never get to be in this position, and now, here she was, jutting out her chest, offering up her mammoth, bare breasts to this misogynistic older man. And they were indeed mammoth. Bill had a soft spot for large breasts, and this immaculate pair was making him drool. Making him lose a bit of self-control.

Bill couldn't help himself. He reached down and grabbed Steph's huge breasts roughly, digging into them with his weathered palms. She sighed in pleasure as his large hands squeezed her firm, perky married rack. They were so soft, it almost made Bill weak in the knees. They were simply amazing. Bill squeezed the massive udders over and over again, unable to get enough.

Ahhh, married tits were the best, Bill marveled. He couldn't explain it, but there was nothing quite like squeezing a married woman's enormous breasts, making them his property. He gripped them roughly and uncaringly, immersing his rough hands in the soft flesh, feeling up this young wife's tits like no man had ever done, including her pathetic husband.

Bill moved back, moving around the slut on her knees to sit on the closed toilet, still maintaining his grip on the busty young wife's huge tits, causing her to follow on her knees. His throbbing cock now pointed upward, a towering obelisk, emanating both sexual power and evil intentions. Steph was kneeling in front of him, and his grip on her chest pulled her closer.

"Fuck my cock with your tits!" Bill growled, like the uncaring master he was. He released his grip from her boobs as he gave her this command. Smiling, she moved in closer, her full, soft breasts bounced against each other, the naturally deep cleavage beckoning the huge meat in front of her. She pushed her chest forward, his rock-hard member sliding between the luscious married jugs.

"Ahhh!" Bill moaned out, vocalizing his pleasure. The young wife slid forward till she felt the bottom of Bill's thick weapon press against her sternum. Nestled in place, the married woman brought her hands up and pushed her enormous, soft breasts together around the evil older man's massive rod. "Holy shit!" Bill called out, both the physical and visual pleasure nearly enough to make him lose it. His cock was now being completely smothered with softness, the married woman's fleshy breasts squeezing his huge dick from every angle. Most of his shaft was out of sight, smothered between the enormous breasts, the perfect, round, billowy softness forcing his dick out of sight. In pressing her massive boobs together, she was creating the softest, smoothest fuck tunnel imaginable, and she was giving this indescribable pleasure not to the man she married, but to this dinosaur of a man. This misogynist who worked for the government she so despised. This fucking asshole who talked down to her and treated women like lesser beings. This bastard who had the gall to hit on a happily married woman in front of her husband. THIS was the guy who her addled mind decided to give this indescribable pleasure.

Laughing to himself, Bill admired the way the married woman bounced her huge breasts around his cock as she began sliding the soft fuck tunnel between her breasts up and down the full length of his meat. Only the top few inches would emerge from her deep cleavage, brushing up near her chin. With only a slight coaxing from his hand, she bent forward, taking the head of his cock back into her loving mouth again.

Steph was now using her huge breasts and her mouth to pleasure the evil man's fat cock. Bill gazed hungrily at the young woman pleasuring him so aggressively. He looked down her taut back to her jutting, jean-clad ass. His attention was drawn to the phone sticking out of her tight rear pocket. A smirk crossed his face.

He had a good idea.


Eli sat in his seat, his mind racing, trying to figure out how to escape the situation he found himself in. His wife and him had been in this verbal conflict with this older man, this government agent. Neither Eli nor his wife seemed to take the guy seriously, but now, his wife was currently locked in the bathroom with that man, and Eli was forced to stay put, scolded like a boy as the older guy took care of the adult things. Namely, attempting to seduce and fuck his wife. And Eli couldn't do a thing about it.

He trusted his wife completely... but, there was something about this man that seemed to get under her skin. He seemed to get to her in a way his wife didn't want to admit, and Eli could only hope that this wasn't some sort of deep-seeded attraction she felt towards the government agent.

No, it couldn't be.

But... Bill had entered that bathroom almost ten minutes ago, and no one had emerged since. Eli could only hope that Steph was using her fiery tongue to talk her way out from her predicament, and not for anything else.

He couldn't move. He couldn't do anything to stop what was happening. Not only cause he wasn't supposed to leave his seat due to the turbulence, and not because there was a stewardess between him and the bathroom, blocking his path, but Eli was being forced to stay put due to Bill's blackmail. Sure, he grew a bit of pot. He knew it was illegal to grow it himself, even though it shouldn't be. That was one way he took a stand against the illogical government. But unfortunately, Bill had used his connections to have one of his cronies break into his home and expose his crime. Sure, that was a crime in and of itself, but Bill would escape scot free from any persecution. That's how the government worked. Guys like Bill just skated by. Bill had put his hand at Eli's throat, and Eli had no choice but to yield.

If he could just talk to Steph and explain what Bill had done, what Bill was doing to keep him in his seat like a chump... if he could just talk to her, she would totally understand. He trusted her, but she had a temper, and if she thought he had just abandoned her, he didn't know what she would do. Bill had inspired something strange in her already. Eli didn't want to tempt fate any more.

A flash of insight came to him. She still had her phone on her. If he sent her a text to explain, that could cut out Bill's legs from under him. Quickly, he grabbed his phone and sent his wife a panicked text.

"He's blackmailing me. He knows about the stash. That's why I can't be there. Don't be angry."

He sent the text and strummed his fingers, waiting desperately for a reply. A minute or two later, his phone dinged with a reply. He quickly pulled up her reply. And when he saw what was sent, his jaw dropped.

What he received was a picture. A picture of his wife... on her knees... topless... sucking an absolutely enormous cock. The picture was taken from above, by Bill, no doubt. His hands were roughly squeezing Steph's enormous breasts, his hands immersing themselves in their softness. He pushed them together, wrapping them around his massive cock, forming the perfect, soft cavity for hard titty-fucking. Her cleavage was coated with moisture as it swallowed most of Bill's thick shaft. But, his cock was so long it emerged from the top of her cleavage, long enough to reach her mouth, long enough for her to wrap her plump lips around the head and pleasure it with her married mouth.

Eli nearly passed out. He then read the caption, typed no doubt by Bill.

"Too late, buddy. Told you the bitch had a thing for me. But you should feel proud. Your wife's huge tits feel great around my cock. I'm gonna cum all over them. Make the bitch mine for good."

Eli didn't know what to do. It was too late. His wife had fallen victim to the cunning seducer, and Eli hadn't done a thing to protect her.

He had never felt so low.


Bill had never felt better.

Sometimes in life, you just have to savor the gifts you've been given. And Bill... as always, he was savoring.

He lived for scenarios like this one, for many, many reasons. Firstly, he LOVED fucking other men's wives. It was a sublime treat to steal another man's spouse, seducing her, converting them from a classy, loving wife into his own personal piece of ass. Just intruding on another man's life in such a brutal manner, stealing what is most precious to him, simply for hot, filthy sex. Sex with a smoking hot wife while the poor schmuck of a husband sits around, frozen into letting this happen.

Next, he loved showing uppity little bitches like her their place, pushing through all the nonsense they filled their heads with to unwrap the slut underneath. Just this morning, this hot totty was at a protest in Washington with her husband, yelling and screaming about whatever issue they were mad about. And now, she is kneeling in an airplane bathroom, aggressively sucking the cock of one of the most connected and corrupt agents in the government. He was proving in every way how much of a fraud she truly was. In his attempted seduction of her, she had thrown her marriage, and her strong, passionate political opinions in his face, and that all fell by the wayside as soon as she was put face-to-face with his mammoth cock. And now, she was showing him what she truly was, what she always was behind the façade.

A complete fucking slut.

Those were two of the reasons Bill was savoring the moment with a smirk on his face. But there was a third, and honestly, it might just be the most important thing.

Bill quite simply loved a huge pair of tits.

Steph may be lacking in certain areas in his mind, but she was certainly not lacking where it counted. As Bill tit-fucked her mammoth jugs, it gave him an extra thrill to know that her spineless husband had never experienced this act from her. But she was giving it to Bill, and he was savoring it. Savoring this young married woman as she used her hands to squeeze her enormous breasts around his thick, pulsing shaft, smothering his weapon with softness, putting in all this effort in an act that pleasures him and him alone. Her small, delicate hands were pressed into the soft, doughy flesh of her tits, digging into them in a way she never had before, pushing them together roughly, forming a tight, soft fuck-channel for the old man's cock. And as the spongy tip of his dick emerged from the crevasse between her full, round, married tits, her eager mouth would be waiting, sliding around the head of his cock, smothering it with her mouth, her tongue sliding against the underside his penis, pleasuring him. Her attention was entirely focused on his cock, worshipping it in every way she could from on her knees.

Smirking wolfishly, he reached down, sliding his hands down to replace hers, taking her soft, luscious breasts into his large hands, squeezing them roughly. She was still looking straight down, bobbing on his erect truncheon. Bill kneaded the soft udders, unable to get enough, squeezing them around his own cock roughly, kneading them in a way her husband never had the guts to do. Those tits were so pure before Bill got to them. Such large, firm, succulent tits, symbols of her femininity, now being used in way they never should, to pleasure the large, hard throbbing phallus of his masculinity. The soft flesh was wrapped around his shaft, bending and forming around his pipe, yielding to its hardness.

Bill played with the succulent tits for a few moments, bouncing them with his fingers, slapping them lightly, twisting her throbbing, rubbery nipples. But the bitch was good, and she didn't wince once. She didn't flinch. She took it. She took whatever the older man gave her.

She was learning quickly.

Finally, reluctantly, he pushed her back, his hard cock sliding out from within its pillowy confines. He slid one hand to the back of her head, forcing her down. He needed some more deep throat action from this married slut before moving onto the main course.

His head rested against the wall as the young slut inhaled his pulsing shaft, swallowing it with purpose, taking nearly all of it down her tight throat on every bob. Her spit was leaking down his cock as she drooled over his tasty meat, lovingly worshipping it with her tight, hot mouth, going up and down, over and over again, never stopping, never hesitating. That fight in her was gone now, it would seem.

For as significant of a moment as this all was for Steph, her mind felt... empty. All rational thought had seemingly left her. She was acting on instinct... feeling... lust. She knew what she should be feeling. Revulsion at the acts she was committing with this evil man. Disgust with herself at the fact that she was cheating on her husband. Shame at the fact that she was throwing away all her ideals, everything she stood for. Her world was seemingly collapsing around her, her mind should be in turmoil, but... it wasn't. It was easier to just not acknowledge those feelings, not think about it. It was easier to do what she was told. What Bill told her. It was easier to just turn her brain off, get on her knees, and suck some huge cock.

And she was sucking.

When she was inhaling Bill's fat cock, her plump lips sliding up and down, her tongue worshipping its underside, tasting it's masculine flavor, all that silly turmoil slipped away. All she could focus on was the huge dick in her mouth. She knew how much of a sexist pig Bill was. She knew how revolting she should and did find him, but the level of power his colossal dick emanated was intoxicating. The young wife simply could not resist. No woman could. When put face to face with that massive dong, it was impossible not to want to suck it as hard and as lustily as possible, no matter your marital status.

Studying it up close, wrapping her plump lips around the thick slab of meat, inhaling it, feeling its power in her wet, hot married mouth, Steph knew then that all of Bill's boasts were true. This fat cock must get SO much action. If anything, he was being humble in his earlier claims. Steph wouldn't be surprised if this old man found a tight, young pussy to fuck every fucking night. His dick was that good. Steph had no doubt that this magnificent cock had been inside so many pussies. And not just run of the mill pussies, either, but the tightest, wettest pussies around, the absolute top tier of cunt. Steph had no doubt this fat cock had reamed them all out, as it would soon be doing to her own.

Steph didn't doubt that many gorgeous young women like herself had ended up on their knees, serving him pleasure in such a subservient way. Steph wasn't the first married woman to energetically inhale his cock down to the root, and she wouldn't be the last.

She didn't doubt that those big, strong, rough hands of his had pawed the biggest and firmest of breasts. Those fingers had roughly squeezed some of the biggest and best racks around, as he had with her own.

And Steph had no doubt that this thick, swollen, nasty, beautiful cock had been in so many girl's asses. Like, SO many girl's asses. This is the type of cock a girl gives up every hole for, without question. And now that cock that was in so many asses was now in her hot, eager married mouth. And the taste was incedible...

So, sucking this mighty dick, having her lips around a cock with so much experience, it shouldn't be done with shame. It was an honor. A girl can only be so blessed to take a cock like this in her mouth. This was an experience not to be passed up. This is the type of cock a girl waits her whole life to give a test ride. When you encounter a cock like this, you give it your absolute best. And Steph, she was giving it her all. She was sucking Bill's cock with zeal. She doubted he had ever had it sucked better.

Pulling it from her mouth to gain some breath, she slid her mouth down the underside of his shaft, till her open mouth attached itself to the older man's heavy balls. Bill smiled as this young wife worshipped his nuts, her lips and tongue pleasuring him, switching back and forth.

As she did this, she was bent up slightly, allowing the corrupt man to appreciate the long expanse of her firm, naked back. But his eyes were quickly glued to her full, firm ass, bent outward, her slim jeans molding to them, the cleft between the cheeks clear to his eyes. At the moment he noticed this, Steph slid her mouth up, eager to swallow his huge cock again, but Bill was now filled with an animalistic purpose. He wanted more, and he wanted it right now. He pushed Steph back, causing those big, innocent doe eyes of hers to look up at him.

"Stand up," he growled, his voice heavy with lust. Steph complied, rising to her feet, reluctantly moving her hungry mouth away from Bill's dick. For Steph, there was no hesitation in compliance. Not anymore. She was too far gone at this point. The power she had savored from his evil, corrupt, powerful cock had put her completely under his thrall. She was his to command, completely. Standing topless in front of him, drunk with pleasure, her mammoth jugs bouncing slightly, she had become nice and compliant, eagerly awaiting his next order.

Steph was well on her way to becoming the older man's bitch.

"Take off your pants," Bill commanded as he unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his tanned, weathered chest, and the army tattoo over his heart. Steph's hands moved quickly, undoing the button of the tight jeans, lowering the zipper, and tugging at the waist. Bill's eyes widened with hunger as her tiny black underwear emerged, far too sexy and slutty for a woman who claimed to be happily married. Bill watched the married woman struggle slightly to remove her tight jeans, bending over to tug them off, giving Bill a primo view of her massive, hanging udders. Finally, she stepped out of jeans, leaving her mostly exposed to this cunning seducer. The married woman had been talked out of her clothes, now clad only in her tiny underwear.

"Spin around," he commanded coolly, twirling two fingers in the air. Smiling slightly, happy to see this old misogynist so entranced by her hot body, she moved her hips smoothly, turning around, pointing her butt at Bill, confirming her earlier boast to him.

She was rocking a thong.

And not just any thong, either, but an especially tight, tiny one, leaving her ass almost completely exposed. The round, smooth, cheeks were just being presented to him for inspection, and he was inspecting. His legs were spread apart as he sat back, like a king, taking in the young woman's amazing rear end. Her ass was just so full and firm, standing out from her slim frame. It was perfectly heart-shaped, and the skin was just so smooth and pure. Unblemished. Bill's eyes followed the tiny string from the small of her back, seeing how her firm, round ass cheeks smothered that string in the cleft between them.

Bill was in fucking heaven.

This girl was great! Just pure filth! He had stumbled on something special here. She had acted all shy and reserved, so loyal to her husband, but it was clear this married woman was just dying to be taken. Waiting for some man to come along who knew how to handle her in the way she needed. A cunning seducer who knew how to appreciate her best features, namely her hot body. Bill was ready to take this bitch now.

He wanted to make her scream.

Bill leaned forward, bringing his manly paw forward quickly, slapping her round ass crisply.


"Ahh!" she moaned softly, as her ass jiggled perfectly due to the force of the spank. Bill appraised her reaction. She didn't move away. She didn't touch her ass, trying to ease the slight pain. No, she moaned softly and pushed her ass towards him even more. Bill smiled and spanked her other cheek.


"Fuh..." she moaned out, her head rolling in pleasure. Bill watched as her ass-cheeks reddened, but she just kept her ass in place, clearly loving this kind of treatment. His dick stiffened even more.

"Peel off your thong... slowly," Bill told the young wife as he leaned back. He watched the her bend over slightly, slide her hands down her sides, take the thong straps between her fingers, and slowly, teasingly, pulled the thong down, pulling it from the confines of her sexy ass crack, till it emerged, the tiny garment falling to the floor, leaving the proud, haughty woman completely naked in front of this evil older man.

She spun around again, facing him, now exposing her naked cunt to his eyes. She was mostly bare, save for a slim, sexy landing strip. Her pussy was perfect, looking small and tight, seemingly barely used. But Bill... he would be using it. His eyes slid up her body, over her fit stomach, past the mountainous peaks of her giant breasts, to her hungry, waiting eyes.

She wanted this as badly as he did.

"I'll leave it up to you," Bill began, leaning back slightly, his towering dick pointing right at her. "You can leave now, just put on your clothes, walk back to the hubby, and I won't say another word. We'll be done, and your vows will be, well... mostly intact. Or..." he started, reaching down, stroking his colossal pipe slowly, making sure the young wife's mind was only thinking about one thing. "Or... you stay here, climb on board the cock you've been thinking about since you first saw me, and have the best sex of your life." He paused, stroking himself, hypnotizing the once-innocent young wife. "You can continue being a nice, sweet, loving wife and never experience this..." he said, shaking his dick at her pointedly, "Or, you stay here, and become my bitch!"

"You hear that, Steph? My bitch!" Bill said, trying to break down whatever fight was left in the overwhelmed wife. She was breathing heavily, eyes glued to his thick truncheon. "I won't be nice, I won't be loving. If that shit matters to you, you can go back to your pussy husband. You'll just be my slut... nothing more. You'll just be a set of big tits, a hot ass, and an eager mouth. That's it. You'll be my bitch! You'll live for my approval. You'll be devoted to it. And you will love it. You know you will. You want to be subservient to a man. You'll live to do what I say, and the only reward you'll get is when I use your hot body to drain my nuts. Any pleasure you'll have is secondary to my own. You'll know that, and you'll still love it. I can dress you like a whore and treat you like my fucking waitress, and you will still get on your knees and happily swallow every drop of my thick, creamy cum. I'll treat you like the dirty slut you are, and you will kiss my cheek and call me 'Daddy'." Steph's eyes flashed at this, and juices literally dripped from her married cunt.

Bill loved breaking down the once proud woman. His dick was throbbing. And her... she was gasping with lust, her huge breasts heaving. She was clearly loving it as much as he was.

"So, honey..." Bill began, salivating over the young woman. "What'll it be? Do you want to continue being a loving wife, or become an older man's bitch? What would you rather be? Which one of us treats you the way you want? Which one of us do you like more? The man you've been married to for years, who loves and respects for being the independent, thoughtful young woman you are... or the guy who's known you for a couple hours and has treated you like his bitch from the very beginning? Tell me, bitch... tell me!" Bill asked, on the attack.

Steph knew she should just walk away. This was her opportunity to end this. Now that he was so clearly laying out his plans, his thoughts on life, a bit of fight rose in the young wife. Some clarity entered her brain again as she remembered all the things she fought against. As she remembered how strongly she held her ideals. She should find the older misogynist's words completely abhorrent. The fact that his cock was huge and perfect and absolutely suckable shouldn't change anything. She should go back to the man who loves her and try to repair the rift this old man had caused. She should slap the old man's handsome, smug face and stomp out of here. She should prove to him that his outlook on women was repulsive, outdated, and untrue. She should prove to him how wrong he was once and for all.

But she wasn't going to.

With a look of anger on her face, she stepped forward, putting her slim hand on the older man's sun-worn chest, pushing him back. Holding his gaze with her angry stare, she straddled his thighs, her wet, dripping pussy hovering above Bill's rock hard pipe, mere inches apart. Bill smiled arrogantly as she moved in place, causing her to speak up.

"I just want you to know I find you disgusting. You're a misogynistic pig!" she spat out, her huge, bare boobs nearly grazing Bill's face.

"Is that right?" Bill replied. She nodded with barely contained disgust.

"And what's about to happen here doesn't prove anything. It doesn't make you right!" she said, speaking with anger as she let him reach up and slide his hands around to squeeze her juicy, ripe ass, squeezing the round cheeks firmly, over and over again.

"And what's gonna happen here?" he asked knowingly. Steph looked down her nose at this scheming older man, the dislike evident on her face.

"I'm gonna fuck your brains out," she said simply, sending a ripple through his hard cock. He had to stop himself from taking her at that moment and losing control. He simply squeezed her hot ass and let her continue. "I'm gonna ride your fat fucking cock! I'm gonna give you better sex than I've ever given my husband. I'm gonna smother you with my huge tits while I ride your fat cock with my tight married pussy!" He pushed her down slightly, running the head of his fat cock against the lips of her waiting cunt, teasing her. At no point did she even consider the idea of making him wear a condom. No... his was a cock that you didn't sheath. His was a cock you wanted to feel bare.

"And...?" he asked, sliding one hand up to molest one of mammoth breasts.

"I'm gonna let you do whatever you want to me... fuck..." she sighed, feeling the huge cock teasing her entrance. Clearly, her so-called 'disgust' with him was clearly outweighed by her physical need for him. She wanted to at least salvage some sort of victory over him, not letting the fact that Bill had successfully seduced her stand as proof that his way of life was correct and hers was very wrong, even though they both knew that was the case. But Bill wasn't gonna let that stand. He was gonna make her scream how wrong she was.


"I'll fuck you until you make me scream. I'll fuck you till I forget about my husband," she added, her eyes lidding over with lust as the older man's huge cock and big hands worked her overstimulated body over. She was so full of energy. Her body was a livewire. She needed release.

She needed hot sex.

"And?" Bill repeated, his smooth voice taunting her. Sighing slightly, she moved her lips to his ear.

"I'll let you fuck me till you make me your bitch!" she whispered hotly.

"And?" he repeated, her forehead falling against his rough shoulder as he teased her, her smooth air sliding against his chest, the pleasure close to overwhelming her already.

"If you make me cum, I'll be your bitch for life!" she whispered.

"And?" he repeated one last time, taking his hand from her soft breast, curling his fingers around the root of his shaft, resting his other hand on her hip. Feeling her heated breath against this face, feeling her pussy juice leaking onto the tip of his mighty penis, Bill was ready to pounce. Finally, she found the strength to reply, to offer up her complete submission.

"If you fuck me hard, I'll call you Daddy," she whispered, her plump lips brushing his ear. A shiver rushed through the government agent.

It was time to do what he did best.

"Alright, slut..." Bill growled, "Prepare to become my bitch!"

With that, Bill pulled the young woman down as he flexed up, forcing the swollen head of his mighty dong into the married woman's willing, waiting, needy pussy.

"AHHH!" she moaned out, feeling her tight pussy stretch around the meaty invader. She pushed her hand against his chest, as if willing him to take it easy, but Bill was unflinching, forcing half of his weapon inside the young woman's tight cunt. God, this woman felt as tight as a virgin, Bill thought, feeling her tight young pussy gripping his shaft.

Steph's world was being changed with every inch of hard cock being forced inside her. She knew his cock was just fucking huge, bit it had never felt bigger than it did at this moment, stretching her tight married pussy open, forcing her to accept the meaty invader. And her pussy was accepting it. Despite its immense size, her pussy was welcoming it inside of her, stretching around it in a manner Steph didn't think possible, soaking it with her now copious juices, lubing it, aiding it in its journey balls deep inside the married woman. Bill's cock wouldn't stop until it was completely inside her, and her pussy would do it's damndest to help it reach its goal.

As more cock was being forced inside her, Steph only now truly understood what she had been missing out on all these years. Feeling this enormous cock inside her, feeling her cunt stretch to take it, she now realized how meagre Eli's efforts at sex had always been. She thought she would have been content with the type of married sex she had shared with her husband, but Bill, using the top half of his cock, had changed that completely. Having her pussy stretched open, stretched around a powerful cock like Bill's, it just felt right. It felt perfect. It was satisfying a craving she had always felt but could never truly acknowledge.

"Take it, bitch!" Bill grunted, pushing her down, wanting her to take more of his cock inside of her. She twisted and flexed, angling herself to take more of Bill's powerful cock. As Steph's copious pussy-juice dripped down his shaft, more of Bill's hard pipe slid inside her. It was almost inhuman, Steph thought, wondering how her body could take so much cock. She didn't know how it could possibly fit, but it could, and somehow, she just knew she could take more. She could take the whole thing.

Steph was beginning to realize that she was built for big cock.

Bill was every bit the uncaring man he had portrayed himself, his brutish arms pushing her down, making the young wife take his hard, throbbing cock, not letting up. Steph was doing her best, huffing and puffing, finding room for Bill's mighty weapon. But Bill was pushing her past her limits at an unyielding pace.

Half of his cock went inside... then three quarters. She could take it, Bill knew, and she would take it.

"Please..." she whispered as the dick working its way inside of her seemingly could push no farther. "Go slow... please!" she begged innocently. But Bill was not moved by her gentle whisper. He was a cold, cold man. So, gearing up, he pulled down at her roughly, pushing up in the same unyielding manner, forcing the remaining length of his hard cock all the way inside her, up to the balls.

"Oh..." she grunted out as Bill's thick log forced the air from her lungs. Her eyes went wide, and her mouth hung open, silently grunting and screaming as she tried to get used to the hard cock inside of her. Bill ground himself into her, gyrating his dick inside the married woman's pussy, enjoying the way Steph's tight cunt was gripping his meat, squeezing it hard, showing the member how much her pussy loved it.

Steph head fell to his shoulder, coping to the sensation of the fat cock stretching her tight little cunt apart. She didn't know how she had taken such a mammoth weapon. It was so big it almost felt stuck inside her.

Bill held her in place, his throbbing cock fully within her pussy. He wanted her to gather her strength. He wanted to see her reaction. He wanted to hear her scream.

Would he be right? Would Bill watch the young woman fall prey to his smooth charms and huge cock, or would it be too much for her? Would she scream out in pleasure, or scream for mercy?

Finally, the young married woman pulled back from Bill, ground her hips into him, let her head fall back, and made her true feelings known.

"Oh, fuck yes!" Steph screamed out, her hands gripping the older man's weathered neck. "You're so fucking huge! It feels amazing!" she moaned out, squeezing her cunt around his thick shaft.

His cock had never seemed more like a weapon of pure evil than it did in this moment. Because all decorum, all the pure thoughts that once occupied her mind all seemed to slip away. Bill's cock was changing her, warping her young mind the longer it was inside of her. All the things that mattered to her before seemed so much less important. Her husband, her marriage, her political and social beliefs. All that mattered was the hard cock inside her. All that mattered was making sure that massive dick got the pleasure it needed. All that mattered was the sensation of feeling full, filled to the brim with cock. It was a sensation she never knew could feel so good, and now that she was feeling it, she didn't know if she could give it up.

Or if she would ever want to.

"You like that, bitch?" Bill grunted out, grinding into her, the married woman's tight pussy feeling incredible around his hard cock. It had been a long time since he'd fucked a pussy this tight.

"Oh my God! I love it!" she cried out, biting her lip in pleasure as she ground herself into Bill. "Ohhh fuck!"

"You love that cock?" Bill asked, moving his hands back to her huge married breasts, squeezing them roughly.

"Yes! YES! I love that cock! I love your fucking cock! It's the best cock I've ever seen!" Steph cried out, eyes closed in pleasure.

"Better than what your little husband's packing?" Bill asked, tweaking the young woman's nipples. She pushed her chest out, making sure his manly palms were overflowing with her huge, married tits.

"God yes! So much bigger! And better! Fuck yes!" Steph screamed out.

"Then what are you waiting for?" Bill asked, sliding one hand down to spank the married woman's ass. "Fuck me, bitch!"

Steph looked at the older man, looking into his arrogant face. Her eyes flashed with a combination of hatred and lust as she leaned forward, pushing her huge breasts against Bill's face. She pushed herself up, sliding all the way up till only the thick head of Bill's penis remained inside her, before dropping herself back down.

"Ugh fuck!" Steph grunted out, her ass slamming into Bill's thighs.

"Faster, bitch!" Bill commanded, his face in the primo position, smothered between her mammoth jugs.

He spanked her ass again, spurring her into action. The married woman lifted herself up again before dropping back down, beginning to work up into a consistent rhythm, fucking the corrupt government agent.

"Oh my God, it's so good! Fuck me, Master! Fuck me!" Steph moaned out in awe, taking the huge cock in her tight pussy over and over again. Bill sat back and smiled, enjoying watching the married woman putting in the work of pleasuring him. Enjoying that she was beginning to see her place.

Eli wasn't nearly so comfortable. He was tense, his eyes locked on the bathroom, waiting for any signs of life. He was hoping against hope that maybe, just maybe, that they were only in there so long because Steph was really laying into him, telling Bill and his way of life off once and for all. Standing up to the brutish older man in a way that Eli couldn't.

Deep down, he knew this couldn't possibly be the case. He had seen evidence to the contrary, seeing a picture of her inhaling the huge cock of another man. But... maybe that was a trick in some way. A deception. Maybe she had changed her mind, pulled away, and put that asshole in his place.

But the young husband was finding the wait too much to take. The stewardess was still blocking the path between the bathroom, but Eli was tempted to just say screw it, push past her, and rip open that bathroom door, and accept whatever consequences arose. His fingers toyed at the seatbelt, ready to undo it and stand up, when suddenly, from the bathroom...

"Oh fuck yes!" Steph moaned out loudly, her voice traveling all throughout the cabin. "Your cock is so much bigger than my husband's, Master! It feels so good in my married pussy!"

Eli froze in place as he heard his marriage crumbling, as he heard his wife moan out in appreciation for another man's impressive endowment. If his world hadn't been destroyed already, this made it official. His wife was having sex with another man, and he had been strong armed into allowing it. He had given his wife the opportunity to cheat and she had eagerly jumped at the possibility. And now, she was joining the mile-high club with this misogynistic bully. This fucking asshole who had blackmailed Eli and brow-beat his sexy wife, tearing down her ideals, sharing his outdated beliefs, and exposing himself to her. And it worked! That dinosaur had somehow unlocked something in his wife with his ridiculous seduction techniques, and now, he was banging Eli's sexy wife in the airplane bathroom while Eli just sat there like a putz.

And the worst thing, the thing that would stick with him just as long as his wife's betrayal and his failure as a husband... everyone else could hear his wife moaning in pleasure. Everyone else knew exactly what was going on in the bathroom. They all knew that a woman was getting it on with a man who was not her husband. She was fucking a man with a huge cock. None of them knew if the husband on the other side of this was on the plane or not. And the stewardesses... Eli thought at the very least, they would move to put an end to this. To stop the copulating couple in the bathroom and send them on their way. But no, they didn't. Their reaction was far more distressing.

They laughed.

There were shared glimpses and knowing smiles. They didn't care that a marriage was being destroyed. To them, the illicit cheating sex happening in the bathroom was in flight entertainment on an otherwise dull cross-country flight. They didn't stop what was going on. They just listened in.

The other passengers were no better. No one complained. It was as if everyone was on the same page, sharing a secret, as everyone listened in on the hot sex occurring in the bathroom, not caring about the consequences.

Eli was all on his own.

As Eli sat alone, listening to his world crumbling, things were going a bit better for Bill. He sat in the bathroom as Steph vigorously rode his hard cock, the massive member now sliding smoothly in and out of the married woman's tight cunt. Her massive sweaty breasts were sliding against the confident government agent's face, and he was smiling wide as he scrubbed his face against the massive, smooth mounds of flesh she was giving to him. He reached up to grip them, squeezing the soft flesh in his hands roughly, guiding the nipples into his mouth, allowing him to bite the married woman's nipple.

"Ahhhh! Fuck yes!" Steph screamed out, her ass rolling smoothly as she rode the government agent's hard cock, sometimes riding the full length, sometimes just gyrating in his lap. She was fully committed to the cheating sex at this point, showing no more hesitance, no daintiness. No, she was riding the fat cock hard, like a true whore, in no way ladylike, driving herself into the hardened, weathered flesh of the older man. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck yes! Fuck me, Master! YES!"

Bill scrubbed his face against the married woman's massive breasts, savoring their softness, but as much as he enjoyed letting the little married slut do all the work, it wouldn't be till he took over that this bitch would truly accept her place. So, reluctantly, he pulled his hands from her huge breasts, bringing them down to her smooth hips, which he grabbed onto roughly. He then began to drive himself upward, his powerful thrusts causing his body to slam into Steph's.

"OH!" she barked out in pleasure, his cock driving into her even more roughly than before. Bill showed an impressive strength, throwing the young wife down into him as he drove upward, their bodies slapping together violently. His huge, swollen cock was now easily sliding in and out of her tight squeezing cunt, and it was now coated with her juices. Like a smooth piece of machinery, his cock pistoned in and out of the married woman's tight pussy, in an out, in and out, over and over again, never stopping, never slowing down. And her pussy was clearly loving this treatment, squeezing his hard cock with every pump, gripping it roughly, trying to hold it inside of her every time it tried to leave its silky confines. His heavy, swollen balls were slapping against the young woman as he drilled her.
"Yes! Yes! Yessuh... uh, uh, ugh!" She grunted, her moans becoming less ladylike every time he drove his massive shaft roughly into her squeezing cunt. He was not letting up, showing no mercy, his years of experience with rough, filthy sex paying off. "UGH! UGH! UGH! MASTER! YES! YES! YES!"

She was no longer the one doing the work, staying in place above the older man as he fucked her roughly and without mercy.

"You like this, bitch!? You like that cock!?" Bill groaned out, trying to keep control over himself. Steph's pussy was incredible, and he was having trouble stopping himself from appearing overeager. He maintained his hard demeanor, gripping the young woman around the waist and continuing to drive his massive meat in and out of her eager snatch.

"Yes! YES! This is the best fucking cock! Holy fuck! YES!" she screamed out.

This was why he liked fucking married women the best. If a piece of ass like Steph was left on the market, she would be getting drilled by every smooth talker she came across. But by being locked into a marriage, this tight pussy was being protected, saved for a man like Bill. Her pussy was locked into dull marital sex, and the longer that marriage went on, the more ready that pussy would be to get stretched around his massive meaty weapon.

A wedding ring was a target for a charming seducer like Bill and he always hit his mark.

"Tell me... FUCK... tell me how it feels! Tell me how much better it is than your husband's cock!" Bill demanded, the young wife's huge breasts sliding against his taut chest.

"Your cock is... GOD!" she screamed out. "Your cock is amazing, Master! It's the best fucking cock EVER! You make my husband look like a little boy! You're a real fucking man, with a real fucking cock! YES!" Steph screamed out loud enough for everyone on the plane to hear.

"Mmm..." Bill groaned, savoring the wife's squeezing pussy, "What kind of man lets his wife fuck a cock like this? Mmm... fuck! What kind of man sits on his ass while his wife rides a giant pipe like mine?"

"OH!" Steph moaned out. As he said this, her pussy spasmed around his driving cock. She was beginning to learn how good it feels to trash talk her idiotic loving husband while riding another man's cock.

"That's make him a pussy, doesn't it?" Bill added, with a smirk. "It makes him pathetic! What kind of husband doesn't stand up for his wife? What kind of man lets a guy like me fuck his wife? Huh? Tell me! Keep riding my fucking cock and tell me!"

Steph couldn't deny it. As she felt a pleasure she didn't imagine possible, feeling the hugest, fattest, most amazing cock ever filling her tight cunt, she realized this was all do to her husband backing down. Backing down to the iron will of this brute of a man... this conqueror. Yes, he was a conqueror, a warrior, and he was slaying her tight married cunt. And her husband, he had barely registered as an obstacle. He was nothing to a man like Bill. Bill had proven to be her husband's superior in every way. It was quite simply a fact, a fact that the young wife found very, very attractive. And at this point, he deserved to hear this fact straight from Steph.

"Yes! YES! Oh God, you're right! YES! Okay... YES! My husband's a fucking pussy! FUCK YES!" she screamed out, a violent spasm of pleasure jolting through her. "He's pathetic! FUCK! I'm giving you better sex than I ever gave him! You earned it, Master! You're so much better than him!" the wife screamed out, pumping the arrogant misogynist's ego as he pumped her pussy. Her cunt was quivering. She was getting very close to cumming on the corrupt government agent's cock.

Sensing this, Bill increased his clutch around the young wife's waist and really focused on driving up into her as hard as possible.

"UGGHHHHHH! HHHHHHNNNNNN! GOD FUCKING DAMMIT!" she screamed as the older man power-fucked her with his enormous dick. She was matching this rough pace, driving her body into him. There was no daintiness or hesitance on her part. She wasn't trying to pretend she didn't want this. She was riding him violently, her ass slamming into his torso, riding his fat cock like a complete fucking whore. Like the dirty slut she was, not the wife she pretended to be.

"You wanna cum, bitch?" Bill growled like the devil.

"YEEEAAASSSS! PLEASE!" she begged, slamming into him, the pleasure almost at a crescendo.

"Tell me!" Bill demanded, moving one of his arms up her body, roughly gripping the side of her breast in his meaty paw. She loved feeling his rough hands on her soft breasts. Such a hard, rough man deserved the incredible softness a pair of huge, married breasts could provide.

"I... uh, fuck, fuck, I wanna cum!" she begged, coated with sweat, on the edge of a huge orgasm, the biggest of her life, on the end of the older man's evil cock. The evil cock that was poisoning this young, sweet wife, turning her into a cock-crazy slut.


"Try again!" he screamed out, slapping her ass roughly.

"FUCK! YES! Please! I wanna cum!" she begged, her warbling voice sounding a bit more composed.


"AGAIN!" he roared, her ass being met with his big strong hand again.

"I wanna fucking cum!" Steph said with more force.


"More!" Bill demanded, her tight, clutching cunt driving him wild.

"I wanna cum on your FAT FUCKING COCK! Yes! YES! UGH! " Steph screamed out.


"MORE!" Bill grunted out, savagely fucking Steph.

"I want to cum on your AMAZING COCK! I've wanted to since the moment I fucking saw you!" Steph squealed out, her pussy quivering.


"More!" Bill demanded again.

"I want to fucking CUM on your perfect, fat COCK while my fucking PUSSY of a HUSBAND sits out there and listens! I want you to make me scream my head off, Master! Please!" Steph begged.

"Tell me what I want to hear!" Bill told her. "Tell me what you are!"

Her sharp eyes looked down at him. Her face screwed up in hate as she fucked the older man's huge cock, and for a moment, Bill saw the hateful glare on her face that had met him for the first couple hours of this plane ride.

"Fuck you!" Steph screamed, desperate for his approval, despite her 'hate'. Desperate for the permission to cum.

"Tell me!" Bill growled as the young wife hate-fucked his enormous, throbbing cock. She tried to hold out, to not give him what he wanted. The pleasure was too great.

"I'm your fucking bitch, okay!?" she relented, giving in to the him, accepting her place. "You've made me your bitch! I'm your fucking dirty slut! Just... PLEASE! Make me cum, Daddy!"

As soon as the once proud woman called this evil older man Daddy, a jolt of lust went through the government agent. He drilled the young woman with a fury, changing his angle of attack slightly, driving his cock into her in such a way to accomplish one singular goal.

Make this submissive bitch cum.

"AAAHHH! AHHHH! Oh my God! YES! YES! YES!" Steph screamed as the older man pile-drove his oversized rod in and out of her taut married snatch. The thick, spongy head of his huge dick was scratching an itch inside Steph that had been present for years. He was hitting her in places Eli never had or could, fitting inside her perfectly. And now, knowing she had his permission to cum, and that she had willingly subjugated herself to him completely, she was about to have a huge orgasm.

Her world was about to shake.

"Cum, bitch! Cum on my fat cock! Cum on Daddy's fat fucking cock!" Bill commanded, his teeth clenched as he steeled himself to feel her amazing cunt go crazy around his dick.

"I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum, Daddy!" Steph moaned out, eyes squeezed shut.

"Do it, bitch! Cum on Daddy's cock!" he said, spanking her ass.

"FUCK! YES! YES! YES! YES! I'm gonna... I'm gonna cum! I'M GONNA CUM! I'M GONNA FUCKING CUM ON YOUR BIG FAT COCK! YES! YES! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! YYYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!" Steph screamed nearly at the top of her lungs as her world exploded, cresting in an incredible wave of pleasure as the biggest orgasm of her life hit her. Any orgasms she had had before this barely counted in comparison. Her body twitched and jerked violently as the orgasm slammed her, grinding into the magnificent older man's body, feeling every inch of his cock inside of her.

"SSSSOOOOOO GOOOOOOODD!" Steph moaned out, riding her high. Below her, Bill's body was clenched taut, fighting off an orgasm as the married woman's pussy clenched around him, desperate to make him cum, desperate to take his seed. But Bill had a plan for the cum filling his balls, and it wasn't for her cunt. Not yet, anyway.

Steph was in another world. Her cunt was spasming in pleasure, feeling a type of pleasure she never knew possible. Every nerve in her body was exploding with pleasure, making her body quiver with delight. And it was all thanks to the god-cock lodged balls deep in her married cunt. There was no guilt, no moral quandaries. No, none of that mattered. She didn't need to worry about that stuff anymore. All that mattered was the giant dick stretching out her pussy, giving her the type of pleasure she always needed.

The type of pleasure a hot piece of ass like her deserves.

Steph's body jerked and flexed for a few more moments before collapsing, the tension leaving her, her luscious body falling against Bill's. After the hardest fuck of her life, part of her was ready to just relax and rest, but there was one thing keeping her in the moment. One very big thing.

The huge, ten-inch, mature dick still lodged within her clutching cunt.

It was so hard that it was throbbing inside of her, marinating in her married pussy, still coated with her juices. Her pussy was still squeezing the huge cock, massaging it, giving every inch of the evil weapon the loving pleasure it so deserved. There was something about its immense size. It almost emitted a dark power, an evil energy. The longer it stayed buried in Steph's tight married pussy, that evil energy was transferring to her, corrupting her once pure spirit.

She pushed herself up to look at his smug face again, but this time, there was no fight in her. Not anymore.

"How did you not cum?" she asked with awe, eyes wide, her angelic features looking down at the corrupt man below her.

"Well, bitch..." he began, her eyes flashing with lust as he called her this disrespectful name. Her cunt squeezed his fat cock appreciatively. "I'm sure you're used to making the boy you're married to cum in two minutes, but I'm a real man. If you want to make me cum, you have to earn it. So... get to work, slut."

Her eyes flashed again and her plump lips curled into a smirk that was both adorable and incredibly slutty.

Evil was a good look for her.

"Yes, Daddy," she began, pushing herself up, her huge breasts jiggling deliciously. "Your little slut's gonna make cum harder than you ever have before!" she promised.

With this pause in the storm of hot sex, the other passengers on the plane kept one eye on the bathroom door, interested in seeing the guilty parties. Interested to see the two people who clearly just had incredible sex.

For Eli, he just hoped the whole thing was over. He hoped he could somehow just put this whole thing in the past and move on, and figure out the consequences later. He hoped this whole bout of insanity had come to an end.

He would not be so lucky.

If only he could talk to her, to explain what was going on. To explain that the older man was blackmailing him, that he had tricked them both into falling right into his trip. If only Eli could explain, maybe they could somehow come to an understanding. Eli felt empty inside and he just wanted to go back to how things were, mere hours ago. If only he could tell her how much he loved her, and see that love returned on her pretty face and hear her tell him the same, then everything might just be okay.

'I love you' were not the words passing through her lips at the moment.

"You like your slut's tight little cunt, Daddy?" Steph asked, smirking hotly, looking over her shoulder at her master. She had changed her position, now with her back to him, sitting on his lip. She was grinding her ass into his crotch slowly, rolling her butt in his lap, her pussy still wrapped around Bill's cock, squeezing it.

"Mmmm, not bad," Bill granted her, causing her to roll her eyes slightly. Bill was slightly lost in the view, having a primo view of her sexy, taut, bare back, and her amazing, round, juicy ass. His eyes drank in the view of her luscious, heart shaped ass as it rolled in his lap, admiring its perfection. And her breasts were so big that he could see them from behind.

Just the way he liked it.

Bill was content to just let this ride as he cooled down from the bout of rough sex he had just taken part of. But he could tell immediately that although Steph was now very much enjoying sex with Bill, she was starting to get a bit arrogant. She was starting to feel like she was in control. She had already cum hard, and she was still full of energy. She felt like she was ready to go all night, and she momentarily wondered if this old man could keep up with the youthful sexual energy of the busty young wife. For a moment, she wondered if she could out-fuck him, to break him in the way he was trying to break her.

It was time for her to be reminded who was in charge.

"You like Daddy's cock more than your husband?" Bill asked, gripping her smooth hips with his rough hands.

"Mmm, your cock is so much better than my husband's," she moaned out, still smoothly rolling her ass around the fat cock. "It's so big... so fat... so fucking amazing! My husband's cock is tiny compared to yours."


Her body jerked as the older man slapped her ass, causing her to look back at him with surprise, slightly hurt.

"I said... do you like my cock more than your husband?" he asked, no humor in his voice. She paused for a few moments, some guilt still holding her back.


"Do I have to ask again, bitch?" Bill asked harshly.

"Yes! YES!" she called out, flexing her pussy around his shaft harder, wanting to give him more pleasure to cool his anger.


"Yes what?" he asked.

"I love your cock more than I love my husband, Daddy!" she moaned out. "It's amazing!"

"Your marriage means nothing compared to what my cock can do to you." Bill said.

"Yes! Your cock has given me more pleasure and fulfillment than he ever has," she answered, grinding into him, licking her lips.

"Pleasuring your Daddy's cock is the only thing your good for. No more silly politics... no more stupid clothing... all you're good for is worshipping your Daddy's huge dick, right? The only thing you're good for is being an older man's bitch!" Bill said, grinding up into her slowly.

"Fuck!" she moaned out softly, biting her lower lip as she squeezed her cunt around Bill's hard pipe, her juices dripping onto his huge balls. "I'm just a dirty slut. All I'm good for is pleasuring Daddy's huge cock! All I'm good for is being an older man's submissive bitch! Yes, it feels so good!" she moaned out.

"You like pleasuring Daddy, don't you?" Bill asked.

"Yes! I love making Daddy's cock feel good! I want to make you cum! Please Daddy! Cum for your little slut! Cum for your dirty bitch!" Steph sighed.

"Well..." he began, reaching down, grabbing Steph under her knees, pulling her back so she was against him, "I've got time to make you cum some more, first. Just so you don't forget who's in control here."

"Wait, uh, what... oh my God!" Steph sighed as Bill began to piston his cock in-and-out of her.

Bill began to forcefully driving into the slim young woman, pounding his cock into her squeezing pussy. Her nice smelling hair was against his nose, filling his nostrils with its sweet scent. Her back was pressed against him and he was looking over her shoulder, giving him an amazing view of her bouncing rack. He took one of his hands and brought it to her jutting chest, squeezing one of her breasts roughly as he drove up into her.

"Take it! Take that fucking cock, bitch!" Bill grunted, giving the married woman his full length on every stroke.

"Yes! YES! I love it! I love your big dick, Daddy!" she groaned out, head rolling in pleasure.

"Do you want to cum on my big dick, or do you want you want Daddy to cum?" Bill asked, really digging into it, forcing the young married woman to take his entire shaft roughly

"I want you to cum, Daddy! I want you to cum so bad! I wanted to make you cum the instant you started hitting on me! I wanted to bend over, unzip your pants, and swallow your fat fucking cock whole, right in front of Eli!"

"Mmm, yeah!" Bill grunted, liking that, giving the young woman harder strokes with his throbbing member. Steph sensed his pleasure and continued.

"God you were so hot... I thought so from the start." Steph admitted, feeding his ego, again not even sure if she was lying or admitting a deep, dark truth. He pawed at her breasts, gripping them roughly as he held her tight, fucking her hard. "I wanted you to fuck me... yes, fuck yes... I wanted you to convince me to cheat on my husband. My fucking PUSSY OF A HUSBAND with a TINY DICK and no backbone! You were such a fucking asshole, but God, I wanted you to have me. You really had a fucking pair to hit on a married woman. A guy with huge balls like you deserves to have them worshipped," she said, driving herself down to meet his rough strokes. "Fuck yes! Fuck yes! YES! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me!"

Bill held her tightly in his big, manly arms, still digging his big fingers into her soft, perky breast flesh.

"Squeeze them, Daddy..." Steph moaned out, reaching down to under her knees to replace his hands, holding her legs up. "Squeeze my big tits, Daddy! They belong to you!"

Bill was happy to oblige, bringing his other hand to join the first, both of his big hands now squeezing the married woman's massive, succulent tits, digging into them roughly, embracing their incredible softness. This sensation spurred him onward, fucking the young bitch hard.

"AH! AH! AH! YES! YES! YES! YES!" Steph squealed, feeling the mammoth cock filling her up, again and again. "I think I'm gonna cum again," she croaked out. After having gone her whole life without having a real orgasm, having a second one so soon after the first was a shocking outcome. But the older man's always driving and never relenting cock was sending her over the edge again.

"You want to cum for Daddy?" Bill grunted, "You want to cum on Daddy's big cock?"

"YES! I want to cum on your fat cock, Daddy! Please! I want to cum on your amazing cock! I want to cum... I want to cum... I want to cum... I want to cum... ah, ah, AH, YES, YES, YES! Oh my God! Oh my God! OH MY GOD! YES! YES! YES! AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! YYYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!" Steph screamed out, cumming again on Bill's big cock.

Bill never relented, continuing to drive his mammoth weapon into the young married woman, hitting her in all the right places. He wanted to make this prideful bitch an orgasm addict. He wanted to make her addicted to pleasure. Addicted to his fat cock.

He was well on his way to accomplishing that goal.

"YES! YES! OHHHHHMMMMMMYYYYYYYGGGGGOOOODDDDDDDD!" she screamed, cumming again, seconds after the previous one. How could this fucker be so good? He never fucking stopped! He was so rough! Such a brute! An animal! How did he know how to fuck women so well? He was amazing!

Steph's body was on edge, all of her being worked over by the older man. Not only just the massive cock drilling her roughly. Everything he did was just getting her off. His taut arms wrapped around her, clutching her to him. His big hands, kneading her mammoth breasts, making her squirm. And, of course, his massive cock, filling her to the brim, driving her crazy. Her body was tensed, and her throat was tightened, to the point that even though she was still moaning, her throat was so tight it was silenced. A silent howling moan of pleasure.
He was pretty much making her cum with every stroke of his massive penis at this point. As he fucked Steph roughly, the haughty young woman was now in a state of near constant orgasm. This might seem generous for a cold-hearted man like Bill, but Steph's pleasure was secondary to him. He just needed her nice and compliant for what was to come, and making her so drunk with pleasure that she couldn't think straight was one way to accomplish that.

"Fuck!" Bill grunted roughly, slowing down. Steph's tight cunt nearly getting him off, testing his expert level of self control. He would never give her the credit, but Steph was very good at sex. Now that she had warmed up to him, now that she was giving it back to him a bit, she was quickly progressing from beginner to expert. In no time at all, Steph would be a fantastic whore for him. This was some of the best sex of his life, and for a man like Bill, that's saying something. And the fact they were doing this practically right in front of Steph's idiotic, dick-less husband made this extra sweet.

He pumped in and out of the young married woman slowly, letting her come down from her high. He clutched her quivering, pleasure-racked body, squeezing her luscious tits, holding his cock inside her, not pumping, letting his meat marinate in her steamy cunt. As soon as her body relaxed and he could hear her puff for breath, Bill was ready to move this along.

It was time to take what was his.

"Alright, bitch... stand up!" he commanded impatiently, showing no appreciation for the pleasure she had brought him.

"Uh... wha..." she said, confused, drunk with pleasure.

"I said stand up!" he commanded again, slapping the side of her ass, spurring her into action. Shaking her head to the clear the cobwebs, she peeled her sweaty body off of his, pushing herself up, sitting up straight. Her head sagged slightly, a bit shaky. Finally, she steeled herself, ground her ass into the older man's lap, squeezing his still throbbing cock, before she pushed herself to her feet, standing on shaky legs. Bill's python-like cock slid out of the married woman's cunt for the first time in what felt like forever, standing erect like a tower from his body, coated with a thick, shiny layer of the married woman's sex-juices.

The government agent pushed himself up to a seated position as Steph turned to face him, her eyes immediately locking onto his throbbing member. It had never looked more menacing, bouncing slightly as he moved, the huge, imposing head pointing straight at her. His cock looked ready to burst, and his giant balls looked swollen. There must be so much cum in there, ready to explode, Steph thought.

She looked up at the older man in awe. She had worked so hard and given Bill her best, giving the misogynist better sex than she would ever give her husband, and he still hadn't cum. It must take a herculean effort to resist blowing his load with the kind of pleasure Steph had given him. Bill truly had backed up his claims. He was actually even better than he had boasted. Steph wondered how this was possible. How can this fucking asshole be so good at sex? How could this guy who clearly loved the idea breaking down and degrading hot young ladies like herself actually have the tools to get the job done? There was only one answer.

Bill was a fucking sex god.

It was otherworldly how good of a fuck he was. No man should be this good. He was a conqueror, capable of working his way into a girl's pants like no other. And once he lured them in, he could destroy those young women, tearing their pussies up in the hottest way possible, making them eager and willing to give up everything to him. He could snap his fingers and make any woman bend the knee.

How could she have ever doubted him? Where she once saw macho bravado, she now saw irresistible sexy confidence. Her initial thoughts of him being a dirty old man were now thoughts of him being completely deserving of having the hottest and sexiest young women bow before him. She now saw the age difference with added appeal, making it even hotter that a guy his age had the confidence and ability to steal women from men who were half his age. That kind of confidence and charisma was so hot. And looking at his taut, half exposed body, weathered by the sun, his fit muscles better than a lot of guys half his age... it only made him an even more impressive sexual being. A sex god. And Steph, she was now in his thrall completely. She would do whatever he commanded of her, as long as he kept pleasuring her. Thoughts of her husband and her beliefs were all forgotten. The pleasure Bill gave to her made all those other things seem so much less important. All that mattered was pleasuring Bill, and receiving whatever pleasure she had earned.

Steph was now truly the older man's bitch.

"Bend over the sink," Bill told the young woman, his voice once again smooth and fatherly. She obeyed, putting her hands over the sink, bending over slightly, pushing her butt outward towards Bill.

Bill stood up with a smirk, his unbuttoned shirt hanging from his shoulders, his pants around his thighs. As he stood, Steph's eyes were locked on the god-hammer swinging between his legs. Despite the orgasms she had already received from him, despite how worn out she should be, she was ready for more. She was practically wired, adrenaline running through her veins, eager for what was next. He approached the young woman slowly and Steph looked up at him, her big, innocent eyes unsure of his intentions.

She had been so proud not so long ago, Bill noted, and now, here she was, presenting her hot naked body to the evil man for his appraisal. Bill took her in, eyes hungrily consuming every square inch of exposed, creamy skin. Her taut, bare back, her long firm legs... her amazing, round, jutting ass. It was her ass that drew his complete attention. Each cheek was immaculate, full and firm, perfectly formed. The deep crevasse between the cheeks drew his gaze as he began to slowly approach.

"You know what I'm gonna ask of you..." Bill began, his smooth, silky voice making the young wife shiver as she looked back at him, the sides of her jiggling breasts visible from behind. "You know what men like me ask of their whores..." he said, stepping behind her, resting his fingers on her smooth hips, gripping them lightly. "You knew how this would end the second you met me..." He held her gaze with his as she chewed on her lower lip hotly. "So, I just want you to ask for it... I want you to beg. So, bitch... give your Daddy what he wants," he finished, holding her gaze sternly, pausing in place.

She looked back at him, for a moment wondering if he would be more explicit about what he wanted from her, but then again, Steph already knew the answer. She wasn't stupid. It was something she just knew he would want at some point. Something that she had been contemplating offering up to him for longer than she would like to admit. Something that he had so earned, by this point, through the herculean fuck he had given her. Something that a man like him would demand for any bitch lucky enough to cross his path. And most importantly, something she would NEVER offer her husband. So, adopting her most innocent tone, knowing it would appeal to her harsh, cruel Daddy, she spoke up.

"Daddy... will you please fuck your little slut's ass?" Steph asked, licking her lips.

If there was any shred of the independent, idealistic young woman left in Steph Miller, this statement erased that. Steph was diving into her new life. She stopped caring about making the world a better place. She stopped caring about fighting the corrupt government. She stopped caring about her husband. She had now fully committed herself to pleasuring men. Big, strong, evil men, men who didn't care about her, only of their own pleasure. The once proud, idealistic, independent married woman had now accepted her place as being completely and utterly submissive to men.

Her pussy was literally dripping wet.


"Very good..." Bill said, smiling proudly at the transformation he had forced upon the young wife. With one hand, he reached up, gathering a good amount of her long silky hair in his rough palm. With his other hand he reached down, taking his pussy juice coated cock in hand, guiding the hard truncheon forward till the tip was sliding against her luscious ass crack. He teased the young woman, sliding the spongy tip along the length of the ass crack, but his throbbing cock was preventing him from being too patient. He needed release from the young woman, and he needed it now.

Yanking back on her hair, Bill pushed forward, sliding his cock between the smooth cheeks till the tip was placed it against the married woman's asshole. He looked up at the mirror in front of them. The reflection showed the young wife, a slightly pained look on her face as her head was tugged back by the uncaring older man, who stood behind her like a lion, ready to pounce on a juicy piece of meat. Her huge, smooth, perky tits, were jiggling slightly as they were front and center in the reflection, her nipples throbbing. Her smooth belly was stretched taut in her position, her small, cute belly button capturing his gaze for a moment. She looked spectacular. This girl was born to be used for pleasure. Bill laughed to himself, wondering how her idiotic husband hadn't even touched the untapped potential just below the surface of this dirty little slut.

But Bill... he was about to tap that. He was about to tap hard and deep.

"You want my cock, bitch?" Bill asked, "You want me to fuck your ass?"

"Yes Daddy!" Steph moaned out immediately. Although she had never taken cock up her ass, she wasn't afraid. She knew it would take some getting used to, but deep down, she just knew that having Bill's powerful cock buried up her ass would feel amazing. She knew it would make her cum like crazy. She knew it would please her master. "Please, Daddy... tap my hot married ass!"

Bill smirked, knowing he had truly won.

After hearing the young bitch properly grovel and beg for him, Bill yanked back at her hair while simultaneously pushing forward with his hips, pushing the head of his battering ram against her asshole, trying to break through.

"Oh..." Steph moaned out, feeling her asshole fighting a losing battle against the thick, older cock. "Ffffuck!" she spat out, feeling her ass begin to give. Bill wasn't showing mercy in the least, the force of his cock never stopping until it reached its goal. Steph's ass was fighting a losing battle, and eventually, like so much else, it would submit.

"AHHHH! FUCK!" Steph moaned as her asshole finally spread apart, swallowing the thick head of Bill's meaty intruder. "Oh God! It's so big! So big!" Steph moaned out, squirming as she got used to taking cock in her ass. Her asshole squeezed the government agent's mammoth cock, stretched wide around the shaft. The young woman huffed and puffed, clearly slightly pained at having a huge cock shoved up her tight ass.

She was in pain, but Bill was in heaven. Her ass was so fucking tight! Holy shit! It felt so good wrapped tightly around his cock. Fucking girls up the ass was his passion. It was a divine pleasure for men like him, and the sensation of breaking in a hot, untapped ass was unlike any other. And Steph's ass was spectacular, gripping his cock like she loved it, which despite her initial discomfort, she very clearly did.

Bill drove forward, pushing the young wife forward as he forced more huge dick up her tighter than tight ass. Bill slid a few thick inches of his sex juice coated cock into the girl's rear end, pushing her past her limits.

"Oh God, Daddy! Please go slow! Please!" she begged, pleading for mercy.

She would find none.


"You'll take my fucking cock, you little slut!" Bill growled, yanking back at her hair, slapping her perfect, juicy ass. "You want Daddy's cock balls deep up your ass and you'll take it!"


"Fuck!" Steph squealed out as the misogynist slapped her hot ass. Her knuckles were white on the sink as she tried to fight through the discomfort of having her ass fucked. As Bill tugged her hair back and continued to slide more of his thick cock up her tight ass, her gaze was forced to look straight forward, into the mirror. Steph looked at herself, taking in her surroundings. She was in an airplane bathroom, completely naked while a man who was not her husband stood behind her, forcing his huge dick up her tight little ass. His big, strong hand slid around her smooth body, squeezing one of her huge, soft, jiggling boobs. She was in the clutches of a big, strong, handsome older man while her husband was nowhere to be found.

She barely recognized herself.

Steph didn't see any sign of the woman she used to be. No, the previous her was naïve. Innocent. Untouched by the hard truths of life. Steph had been pure before, but not anymore. Her bright young mind, and her juicy hot body had been poisoned by the corrupt agent's evil influence. He had put her in place. Guided her away from her sheltered life and into harsh reality. She was in the real world now, a rough place where pure little rays of sunshine like her couldn't exist. Where the light of these innocent beams of pure, feminine sunshine are dimmed and darkened. Where it existed only to be tainted. Where pure, innocent, idealistic young women get fucked harshly and cruelly, without mercy. Where men take their pleasure, and women take whatever pleasure they can in the process. Where women like her bow to the cruel, uncaring will of their harsh, irresistible male masters. Where these asshole misogynists seem to be in charge. Where they don't expect a woman to open her mouth without a cock going inside. Where a woman with a body like hers is expected to offer it up freely, regardless of marital status. Where to them, the most innocent of women is just a slut in waiting.

Steph's light had been darkened. Her purity had been tainted. Which is why Steph didn't see any signs of the woman she used to be. Steph looked at herself and realized she saw someone different staring back at her.

Steph looked like such a slut.

But this revelation didn't disgust her or horrify her. The thought of this older man having his way with her didn't bother her. Not anymore.

It made her smile.

Her eyes flashed with lust and pride as the evil man used her body for pleasure. The way he pawed at her lustful body made her feel hot and sexy in a way her husband never had. She chewed her lower lip at the hot scenario she found herself in, feeling more like a mature, adult woman than she ever had before, despite her subjugation. All vestiges of innocence and naiveté were gone from her now. She had tasted the other side, and she had found the flavor delicious. In the place of all that innocence she now saw a cool acceptance of her place in life. Her role in this world was to pleasure rough uncaring men with huge cocks.

Her body was built to make men drool, so why not enjoy the type of pleasure that comes with? Why bother thinking of all that other silly stuff when you could be getting stuffed with huge dick and feeling an unimaginable level of pleasure? Why deny yourself this pleasure? For the sake of love? Marriage? Why do that, when this evil man's huge cock gave her more fulfillment than all that stuff ever had?

Her internal struggle now gone, the naïve side of her finally beaten down, any discomfort and pain she felt from having a thick, erect, old-man dick shoved up her tight little ass was simply pushed aside. And in its place, a pleasure nearly undefinable. Her complete subjugation, the sensation of having her tightest hole filled with a fat fucking cock and the anticipation of knowing another deep-seeded, lustful itch was about to be scratched... it was all combining in a cocktail of pleasure that ignited every nerve in her body. As Bill pushed six inches of cock up her ass, and began the path to getting in seven, this sudden pleasure finally burst.


"You like that cock, don't you, bitch?" Bill growled, knowing she would come around, his hips driving forward as he kneaded the young wife's huge rack.

"Fuck me, Daddy... fuck my hot ass! Fill me up!" she moaned loudly, a small orgasm passing through her.

"You want Daddy's cock?" he asked, twisting her hard nipple roughly.

"Yes! PLEASE! Give me every fucking inch, Daddy! I want to feel your balls against my ass!" the young slut moaned out, spurring the older man on.

"You want the whole thing?" Bill asked, grunting slightly, looking at her face in the mirror with a raised eyebrow.

"YES! FUCK!" Steph moaned out, her eyes wide, looking almost insane with need. "Squeeze my tits, Daddy! Squeeze your slut's huge married tits!"

"Mmm, fuck!" Bill grunted out, taking his hand from her hair and sliding it around, now cupping both of her massive breasts in his palms. He squeezed them greedily, kneading the firm flesh between his fingers. "You want the whole fucking thing, bitch?" Bill groaned through gritted teeth, the pleasure of her hot, tight ass and her change in attitude making him lose control.

"Yes, Daddy! Please! Shove every inch of your perfect, fat cock up my tight little ass! Fuck my tight ass hard while my pussy husband waits outside! He sits out there in his seat like a coward while a better man fucks his wife in the ass! Make me scream Daddy! I want the world to hear!" Steph moaned out.

Clenching his teeth together, Bill gave an unholy shove and drove his hips forward, and without care or mercy, he shoved the remaining few inches of his throbbing member up the young wife's ass. His torso collided with her behind, shoving them both forward.

"YYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS! FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!" Steph screamed out in a guttural moan of pleasure, another orgasm passing through her. Bill looked down to see the young wife's tight asshole wrapped around the base of his thick weapon. A jolt of lust shot through him.

There would be no more waiting. It was time for him to take his pleasure.

Bill pulled his hips back, sliding his cock all the way out till only the tip was remaining in her ass, before reversing course, slamming his cock forward, driving his hips into Steph's ass cheeks.

"UHHHH! FUCK!" Steph screamed out as her body was driven forward.

"UGGGGHHHHH!" Bill growled from deep in his throat. Steph's ass was driving him insane with pleasure. For a woman who had never been fucked in the ass before, her ass clearly was loving having a cock buried inside it. It was spasming around him, squeezing his cock with pleasure. It was gripping his cock so hard! When encountering a hole this goddamn tight, any man worth his salt should feel compelled to fuck it hard and rough.

Bill began to piston in and out of her at a good pace, driving in and out of the young woman roughly, from the tip to the balls on every fucking stroke. Their bodies where slapping together roughly, the old war horse and the young wife. The war horse was clearly winning, the driving force of this hard fuck that was driving the young wife over the edge of the counter. Her body leaned over the sink, forcing her to lift one leg as the older man fucked her tight ass into oblivion.

"Yes! YES! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck my tight fucking ass! Give me every fucking inch of your huge cock!" Steph moaned out loudly as he filled her ass with dick at a furious pace.

"Take that fucking dick you dirty slut!" Bill grunted out, his taut body clenched as he fucked the poor wife as hard as he could manage. Sweat was dripping off of him as he railed Steph's tight ass, the gripping hole squeezing his throbbing cock's entire length on every stroke, causing his balls to boil. It was getting close now.
"Yes! Fuck me Daddy! Use me! Use my tight ass! Fuck my married ass with your huge cock! Make me scream! Make your little bitch scream!" Steph screamed out. While still using his left hand to molest the married woman's huge tits, he slid his other hand back to the young woman's scalp, pushing her face forward till it was pressed against the mirror. The side of her face slid against the mirror, the sweat of heated sexual exertion causing her cheek to slide against the smooth pane as the man behind her drove into her roughly.

"Tell your Daddy how much you love his cock? Tell me you fucking bitch!" Bill grunted, squeezing one of her huge, soft tits as he looked at the overwhelmed young woman in front of him, her eyes closed and her mouth hanging open in pleasure.

"I love it, Daddy! So good! So fucking good! Your cock is so fucking big! It feels so good in my ass! You're gonna make your little slut cum! Make me cum Daddy!" Steph moaned out, her body on edge again. Her nerves were on fire. Bill's rough hand sliding against her mammoth, soft breasts was driving her wild. And the sensation of her having her ass filled with huge cock was activating a pleasure center she never knew existed and now that it had been engaged she was going crazy. She was about to have a hard anal orgasm thanks to the rough, brutal ass-fucking at the hands of her new master.

Bill was very impressed by the young slut in front of him, although he would never tell her that. Most girls didn't descend this far into slut-hood this quickly, but Steph, she was taking to it like she was born for it. It confirmed his initial read of the young wife. She was a born submissive, a natural slut, just waiting to be unleashed. And now that she had been unleashed, there was no putting her back in the cage. She wasn't a wife anymore.

She was a slut.

"Oh... oh! YES! Yes, Daddy! I'm gonna cum, baby! You're about to make my ass cum! Holy shit! Holy shit! YES! YES! YES! AHHHHHHH! YYYEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS! FFFFFFUUUUUCCCKKKKKK YYYYYEEEESSSSS DDDDAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYY!" Steph squealed, her entire body shaking as another rough orgasm hit her, coursing through her hot body. Her ass was spasming violently around his cock as Bill kept brutally butt fucking her. He looked down, admiring the way her tightly stretched ass swallowed his entire cock on every smooth stroke, taking it like a fucking champ. This little slut was built to take cock, and she could take his full length in every fucking hole.

This news was very good for business.

The young slut's squeezing ass was bringing him to the edge, and it was time for him to let go of his masterful self control and finally allow himself the pleasure he so richly deserved. The older man needed to cum. He needed to drain his nuts, and it was time for him to let the young slut's tight eager ass take him over the edge.

The young woman gasped for breath as she came down from her high, her body sagging slightly, allowing her master to really dig in and demolish her tight ass, fucking her young, ripe body roughly, pulling her back into him as he drove forward. He felt his cock pulse and swell, before finally he felt the signal of the electric jolt coming from his nuts, letting him know his climax was close. He gave Steph's ass a few more rough, deep strokes, making her take his entire length in her squeezing ass before he moved to act.

"Get on your knees, bitch!" Bill demanded, pulling his swollen cock from her nearly destroyed asshole. Swaying slightly, Steph was jolted to action, wanting to prove herself to her magnificent Daddy. She pushed herself up as he backed up, leaving her space. Dutifully, she fell to her knees, bowing to the older man as he stood in front of her like a conquering warrior claiming his prize. His mammoth cock was now pointing directly at her face, giving her a preview of what was to come.

"Stroke me, bitch! Jack me off! Jack the fucking cum out of your Daddy's cock!" Bill demanded roughly of the beautiful young woman. Excitedly, she reached up to grab his powerful weapon, eager to have her hands on it again. She eagerly jacked his cock, her smooth, pretty hands stroking the evil weapon. The rock hard pipe was coated with her sex juices, from her cunt and her ass, so her dainty hands easily glided up and down his excessive length. She could tell he was close, and she sensed it was her turn to be proactive. It was time for Steph to show her eager appreciation to the corrupt older man. It was her job to give her Daddy the best fucking cum ever.

"Do you want to cum on your little slut's face, Daddy?" Steph asked cutely, chewing her lower lip innocently, offering this evil bastard something that she would never let her husband do. An act Steph used to find disrespectful, but now, she wanted nothing more. Bill smiled, sending a wave of joy through the eager slut.

"Yeah, bitch, I want to fucking cum all over you," Bill growled out. "I want to paint your fucking face! I want to coat your tits with my thick cum."

"These tits?" Steph asked, still stroking his iron hard shaft with one hand while sliding her other arm under her rack, pushing them up for the older man to gaze upon. He stared at her huge, bare jugs like a bull seeing red. His eyes hungrily consumed their smooth shape as Steph jacked him harder.

"I'm gonna cover them!" Bill proclaimed, barely keeping it together.

"But Daddy..." she proclaimed, playing the innocent act to a T while stroking the government agent's pulsing weapon. "Why would you want to cover my pretty face with all that thick, nasty cum? And do you really want to deface my perfect, massive breasts with your thick, evil load? Only real dirty sluts let men like you do that. Am I dirty slut, Daddy?" A shiver went through Bill, a jolt the young woman stroking his cock could feel.

"Ugh, I'm gonna fucking cum!" Bill grunted out, the young slut's words causing him to boil over. "I'm cover you with cum you fucking slut! Ah! AH! YES! Here it comes! YES! FUCK! Take it bitch! AHHHHH!"

Bill roared like a lion as the first thick band of cum travelled up his length, exploding from the angry, swollen tip, firing through the air artfully before landing on the young wife's gorgeous face. The cum stretched from her chin to her forehead. Another band quickly followed from Bill's cannon, even larger and thicker than the first, landing on her face again, bisecting it down the middle, from the center of her chin to her hairline, traversing across her smooth lips and slim nose.

Bill's cock kept firing, thick streams of cum exploding from him, landing directly on her pretty face, coating her chin, her plump lips, her cheeks, her forehead, even some weighing down her eyelids, making it a struggle for her to keep them open. Some thick jizz even splattered into her hair before she aimed his cock down, pointing directly at her huge rack.

Bill's balls were huge, and his orgasm seemed endless as his weapon unleashed rope after rope of hot cum, the evil liquid splattering on the young wife's perfectly huge tits, landing across the smooth peaks. He fired again and again, covering her massive udders with his thick seed.

"FFFFUUUUCCCKKKKK!" Bill roared, his entire body tensed, entirely focused on draining every single drop of cum from his swollen nuts. Cum was firing at an almost inhuman rate, splattering across her tits, some streams landing directly into her deep cleavage. His shaking weapon kept firing even as the young wife's massive udders looked covered, his copious seed hanging off her throbbing nipples. As Bill's nuts began draining the last few streams of cum up and out of his engorged meat, Steph, eyes half open, knowing she was practically covered with hot cum, gave the masterful older man a new target.

Steph opened her mouth.

The thick cum coating her lips stretched apart before snapping, sending a few stray drops of cum into her hot, wet mouth, giving her a sample of what was to come. The taste sending a thrill through the hot young wife, she pointed Bill's pipe at her open mouth, extending her tongue for him.

"Oh fuck yes! Take my cum, bitch! Take it!" Bill cried out as cum fired from his swollen tip, landing perfectly on her sexy tongue, coating it. Sensing his hard orgasm winding down, he stepped forward, moving his cock closer to her as a few smaller streams of cum followed, firing directly from his cock into her open, waiting mouth. One last thick band of cum was spurred out of him by the sight of the young woman's open gullet filling with cum, this last stream adding to the pool of his seed in her mouth. She squeezed the last few drops of sperm into her waiting mouth.

Knowing his orgasm was finally complete, he watched the young woman look up at him, meeting his gaze through her half-lidded stare. Knowing she had his complete attention, she closed her lips and heroically swallowed, taking a huge amount of the government agent's evil seed down her tight, eager throat, sending a thrill through the older man. Still with one hand wrapped around the root of his slowly softening cock, Steph pointed the cock at her mouth and leaned forward, planting a soft, loving, devoted kiss on the tip, her plump lips pressing against the tip that had just been buried ten inches up her ass. She pulled back and looked up at her Daddy, chewing on her lip cutely again.

"You're a good bitch," he told her, his voice smooth and sexy, giving her probably the nicest compliment she could ever expect from him. She smiled brightly, cum stretching between her perfect lips.

The older man was still catching his breath as he came down from his intense orgasm, forcing the now-corrupted young wife to release her grip on him. He stepped back as the tension in his body left him, forcing him to lean against the bathroom wall.

"Holy shit!" Steph cried out in awe, wiping the thick cum coating her eyelids onto her fingers, so she could open her eyes completely. "I'm fucking covered! So much cum!" she said, awestruck but content, looking down at herself. Her face was covered with thick bands of seed, and her tits where well and truly defaced from the coating of sperm now covering them. She looked around for a moment before finding her phone. Picking it up, she pointed it at herself and smiled brightly, taking a selfie of herself covered with thick cum. She wanted a permanent record of what had just happened to her. She wanted to remember this amazing life-changing moment. Steph licked the cum off her fingers and looked up eagerly, awaiting instruction.

"Your cum tastes amazing, Daddy..." Steph complimented, gathering more cum off her body, transporting it to her hungry mouth.

"Well, it will be a healthy part of your diet for now on, so get used to it," he told her, and her face lit up, as if nothing could sound more appealing to the now corrupted young woman. "Clean yourself up... we're landing soon."


Eli was frozen.

He had heard... everything. Every moan. Every spank. Every scream. Nobody had seen what happened in that bathroom, but he could guarantee that every passenger had a very clear picture of what had happened.

The stewardess that had been blocking him was long gone. The turbulence had ended a while ago. But Eli couldn't move. He could get up and fight back, and he should, but that would be exposing himself as the cheated-on party, the pussy of a husband who sat back and let his wife loudly and publically bang another dude in the airplane bathroom. All the passengers, and even the crew, had enjoyed the show, the public porno performed in their presence. Judging by the relative quiet, the guilty parties would soon be emerging, and everyone was eagerly waiting to look at them, to look at the two magnificent parties who had just had crazy animal sex in the bathroom.

By all rights, it should have been Eli in the bathroom with Steph. It should have been him that everyone listened in on, so impressed. But even Eli knew he wasn't capable of the stuff that Bill clearly was.

The young husband burned with fuming hot jealousy.

Eli just didn't understand what had just happened. How it had happened. He had done everything right. He had treated his wife with love and respect at every opportunity, like a man should. Then, this asshole comes along, treats her like an object, treats her with disgusting levels of disrespect, and he's the one she ends up fucking. He's the one who got to squeeze her massive tits, which she so eagerly offered. Squeezing them in a rough, energetic manner Eli always fantasized about, but never had the nerve to attempt. He's the one who got to do all the fun stuff with his wife, stuff that no husband who respects his wife would ever dare attempt. Of course Eli wanted to do all those things, but they weren't things a man should expect from his wife. He wanted to squeeze her tits roughly. He wanted to fuck her brains out hard. He wanted to put his dick in her tight ass. He wanted to blast cum all over her. But he didn't, and this older man had.

It just wasn't fair that this fucking asshole, in two hours, convinced Steph to do things she never offered her husband in the many years they've known each other. In fact, she seemed disgusted by that kind of stuff, but in the end, she eagerly did these things... just with another man. This old guy, this clearly corrupt government agent, had stolen his high school sweetheart from right in front of the young husband. Eli had done all the work building Steph up to be the person she was today, and Bill got to reap all the benefits of the woman Steph had become. Bill had just convinced Eli's wife to join the mile-high club, while Eli waited in his seat like a scolded little boy.

It just wasn't fair.

Eli was tying himself in knots internally, and this could have continued for a long while. But he was finally drawn out of his revere.

The bathroom door just opened.

All eyes were on the bathroom. Eli practically expected steam to come out from the heated sex that had just occurred, but that wasn't the case.

The first to emerge was Steph.

There was no doubt by looking at her that she was freshly fucked. Her skin was glowing, her face was red, and her clothes looked mussed and unkempt, as if just thrown on. Her hair was messy, and it was obvious that she had just been through an ordeal. But despite that, she was unable to contain the bright, gorgeous smile on her face, and the awed expression in her eyes. She had never looked more like a sexual creature than she did at the moment. She looked like a new woman. But the thing that caught Eli's eyes were the stray drops of cum on her body. Streaks of hastily cleaned cum on her upper chest. A few drops of cum in her hair. Some wet spots on her shirt. A bit of thick cum on the side of her nose. Some above her ear. Everyone was looking at her as she stepped into the area outside the restrooms, but it didn't seem like she cared about her unkempt state. The pleasure had been too good to care. And all eyes were on her bouncing chest, as it was clear she was no longer wearing a bra, allowing her mammoth breasts to bounce and jiggle with every small step, to the joy of the very appreciative audience.

Eli's eyes were locked on his wife, but as soon as Bill stepped out of the bathroom behind her, Eli's eyes locked on him.

He looked a little sweaty and a bit worse for wear, but he still looked relatively put together. His shirt was unbuttoned a button or two, but other than that, he looked fine.

All eyes were on the freshly fucked couple. Some looked at the hot pair in awe. Some looked impressed at the older man for landing such a hot piece of tail. Some of the women looked on jealously at the young wife, having never been fucked as completely as Steph just had. Some people even clapped appreciatively at the two, impressed at the sex that had just occurred. Bill even nodded at a few of them appreciatively.

Some of the women passengers, and a few of the stewardesses, looked glowingly at Bill, eying up his handsome face and enormous bulge. Eli was distressed at this fact, now getting a sense of the weapon his wife had just experienced, knowing he didn't match up.

Eli's eyes were on Bill as a smug, almost gloating smile crossed his lips. It was at this point Eli saw red. It was at this point where all logical thought left him. It was at this point that Eli undid his seatbelt, and found himself suddenly on his feet. It was at this point that he moved quickly towards this arrogant fucker of an older man. It was at this point that the non-confrontational young man let his fist rear back, ready to deck the man who had just fucked his wife.

It was at this point where Eli was tackled by the undercover air marshal seated next to the restrooms.

The next few minutes weren't pretty for the young husband. As he was on the airplane floor, he shrieked loudly and pathetically, "He just fucked my wife! He just fucked my wife!" As the air marshal restrained Eli and forced him into a seat, the young man looked manic, screaming out, trying to escape. After the air marshal whispered a few rough threats to Eli, the young husband finally calmed down.

Eli looked around, judging the surroundings, and everyone was glancing at him, with almost disgust in their eyes. Why were they looking down at him? Couldn't they see? He was the victim here? But no, not only did they look down at the young husband, they seemed in awe of the older man who had stolen his wife. These passengers, like society as a whole, treated the most corrupt with respect, and looked down at those who sought justice with disgust. It was as if Eli was a pathetic, useless creature, who needed to be shunted away and hidden. And Bill, he was a man they could be proud of.

It was just unfair.

The plane was close enough to their destination that an emergency landing to deal with Eli wasn't necessary. So Eli had to sit down and watch his wife and this asshole old man chatting it up next to each other. He had to watch his wife laughing at the older man's jokes and look up at him practically awestruck. At one point, Eli watched as she played with her phone, eyes glancing at her texts, no doubt finally seeing the panicked texts Eli had sent to her while she was in the bathroom with Bill. She turned to the government agent, seeking an explanation. And how did she react to the truth finally being exposed?

She laughed.

As Bill explained the small bit of blackmail he used to leverage the weak willed husband, Steph giggled and hit his arm playfully. Clearly, she wasn't bothered too much. Her awe and respect for him didn't dissipate. In fact, it increased, as she got turned on at how far he was willing to go to land the busty young wife. And her respect for her husband only decreased, at how easily he had been outmaneuvered by the cunning older man.

Eli couldn't hear their conversation, but she gathered the brunt of it through context. He figured it out by the fact that she was still looking over at the government agent with lust in her eyes, and not once did she look back at Eli. It didn't take a genius to put those pieces together.

Eli fumed to himself. This was truly the way of the world. Bill had broken the law, blackmailed Eli, and hit on a married woman so aggressively that she was eventually forced to give in. And Eli... he played his cards right, treated his wife like a husband should, and did his best to protect the ideals he held dear. But because Bill was charming and had a huge dick, he was the one sitting next to Steph and Eli was the one in handcuffs.

It just wasn't fair.

It was only when the plane landed and the air marshal forced Eli to his feet to leave the plane first that Steph finally glanced at him. And when she did, the look she gave him broke his heart. He didn't see any forgiveness. He didn't see any regret. No, Steph looked up at her husband with a wicked, almost arrogant smirk. Eli barely recognized her. It was clear that what she had endured in the bathroom with Bill had changed her. Injected her with something that wasn't there before. Bill's corruption had spread to Steph, adding a spark of evil to her that was both distressing and absolutely dead sexy. It was clear she held him responsible for what had just happened, and she would not be forgiving him anytime soon. If only he could just explain and make her understand, he would bring out that nice, sweet side of her again. He could prove to her that the type of pleasure a guy like Bill could give her didn't match up to the love they shared. And if he could do that, if he could talk to her, she would come back to him. She would.
But Eli would never get that chance.

The young man spent a couple nights in jail as things were being sorted out. He finally found a sympathetic ear, and when Eli explained to his own shame what had happened on the plane, he was finally able to get out of jail with only a few minor charges. He rushed home, hoping to finally locate his wife and talk to her. But when he stepped into his house, he found it half-empty. As he stepped slowly through the crumbled remnants of his past life, he noticed most of his wife's stuff was gone, as was the illicit contraband that had gotten Eli into this mess. The only signs of life he saw were the unkempt bed sheets, indicating that sex had happened here, and the wedding band sitting discarded on the kitchen table.

Eli's world had crumbled around him.

As time passed and he tried to rebuild, he never heard from Steph, at least not directly. He called her family, and he didn't know what interaction they had had with Steph but they were clearly very upset with Eli, either for his actions on the plane or the fact that he had let her fall under the sway of the handsome predator named Bill. They didn't know where Steph was at the moment and they didn't seem to be too interested in letting Eli know that information anyway.

Eli called Steph's friends and they were either clueless or deliberately cagey with him. Some of them knew what had happened, Eli surmised, but they had likely chosen Steph's side in the split. Eli didn't know how much of an interaction Steph had with any of them, but he knew there was at least some who had talked to her recently.

Eli never once saw her after he received the divorce papers, as everything was handled through lawyers. He had to come to the realization that Steph was gone from him now, and he would never get her back. He would never get to apologize. He would never get the chance to explain. He would never see her again.

Steph was in another world now, a world he would never get to see or understand.

This was the beginning of a bit of a downward spiral for young Eli. He had tried to rebuild himself enough to get in a few relationships, but they always seemed to crumble, for various reasons. For one, Eli was still very hung up on his now ex-wife. He dated girls that were very similar to Steph, and it always ended the same. Eli didn't know what cosmic force he had pissed off, but every single one of the girls he dated after Steph cheated on him. Every one.

They would be all nice and sweet and loving, and understatedly sexy. They would probably be considered hipsters, like Steph and Eli. All of them were caring and intelligent and thoughtful of major world issues, the farthest thing from vapid, sex-crazed airheads. But inevitably, after a few months with Eli, they changed. These facades disappeared and they would eventually cheat on the idealistic young man. They would be nice and loving at first, and then they would grow apart. And then she would step out on him.

He caught one of his girlfriend's in the act, catching her riding some young douchebag stock broker in their bed. Some punk with a smug smile and a huge cock, treating Eli's hot girlfriend like a sex object built to please his massive cock. She was so much like Steph, at least the pure, sweet Steph he once knew. But this douchebag's overwhelming cockiness and bravado, his deep pockets and his huge cock, that stuff was what ended up mattering to her in the end, not the love she got from Eli.

He caught another girlfriend in a bar, happily chatting up this young frat guy from the college. His eyes were glued on her chest whenever she looked away. Whenever he had the chance, he would be doing filthy air humping behind her, miming himself slapping her ass and motor-boating her huge tits, making his friends on the other side of the bar burst out laughing. He was so unbelievably rude, so disrespectful, and it was so obvious to Eli that his girlfriend would simply be another notch on the bedpost for this fucker if she fell for his seemingly transparent act. But for some reason, Eli's normally confident, mature girlfriend wasn't immediately repulsed by his juvenile act. It was almost as if she found his cocky demeanor weirdly charming. Eli initially wrote it off as her simply being amused by this douchey frat-bro's obvious attempts at seduction. Amused by his unsubtle innuendos and mistaken confidence. Eli knew his girlfriend well, well enough to know she would brush aside a douchebag like him with ease.

Or so he thought.

When Eli was at the bar, ordering drinks for him and his girl, he heard the frat guy chatting up his buddies. It was clear that he knew that she had a boyfriend, but that didn't matter to him. He claimed that he could tell she was desperate for a real man, that he was positive that he had her THIS close to swallowing the load of cum filling his balls. Eli knew his girlfriend well, and knew she wasn't that type of girl. Sure, she was super hot, and her breasts were just massive, but she was mature and nice, not the sex-crazed slut he seemed to think she was. Eli hadn't even brought up the idea of hooking up with her, knowing she was not the type of girl to jump into the bedroom that quickly.

But by the end of the night, it became clear that the frat guy seemed to understand her better than Eli did. Somehow, someway, she fell under his sway. Eli stepped away for a moment, just a moment, and in that small space of time, the frat guy acted. It was as if all he had to do was snap his fingers. By the time Eli returned, his girlfriend was straight-up gone, gone without any regard to Eli. And it was as Eli searched, panicked through the parking lot, that he discovered his girl and the frat guy having sex in the backseat of his flashy car. He saw his girlfriend of a few months doing things with this cocky fucker that she never gave to Eli. Eli saw through the steamy windows his girlfriend's hot naked body riding this arrogant frat-guy's huge dick, screaming in pleasure as she scrubbed her sweaty breasts over his smirking face.

It was clear that his girlfriend was not so nice and sweet after all.

But that wasn't all. She was far from the last girl to cheat on him. Eli accompanied his next girlfriend to a work function. It was there that his girlfriend met her new boss for the first time, an older man in his late fifties, and as soon as Eli met him he got total Bill vibes from him. Just a charming, dominant older man. Eli's girlfriend told him she didn't really like her new boss, but with his history, Eli still had his worries. So it wasn't really a surprise when Eli received an image text a few weeks later from her boss, which showed his girlfriend's lips spread wide around the older man's massive shaft, the lust in her eyes obvious.

Then there was the protest. Eli had been dating a girl who was as passionate about change as Steph was. And in that passion, both her and Eli had been arrested during a protest. The young cop who handcuffed them talked forcefully to them both, not being afraid to talk down to them, rendering both of them silent. And the way the thick meathead eyed up his girlfriend made his skin crawl. For the next few weeks, his girlfriend kept bringing up the asshole cop, talking about what a douchebag he was, calling him every name in the book.

And sure enough, at the next protest, the same cop was at work. Eli's girlfriend's passion was overflowing as she laid into him, talking about how she would not be silenced. In the fray, her and Eli got separated. A few minutes later, Eli found her, in the backseat of a cop car, riding the meathead cop's fat cock, throwing away all her beliefs, translating all that passion into pleasuring him and him alone.

Eli thought some dark thoughts at this point, wondering if all women were just cheating sluts. But then he realized that this was not the case. The truth was far more concerning for him especially. The truth was that there was something off about Eli, something in him that made every girl who dated him eventually come to the realization that they wanted to cheat on him. Not only cheat on him, but cheat on him with the worst type of guys, guys opposite to Eli, douchebag bros, bullies or older men, men who cared only of themselves. Women dated Eli, and eventually realized that Eli was the last type of guy they wanted to be with.

So Eli pushed women away. He couldn't let himself be hurt again. He was sad and alone. He had lost the will to go out and campaign against those who were in power, those who were corrupt. He had seen what they could do, and that had put him in his place.

The government had broken down poor Eli. He would never deny their power again.


Needless to say, things were going a bit better for Steph.

As she left that plane, she was under Bill's influence. She was in his thrall completely, and followed him without question.

He took her home that first night, and seeing the lavish lifestyle he lived in, the rich, expensive décor that filled his large house, any doubts were erased. This was the type of guy a girl dreams about. This was a guy who shows you a whole new world.

She was so right.

They had so much sex that first night. They barely slept. And waking up in the morning, her hot body resting under his smooth, expensive bedsheets, she felt completely content. She had made the right decision.

Bill was truly a master. He showed her levels of sex, depths of pleasure, that she hadn't known possible. And in exchange, she let him do whatever he wanted to her. She had rough sex with him in her and Eli's bed when they were moving her stuff out. And when they were done, when they lounged in her marital bed, smoking Eli's weed, coming down from the amazing sex they just had... Steph knew she made the right choice. They had left the house a mess for her husband to find. Bill had truly stamped out his dominance, and Steph would be forever appreciative.

Bill was very happy with the work he had done with Steph. She was among the best pieces of ass he had ever had, to the point where she happily began to work with him as his assistant. After fighting the government for so long, she had finally given in and joined them. She traveled with Bill, helping him in every way possible, which usually involved helping him drain his nuts before, during, and after work hours. He had warped the young wife's mind to where she happily did as he asked. She even voted the way he wanted, ensuring that all of the legislation Bill wanted to pass did.

Gone were the hipster clothes, in their place, the outfit of a young and sexy professional. At least at work. When in private, the young woman enjoyed wearing the absolute filthiest outfits imaginable. Not only did she enjoy it, she reveled in it. She loved pleasing her Daddy. She would happily wear a maid outfit when they were at home, or a sexy schoolgirl uniform. She would wear filthy skirts and tight tops when going out in public. She would wear the tiniest string bikinis when at his backyard pool. The only remnant of her past were those hipster glasses, a pair Eli had purchased for her. Bill loved covering them with his cum.

She eagerly offered up her body to the older man at every opportunity. And in exchange for the pleasure he gave her, she offered up anything. She even brought in her friends. At first, they were skeptical, but once Steph showed them the pictures on her phone, pictures of her and Bill going at it, pictures of the amazing things Bill had done to her, the battle was pretty much over. Whereas before, she had been disgusted to have a single dick pic of the cocky older man on her phone, now her phone was a fucking shrine to the magnificent, charming seducer. These pictures that Steph had taken for personal use, a record of her new life, a chance for her to look back with lust at all the filth she had taken part of with Bill, but she also knew she could use them as a weapon. And she had used them to lure her hot friends into Bill's vortex. And thanks to her newly found cunning and charm, she watched as Bill corrupted her formerly nice, loving friends into his cock-loving sluts like herself. Steph knew what type of guy Bill was. He wasn't looking for love or companionship or babies. He was looking for sex. So she didn't get in the way when Bill had his eyes on another woman. She didn't get jealous. No, her Daddy was her world, and making him happy was all that mattered. Steph was happy to help Bill conquer other woman, helping in any way she could.

He helped lure in one of his work rival's sexy young wife, an idealistic younger guy who was sniffing around Bill's business. A picture of his hot wife swallowing Bill's cock ended up on his desk, and his stuff was gone a day later.

Some of his targets would be sudden, like the time they met a nice, sweet young church going couple at a high end bar. Steph distracted the husband while Bill worked his magic on the wife. He banged her in the bathroom while the husband was distracted, like a dolt.

One of the most fun one was this one younger woman who lived in Bill's neighborhood. She was a college student, hot young blonde with big tits and a resting bitch face, and she would often run through the neighborhood to stay in shape. Whenever she saw Bill, she would give him a snotty look, having seen the steady flow of women going in and out of his house. Bill surmised this bitch would take to his cock like her life depended on it, and thanks to Steph helping to lure the young woman in, Bill was proven very, very right. But that was another story...

Steph was a good bitch. She was aggressive, she was sexy, and she even went out of her way to help aid Bill, doing things Bill didn't know about, all to make him happy. She was very good. Steph the sweet young wife had become a cunning, sexy, evil seductress, using her body as the weapon it was, using it to get what she wanted, using it in whatever way she could to make her Daddy happy. And she made her Daddy very happy.

With many of the women Bill banged, he was happy to treat them like property, using them to seal some business deals or help his friends get some pussy. But Steph was something special. That's not to say he didn't use her in that way, but he only did under special cases. She allowed this powerful representative from some weapons developer spend the night with Steph, in exchange for a very lucrative contract. Bill had even double-teamed Steph with another man, a dignitary from Germany, but other than that, he deemed Steph's hot ass too good of a value to just give away lightly

So, while young Eli wallowed in squalor, Bill was sitting on a beach, his body taking in the sun, as he sent a critical text to a key ally. Steph soon approached, a beer bottle in hand, wearing the tiny red, white and blue thong bikini she had bought for him. She handed the bottle to Bill, acting like his waitress, but she didn't hate it. She curled up next to him, pressing her hot body to his.

"Fuck me, Daddy," she whispered, sucking on his neck. "I'm so fucking horny."

"Well..." Bill began, stashing his phone. "Put your mouth to work and see if you can convince me," he said, smiling smugly. Chewing her lower lip, she lowered his board shorts, scooped out his cock, and swallowed his cock up to the balls. Bill leaned back, enjoying the pleasure.

Sitting on a beach. Sipping a beer. Having his cock sucked by a young hotty with huge tits. And as he looked down the private beach, he saw another young woman, a Latina girl watching them, having stumbled upon the two. The Latina girl's eyes were wide, her tits were huge, and she had a wedding ring on her finger. Bill's cock stiffened. He had a new target.

For Bill Savage, life didn't get much better than this.


Author's Note: I hope you all enjoyed me veering off from my usual fare ever so slightly. I might dabble in cheating wife fare from time to time, but cheating husband stories are still my bread and butter, so don't worry about me leaving that genre behind anytime soon. Thanks for reading.
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