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Holly Caught Me Wanking Pt. 04

I poked my key into the front door and gave it a turn. It had been a long day and I was looking forward to just grabbing a beer and relaxing on the sofa all evening and watching some crap T.V. I closed the door behind me and threw my bag down onto the hallway floor, the same hallway floor that I had fucked Holly on a few days earlier. What an evening that was. I flung my shoes off and kicked them down the hallway.

I took the first step onto the stairs to get up to my bedroom and get myself out of the suit and into something a bit more comfortable. I grabbed my tie and began to undo it as I continued to take each step. I then suddenly stopped in my tracks and let go of my tie. I listened out and I was sure I could hear little moans coming from somewhere upstairs. I took another quiet step and listened out. I could hear moans, little moans and a tiny bit of grunting. What the heck was this!?

I took more steps and could now hear more distinct moans. They were definitely a moan of a lady. I reached the top of the stairs and began to sneak to my bedroom door which was slightly open. I was now positive that I was hearing woman's moans and groans. I eased along my upstairs hallway trying not to make any noise, trying to figure out who the hell was in my house. I reached the door and put my hand on the handle, I didn't open it, I just stood there listening.

"Holy fuck, that's it baby." Came a voice from my bedroom. Who the heck was in my bedroom!?

I then flung the door fully open to get a better view and to see what the fuck was going on in my house. I stood there in shock at what I was looking at, what a good view this was to come home to.

"Finally, you're here." Holly said. I stood there gobsmacked. On my bed were two beautiful women, one was my fuck buddy Holly Willoughby and one I didn't recognise but she was another fit blond haired woman who was now just staring back at me. Holly had her bent over on the bed and was kneeling behind her with her hands tightly grabbed around her waist, Holly had her in the doggy style position. The other blond was resting on her hands, both were completely naked. Holly looked glorious naked once again, her tits on perfect display and her blond hair tied back.

"Holy shit." Came out of my mouth. Holly then grabbed her waist even tighter and began to move her hips back and forth, I could now make out that Holly was wearing a strap on and was fucking our new friend from behind.

"I was beginning to think you were never coming home." Holly said between thrusts. I never said a word, I was in total awe of what was in front of me. I looked back down to the face of our new friend and her mouth was open with her eyes closed, she was clearly enjoying Holly doing her from behind.

I was still standing watching what was happening before my eyes, a fit blond fucking another fit blond with a strap on on my bed, a very horny sight. I could feel my cock was already rock hard just from what I was seeing, I hadn't even touched myself yet. Holly was now fucking her friend full pelt, slapping the strap on in and out at a frantic pace, making her friend moan and groan louder and louder.

"I think you should shut her up." Holly said as she made a cheeky glance and a wink over in my direction. I took the hint and walked over to our new friend and stood at the edge of my bed where her head and mouth were positioned as Holly continued to fuck at her pussy. I looked at my new friend just as she was looking up at me, she had a dirty look on her face. She was a great looking girl, about the same age as Holly and was wearing bright red lipstick just like Holly always does. Her hair was shoulder length and was flowing down loosely. I took a glance along her back and could tell she had a similar figure to Holly, curvy and very fuckable.

"Come on baby, get it out." Holly said through more thrusts. I reached down to my trouser zipper and reached into my boxer shorts and made the first touch of my rock hard 12 inches. It quickly whipped out of my trousers and was now in full view of the two beautiful blonds, rock solid and waiting for a good seeing too.

"Fucking hell!" gasped Holly's friend as she made eye contact onto my dick. "I know you said it was big Holly but jesus fucking christ you're a lucky bitch having a dick this big to play with!" she managed to say between thrusts of Holly's fake cock in and out of her.

"Massive isn't it babe. And it's not just big, he definitely knows how to use it!" Came Holly's reply.

With not another word said I grabbed the back of her head with my left hand and the base of my 12 inch shaft with my right and quickly forced the first few inches of my member into her mouth. She gasped at first but as I began to pull it in and out of this new glorious mouth she quickly got into the swing of things and began to slurp away at my prick.

She slowly began to take more inches into her mouth, 6 of my 12 inches were now going in and out of her mouth, her red lips wrapped tightly around my shaft. I grabbed the back of her head with my hand and began to pick up the pace of my thrusting. I glanced down at her mouth and watched her suck on my tool as I slowly took it out inch by inch to then force it straight back down into her mouth. Like Holly, she had perfect sucking lips.

"I like your friend." I said as I looked away from her taking my cock and made eye contact with my usual fuck buddy.

"fit as fuck isn't she? She's good at sucking pussy so I hope she's good at sucking dick." Holly panted away.

"She's perfect." I replied. I looked down at Holly's tits, the big 34DD's bobbing away as she moved her hips back and forth and continued to force fuck our friends pussy. Her tits looked magnificent wobbling back and forth as I rammed another inch into the mouth of the new bitch. My eyes were fully fixed on Holly's nipples, it was just a shame I couldn't reach over and take a bite of the perfect tits. Holly looked beautiful naked, such a perfect woman.

I could then feel a hand push against my hips and force me back.

"It's too fucking big." Came a voice from down below "I need a minute." Said our new friend. She then took her right hand off the bed and reached out for my solid 12 inches and began to wank away on my cock as she rested on her left hand to keep her balance from the fucking she was receiving from her friend, Holly. She slowly stroked the 12 inches of my dick, taking full strokes of my wet shaft, back and forth, back and forth. Her eyes fixed on mine as she as she slowly wanked me my shaft off.

"How does this strap on feel babe?" Holly panted as she grabbed the waist of her friend and fucked her pussy. A slapping noise coming from them both as Holly's waist smacked against the ass of our friend. It sounded wonderful.

"It feels good but I think I need a real cock, a real big cock." She said as she smiled at me with the filthiest look on her face. Holly pulled her rubber dick out of her pussy and motioned for me to get on the bed. I quickly dropped my trousers and my shirt came up over my head and now all 3 of us were completely naked. I eased myself onto the bed as Holly scooted across away from the ass of her friend which gave me good access to her pussy. I was now kneeling behind the new bitch with Holly resting on her knees beside her. I turned to Holly and gave her a quick kiss, tongues going in and out and passionately kissing. She withdrew her tongue.

"Now fuck her." Holly ordered me. I grabbed the base of my cock an aimed it at the wet waiting pussy of our new fuck friend. I pressed it against the entrance of her fanny and I pushed in the first few inches of my hard dick. She moaned in pleasure as inch by inch dug into her pussy.

"Oh my fucking god." She whispered "that feels fucking huge." Said our new friend as she glanced back to look at me and Holly.

"Good right?" Holly grinned back.

"Very good. You're a lucky bitch having this cock, Holly." She replied as I grabbed her waist and began push my solid 12 inches in and out of her begging pussy. I held on tight to her waist and was determined to give our new friend a good shag. It was a nice pussy but nowhere near as nice as Holly's, perhaps that was just me being biassed.

"Fucking give it to her baby." Holly demanded. I started to go deeper and harder, my cock smashing away at her wet cunt, sliding in and out with much ease. Holly eased back then leant down so her face was by her friends ass, begging for my cock. I eased my dick out of the fantastic pussy and shoved it straight into the mouth of Holly. She sucked away with great joy and seemed pleased to taste the pussy juices of her friend on my cock. Holly slurped away at my cock, she had obviously missed sucking my dick as she was going faster than usual, her tongue running over every inch.

"I hope my pussy tastes good on his cock, Holly." Grinned our friend as she turned to see the action that was going on by her ass. Out came my shaft from Holly's mouth and went straight back into the waiting fanny. I grabbed on tighter to her waist and began to go full pelt at the wet snatch, the pussy taking all my cock.

"Fuck her baby." Holly said as she slapped away on her friends ass cheeks and seemed in a more horny mood than usual! Watching Holly spank another woman as I fucked her was a great turn on.

"I want you to fuck her until you cum." Holly ordered me.

"It won't take long, you two have got me so fucking horny." I said as I went faster and faster into the pussy. Holly reached over and with one finger and began to play with her friends ass hole, teasing the hole with her finger but not sticking it in.

"This is the best cock I've ever had." Our friend panted away between long and hard thrusts of my cock. Watching Holly play with another woman's ass hole got too much for me and without saying a word I quickly pulled my dick out of the gorgeous fanny and stuck it straight down the throat of Holly and began to fuck away at her mouth, grabbing her tied back hair and forcing as much as I could into the mouth of the beautiful slut.

"I'm going to cum Holly." I panted as she looked up at me as I grabbed the back of her head and shoved a lot of inches into her mouth. "Swallow all of my spunk you filthy slut" I told her as I shot the first load of cum down her throat. Her eyes lit up after wave and wave of sticky cum shot down her mouth, I could see her swallow every drop as I carried on shagging away at her mouth. All my cum juice was now in Holly's gob and throat and I watched her swallow the whole lot, she loved cum!

"Holy shit that was a big load." Holly said as she began to lick away at her lips and didn't want to waste a single drop.

"Does he taste good Holly?" Our new friend said as she leant up of her hands and began to turn around to face us.

"He always tastes good, I love his cum." Replied Holly as she swallowed the last drop. I leant back and panted away, tired from the quick shag that I had just given, my cock beginning to go limp.

"I can't wait to taste him." Said our new fuck buddy.

"Well if we want more cum we'll have to get him hard again." Holly grinned as she removed the strap on and threw it to her friend. "Stick the cock on." She ordered her female fuck buddy. She jumped off the bed and eased the cock up her waist and secured it nice and tight. "Now lie on the bed." Holly said to her friend. She got back on the bed and lay down, the rubber cock pointing straight into the air. I lay back and lent against the headboard, eager to watch what was about to unfold in front of me.

Holly edged her way forward and hovered her pussy above the waiting rubber cock. She placed her right hand to her mouth and gave it a big lick with her tongue then eased it down and gave her pussy quick rub, getting it wet for the waiting fake cock. Holly glanced at me and grinned "This will get your dick rock hard again" she said as she eased her fantastic pussy down onto the dick while still looking into my eyes, her pussy swallowing up every inch.

Her friend grabbed Holly by the waist and was clearly turned on by her sitting on top of her. Holly began to rock back and forth on the big fake cock, eyes still fixated on mine which made me really horny. I lay there watching this beautiful sight, watching Holly get fucked by another woman, her fanny gobbling up every inch of the big strap on. She then looked down at her friend and leant forward until both mouths met and they began to passionately kiss, tongues going frantically in and out of each others mouths as Holly still rocked away on the cock.

Holly then leant back away and flung her head backwards and began to play with her tits. Her right hand cupped her right tit and she squeezed away tightly, moaning and groaning as her friend carried on fucking her fanny. Her left hand then grabbed her left tit and she was now holding both of her huge knockers, pinching and tweaking her gorgeous nipples as she rode the dick. She flung her head forwards and looked back into my eyes as her friend grabbed her waist tighter and thrusted in and out of Holly.

"You like watching me play with my tits babe?" Holly grinned as she eagerly played away.

"I love it." I said back as my eyes were fixed on these two beauties fucking each other. "But put a nipple in your mouth Holly, I want to see you suck them."

As usual Holly obliged and her right nipple went straight into her mouth and she began to suck away furiously, taking a big mouthful of her own tit into her mouth.

"That's it Holly, suck away at that tit." Our new friend grunted "Now stick it in my mouth, I want to taste you off your own tit." She then demanded. Without hesitation Holly let her nipple fall from her mouth and eased forward as she still swayed away on the rubber dick. Her nipple reached her friends mouth and she greedily gobbled it up, panting away as she sucked on it.

"Yeah baby you feel so good sucking on that, that's getting me so wet." Holly moaned as she wobbled back and forth on the cock and concentrated on not letting her nipple fall from her friends mouth. Holly then glanced over to me.

"This getting you hard baby?" the beautiful blond bitch asked me.

"It certainly is." I said as I reached down with my right hand and began to stroke my half erect dick as I watched Holly taking a fake prick from a gorgeous woman who was sucking and grabbing on her huge breasts.

"That's it hunny get that huge cock hard again for us, I'm gagging for the real thing." Holly said in her usual sexy horny voice. I got to my knees on the bed as Holly released her tit from her friends mouth

"Your tit tastes amazing." Her friend complimented Holly as she put her hands on Holly ass and grabbed her back and forth to fuck her slowly.

"I want your mouth to get me hard Holly." I said as without Holly able to say yes or no I grabbed the back of her head and forced my semi hard dick straight into Holly's mouth. She gagged on it as I started to fuck away at her mouth, already Holly looked as though she was enjoying sucking on my huge cock and taking a strap on up her wet pussy.

As always Holly was a good suck. She slowly took half my cock in her mouth and easing her perfect lips of it and sucking it as it left her mouth, then she was straight back on it, sucking up her juices from the previous suck. This got me hard in seconds as I looked down at her taking inches into her mouth and getting a nice view of her friend hands grabbing away at Holly's ass, fucking her nice and slowly.

"Holy fuck this is the best view ever, watching Holly suck a cock as I fuck her is horny as hell." Her friend excitingly said as she seemed to grab harder onto Holly's as she spoke her words. I reached under and began to play with Holly's bangers, her nipple still wet from the sucking that she not longed received. Her tits felt great in my hands, so big and perfect, a great handful. Every time I touched Holly's tits I thought I was going to explode, they were the perfect set of knockers.

I took my cock away from Holly's mouth and quickly put it to the lips of our new fuck buddy as she lay on her back and still fucked away with the strap on. She took a few suck of the end of my cock then I pulled away and rammed it back straight into Holly's mouth.

"Did Holly taste good on the end of my cock?" I asked our new friend as I fucked away once again at Holly's mouth.

"She tastes amazing, she always does." She giggled away.

Holly removed her mouth away from my cock and lent forward until her lips connected with her friends lips. They began to passionately kiss as it was obvious what our friend had just said turned Holly on even more. I grabbed my 12 inch dick and began to wank away with Holly's spit that was on my cock, the sight of these two gorgeous beauties fucking and kissing got me rock hard. Their tongues danced around in each others mouths as they grunted and panted away. I eased myself over slightly and aimed my tool straight between the kissing mouths. I then shoved it between the two sets of lips as they parted and began to rock back and forth, the two beauties understanding what I wanted and eagerly kissed away between my dick.

"Fucking hell you two are perfect." I whispered as my hard shaft drifted between the two sets of lips. "Now get it soaking wet for me Holly." I demanded. Holly let herself away from her friends mouth and began to quickly slurp away at my cock, spitting and getting it extremely wet for me.

My dick was now soaked after Holly had had her perfect gob all over it so I eased myself down the bed and towards Holly's pert ass. There was only one thing on my mind. I positioned myself behind Holly and watched for a couple of seconds as the fake rubber dick slowly went in and out of Holly's moist fanny, sucking up every inch in delight. I grabbed the base of my tool and aimed it at the perfect bum hole of Holly Willoughby. The thought of giving the wonderful Holly double penetration with my cock and a strap on massively turned me on, now I was going to get to actually do it!

I spat down onto Holly's waiting asshole and it looked perfect for my already wet dick to easily slide in. The tip of my cock eased against Holly and I heard her let out a little moan of delight. The first couple of inches fitted in wonderfully.

"Holy shit that's it baby, get the huge cock in my ass," Holly screamed out "fucking give it me now". She demanded. I rammed the next few inches inside her "that's it, don't stop, get all that hard cock inside me." Holly was clearly turned on by being double teamed. With one quick motion the rest of my 12 inches disappeared up Holly's tight asshole as she let out a huge groan of pleasure. I placed my hands on top of our new fuck buddies hands which were still placed on Holly's ass. We now both grabbed her cheeks and began to fuck away at Holly.

"Fuck me you two, fuck me quick and hard." Our beautiful Holly screamed out. We both picked up the pace and began to do as Holly told us. I looked down at the view in front of me, watching my cock fuck her tight ass and a fake tool being rammed into her wet gorgeous snatch. Holly was screaming out in delight. "That's it, fuck my pussy and ass hole, fuck it nice and hard, yeah I bloody love it, I love a huge cock deep in my ass." Holly was a filthy fucker.

We grabbed on tighter to her ass and quickened the pace, not wanting to disappoint Holly. Her ass felt so good wrapped around my cock, so tight and perfect. It was like fucking a piece of heaven. My cock was now sliding in and out of Holly's ass with great ease, the strap on still going for it at Holly's cunt.

"Shit this feels so good, I can't believe I've never been dp'd before." Holly grunted.

"You've never been dp'd before?" I managed to ask through deep moans and grunts of my own.

"Never." Holly grunted back.

"But you're a filthy fucker, I thought you would have done this loads of times!?" I curiously asked Holly.
"Never tried it but I wish I had ages ago, it feels so fucking good. Now stop asking questions and make me cum." Holly shouted out.

"We better do as we're told!" Our fuck buddy shouted over to me as we fucked away at both of Holly's holes. Both our cock's were now going fully into Holly's ass and wet pussy, smashing away at her hard, determined to make her cum. We both gripped harder and harder to Holly's perfect ass cheeks, the occasional spank coming from my right hand and I had a great view of the stunning ass cheeks wobbling in delight.

"Take my huge cock Holly, take it up your ass." I groaned, knowing that Holly loves a bit dirty talk between quick thrusts of my rock hard 12 inch prick. "I love watching your ass swallow all my cock, it's such a great sight." I moaned away.

"Keep fucking away at it then baby, your both going to make me cum soon." Holly panted as she leaned forward to her friends mouth and once again began to passionately kiss each other. I could hear deep moans and groans between the pair of beauties as they kissed away, sucking the lips off of each other. Holly then leaned away from the lips.

"Shit this is it I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum on this rubber cock, keep fucking me, both of you keep fucking me." Holly shouted at the top of her voice, horny as I've ever seen her. I pounded away at her asshole with everything I had, wanting to make the beautiful Holly cum. "I'm cumming, I'm fucking cumming." Holly shouted as she reached down to her pussy with her right hand and began to play with her squirting cunt as the rubber dick went full pelt in and out and I carried on ramming her asshole. "Fucking hell!" Holly shouted out as she began to shake and wobble on our cocks, clearly enjoying herself. "Don't fucking stop, few more thrusts, please." Holly begged us, we carried on fucking away at her.

My cock managed to get the few thrusts that Holly demanded but it suddenly became too much for me and I could feel my balls stiffing up and getting ready to ooze out another hot load of sticky cum. I quickly pulled my rod out from Holly's ass hole and made my way to our new fuck friends face. She was still fucking away at the cumming pussy of Holly and I aimed my tool straight into the face of our new horny friend.

"I'm going to shoot my cum." I panted as I quickly stroked away on my cock that was aimed directly on the lying down face of her friend. I took another huge stroke and out came the first wad of hot cum, straight onto the face of the gorgeous friend. The second line of cum landed onto her mouth, she looked as though she was clearly loving my huge load landing straight all over her horny face. The last lot landed on her face and I continued to slowly stroke away at my cock.

"I thought you'd enjoy licking it off her face Holly." I chuckled as I looked at Holly, still with the rubber cock hanging from her pussy.

"You know me too well." Holly smiled as she leaned into her friend and took the first swipe of my cum from her face with her stunning tongue. She lapped up the first load and eased it down her throat. The tongue came back out and took another lick of her face, gobbling up another part of my cum, swallowing it straight down. The last bit was now on her lips. Holly looked straight into my eyes as she moved her tongue over the lips of our cum covered fuck buddy. She kept her eyes totally fixed on mine as she slowly mopped up the last bit of my spunk from the lips. She wiped her tongue all over her own lips covering them with my hot load. She then leaned in and passionately kissed our friend for a good 10 seconds.

"His cum tastes good doesn't it babe?" She asked her friend as removed her lips from hers.

"Tastes beautiful." our friend said in appreciation.

"Now then." Holly began as she climbed off the rubber cock "Since you've cum twice and I've already cum I think it's only fair that our friend here gets a turn, don't you think?" Holly asked as she looked at me with those beautiful horny eyes.

"Whatever you say Holly." I replied as I reached down to my cock and began to stroke away and get myself hard for the 3rd time. I eased myself off the bed and stood on the edge. I grabbed our friend and spun her around so her legs dangled over the edge of the bed and forced her legs wide open so I could have a prefect view of the new pussy I was going to fuck. I wanked away until I was hard once again, eager to impress Holly with my fucking stamina.

I was now rock hard and I grabbed the legs of our friend and spread them wider as they fell over the bed. I leant down and guided my dick to her waiting pussy.

"What Holly wants Holly gets." I said to the new girl as the first inches of my prick entered her begging fanny.

"Jesus christ that feels big." She moaned as slowly the whole of my cock was sucked into her gash.

"Well just wait until he really gets going, he's a fucking animal." Holly grinned as she positioned herself next to us with her legs also dangling over the edge of the bed and her right hand gripping the strap on.

I gripped the waist of the new bitch and dug myself in so I could fuck her nice and hard straight away. She panted away as I fucked fast at her gash, her hand reaching down to her clit as she quickly rubbed away. As my cock was ramming in and out of the pussy my eyes were fixed on Holly as I noticed she took the rubber cock and placed it between her gorgeous legs and was now sliding it in and out of her snatch.

"That's it baby, I want you to make her squirt." Holly begged me as she furiously fucked away at her wet pussy with the rubber cock. Watching Holly masturbate was even more of a turn on than fucking the pussy of her new friend, even though I was determined to make her squirt I couldn't release my eyes of off Holly and her gorgeous gash.

"Oh my fucking god Holly you were bloody right, he's a right shag when he gets going." Moaned our new fucker as I pumped away at her with my eyes still focused on Holly as she now began to play with her tits and the rubber shaft going in and and out of her fanny.

"He's amazing isn't he, by far the best fuck I've ever had." Holly grinned at me as the whole of the fake dick was shoved once more up her cunt.

"I think I'm going to cum soon, fuck me faster baby." Demanded the new shag. With that being said I went full flow into her pussy, forcing all 12 inches inside her pussy.

"Fucking squirt for me baby, fucking squirt." I ordered her.

"Now, now!" she shouted as I pulled my cock out of her pussy and quickly moved over to Holly and spread her legs wide and rammed my dick straight up her. Our friend was squirting all over the floor, her hand moving furiously over her clit, her juices quickly flowing out. Her eyes were fixed on me quickly bashing away at Holly, this seemed to make her orgasm even more intense as she moaned away in satisfaction.

I was almost ready to cum once more as I leant into Holly's tits and took the right nipple into mouth and began to suck away as my tool was pleasuring her pussy. I fucked and sucked Holly with all my strength.

"Baby suck that tit, that's it baby, suck it. I love you sucking on my tits, you're so good at it." Holly moaned away as my mouth was fixed onto her tit and my cock was smashing her cunt. Our friend was still rubbing her clit as her eyes were fixed on me and Holly fucking away.

"Fuck and suck me babe, I want your cum." Holly shouted out. This dirty talk got too much for me and as I still sucked away on her 34DD tit I felt the first load of cum shoot into Holly's fanny. I moaned away as I continued to cum inside the girl of my dreams and had my mouth still fixed on her breast. I loved cumming inside of Holly, her fanny was perfect and she loved cum. The last lot of my cum shot up Holly as I gripped onto her waist but eased my mouth of her tit.

"Did you enjoy cumming inside of me baby?" Holly giggled.

"I loved it." I heavily panted away.

"Mmm me too," Holly chuckled "I wasn't expecting anymore of your cum, I thought our new friend here might have gotten it."

"Of course not, every time I cum it's for you Holly." I panted as I looked into her eyes then we passionately kissed each other.
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