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Hollywood Horror Story

The night had fallen for a couple hours, and yet, Los Angeles was more dynamic than ever. The city was shining a thousand lights coming from its numerous buildings, and its population was living it's life, far from suspecting something terrible was coming their way.

And yet, it was. You see, there are things humans have come to think impossible, because their minds were not capable of understanding it, some dark forces, powerful enough to turn the lives of this whole city upside down with a snap of a finger. Aliens, ghosts, demons, those were real, and people were about to find out about it very soon.

Would Jennifer Lawrence be partying in a bar downtown if she knew her world was about to collapse? Would Salma Hayek be shopping calmy, looking for a new bikini? Would Scarlett Johansson be making passionate love with her husband? Would the millions of people in Hollywood and L.A. be living their lives calmly if they knew some unspeakable forces were about to turn this city into their playground and its inhabitants into their toys? It didn't matter anymore. Their fates were sealed.

Disclaimer : this is a horror story, so the storylines may be a bit darker/upsetting for some audiences. Apart from the sex scenes, there will be a lot of transformations that could qualify as "weird", as well as storylines that don't end well for the character. I do not endorse violence, nor am I trying to attack the celebrities involved in the stories. It's just a horror story.

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