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Horse: Mistress Vivian Bk. 01 Ch. 01

"Mr. Janus." A female voice whispered.

Her voice was the only sensation Mr. Janus had felt in the dark, and it was far away. He was confused but regaining consciousness.

"Who are you?" Mr. Janus asked. He was blindfolded, bound to a chair, struggling to find the reason for his immobility. His wrists chaffed against the coarse rope that tied them to his ankles and anchored him to the floor. His expensive suit, gold cuff-links, and gold Rolex, were signs of his affluence, affluent power which was failing him now.

"Don't worry Mr. Janus, I'm a friend." The female voice assured. Her tone convinced him of his safety despite his situation. "I want to be sure that you are well. Your friends sent me. Your friends from the Black Rose."

Hearing the name Black Rose, Mr. Janus snapped out of his stupor. How did they know I was in distress? Have they been watching over me? Have my desires been heard? They've sent someone!

"Of course, the Black Rose, I'm so honored! And relieved." He blurted out. Mr. Janus was unduly excited for his predicament. He had harbored a fifteen year obsession tracking a clandestine society who's movements he followed with increasing desire, but knew little about their official customs, except that that they indulged in sexual deviance, a place he felt his type could be welcome. He only recently learned the identity of the group, referred to as the Black Rose. The Black Rose was made of men of importance for their protection and pleasure.

Mr. Janus lived up to his name, by day a consummate professional, by night, and by most societal norms, a freak. In the real world, he was employed as a financial adviser, an official title masking the work he really performed, money laundering, tax evasion, embezzlement, and usury. Numbers were easy for him, but this gift also isolated him, the men that he worked for demanded much of his time. He had no kids, or a wife, he was married to his job. There existed no pedestrian life for him outside of his grinding work. He did not regret the consuming lifestyle, in fact it gave him purpose, and it grew his loyalty to those called The Fathers.

The Fathers were intensifying their grip on all in their empire. What Mr. Janus had not known was the Black Rose was just another tool used by The Fathers to control the rungs of their organization. At a point, money became a poor tool to subdue their workers. Fear was always an option, but detrimental to productivity. Instead, they chose the strategy to disconnecting their key workers from daily normality and nurse them with depravity. They replaced affection and love with sex and perversion and initiated their essential employees into the Black Rose. They achieved tremendous results. Some of The Fathers even believed they achieved much greater loyalty.

The Black Rose was designed with levels of descent, like Dante's Inferno, Mr. Janus was about to enter into his first descent.

"Mr. Janus, I'm going to remove the blind fold." The soft female voice said. "Your eyes may hurt."

But not as much as what I'm going to do to you.

Mr. Janus's eyes painfully adjusted to the surroundings around him. A single spot light rained down on him. The edges beyond were concealed in darkness. He could hear no echo from when they spoke, and the darkness made it impossible to determine the size of the room he was in, if he was in a room. He felt odd. His excitement grew but so did his fear. For Mr. Janus, he'd discovered that fear was a powerful sexual component, but when he learned that fear within him aroused him more than instilling fear in others, his life changed.

"How did I end up here?" He asked.

"You asked for this Mr. Janus." The female voice said from behind him.

"I asked?"

He heard stiletto footfalls from behind him and then she appeared. The tall curvy figure circled him in a wide arc, eyeing him, then she stood in front of him just outside the cone of light, her arms crossed. She wore black latex gloves, matching latex bodysuit, and a silver cross necklace studded in blood red rubies. Her ivory cleavage floated against the darkness. Her narrowing electric blue eyes stared from underneath perfectly cropped silky blond bangs.

Mr. Janus smirked. "I asked for a dominatrix?"

"Mr. Janus, you asked to prove your loyalty, for the honor of Black Rose!" She said, and fire flared in her eyes. Message received, he thought, this chick was an alpha female, I love role play.

"Mr. Janus. The Black Rose may begin to respect you, if you pass." She started to explain. "But in order for that to happen you need to endure what I have in store for you here, now." Her voice sharpened suddenly "But make no mistake, I will never respect you! You are filth to me. I will test you with punishment and I care not if you learn any lesson. I care not if you enjoy this. I will punish you, you piece of shit! You are nothing to me. You will be called Horse, just an animal I will break."

Mr. Janus was shocked, he surged with intense emotions he could not untangle: helplessness, fear, exhilaration, confusion, sexual excitement. "I welcome it!" He said with pride.

"Horse!" She spat. "Watch your words. You welcome nothing! You will be silently grateful for what I do to you." She paused narrowing her eyes, and focusing her fury.

"Sirens!" She yelled into the dark. "Forward!"

He heard two figures approach, it shattered his notion that the domme and he were alone. What else is there in the dark? He thought. He was surprised to feel embarrassment

As the figures came into sight, he saw two impossibly sexy females, masked, standing a few feet outside the halo of light.

The left figure wore a mask of feathered black sequins, the whites of her eyes glared with piercing hatred. Her lips were heavily rouged and she wore an uncountable number of necklaces, spiked chains, and ropes of steel balls, smaller silver, and bone necklace tightly adorned her neck ending at her jaw line. The larger loose ornamentations all flowed into the white porcelain cleavage of her unnatural breasts. Her nipples pierced with large ornate rings reminiscent of door knockers.

She flexed her muscular stomach and flicked her tongue at Horse.

The second female figure moved forward, a nude African body covered with tribal paints, her pubic hair bleached blond, her pink tongue darted in and out from behind fluorescent white teeth. Her ebony skin gleamed with the harsh light accentuating her dark chocolate skin. She stood tall in black heels, legs bent, body bent in aggression. She wore a half leather mask with steel spiked Mohawk and knee length steel chains flared from her leather belt to her steel bracelets.

The African domme stomped at Horse, then hissed and flared her eyes.

"Sirens, disrobe Horse." The dominatrix commanded.

The dommes leaped at Horse and tore at his clothing. He panicked and jerked at his bonds letting out frantic gasps. Fear started to overcome his excitement. Mardi-gras domme flipped out a knife held it in front of Horse's face hissed and slashed at his belt and pants tearing them from his body. African domme tore at Horse's shirt and pulled at his hair.

Horse was losing his shit. Shreds of his clothing dripped from his body. Feeling helpless and exposed, he yanked at his bonds but nothing.

"Horse!" The dominatrix said. "You're not going anywhere." She took a step forward and grabbed his chin. She could see the fear in his eyes. Her grip was a vise but barely noticeable next to the focus of her eyes.

"Please..." Mr. Janus whimpered.

"Look at deh small man, he piss heself." The African domme laughed pointing.

Everyone looked down between Mr. Janus' legs at the growing puddle of urine. The dommes haughtily laughed, Horse cried, the dominatrix showed no visible amusement.

"please..." Mr. Janus wept.

"Did it all stop being fun Horse?" The dominatrix asked. "Before we begin? And we've only started. I want you to know who does this to you. I am Vivian! And you will love me. And you will remember that you are nothing to me."

Mr. Janus continued weeping, but he was oddly comforted, this was Black Rose, he had made it. His tears streamed down his face. The dommes thought they were tears of fear. But to Horse they were tears of joy. Here, he would be Horse, here, they were his masters. It was his homecoming.

"Minions! Tie him to the punishment table." Vivian commanded.

Out of the dark three men appeared. Huge, muscular, and shirtless, each wore a mask of an animal: a goat, a bull, a boar. They untied Horse from the chair, lifted him, and dragged him into the dark.

A light flicked on, revealing a slotted oak table. The light blazed orange, and slowly intensified into a radiant white as it warmed. Ropes were slung over the table, fastened to various holes, and restraints in each corner. In the middle of the table was a triangular hump cushion torn and well used.

Horse was dragged near the table by Vivian's three muscular minions. He resisted slightly, it was a show of weakness. Punishment was his fascination, his sexual deviance. He'd joined novelty sex clubs, and hired dominatrix before. But his experiences did not prepare him for this. Like a high school football player being asked to play in a NFL game, it was both overwhelming and exciting.

"Tie him to the table." Vivian command.

The three men lifted Horse and laid him face down and exposed his ass, the angular cushion supported his pelvis allowing his penis and balls too hang. But he couldn't see behind himself. Quickly they strapped his wrists, ankles and neck to the table.

"Horse." Vivian said, walking up to his side. He could see her, his face turned left, tied to the table Vivian bent down to his ear.

"Horse." Vivian's voice became a whisper "You're not going to enjoy this, but in the end you will tell me you love me, and call me Mistress. You will have pain, and you will enjoy it because it's from me."

"I'm enjoying this already Mistress." Horse squeaked out.

"Silence! Horse!" Vivian shot up to a stance. A thunderclap snapped in the air, pain seared Horse's bare white ass and ripped through Horse's body. A whip came cracking through the air landing again on his ass cheeks. For a moment the pain was unbearable, halting his voice, then Horse let out a grunt.

"I'm enjoying this already Mistress." Horse yelled. He wasn't defiant, he was begging.

Another crack of the whip. Horse screamed. The whipping continued, painfully enough, but the African domme administering the pain was skilled. She left no scars only red streaks across Horse's ass, nearly all in the same pattern.

"Bring me the box." Vivian said.

One of the muscled minions brought a large steel chest from the dark and set it at Vivian's feet. He unlocked it, and lifted the lid. Laying inside, neatly packed, was a pole with a modest-sized clear rubber dildo attached. The tip of the dildo was covered with silver veins. Wires hanging from the back attached to a control panel in the chest. It was an electronic device no doubt.

"Prepare him." Vivian said.

The Mardi-gras domme reached inside the steel box, pulled out a plastic glove and tube. She slipped on the glove and squeezed lubricant on her hand. Slapping Horses ass, she slathered the lube around his asshole, groping his testicles, and covering his penis. She felt his dick twitch in response. Horse couldn't resist the sensation. The stinging of the whip lashings combined with the pleasure he was feeling from the domme's hand was a potent mixture to Horse. He began to lose his sense of being, identity, he'd never felt this level of humiliation before. It was curious and dangerous to him.

"What are you going to do?" Horse slobbered his words out unable to see Vivian and the box.

"I'm going to stick this inside you Horse." Vivian explained calmly pushing the dildo in front of his face. "And I'm going to electrify your asshole. Do you want that?"

"I... I'm not sure..." He said.

Mardi-gras domme could feel the heat rising in Horse's penis as it grew harder and rose colored. He was becoming more disorientated from sensory overload. On some intellectual level, he knew they were reprogramming him, all creatures broke, it was biology, he knew that. She continued to stroke, gripping tighter at the head of his engorged cock. It felt like it was being strangled. Then he felt something cold against his asshole.

Vivian placed the cold metal tip of the dildo against Horse's asshole. She felt his sphincter tighten.

"Are you resisting Horse?" Vivian asked. "You will be okay after the pain."

Twisting the rod, Vivian nudged the dildo forward against Horse. Mardi-gras domme stroked and gripped his cock. Vivian twisted the rod and pushed, Horse's anus tightened in defiance. He clinched his teeth and groaned.

"Horse, fighting will only make it worse, maybe better for you." Vivian said and then pushed. Horse's anus opened and a shock shot through his body. The domme started to aggressively pump his penis. Vivian slid the dildo further inside.

"Agh!" Horse yelped. "Please, more. Don't stop. Stroke me bitches!"

Vivian's eyes narrowed. "Shut up Horse!" She said displeased with his words. The African domme expertly snapped the whip again, pain shot through Horse.

"Turn it on." She snapped at her minion. Pig-masked-brut bent down reached into the box, touched a switch and slowly turned a dial.

A dull hum emanated from a small generator concealed inside, snapping on and sending charge through the wires into the device lodged in Horse's asshole.

Horse had never experienced his prostate under this much stimulation. His entire pelvis was exploding. His body pulsated and jerked against the restraints and he let out a dull screaming moan. The dildo was pushed right against his prostrate, the electrodes sent a mild pulse into his rectum. Mardi gras domme held his penis tight, holding it in place from the spasms.

Horse's mind was on fire. What the fuck did I sign up for, Black Rose. What is this? So intense, pain, pleasure, confusion. The electrode shock that started like lightning had become a mild, delicate, vibrating sensation. But now over the vibrations he felt his cock being pumped with two hands by the Mardi gras domme. This is unbelievable. I'm enjoying this! Horse's body relaxed, his sphincter relaxed submitting to the dildo, and the handjob. This feeling is crazy. This humiliation is perfect. I do love you Vivian. You are amazing.

Vivian turned her head to look down at her minion, she raised her hand, thumb and index finger together, the sign for a pinch more juice. The minion turned the dial to eleven.

Mardi-gras domme gripped horse's jerking cock. Horse felt an atomic explosion on his prostate and in his balls. There was only one way out. His body spasmed against the restraints and in a burst Horse's cock splattered semen down the cushion, he felt hands tighten around his penis and squeeze. This is unbearable, too much — sensation, Horse thought, but only screaming groans were heard. The domme stroked out five more jerks of semen from Horse's cock leaving his penis soft and limp.

Horse gasped and sealed his eyes after Vivian pulled the dildo from his jerking body.

"I love you... Mistress." He whispered.
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