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Hot Girl Leaves The Trailerpark Ch. 03

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Continued from Chapter 2

As soon as Earl moved out of our trailer he immediately took up with another trailer park whore who was eager to take him in. This time it was a woman who had six kids; all from different fathers. Two of the girls were twins that I went to school with. No sooner did Earl move in with his new trailer trash woman did he start fucking her two twin daughters. Even though I went to school with them we didn't hang out because they were into theater club and I was a cheerleader. I have to admit that I was pissed knowing these two girls were in bed fucking that great big cock of his while their mother was at work. Earl told me that while the other four young kids who were real young sat in front of the TV he and the twins were in his bedroom fucking for two hours, until their mother came back. This was the typical low life that went on in the white trash trailer park.

I was still fucking the star quarterback, but all I could think about every time we fucked was that giant twelve inch cock of Earls. It might sound strange but I actually missed fucking a man who I really despised. It turned out that Earl was having the same feelings that I was. He said that even though it was fun fucking the twins Cally and Mellissa, he missed my sexy pussy and had to have it again. He decided to get out of their trailer so that we could get back into fucking on a regular basis, which was exactly what I wanted too.

Earl had a truck driver friend who owned a trailer which he let him use since he was on the road all the time. I would meet him after school or after cheerleading practice four times a week and we would kiss and fuck for three or four hours straight before I went home. Even though Earl knew I detested everything about him, he knew I loved fucking and blowing his huge tireless 12 inch cock. He knew I not only craved his enormous cock and that he could fuck for days without taking a break, but that I was addicted to the huge loads of cum that he always seemed to produce. I also knew that Earl's great big cock couldn't get enough of my young sexy teenage pussy. Even though he knew I disliked him as a person, he knew I was the sexiest, hottest fuck he ever had or ever would have, and that he couldn't get enough of my hot bikini model body and the way I used it to turn on and fuck his great gig cock.

I remember once when Earl and I got into a real heated fuck after I saw a women leave trailer. I knew that she had just fucked him, and I told him that if his cock wasn't so fucking huge I wouldn't be seen within a hundred miles of him.

It happened when Earl had gone out of town with his truck driver friend for a week to make some extra cash. I was so fucking horny from not having that great big cock all week that I skipped cheerleader practice. We had made plans to get together that day, but I wanted to surprise him and get there early. All during school the only thing I could think about was going to that trailer and fuck that great big 12 inch cock all afternoon.

Before leaving school I dressed in a sexy pair of sheer tan thigh high stockings with six inch lace tops and a pair of white open toe high heel pumps. I wanted to turn Earl on like crazy and drive him wild as I played with that fat 12 inch cock all afternoon. I called a local taxi service on my cell phone and got picked up at the back entrance of school. On the ride to Earl's trailer, the driver was going wild looking at me in his mirror.

As I put on my eye liner and hot red lipstick, I noticed him scanning my sexy body at every chance he could. As I turned to the side my short cheerleader skirt rose up high on my long slender legs. He was getting a real hot view as I crossed a stocking covered leg over the other then slid to my side in the seat. I just ignored him and let him have his little thrill. I was sure he was going to jack off that night just like all the guys do when they think of how hot I am and how much they would love to fuck me. I really didn't care that he was drooling all over himself, because my mind was on fucking Earl's great big cock all day.

I had the driver let me out at the bottom of the dirt driveway. I wanted to surprise Earl since he wasn't expecting me for another three hours. As I walked up to his friend's trailer I saw an older woman who I guessed was in her late fifties leaving his trailer. I found out later that she was actually 70 years old! I had to admit that she did look great for her age. She had grayish hair that was done up which exposed her neck. She was real slender, almost skinny and stood about 5' 7" tall. She had black high heel pumps on which made her another three inch's taller. Even though she was 70, she dressed really young and sexy for her age.

She had on a white see through white blouse with a black bra underneath. She had on a tight skirt which was way above her knee and she was wearing a pair of black stockings. In addition to wearing black high heel pumps she wore long diamond earrings which almost touched her shoulder. As I walked towards the trailer I began getting pissed as I watched her teasingly rub the huge bulge in Earl's crotch as she handed him an envelope. The way she was dressed and the sly way she rubbed the front of Earls pants made me real furious that he was fucking her, especially on the day that he knew we were going to be fucking.

I almost walked away but, I knew if I did I would regret not fucking that monster cock that I desperately needed to have stuffed way up into my horny 18 year old pussy all week. I also knew that I didn't have a right to be angry because I was still fucking other boys in high school. The saddest thing about the high school jocks I was fucking was that when they took off their pants it was all I could do not to laugh out loud when I saw the tiny hard cocks. Even when they were hard their puny cocks never measured more than six or seven inches.

I was so fucking horny and desperately needed to fuck Earl's huge cock that I decided to confront him with what I had just seen. I waited for her to drive off, and then I knocked at the door. When Earl answered he had a beer in his hand. I immediately looked down and noticed that he had a huge fucking hard on. As I was looking at him he was taking in my sexy 18 year old bikini model body. As I stood 8 inches taller then Earl his eyes were stripping me with animal lust as he steered at my long stocking covered legs and my sexy white high heel pumps. I immediately took my outstretched hand and tried to grab his enormous hard on but my hand slipped off because it was so wide.

I snarled saying, "I'm surprised this cock can still be so fucking big and hard after just fucking that old whore baby."

Earl just smirked and finished drinking his beer as he continued to leer at my body which was beginning to turn me on. I could tell he was getting irritated at me. He told me that her husband owned the trailer and every few weeks she comes by to collect the rent. She had heard about his big cock and wanted to fuck it for herself. Earl said that she was so desperate to suck and fuck his big cock that she offered him a great deal. He said that every two weeks she comes by and collects his buddy's rent and in turn she pays Earl $500 to fuck and suck his huge cock for a few hours. I knew that this was an arrangement he had with a few women who craved fucking his monster cock so bad that they paid him for it. One was a woman who was the president of a local bank, and the other was a female lawyer that represented him in all the cases where women claimed that he was the father of their baby. Both women were successful, married and had kids, and who loved fucking his great big cock so much that they paid him for it.

Earl said that after being out on the road all week and thinking about my hot body and fucking me, he used her to take the edge off his big cock before I got there. He said that even though they fucked for two hours he was still fucking hard thinking about my sexy teenage pussy and knowing that we were going to fuck all afternoon to make up for lost fuck time. He said if he knew I was coming by so early he would have waited to fuck me. He said that even after shooting two loads of cum he was still so fucking hard thinking about our fuck. He went on to say that he was so fucking horny for me this week that she didn't even take the edge off his big cock.

He then said in an annoyed tone that I had no right gettin pissed because I was still fuckin my jock boyfriends. He then looked down and ran his hand along his huge hard on and said with a smirk, "Don't worry, there's a lot of cum left in this big hard 12 inch cock for you baby, a lot more fucking cum baby."

As soon as Earl finished telling me off he immediately spun me around so that I was facing the tall dresser. After he spun me around he forcefully tore down my cheerleader skirt. When he spun me around I was so hot I moaned, "Ohhh yes baby….I'm sooo fuckin horny for that great big cock of yours baby…Oh yes baby let's get really wild and fuck all day and night." As he angrily pulled down my tight cheerleader skirt over my sinful ass, I lifted up one leg as he slipped the skirt over my white high heel pump. When I put my size 10 pump back on the floor I lifted the other white high heel and he instantly removed my skirt and threw it across the room as he hissed crazily. After he aggressively pulled down my short tight skirt he began kissing and licking all over my burning wild ass. His moans of hunger for me were turning me on like crazy.

Earl was so enraged and turned on by the sight of my body that he was going crazy and began shouting sexy obscenities at me. He spanked my ass which caused me to moan, "Ohhhh fuck."

He then began licking my sexy round ass and said in a mad tone, "Fuck this is the sexiest ass I've ever seen baby, I missed this sexy tasting ass of your's baby."

The sight of my long stocking covered legs dressed in those sexy sheer tan thigh high stockings with the six inch lace tops while I stood in a pair of white open toed high heel pumps was driving him both crazy and angry at the same time. I had to admit, I was loving every torturous second of his redneck mouth, kissing and licking my perfect 18 year old ass.

I had on a sexy white thong and as soon as Earl saw it on my sexy ass he tore it right off me and said, "There's five hundred fucking dollars in that envelope that that bitch gave me for sucking and fucking my big cock today. You take it baby, and go buy yourself some hot new thongs and sexy bras and some hot stockings and high heels to fuck in."

Earl was going wild and pushed me forward so that my sexy ass was sticking out. He moaned and said wildly, "I've been thinking about this hot wild ass all week baby, and while that bitch was suckin all over my big cock all I kept thinking about was the fuck you and I were gonna get into today baby. Now let me start on this wild sexy ass of yours baby….Lets get you all fucked up and ready for my great big angry cock you sexy teaser you."

For the next hour Earl went crazy with his tongue, licking and kissing all over my hot ass, moaning and saying how sexy it was. After a while he began prying apart my ass cheeks as he continued kissing all over it. I was getting so worked up and was moaning like crazy from the popping sounds my wet pussy were making each time Earl pried my ass apart and exposed my turned on pussy.

The sounds of my aching pussy filled the room each time he spread apart my ass apart then released it. I was getting wetter and wetter by the second and moaned in a deep voice heatedly groaning,"Ohhhh FUUUUCK That's so fucking sexy baby!"

As he continued this torturous teasing, my long fuck lips voluntarily opened as if they were saying, "I can't wait to fuck your great big cock!" The wild sensation caused by the friction of my ass opening and closing by Earls grimy hands caused me to cum surprisingly. I moaned blissfully, "Oh baby you've got me so fucked up... sooooo fucked uuuuuuppp…ahhhhhhh."

After I came Earl began kissing all over my pussy. He didn't touch it or put his tongue to it, he only kissed it saying, "Fuck baby this is one sexy pussy (kiss-kiss)…Ummm..this sexy teen pussy deserves to be kissed all over baby(kiss-kiss)……Ummmm so fucking sexy(kiss-kiss)…….Soooo fucking sexy baby…Ummm I cant wait to have my great big cock way up inside this sexy 18 year old pussy again. (kiss, kiss)."

I was groaning so hard saying, "Oh yeah baby…That feels sooooo fucking sexy baby…. Ohhhh baby, ummmmmmm your getting me soooo fucking hot……Oh fuck yeah, kiss your sexy 18 year old pussy baby….Ohhhhh yeah baby get me all worked up to fuck that huge 12 inch cock…..This sexy 18 year old pussy missed fucking your great big cock all week…ohhhh let me show you just how bad I missed it baby….let me fuck it."

Earl had me in a delirious state and suddenly I began to tremble and felt myself shuddering uncontrollably from all the teasing friction of having my hot ass spread wide open, and having my pussy so wickedly exposed. I couldn't hold back another second from the wild way Earl was playing with my ass and kissing my wet pussy. I looked back and shuddered, "Ohh fuck baby…I'm cuuuuuummmmming….Ohhhh fuuuuck yeahhhhh."

The pressure in my pussy was so built up that I came in a shuddering orgasm. As I was cumming in this wild explosive orgasm Earl began fucking his long tongue into my pussy and then deep into my ass. He would stab my pussy once, then pry apart my ass with his filthy hands then stab deep into my wet asshole. He didn't stop and I was climbing the walls.

At one point I looked back and snarled, "Oh baby my ass is on fire...Oh god you've got me so worked up ….Ummmm that feels so fucking sexy baby….sooooo fucking sexy… Oh god that tongue is driving me up the fucking wall baby."

Earl had me so fucked up that I began cumming like a faucet from my pussy and my hot round ass. Even though I had fucked two guys while he was away this week not one of them got me hot like this. Earl not only had a giant cock, but he also knew how to control a fuck!

Part of this hot naughty turn on was because he was 37 years older then me, and that the only thing we craved about each other was fucking. Plus, because Earl had such an enormous cock, he had so much experience with girls. Having that great big cock allowed Earl to fuck just how he liked, and anyone he chose. That big cock made him arrogant and gave him the confidence to know exactly how to fuck and drive a girl crazy. This was the reason why I was cumming so fucking good. I never got off this good from fucking guys my age. There small dicks could never make me explode the way Earls huge cock could.

It was the same reason for every girl Earl fucked. I was so turned on by knowing that I was going to have that 12 inch cock in my horny pussy that I forgot all about that 70 year old whore he fucked earlier. After an hour of his amazing tongue fucking and having gotten off ten times already, Earl grabbed his massive hardon and brought it to the opening of my tight young wet pussy. As I looked back I gazed at his enormous cock for a second. Earl had a look of depraved lust on his face. His eyes were rolled back and he had a demented, twisted look on his face and was groaning like mad.

When I gazed at his cock I nearly died when I saw how angry and frighteningly huge it looked. It was as if I was seeing it for the first time as it stuck way out from his body like an angry flagpole! I looked at the twisted expression on Earls face then glanced down and saw the thick veins that menacingly ran along the sides of that huge cock and a sudden bit of fear overcame me.

As he grabbed his giant cock in his hand it looked staggering in size as it shot out over a foot from where he was holding it at the base. I swear Earls cock looked so staggering that it seemed to take up more then half of his scrawny body! It was already pulsing wildly and pre cum was already flowing from his huge cock head.

As Earl lined up his massive cock to the entrance of my smoking pussy I covered my mouth to muffle my cries. Ignoring my cries Earl mercilessly brought that freakish cock past the entrance of my sex starved pussy and I gasped, "Ohh fuck! ....its sooo fucking huge… I'm cumming already just looking at that great big cock of yours baby….Ohhh fuck!"

Without any concern for me Earl began feeding that turned on monster into my scorching pussy. He was going wild and as each throbbing inch penetrated my overwhelmed pussy I came all over his huge cock with cries of lust.

This twisted almost depraved fucking worked to our advantage as we always had the hottest fuck sessions together. With the younger guys I was fucking it was always about them wanting me to be their steady girlfriend, and wear their letter jacket or their graduation ring on a necklace. It was always about being romantic and loving, but with my former step-daddy it was always about animalistic and depraved fucking. This was all heightened by the fact that I was only 18 and he was 55 and that deep down I really loathed everything about him on a personal level and he knew that I thought that I was way too good for him or anyone in the white trash trailer park we lived.

Earl began running his hands up and down my sexy tan thigh high stockings and began fucking me harder and harder. As his huge cock filled every inch of my burning pussy I began using my turned on ass to meet each one of his long deep angry thrust. I crossed one of my white high heel pumps over the other which caused my sexy ass to stick out more.

Earl enjoyed the new angle and moaned, "Oh yeah baby , that's real nice….That ass looks so fucking sexy as your taking my big cock in that deep 18 year old pussy of yours."

Earl kept complimenting me on my sexy ass as it stuck out perfectly from crossing my stocking covered legs while I stood in my high heels. I couldn't stop cumming from this wild position as I took every delicious inch of his giant pussy opener. Every time he drilled back down and bottomed out, I came so fucking hard. Earl continued to thrust that monster cock way up into me, causing his huge hanging balls to slap the bottom of exposed clit. This feeling caused a new set of eruptions inside my sex starved teenage pussy.

Although I was shrieking and cumming with every penetrating thrust, what I was really loving was that I knew I was driving his huge cock insane, and that he loved the way my sexy ass looked while his giant cock disappeared all the way up into my red-hot pussy. Earl then began pinching on my hot inch long nipples while he pounded that big angry cock into me. He was making me moan as he rolled, twisted and angrily pulled on my inch long nipples through his dirty fingers.

As he fucked and played with my turned on nipples he moaned in a low dark voice and told me how sexy they were and how much he loved playing with my huge hard nipples and that I had the biggest pair of nipples he's ever seen.

He then thrilled me by saying he has fucked over two hundred different pussies and none were as sexy, and felt as hot wrapped around his big cock then mine did. The feeling of his huge cock stuffing every inch of my tight 18 year old pussy while he played with my turned on inch long nipples while telling me that I had the sexiest pussy he'd ever fucked caused me to cum real hard all over his giant shaft.

As I came I began pushing my turned on ass onto his giant sexy cock going crazy as I felt it way up inside me.
He was groaning wildly and began saying, "Oh fuck that's good baby….Yeah, fuck onto my big cock...Use that wild ass to jack my big horny cock baby."

At one point Earl said with a sly laugh, "So baby did you get this kind of fuck from your big steroid boyfriends while I was out of town this week baby? ….Did they stretch your sexy young pussy apart the way this 12 inch cock is doing right now baby?"

That's when I lost it and turned around and snarled, "Oh you fucking big cocked bastard, if your cock wasn't so fucking huge I wouldn't be caught within a hundred miles of you, you fucking big cocked red neck."

With that Earl laughed and said confidently, "Don't you fuckin think that I don't know the only way I am fuckin someone as sexy as you, is because I have such as big fucking cock baby."

At that point I thought I was going to pass out from how hard Earl was fucking into me. I looked back and saw this glazed look in his eyes and I knew that he was just getting started. For the next two hours he fucked crazily, as his redneck hands ran up and down my sheer thigh high stockings then up to my huge swollen inch long nipples. His unrelenting cock fucking into me as he pinched and pulled on my inch long nipples caused me to cum again and again.

Earl was fucking me crazily as I heard him utter to himself like a man possessed, "So fucking sexy…Slender body…..those big sexy tits…Huge fucking nipples…A gorgeous ass…Stockings and high heels, driving me fucking wild…A pussy so tight and deep that it can handle and take every inch of my great big cock…Fuck I'll never fuck another one as sexy as this hot bitch again."

This thought seemed to make him angrier and fuck into me even harder! I cannot begin to explain how sexy it felt to know that I could turn on such a huge cock. I know every guy who looks at me wants to fuck me, but guys with giant cocks like Earls fuck all the time. Because of their mammoth size they get all the pussy they want; anytime they want it and all on their terms. I felt so powerful knowing that Earl's huge cock couldn't get enough of me and that I was the best fuck he'd ever had. Even though I couldn't stop cumming over his enormous cock, it felt so sexy to be driving him crazy for me.

As Earl continued to pummel me with one long vicious stroke after another, I turned my head to the side and our tongues flew out of our mouths to meet each others for a few minutes of twisted kissing. We were sharing a wicked kiss that was long overdue. This was an immoral kiss between a sexy 18 year old high school teenage bikini model and a 55 year old red neck who had a giant cock. As we kissed my pussy was exploding from each powerful thrust of his huge cock as it bottomed out inside me again and again.

At one point Earl put his foot up on the table and angled that huge cock inside me. Before he put it back into my burning pussy I looked back and gasped out loud saying, "OHHHHH FUCK!"

With his foot up on the table his cock I looked back at the frightening sight of his huge cock that jutted out from his scrawny body and waved from side to side arrogantly. I noticed his huge piss slit was opening and closing with a clear fluid running out of in a steady stream.

Earl then took that angry cock in his fist and brought it to my quivering pussy and began inching it back into me. I began to shudder and said apprehensively, "Ohhhhhh fuck…..Your sexy cock is soooo fucking big…soooo fucking bigggg." I nearly passed out and came even harder from this new sensitive fuck position. Earl found every horny hot spot in my young teenage pussy and made it cum.

We continued this twisted and depraved non stop fucking for three hours straight. I must have cum fifty times from the sheer pleasure of Earl's huge tireless cock. At different points I would pull his massive cock out of my sex starved pussy and go down and squat on my high heels and lick all over his giant shaft, tasting my sexy pussy that coated his great big cock. I used this time to recover and keep him turned on at the same time.

I would use the tip of my tongue and run it up one side of his massive moaning and mumbling, "Ummmmmmmmm….soooooobig……sooooofucking big," all the way to his great big cock head. Once I reached the top of his pulsing crown I lovingly licked off the clear pre-cum, and then flicked his huge crown with the tip of my tongue. I then teasingly kissed his huge cock head which made a sexy popping sound, while I looked up at him with a sly school girl smile on my face. I then went to the other side and repeated this naughty act. I did this over and over as Earls eyes were riveted to me. I loved the sexy contact we had had each time I kissed his cock head then flicked my burning tongue wildly at his huge tip while I sinfully smiled at him.

This was my way of silently letting Earl know how much I worshiped his huge cock and loved pleasing and turning it on. After a half hour of running my hot tongue all over his huge shaft, I lifted the giant cock against his scrawny chest and began sucking on his huge hanging cum filled balls. His balls were huge and loaded with cum and I meticulously licked and kissed them with my mouth as I moaned in ecstasy.

As I took each of his massive hanging balls into my mouth Earl was looking down at me taking in the hot sight. The sight of me squatting in my naughty tan thigh high stockings and white open toed high heel pumps with my big nipples sticking out long and hard and being a sexy 18 year old girl in high school was turning him on like crazy, and I loved it. As I lovingly blew every inch of Earls giant cock I began to think about how amazing it was that he could still have such a huge hard on again after all of the fucking we have been doing and that he had already cum twice earlier today when he fucked his 70 year old landlord.

I was delirious licking his huge cock and those hanging balls as my long fingers expanded around his massive shaft to hold it still. My long fingers only wrapped around half of his huge shaft as I licked away at it, savoring my hot fuck juices from my sexy pussy.

As I worshiped his huge cock I teased, "So baby, am I giving you better head then your sexy 70 year old landlord baby?"

Earl was moaning crazily saying, "Oh fuck baby you're so fucking sexy…No one turns my big cock on like you baby, and you fuckin know it… She's not even close baby….no one is baby."

He then added in true trailer park fashion, "Fuck you even give me better head then my own mamma use to!"

I then stood and leaned over and kissed him madly as I pumped his huge cock saying, "Oh baby I need more of that big cock fucking….Lets get back to fucking baby. My pussy misses your great big cock lover….lets fuck!"

I then kissed the head of his saliva coated cock and said sexily, "Let's fuck baby," I then stood and leaned forward and reached back and took his giant shaft in my hand and guided it back inside my flaming pussy. After fifteen minutes of gasping and holding my breath while my pussy desperately tried adjusting to his freakish cock, Earl finally bottomed out.

This was when we really began getting into our wild fuck again. After the stars I was seeing went by we got into our incredible fuck rhythm, as my wet overstuffed pussy slid up and down his torturous huge shaft. As my teenage pussy lips desperately clung to his huge shaft, sucking on every delicious inch, Earl's hands ran up and down my tan stockings teasingly then held onto my hips.

As his hands teased up and down my sheer tan nylons then over the edge of the lacy tops I moaned, "Ohhhhhh yesss that feels so sexy baby…You're driving me crazy baby."

Earl was moaning too, and said enthustacilly, "Oh fuck baby, I love the way you look dressed so sexy in those hot stockings and high heels. Such a naughty little girl. A naughty 18 year old school girl who loves fucking a 55 year old guy with a huge cock."

With that I turned my head and laughed slyly as we met in a naughty slow tongue flicking kiss, which confirmed to him that he was so right about me being obsessed with his great big cock.

After an hour of this wild, depraved fuck he began to tense up and groaned in a dark almost sinister voice, "Oh fuck baby, I gotta feed this sexy pussy that's driving my big cock crazy."

I looked back and with a crazed lust on my face I snarled, "Fill it baby…Fill it with your big hot load…Cum in it baby…Ohhh yesss baby, fill it up with one of your great big pussy filling loads lover."

Suddenly I shuddered and came as I felt burst after burst of the hottest cum explode inside my starved 18 year old pussy. As his giant cock filled every inch of me I began using my ass to fuck harder onto his huge exploding shaft.

I turned and pleaded, "Ohhh come on baby keep fucking baby…Don't loose that great big hard on of yours baby… Oh fuck, my pussy needs more of that great big sexy cock…Keep it fucking inside your hot 18 year old pussy baby….Oh yeah fuck it all night baby…Fuck it all night…Show me what that great big cock of yours can really do to a sexy 18 year old pussy baby."

That did it. As Earl came inside my pussy he kept fucking me and didn't loose any of that giant hard on. When he came, my pussy exploded like crazy as I felt his giant cock expand and rapidly shoot burst after burst of scorching hot cum inside me. As his hot cum shot way up into me I was delirious from the feeling of his enormous pulsating cock and from the hot cum that coated my clinching velvet fuck walls of my aching cunt. As his hot cum exploded into me, I wildly fucked back onto his giant cock, moaning every time my ass came back and met his scrawny body. I wanted to please every inch of his huge cock and wanted my young 18 year old pussy to bring it off inside of me.

The feeling of his hot cum exploding inside of me caused me to cum instantly. My pussy was spazamoning all over Earl's huge cock as we continued to fuck. It felt so hot to cum with his great big cock, as it repeatedly pumped off inside of me, and as his hot load mixed with mine!

Throughout this nasty act we were both moaning from this hot animal like fucking. Amazingly, Earl seemed to keep cumming and cumming, without any signs of stopping. He came for what seemed like five minutes. There was so much cum flowing out of my overstuffed pussy that it kept coating his huge hard on allowing him to fuck on faster and faster, until he was pounding me like a jack-hammer!

After a few minutes my deep pussy couldn't hold another drop of his hot cum and the remainder began dripping onto the floor in a huge white puddle. I was going crazy as I turned my head to the side and we kissed with just the hot tips of our two sex crazed tongues as Earl continued to fill the depths of my overstuffed pussy wit scorching cum.

The more he came the crazier we kissed. After he finished cumming he began pulling out of me as my over-stretched pussy clung to his cock in a desperate attempt to keep it form exiting my sex starved 18 year old pussy. Earl's cock popped out which made a loud popping sound from my empty pussy. We then turned and began kissing wildly as his hands freely roamed over my nylons then my aching tits. We kissed obscenely for almost half an hour as my hands continued pumping his surprisingly huge red neck cock. Earl's mouth was also busy sucking my huge one inch nipples which had me on the edge of another sinful orgasm. As we kissed I could feel his huge cock throbbing in my out stretched hands and I was going crazy to suck it.

I then held his huge 12 inch shaft and continued pumping it as I lead him to the sofa. Even though the sofa was on the other side of the room we stopped four times to hungrily kiss each other.

As we walked my hands were sexily pumping his enormous cock while his hands were running up and down the back of my stockings then over my firm sexy ass which caused me to groan hotly, "Ummmm, that feels sooooo nice baby…ummmm sooooo sexy."

We stopped and immediately began enjoying our twisted trailer park kiss. The naughty way we were kissing was a reminder that we needed more from each other, much, much more! Time seemed to stand still and it seemed to take forever to get to the couch which was only a few feet away!

My hands kept pumping Earl's giant cock as we stood moaning, and as the tips of our tongues flicked crazily across each others. We took a few more steps then turned to kiss again. This was a naughty scene between two people that needed to fuck and please each other. This wasn't about feelings or emotions; this was about one thing only. Pure animal lust and heat. This depraved scene came from a sexy 18 year old girl with a perfect body dressed in a pair of sexy tan thigh high stockings and naughty white open toed high heeled pumps, and a scrawny 90 pound trailer trash redneck who was 55 years old and had a giant cock that could fuck and cum for days!

We stood in front of the sofa and continued kissing with our mouths wide open and our tongues flicking wildly across each other. It was so sexy to stand over seven inches taller then Earl while we kissed. As I was bent forward to kiss him my hands were sexily stroking his huge 12 inch hard on until I bent at the waist and began flicking my tongue feverishly over his great big cock head.

I was moaning like crazy and said, "Oh baby lie back so I can ride the fuck out of your great big sexy cock."

Once he sat back on sofa his huge cock thumped menacingly across his scrawny chest until it settled and rose up to the bottom of his chin. His 12 inch cock looked so freakishly huge on his small 90 pound frame. When his huge cock came to rest against his chest, I moaned out loud saying, "Ohhhhh fuck!" The wild maze of thick angry veins stuck out from the sides of his enormous shaft, making it look almost grotesque!

His cock was pulsing violently as if to say, 'Come and suck it NOW!' I was so fucking horny to fuck his huge cock again, but I had to play with it first. I needed to make love to his huge cock again and it was my way of showing him how bad I needed to please him.

I kneeled on the sofa and began kissing him while I pumped his huge cock, as it towered up his scrawny chest. As I pumped it lovingly I moaned with lust and then began spitting all over his huge cock saying, "Oh baby, your cock is so fucking huge…Sooo fucking huge... I'm gonna get it nice and wet while I jack it in my hands, then I'm gonna put it back into my horny pussy and ride the fuck out of it until you go crazy lover!"

I continued to spit all over his giant cock and pumped it lovingly up and down while we kissed for about a half hour. As I pumped his giant shaft I actually came as I watched and felt his massive tower slid between my hands. I so worked up, knowing that I was stroking such a huge cock.

I then began licking up and down each side of his huge shaft as I groaned over and over saying, "Ummm…..." As I licked up and down his saliva coated shaft I looked up at him with lust in my eyes and moaned like a little school girl saying, "Oh baby I love blowing your huge cock." I was consumed with lust and needed to please every inch of that monster cock more then anything in the world.

It was so bizarre. Here I was a hot, sexy 18 year old bikini model, that could have any man I wanted, and here I was dressed in a pair of sexy tan thigh high stockings with a classy pair of open toed high heel pumps on, crazily sucking all over the enormous cock of a scrawny 55 year old red neck who looked like he just got out of jail! Nothing in the world mattered to me. The fact that he was a useless red neck meant nothing to me. I was consumed with lust, lust for his huge 12 inch cock. All I could think about was pleasing it and thoroughly worshiping it. I was depraved with lust for Earl's giant cock.

It was the only thing in the world that mattered to me. I needed to please every inch of Earl' huge tireless cock. I wanted to please every long vein that protruded from his angry monstrous shaft. I wanted to please his huge cock head and his long hanging balls.

As I crazily licked up one side of his mammoth shaft then down the other the room was filed with my moaning, saying, "Such a big fucking cock…All I want to do is please it baby….Please it for you…Oh God your huge cock is driving me crazy baby…I could suck your huge hard on all day and night baby."

As I eagerly worshiped his great big cock he was looking at my body and groaning about how hot and sexy I was and that I was driving his huge cock insane.

Once his giant shaft was thoroughly coated with my thick wet saliva I said, "Oh baby now I'm gonna ride the fuck out of this huge horny cock."

I then turned my back to Earl and lifted one of my long stocking covered legs over his thigh. With my high heels on I was able to raise my ass up above his towering shaft, just barely above his huge cock head. I lifted his huge shaft with both hands and began to insert the head of his cock past the mouth of my sizzling turned on 18 year old pussy. I then began the long slow journey down to the base of his huge cock. I was so fucking wet and turned on that I began cumming instantly as I dropped my tight as a glove pussy from the head of his cock to the base.

When I bottomed out I turned my head and moaned, "Oh fuck your sexy cock is soooo fucking big…Soooo fucking big baby… Oh god you've got the biggest fucking cock baby."

We then met for a brief tongue kiss. Both of our tongues instinctually came out of our mouths and the hot points met and flicked up and down against each other for a few naughty seconds. It was a constant reminder of now naughty we were. An 18 year old high school teenager fucking a 55 year old man!

I then stood up until I reached the tip of that huge angry cock. I was so glad I had on my high heel pumps because the extra three inches helped me raise my sexy ass up high enough to get above the big crown of his wide cock head. Once I reached the tip of his towering white trash cock I put my hands on his scrawny thighs and began to swirl my ass around in a teasing and sexy way, all over that big fat cock head.

Earl was moaning like crazy from the sight of my wild ass swirling in slow deliberate spirals as my pussy gripped and sucked on his huge cock head, before it dropped back down his endless shaft again slowly. Earl was moaning as he reached out and rested his hands on the lace tops of my tan thigh high stockings.

As I began fucking up and down on his giant redneck cock he ran his hands teasingly up and down my nylons and told me how sexy I was and how good I was at fucking his huge cock. At one point he grabbed the backs of my thighs and lifted my long stocking covered legs straight out and told me to cross them.

As I crossed one of my high heels over the other Earl moaned and said, "Yeah baby let me look at those sexy long legs in those hot stockings and those naughty white high heels while I fuck you deep with my big fat cock….Oh yeah that looks real sexy baby…Real sexy."

As he was fucking into me I looked in the mirrored wall and saw the sly look on his face as he took in the sexy sight of my long stocking covered legs with my white open toed high heel pumps on as his giant cock tunneled its way menacingly in and out of my sex starved 18 year old pussy.

I was going crazy from the new feeling I was receiving from his massive cock as my stocking crossed legs tightened my pussy even more around his extremely fat cock. It was so sexy fucking his huge cock while I rested against his small chest and he held my long stoking covered crossed legs out. It made me look even longer and taller against his short 5'4" 90 pound frame. The new sensation of having my long stocking covered legs and my high heels crossed was driving me insane as my pussy clung to his monster cock. This tightening of my pussy made Earl even angrier to fuck. I was exploding with every invading thrust as his huge cock continued to be prying me wide apart. I was cumming so much that I thought I was about to pass out from the sheer pleasure.
He then placed the heels of my white open toed pumps on his thighs and as he held onto each of the three inch heels he began fucking me harder and crazier. As he fucked way up into me my heels dug into his thighs which only fueled his fire and made him fuck me faster, deeper and harder. I was going crazy as I looked across the room and saw our reflection in the mirror.

It looked so wild seeing that enormous 12 inch cock fucking into my teenage pussy and seeing my long fuck lips stretch so far apart as they clung to his giant cock with each long punishing stroke. One time his giant cock sprang free from my pussy and swung wildly about as it was coated with the juice of my soaked pussy. It was such an amazing sight to see this freakish cock waving angrily from side to side and thinking that it actually fit into my tight 18 year old pussy. The sight was so wild seeing my pussy stay so stretched apart without closing. His monster cock spread me so far apart it looked like a tunnel. It was shocking to see my once tight as a glove pussy stretched out as wide as a beer can!

As I watched this freakish scene in terror, I greedily reached out and grabbed that swaying cock and lined it back up between my fuck lips and continued to moan and cry out in dark seeded lust. "Oh fuck…take that sexy 18 year old pussy with that giant cock….take it all baby…make it yours baby."

Earl saw me looking in the mirror and once he watched my young 18 year old pussy being spread four inches across by his giant cock he began thrusting and swearing crazily saying, "Oh you fucking sexy teenage bitch, these sexy stockings and high heels are driving me crazy baby… Yeah that's it baby; take my big fucking cock that you got so turned on from wearing these sexy stockings and high heels… Yeah that's it watch yourself cum all over my big fat cock you sexy fucking teaser you."

I was howling as I came again and again from watching his huge cock fucking into me from the mirror. I loved knowing that my tan thigh high stockings and white open toed high heels were making his huge cock mad with lust.

After a while Earl brought his dirty hands under my sexy milky white ass and cupped my ass cheeks, which helped guide me up and down his huge cock, at a speed he wanted to fuck at. I began fucking up and down faster and harder on his huge hard on as his hands cupped my sexy ass. I loved the feeling of his dirty trailer trash hands on my perfect round ass, as he played with it.

I sneered, "Yeah baby, grab that sexy 18 year old ass while I fuck up and down on your great big 12 inch cock, you big cocked fuck you." We were now in a rage to out fuck one another and we went back to fucking like two sex starved animals.

As I continued to fuck up and down on Earl's huge cock I repeated over and over saying, "Oh baby your cock is so fucking big….So fucking big baby… I can feel it everywhere baby…Oh baby, you're stuffing every inch of my teenage pussy baby….Uhhhh….baby fuck every inch of it."

At one point Earl pulled his huge cock out as he moaned saying, "Ahhhhh fuck that pussy is to fucking good baby."

He then began slapping his enormous towering shaft against my swollen extended clit and over onto my stomach. I then shrieked when I saw his giant turned on cock in the mirror as it almost touched the underside of my nice round 32D tits. I shuddered in disbelief when I thought about my pussy actually taking such a freakishly huge cock. I then turned my head and groaned as we got into another wild kiss. Once Earl cooled down for a second he grabbed that monster cock again and pushed it back into my stretched out pussy. We picked up or fuck and Earl began moving to the front edge of the sofa.

As I was enjoying fucking up and down on his huge cock, he moved off the edge of the sofa and began fucking into me like crazy. I was screaming out of sheer pain and lust from the way his skinny ass was coming up from the floor and striking way up into my pussy as he met my burning ass as it was coming down on his giant shaft.

The excitement from being fucked so hard and deep by such a huge cock and enjoying the feeling of being so stuffed and stretched apart by it, caused me to shriek over and over, "Oh fuuuuuuck…. fuck yeah,"

As I was screaming like an animal in heat I came all over Earl's huge angry cock five times. After a few minutes of this merciless assault on my pussy and making me cum five times I rose off his cock and bent forward and licked it all over. I was delirious licking his huge cock as I tasted my exploding pussy all over his freakish shaft. As I continued to blow him, Earl grabbed my ass and spread it wide apart.

He said in an almost depraved voice, "I've gotta eat this sexy ass of yours baby…. This hot ass has been teasing me to long baby…I'm gonna make it cum real nice sexy…. Real nice." He then began licking around the sensitive rim of my tight asshole, then began inserting the tip of his hot tongue into it.

The feeling was making me crazy and I began moaning softly, "Oh yessss baby that feels soooo fucking good… Oh yeah baby…fuck my sexy ass with that nasty trailer trash red neck tongue of yours baby."

As I was moaning wantonly he began darting that talented tongue into me deeper and deeper until my asshole was opening and closing on its own from each of his long tongue thrust.

He then took his hands from my ass and began running them up and down the sides of my stockings while he worked his nasty tongue into my asshole. The feeling of his hands running up and down my nylons while his tongue was fucking my ass was so hot and so exquisite.

I looked over my shoulder and moaned, "Ohhhh baby …that feels so fucking sexy…Sooo fucking sexy." I then went right back to licking and pleasing his huge cock as he moaned approvingly.

We were both pleasing each other and driving each other wild. This naughty 69 position was making us hotter and hotter. The feeling of licking, kissing and pumping such a tremendous cock while having my asshole fucked by Earls long tongue as he ran his hands up and down the sides of my tan stockings, caused me to shudder and cum again. Just the sight of Earl's great big cock towering above my face was making me delirious. Earl's tongue was too much excitement for my ass.

As it snaked into my asshole I was moaning deliriously saying, "Ohhhhh baby that feels soooo fucking good…My ass is on fire baby… Your gonna make my fucking ass cum baby…uggggggggg."

As I feverously sucked his huge cock and as his wild tongue stabbed deep into my ass, I could feel an amazing cum beginning to rise from my wet asshole. Earls long stabbing tongue and the way he was running his hangs up and down my tan stockings was too much. Suddenly I felt my asshole begin tighten around his tongue and I came in a violent orgasm from the depths of my sexy asshole.

As I came I lifted my mouth off Earl's 12 inch cock and uttered, "Ohhhhh baby…ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck." As I came Earl continued to fuck his tongue way up into me, making sure I drained all the cum from my sexy ass all over his mouth.

After I exploded from a mind-boggling ass cum I stood and climbed over him until I faced him. I then lifted his giant cock to my pussy. Earl's skinny ass was still off the edge of the sofa almost touching the ground. I inserted his great big cock between my long fuck lips then into my sex starved pussy again. We then resumed our naughty fuck until we began fiercely fucking each other.

As we began getting wilder I said hungrily, "Kiss me baby." We immediately began hotly French kissing as his massive cock fucked way up into me, causing me to moan uncontrollably.

I was delirious as we fucked wildly for over an hour. As we were both fucking each other crazily, Earl's fingers were playing with my inch long nipples which drove me mad with lust. We were both so hot and ready to explode again as we wickedly kissed and fucked. I could feel Earl's huge cock throbbing inside my pussy which caused me to moan loudly. His breathing was getting heavier and he was moaning loudly saying that my pussy felt so fucking good wrapped around his big cock. I was going wild and needed to blow his massive hard on again. I needed to have his great big cock, which was covered in the wet juices from my hot pussy into my mouth.

As I began sliding off his huge cock Earl began to protest saying, "Keep that fucking sexy pussy on my big cock baby…Don't stop this fuck... Your pussies jackin me to good baby…DON'T STOP THIS FUCK!"

He then started fucking into me angrier and more deliberately while he held my wild ass firmly with his filthy hands. I knew he wanted to fuck more because he kept saying that my pussy had a great hold on his big cock and it was jackin him so fucking good. This meant that his great big cock was real close.

Part of me thought that I shouldn't stop our fuck because I didn't want to get Earl any angrier. I knew Earl could tear a girl's pussy into shreds if he got real mean and really wanted to. Even though he protested he let me slide off his huge hard on. He knew I couldn't resist blowing his huge cock and that I was desperate to suck him off. I was just like every other girl who fucked his huge redneck cock.

I climbed off his huge cock which made a loud popping sound from my tight pussy that clung to his massive shaft. As soon as I was off his huge throbbing cock I immediately lifted it with my hands and began stroking it sexily up and down so that he didn't loose his huge hard on or his horny edge. I could feel his huge cock pulsing like crazy in my hands.

As I stroked him I began kissing his tongue and said, "Oh baby, you know how much I love fucking your huge cock, and how much I love having it in my stretched out pussy, but right now I've gotta suck it off baby or I'll go crazy. I need to suck it until it shoots off all over this fucking room… I need to watch it cum baby."

I then added hotly as he was moaning like crazy, "Oh baby I can feel your huge cock throbbing like crazy baby. I know you need to get off. Let me finish you off and pump you dry lover. Let me pump every last drop of cum out of this sexy 12 inch cock baby. Let me pump you off, then I'll blow you again and we'll fuck all night baby. Oh fuuuuck…. you are ready baby." I then knelt beside him and began licking and blowing his pulsating cock while I jacked it lovingly in the palm of my outstretched hand.

As I eagerly stroked and blew his huge cock I began to think of how any woman could easily become obsessed with his huge cock or a cock this huge.

As I wantonly pumped his giant hard on up and down, twisting my hands all over it and being almost traumatized by its huge size, I began to think to myself, 'God, just having a cock this big could make any women go wild and act so naughty and so differently then she would with a guy that had an average sized cock. I know, because all the guys I've ever fucked and even my friend Betsy has ever fucked never acted like this. It made even the most conservative girl or women so naughty, and so eager to please his huge cock. Betsy's own grandma was a nice, sweet Sunday school teacher before she ended up in bed sucking and fucking Earl's giant cock. God , this huge cock could even make the most conservative church going women act like a sex starved slut once they got a look at that gorgeous 12 inch monster cock! It's not having an average or big cock that can turn a girl or innocent Grandma into sexy slut and make her act so fucking wild, and so naughty. It's having a huge cock that causes women to go insane and beg to please it, and even pay to please it!

I kept stroking and pumping Earls huge angry cock as I sexily kissed it and talked to it, saying that I needed and loved fucking his great big cock even though I detested him. This was really turning Earl on and his groans were growing louder by the second. Finally I snarled and said urgently, "Come on baby, I want to watch your great big sexy cock pop off."

I began spitting on his enormous shaft as I jacked it up and down with long deliberate strokes. As I stroked it, I looked at him with sex starved lust and snarled, "Oh baby you've got the biggest fucking cock in this White Trash Trailer Park (hand jacking up and down real slow)….You fuck 'em all baby, but you know my sexy pussy is the one that drives you crazy baby (hand jacking up and down real slow)…. Oh yeah… you love fucking this sexy 18 year old bikini model don't you baby? (hand jacking up and down real slow)... You love the way I look in my sexy stockings and naughty high heel pumps (hand jacking up and down real slow)….A sexy naughty high school teenager dressed to fuck and please your great big 12 inch cock (hand jacking up and down real slow)….Oh fuck yeah I know you do baby (hand jacking up and down real slow)…. Every guy in and out of this trailer park wants to fuck my sexy pussy (hand jacking up and down real slow)… Oh fuck yeah you know they do baby (hand jacking up and down real slow)…. And you know the only reason I'm here fucking you is because of that huge 12 inch cock baby(hand jacking up and down real slow )….Oh yeah that huge fucking cock, so fucking big and so fucking ready to explode(hand jacking up and down real slow)

I continued to drive him wild as I pumped Earls huge throbbing cock as I deliberately taunted him saying hotly, "Oh yeah you like the way I'm jacking your big fucking cock (hand jacking up and down real slow)….Oh fuck your huge cock feels so fucking good in my hands baby(hand jacking up and down real slow )….I can feel your great big cock throbbing because I'm jacking it just how you like it baby (hand jacking up and down real slow )…Just how you like having it pumped, (hand jacking up and down real slow )Ummm….Oh fuck yeah, look at how sexy that great big cock looks in my hand, while I'm stroking all over it."

Suddenly his huge cock began pulsing uncontrollably. I began to pump up and down his huge shaft faster and faster and said, "Ohhhh baby, cum real hard for me baby, so that I could I can watch that huge fucking built up load explode from your giant cock… Lay back and let my hands jack it out of you baby."

That did it. Earl began to moan, "Oh baby... Ohhhhh Fuck! Here it cums baby."

For the next two minutes long thick ropes of hot cum flew every where, as I continued to vigorously pump Earls huge hard on; fisting it insanely and telling him how sexy it looked. As the cum flew out of his giant cock I reached down and began massaging my huge hanging clit. The sight was so hot I came just from watching it.

As Earl lay back on the sofa his giant cock continued to shoot rapid burst of thick cum. One long white rope followed by another then another. Each blast of cum was long and powerful, over a foot in length! His hot long ropes of cum hit every piece of furniture in the room, including this cheep tacky white trash glass table! It was so fucking wild watching blast after blast of thick cum leap out of that freakish monster cock and land on the glass table over ten feet away!

You could actually hear the splattering drops as they hit the glass loudly, while I was moaning, "Oh fuck ….soooo much fucking cum…..sooooo much fucking cum baby….Don't fucking stop baby ….Don't fucking stop shooting that great big load of yours baby… Shoot it all over the fuckin place baby."

When he finally stopped his huge cock turned to rubber in my hands as I eagerly licked it and kissed it while I moaned over and over about how huge his cock was and how much I loved fucking and blowing it. I was obsessed with it and was worshiping it. This was far from love, this was like someone possessed with sucking a gigantic cock. I was just like every girl or women that worshiped Earl's huge cock after it came. I thoroughly enjoyed sucking his huge rubbery cock as I licked it all over for more then half an hour.

As I continued to suck it passionately I was moaning, "Ummmm so good…soooo big…. Oh baby your huge cock tastes so fucking good…Ummmmm, its soooo big."

I could have sucked on his huge flaccid cock all night. I was clearly addicted to his huge cock. I was just like any other women who fucked him. He had a cock that made a woman crazy. The only difference was that I had the kind of body that he would only get to fuck once in his life, and he knew it, which is what secretly made him even crazier. Men like Earl who had giant cocks were meant to be treated special, meant to be worshiped.

When we finished fucking we just walked apart from each other without saying a word. We just leered at each other knowing that we were so evenly matched to fuck each other, even though we were so different. Here I was a sexy drop dead gorgeous 18 year old bikini model with a body that all men wanted to fuck and he was a 55 year old trailer white trash red neck with a giant cock that all women wanted to fuck. To Be Continued…
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