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Hot Girl Leaves The Trailerpark Ch. 04

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Continued from Chapter 3

At the end of my senior year of High School I began getting calls to do more and more swimsuit and sexy lingerie adds. I got signed to a big modeling agency in Miami that did bikini and lingerie catalogs and calendars. This was the opportunity that I had waited for, to use my perfectly developed body to get me out of the low life, white trash trailer park.

A week before graduating I was offered an all expenses paid trip to Puerto Rico to do a one day modeling shoot for a bikini calendar. I knew I was moving to Miami in three weeks so I eagerly took the job. The company provided me with a classy hotel room for ten days even though the shoot was for one day. I could have taken anyone on this wonderful trip including my own mother who has never been a mile away from the white trash trailer park her whole life. The only person that I wanted to have in my hotel room for ten days was Earl and that great big tireless cock of his! Earl knew I was moving to Miami to peruse my modeling career, so we used every available opportunity to fuck as much as possible. A part of me knew that I was going to miss getting fucked by his great big nasty 12 inch red neck cock even though I was moving up the ladder career wise and socially.

Earl and I made plans to fuck the night of my high school graduation ceremony. During the boring tedious speeches all I could think about was fucking and blowing that great big cock all night. Listening to the tireless speeches I was so fucking hot, and was beginning to go crazy and thought the graduation would never end. After graduation a ton of guys asked if they could take me out. I knew what they had on their minds but the only thing I had on my mind and that was that scrawny 90 pound red neck with the huge 12 inch cock. I made up an excuse to every one and headed to Earls trailer where I knew we were going to fuck all night.

I came to his trailer dressed in my graduation robe. Under the robe I was wearing a sexy strapless white lace bra. The white material was so sheer my inch long brown nipples pierced right through the thin fabric sticking straight up, which clearly showed how turned on and anxious to fuck I was. I had on a pair of sheer beige thigh high stockings with a black garter belt on. The beige stockings against my pale white skin made me look even more nude. To highlight my perfect round ass I wore the thinnest white thong. It defined the round curves of my sexy ass perfectly, as the thin material separated my ass cheeks. I wore a pair of classic black high heel pumps and a pair of fake pearls to complete my sexy fuck look.

I had the key to Earl's trailer and when I came in I heard the water in the shower running. The bathroom door was opened and I could see Earl in the shower through the glass door. He was washing with his back to me and I couldn't help but stare at him through the clear glass. Here was this 54 year old, short scrawny guy that weighed about 90 pounds washing himself. Anybody would have thought I was out of my mind to be there watching him in the shower let alone there to fuck him. Then suddenly Earl turned to the side and I began to moan as I watched his huge rubbery cock bounce off of one leg and hang way down over his thigh, almost to his knee! It looked so menacing and especially huge on his small frame. Earl then lifted his huge cock and started washing it with soap.

I couldn't stand it any more. I was so hot watching him wash his huge rubbery cock that I went into the bathroom and opened the glass door then went to my knees and desperately took his huge cock in my hands.

I looked up and snarled, "I wanted to blow this huge cock all fucking day baby."

I then began moaning wildly as I licked all over his huge stiffing shaft until it was rock hard.

Earl began groaning and said lustfully, "I was just getting ready to jack it off, thinking about our fuck tonight baby."

I went crazy jacking his huge hard on as I looked up and said, "Oh baby , all I could think about during that boring graduation was your huge fucking cock and how we were going to fuck all night." I added as I pumped his huge cock, "Let me take the edge off your great big cock baby...Let me suck it then get it ready for our fuck."

I was squatting on my black high heels and was sucking Earl's huge cock while still dressed in my graduation robe. I was spitting all over his huge cock as I continued to jack it in both hands. After a few minutes I could feel Earl's monstrous cock begin to swell and pulse faster and faster.

I said hotly, "Oh baby shoot that big hot load! Shoot it all over my graduation robe baby! I want to make you cum so bad baby."

That did it. Suddenly Earl groaned out loud, "Ohhhhhhh, fuck baby, your soooo fucking nasty....So fucking sexy."

Suddenly burst after burst of hot cum began spraying out of his throbbing cock head and covering my graduation robe. As giant ropes of hot cum continued to leap from his great big cock, I directed it all over my high school graduation robe.

After twenty blast of hot cum came out of his huge cock I licked it from side to side saying, "Oh baby your so fucking big.... Oh god, I can't wait to fuck it. I want to fuck and blow your huge cock all night baby. All fucking night."

He then pulled me up and I leaned down as our tongues immediately came out of our mouths to begin a very heated and naughty kiss. This was a kiss of lust between a scrawny 54 year old redneck and a very sexy 18 year old teenager, fresh out of high school. It was the type of fucking that all conservative Bible belt worshipers would call disgusting and repulsive. We were both so worked up and on fire. Part of this was do to the age difference but, mainly because of his huge tireless cock and my naughty way of playing with it and fucking it.

As we kissed my hands seductively pumped his huge cock to another raging hard on. I twisted my palms slowly all over his huge shaft until I reached his big cock head. I then ran the tips of my long fingers over his head for a few minutes while we kissed then went back to jacking it again.

As I feverously pumped him I was moaning uncontrollably saying, Ummmmm baby....This great big cock is driving me crazy."

Once Earl stepped out of the shower he unzipped my graduation robe. When it fell to the floor and I sexily stepped away from it as my high heels clicked against the floor, announcing that I was there to fuck and play with his giant cock. As soon s I stepped away from the robe Earl took in my body and moaned approvingly.

He immediately ran his hands and mouth all over my body and said angrily, "Let's fuck baby. All I could think about all day was fucking that sexy ass body of yours."

And that is exactly what we did. Earl and I fucked from 8 that night until 10 the next morning. After our insatiable all night fuck we went into his bedroom. After I removed my high heels, garter belt and stockings we went into his bed. Before we both collapsed I told Earl that I was going to move to Miami and that I was doing a bikini shoot in Puerto Rico. I told him that before I moved away from the trailer park for good I wanted one last fuck with his great big cock. Earl knew that once I moved out of the trailer park, I was never coming back. Even though Earl had never been away from a trailer he was more then happy to come with me. The idea of being alone in a hotel room with me one last time for ten days, just fucking and sucking and playing with each other was exactly what we both needed before we walked away from each other for ever.

Before we left for Puerto Rico I took Earl into the city to by some new cloths so that when he was on the plane with me or at the bikini shoot he would not stand out like the hillbilly or a convict. I had to laugh to my self when he was dressed. Even though he was wearing nice cloths there was a feeling that this guy did not fit in with people outside of a trailer park. I even had his hair styled to make him look somewhat more presentable, but even that didn't help erase his roots to the trailer park.

During the shoot Earl and all the guys on the set were going crazy watching me pose in bikini after bikini with just a pair of high heels on. With each new suit the bikinis became more sinful and skimpier and revealing as the material got thinner and thinner. The last one was just a thong that went between my milk white ass cheeks and had a thin piece of material that went in a V that only covered my huge brown nipples. The inch wide strip of material just covered the edge of my piercing brown nipples, as my perfect 32D tits bulged out from the sides of the two strips of white see thru material obscenely. It was an open V front and open V back and was so transparent that my pussy lips and dark brown nipples could easily be seen. Standing in my black high heels and this white see through bikini made me look even more nude!

When I came out, the room of twenty loud guys suddenly went dead silent and the only sound you could hear was the clicking of my black high heels on the wood floor as I walked onto the set. As I began posing the photographer was saying," Oh yes... you look amazing Kelly....You have a knockout body Kelly....Show it off baby, show it off.....Oh yeah, that's perfect Kelly....Perfect baby."

As I continued posing and listening to his complements and the howls of all the guys on the set I made eye contact with Earl. You could see the look of lust all over his face. I was getting so hot knowing that in a few hours we would be in the hotel room, fucking and playing with each other and me getting that huge 12 inch cock for ten days.

I then heard the voice of the photographer say, "Your the hottest bikini model ever Kelly." I then crossed one of my black high heel pumps over each other as I leaned forward slightly which caused my 32D breast to stick out , showing my huge inch long nipples as they lewdly poked through the miniscule material obscenely. I could immediately hear all the guys on the set began moaning approvingly.

When I turned and crossed my high heel over the other and bent forward so that my wild 18 year old ass was facing the photographer's camera lens I heard every guy in the room moaning under their breath. The photographer was going crazy saying, "Oh yeah that's it Kelly hold that pose baby... let me get that sensational back shot of you baby."

He went on and on saying that I had the hottest longest, sexiest legs and most gorgeous and perfect ass out of any model he ever shot. When he mentioned that I was going to be on every guys desktop and that there wasn't a guy on this planet that wouldn't want to have me as their girlfriend, I thought to myself, 'Baby right now all I am thinking about is fucking the life out of that scrawny red neck trailer trash guy with the huge 12 inch cock in his pants over there.'

As everyone was cheering the only guy I was focused on was my 54 year old red neck step dad Earl. Even though all of the guys would have loved to fuck me and that they were hundreds of times better looking then Earl, the only thing I could think about was the huge 12 inch cock in his pants and that I wanted to make his great big cock crazy for me.

Every pose, every bikini change, and every movement in my clicking high heels was meant to intentionally drive Earl insane to fuck me for the next ten days. All I could think about was making that huge cock angry to fuck my hot 18 year old turned on pussy. I couldn't wait for the shoot to be over so that I could get back to the hotel so that Earl and I could spend that next ten days fucking, kissing and blowing each other.

After the shoot I put on a pair of tan thigh high stockings and a pair of brown high heel pumps. I then put on a short mini skirt and did my make up. Before I left the photographer came to my dressing room and complimented me on a great shoot. He said I was the sexiest bikini model he'd ever photographed and said I was going to be a big success. He asked about my plans for the evening and suggested that he and I get together. He was a real good looking guy and on any other time I would have easily agreed to his plans and knew I would have ended up fucking him. I could see he was aroused by the bulge in his pants. He leaned in and gave me a kiss. As our tongues met I ran my finger nail over his hard on and guessed that it was probably five or six inches. Unfortunately he was about the same size as every other guy I've fucked. I knew that Earl was easily ten times larger then this guy as he probably was over all the other guys on the set. I stood and gave him a little kiss and said that unfortunately I had to take care of family business the whole time I was here but that when we got to Miami I'm sure we could have some fun after a shoot.

I knew he bought the story because he met Earl on the shoot as I introduced him as my step father, and I knew he or anyone would suspect that I was going to be fucking such an older low brow person like him. Oh, but how wrong he was. Even as he stood in my dressing room trying to get me go to his hotel room all I kept thinking about was how I couldn't wait to have my tight 18 year old pussy wrapped around that huge 12 inch cock of my white trash trailer park red neck step father.

There was a real naughty side of me that almost invited him along to shoot pictures of Earl and that huge 12 inch cock of his as I lustfully sucked and fucked it all ten days. Even though that would have been so fucking hot, I did not want to jeopardize my career, especially if I was going to meet a real successful guy. I could only imagine if those hot pictures ever got out with me being so sexy, fucking some older neck scrawny white trash guy with a huge monster cock.

In the taxi back to the hotel our hands and mouths were all over each other. As we desperately kissed I was greedily palming and rubbing his giant cock as it almost split his pants demanding to be freed. The driver kept looking back and was sneaking peaks at this hot scene. Here I was an 18 year old knockout bikini model dressed in a tight mini skirt with tan thigh high stockings and brown high heel pumps, kissing a scrawny 54 year old guy who looked like he came out of the movie Deliverance. The contrast in our obvious ages and the fact that I was a hot bikini model and he looked like some red neck hillbilly was shocking to the driver.

To the cab driver it didn't add up what all of my groaning was about, because he couldn't see my hand playing with the enormous bulge in the 54 year old red necks pants. At one point I pulled my tongue from Earl's mouth and broke away form our hot tongue kiss and looked the driver in the mirror and said knowingly, "It's because he's got a huge wide 12 inch cock between his legs asshole, and he can cum in buckets and fuck for days, now just fuckin keep your eyes on the fuckin road and drive!"

Earl and I snickered for a second, then went right back to kissing and playing with each other. The drivers eyes went wide at my comment then realized I knew what he was thinking. He immediately readjusted his mirror looked away and focused on driving, while I went back to kissing my 54 year old step father and focused on playing with his huge hard on.

Even though we were on a very expensive resort in Puerto Rico, with casinos and star headed entertainment we didn't come out of our room once all week. I even called the desk to tell them that we did not want any maid service the entire week and then I hung the do not disturb sign on the outside of the door. Every time room service came I was either in the middle of blowing Earls huge cock or I was riding the fuck out of it, or that he had me in one of the many fuck positions that only a guy with a huge cock could get into. I left a note on the door to leave the delivery out side the door.

All we did the entire time was fuck, kiss and play with each other over and over. We both knew that this was the last time we would be fucking, because I was going to be moving to Florida to become a top bikini and lingerie model. He also knew that I was also going to advance my career by using my sexy young body, and that the type of guy I was looking for was going to be very wealthy even if it meant that he didn't have a big cock. So, Earl and I fucked one last time and made every lust filled second count.

For that entire ten days my mouth and pussy was a slave to Earl's huge 12 inch cock, and the way he skillfully fucked. He in turn would never forget how sexy and naughty his 18 year old bikini model step daughter fucked and blew his monster cock. We were like two hungry wild animals in heat fucking each other and trying to out fuck the other. In the backs of our minds we both knew that this was going to be our farewell fuck, and this made us reach deeper to fuck at the top of our game, as we exceeded the highest level of fucking.

Earl's cock was tireless and we fucked for four days straight before taking a break. We were like rabid animals fucking like crazy. When we finally did get to sleep one of us, usually it being me would wake after a few hours and we would immediately start kissing wildly then go into a hot fuck in an almost a catatonic state. When I was out of the bed and not sleeping I was always dressed in a sexy pair of tan or black thigh high stockings and high heels when we fucked or one of the many bikinis and high heels that drove Earl crazy with lust to fuck his sexy 18 year old hot model step daughter.

The addiction I had for this red neck trailer park fuck with his huge 12 inch cock and he had for my 18 year old pussy was what most people would call despicable repulsive behavior. We were both so desperate to drain each other of every last once of cum that we fucked up until the last second before final check out. After I drained the last drop out of his huge spent cock we kissed at the door one final time. We were both utterly exhausted from fucking non stop, but we needed to share one last kiss.

I knew that Earl was all fucked out because as we kissed heatedly for the final fifteen minutes I could not get a rise out of his big rubbery cock that hung way down between his bony legs. It was still huge; almost 10 inches, but was like jelly in my hands. It still felt sexy to pump his huge flaccid cock through my skilled young 18 year old hands. We kissed knowing that once we walked through that door we weren't even going to say by to one another or look back. Earl knew that he was the last and only thing I wanted to remember from the white trash trailer park I came from. It was the only life he knew. He knew we were here because I needed to fuck and please his huge cock one last time and he needed to fuck the sexiest pussy he's ever had one last time too. He knew that I despised everything about him, but knew that I lusted and needed his huge cock. That made it even more twisted and sexy at the same time for both of us.

The trailer park was Earl's safety net, with all the young teenage girls like Betsy and women with 5 or 6 kids from different fathers waiting for him to come back so that they could get a sample of that great big cock that they have heard so many stories about. That was the last time I saw Earl or anyone from that run down inbred Mississippi trailer park, including my mama. When I walked out that day I told everyone that I met that my parents died when I was young and that I had no other living relatives. What they didn't know was that with all the inbreeding and fucking that goes on in a white trash trailer park I probably have hundreds of relatives! All of which are probably fucking each other right now! To Be Continued...
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