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Hotwife Initiation


Nick lived in a smart penthouse apartment, top floor with a beautiful view. He was single and made his money by trading stocks and shares on the markets. Age 30 and he still wasn't attached to any particular girl. He liked his freedom but he also had a secret: he preferred older women, mature, more experienced than most of the girls he'd dated.

He walked into the bar. It was evening and most people had already eaten. He perched himself on a bar stool and ordered a beer. The glass mirror on the back wall behind the row of bottles gave him a view of the room behind him. There were some dark corners and he spotted a couple sitting in a booth, in the corner, out the way of everybody else. The couple sat opposite each other across a table. There was something about her that attracted him although, in the half-light, he couldn't put a finger on it.

A few minutes later, the woman from the booth came up to the bar and asked for two more drinks. She examined him in the mirror as if wanting to attract his eye. Nick wondered how he could open up a conversation with her. On the spur of the moment he said to the barman, "I'll pay for the lady's drinks." His voice, he knew, carried some authority, assured, confident, like a chief airline pilot talking to his passengers before takeoff.

"Why pay for my drinks?" She smiled. "Do you always do this - sit at a bar and throw your money around?" She paused. "Sorry ... I didn't mean to sound rude."

"That's ok. I have a weakness for a good-looking lady." Judging by the wedding ring on her finger, her husband was sitting at the table in the far corner of the room.

"Thank you for the drinks," she said. There was a pause while she looked at him. "Are you here on your own?"

"Yup. Admiring the view ... which right now is you!"

"You're a smooth talker." She giggled.

Nick liked her. He guessed she might be in her early-to-mid 40s. Although she was small, 5-foot with small boobs, she had an angelic face with a killer smile. Those hungry eyes sent a spasm down his body. He knew from experience that she would make a fabulous hotwife.

He said, "I would love to get to know you better." Nick felt like testing the water. "Ditch the husband and spend the evening with me."

She laughed. "Not a bad idea!" She rolled her eyes, turned and walked back to her table in the corner.

He could tell that they were having a detailed discussion with the occasional glance from the husband towards the bar. After a few minutes, the lady's husband walked towards Nick with a smile. "Thanks for the drinks." They shook hands. "My name's Ryan."

"I'm Nick. Did I just meet your wife?"

"Yeah. Come over and join us. Debbie was wondering ... we were wondering ... because you're on your own ... to chat."

Nick chose to sit on the bench seat next to Debbie while Ryan sat on the other side with the rectangular table between them. Nick realised how private this booth was with a screen behind the seats to give them some privacy. Nick discovered that the couple had been out to a restaurant to celebrate their wedding anniversary. "That's why," said Nick, "you look so lovely, Debbie, with that tight T-shirt and short denim skirt. It shows off your shapely legs." A red bra strap peeked out from under her T-shirt.

"You're such a charmer," she said. She looked him over. He wore a blue shirt to match his eyes, plus chinos with deck shoes and no socks.

Ryan asked, "You have a British accent?"

"I recently returned from London where I took a college course on 'Sex Education and the Concept of the Hotwife' which was interesting." Nick smiled as he noted the surprised looks from Ryan and Debbie. Of course, the tale about the college was bollocks but he said it to test their reaction.

"Oh!" said Debbie. "What exactly is a hotwife?"

"It's where a couple decides to spice up their sex lives by having the wife study the art of giving and receiving sex. She does this by selecting another man to teach her." Nick saw Debbie's eyes widen with interest. "The man to teach her," continued Nick, "would usually be dominant and would show her how to gain intense pleasure herself as well as giving deep satisfaction to her male trainer. The husband gains from this because his wife is expected to talk and discuss with him every aspect of her training, her thoughts and new techniques - thus making the couple's relationship become erotic."

"That sounds incredible," said Ryan and looked at his wife for her reaction.

Debbie took a sip of her drink. "I have an open mind, Nick."

"The course I took," said Nick, "trained us men how to give instruction to lady candidates. During training, the instructor takes ownership of the wife, dominates her and instructs the husband to watch and learn. It's part of the process to bring the couple closer."

"Do wives really do this?" said Debbie. "I have a good sex life so it wouldn't interest me." She raised an eyebrow at Ryan.

Ryan leaned forward towards Debbie. "Our sex life could get better. Let's be honest, we fantasise together, don't we, in bed ... about what's going through our heads? It's fun. And to talk about your progress to become a hotwife ... this could be an eye-opener!"

"Whoa. Hang on there, Ryan." She paused as if considering how much information to give with a stranger sitting next to her. "I have the occasional fling, as you know, Ryan, but I don't need instruction nor do I need you looking on."

Ryan said, "We've never tried it."

"It would be weird - you watching. Besides, I don't need lessons."

"We could try it once?"

Nick had sat back to let them talk. He said, "Am I right in thinking you both have an open relationship? You have other partners?"

"I do," said Debbie. "Ryan doesn't. It's our arrangement. The fact is I like to sometimes experience something else - I tell Ryan - we get enjoyment talking about it to spice up our sex lives." She took another drink. The alcohol seemed to have loosened her tongue and inhibitions.

Nick smiled. "So ... we're not against the idea of a hotwife ... the red line is about Ryan being in the same room?"

"Can't imagine Ryan would want to watch me with someone else." She raised her eyebrows at Ryan. He shrugged.

Nick continued. "The word is cuckolding. Ryan watches and gets turned on. He wants to see what it's like to experience this." Nick had made the assumption and Ryan wasn't disagreeing.

"Do you, Ryan, want to look?" said Debbie. Her body had turned towards Nick.

Ryan nodded.

"To become a hotwife," said Nick, "the husband needs to be on board, in agreement with the way his wife can give sex to raise the pleasure of the man. The husband should be present when the instructor - that's me - decides it's best. Ryan then learns and helps with the progress towards Debbie becoming a hotwife." Nick noticed Debbie had angled her body towards him, the man who was going to transform their sex lives. "Let's agree," said Nick, "that Ryan can stay under my instruction to be in the room with us but if you, Debbie, want him to leave he'll go home."

Debbie put her hand across the table on Ryan's arm. "If Nick is showing me how to be a hotwife it means I am having sex with him in front of you. Are you ok with that?"

"If it leads us to a better place in our sex lives, if we get more enjoyment, then I'm cool with it."

She turned sideways to look at Nick, her leg made contact with him. "Is my husband right to be cool with this?"

"After a number of lessons from me, you would experience intense feelings, an understanding of your own body, rather like unlocking your sensuality. And Ryan would have to learn his place, to continue helping you, to assist you as a hotwife." Nick leaned over to whisper in Debbie's ear, "I will be the dominant one and Ryan would be submissive."

Ryan spoke up, "Ok, I can tell it's my turn to get another round of drinks." He got up and went to the bar.

Nick needed to say some things to Debbie. "Have one lesson with me, as a trial, to see what it's like. I would want to have Ryan there, to do as he's told, to assist me, but also to learn himself how to care for you. Then you can talk about it afterwards."

"Would Ryan join in the sex, the three of us?"

"No. It's all about you. Ryan would normally get excited and I might let him have his release. He has to obey me."

Debbie smiled as Ryan returned with the drinks. Nick let his leg touch Debbie's and she didn't seem to object. In fact, just then, she placed her hand on his arm as she was telling a joke. They talked about London. Ryan and Debbie wanted to go there to visit.

Nick asked, "Would you both like to come back to my place ... maybe stay the night?"

Ryan looked at his wife. "That's up to you, Debbie."

She said to Ryan, "Suppose I can't do this with you there?"

"Then I'll have to go home," said Ryan. He looked at her for approval.

Debbie wasn't so sure and whispered across the table at Ryan, "We've not done this before ... you staying to watch ... and Nick teaching me to be a hotwife." Meanwhile, her hand had crept into Nick's hand under the table. Nick squeezed it.

"Perhaps I should explain," said Ryan to Nick. "I like the idea of Debbie becoming a hotwife. It is sexy to think about it. And I'll cooperate in any way you suggest."

Nick edged his body closer to her and guided Debbie's small hand along his thigh to his groin. "You could be a beautiful hotwife, Debbie. Trained to give pleasure and supported by your husband. A hotwife applies her best techniques to please the man. Do you have any objection to that, Ryan?"

"I would like that."

Nick's cock was half erect with Debbie touching it. He could smell her subtle perfume.

Ryan continued, "I can see you two have already started."

Debbie glanced down at Nick's lap and across the room to the bar to make sure nobody was looking. "He's semi-hard, Ryan. I can feel his size." She leaned towards Ryan. "His cock is big. Are you sure you want me to do this?"

"If Nick is ok, then I'd like to give it a go," said Ryan, "to be available to do whatever you want. Maybe I can watch the whole thing if you'll allow me?" He chewed his lip. "Maybe I can join in?"

Nick shook his head. "No, this is a lesson for Debbie and you don't get to fuck her."

She said, "You'll have to be good, Ryan. No interrupting. Once we start, you'll have to stay obedient." She turned to Nick and kissed him on the cheek. "What do you think, Nick? Is it ok with you? Ryan will do whatever you say."

Nick liked her closeness as Debbie stroked his cock. He wondered how much involvement Ryan would like to have. He might let him masturbate if Ryan was good. "When we get back to my apartment, Debbie, I think Ryan would like to watch us kiss. He could help get you ready."

Ryan leaned forward. "I admit I'm turned on by the thought of participating, helping you, Debbie. All I want is for you to be happy and to have our own time to have sex when we get home."

They decided to take both cars back to Nick's home with Debbie riding in the passenger seat of Nick's BMW and Ryan following in his car.

They were soon inside Nick's apartment. He wanted badly to touch Debbie and took every opportunity to put his hand on her shoulder, or waist. Ryan seemed not to notice. Soon, he held her hand and suggested Ryan might get them all drinks, and while her husband went searching, Debbie sneaked a kiss on Nick's cheek.

The sitting room had subdued lighting from two table lamps and contained a large half-circular sofa with a round glass table in front of it. "We'll sit together," he said to Debbie. "From now on, you'll be the trainee hotwife and you need to obey me. As for Ryan, he'll be our submissive, taking instructions from us."


Debbie had often taken part in the fantasy mind-games invented by her husband. He would sometimes get her to imagine another man's cock inside her as Ryan made love to her. Occasionally, she'd let her mind wander and it became erotic. But she never imagined they'd meet a stranger who wanted to make her a hotwife, who would propose sex while her husband looked on.

She found Nick intriguing. Good looking, killer eyes, confident and exciting to have a much younger man take an interest in her. She had asked Nick in his car what age he was. 30. And she was in her later 40s but she didn't admit to any age. Yet she could feel the attraction between them. Her hand under the table at the bar hadn't been planned and the way she stroked his cock while she sat opposite Ryan was slutty. Tonight she wanted sex.

In the bar, she had concluded that her husband would rather be submissive, under her control and doing exactly what she wanted. Would this spice up the sex with Ryan when they returned to their own home? she wondered. Debbie hoped so. Ryan knew about her own escapism, her need to sometimes, not often, have a bonk with another man. But he also knew that Debbie would never leave him. Her occasional fling would be the catalyst for even better sex with Ryan. Yes, it was different from the normal marriage but this is what she and her husband wanted - it was complex and private. That didn't mean it was meaningless or bad.

She and Nick sat on the sofa in his apartment. The way he kissed was sensual, caring while he took the time to let each of them explore their mouths. Debbie liked his hand cupping her jaw. She forgot about Ryan until he discreetly coughed and said their drinks were ready on the glass table in front of them.

Nick said, "Thanks, Ryan. I'm getting to know your wife and while I do, you need to sit and watch. Incidentally, I've already had my fingers touching Debbie's pussy ... in the car. She was very aroused."

"She can get very wet," said Ryan as he sat at the other end of the sofa.

"Yes, I know that. She tasted lovely when I slowed my car and your wife opened her legs. I felt your wife's pussy and I sucked my fingers." Nick passed a drink to Debbie and watched her take a sip. "You're a lucky man, Ryan, to live with this woman. She's beautiful. You'll have to look after her - do anything to make her happy - you know that, don't you Ryan?"

Debbie saw the adoration in Ryan's eyes, a clear indication that Ryan would allow anything to happen between Nick and herself. She said, "You understand, Ryan, I'm doing this for us but you must do whatever we say." It gave her a secret thrill to lay down the rules and have her husband nod his agreement.

Nick then lowered his voice and said, "Ryan, sit on the floor next to Debbie. That's it. Next to her feet."

In a weird sense of pleasure, Debbie enjoyed the control that Nick had over her husband. And she loved Nick's attention to her neck and ears which sent goosebumps cascading down her body. Nick returned his attention to Ryan. "You have to worship Debbie if she's going to become a hotwife. You're going to undress her slowly for me. By doing this, Ryan, you will be preparing Debbie for me, the first step on her road to be the hottest wife available for other men of her choosing. Do you understand, Ryan?"

Debbie held her breath and turned her gaze down at her husband on the floor, willing him to say yes.

Ryan whispered, "Yes. Thank you."

"Take her heels off and massage her toes."

Debbie leaned back against the cushions and melted into Nick's kiss. She closed her eyes as their tongues stroked each other. Soon she was aware of her ankles and toes being gently kneaded by Ryan. She hitched up a leg to rest it on the edge of the sofa. It wasn't necessary for her to glance down, her skirt had slipped towards her thigh to expose her red panties to Ryan, as she wondered if he would see the dampness between her legs. Meanwhile, Nick's hand caressed her hips.

"Ah," said Nick. "I think Ryan should take off those hold-ups you're wearing ... what do you think, Debbie?"

Her heart beat faster as she realised that Nick really did intend for Ryan to strip her. This control over her husband from another man was something she hadn't experienced before and it made her shiver at the thought of her husband helping to get her ready for sex with Nick. While Nick kissed her mouth, her chin, her neck and ears, she also had the sensation of Ryan pulling down her hold-ups. It was making her so turned on, especially as she had now widened her legs to show Ryan how damp her pussy was.

Nick spoke, "Stand up, Debbie. I want your obedient husband to undress you while I watch." There was something very naughty, she thought, in having Ryan strip the rest of her clothes off. She held her hands high to let Ryan pull her T-shirt over her head. With trembling hands, he undid the clip of her bra and let it fall to the ground. Nick gazed at her small perky breasts. Her nipples were hard.

Ryan unzipped her denim skirt, pulled it down before slipping his fingers into the elastic of her knickers. Her husband edged them down over her hips and down to her ankles as she stepped out of them. She stood naked for Nick to see.

They all knew who would fuck her. Ryan was simply preparing her for this man whom she had met for the first time this evening. And she went weak at the thought that her husband would watch.

Nick took them into his bedroom. He told Ryan to take his clothes off and to lay on the bed on his back. Ryan obediently did this while Debbie melted into Nick's arms. She slowly undid the buttons of his shirt, noting the six-pack of rippling muscles. It was lovely for her to feel them and run her hands over his chest. Every few seconds, Nick lifted her chin to look up into his eyes and kissed her deeply.

Nick kicked off his shoes and Debbie pulled the zip of his chinos down, knelt before him and eased the trousers off him. She could clearly see the bulge beneath his tight underpants but it wasn't until she pulled them right off that his full size became revealed. "Wow," she whispered, "you're beautiful. Bigger than Ryan's cock." She glanced towards the bed and saw Ryan was looking. She had a strong urge to make her husband jealous, perhaps also to show him how hot she could be with a stranger.

Nick broke into her thoughts. "A hotwife must get used to the size of a man. I'm feeling you're going to need some practice." He stroked her hair and twisted it so that Debbie had to look up at him. "Show your husband how good you are at handling a cock like mine."

She could feel wet between her legs, a dribble had escaped and made a mess of the carpet. "I love the way your balls are heavy, nicely hanging down for me to caress." She cupped them. "They feel like two eggs." By crouching her body she was able to kiss and lick them.

"When I fuck you, Debbie, my balls will bump against your bum if you're on your back. And if I'm entering you from behind, they'll hit your clit every time I thrust into you. Can your husband do that?"

Debbie looked up. "No. I don't get that with Ryan. I want to have you do it for me."

"Ryan will get a grandstand view," said Nick, "because ... oh that's nice ... the way your small fingers are running up and down my cock. Twist them as well, like turning a corkscrew ... yes, that's it. Well done."

She was thinking about what Nick had said earlier. "Grandstand view for Ryan? What did you mean by that?" The twisting motion of her fingers over his cock had covered her hands in pre-cum seeping from the head of his cock.

"Ryan's eyes and nose are going to be as near as he can possibly get to your pussy. He'll lie on his back looking up as you spread your legs either side of his head. As in 69."

The image sunk itself into her mind. "Oh my God, do you hear that, Ryan?"

Ryan gave a croak. "I heard."

She licked Nick's cock at the base before she said, "It means, Ryan, you'll see this lovely cock sinking into my pussy and his balls are going to hang down near your face."

"Yes," whispered Ryan.
"I want this, Ryan." She ran her tongue up the length of Nick's cock. "When I come. Ryan, my love juice is going to flow out ... over your face." For some reason, Debbie wanted to humiliate Ryan, guessing it would be a huge turn-on for him. "I don't want Nick to wear a condom. It means you'll witness his spunk squirting deep into my womb. Can you cope with that, Ryan?"

"You might get pregnant." He sounded alarmed.

She ignored his remark and slowly eased her open mouth over and down Nick's cock. She felt the slight pressure of Nick's hand behind her head, pulling her deeper down his cock, as she opened wider to let his tip touch the very back of her throat. The tightening grip of her hair gave an indication of the magic her mouth was giving this new man in her life.


Ryan propped himself on one elbow to witness his wife sucking Nick. This had been a fantasy of his, also Debbie's fantasy who willingly played out the scenario during their lovemaking at home. Ryan wanted to see another man fuck his wife, to be part of that, and she'd join in the make-believe as he made love to her, screaming out she was being banged by a huge stud while she climaxed. It was the way she and Ryan took their love-making to a new level.

And now it was happening right in front of him, another man taking control and Debbie joining in. Ryan knew that to explain this need, this erotic twist to anyone else, their friends, would be received with shock. It was their secret, the fantasies and the reality happening in front of their eyes. And afterwards, tomorrow and beyond, this would be a talking point to excite them, to turn on the tap for Debbie and himself to have explosive sex.

For these reasons, he didn't mind the risk that his wife would, in the future, want Nick in preference to her husband. Nick wasn't a predator, he felt sure, and Debbie wasn't into secret affairs. Basically, Ryan trusted his wife, allowed her to sleep with another man - occasionally - because she would tell him all about it which made him feel safe, unafraid, confident and red-hot sex between them was the result. Their relationship wasn't simple but it suited them.

He watched Nick pull back Debbie's head away from his cock. Nick said, "On the bed, Debbie. On your front over Ryan." She got up and onto the bed as Nick directed her to squat with legs apart over Ryan's head. This gave Ryan a view of his wife's pussy as if he was about to perform a 69. Debbie's hard nipples scrapped along Ryan's belly button, her tousled, rumpled hair made contact with his own cock, which she kissed as she got herself comfortable, her hips raised to just above Ryan's mouth.

"Hold still," Nick said while he knelt behind Debbie, his legs almost touching either side of Ryan's head. Nick said, "What do you see, Ryan?"

"I'm 4 inches below Debbie, her pussy is dribbling juice onto my chin. I see your cock, glistening and wet, your cum oozing from the head."

He felt his wife shift as she spoke. "Ryan, use your hands to hold me wide for Nick. Can you do that? Nick's big. You can help me, Ryan?"

Ryan moved his arms up to the outside of her hips and spread his fingers around her bum to gently pull apart her pussy lips. "Is that ok?"

"Hold it there," said Nick. "And Debbie - stay still until I say you can move."

Ryan heard his wife mumble "yes" before she rested her head against his groin. Ryan couldn't believe the sight of Nick's thick cock-head which eased between her pussy lips, a tight fit, even though Ryan pulled Debbie open to make it better for her. And as Nick pushed in another two inches, her clit peeked out from the folds of protective skin, pale and smooth and shiny. Debbie groaned.

Nick withdrew, waited a few seconds and entered again. He began to get a motion going. A quicker entry, slightly deeper than the last time, a withdrawal and then repeated. All the time going deeper while Nick kept calling for Debbie to be still, not to move. Ryan felt Nick's low-hung balls scraping his forehead, The balls were now over Ryan's eyes, forward and back, slowly at first, the twin balls and their tight hair now either side of Ryan's nose.

Debbie began moaning, "Oh I'm coming. Oh shit, Nick, I can't help it."

Suddenly she gushed love juice over Nick's cock which was half way in, her liquid squirted over Ryan's head. She hadn't come with this much juice before thought Ryan. As his wife recovered he felt her hand squeeze his own cock, entangled with her hair. She groaned, "I'm ready again, Nick. Fuck me all the way."

Ryan watched Nick's cock plunge into Debbie. Her muffled scream wasn't from pain, Ryan recognised it as her normal orgasmic cry. Nick's balls started to go back and forth, scraping Ryan's forehead to his chin, spreading the liquid from his wife all over Ryan's face. The momentum was building, as Nick penetrated all the way.

Nick stopped. "I can feel your cervix," he said. "I'm going to stay bare, I'm going to come deep into your womb. Do you want that?"

Ryan heard Debbie call, "Yes, Nick. Fuck me ... no condom ... take me ... I want all of you ... your baby. Oh my God." Her hips pushed back against Nick to make him start to fuck again. Nick slapped her bottom to keep still. Ryan wondered whether to say anything but it was much too erotic, such a turn-on. He wanted this anyway, the secret fantasy which would drive their own husband/wife sex for ages to come. Ryan knew that Debbie would love recounting the feeling she was getting now - the fucking from Nick. And he, Ryan, would tell Debbie in great detail what he saw between her legs.

Debbie couldn't stay still any longer and was now pushing back into Nick, in sync with Nick's thrusts, their speed steadily increasing. Ryan could tell that his wife was building to a huge orgasm, her cries for help were her way of saying "continue". Ryan brought his hand from her thighs, round to the front of her leg to place his finger onto her clit. The left side of her enlarged bud was usually the most sensitive. He pressed his thumb into the crease and let her hip movements dictate the friction. It powered her on. In no time, Ryan felt Debbie's hand start to pump his own cock, his wife was masturbating him. He couldn't help push against her body weight but now he felt her hair entangled around his cock giving him even more friction.

Ryan exploded his semen and he was amazed how Debbie kept going with her masturbation of him until he was finally finished.

Meanwhile, above him, Nick's cock seemed to get wider as he yelled for her to squeeze her pussy muscles. "Yes," she shouted, "fuck me deep, Nick. I'm coming ... oh yes ... "

She squirted which increased the slapping noise every time Nick's groin smacked against her pussy. A few seconds later, Nick ejaculated into Debbie, spunk dribbled out onto Ryan as Nick continued thrusting before he finally stopped and held his cock fully inside Debbie.

Silence fell on the room until Debbie groaned, "That was so good, so fucking good. Ryan, are you ok?"

"Yeah." He felt satisfied. "I'm covered in both your love juices."

"Want some more, Ryan?"

Before he could answer, Nick slowly withdrew. She gasped, "Let it flow, Ryan. Drink it, darling." Her pussy dribbled a steady amount for which he opened his mouth and drank.
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