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Hotwifing Pt. 01

Author's Note. After not writing for years, finally spending time to finish up writing about our journey getting deep into a fisting and vaginal stretching fetish got my creative juices flowing again and made me want to write about what I would describe as the next chapter in our kinky sex lives. I've decided to make it more fun by embellishing a bit, and mixing fantasy with real life experiences. Where my previous work tried to remain true to the facts and timeline, I am going to take more liberties here and inject some fantasy, especially as the story progresses. I think it will be fun for the reader to wonder what my little Amy has actually done and what she hasn't done. To be honest, some things would surprise you. Some things that seem simple and not out of the norm she has not indulged in, while others that you would not expect from her, have blown my mind. She is complicated for sure. So, this commences the telling of our Hotwifing Adventures.

Part 1.

The Beginning.

Sometime in the Spring of 2017.

After many years of fantasizing and beating around the bush, I finally let my wife know exactly how I felt. It happened after "catching" me with porn again. I don't intentionally hide it, but I enjoy looking at it a lot more than she does, and while she has long known about my fascination with fisting and huge dildos, the hotwife stuff I have only shared with her in bits and pieces. At first it was a fight but then turned into a discussion. She had it in her head that I was somehow chatting with other women (she is very jealous), which I have never done. She asked me to be 100% open about all of my fetishes and fantasies (I have quite a few, which she already indulges in).

Amy. She is 5'3" usually around 115 lbs. She has had two breast enhancement surgeries, the second one leaving her with nice soft DD's, which are slightly big for her frame, but round out her shape perfectly as she has a big ass. When we met, she was 19 and about 105 lbs, and had small but perky B cups. She has olive skin and dark hair and is a true beauty. She has a petite frame with a narrow waist and small bones. Her ass has always stood out as one of her best features. For a small girl, Amy has always had a big, bit jiggly, but perfectly shaped ass. Of the 10 lbs she put on since we met, I'd say most had gone to her ass. It's simply fantastic. And oh yeah, she has a huge pussy.

To be blunt, my wife is a total size queen now, and needs a giant dildo to really get off. Some background about us in case you have not read our previous adventures. I started using toys on my wife shortly after we met, and she was only 19. This was many years ago. I will add that when we were first dating we went to a 50th birthday party where someone had bought a gigantic dildo as a gag gift. Amy could not stop playing with it and talking about it that night. It seemed she had long had an interest and fascination with huge cocks. Before long I bought her a large black dildo. It was too big for her at first, but she grew to love it as her tiny pussy stretched. It was clear she really liked big dicks and I'm only average.

While most guys would have been threatened by this, it turned me on immensely. Over the years the dildos got bigger and bigger, and we had a collection of very large toys, but eventually scaled it back to a handful of toys she loves the most. I will add that we got heavy into fisting and pussy stretching for a period of time, not to mention two large natural child births along the way, and she got very loose.

We had always had a frequent sex life, typically having sex 3 or more times per week. On top of that, Amy used to regularly fuck herself with various toys as I always encouraged her to masturbate as often as possible. As we progressed and I realized Amy loved huge cocks, I started to fantasize more and more about her actually fucking a real huge cock. I fully realized this fantasy a few years into stretching her pussy with big dildos, but would never fully admit it to her, in fact hiding it at times when she would ask me, until now anyway. It certainly played into my hotwife fantasies to come home and find her pusssy stretched from a much larger cock, even though it was just a dildo. As you can imagine I would imagine that her well-endowed lover had just left the house and I was getting her sloppy seconds. As time went on, this fantasy became stronger and stronger.

Our sex life had trailed off badly in the past few years. It was now maybe 3-4 times per month, we would regularly go weeks on end without having sex, and she rarely masturbated anymore. Part of this may be due to age as we are getting older, but more likely our lifestyle changes. When Amy was younger, she was a part time working Mom. She had time to work out, shop, do things for the kids, read, and masturbate. It was a low stress time in our life, other than having young children. A few years ago, she went back to work at a highly demanding job. Along with my demanding schedule, the need to shuffle kids to endless activities, make time for other family, and keeping the household together, her time for things that relaxed her, and more importantly made her feel sexy, basically vanished. It's amazing how much psyche plays into one's sex drive, but that is an entirely different topic I could go on and on about.

Besides getting her the large toys, I had slowly introduced her to hotwife and interracial porn more recently, which we have only watched a few times, and is the only porn she likes. She has been very turned on by watching or looking at huge cocks, especially on black men. She would make comments like "once you go black" and to this day truly believes black guys have bigger cocks. This was something we would indulge in only once in a while. We would roll play on occasion about a real big cock fucking her, usually a black one, so this was not news to her, but only ever during sex, and very rarely. After our fight when she caught me looking at porn, it was different though. We were in bed just talking and she wanted to know all about my deepest fantasies. No secrets. I finally opened up. We talked about my hotwife fantasies.

She asked me if I wanted her to fuck other men. She has asked this numerous times before after one of our aforementioned role play sessions, but I always said, "It was just role play and I would never want that." I had lied all these years. This was the first time I had actually admitted to her what I wanted as I was always afraid that she would freak.

We immediately went into a discussion about this and how I was serious. She wanted to know how it would happen. I went into detail about how we would find a hung man and how she would be fucked. She was in front of me with her ass in my crotch and was grinding her ass into my cock getting really turned on. She went on to talk about how he would have to be tall and muscular and admitted how she was curious to try a real big cock and how she had an attraction to muscular black guys. This was news to me. I always knew she liked muscular guys, I am one, but a particular interest in a black guy had never come up before now.

By now she was so turned on she was moaning and really grinding my hard dick. Her pussy was dripping wet and open as I tongue fucked her. I went and got my extra-large cock sleeve which is 2 3/4 inches wide and slid into her pussy telling her it has a black monster cock. I made her beg for black cock and soon she was screaming, "Fuck me with that huge black cock." After we were done and snuggling, she was still talking about the fact that she could not believe I wanted another man to fuck her. To me it made perfect sense. Amy absolutely loved huge cock. Our sex life had evolved to where she spent far more time with a thick dildo in her pussy than my average cock. It was time for her to finally experience a real huge cock.

The next day, upon getting home, I asked her how her day was, and she jokingly said, "I let the black water delivery guy fuck me in my office today, and he had a huge cock".

"Did you? You move fast".

"Yeah, how does that make you feel?"

"How do you think", I said as I put her hand on my hardening cock.

We discussed my feelings about her fucking another guy again that night, and even what the next steps would be. We did not roll play, but she was very horny, and I fucked her extra hard with one of her monster dildos. She was sore the next morning which does not happen much these days, so we went at it hard.

The next night as soon as the kids were in bed, it was all we talked about. She said she wanted to see the sites that I go to. We checked out the sites and it lead to a good but gentle love making session with minimal toy use, basically just at the end so she could cum, as her pussy was sore, but we talked about her fucking a black guy the entire time.

The next night it was all we spoke of again. I was blown away when I asked her if she wanted to create a few online profiles on some IR form/dating sites, and she said yes, and even uploaded pics. She got really excited about the comments starting to trickle in on her pics and we looked around as she learned more about BBC wives. We even ordered her some temp QOS tattoos, which she had never even heard of before. A few messages came in and she responded to a few with basic questions. She was super horny, and I brought the role play to another level. I again fucked her with the monster sleeve, pretending to be a hung stud. This time I asked her if she loved my black cock and also asked her if I could bring my friends to fuck her. She said yes.

When we finally ended parental duties the next night, she admitted that she had felt nerves in her stomach all day. I asked if she was ready for the next step. I was completely floored when she agreed to put up a post looking for a real BBC to fuck her. Then, she started to look at profiles. She is picky, but over the course of the night, had already picked out 3-4 guys that she could see possibly setting up meetings with. She picked a few guys I didn't think she would like and skipped past a few guys I thought she would like, all based on cock size as she was only selecting the largest men. She said, If I'm gonna do it, it's gonna be worth it. It's going to be a huge black guy with a huge cock."

This could not be my wife. She was actively looking for a huge cock sex partner and getting turned on by it. Soon, she was responding to a few messages. Shit just got real. Her pussy was a little sore from the night before so I fucked her slowly with a huge dildo as we talked about who her lover might be.

The next day it was all we could think about and talk about whenever the kids were not in the room. We settled down after bedtime and started to look over her messages. There were a few that interested her and many that did not. There was one really muscular guy she liked, and he was online. They were messaging back and forth, and she sent messages to a few others. We got ready for bed and she started writing to him as I went down on her pussy. Here I was, eating my wife's pussy as she was messaging a large black guy that wants to fuck her. I again fucked her with her huge black dildo.

A little more background. Back in the day before everyone had cameras on their phones, we used to share a digital camera. I was in charge of downloading all of the pics. There were a few occasions when I found pics of her with black guys. Nothing too bad, but dancing, posing with, and sitting on their laps, etc. I know there were other times not caught on camera because she would always talk about how one of her friends had a thing for black guys and would always find them when they went out. I know my wife was obviously partaking in this too. She admitted she had never fucked a black guy, and I believed her, but she had some serious curiosity. She had long ago told me about a trip she took to Montreal when she was 18 and she and her friends went to a strip club. Apparently, there was a dancer, a black guy, that had a cock "to his knees" according to Amy. It leads me to believe the seed had been planted back then.

More about Amy. All guys say this, but she truly is stunningly gorgeous and turns the heads of men and women wherever she goes and could pass for 10 or more years younger than she is. I am very lucky. She is a total knockout. She is also freaky in bed, and enjoys being dominated, light BDSM, fisting, huge dildos, anal, DP, and DVP. There is not much we have not done, except include another person, but I never thought she would be this into fucking another man. I'm a realist, and do know that she is a size queen, and I haven't been able to satisfy her with my cock alone in the years since we've gotten heavy into the huge dildo and fisting play. I definitely know how to get her off in the best way though, which involves something very large in her pussy and clitoral stimulation.

Okay, back to 2017. Our sex life was supercharged for a few weeks. She was 100% down with finding black guys (yes, maybe more than one), to play with. We even discussed how many and how often. She does not want to whore around and fuck a ton of guys (I kind of want her to), but she said she could see finding a few that she really likes and have regular sex with them.

I am not the least bit worried about her falling for or running off with another man. Our relationship is rock solid. I am worried about the repercussions though. I love her more than anything and would not want to destroy our relationship and family. Her biggest concern is this as well, and that I will resent her for fucking another man, especially if she likes it, or that it will go horrible, and she will resent me for having her fuck another man. I have made it 100% clear that I only want her to do it if she wants to, and not because she knows I want her to. She has not only said she wants to but at times is excited about doing it.

The first forum/dating site we were on gave some decent returns and some fun chatting, but no real candidates that she truly wanted in our area, and we probably went through hundreds. After a few weeks the novelty wore off for her. She was not spending as much time as before. Like I said, she is picky, and not many guys are walking around packing the dick she was looking for. We got on a few other swinger sites and had some luck.

That is when Byron came along. He was about 35 minutes away. A 43-year-old, (at this time Amy was 37) 6'3" muscular black guy with a thick 9-inch cock. We did not want anyone too close since we don't want to have to run into them at the grocery store, or somehow have our friends find out. This will be our huge secret. He had a ton of experience and even reviews. It was like reading reviews for a cock for my wife. Really strange experience the first time you do something like that. She would message back and forth with him every few days and trade pictures. She was now moving much slower and Byron was patient and taking his time. I liked Byron because he openly communicated with both of us and would send just me messages. He seemed to understand the game.

Then, another candidate popped up. This guy was 27, 10 years younger, and over 6' with an 8 inch, but very thick cock. She had an interest in Keith right away and would trade messages with him every few days. We got busy and the messaging with these guys slowed to maybe once a week. Then, we had the opportunity to spend the night away from the kids in our nearest large city for a friend's birthday celebration. I told Amy we should try to meet up with Keith, since he lived there, earlier in the week, but she would not commit. Plus, she still had her period so what was she gonna do. I told her we should just meet for drinks to see if she liked him. She repeatedly told me she would have to meet someone and spend time with them to see if there was chemistry.

Saturday, the day of the party, on the way down, non the less, she decides she wants to meet Keith. She started texting back and forth with him the whole way down. He was game. The entire party we could not keep our hands off each other and were giddy like kids. I could not believe how excited Amy was texting back and forth with him all night. After the party officially ended, we had a few more drinks with some friends and said we were going to bed. In fairness it was nearly midnight. Keith had been out with friends and was waiting for us. After ruling out the hotel bar worried our friends would come back and see us having drinks with this guy, we picked another close by lounge type place. It was busy but not overly packed. It was early summer, but the weather was still cool, so Amy had on nice jeans and a sexy lacy black top. She looked stunning in my book. We were at the place before Keith and found a table to stand at and sip our drinks. Soon enough, he walked up to us. He had to lean in really close as the music was loud.

"Hi, Amy?"


"Hi, I'm Keith." He said as he leaned in and gave her a hug.

"You must be Alan. Nice to finally meet you guys."

He commented on how gorgeous she was in person. They had already chatted over messages and by text a bit, so we knew a bit about each other.

After struggling with small talk, I got bold and said. "It's really loud in here, do you guys want to go to our hotel where it's quiet and talk?"

Amy looked at me, "If you want to."

We were on our way. We luckily skipped past the lobby without seeing our friends. Amy explained in the elevator about not wanting to run into our friends and this being discreet. She then said she only wanted to talk, and nothing would happen tonight.

Once in the room we poured a drink. We were all a bit tipsy, but not bad. Soon, the talk turned to sex, and experience, and a lot about his experiences. He had not been doing this often or long but said he had now had sex with 5 hotwives in the last year or so. He said a few were several times and a few were one and done. He said sometimes the husbands join in, sometimes they watch, and sometimes they leave them alone.

Then she shocked me a bit.

"I can't have sex with you tonight. It's not that I don't want to but, it's that time of the month and I can't or don't want to like this.

"That's okay, I really just wanted to get to know you. You are a very beautiful and sexy woman, I hope we can be friends and get to know each other better. You are a very lucky guy." He then said to me.

"You're pretty fucking sexy yourself." Amy said.

She leaned in to kiss him. Soon they were making out in front of me. She was then grabbing and stroking his dick through his pants.

"Can I see it?

"You can do anything you want."

She unzipped his pants and pulled his underwear down showing his impressive cock. He was thick. She got very excited and stroked him for a bit commenting on how big and hard he was.

She then turned to me and started kissing me deeply.

"I want to suck it. Is that what you want to see, baby?"


She turned back to him and started making out with him again. She removed his shirt and kissed his fairly ripped body. She then grabbed me and pushed me on the bed, and then pushed him next to me so we were both sitting on the end of the bed. She pulled my pants down and my very jealous but hard cock popped out. She then did something I never thought I'd see and started sucking Keith's cocks while jerking mine. I had not seen her this enthusiastic about sucking a cock in years. He was a lot bigger than me and you could easily see that with our cocks now easily seen in comparison.

Holy shit! Was this really happening? My wife, my partner of 17 years, and mother of my children was on her knees sucking this black guy's huge rod right in front of me. Soon she was completely focused on Keith's cock, giving him an expert BJ, while I stroked mine trying not to cum. It was bizarre to be sitting there jerking my cock while I watched my wife suck another man's cock. It felt seedy and a bit deranged. In maybe 5 or 6 minutes he told her he was about to cum. She kept sucking him and milked him dry. She has always swallowed my cum. I was getting close to cumming and told her so. She then switched to my cock and milked me dry as well.
"Fuck, that was amazing, if you're that good at giving head I can't wait to have sex with you. Wow."

Amy smiled and laughed. "I'm a good girl, who said I was gonna have sex with you."

"I'll do whatever it takes."

Amy went to rinse her mouth out as I made her another drink. She sucked it down quickly. We talked a bit more, but it was now getting late and we said our goodbyes. Keith left. She was a hotwife, sort of, anyway.

"Are you mad baby? Amy asked me.

"No fucking way. That was insanely hot. I can't believe you did it. Are you good?"

"Yes, I can't believe I did it either. I told myself nothing would happen tonight. It's been so long since I've even kissed another man."

She had finished her drink and I made another one which she finished quickly. The 3 drinks Amy had just knocked down in just the last 30 minutes had gotten her pretty drunk now. I was heavily buzzed too.

"I need you to fuck me right now. I am so fucking horny."

"What about your period?"

"It's lightening up. Just put some towels down. You brought my dildo, right?"

"Of course."

I spent the next 30 minutes pounding her pussy with her huge black dildo. This dildo is her most used and her favorite by far. It's an ultra-realistic model that is 9 inches in circumference and a about 12 inches insertable. In the last 10 years this dildo, we are now on the third exact same model, has spent infinitely more time in her pussy than I have. It was a messy affair, and we destroyed a few towels in the process, but Amy came twice. After she was satisfied, we discussed what had happened with Keith.

I got more brazen in the conversation and told her how the thought of her being slutty like that really turned me on and it was out of character.

"How do you know? You weren't with me before we met. Maybe I was a slut." Amy was still very drunk and slurring.

"No, you were not. We've talked about our past relationships and you had a few serious boyfriends before we met. You didn't have time to be a slut."

"A girl has secrets you know. Maybe I wasn't the good girl I acted like."

"Yea right, I know you've only been with about 7-8 guys, you told me."

"No, I never told you, I merely let you believe what you wanted to."

"Well, then how many guys have you fucked?"

"I don't know, I didn't count."

"Come on, you have to at least have an idea."

"Oh fine. Probably about 25. I was pretty naughty at times."

I was floored and turned on. I needed to know. I pressed her until she told me. She was only 19 when we met, and she had been with a serious boyfriend for the last few years. It came out that she had been cheating on her boyfriend of the last 3 years for the prior 18 months or so before they split when she met me, and she had been with about 20 guys in that period of time. He was cheating on her too, so it was a fucked-up relationship.

She then went on to tell me that she had more than one fuckbuddy on the side too. She would find a new guy, have sex with him for a while, and then move on to a new guy. The guys typically overlapped though, and at times she had a few other fuck buddies besides her boyfriend. It also came out that she had fucked multiple guys in the same day on a few occasions, and most weeks she was having sex with more than one guy. I was so turned on. I was a bit disappointed to learn she had never found a guy with a really big cock though. According to her the biggest was only slightly bigger than me. Pretty soon she was completely passed out, but wow just wow, my wife was a slut after all!
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