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Inaugural Crossdress Sexfight

Hi everyone and welcome to the Crossdressers Sexfight League (CSL). My name is Dani and I'm the primary author as well as a regular participant in the league.

The league title says it all. It's an erotic sexfight wrestling league for crossdressers of all ages where the loser is forced to service the winner of each match. It takes place in living rooms, bedroom, etc. and is grappling based only with no tackling, flips, etc. The matches may be private or have a small audience of past or future participants.

The rules are simple: the gurl who makes the other cum first wins! Each contestant must be "dressed" in their choice of clothing. Clothes will inevitably be removed during the matches and can be discarded or used as needed – nothing like tying your opponents wrists tied together their own panties ; )

All the stories are fiction and often feature crossdressers that I have found on the internet which I will reference so that all you other gurls out there can more clearly visualize the match. If you are interested in sending a story for me to edit/post or having me write a story featuring you, please pass along your info, desired opponent (including me!) and outcome and I'll be happy to write it up as well as provide (or receive) a winners (or losers) tribute photo!

To tell you a bit about myself, I'm about 6' tall with a 6" cock and believe my sexiest feature is my ass. I confess that while I try my best, I enjoy losing as much as winning : ) I plan to start off with a few stories to gauge interest and take it from there, so your comments and feedback are welcome – enjoy!

I have a weakness that winners enjoy exploiting. I often cum when I get fucked. I think my victors (and readers) enjoy seeing me moaning and spurting like a real girl when on the receiving end of a healthy fucking.

CSL Inaugural Match: Dani vs. Tommi

Tammi and Jamie comprised the crowd for the inaugural match. I admit that I was a nervously excited for my first match as I was effectively a virgin. My only other experience with another person was with my opponent Tommi which I had experimented a bit in the past. We had only jerked each other a couple times, but both times I came much more quickly than he did. I wasn't sure if that was due to my inexperience, his experience or a combination of both, but it certainly had me feeling less than confident for my first sexfight.

I also wasn't sure what would be a good outfit to wear. I wanted to wear something that would let me move around a bit, but not be to exposed – all while trying to wear something sexy that I was hoping might get his excitement level up a bit. I finally opted for some thin, white spandex leggings with a nice red high cut thong that I thought would highlight my ass a bit while still providing some room to move around. I rounded it out with my 4" open toe white shoes with an ankle strap, padded 34C bra and a tight pink, short-sleeve exercise shirt. I admit I did feel pretty sexy when I was finally dressed.

I entered the room to whistles and catcalls from TAMMI and Jamie.

Tammi smacked my ass and said "I want to see that sexy ass of yours get fucked tonight gurl". The sensation of her smack and sexy remark got my cock starting to grow.

It was turning out to be every bit as exciting as I hoped it would be. When Tommi entered the room, any confidence that I had remaining was quickly fading. He was wearing only a pink camisole with a skimpy, white, tie-on bikini bottom that barely contained his already erect cock and 6" black pumps. He did a quick parade in front of me and the gurls. His cock, legs and ass looked stunning as the gurls gave him an even more lustful welcome than they had given me.

"I wouldn't mind losing to that lovely cock" Jamie said as Tommi's erect 7" cock nearly peeked out the top of his bikini bottom.

While I still hoped my outfit might still provide me with an advantage by turning him on, my now fully erect cock quickly confirmed that he had already done that to me. We both approached the center of the room to start the match. Not really knowing what to do, we simply stood in front of each other while we each took a minute to let our eyes move up and down each other's bodies.

"Don't worry gurls, this match won't take too long" he said with a devilish look in his eyes.

Before I could even provide a response, he reached out his right hand and starting rubbing my bulging cock through my outfit. While the match wasn't over right there, it might as well have been as it sent sparks through my body that caused me to gasp slightly and briefly close my eyes. His hands felt so good on my cock, but I knew I had to fight back. My first reaction was to reach out and begin stroking his cock, but I was surprised when he grabbed my wrist and spun me around so that I was now facing the gurls with one hand pressed behind my back. Tommi quickly moved in behind me with his bikini covered cock pressing up against my ass.

He continued stroking my cock while now slowly thrusting his hips against my ass. The match was unraveling for me quickly as he reached his hand into my pants and under my panties and pulled them down to expose my throbbing cock to the gurls. I was helpless to move as my arm was pinned and I had no way to fight back. To make matters worse, I was fully on display to the gurls while Tommi resumed working my cock. Seemingly knowing that he was in control, he took his time letting his hand run the full length of my cock. The gurls were clearly enjoying his handy work as they cheered him on.

"Make that slut cum hard" Tammi cooed lustily.

Within about thirty seconds, I knew the match really was over quickly. As much as I tried to suppress my excitement, I could feel the cum building and a few seconds later, I began embarrassingly shooting my load in front of the gurls. It must have been the heightened excitement as my legs nearly buckled as I came more than I ever had before. I had pathetically lost the first match only minutes after it had started.

I seemingly came back to my senses to the sounds of the gurls cheering as Jamie came over to raise Tommi's hand in victory.

"Be sure to put on a good show for us" she told him lustily before sliding her hand over his cock and then delivering the second slap of the night on my ass.

"I'll be sure to put that ass to work a bit later, but let's start by wrapping those lips around a winner's cock" he ordered.

Nervously, I kneeled down in front of him and slid down the front of his bikini bottoms with one hand while grabbing the base of his cock with the other. As I had never sucked a cock before, I started by licking his cock up the shaft and head. The musty smell and taste of his pre-cum were surprisingly welcome and I began to take the top of his cock in my mouth. Careful to use my lips only, I began bobbing up and down on the top of his cock as I slowly learned how to properly suck a cock. I began working farther down as his cock quickly filled my mouth towards the back of my throat. I was only able to take the top 4-5 inches, but it seemed to be working as he moaned his approval. After only a few minutes, it was time for my next first time experience as he pulled my head off his cock, undid his bikini strings and let them softly fall to the floor. I admit I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping to get my first facial or mouthful of cum.

"Not bad for a rookie!" I heard Jamie yell out.

Tommi told me to stand up and turn around and I was surprised to see both Jamie and Tammi with their legs spread wide and cocks in hand – clearly enjoying the show. Tommi then resumed the position he had previously held during the end of the match, but now with his exposed cock nestled against my ass. As I stood there watching the gurls stroking their cocks, he began grinding his cock against my ass. My own cock began to come alive again as I found myself getting excited with the prospect of my next new sexual experience. He grabbed the waistband of my spandex leggings and, leaving my thong on, pulled them down around my knees.

Knowing I was a virgin, he retrieved a tube of lubricant before ordering me down on all fours in front of the gurls. I had always fantasized about being dressed and on all fours as my excitement continued to build. I'll admit that with my first cocksucking experience in the books, it was awfully hard not to want to get a taste of each of the gurls cocks as they continued working their cocks. Tommi slid my thong to the side and I felt the lubricant drip down between my cheeks. He began to work it over my boi pussy and entered me for the first time with his finger. As I had fingered myself in the past, it wasn't an entirely new experience, but it was more exciting as I wasn't the one in control.

After working his finger farther into me than I ever had myself, he slid it out and nestled in behind me as I nervously waited for his cock. He grabbed my cheeks and spread them apart as I felt the tip of his cock against my pussy. With my pussy already prepped, I found that I had a limited ability to resist as he slowly began to enter me. I quickly realized the difference between a single finger and a cock, but my excitement quickly won out as I focused on enjoying the experience. He began thrusting slowly, working a little more of his cock into my ass. After only a few minutes, I felt his hips against my ass and realized that I had taken his entire cock.

"Now that's a good gurl" purred Tammi as she licked her lips while never slowing down on her own cock.

With his cock fully into my ass, Tommi slowly began increasing the tempo of his thrusts. He grabbed my hips as I felt his hips starting to smack against my ass. My excitement grew with the tempo and soon, slow moans began to escape my mouth with each thrust. His excitement seemingly matched mine as I could feel his cock beginning to grow and I could hear his breaths getting shorter. He increased his tempo before pulling his cock out and cumming all over my ass. I could feel each load as it spurted and began slowly dribbling down my ass. Moans filled the room as Jamie came followed shortly after by Tammi.

I slowly lowered my cum covered ass to the floor - defeated and yet somehow fulfilled in knowing that I had not only successfully completed my first cocksucking and assfucking experience, but enjoyed them both. With my first loss in the books, I knew I was ready to face whatever matches would follow.
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