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It?s Either Break Up Or Make Up


Synopsis: I always was put off by the unsuspecting stupid love sick, pussy whipped guy is transformed against his will because the will wants to run off and have an affair, I never understood why they don't just pack and leave. The underlying theme is transformation and sexual punishment of the main character with anti gay womanizing feeling for his heinous actions making him unworthy of the reader's sympathy in the beginning of the story. There is a point where he experiences fear for his very life. The sympathy of the reader is later regained when the main character is forced to come face to face with his real self.

Disclaimer: WARNING! This story meant solely for adult audiences! It contains scenes of graphic sex and forcible rape by the protagonist as part of character development. If you are not an adult, or if you find this type of material offensive, please stop reading and open another file. You have been warned of the content. If you precede neither the author nor the site host will be held responsible! This story is purely fictional. All resemblance to actual persons is coincidental. Please don't remove the author information or make any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.

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The funny thing about life and fortune is that there comes a point where every foolish impulsive action seems to have dire complications. It is not as easy as you may think to choose the least painful of unpleasant options. It is something like picking a politician to vote for. My name is Ricky Cox, maybe you have heard of me and if I must say so I am a damn good looking narcissistic metrosexual brother if I do say so myself. I am 5' 7" tall 143 pounds, with an impressive 10 inches 3 inches thick black dick. I knew that when I wore my tight black knit tee shirt red tight fitted leather jacket and supple tight pants the outline of my dick could be easily seen. When I flash my smile it is not hard for me to get into any woman's panties and add another conquest to my total of women I have had sex with. I am something of a sex addict and I love it.

I was named as one of the sexiest black men alive which pumped up my already inflated ego even more. I knew today for example that I looked sexy as heck in my black leather jacket, red shirt and blue jeans. My arms, my chest, high cheekbones, and smooth chocolate skin were pulled together. Damn, I mean it I looked sexy! Both women and men were checking me out, spending a fortune on pinup posters which to my surprised paid rather well. My abs and my butt were tight and right after careful exercise. I won over American and world audiences with my looks strong stage presence, commanding voice and well crafted public personality."

I looked sexy, daring and dangerous causing women and men alike to lick their lips as they checked me out and made me their masculine erotic fantasy. The disturbing thing was the fact that even some guys were making me their fantasy symbol and that disgusted me because I despised faggots.

In fact I put my foot in my mouth on a few occasions talking about how pillow biters were a disgrace and if I had my way they would all be eliminated. Naturally the press picked up on this and I was labeled homophobic and to resurrect my image I hired an openly gay driver. The suggestion can from my girlfriend Tyra, a model who I had to reluctantly admit had a good head on her shoulders that was good for more than giving head. She knew how to wrap the media around her finger like she wrapped her lips around my dick so when she vouched for me and told the press it was a misunderstanding that I was deeply sorry about they bought it.

I was voted as one of the most attractive black men with looks that were nearly perfect. I am a multi-talented singer, dancer; I had started to prove that I had what it takes to become 'The' mega performer for a broad range of audiences worldwide. My latest CD "Midnight Interludes" went Platinum in one day.

I wonder what they would say if they knew about my temper. In my unpublished past I had starred for nearly three years as the lead front man and singer in the "Chippendales" show in Las Vegas. It was there that I caught the attention of Jordan my agent who signed me to an exclusive 10 year management contract. I signed the lengthy contract because he got me out of trouble when I beat up one of the male dancers who I thought was hitting on me. My strong stage presence, commanding voice and outgoing personality captivated all who saw or heard me perform. I have also worked with artists like Patti, Alicia, Aretha and Whitney It is obvious that I was quickly becoming one of the most sought after entertainers of my generation.

I was lucky enough to date Tyra, who was a model and simply beautiful. She was tall and luscious standing 5' 8" and when she wore heel stiletto heels her nylon clad legs ran on and up forever toward the paradise between her legs. She was in fantastic shape from her daily morning work outs a breath taking shapely 36, 24. 34 figure, long frosted hair, long painted fingernails.

Now I was in a desperate attempt to now salvage my promising singing career as a male heartthrob I had to squelch the incident. It was bad timing on my part my career was taking off I was being touted as the next Luther Vandross. It was going so good that women were tossing their panties on the stage as I undulated and sang sensual romantic ballads under the bright spot light in the pitch black theater. It wasn't quite Luther's, a house is not a home but I had learned to tease the audience by strolling pass the microphone in the spot light perched on its glistening chrome plated stand in the otherwise pitch black theater and sang one note that got the audiences up and cheering anticipation of what was about to come. They were like children on Christmas Eve.

Enough about me for now let me tell you how my life changed. I saw this long legged sista hanging around by the stage door when I stepped out for some fresh air getting ready for my show. She saw me and I got aroused and decided on getting a quick blow job before the show like I had done many times. The way she was acting I should have suspected that she was already high on something but when I got her back to my limo I slipped an illegal sexual intensification drug in her drink that I kept in the limo for just such an occasions.

As she sucked her other hand slipped down to my ass and playfully pulled my cheeks apart freeing the pressure on my balls. She started stroking my cock and gently fucking my ass.

She asked "are you going to show me how much you love a good blow job, by giving me a pint of cum?" Her finger left my balls to press against the star of my anus, my eyes flare wide, and as I was about to push her away she moved back to my dick and I relaxed. I can't deny that it's a wicked pleasure, feeling her finger message the bud of my asshole like that and move away, but I'm still scared the first time that she did it.

As she sucked the pressure of her finger slowly increases until her fingertip poked through the ring of muscles of my ass and quickly past the second ring until she was embedded within my rectum. There I was with her mouth buried on my dick seconds away from cuming and her finger buried up my ass and my body shuddering like it has never done before building to an orgasm that I would remember for the rest of my life.

"Oh yes", I said, "I'm about to cum already, and you better hurry before it's too late." She started to stroke my dick faster. I started thrashing about as I came closer to cumming.

I threw my head back on the pillow and started to yell "I'm cumming. I'm cumming." She saw my balls tighten; she felt my ass clinch around her finger and my dick swell. She pulled her finger out of my ass and I shot rope after rope of thick juicy cum out of my dick.

Her hand played with my balls just rough enough as she buried her nose all the way into my pubic hair. Her talented throat was swallowing repeatedly, squeezing my shaft, as she buried it deep in her soft hot mouth. Her saliva dripped from the corners of her mouth, and ran running in little rivers around my swollen balls before running down into my ass crack. I felt my muscles clench and I knew I was going to cum. She started fucking my cock with her mouth letting her finger rubbed my asshole.

"Oh I'm cumming," in one deep swallow she took my whole dick in her throat again and suddenly she slipped two fingers up my ass." As she said that she rammed her finger in my ass and I let out a loud scream. "This caused me to shoot spurt after spurt and she swallowed every drop. Never pausing, she started sucking the head of my cock gently rubbing the spent shaft keeping it hard, still looking at me. She let the head of my dick pop out of her mouth leaving her lips glistening with my cum.

She gave me a fantastic blow job wrapping her ruby red cock sucker lips around my dick and sucking on it before I climax like a kid trying to get those last slurps of milkshake. As she tried to drain every drop of cum out of my dick I pulled my dick out of her mouth my orgasm now on auto pilot and sprayed loads of thick streams of semen all over her face ruining her makeup.

I shudder, my eyes having lost focus once more as I concentrated on the feelings. I didn't notice that my breathing was hard and labored the shudders of delight riding through my body, seeming to pinpoint at my dick. Her finger began to saw back and forth within me, eased by the copious amount of juices my ass had created. As my body relaxed to the ministrations of her fingers, she slipped them out of my ass.

She smiled at my embarrassment and told me. "I know your gonna tare my ass up with this big dick after your show I have a surprise for you."

"No Ahhhh ...Ahhhh baby doll, I can't see you tonight how about tomorrow."

"My name is Vickie."

"Yeah Vickie, is tomorrow okay?"

"That is okay" she said.

"Good give your address and number to my driver; I have to run it is almost show time."

I tapped on the divider window and the driver lowered the window. "Get Vickie's number and address for me then come on in and watch the show. There are a whole lot of fine honeys out there tonight wearing next to nothing"

I zipped my pants and rushed out of the limo it was time for me to go on stage. Apparently after she gave James her number and address she blacked out and fell on the floor in the back seat out of my driver's sight. When he put the pen in the glove compartment after first dropping it on the floor and looked back the back seat appeared empty so he thought she had got out to go in and see the show just as he was. But when my driver James escorted my girlfriend back to the car and opened the door for her, she was greeted by the sight of a sleeping woman on the floor of my limo with her mini skirt hiked up immodestly over her hips exposing her red flowered skimpy panties and to Tyra's surprise the head of the woman's dick sticking down between the elastic of his panties.

She gasped and thankfully in a low voice, "Who is this fucking half naked 'transvestite' in the back of your car?"

As I looked over her shoulder into the back seat I was at a lost for words, I had no idea how I was going to explain this but I knew I had to get out of here quickly. She had accused me of cheating many times but she never had any real evidence, worst yet it was a man who had given me a blow job I panicked and just pushed Tyra in the car got in and slammed the door shut before the crowd could build trying to get autographs photos and a look in the car.

"Get this fucking car out of here right now, drive you stupid faggot drive!" I yelled.

Tyra asked, "What the fuck is going on here? Have you been having sex with a man in a dress?"

"No baby it is not how it seems," I said.

"They why is he sleeping on the floor in the back of your car?" she asked.

"Uhhh," was all I could respond.

"Did you have sex with him?" she screamed.

"No I didn't have sex with him, driver you were here tell her, go on tell her that I didn't have sex with the transvestite, you were in the front of the car," I pleaded sure he would cover for me sure he wanted to keep his job.

James responded, "Miss he is telling the truth he just brought her to the car so she could give him a blow job. He was going to have sex with her later but you surprised him by flying in for his show and showing up at his concert. I got her number and address on this pad up here in the glove compartment so I could send her flowers and a cheap peace of jewelry when he dumped her. I didn't even realize that he had picked up a guy, these days you never really know who is on the downlow."

"You liar your trying to tell me that you didn't have sex with her? You mean that you just didn't have sex yet, who do you think you are Bill Clinton? We are over!" Tyra screamed.

"No baby I didn't realize it was a guy you can't leave me, I am your man."

"You my man I don't think so? Huh wait till I tell everybody that you cheated on me with a transvestite," she screamed.

"No, no you can't do that! You will ruin me, I am 100% man, your man and you know it when you are on the end of my dick moaning Oh baby yes!" I said.

"I don't know you anymore! How many dicks have you been on yelling Oh baby yes! Just don't talk to me," Tyra said.

"Okay just don't do anything foolish," I said.

"You're telling me not to do anything foolish; I wasn't the one getting a blow job from a man. I am going home! James, I am not going to Ricky's house take me directly home now!"

"Okay Hon" James replied.

"How dare you call Tyra Hon?

"I am sorry it just slipped out," said James.

Seizing on the opportunity to change the subject "How did it just slip out?"

"Easy she was my ex-fiancée," he responded leaving me momentarily speechless.

"Ex-fiancée... Ex-fiancée? Tyra and you were going to get married?" I repeated.

"Yes we were lovers in high school and college until I realized that I was more interested in men so we parted as friends.

Then I thought to myself, "They have a history I am screwed."

All I could do was sit back and try and plan what I was going to say to get out of this mess. If I said anything now I knew it would be a mistake. All I wanted to do was beat James's ass for telling Tyra about my blow job. I knew that when this was all over and things were calm I was going to pay someone to beat his ass. I knew I couldn't do it my self James was 6 foot three and 230 pounds and all muscle. I was going to have it done when I was out of town so I could deny it.

James, my driver and to my surprise Tyra's ex-fiancée pulled up and her house and she reached for the door to get out.

"Let me get the door for you please baby we need to talk," I asked.

I hurried out of the car hoping to open the door and allow me to watch her to swing her long shimmering stocking covered legs out of the car carefully placing her 4 inch heel pumps on the flagstone of the drive way. Her skirt rose up exposing her garters and stocking tops for a brief moment. Before I escorted Tyra to her door I ordered my disloyal driver to take the still sleeping transvestite in the back seat and drop her off at her place then come back and pick me up.

I reached out my hand trying to take Tyra's but she just looked and me with distain and spurned it as she searched through her purse for her key. She walked ahead and I admired the shape of her shapely round ass as she wiggle

walked on her 4 inch heels and short tight skirt.

We entered Tyra's house and after I closed the door I turned around to see that she was headed to the living room.

"Baby we need to talk," I said.

"I really don't think we have anything to talk about, why don't we just go our separate ways because you are not the man I thought you were."

"What do you mean go our separate ways?" I asked.

"Exactly what I said we don't need to make an issue out of this, it was bad enough you cheated on me before with all those bitches and now I find out now fucking with transvestites, another Teddy Pendergrass."

Then she strode over to the bar and took a glass and with some tongs she filled it with ice from the mini bar fridge, added a wedge of lemon, Pepsi and Bacardi Select. She reached over for a stirrer and mixed her drink before taking a healthy unladylike gulp.

"No baby it is not that way," I said.

"I was there it is that way so why don't you just get out of my house and leave me the fuck alone."

Come on Tyra, let's get over this, and just imagine that one day our wedding will be certainly in one of the most romantic settings for any weddings.

How do you envision our wedding? I imagine a beach wedding with old stone cut walls that will witness us "whispering the words "I Do" in this beautiful setting. It was perfect peaceful and romantic atmosphere for our day with you in your beautiful white gown looking ravishing and me in my tuxedo looking fabulous. We can recite our own wedding vows on the beach while the sun melts into the blue waters behind us? And a gentle sea breezes drift through the air blowing your veil.

We are going to do it right none of the hassle well will get there several days early and get settled so we can enjoy ourselves to the fullest. A place of plain serenity, beauty and impeccable surrounding nature, it is already a divine stage of its own. Because of the natural beauty, there will minimal work that needs to be done in decorating. We can have our assistants arrange for a day of pampering at European-style spa for the bridal party.

Astounding views of the ocean greeting us from every angle along the coastline, making romantic walks along the beach hand in hand. Imagine the sun beating down through cloudless blue skies, warm crystal clear waters gently lapping a fine sandy beach for as far as the eye can see long stretches of white sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters protected by the coral reef.

I think a beach wedding would be a wonderful and because it will be intimate and private moment of a wedding with our trusted and closest friends and relatives. A sunrise or sunset atmosphere will definitely provide a picture perfect and spectacular background for our wedding rituals. The beautiful setting would certainly produce snapshots that are worth more than a thousand words.

"I see you have this all planned out," she said.

"Yes I have been thinking about it all my life."

"Interesting I must admit that sounds beautiful you could be a wedding coordinator," she said.

"No never only women and fags are wedding coordinators," I scoffed.

"Interesting," was all she said.

"I don't know I don't know why you don't just go home I want to be alone and digest what I just learned.

"Come on baby don't be this way, you know I can make you feel better lets go to bed, my dick is hard and all for you."

"Why would I waste my time going to bed with you? Maybe we can find you another guy or better yet a transvestite to rock your world. After all we both know that Mr. macho Ricky Cox is secretly a sissy."

"Stop saying that shit," I yelled.

"What's wrong Mr. Macho is your slip showing?" she snickered.

Something snapped and I lost my temper and rushed over to her and slapped her on the hand knocking her drink all over her and on to the hard wood floor.

Enraged I grabbed her slender shoulders and shook pulling her up and pushing her forward followed immediately by pulling her tarring her blouse. I grabbed frantically at her dainty flowered front closing bra but I only managed to break the strap over her left shoulder which infuriated me and I flung it to the floor.
I grabbed the rest of her blouse exposing her lacy bra straining to support her ample breasts sending her stumbling back in her heels across the floor naked from the waist up. I moved quickly around the sofa and I held Tyra from behind with an arm around her waist and ripped her mini skirt from the waistband about half way down.

About this time it finally sank into Tyra that she was about to be raped as my hand close about her wrist and she let out a cry of pain.

"Ricky you can't do this to me, no please don't rape me!" she pleaded.

"It is time that you learned who is the master in this relationship and who the submissive bitch is!" I said.

"No, no, no you can't, you don't even have a condom on I could get pregnant!" she insisted.

I laughed and held her arms together in my tight grasp once I had completely ripped her clothes off her trembling body. I had tossed the rest of her shredded clothing to the floor ignoring Tyra's panicked cries.

Once she was fully naked I yanked Tyra closer to me and grabbed her by the right shoulder and left thigh. My finger tips dug into her soft flesh she cried again and renewed her futile struggles to escape. Her nubile ebony body shook as she felt my hot breath blowing across her body and Tyra whimpered in terror listening to my animal-like growls and eager grunts as I manipulated her body.

Feeling in control again my nostrils flared as I took Tyra in my arms, and inhaled the scent of perfume and fear coming from her. Despite all she did I easily positioned her above my throbbing dick. I was getting more and more excited as the moment of making her my bitch. I began panting faster in anticipation as I slowly lowered her hot pussy towards its stiff fate. Tyra squirmed and gasped before letting out a low moan of despair as the fat head of my dick nudged up against the soft mass of curls between her thighs. With a low chuckle I began applying a steady pressure. For a few moments nothing happened but inevitably her labia parted and began to stretch around the thick head. My dick mercilessly disappeared into her pussy and she threw her head back and forth in rejection and shame.

I growled as I slowly buried my dick between her ebony thighs, savoring the moment when my swollen balls banged against her ass. My big black dick stretched her pussy as it had so many times, the juice, slowly ran down over her thighs and dripped onto the floor. The small amount of lubrication kept my throbbing dick from ripping her pussy to shreds. I knew she still burned with agony as my big dick invaded and conquered her body and I didn't care on damn bit. Each time I drove myself deep within her pussy she let out an anguished moan and squirmed in a vain attempt to break away from my unyielding grip.

While in my grasp she struggled and screamed I chuckled. I knew that as my dick bored into her she would begin to experience a growing pleasure and lust. I was thrusting more and more enthusiastically into her, battering her tight pussy with hard sharp thrusts while my mounting pleasure egged me on. I felt the feeling of dominating my woman, asserting my control over her mind and body. There was the fueling my lust and I knew she could feel the gobs of pre-cum oozing out of my dick each time I penetrated her.

Slowly I felt the first hints of her involuntary arousal as Tyra's moans became soft and more rhythmic as her body began to respond to my assault. I rewarded her by ramming harder giving her all I had as the movement of her hips slowly began to reciprocate my rhythm. I watched her swollen face in the darkness, savoring the twisted mixture of pain, and pleasure and terror on her face as with hatred and revenge brewing within her mind. When I finished I left Tyra curled in the fetal position in the corner cursing at me. I began to realize I had gone too far.

"Tyra I am sorry accept my apology I will make this up to you I promise."

I got dressed and slipped out to wait outside for James ashamed and fearful of what I had just done to my girl. I rushed into the limo and told him to get me home fast. When he pulled up in the driveway I took the car keys locked the doors and I fired James on the spot. I went in and closed the door leaving him standing in my drive way in the middle of the night, making plans to have him beaten up in the upcoming weeks.

My agent Jordan called me frantically the next morning after speaking to Tyra to tell me that "I had better make some kind of deal no matter how much I had to beg and swallow my pride, with my girlfriend or my ass was going to jail for a long time. I needed to keep the word of my assault on her from making the papers."

Jordan told me that I was in danger of losing three multimillion dollar endorsements. The companies had no desire to have an abuser as the face of their product. I had upset the gay community when I took a stance against gay marriage calling it an abomination. I often made jokes about any male couple that I spotted in the audience of my show I was good at spotting them. To make the situation worst the record company had put a morals clause in my latest contract after some of my exploits as a womanizer. I didn't think much of it because the money was fantastic but if this came out I was screwed. My royalties would be frozen and I would be barred from performing until my contract expired ten years from now. I would be in limbo not even able to perform in concerts singing my songs or even using my name it was trade marked by the record company for twenty five million, with no source of making the type of living I was use to.

I had to face it my only one last hope was to convince Tyra not to go public and show the effects of my attack on her. If it came out I don't even think my mother would talk to me. Tyra was a beautiful strong willed woman who didn't take kindly to me putting my hands on her. I knew she had a temper she as also very shrewd and I knew she would drive a hard bargain. I begged her for a chance to apologize and make it up to her not to destroy my career. I knew it was going to cost me a pretty penny but it was far better to beg her forgiveness than to be poor and out of work. I had got use to having money and wasn't enamored with the prospect of being poor again.

I hired a new driver this morning I told him to stop by Tiffany's where I spent a fortune on a diamond necklace and matching earrings as part of my peace offering. The first part of my attempted apology was to send two dozen long stemmed red roses her favorites. But by her coldness I knew it was going to take more, much more which was starting to scare me.

I got out of the car and walked up to ring the door bell. It took for ever for her to come to the door. I wasn't use to waiting and if the circumstances were different I would have gotten back into the limo and left. When Tyra slowly opened the door with a scowl of swathing rage to let me in I could see the bruises and the black eye I given her really looked bad. I had lost control of myself and when you add the rape I was out of luck if I didn't make a deal on her terms.


"Oh baby, I am so sorry can you please forgive me, I wasn't in control of myself," I offered as an excuse.

"You must think that I am one of those week willed tramps that you have been cheating on me with. How dare you put your hands on me!

You think that you could just say you were not in control of what you did and get me to forgive you?"

"But Tyra it is the truth I just lost control and I didn't know what I was doing, I might have to see a doctor about it, "usurping her words for my defense.

Is this how you treated your women in the past? Well let me tell you that you are damn wrong and you made the biggest mistake of your life when you laid your fucking hands on me."

"Baby I know I was wrong and I am willing to do anything to show you I have learned from my mistake.

"You must think I am a damn fool I know that I got you by the balls and if I press charges not only is your career over but you will be facing some jail time. With your good looks and slight frame I suggest you don't drop the soap because you are going to be somebody's bitch real fast. My ex-fiancée tells me that only child molesters are treated worst than women beaters in jail. I am sure if I tell my story and lay it on for sympathy word will get back to the prisoners with life sentences James assures me he can make sure of that. Enough guards will be happy to turn their backs while your prison husband pimps your ass for a few cigarettes every night."

"Lucky for you after some persuading by James he convinced me of the advantages of not having you put in jail and ruining your career. But mister is it is going to cost you a whole lot more to get out of this than some damn roses and some expensive jewelry, but we can say the Jewelry is at least a start."

"The good news for you is that I have come up with a plan to derail the rumors about your attack on me is for us to be seen as a couple deeply in love. We will be denouncing the rumors as absurd. We will counter them with the news that I have moved in with you and that we might be setting a wedding date in the upcoming year."

"My ex-fiancée will be moving into my old house so it won't go to waste. When I move in with you it will mark the end of your quest to bed every tramp in the streets and groupie that is waiting back stage at your concerts."

"For added leverage you will have the deed to your mansion put in my name and you will transfer the bulk of your money into a bank account that I will control. Then I will set aside an allowance that I will give you to live on."

"Allowance," but it's my money?

"No it is my money now, if you don't want to go along with my plan that's okay with me I will announce to the press that you did indeed hit me and let the shit hit the fan. After that I will simply take you to civil court and take the money and house anyway. I will tell them how you slapped me in the face repeatedly just before I produce the pictures that will prove it. I will then show them the bruises on my back from when you ripped off my clothes and slammed me into the curio. I will make a point of telling them in great detail and lots of tears of how after ripping off my skirt you threw me down on the sofa and raped me. My doctor took photos and is prepared to testify to that fact that you beat me severely and this is not the first time which will put you in jail a mighty long time."

"All right, All right, please don't do that," I said quickly admitting defeat.

"Good now if you cooperate, I will tell the press I was attacked by a stranger while out jogging and I was lucky that you came a long when you did to prevent me from being raped and possibly killed making you a hero. As I said my doctor is prepared to go along with the story for a substantial fee which will come from your allowance account."

"It is your choice I have had my lawyer draw up papers to transfer the house and your money which you will need to sign. You will also find an agreement giving me power of attorney and making me your guardian so I can adequately

punished you for the shit that you did to me.

"Why do you need to be my guardian," I challenged her.

"It protects me in case you try and back out of our agreement and avoid punishment.

I am going to get my revenge by taking you down a few pegs to make up for all the

embarrassment you have caused me over the time we have been together. Your punishment for non compliance will be that you leave 'my' house with nothing at all and I'll get 75% of any of your earning for the next 10 years."

"Oh yes and since you fired my ex-fiancée as your driver for telling me the truth you are going to hire him as your personal assistant and you will pay him $200,000 a year plus expenses out of your allowance. Expenses include five star hotel accommodations, first class plane tickets, and a limo when on the road and a wardrobe allowance. Pay for any staff that he decides he needs. He will travel with you and be my eyes to make sure that you taking your attitude management pills so that you can learn to control yourself."

"Attitude pills I don't want to take any pills," I said.

"Why you said you lost control and couldn't control your actions not me if you don't do it then just leave my terms are not negotiable!" she said firmly. "Now be quiet and don't interrupt me when I am speaking any more or you will regret it."

"All right you win," I conceded she had all the cards.

"I don't want you coming back here and hitting me again, you might kill me. The therapist I found for your treatment is a specialist in control disorders in the repressed latent tendencies in alpha males that lead to violence. She has developed the perfect combination of drugs to assure my safety and help you become a better person."

What she neglected to tell me was that the pills would be laced with a psycho-therapeutic conditioner to allow for my mind to be manipulated. My girlfriend's brother saw to it that I was listening and watching and subliminal DVD provided by Dr. Judy Collins to make mw willingly accept Tyra's orders.

Ricky with guardianship I don't need your consent to use hypnotherapy to treat your disorder. As I said Dr. Collins who has a lot of experience in treating aggressively abusive men like you who are trying to hide something. I need to know that I will be safe and that you will never hit me again. I am not about to take your word for that. I will feel safer when you have made progress and Dr. Collins tells me that you have to bypass the roadblocks your alpha male macho mind throws up which caused you to hit me. At the same time, your subconscious mind contains a wealth of information your conscious mind is not even aware of or is making an effort to repress."

My whole body tensed up this was, in my mind, the ultimate act of surrender. I was being told that I had to lay bare my deeply personal, unguarded, secrets in an uncontrollable way.

I smirked, "she really believed this physiological horse shit. This was going to be even easier that I figured all I had to do was to put on an act and let the doctor believe I was deeply sorry and committed to making sure it never happen again. Once I did that I was home free.

"For my amusement you are going to have your name legally changed from Richard Cox known to the public as 'Ricky Cox' to 'rickie 's' Cocks' the 'r' in lower case with the feminine "ie" at the end to show me your status as a submissive. By the way the 's' stands for sucks," she said breaking out laughing. When I call you rickie in public only you and I will know I am calling you a cock sucking sissy.

"What kind of stupidity is that?" I asked.

"I find it amusing that my macho boyfriend will have to answer to me calling him a cocksucker.

The man who teased my ex-fiancée about being gay now has to his new feminine sissy name rickie"

"What ever floats's your boat we both know I ain't no sissy, and I am never going to suck a cock like you faggot ex-fiancée. If you have any questions just check your well fucked pussy, I have stretched you out over the years," I said smugly.

"You have no idea how far off you are. But I guess then you don't have anything to lose lil rickie Cox," she said.

"You do know that when this is over I am going to change my name back."

"I know you can unless you decide to keep it," she giggled. "I want you to take your time, consult your lawyer have him signed that he reviewed this contract with you and advised you of what you were committing too. Bring it back with the signed contract before 12:00 Noon in three days, because I will be having a press conference to make a statement at 1:00 PM one way or another."

I hesitantly picked up the vanilla envelope with the contract and the agreement and headed out of Tyra's house sullen and dejected. The sun light seemed harsher that usual so I quickly slipped on my shades and walked towards the long black shiny limo. My new driver was dressed in full uniform and opened the door for me so I could enter. As my driver drove me back to my home I sat in the back of my limo engulfed by the soft supple black leather going over my limited options.

There had to be some way out of this mess I thought as I reached over to the bar in the back of my limo and filled a tall glass with ice I poured myself an extra strong drink. After gulping it down I leaned back and rolled the cold moist icy glass over my forehead.


It was only three day's ago that Tyra summoned me over to her house today to offer me the deal that I accepted just weeks before I would be leaving town on my seven month concert tour. Before leaving she had me agree to see a therapist that she picked out as one of the conditions of our deal.

To avoid any more arguments I just agreed to what ever Tyra wanted in hopes of salvaging my career and keep some semblance of propriety, I was going to secretly meet with the 'therapist' she selected and flew in town. She and her assistant were going to stay in a sea side mansion that Tyra had rented a few miles outside of town with my money. This is where I was going to have to under go the private cessions Tyra demanded away from any outsider's scrutiny.

Tyra had picked her out after some extensive research and told me that her ex-fiancée, James would take me over to her house for an intensive therapy which was costing me an outrageous $250,000.00 I was not in a position to refuse to pay so I packed my bags and placed it in the trunk and got in the front passenger seat of James's new Mercedes.

It was about an hours drive, James and I said little to each other. I had not seen him since I took the keys for my limo from him 3 nights ago when I fired him in the middle of the night slamming my door in his face.

I got out and took my bags out of the trunk before James drove away. With my bags in hand I walked up to the door and rang the bell. I waited inhaling the ocean breeze and enjoying the sunshine on my face. I then heard the unmistakable click, click of high heels on the tile floor, and the woman of my erotic fantasies came opened the door. A woman introduced herself as Joyce, Dr. Collins maid and personal assistant. She was tall dressed in a black French maid's uniform black 5 inch heels, seemed fishnet stockings that I could see were held up by garter straps, exposed by her obscenely short skirt, when she walked. The outfit had a time trying to hold in her mammoth breasts which were overflowing the cups of her bra. Her makeup was enticing something you would see at a club not a doctor's waiting room. Her skirt now stood out nearly horizontally below her tiny waist, held up by yards of short ruffled petticoats.

I got hard instantly watching this fine piece of fluff. Dr. Collin's pretty, vivacious French maid and assistant what a strange combination of jobs I thought, maid and personal assistant Then her ample over flowing breasts distracted me and a deep cleavage that would make a stripper jealous. Joyce was an eyeful in that out fit and my dick throbbed and there was no way to hide it in my tight tailored jeans. I knew that she had flown into town with Dr. Collin's in first class but had no idea what a beautiful woman she was and I had been stunned when she answered the door in her black satin maid's uniform, lacy white cap and apron maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

Despite her sexy attire she was matter of fact and all business as she minced gracefully in her black stilettos and black seemed stockings as she dutifully led me to the waiting area next to the den that was being used as Dr. Collin's office. Joyce's desk was sparse aside from the lap top computer a banker's lamp and the beautiful ornate hand carved wooded box that was sitting on the edge of her desk. Dr. Collin's assistant took my check for the down payment for my therapy that officially entered me into Dr. Linda Collin's care. She assured me that I would be invoiced.
Monthly? This was gonna be a long-term commitment to see the therapist that Tyra wanted me to see?

"Yes, I had agreed to pay the bill for these foolish sessions but she had plans for more sessions were too much."

"But monthly" I would have to talk to Tyra about this foolishness it was just a waste of my money.

Our first few sessions went as I imagined she asked all sorts of foolish uncomfortable touchie feelie questions and I answered as cleverly I could while sipping tea that she said would help me relax. She probed my life, from early childhood recollections on then testing me on word associations. She presented me with hypothetical situations and I had to fill in the details as I saw myself in them. One of my favorite tests was when she showed me pictures of sexy women in short low cut tight provocative outfits and had me rate them. A few of the photos looked like Joyce her sexy personal assistant.

I found it strange that she never seemed to answer my questions directly. Dr Collin seemed only to answer a question with a question, leaving me frustrated, and more than a little ticked off with our one-way conversation. But I knew I was stuck if I didn't cooperate so the good doctor would say I had made progress Tyra was going to leave me. I revealed to her things about my past I hadn't thought worth mentioning before. She called the Doctor frequently to check up on my progress talking for hours.

One morning when I came down for my session Joyce was sitting at her desk typing in the computer not aware of my ogling of her large breasts and shimmery stocking clad legs. Her desk was open in front leaving her body on full display. This was aided by the big floor to ceiling mirror in back of her desk. When she looked up and saw me undressing her with my eyes she tugged down the hem of her short dress.

The mirrored floor to ceiling wall made it impossible for Joyce to avoid my leers no matter what she did. It also gave me a nearly perfect view of her no matter where I sat down! This moment made these foolish sessions not all that bad; I got my serving of eye candy every day.

It was quite embarrassing for her knowing that her every move could be watched, either directly or indirectly making her exposed to my stares or leers if I played my cards right I might salvage this trip by getting some pussy or at the very least a blow job. The way she was dressed I was sure she would put out if approached right.

Her short skirts or mini dresses ensured that she sat quite femininely, her legs held closely together unsuccessfully preventing me from seeing her yellow ruffled panties. What I didn't know was that she had a psychological implant of ultra modesty when she was ogled and followed by extreme humiliation and arousal. As it was she still often found herself showing the tops of her stockings and garters. Of course with her wearing extremely short mini skirts or mini dresses made her task of concealing her feminine lingerie quite difficult to my delight. The mini dresses she wore were the best because if she tried to tug the hem of her dress lower she would pull down the bodice exposing more of her voluptuous breasts and her their sheer lacy bras. It was a no lose situation for my lecherous eyes that she had no control over.

Today her six-inch, stiletto spike heels definitely made her look like an easy tart, making her take tiny mincing steps as she switched. The pumps, she wore induced a very suggestive and provocative sway to her broad hips which I loved watching as I waited for Dr. Collins. Those symbols of ultra femininity made her switch and wiggle in ways that a player like me found very pleasing.

If I pursued her there was a chance that she wouldn't even waste her time trying try to get away in those 'fuck me pumps'. This meant she was doomed to could merely mince slowly and daintily knowing that she was my helpless prey.

I started to come early for my sessions so I could catch an eyeful of Joyce each morning as I planned how I was gonna make my move. When she moved around she wiggled and undulated like an oversexed tramp that she obviously was. My dick throbbed and twitched. My plan was to chase after her in her metal tipped heels when the Doctor had gone. She had to be easy just look at the way she was dressed at the very least I was sure I was gonna get a blow job. Those heels at their height standing had to be difficult, walking a challenge and running a near impossibility. I envisioned that as she ran her short quick mincing steps would cause her breast would bounce around straining her flimsy top with every step. One of the chocolate mounds bounced out of her corset cups of her shelf cup bearing her ebony breast and its stiff perky nipples.

This thought emboldened me and one morning when the Doctor called to say that she was going to be delayed I started running my basic lines on Joyce. To my surprise all she did was smile and say the Dr. Collins wouldn't approve as she got up and moved away.

"Looks like you got a problem down there, your dick looks harder than usual" said Joyce unashamedly glancing down at my crotch to see the clearly visible outline in my pants.

"It is because you are so hot, you must know that," I said.

"Oh it is my fault Ricky maybe I can help you solve that big problem you have growing in your pants," she said.

"Oh really" I said caught off guard.

To my surprise she got up slowly and sauntered over to me and kneeled down before me smiling as she grasped my dick.

"OK big man as long as you don't tell Dr. Collins," Joyce said cheerfully.

"Ricky," she whispered in a husky voice that got me hot and bothered?"

"Suck it baby suck it," I urged reaching out my hand to touch Joyce's damp cleavage. She let out a lustful gasp. Slowly, my hands made small circles around Joyce's hard nipples tugging and folding between my thumb and forefinger.

"Ricky, I am one of your biggest fans, perhaps you could do a little favor for me?"

"Anything," I murmured, my attention firmly fixed on her breasts.

Joyce's hand switched from caressing my arm to my leg. Now she had me right where she wanted me! Further up my leg her fingers wandered, until at last her hand was gently caressing my bulging crotch.

"What about Dr. Collins?"

"I can keep a secret can you? She won't be back for a while," Said Joyce.

She reached down and began to unbuckle my belt tugged down my zipper, she saying, "I prefer to think of it as you helping out your biggest fan. She pulled my jeans and pink bikini briefs all the way down with a few tugs. She had obviously done this before I could tell Joyce had a wanton look on her face. Joyce The tip of her tongue poked out between her pearly white teeth.

She thrust her hand and grabbed my dick with her long fingers. She gently drew my throbbing erection out of my underwear. Joyce's earlier attentions had already made me excited, and the tip of my dick was glistening with pre cum.

"You like me don't you Rickie?" she asked.

"Yeah sure, sure," I said, "Anything my biggest fan wants, you got it!"

Joyce smiled, great! She licked her lips, and again bent her head down toward my dicks glistening uncircumcised head. Joyce let out an appreciative gasp as if she had found gold.

"Can I suck your dick so I have part of you in me, please I need your cum?"

"That's all you want is my cum?" I asked.

"Yes I would love your cum!" Joyce replied wrapping her hand around the shaft.

Her eyes shone with desire, as my dick began to throb. Under her tender handling, pre cum was oozing from my dick's head as the slut before me offered her self to me.

"You want to put my dick into that pretty little red mouth of yours?" I asked.

Joyce grinned. "Yes that is what I want more than any thing in the world!"

Joyce leaned forward and slipped her red lips over the hot meat. My dick had swollen to its full 10 inches, and was now slick with my own pre cum and Joyce's saliva. She went to work, rapidly sliding her mouth up and down the length of my dick. Her beautiful eyes looked up to my own to tell me that she was determined to give me the full benefit of her skills in order to drain my balls dry.

I groaned in pleasure, reaching forward and running my hands through Joyce's silky hair. I adjusted my self on the couch spreading my legs, preparing myself for the best blow-job of my life.

Joyce picked up the pace her hands were around my waist now, caressing my smooth, dark skin. I could feel my sperm pulsing as it rose from my balls up though the shaft as my dick approached eruption.

I gasped, but words failed me. Her red lips engulfed my dick, and all I was conscious of now was that this big breasted beauty was sucking away on my dick. Joyce was highly proficient in pleasuring men with her mouth and very capable of giving great head. In a situation like this, when she was giving her all to get what she needed the slutty beauty gave the best blowjob I have ever had.

I was in seventh heaven, and it was hardly surprising, with Dr. Collin's sexy secretary sucking my dick. Joyce reluctantly withdrew my dick from her hot talented mouth, and went back to pumping my dick with her hand. I closed my eyes and was carried away on a sea of pleasure as Joyce noisily slurped away on my dick. Up and down her head bobbed saliva and semen mixing thoroughly lubricating my dick. After a short time, I erupted into Joyce's hot mouth and when I deliberately I pulled out quickly I let out another gasp, and another stream of semen burst from my dick and sprayed out all over Joyce's hair and face. I enjoyed surprising women when I got a blow job by pulling out and sending the second stream in their face. Abut all that Joyce did when it happened was to giggled with glee, and make a half-hearted attempt to wipe it off.

Joyce stood up, wiping away the strands of drool that still connected her mouth to my dick. "Don't forget," she said in businesslike manner, "You promised to do me a favor I want to do this again while you are here."

"When can I fuck you?" I asked.

"Oh we can't do that Dr. Collins would fire me. She told me never to let any of her patient's fuck me Or I would be fired and tossed out on the street with nothing to my name. But she never mentioned blow jobs so I take advantage of that little loop hole when ever I can," she giggled.

I grinned like an idiot not able to believe my luck at finding such a sex crazed airhead. I was still slumped back in my post-fellatio stupor, blow jobs were better than nothing for the time I was here. I watched as Joyce got up turned gracefully on her heels and swished out of the room heading to the bathroom to clean up and fix her makeup before Dr. Collins arrived. I let out a sigh and went and sat back down to wait for Dr. Collins savoring my victory.

The unique sound her heels made on the hardwood floor guaranteed that she'd be noticed. Their unmistakable staccato clicking being quite distinctive as that of a woman wearing very high heels! She created the distinctive a sound that echoed loudly in my ears that said tramp on the move which brought an even bigger smile on my face.

Little did I know that all the time Joyce was diverting my attention as Dr. Collins was creating my new personality in my subconscious and the whole new lifestyle that was to go with it?

I was being taught how to give a perfect blow job by experiencing the sensation of being given one. I remembered every flick of her tongue and 'tea bagging' I got. It will be something more suited to my whoering proclivities. For the next few days I was subjected to an intense daily regimen of hypnotherapy, crafting the new me without my knowledge.

I later learned that in my deep subconscious it was planted that my 'Sissy rickie' personality where I was made to believe that I loved dressing in sexy feminine clothing because I was a down low sissy and a whore. Deeply planted were the thoughts that I love making myself up like a slut and that I would read up on it when I could in private until the day I came out of the closet There was to be ample reading because James would keep me supplied with makeup and fashion magazines as my personal assistant.

When Tyra said one of the trigger words my 'Sissy rickie' personality would emerge and assume total control of my body. This personality enjoyed wearing only the sexiest, most revealing feminine clothes flaunting my changing body. I slipped my stocking covered feet into the highest spike heels that could find that matched my outfit. One day I would also adore my tight, confining corsets. I would relish at how the corsets made me look and feel 'extra sexy'. It also would relieve the stress on my back that was caused by my big implants and outrageously high heels.

At first each formal cession lasted for several long hours, but they started to seem like mere minutes to me. I really don't even remember being hypnotized in any of those occasions, but upon her final cession before my concert tour, I heard her assure Tyra that my mind had been thoroughly 'conditioned' and was completely receptive to my new training. The trigger words had been tested and I would be no trouble at all controlling me.

When I was ready to leave, James came to pick me up he went into meet with Dr. Collins and I took the opportunity to get one last blow job from Joyce. I came in buckets again when she shoved her finger into my ass sending me over the top. When I came back to the reception area he was coming out of her office and Dr. Collins handed James instructions several CD's and DVD's and gave him one to place into my Discman when we were on the plane.


When I got back home after my seven month tour it was at the curbside James then told me that Tyra had let my limo driver go with a years pay so I would have to take a cab home. A black car pulled up to pick him up and he opened the door and got in. James then told me that his that Tyra had changed the locks so I had to ring her bell when I got there. Then the driver drove him away leaving me standing at the curbside. I picked up my bags and made my way to the cab stand and waited in line for a cab like all the regular people. When I finally got home I stood at my door mad and embarrassed that I was being treated this way as I waited impatiently for the door to open, thinking that the maid was really slow. I would have to get on her about being so slow.

It took a while before Tyra opened the door "I didn't want to bother hiring a new maid just yet to save you some money. She was wearing a tight black latex catsuit and looked utterly stunning. The catsuit was black, spandex which left very little to the imagination. My heart pounded so hard, I thought it was going to block my throat. I couldn't speak for a few seconds I could barely supervise having my luggage being bought inside and tipping the cab driver.

I knew I was blushing and to my surprise Tyra smiled standing there in a tightly corseted black catsuit that I always liked her in and a pair of ultra sexy heels. I reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out a black velvet box with an emerald necklace that I had bought for Tyra a piece offering.

She took the box and with out opening it she handed me a drink and a paper with instructions that I was told to either follow or turn around and just leave her house. I carefully read the note in total disbelief at her coldness, but like a whipped puppy with my tail between my legs I climbed the stairs and headed to the maids room on the other side of the house. Tyra had taken the master bedroom as her own.

My first task was to take a bath and used the products that she had laid out in the bathroom. I stripped off my jacket and jeans which I hung in the closet next to some uniforms the old maid must have left. I pulled off my lime green Lycra' bikini brief and matching tee shirt. James had long ago replaced all my boxers with skimpy thongs of many bright colors and shiny feminine materials even some with floral designs that I had to wear. I folded and laid every thing out neatly, pulled the CD disc out of my pocket and slipped it into the Bose CD player in the bath room. Before I settled down into the hot tub for a long, luxurious depilatory lavender scented bubble bath that Tyra had prepared.

When I left the bathroom an hour later on my tip toes I was hairless and instinctively I wrapped my self in a big pink fluffy towel sarong style, with another smaller towel that I wrapped turban style over my braids. I had never done that before but it came natural to me.

Tyra walked in my new bedroom and handed me a peach colored nylon baby doll night gown, with matching bikini briefs, garter belt stockings and five inch heels, and said, "Please be a dear and put these on rickie. 'This is your sissy life' the trigger word that started the countdown for the emergence of the new personality that Dr. Collin and Tyra had so carefully crafted."

Strangely I felt compelled to obey her bizarre request with out outward resistance to her request, driven from the other new dominate part of my mind. I took the silky garments from Tyra, and I held the lacy lingerie up to my smooth hairless body thinking it was a very pretty baby doll. The wispy fabric of the baby doll seemed to flow and wave in an invisible breeze, revealing my deep cleavage and barely covered my nipples which were at full alert. I could just see the outline of the areolas of the false breast that I glued on with lots of surgical adhesive after my bath.

Wait a damn minute, why did I glue these huge breasts on my chest? I suddenly remembered it was after my bath, I realized too late that she had done something to me I had big hoop earrings brushing against my neck, my fingernails and toes were painted a bright red. What was in that drink she gave me making me act like this? I was not myself and I didn't know what was going on but when I regained control she was going to have hell to pay. She had gone to far making me up like this, damn my career I was a man and I was going to beat her ass and take my chances with a jury. I would simply blame it on the drugs she had given me, and I would get off and even be able to keep my career, because it wasn't my fault.

Tyra told me that when I was on my tour James would place the subliminal CD's in my Discman and the earphones in my ears every night and you were programmed to turn in on when went to bed set it to repeat. You were conditioned to believe that 'Sissy rickie' was beautiful, better looking than Ricky Cox. You envied 'Sissy rickie' because he was so sexy and free to be his sissy self despite not being too bright, kind of a bimbo. While you were on your tour the restructuring of your body started in motion. Before you went to sleep each night James would say the trigger word that would put 'Sissy rickie' in control of your body and he would take out the electric breast pump and use it on your hairless chest setting the timer for an hour to start by the end of your tour he would leave it on almost all night. This worked great after you had soaked in your bubble bath filled with rose scented softening oil allowing for the maximum stretching of your skin.

Wait let me remove your memory block, "I give you permission to remember," and with that there was a flood of memories and I saw the two D breast sized acrylic cups that 'sissy rickie' placed over my chest with tubes attached each running down to a cut off valve and a electric suction pump. The cups were placed over my pecs and held there firmly while the pump was used to draw the air out of the cups. With each pump as the air left my flesh was drawn in slowly filling the cups. The suction stretched my skin slightly and with a constant stretching it became loose better to accommodate future breast implants.

The sight of a good-looking man would actually excite 'Sissy rickie' and that would make my 10 inch dick twitch and ooze precum in my panties. This was so embarrassing if "Sissy rickie" were ever left in controlled I might rape any man who just smiled at me. James was there to see that I stay aroused but forced me to keep my awakening slutty nature in check. My mind and my body were not in sync, I was doing things that I didn't want to do and found myself unable to stop it. It had to be the drugs she and that therapist gave me. Fear took hold of my body but all I could do was smile a sickly insipid smile as 'Sissy rickie' humiliated me as I got dressed. Something was going on and my head just kept spinning confusing me even further, I was not in control of my body.
It became clear to me when I saw my self in the mirror standing there in a peach see thru baby doll night gown that hung down just below my belly button. I couldn't understand why I was doing this, "Help! Please help what was happening to me," I thought. But all I could say was, "Oh, Tyra it is so good of you to forgive me after I had betrayed your trust and hurt you. Baby I want to make it up to you, because I know I need to be punished for what I have done.

Tyra had planned this out carefully she insisted that I jack off in the bat tub so that my excitement would have died down. She wanted me to experience all the pain and humiliation associated with being fucked. I was to be fucked with no stimulation or hardon on to ease the fact that my ass was going to be violated against my will by Tyra.

She unzipped a panel on her catsuit exposing her pussy for a moment. I watched in amazement as she inserted the seven inch end of a double headed strap-on black dildo slowly into her pussy and buckled it tightly around her legs between her buttocks and waist with strong leather straps. When she turned around attached to her groin was the other end of the strap-on. The shaft was long and thick and all I could do was stare at it in awe, running was out of the question because I realized I couldn't run in my heels I was destined to be her helpless prey.

"I chose this dildo 'Goliath' very carefully it will help me steal your virginity as it rips out every last ounce of your male bravado. 'Goliath' stands 14.5" tall with a blunt head starting at about 2" thick 6.5" around, and expands to and a delicious about12.5" around. It is going to rip your virgin or supposedly virgin ass open. You are going to beg, cry and bleed for what you did to me," Tyra said.

"Noooooooo," my head spun again and I let out a low moan and she pushed my mouth down over the head of her strap-on dildo. "I want you to suck on "my dick" to show your gratitude for me not ruining you." Almost trance like, I crawled to it. It was thick, veined and black, my mouth was already watering."

"You should be grateful, my little cock sucking sissy." she said another trigger phrase putting a hand on my head and guiding my mouth downward. Against my will my lips parted and touched the head of her strap-on ready to let it slip inside my mouth."

It slid into my mouth as Tyra's hand urged me downward making me bob on the thick shaft just like it was a real dick. I slurped and sucked for several minutes my eyes closed it was somehow comforting in the back of my mind to feel it filling and stretching my mouth. I never sucked a dick in my life and never wanted to but I was feeling comfortable imagining the strap-on was a dick and getting harder so it could fuck me. To my horror and shame I was a little disappointed when Tyra pushed me away from it while the new voice in my mind was asking for more."

"My dick is long and hard and ready to ravage your ass, now lube it up," she said squirting some lube into my hand. I slid my hand over the shaft, coating it well with the slippery gel, imagining that it was real."

Tyra placed her long lubed finger on my tightly clenched asshole and rubbed gently and against my will my ass loosened and Tyra inserted two of her red tipped fingers in about an inch. I moaned as I involuntarily surrendered, and she proceeded. Soon she had three fingers in my ass and plenty of lube.

"Yeah, bet you can't wait until 'Goliath' breaks in that big bubble butt you got. I am gonna enjoy setting free the sissy in you when I take your cherry my lil sissy," she said raising her thin arched eyebrows as she snickered.

Tyra pointed to the floor and I knelt down and bent forwards resting on my elbows with my ass up in the air while she rubbed her strap-on, up and down my ass crack, back and forth between my ass cheeks.

"Ohhhhhhh, I'm soooo horny!" I grunted as I knelt there on the floor.

It was then that I felt Tyra's hands spread my ass cheeks and then her large strap-on dildo press firmly into the puckered greasy opening of my anus. I moaned loudly as she ruthlessly forced inch after inch deeper into my tight virgin ass and even more loudly when she started to fuck me.

Tyra then pushed further in, growling in determination to get in as much of her strap-on as possible on the first few thrusts.

"Oh yes, that's it. Your virgin asshole feels so tight. Take 'Goliath', you know you want to"

"Ahhhh, it is too big. Take it out. It hurts. It hurts..." was all I could mutter, as my hands came up on to Tyra's taught stomach and tried, with no luck when she said "you are weak 'Sissy rickie'," to push her off as another trigger word robbed me of all my strength.

"That's it sissy, take my dildo in your ass, you gorgeous whore." Half of her dick entered my ass. "My you are tight, it is obvious that you are really a virgin, well I am going to see that you won't be tight much longer."

"Oh Tyra, it is so big; it feels like it is splitting me into please be gentle I don't think my poor ass can handle it, it is so big. Oh, Oh Tyra..." I pleaded.

She looked down and saw half of her black dildo sticking in my ass.

All of this was so wrong; this should not have been happening ran through my subconscious. But the part of me that was in control of my body just stayed there offering my ass to the invasion. True, this time I had no choice, even though I had wanted to escape I was actually being raped by my girl friend.

Tyra spread my stocking clad legs wider she wanted me as wide as possible for the final assault on my sore ass. Then, with one brutal push, the remaining seven inches were forced up my tight ass. I screamed in pleasure and shame my ass had accommodated 14 inches of black dildo, I felt like the tip was coming up my throat and was about to come out my mouth.

This left me no time to get used to 'Goliath's size, Tyra started to pound me. There was no finesse, just brutal primeval fucking. Tyra would withdraw almost the entire length of her strap-on then brutally thrust it all the way back in my ass.

"Oooh, Oooh, it's too big, it hurts... Oh please be gentle, your tearing me apart. Oh Tyra you are raping my ass."

Tyra responded by pounding me even more fiercely, marveling at the way my big prosthetic breasts jiggled up and down in response. For me, the size of Tyra's strap-on, and the fact that I was being raped was over whelming. My subconscious slutty personality triggered and my body began responding to the attack. 'Sissy rickie' was set free a whore that needed the power that dicks offered.

"Oh p-please, be gentle, yes, yes, yes, yes, that feels good," I squealed beyond my control like a bitch.

Tyra smiled and carried on fucking me hard; noting the way I was now began to thrust up at her

"Oh yes, fuck me harder, fuck 'Sissy rickie's' ass with that big black strap-on of yours. Oh show me no mercy. I want to feel it." I said to my disbelief.

And Tyra did just that, fucking me like the whore I had become a constant state of orgasmic bliss.

"I think you need some more dick shoved further up your big greedy ass," sneered Tyra. My eyes open wide just as she thrust into me!"

My only response was to take her dick in my ass with her pushing on the shaft.

It wasn't long before I was slamming myself full length back onto her strap-on dick while moaning.

I moaned and moved around her strap-on before she slowly pulled her strap-on out of my ass to tease me. She and roughly grabbed my ass. "Damn you got a nice hot soft ass, rickie she said, and it belongs to me now."

Once again I soon felt a sharp stinging pain shoot up my ass, like a hot iron rod, just as I expected a strap-on as big as hers was splitting my ass wide open making my ass bleed just as she promised. She started slowly grinding my ass and gripping and rubbing my ass like her prize sissy sex slave, which I had unwittingly tricked into becoming.

After fucking me for nearly 30 minutes of her I could hear her breathing harder and pant a little. "OOOH" I yelled in surprise. She had just smacked my ass like a newborn baby. The hard hit from the palm of her hand had an after sting tingling on my ass, it felt soooo good. To my surprise it was starting to feel surprisingly good as if I was where I belonged.

She was working my ass because she knew that she had the video cameras rolling to memorialize my deflowering and for future black mail.

"Yeah my little rickie, I bet you will finally stop you from cheating on me," she moaned out to me. "

She fucked and fucked until I started to whimper, "Yes fuck me harder Tyra, fuck me Oh baby yes!"

"Damn I never realized your ass had gotten this big, it's just like a tight pussy, thanks to the hormones that I have had you taking along with your anger management medicine," and she laughed. She stroked my ass hard, like it was her only purpose in life with the smaller end of 'Goliath' buried deep in her pussy massaging her clit. She slowed down the pace of her fucking as the sweat rolled down from her face dripping between her ample cleavage and down on my back. Her sweat rolled down into the crack of my ass as she fucked me. Tyra then slapped my ass and pounded into me harder than ever now, fucking me so hard my knees were lifted up off the floor. I couldn't believe all fourteen inches of her strap-on were all the way up inside me. Her strap-on, fitted in my ass perfectly like it was designed to fit the walls of my clinching ass.

"MMMMMMMM, rickie dear, you got such a hot greedy ass. For the rest of your life you will remember that I took your virginity. I made you whimper and moan on ''Goliath'' setting free the sissy bitch you were hiding deep inside. All those years you were trying to prove to the world that you were a macho man when inside you just knew you were a sissy bitch in hiding. By trying to bed every bitch you hoped no one would ever realize you secretly wanted to be on the end of another man's dick. But no one will ever fuck you like I am fucking you tonight as you realize I am the one who took your cherry and you come to grips with the fact that you are not much of a man!"

On her stroke I whimpered again and let out with a tinge of pressure escaping my mouth. The room smelt like pure sex, Tyra leaned over my back and started licking and nibbling my right ear while fucking me like a wild dog.

Pleasure was taking over my body as if it was airborne. "You gonna be my sissy, this ass is all my property now", she said. "No one better fuck your big black ass unless I tell them they can."

By now she was back to fucking me faster and rougher, she was letting out sexy passionate moans and I loved it.

The time had come. "AAAAAAAAAAGH, AAAAAAAAAAA, MMMMMMMM," she pulled her strap-on out of my ass and started playing with her pussy. Then I felt a warm, gooey, wet liquid flowing all over my back then down my ass. She was screaming and yelling out yes my sissy, yes, squirting her hot cum on my back and raw ass.

"Fuck! rickie, your ass is 'butter', "she said, convinced that I had something she was hooked on already. Don't you dare cum you haven't earned it yet, seven months with out cuming is not enough."

She then told me, "My revenge for you cheating on me, humiliating me with all the stories in the tabloids about who you were fucking now. Add that to the fact you beat and raped me my revenge is not simply to wreck your career because that can be replaced it was to make a macho pig self absorbed metrosexual into a weak little dick whipped sissy. When I decide to let you cum, you will be in sexy lingerie on the end of a dick. I'll bet that, even you'll have to smile at the fact that you will be more of a faggot than James ever was when I am finished with you."

"Rickie by the way your apology for raping me is accepted. I hope that you will accept mine for raping you because I had so much fun taking your cherry," she laughed.


It has been three months since Tyra had ruthlessly taken my anal virginity. I fought her every step of the way as I was being dragged down the bumpy road to sissyhood to complete Tyra's revenge. In a few weeks I found a routine for my cleaning and things fell into place. It wasn't as alien as I pretended; being an only child I had chores to do which included cooking cleaning and doing the laundry. I hoped that when she witnessed my cooperation she would ease up and treat me better. After all how long could she keep a grudge?

A routine was established that when I finished cleaning up and the dinner dishes put away I had to take a bubble bath to soften and scent my skin. After my bath was over I had to apply my makeup and slip into the night gown that Tyra had laid out for me to wear.

Once ready I would step into a pair of 6 ½ inch fuck me heels that I could barely walk in and I would mince into a converted guest room that Tyra now called her cherry picking room which featured bright recessed lights, a King sized bed, mirrors on every wall and on the ceiling. It was well lighted because she had several cameras set up to record every session of when she fucked me with her dildo. I was all too familiar with the room because I had designed it and installed to camera to film me when I was fucking some woman I had picked up. I kept it to my self that after the first few weeks I started to look forward to being fucked.

Something inside made a connection with being fucked as the weeks past my ass puffed up and the pain from her constant fucking me increased everyday. It was a combination of pain and secret pleasure that had become part of my life. She continued and my body wore down to when the pain out weighed the pleasure. I told her I was feeling pain when I awoke one morning in a pool of my own blood and she just laughed. That night she fucked me longer and harder introducing her special fiendish oil a mixture of baby oil and horse liniment that burned like hell.

It had been weeks that I had been knowingly under Tyra's total domination of my life. It was only now that her intentions were becoming clearer, my hopes for a little penance and then we make up wasn't looking good. It was and time and I reported to the cherry picking room and she ordered me to my, knees in my usual position, facing the top of the bed I had a chance to contemplate my predicament. She saw that my eyes were stretched open wide as I realized she was going to fuck me again with her newest strap-on 'The Terminator', for another night.

"Yes, Ricky, tell me just between us girls isn't 'The Terminator', wonderfully it is so big but 'The Terminator', has something special, metal bumps running up and down the shaft. Don't you just love a big man where it counts? Don't you love those rough veins molded into the sides they make sure you feel every stroke just a little bit more. Not that they were needed because its ample size dwarfs your dick by several inches I wonder if it will dwarf your boyfriend's dick when you find him?" She teased.

I was sick of her foolishness but couldn't say any think all I knew for sure was that the veins made it hurt even more when she fucked me. It was going to be even worse because after all the repeated fuckings my asshole was swollen raw and sore.

You should be smiling rickie because once again I am going to let you cum again tonight. Don't you remember when you told me that you would do what ever I wanted if I let you orgasm. You have been a good sissy for the past months and I am sure you will be for many months to come.

"Please, Tyra, I have done what you have asked, please don't fuck me tonight my ass is just too sore.

"Strange that is the same thing you said last night and the night before and the night before that but you took every inch before you came in buckets."

"Please don't fuck me my ass is really sore tonight," tears running down my face as I begged her. Her eyes looked down to her strap-on, already knowing that I was not going to persuade her differently, sobbing as I once again spread my buttocks and surrendered to my fate.

As the camera rolled Tyra climbed up on the foot of the bed, admiring the view my ass presented. I was on all fours; my stocking clad legs spread wide exposing my puckered and swollen ass from our previous nights fucking. My asshole peeked out from between my cheeks, moist from her earlier fingering my ass. She crawled on the bed, as my head turned back to plead with her. She grabbed 'The Terminator', with her long fingers, bringing its girth in line with my ass, wanting me to feel all of her mastery of my ass.

Tyra pushed roughly down on my back, "arch your ass up for me Ricky; I want you open for me." She saw my reluctant compliance to her wishes, pleased that I was finally accepting the power she had over my body with out relying on my sissy personality. She smiled as she watched my bright red finger nails clinch be sheet when her fingers touched my naked buttocks and rubbed sensuously over them. "Your ass was made to be fucked, Ricky as she anticipated her strap-on being buried tightly within my abused asshole. Think of all those years you wasted fucking those sluts when you should have been on you knees with you ass turned up on the business end of a dick.

My head flayed from side to side in rejection of her plans for me, my fists clenched tightly.

"Sissy now beg me like a cock crazed bitch to fuck your ass with my dick," she ordered me in a loud voice.

I turned back at her, with a pitiful defiant look in my eyes. Her hand shot out, slapping hard on my right cheek. I let out a yelp, which she followed up with another quick slaps to my other cheek. The slap of her hand hitting my naked flesh made her strap-on harder then I had ever felt it before. It took two more sharp slaps to my ass before she heard me whimper.

"Okay, okay fuck my ass," I blurted out.

She slapped me even harder before cautioned me, "ask me nicely bitch."

"Please fuck my asshole, Please Fuck me with your dick," defeated I whispered quietly.

Another sharp slap and my voice spoke up, "fuck my asshole please."

"Very well, if you insist," she gloated.

Her fingers spread my buttocks out, exposing my puffy asshole so she could admire what she had done to it so far. Her longs slender fingers pulled on either side of the swollen opening, slowly revealing the dark depths inside me. I couldn't hold back my moan of pain as my asshole began to open, forced by my fingers.

She took her special bottle of baby oil and liniment and slowly poured it over my ass lubricating it as the liniment burned the tender flesh, allowing it to run freely all over. Her finger returned to the swollen opening and she felt my hesitation as her fingers slowly began to twist and turn, demanding entry to my asshole, aided by the slippery baby oil.

My sphincter could do very little to stop her fingering and the tip of her finger quickly slid inside my asshole. She heard another whimper coming from my lips, feeling my sphincter clenching and unclenching on her finger as she twisted it around the tiny opening.

"So tight and hot, Ricky, you don't know how much your sexy sissy body amuses me," her finger pressing deeper and deeper, rotating as she plunged into the depths of my asshole."

"Yes, Ricky, let your asshole tighten, I can feel it trying to expel my finger. So let's try my fist and with that she ruthlessly plunged it all the way up my tender asshole."

It had finally gotten use to having something pushed in, as well as being pushed out. No matter how much I tried to overcome my body's defenses, I could not stop them from trying to force her fist out.

"No, no," my head shook as I cried out from the burning pain of the act she was inflicting on my body. My asshole continued to push out, clamping onto her fist as it tried to push it out like my ass was designed to do.
Her fist was now buried deep inside my asshole, her fore arm surging pass my sphincter, rubbing harshly over the sensitive tissue of my asshole. She felt me squirming beneath her, her fist twisted and turning deep inside she really wanted me to feel the complete control she had over my body. My ass was now stretched wide accepting her fist forcing its way into my asshole.

"Please, no more, it hurts," my tear filled eyes pleading with her as she watched my asshole as it stretched open wider, my sphincter clutched tightly on her fist as they gripped it like a giant rubber band stretched to its limit, ready to snap from the strain.

"Yes, Ricky, you are so tight, but we both know you can take my fist even if it hurts a little much like when a woman is raped and not lubricated naturally for sex. There is so much more, I wanted to do to you before you die in shame.

'The Terminator', my new dildo with metal bumps all over the shaft the head awaits the opportunity to rip apart your asshole as I use it to fuck you to death. Laughing she fist fucked my asshole opening her hand and scratching the walls of my asshole with her finger nails drawing blood. She buried her fist as I buck beneath her, as she enthusiastically punished my asshole. Shoving, clawing the insides shredding the silky walls of the canal. I wanted to fight her every inch of the way but I couldn't, she controlled my body with a third subservient masochistic personality that she awoke a few weeks ago to both the surprise of sissy Ricky and I. Finally she had her fist pounded deep inside me; the opening of my ass was stretched wide and bleeding, the pink color of the inner canal now turning raw and red as it was forced to accommodate the thickness of her fist. She twisted her fist inside me, then spreading her fingers apart again while deep inside me, all to hear me scream and beg in pain. She tortured my ass for yet another night forcing me to accommodate her fist.

"It hurts too much, P-Pleaseeee take it out," I cried pitifully!

To my surprise and relief she withdrew her fist and forearm and I saw they were covered with baby oil and spots of blood. She sat up so she could apply Ben Gay extra strength on her hand, wrist and fore arm. Once satisfied a wicked smile came across her face and she plunged her fist back into my tortured ass.

My pleas fell on deaf ears, 'The Terminator', was going to rip apart my body, not caring about anything except her desire to fuck my pulsating asshole. With the coating of Ben Gay extra strength may ass was burning even more. She felt my body slump down as she pulled her fist out of my asshole with a loud pop, my anguish and embarrassment overcoming my senses. My relief was short-lived, her strap-on returned to where her fist had been, ready to replace her fist. I looked to the side in a mirror and I shivered as the hot head of her strap-on was pushed against my sore swollen asshole, despite being opened by her fisting me.

Tyra poured more baby oil and burning liniment on my ass, making sure it covered 'The Terminator', pushed against my swollen asshole. Although I had been speared by her fist, it was nothing compared to the size of the crown of her strap-on coated heavily with Ben Gay. She pushed her hands down to the side of my hips, grabbing me tightly, controlling the movements of my hips; ready to show me how she was going to fuck me with her strap-on. She slowly crawled up my back with her body, wanting to be able to fuck me as deep as possible, wanting me to feel the mastery of her strap-on in my asshole.

"No, don't, please don't it is too big," my last attempt at persuading her causing 'The Terminator', to plunge. "GGGGGGRRRHHHH," I cried as she began to push down on my hips while her hands held my hips up, never letting me escape the dildo that was forcing its way into my ass.

"AAAAAHHH, God, take it out, don't," feeling her strap-on slowly stretching back the skin of my asshole, forcing it to tear and bleed as her head, began to push inside my sphincter clenching the strap-on. Another shove and half of the head was now inside, my ripped sphincter trying to push it out, 'The Terminator', slowly penetrating my asshole, aided by the liberal amount of baby oil.

She could not hold out any longer, her hips shot forward sharply, forcing the head of her dildo to push inside my pulsating asshole, my sphincter grabbed it just under the ring, squeezing it like a pair of hands. I screamed in pain from the thrill her strap-on gave me, as I bucked underneath her strong hands the only thing that kept me from pushing her off. My mind was saying no but my body was reacting to being fucked. I was like a wild stallion, intent on throwing her off, her grip on my hips allowing her to tame the beast within me. "Relax, Ricky, it's in, time to take Ricky for a ride," feeling my body reacting to the intruder in me, my insides clenching on it, pushing out trying to expel it.

"Don't move, it hurts" I screamed. The pain of withdrawal was the same as the pain of entry; I was willing to allow its presence to prevent any further pain.

I involuntarily began to move my hips slowly from side to side; my asshole massaged 'The Terminator', as it moved around inside my clutching asshole. "Relax, Ricky, "She whispered into my ear, "get used to 'The Terminator', and enjoy the pain inside your asshole." She was happy; I was feminized helpless, on my knees with my ass spread before her, with her dick held tightly by my asshole as she fucked me. I was hers and had to do as she wanted.

"She pushed down on my back, and began to slowly sink further into my body. She lurched forward, then pulled back, then forward again. Each time she was forcing my asshole to take more of her dick. She entered my rectum the hot confines sucking her deeper into my body. My clenching asshole forced her to use greater force each time. She began to rapidly fuck me, using short, hard thrusts into my asshole. She would enter me a ½ inch deeper, pull out and then plunge in again, reaching deeper into my sore ass.

I was screaming in pain as she fucked me. It was music to her ears. Each scream of pain brought about another rapid thrust into my asshole, her strap-on tearing into my body, plundering my asshole. My asshole was only hers and she wanted me to remember these nights since the first night that her strap-on took my ass. Her hands held my hips tightly, forcing them right to left, as she pumped her dick deeper into my asshole. She had over half of it in me now; my hole looking like it would tear and bleed once more if it stretched any further. She did not care, that her dick was intent on fucking me as deep as possible.

For the most part I was no longer controlled my body, I was a spectator.

"OOOOWWWW, t-take it out, it is to b-big," I screamed in pain, my hands grabbing the headboard tightly, my face frowned in pain as she tore into my ass with 'The Terminator',.

"More, Ricky, you have to take more, I only have ¾ of 'The Terminator', inside you and you are already bleeding pints. That's over 10 inches of dick that is being devoured by you greedy ass. But I intend for you to take more, you are going to take every damn inch!" she said.

With that she drove forward again, this time wanting to bury all of her dick in me. She shoved hard down on my hips, pulling up on my hips as all 14.5 inches of her ass ripping strap-on slowly slid along my tight clinching asshole. She felt my body jerking in pain, as my colon was forced to straighten out to accept her dick.

My screams, "Please stop, P-pleaseeee stop you are killing me, somebody help me please!" reverberated through out the house, it was a bad thing the house was isolated no one would hear my cries. Her Strap-on felt like a red hot iron bar was being forced up my ass. She had achieved her goal of burying it to the hilt. She stayed still, barely moving as my body wiggled like a bug on a pin.

I did not know how long she could remain motionless, knowing her desire was to make my ass burn as she fucked me.

Her hand reached over and pulled the wet hair from my face, my unmanly tears ran down my face in a continuous stream now. "You have my entire dick in you now, Ricky, how does it feel?"

She then moved stirring her strap-on inside of me she wanted me to know that she completely in controlled my life. Again she moved her dick, causing me jump in pain when she did.

"Take it out, finish with me quickly, it hurt so much, OOOWW," I cried, her strap-on inside me jolting my body in pain. No I am going to take my time because I know with each stroke the tissue inside your ass is being ripped away which is why you bleeding. You are going to die being fucked, the papers will love the story of the macho womanizing soul singer who dies with silicone breasts glued to your body, and on your feet in 6 inch clear heeled fuck me pumps and 'The Terminator', all the way up your ass. The tabloids will pay millions for the photo I am going to take before calling the police.

"Soon, but first I want to make you cum, take strap-on deep in your asshole." I moaned in pain as she bent over my body, one hand reaching under to grab my dick with her hand, her fingers stroking my dick.

"It may hurt to have my strap-on in your asshole, but your dick is wet with pre cum." Her other hand reached one of my dangling silicone breasts and began to pull the nipple hard, twisting and turning the hard nub, feeling my body squirming beneath her. She began to abuse my body with her hands, stroking my dick and nipple with her fingers. She gripped my dick between her fingers, twisting and turning me in rhythm with the one on my breast. I arched my body up, forcing her dick in deeper into my asshole, the pain forcing me to pull back which allowed her dick to slip from my ass.

Her hips became a blur as she fucked me harder and harder. She knew that I was in extreme pain, my face contorted, sobbing loudly, but my asshole continued to fuck her strap-on in and out. It pulled back until only my sphincter trapped the head, then I uncontrollably pushed my hips back, forcing my asshole to suck 'The Terminator', back into the depths despite the pain.

Her fingers stroked my dick and it became stiffer, rubbing over the swollen head, feeling me surrendering to her, my hips rotating as she pushed her dick up my asshole. "Tighten this ass bitch as I pull it out of your ass." She slapped my buttocks, and I could feel my asshole clinch on her strap-on. "Like that, do that again, Ricky," her hand slapped me again.

"Ok, please just don't hit me again," I clinched her strap-on tickling her clit as my well fucked asshole as she dragged it from my body.

"You have my permission to cum for me now, Ricky? I am not going to stop fucking you until you cum again. I can go all day, can you?"

"Yes, make me cum, make the pain stop, please," I shouted in pain, my fingers stroking my dick furiously.

Tyra felt my weakening body shuddering, recognizing the signs that my second orgasm was near. Gurgling sounds came from my mouth, unrecognizable noises from the combination of pain and pleasure that I was enduring. My body clenched onto Tyra's strap-on, my orgasm rippling through my body and my asshole.

"You have my permission to cum for me now before you die," she said as she thrusted 'The Terminator', deep inside my ass. I felt my body jerk in pain as the dildo tore up my asshole. I began to spurt my hot salty sperm all over the bed spread. "GGGGODDD, it h-hurts," I said my body unable to contain all of the conflicting emotions bubbling within me. It felt my cum every where as the bruised tissue of my asshole aching from the pounding Tyra had inflicted me for over a week. Repeatedly I spewed copious amounts of cum as I experienced multiple orgasms as I was nearing death.

The multiple orgasms, and the pain were too much and I fainted from the heavy strap-on resting on my back and the blood gushing out of my ass.

My ass was sore beyond belief, Tyra had fucked me for over two weeks, I thought she would never stop I looked forward to my house work despite the heels because I could no longer sit down. Tyra was sitting in the living room looking at me, a big grin on her face.

"Last night was great, it has been months that we have had sex every night straight," she said. "You looked so helpless as I fucked you. I am getting good at pounding your ass, aren't I?"

"Please Tyra, please stop you are killing me my ass is burning it is like raw hamburger you are going to do permanent damage.


"Precisely," she said smiling slightly.

The next night after my bubble bath I reported to her in the cherry picking room as required.

"I think I'm done, you wanted to know when I was finished cleaning," I said fearful of what she had planned."

"How does your ass feel?" she asked sarcastically.

"My ass is a really sore," I answered fearing the worst, my ass was so sore I could barely walk.

"That's too bad," Tyra said as she moved closer to me, "I am looking forward to fucking you tonight. Assume your position on the floor and lube your ass for me with my special oil."

I opened my eyes fully and looked down my legs trembling in my shimmery stockings, 6 ½ inch heels. My ass was sore from the abuse it had received. I felt dirty and used, slutty, humiliated, and became very nervous realizing that she was going to fuck me to death.

My anal tissue was ripped away and several capillaries and a vein ruptured and the trickle of blood increased to a constant flow out of my ass. My head started to spin, I could feel myself getting weaker my tears welled in my eyes as she placed the head of 'The Terminator', at the tip of my burning ass hole she was really going to kill me

"AAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Nooooooooooooooooo, Pleaseeeeeeeee, Nooooooooooooooooo, I woke up crying screaming like a baby, my body soaking in sweat, "No please you are going to kill me. Please I am sorry I don't want to die, please Tyra have mercy I screamed to the top of my lungs with tears gushing from my eyes as my body shook. I balled my self up and just cried like a baby in my empty bedroom.

The light came on and Tyra entered my bedroom.

"What's wrong Ricky why are you're crying, are you in pain? She asked.

"Your going to kill me I know it! I said I am sorry I have done everything you asked to try and make it up to you but you are intent of fucking me every night until my ass bleeds out and I die."

"No Ricky you are having a night mare, I only wanted to punished you for what you put me through, but I never wanted to hurt you," she said sitting down in the bed and pulling my trembling body into her comforting arms.

"It's all right Ricky, it's all right I would never kill you, I didn't know you were in pain."

"But I told you a week ago that my ass was sore and I was waking up in a pool of blood each morning," I whimpered.

"There, there it was a nightmare, It has only been a three days and I have only fucked you one time, try and remember, you are safe Ricky, I will not harm you. I love you, I don't love your ways."

"Take my hand and come with me," she said.

"Where are we going?"

"To my bedroom," she said.

"No, no you said."

"Hush now, I said to my bed room not the cherry picking room I told you that I would protect you, come with me I want you to sleep in my bed so you can feel safe. If you prefer you can stay here in you room in the dark. I got the impression you didn't need to be alone tonight.

I reached up and took her hand and followed her into the master bedroom where we slipped under the covers. "You never need to be afraid of me, I have forgiven you. I will always take care of you, even when there is another man in my life," she said holding me until I fell asleep in her arms for the last time.

The nightmares stopped after a few nights had passed and I was able to sleep alone in my bed again. In these weeks she has fucked me with Goliath and I got over my fear that she was going to kill me. The strange thing is that I focused so much on her not trying to fuck me to death that I didn't realize that I was moving my ass around and pushing back fucking myself as she plowed me. I am sure she noticed because she use to just stop thrusting when her strap-on was in my ass and before long I would be moving back and forth on her dick.

Chapter 6 CHASTITY:

The next week:

"Ricky do you know what this is I searched for months until I found it and I ordered it a few weeks ago?" she asked.

"No I have no idea," staring at the strange stainless steel device with apprehension.

"But you will know it well it is your

Houdini x-22 Chastity Device which is designed to prevent your erections. With this chastity device I can lock your dick into place and know you have no choice but to behave. It is 100% stainless steel and has a firm, but comfortable grip on your dick since you won't have any use for it now. I am putting you in this chastity belt so that you can't get to your dick and steal a little pleasure.

"I am going to enjoy watching you squirm in pain when ever you try to obtain a full erection. This Houdini x-22 Chastity Device is made from a single steel handcuff, welded to a steel tube. The cuff double-locks for extra security the cuff locks around your dick and balls. The inside diameter of the tube is 1 3/8". The tube length is just 3.5" in length, so when that one eyed monster 10 inch tries to spring into action you are going to be in for a lot of pain. Since you haven't cum for nearly a year you should be in a lot of agony.

"But why are you doing this you already made it so I can't cum with out your permission. I won't wear..."

I stopped in mid sentence as I lost control of my body. When she said a trigger word took 'Sissy rickie' took control of my body and picked up the chastity device that Tyra was holding. My 10 inch dick my pride and joy was being imprisoned in a cold stainless steel artificial cage, growing smaller as I was consumed by fear.

'Sissy rickie' adjusted the Houdini x-22 Chastity Device as my body stood naked in front of Tyra, put the lock in position and pushed it shut. I handed the key over to Tyra and she casually put it in the back pocket of her jeans. The device was made in such a way that I could piss but that was it. And I had to sit down to do it! 'Sissy rickie' managed to lock the small padlock through the hasp around my flaccid dick and pulled my panties up.

I was led from the room, tittering on perilously high heels, taking tiny mincing steps because of the leather ankle cuffs, my tightly pantied ass wiggling with a helpless, feminine desperation. I started to realize just how difficult it was to walk in the heels with out Sissy Ricky's help much less with and hobble chains, a leather harness that held a fat butt plug rammed so deeply into my tender ass foreshadowing, my future as a sissy.


A few nights and a several fuckings later I didn't know what I was going to blurt out next or how I was going to get out of this. When Tyra gets me this horny I will do anything she asks I think. Now I'm not so sure she reached down and pulled out a bottle of lube from the night stand and started to coat her finger never taking her eyes off me.

"So what is it going to be sissies?" she teased.

I swear I didn't say anything but I heard my voice say "fuck my ass."

She smiled and started to laugh ever so gently. "I knew one of you would answer me. But I'm not so sure you both really mean it.

"You'll need to do a better job of convincing me you really want your ass fucked by my big strap-on dick."

I had lost control of my body as I was witnessing what was going on and hearing what 'Sissy rickie' was making me say and how Tyra was repeating it I had lost all control. My voice began to beg in a weak, breathless voice "please fuck me. Please fuck my ass. I want your dick deep in my ass and please let me cum. Let me explode with stream after stream of hot sticky cum it has been so long since I came."
This is just what she wanted to hear before saying, "oh aren't you the horny little sissy you really do want me to fuck your ass."

"Yes if that's what it takes," I responded, "Please fuck me do it now."

Her laughter snapped me back to reality and I realized what my voice had just said under 'Sissy rickie's' control. I had just begged to be fucked waves of embarrassment and humiliation flooded throughout my body another shred of dignity ripped away.

She could see the change in my attitude; she knew what I was thinking. She asked why my expression had changed. I told her "I can't believe what I had just said. I really don't want you to do that.

She stopped me and asked so seductively "do what?"

I meekly responded "fuck my ass."

"It's so humiliating when you tease and taunt me like this."

She unlocked and removed my chastity device and grabbed my dick as she teased my ass with her fingers. So you didn't mean it the other nights when I was pounding your ass with 'Goliath'? She asked, "Were your really humiliated or just lying to me now? And my dick painfully jumped in her hand and she smiled."

"That's bullshit" she said. "I saw your dick twitch when you said it, I have my answer. You want 'Goliath, you love it this isn't that much of a punishment for you is it. All your secrets are coming out now?"

"No" I don't I blurted out causing her to shove her fingers in my ass taunting me.

"You don't want me to do this?

I yelled in pure ecstasy as she fucked my ass with her fingers.

"You're a fucking liar you love this and you want more," beginning to fuck my ass in and out.

With each inward thrust another noise of approval and encouragement was ripped from my lips. She continued her teasing as she fucked me with her fingers. "Oh, you do love this sissy why don't you just admit it. I have never seen you love something as much as you love this Tyra continued "I knew you loved blow jobs but now I know you love having your ass fucked even more, who would have known.

My back arched and I began to buck wildly against her fingers as they filled and thrilled me.

"Tell me Rickey do you still love getting a blow job, or do you want to give one, I will ask James if he will let you suck his dick?"





The sun came up in its full glory as usual but this day was far from any other day as the rays came streaming through the big picture window in the kitchen. Tyra looked up from her breakfast I had prepared for her and said, "Ricky and 'Sissy rickie' you may both share the body right now and get acquainted." She snapped her long slender fingers, and I suddenly blinked and I could remember as images of blocked memories exploded in my mind. I began to finally realize what she had done, and I blushed with shame as I took in the big picture of what had happened to me.

"I been waiting for the right time to explain things to both of you, ever since you came back home three weeks ago, but Dr. Collin's insisted I wait until she felt that you were properly prepared," whispered Tyra.

"Excuse me Tyra, it was just yesterday that I came back home, not weeks," I said.

"No dear, you've been here training for three weeks. I know it just seems like a day to you, because your new personality was put in control of your body. You have been a silent spectator in your own body, the memory of what was happening suppressed to keep you from hindering the development and emergence of 'Sissy rickie'.

"Since you arrived, you've been training on how to become a acquiescent sissy, eager to please Tyra, and she let me take control of you," were the strange thoughts running threw my mind as Tyra just sat there smiling.

"What did you say Tyra," I questioned.

"No Rickey dear I didn't say a word that is your other personality 'Sissy rickie,' who has been in control of your body for the last three weeks while you just watched to allow the new personality to seed it's self without any interference," she smirked.

"That's impossible!" I said.

"Ricky," I give you permission to remember everything that happened the last three weeks now," she said.

My mind was suddenly flooded with memories of the last three weeks filling in the lost time.

"No, Oh my goodness No, that can't have happened!" I shrieked.

"Is it? Think about what you did the past three weeks! Would that be possible if you hadn't been hypnotized and reprogrammed for hours and hours every day so that 'Sissy rickie' could emerge and develop? Remember how 'Sissy rickie' made you carry yourself as a sissy, don't you remember.

I felt such fear and shame, how could she have done this to me with out me fighting back? How could she have reprogrammed my very mind?

"Normally, this entire process would take a couple of years; screening, counseling, hormone therapy, cosmetic surgery. I really pulled out all the stops for you dear; Dr. Collins did it all in a few months! Since it is just a formality for you to have breast and hip implants I am satisfied you are there. In a few days you can have the liposuction fat injection, and start your constant corseting, putting you well on the way to a fantastic 44-22-36 figure. That's right dear you can even be a full DDD cup definitely stripper pole material, if I decide I want it 'Sissy rickie'.

"Hi Ricky we are in here together, its me "Sissy rickie," came a soft wispy voice in my mind.

I have plans to alter your face to make you even more femininely beautiful than you are now. When your career is over I might have your precious voice surgically changed too, so it is as soft, melodic and feminine as the rest of you. Hormone therapy will probably make you very sensitive in your nipples when you finally get your implants. You will be truly multi-orgasmic now, I know; I have watched you wiggle and rive on the end of my strap-on for many a night," said Tyra triumphantly.

"When you were 'Sissy rickie', you admitted your deep desire for dick to me. Just as we've been training for, with all your butt plugs"

"What are you talking about?" I protested, "I don't have any dildos".

"Yes we do girl chimed in 'Sissy rickie' my feminine personality. Just remember it is all in your mind, you can see it now."

"No, no" I screamed.

"Yes, girl oh yes let me show you, 'Sissy rickie' said to me."

"No I would never use one I haven't touched them!" I insisted. I asked my sissy side what have you done to me, how could you do this to my body, it is not yours."

"It is my body too now you have to get use to sharing and I know you liked what I did you just don't want to admit it. You can't lie to me I am in your head remember," said sissy Ricky.

"No, No,' I yelled.

"Oh really, Tyra said why don't you go to your room and see where 'Sissy rickie' keeps your butt plugs? That should help you remember"

I hurried back up stairs as fast as I could crying causing my mascara to run down my cheeks to my room stumbling in my heels and opened the night stand drawer. To my shock, none of the butt plugs were in their sealed plastic bags. My mind suddenly began sifting through suppressed images from when 'Sissy rickie' was in control I had worn one each day as I cleaned the house increasing the size as the days went on.

Tyra walked into the room and said, "I already know that you feel turned on by the sight of a dick. You love butt plugs, and you can't live without them that is why you are wearing one now. Search inside yourself dear you no longer want to be with women deep down inside you want to be with a man. When you arrived back home you wanted to fuck me but all you could do was go to bed."

I stammered, but I could not answer her I felt so confused, "What was going on?

"Why are you doing this to me, I apologized we had a deal?" I asked. "Why don't you just leave me alone? I will just go away."

"Don't worry Rickey dear. I might leave you alone some day for now all you have to do is sign these papers. I brought you out of your trance this time, so you could sign some additional legal documents sealing your sissy hood with you own hands. If you don't cooperate I will put you under permanently leaving 'Sissy rickie' in charge. Ricky Cox benefits me now the money is rolling in. Ricky Cox will be there for your singing career a little while longer. Those screaming women who are throwing there panties on stage as you perform will have no idea that you are wearing a sexy pair of skimpy lacy ones under your trade mark tight leather pants.

Tyra sat down in my room and said, "Rickie let me explain what's in store for you now that I have fucked you and gotten my revenge. You will not be allowed in my presence in the house as Ricky Cox unless it is necessary. Most of the time if you don't want to face the consequences I expect you to present yourself as 'Sissy rickie' and dress as my slutty sexy French maid, just like Dr. Judy Collins husband Joyce.

"Joyce is a man?"

"Yes dear he use to go by the name of John Collin's a smug hedge fund manager. How does it feel to know that you were hitting on a man during your therapy sessions? Mister macho Ricky Cox got all hot and bothered over another man, you had a hardon that almost split your jeans, and cameras don't lie the pictures are simply priceless," smirked Tyra.

"I can't believe it."

"Believe it! He is a blue print for what can be done to you."

It only took her three short years since Joyce's transformation of her husband John. Dr. Collins has gone on to make him take a job as her personal secretary and maid. To keep an eye on him as it turns out John cheated on her and she decided to use him as a test subject creating Joyce. John is 5' 9" 180 pounds he used to be a muscular body building enthusiast was turned into Joyce a 5' 9" 120 weak slutty cocksucker she used to service some of her clients which you partook. Dr. Collins often teases him by asking, "What is it really like to see your hard strong well defined body builder's body being turned soft delicate curvaceous an ultra feminine?"

It was amusing the way she made him quit his job after he told her he wouldn't and there was nothing she could do about it so she might as well let him go. He fought his feminization every step of the way which was both amusing and challenging. She was so frustrated with all his cheating and lying she decided she wanted to traumatize as well a humiliating him so that he would remember it for the rest of his life. She when with him to do it, she made him go to his office and say good by to everyone pick up his things while wearing a yellow mini dress with a plunging neckline, matching yellow heels and he submitted his resignation on pay day to his boss at 11:00 AM when everyone was there. In doing so he passed by several of the women that he had cheated on her with. Her added touch was that she didn't let him shave his mustache letting even the casual on looker know that something was out of place.

He now works daily as her personal assistant he gets up ready early each morning by taking a hot perfumed bath shaving his legs putting on his makeup then dressing for the day. His ass is always plugged with 5 inch wide plugs at the minimum and wears short skirts or dresses, his legs are always encased in sheer nylons no pantyhose, he has to wear at least 5" heels when they are working at her office. When at home or working at home he has to wear something sexy either his French maids outfit or dress as a mini skirted tart and pseudo hooker.

He has become very good at short hand typing and all the things required of a personal assistant and also some that are not always required. Dr. Collins usually has him in her office a few times a week to lick her cunt. Other times she has him strip to his garter belt nylons and skyscraper heels remove his butt plug before she lays him across the love seat in the corner and she fucks him with a strap-on until she came.

To amuse her self Dr. Collins watches as Joyce reinserts his butt plug and pulls his panties back into place. When she is in a playful mood instead of allowing him to wash himself and the dildo up in her private bathroom she makes him clean her strap-on in the ladies room down the hall used by the public, before placing it back in a tempting unlocked ornate hand carved eye catching wooden box that he has to keep sitting right on the corner of his desk.

The look is priceless that comes across his face when some one opens it before he can stop them and see the dildo inside, as they close the box trying to hide their embarrassment. She likes to refer to Joyce in the masculine tense which is the direct opposite of how he is dressed. She told him he has to earn being referred to as a she.

When he foolishly tried to defy her and contacted his buddies for help as punishment Dr. Collins had anticipated this and took away his friends opposition in a few sessions where she planted them with instructions for her later use. When he made his move and invited his buddies over for a poker game figuring she would have to let him dress as his male self and he would just leave with them.

To his utter surprise and shame she had John serve them snacks in a cute sexy outfit that she bought just for the occasion effectively putting an end to his last hopes. His outfit was a special very sexy outfit It consisted of a slinky red leather dress that came about 7" above his knees and a neckline that plunged all the way between his prosthetic breasts. Underneath he had on a black shelf bra that barely covered the large nipples of his 42 DD breasts, a black lace up garter belt with six garter tabs to which long sheer black nylons were attached, on his feet were 5" spiked fuck me pumps with two ankle straps locked on. Around his neck he wore a red leather choker with rhinestone lettering that read 'Ms. Sissy'. He wore red thong panties that split his ass apart slightly spreading his ebony buttocks that looked great to his pre conditioned buddies and tempting to their touch.

John served them drinks most of the night while his friends played cards and he was felt up all the time it seemed like he always had a finger in his ass or someone pinching his buttocks. He couldn't believe they were acting this way, he had sent them a note telling him that his wife had taken control of his life and he wanted them to take him out of the house and find him a doctor who can help him.

About half way through the night his dress was removed. He was standing there in just his garter belt nylons and high heels his tits and ass were exposed for all to see and use. It didn't take long until he had a dick invading his mouth and then someone crawled between his spread nylon encased legs and he felt the head of a dick starting to enter his asshole for the first of many times. His friends were his escape plan his last hope to escape and they were taking liberties with his feminized body he had a big dick buried deep inside his ass. To his dismay he was being fucked from both ends and was about to be gangbanged all night by his so called buddies.

The next morning Dr. Collins told him to get used to the treatment he got last night for she was going to have poker night every week making sure that he got fucked often. He could be sure that his buddies wouldn't help and he just surrendered to his fate.

After the infamous poker game John was sent for the breast implant surgery that she had threatened him with if he defied her. She put the other personality in charge and John remained alert just under the surface so he could witness what was happening to him without a way to stop her making him a cow.

Weeks later after his breast implants healed Dr. Collins decided that a few months of attitude adjustment was also necessary to teach John to obey willingly. His will was strong, and he had no repressed feminine feelings inside as some me did, he was psychologically all man a rare find in this day of the downlow brother. She knew that without her husbands surrender it would never work without her always having to keep him locked into a subliminal personality that she would have to build and maintain.

Things went fine for a week or so then John tried to escape and when she caught him she was intent on punishing him severely. As he lay there spread-eagled thankful she didn't take his dick. John which Dr. Collins hooked him up to another bag feeding him Lactamorphonate-M. It was first tested in the dairy industry, humans who had been exposed by accident and found their breasts swelled and converted to constantly flowing milk factories. It is a dangerous test hormone designed to induce milk production in cows.

A mild stimulant and aphrodisiac were blended in. The tube was hooked up and Dr. Judy Collins made sure that John was getting his hormone milkshake. Then she attached two wire leads to his dick and the other to a butt plug. The vibrations in his ass made John go rigid. For the rest of the night, at random intervals, John would have the vibrator going in his ass, or having electrical shocks sent to his dick refocusing sexual stimulation to his ass. Dr Collins couldn't wait for the results.

His wife wouldn't listen to him no matter how much he begged because she planned to use it to break his will with humiliation. It was going to take suffering through whatever she had planned for him. All he could do was wonder why his pectorals were growing so much what was his wife giving him? This all has to be reversible and when this was over and he was back to normal, John knew he was definitely leaving Dr. Collins she was too damn dangerous and sue for alimony.

When he awoke a few days later John was in obvious discomfort. His corset was laced down to 26 inches and his breasts implants were and an attention getting 48 FF's on thanks to the Lactamorphonate-M and surgery. His wife took notes on as John struggled, tied to the bed. Hmm, third night on Lactamorphonate-M, and on the second night he was on Esterase-L. That one was a banned hormone used to put breeding stock in heat full time. Humans exposed to it had become nearly sexually insatiable. As several days passed John tried to tell his wife but she wouldn't listen. Those things inside him had been vibrating and shocking all through the night. They really had! And now his breasts had actually even grown bigger in a very short time. Only 48 FFF bras tightly fit right now his skirts still fit, but all his dresses and blouses were ridiculously tight across the bust looking at himself, in the mirror, in his exercise leotard.

Now was the night to start him on Detestosterone a powerful hormone that attacked any male hormone in his body. It created a craving in him to remedy the loss of hormonal balance, since every normal human body produces both male and female hormones. He soon was addicted to male hormones he needed them in his system. You guessed it one pure source was fresh sperm. John was surprised at all the special things about himself?

Dr. Collins grabbed one of John's massive breasts and squeezed watching a stream of milk shot up into the air. Very good! Dr. Collins thought by tomorrow he would be a regular cow, pumping himself twice a day for at least three months or longer if she decided. She knew the psychological effect of having breast implant and now producing milk would be a big kick in the nuts to his male ego.

When the surgeon operated he reshaped the tissue under John's pectoral muscles to allow his chest to bear greater mass before his breast implants were put in.

After months of constantly wearing tight restrictive corsets around the clock reducing John's waist his body was also slowly being dramatically reshaped. The weight that would normally have accumulated on his waist was being stored higher and lower on his frame.

The constant constriction rearranged his internal organs, and with the removal of 2 of his lower ribs his waist came do dramatically. With the removal of those lower ribs, his waist looked even slimmer and his breasts even more prominent.
It worked even better than she imagined it got to the point that even without a corset on he had an incredible 22 inch waist. This inspired her to aspire for greater waist reduction than she planned. With his waist dramatically shrunken from dieting and corseting, his implants and his butt enhancement looked bigger even though John had lost a little weight she didn't even know if this would have change quickly if he stopped wearing the corset altogether.

So now John is now a shapely 48, 20, 44 with his own breasts and he loves being Dr. Collins eye candy slut diverting the attention of the men who came in to see Dr. Collins so she could drug them and control their minds until it was too late. While they were scheming to try and get Joyce into bed they were not paying attention to what was being done to them to prime them for the take over of their bodies."

John now has those luscious and eye-catching breasts of a bimbo, 48 FFF's with areoles the size of silver dollars and thumb sized nipples that stuck out over ¾ of an inch, even when he wasn't aroused, and over an inch when he was excited. He got excited often he was conditioned to when ever he saw a good looking man. His waist was now down to a sexy 22" but Dr Collins prefers it reduced to 18" by corsets which also accentuate his large breasts, wide hips and tear drop shaped ass His measurements, when corseted, are 48, 18, 42, his hips looking ideal for child bearing, baby making hips! When not in public she likes to refer to him as he not referred to as she to further humiliate him.

He got them after she had large doses of feminine hormones implanted almost a year ago which has given him most of the secondary characteristics of a woman. So I know it will do the same for you The fatty deposits in his waist and upper torso were redistributed to his breasts, hips and butt, his skin had a silky sheen to it and his face was worked on to softened it making it more girlish in appearance.

His hair has grown dramatically to an incredible length that reaches down to the middle of his back which allows it to be styled in ways that emphasized his femininity, tendrils of curls draping sexily about his breasts.

Electrolysis has eliminated all facial hair though he still had to endure the waxing of his eyebrows. As you have appreciated he has the shape of a very curvaceous and desirable bombshell, the body of a bimbo.

Dr. Collins has told him that she'd have no problem forcing him to go through life with a rack of 48 GGG's or even bigger if he displeased her so that his breasts would be jiggling and bouncing on his chest as he swung and gyrated on a pole if he ever displeased her by trying to escape again.

"He will forever know what it feels to wear a tightly laced, body shaping corset because with out its support his lower back would kill him due to the massive weight of his breasts. One made out of unforgiving metal stays and leather that forces hiss body into the shamefully sexy, hour glass shape men like? All the time he was hoping that his stiff nipples would not show and staring pointedly if they did? His waist cruelly pulled in, his every breath making his breasts heave and bounce as if he was in sexual heat?

He sits their in her office demurely smiling all the while suffering hours of endless torment and shame having his breasts thrusted up and out in front while his bubble butt juts out, swaying and jiggling as he minces and wiggles in his outrageous and impossible heels. Did you know Dr. Collins has taken great pleasure making him dependent on wearing extreme heels all the time like I will make you one day?

Additional surgery gave him a small, dainty upturned nose, lips full and moist only missing a dick between them and chiseled cheekbones. He has to get up several hours early just to fix his hair, do his makeup and get himself all dolled up in sexy and revealing clothes just like you because dogs like you want it that way? Imagine all those hours sitting in beauty parlors getting his hair done, getting perms, while keeping his nails long and polished regardless of how difficult having long nails made his life? Getting his eyebrows waxed into cute high arches that men love because it makes us look more feminine and then countless hours spent trying on outfits that make him look like a slut because men will think are sexy?"

"Now my dear you will look simply adorable in 4 inch and 5 inch stiletto heels, tight steel boned corsets, with long red nails, long flowing wigs, and thong panties or your maid's outfit's full makeup kept appropriate for the time of day. You will make sure that your seemed stockings are kept straight. You will be switching around here for my amusement in short skirts, dresses, while your silicone mastectomy breast forms giggle for the time being until I decide to have your implants put in."

"No, your not gonna do that same shit to me and there is no way I am going to let you do it, even if it means my career!" I said. "Whatever those papers are, I won't sign them!"

"I figured you might feel that way and grow a pair" said Tyra. "Of course, I have adjusted your programming awaiting the trigger that makes you ask for 48 FFF breasts for your stage career on a brass pole in a tare away 'G' string."

"No I won't let you do this to me," I said.

"I've brought you this far down the road to femininity and I sure as hell can take you all the way to your destiny wrapped around a stripper's pole."

"No Tyra no, you can't."

"With just a few simple words, I can make you forget that you were ever a man and that I was ever your girlfriend. You'll think of yourself as a transvestite sissy hooker who wants to be with men, and you can't live without having sex all the time. You'll desire to have sex ten times a day, or more and you'll remember every single one as they ravage your feminized body. Is that what you want? I am sure the press will be dying to find out," threatened Tyra.

"No! Don't do that! Please!" I said on the verge of tears.

"Then sign here and you can be my personal sissy maid and I will allow you live in my house."

Now crying from the hormones and a subliminal command to sign the papers when she said the trigger phrase "I sure as hell can take you all the way" I broke down and I signed the papers. "There, are you satisfied? What else are you going to do to me now?"

"The first thing you are going to do now that you are home is get yourself ready and present yourself to me for inspection."

"Present myself for inspection what the fuck are you talking about?" I asked.

She leaned back and slapped me with her open hand, "That type of language will not be tolerated from my little sissy maid rickie, apologize this instant."

"I am sorry for my poor choice of words it will not happen again Mamm," I said. I thought why I am apologizing to this bitch why don't I just walk out.

"Good it better not happen again. I bet you didn't even know that I had you on female hormones while you were on your tour and they started to make your breasts grow and can be noticed when you wear those tight 'Underarmor' tee shirts, James had to hide them near the end of your tour . But rest assured if you cause me any trouble I will out you and I'll see that you end up with a surprisingly perky pair of 'DDD implants' with permanently stiff one inch nipples. They will look very nice on you, and there is no way you would be able to hide them."

"Tyra, no you can't I apologized already please I thought you loved me!" I said.

"Silence, rickie!" said Tyra. "You must be respectful to me at all times! You will speak when spoken to. Now as I was saying, you are my sissy now. You will never dress as a man around my house unless I tell you to; you will always present yourself as my sissy maid around here. You will clean the house do the laundry and cook. If you can't keep up with it I will go out and hire a maid and a gay butler who will see you lounging around my house in your lingerie heels and butt plug. I somehow don't think your crossdressing will remain much of a secret for long.

"Tyra, stop this!" I said desperately, but Tyra just sipped her drink amused by my whining.

"Look at me" said Tyra sternly, as she faced me. "I am going to make everything better for you. With just a few words, I will bring out the obedient sissy slut that I had Dr, Collins design for me in you in a few moments."

"No..." I whispered looking for the door frightened at what was happening to me.

"Yes, my dear. All I have to do is to say another trigger phrase. Are you ready to be my 'Sissy rickie'?"

"Please, no we had a lot of good times."

"Hello 'Sissy rickie', you can come out now, it is nice to have you home there is a lot of house work that you need to teach Ricky how to do," said Tyra.

Suddenly against my will I could feel my face changing from a look of terror, to one of unquestioning bliss. A broad smile came across my face, as I lost control of my body. I was 'Sissy rickie' now with the defiant rage and machismo from a few moments ago fading away as the bliss of my subliminal designed submissive sissy persona took over my body at Tyra's command.

I could not remember ever having been a real man. In my mind, I had grown up as a promiscuous faggot giving up my cherry at an early age to an older man a few blocks down. Since then I had always been an undercover sissy craving dicks on the side until I came out. I was completely in love with Tyra as a sister; I was always eager to please her because she kept my secret and fucked me when I need it.

"How may I serve you?" I asked her.

"Take those boxes by the door that UPS delivered up stairs to your room and put them away. I ordered you some butt plugs just put them away in the bottom draw of the night stand. Then go into my bathroom there you will find a bath that I prepared for you."

"Yes Mamm," I said curtsying to her showing my subservience.

"Is it true? Think about what you just did! Would that be possible if you hadn't been hypnotized and reprogrammed for hours and hours every day? You are thinking of yourself as a sissy, aren't you?

I felt such fear. How could they have done that to me? How could they have reprogrammed my mind so easy?

Tyra's therapist had given me an all-day hypnotherapy session, auto-time delayed subliminal suggestion treatments aimed at enhancing whatever I imagined sissies would feel when they're excited by being with a man with a big dick.

The therapist skillfully without my knowledge broke down any aversion I might have had to getting groped by a guy. And it worked better than even Tyra would have dreamed! My mind became putty! Once I slipped into the trance I flounced in and out of whatever room I was in whenever she called me, each time I moved sensuously.

All this never would have happened before the intensive hormone therapy which made my once well muscled body into a thinner softer well toned curvaceous form. Before my daily sessions with Dr. Collins I took before leaving on my record promotion. The subliminal CD's that Dr. Collins had given to James made it impossible for me to defy Tyra's commands. She had lied to me when she told me that my therapy was to help me manage my anger not that it would make me accept sissyhood. But when the trigger word was said she was assured that I would always remember my manhood and my once promising career as I swished in shame.

As I stood there helplessly things which I had been told started to come back to me. The fact that my mannerisms, the tone of my voice, my walk, even the thrill I might someday get from my 'DDD tits when someone massaged them. Over come with shock from the conscience thought, and enhanced embarrassment and humiliation that I would feel as a man forced to wear a short black satin maid's uniform around what used to be my house.

I later learned that during that time I was away her brother James was also secretly giving me massive doses of mind altering drugs and testosterone inhibitors at the doctor's orders.


'Sissy rickie' really loved sex and loves to be fucked by Tyra with 'Goliath' her strap-on! In fact, 'Sissy rickie' can't get enough which is why Tyra is going to have me dildo trained to keep from wearing out her pussy fucking me. The more 'dick' that you had as 'Sissy rickie', the more 'dick' I wanted.

For weeks after my return from my concert tour I was continually berated she continued her control of my mind and body. She gently stroked my dick and it was driving me wild bringing me to just short of cuming. For every night for s few weeks since I had been back and fallen further under Tyra's control she had me in panties and heels. She had fucked me with her strap-on goliath nightly stripping me of my masculine will as I started to crave being fucked while still denying the pleasure of orgasming like a man, all I got was a dribble of pre cum that seeped out of the head of my imprisoned dick.

"More please, stroke me more, please let me cum. I haven't cum in over seven months" I whimpered still helpless trapped in my unquestioning bliss broken and beaten.

"More, what my little 'Sissy rickie'?" she teased.

The more she played with my ass she taunted me the hornier I became. What was happening to me, my ass was wagging like a puppy's tail as I anticipated being fucked? How was this happening I was her boyfriend or at least I was supposed to be?

"More fingers, push your fingers further in my ass they feel so good in my ass so I can cum."

"Admit that you like the way my fingers are stretching your ass if you want me to let you cum?"

"Yes, yes I do."

"What did you say"?

"Yes, I like it Tyra."

Tyra smiled triumphantly as she played with my ass with her fingers.

"Does this feel good sissy?" she asked as her long fingers explored the depths of my ass.

"Yes, it feels good to have your fingers in me." I felt shame and lust in equal measures, but my lust was winning out."

"While you were under I had you make me a list in excel of everyone that you had a sexual encounter with of any kind since we have been going together. I wanted to know of every lap dance, every grope, every blowjob and every fuck. I want to know when and who they were, if they were just an unknown one night stand let me know. The size of that fucking list astonished me and you are going to pay for every damn one of them. She chuckled, "You have become such a little slut, rickie it is wearing me out to fuck you every night! But don't worry; I have something to scratch that itch when I am not fucking you."

Tyra pulled her fingers out of my hot asshole, causing me to groan at their loss. She reached under the bed and removed a box.

I gasped a little at the surprise inside there was a huge red dildo with a suction base. She removed it and walked over to a 1' by 2' by 3' laminated rectangular metal box an attached the suction base of a ridiculously larger than life, 15.75 inch dildo she called the 'Dominator'.

"I am sure the 'Dominator' will stretch your greedy ass for you. But I think you should show me how much you appreciate your gift. Go on, 'Stretch your ass for me' get over here and get the dominator wet with your mouth before you lube it," Tyra said.

Now that I have your list all sorted and numbered you are going to fuck your ass with this dildo until you cum. And for the women that you fucked multiple times you will fuck your self multiple times. So for example if you fucked a bitch 5 times you are going to fuck yourself five times for every single time you fucked her in my example you will fuck yourself 25 times as punishment.

For every time you fucked one of my so called friends it will cost your ass 10 fuckings for each time with the same penalty for multiple times. If you cheated on me and fucked one of my friends 5 times you will fuck yourself 250 times with the dildo. I want you to switch off proudly with your best model walk in your highest fuck me pumps and mince into the cherry picking room, turn on the camera and drop down on your knees telling the camera that you had an affair with then fuck yourself. 'Stretch your conceited narcissistic ass for me' do you understand 'Sissy rickie?"

"Yes, I understand, Tyra," I said in a trance like tone, as another trigger was engaged.

It was like some weird, twisted twilight zone episode. I was inside a fantasy world not of my own making my body moved against my will. I kept telling my self that I should have had the will to stop this any number of times, but I didn't. The truth was I didn't want it to stop. At some level I was very much aware that I was a man in panties and enjoyed being ordered around by my girlfriend. But that knowledge was pushed to the back of my mind. When all was said and done I really didn't have a choice it was planted in my mind that I wanted to be like 'Sissy rickie' to please Tyra. I wanted her to treat me as her slut.

"Now get down on your knees and turn around and align your ass with the head of your new dildo your lover for tonight and many others." I expect you to use ''Dominator' to fulfill you punishment by fucking your self with it to pay for your affairs. My gift will keep you well fucked after all we know how much you need to have sex which is obviously why you kept cheating on me.

I did as instructed and pulled my panties off I pushed back until I felt the cool, wet blunt tip touch the dildo to my lubed asshole. It sent a shiver through me that made me sigh. Tyra laughed then put a hand on each of my shoulders and began to push me back. I gasped as the head slowly drove inside me. There was a pulse of pain, but an accompanying feeling of fullness. A pain similar to the one Goliath and Tyra had taught me to accept. At first it was the 'Sissy rickie' personality that was gyrating on Tyra's strap-on, but lately it might have been me.

Tyra eased up a little, but did not stop forcing my newest lover deeper inside me. It was such an indescribable sensation. I could feel each inch as it slipped inside me. My eyes closed and my head fell back all I could do was moan and gasp as my ass was stretched wider than ever. My ass burned when I finally bottomed out; on the monster dildo when Tyra shoved on my shoulders forcing me all the way back on the dildo. It was an XX-Large dildo that 13.75" tall it is 12.5 inches that was inserted in my ass, with a nicely tapered head. It's just over 3.5" thick, and 12.5 ass taming inches around at the base, it was called the 'Dominator!'

She said she picked the 'Dominator' as my new dildo because it's size made it ideal for stretching my ass so she could fuck me every night if she wanted to. I would learn to savagely bury it deep inside my ass every night when she didn't fuck me with her strap-on. I was to cheerfully fuck myself nightly while she took more pictures until my ass could take even bigger and wider dicks with the relative ease of a well fucked enthusiastic sissy slut. I responded by bouncing on the shaft as she ordered. It wasn't long before I was slamming myself full length onto the dildo while throwing my head from side to side and back as I cupped my silicon breast and moaned uncontrollably.

I loved repeatedly pulling all the way off the dildo on the box then dropping back down and feeling the fat head drive itself inside me. Each thrust rubbed my prostate and generated waves of pleasure. It also bounced my throbbing dick, inching me closer to my own long over due orgasm.

I could hear myself whimpering louder and louder as my first release in a year approached. "Oh yes. Oh yes! F-fuck, me, oh, yessssssss, Fuck yessssssss it feels soooo goooood."

"That's right, sissy. Fuck yourself! Make yourself cum on the end of the dildo confirming that you are my sissy from now on!"

"Yessssssss, Ohhhhhhh Yessssssss! Fill me. Fuck me hard." I said. I was completely lost in it now. In my mind I was being brutally, fucked on the 'Dominator' my newest insatiable lover. I imagined hands gripping my hips, slamming me back down onto my new gigantic lover. Tyra got great pleasure, watching me thrust my ass back on the dildo driving it deep inside my ass her perfect on going revenge for me raping her. What condition was my ass going to be in after years and years of fucking with the 'Dominator' or the next monster that she would eventually replace it with?
"You like this don't you rickie?"


"You're ass was made to be fucked because you are a latent faggot! Faggot isn't that what you liked to call my ex-fiancée? You are only truly happy when filled with a hard dick!"

"Yessssssss, Fuck me, fill me, stretch me, and use me!" I babbled. I was so close to coming. At that moment I would have happily fucked and sucked anyone with a dick. My whole world was now my full balls my dick and the dicks that would be pounding my tight greedy ass.

"Are you ready to cum, faggot?"

"Yessssssss, Oooohhhh Yessssssss! I am soooo close and I haven't even touched my dick yet!" Just the thrill of it and the sensation of the dildo inside me had pushed me to the edge of orgasm after a year. I was thrusting and rotating my hips trying to increase the friction on my prostate.

"Wait! Don't you dare cum till I tell you that you can, I own you bitch, you can never forget that fact you need my permission to cum no matter how much you want and need to," she gloated. It was on the edge excited and not having been allowed to cum for over a year but I couldn't will my self to come to defy her. I was at the brink of orgasm and my full balls aching, but I could not cum.

"Please let me cum Tyra, please, oh please I will do what ever you want just please let me come!" I begged and whimpered to her delight.

Relishing in her control she let me struggle for a few more seconds. "All right you little sissy do you promise to be a loyal an obedient sissy at all times!

"Yessssssss Tyra yessssssss anything you want," I begged.

"'Sissy' you may cum now."

And on her command I did. Oooh yessssssss, YESSSSSSS, YESSSSSSS, I screamed. I slammed my ass back on the dildo, plowing the head across my prostate, and my dick spasmed and started to pump out ropes of cum.

"Oooh, Oooh Ahhhhhhhhh cumminnggg Oooh, YESSSSSSS," In voluntarily my voice suddenly pitched up high into a near shriek. I just collapsed on my stocking covered knees with the dildo buried inside me as my ass spasmed around it and my thighs trembled. I could feel each pulse travel up my dick and spurted gobs of a year's pent up semen.

Tyra just stood there smiling and taking pictures basking in her victory.


A few weeks later and after numerous strap-on and dildo fuckings I woke at my usual time before sun rise, showered, polished my nails, did my eyes and shaved my body again. All of this preparation had been quite a change for me, I was used to rolling out of bed after 1:00 PM, slipping into a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, gulping a cup of coffee and lounging and I was ready for my day

This morning was very different I made a pot of mint tea and sat at the kitchen table to wait for Tyra to wake up she was sleeping late today exhausted from fucking me long and hard with the strap-on dildo.

My mind told me that it would be best if I were dressed appropriately when Tyra got up. I went to my new room, where I put on my newest black maid outfit with the black skirt, tight uplifting bra, white blouse, starched apron, a pair of thigh high hose and 4 inch black block heels for work.

I tied my braids with a frilly little maid's cap that rested atop my head completing the outfit. I went back to finish my tea a wait for Tyra to stir.

She walked into the kitchen about 10:00 AM and I rushed clicking in my heels over to her and poured her a cup of tea and asked, "What would you like to go with your tea? "Did you sleep well?"

She nodded, and said," Yes thank you for asking, I sure needed the rest, and you got a greedy ass sissy you are wearing me out."

"I'll just have a glass of orange juice and a slice of toast this morning rickie," she told me.

"Ummm by the way, "You look very nice in that new uniform this morning dear."

I thanked her, gave a polite curtsy in my maid's uniform and left to get her breakfast. I brought her breakfast, after earlier going outside to the gate to get the paper. I delivered it with her meal and she ate her small meal while reading the paper.

As I refilled her tea cup, she slipped her hand under my skirt and fondled my dick or my clit as she now referred to it. I used to playfully fondle her, now she was treating me as her piece of meat. I just smiled sweetly and stood there until she removed her hand.

She went back to reading the paper and I set out to take care of my housework; I had to do the laundry and cooking. In my bachelor days I was something of a good cook and I just realized that I really enjoyed doing it. I started right away to put 'Sissy rickie's' thought to action and I gathered up all the laundry and after sorting it and getting the whites in the washer I went upstairs and vacuumed the entire house. I was freely perspiring by now and had to stop for a medication break but the instant gratification of seeing the house clean and smelling nice made me feel good all over. I had, of course, been keeping an eye on the laundry as I was getting into my "domestic maid" mode and it was all washed, dried, ironed where necessary, and put away.

After checking out our food situation I got out two chicken breasts and the other ingredients for Chicken Cordon Bleu with a nice rice pilaf and asparagus spears with a wild mushroom sauce. Yummmm! Good to know that I hadn't lost my skills. I put the chicken breasts out to defrost.

As that was going I went up stairs and finished off making the beds including the one in the cherry picking room replacing them with fresh linens. I opened the windows to let in the spring fresh air, and tidied up. I cleaned and polished the bathroom until everything just gleamed. Wow!! What a pain! I just love this stuff I thought! Well by now I was sore and every bone seemed to hurt but emotionally I reluctantly accepted that this was my new niche in life now while my subconscious screamed in shame!

I went down to the kitchen to complete dinner. Damn! This was heady stuff! I finally felt useful and hoped that Tyra would like the meal and may be start to forgive me now that I was cooperating. I looked at the clock I saw that I had about an hour and a half before dinner time. She was always punctual I set up the dining area to look like a fancy table at an upscale restaurant with flowers and candles. I also set out my fine china and silverware settings that I kept for big parties which had not seen any use for quite some time as I rarely entertained at home.

I lowered the lights to a romantic ambiance I went out to put the finishing touches on what I thought to be the most spectacular dinner that we had enjoyed for way, way, WAY too long. After stumbling around in the wine cellar for a while I found a nice Riesling that I thought would go superb with dinner. Checking everything again I pronounced all was grand and took myself upstairs to bathe to change into something with a little more class.

I selected a dress a black strapless short dress that fell far above my knees. Five inch heels, diamond earrings, diamond bracelet and thin diamond necklace. I asked 'Sissy rickie' to take charge and apply my makeup for me. We found a wig which fell half way down my back. Oh I looked so pretty, beautiful, feminine, nice and I almost fainted and that time I felt weak.

What was wrong with me? My whole body seemed to tingle! For heaven's sake, I was nervous! I heard her descending the steps and I positioned myself in the foyer with her drink in my hand. Tyra came in and squinted a bit adapting to the bright sunset light flooding into the dining room and when it registered to her I had dressed for dinner she smiled and I caught movement out of the corner of her eye and looked down to see that I had forgot to remove my frilly apron that I had put on to protect my gown as I finished up dinner. Not only that but it was bright pink with a plethora of lace and ribbons more for show than function. I had not given it a thought as I put it on but under the circumstances I saw the humor and started to smile with Tyra.

"Oh! My! Everything looks absolutely lovely and what is that heavenly smell?" I beamed at her compliments and informed her that this was the least that I could do for her not throwing me out. I promised her that I would do my very best to support her this way all the time now and thanked her for putting up with me for so long. When we walked into the dining room she found the source of the very pleasing aromas. Putting down her drink she turned to me with tears of joy in her eyes and grabbed me in a hug to end all hugs while she kissed me without passion.

"Oh! I like you so much better now that you are not being an abusive idiot rickie dear and you are so cute in that apron!" Blushing anew I pulled Tyra's chair back and invited her to sit down. I served her and poured her wine then went to my end of the table and took care of myself. I Removed my apron smoothed my skirt under me before sitting down to enjoyed a meal with 'Sissy rickie's' voice in my head and Tyra across the table effusing compliments.

When I end your singing career and retire you, you will then start to wear much higher and higher heels as I see fit! Dr. Collin's told me that with about 3 months of constant wearing heels all the time you will work up to being comfortable walking in 6 inch heels.

This will be so profound that you will feel pain in your calf muscles and even right up the backs of your legs in any heels less than the 3.5 inches for your current work pumps. Your work around this house will involve you standing for long periods at a time in your heels. In the last month I am sure you have noticed that standing in lower heels to do your house work makes your feet ache a lot. You are becoming more dependent on your heels well on the road to becoming permanently high heeled.

From wearing heels all the time including while you sleep will cause your tendons to shorten in your lower legs. You will experience pain when you wear lower heights because the tendons will have to try to stretch back when you go flat footed. When you wear "extreme" heels at other times, such shortening of the tendon will intensify. This will generate the unavoidable expense of getting you new work shoes with much hirer heels when the 3.5 inch heels start to cause you too much pain.

Tyra extended her hand and I meekly placed my hand in her palm and she led me upstairs to the cherry picking room to fuck me with her strap-on. Thoughts flooded my mind as I followed her accepting the fact that I was her sissy. When we got up stairs she sent me to my room to change while she got things ready in the 'Cherry picking room'.

I rinsed off quickly in the shower and after shaving and brushing my teeth, lotioning and powdering myself before returning to my bedroom and picked out my sexy lingerie. I opened my drawers I selected my lingerie for tonight's rendezvous in the 'Cheery picking room'. First my corset with its half-cup shelf bra, with tiny panties, all in lustrous black satin except for my panties which were sheer, black seamed stockings and my black six inch high heels bedroom heels. The negligee was long enough to hang just below the panties.

I put on my make-up, first a foundation all over, then on my eye-lids dark-blue eye shadow and above a lighter shade of blue. I applied black mascara on my eye lashes and a black pencil for my eyebrows. I outlined my lips and then added a brilliant shade of ruby lipstick, some blush on my cheeks and I was finished this part.

Then I removed the towel and sprayed my whole body with perfume, the same one I used for my bath oils, rendering special care to spray profusely on my breast forms, genitals and my asshole which I pre greased with Vaseline for later.

At this point in time I was starting to feel very good and I didn't understand exactly why. I was an anal sex virgin until I came back from my tour several months ago. Now I was Tyra's, feminized sissy and knowing that she would be the one to initiate me into becoming hers and submitting to her feminine supremacy. I looked at the clock and realized that I had only a little time left.

I sat down at my vanity table and took out my nail polish. I removed my nail polish before taking a nail file and made sure that they were sharp and perfectly tapered before applying a coat of polish. Slowly and meticulously I repainted my long 2 inch nails, with the brilliant ruby enamel they looked like talons. Once my nails were dry I did add some fine gold diagonal lines on my middle fingernails.

When I was satisfied I finished dressing I removed my peignoir and my high heeled slippers and fastened my gold ankle chain on my left ankle. I put my corset with its half-cup shelf bra and lightly laced it in place so I could tighten it later. I had learned that if I did it now it would be a pain to bend over and roll up and straighten my seamed stockings. I rolled my black seamed stockings up my smooth legs attaching them to the corsets' garters. This was followed by my minuscule panties, which I inserted in between my ass cheeks and made sure it held my flaccid clit, and my matching set of six inch high heels boudoir slippers in the box. Before admiring myself in the mirror I sprayed more perfume on my clothes and body and touched up my lipstick. I then walked to the mirror to see if I had done everything right.

My corset was black satin print with black lace steel boning and a shelf bra which pushed up and supported my massive breasts forms. It had a hook and eye closure in the front and laced up in the back reminding me of a medieval torture device. I had already hooked up the front before then I started lacing the corset and the pain started. As I tugged on the laces of the corset it took my breath away. Just when I thought, it couldn't get any tighter 'Sissy Rickie' took control and yanked harder so much so that I nearly passed out. The tug took my 29" waist down to 25 inches instantly.

As I felt my hands tugging I appealed to my 'sissy Rickie' personality that it was too tight.

"Nonsense Tyra will love it," came 'Sissy rickie's' the response from inside my own head as my hands tugged again at the corset's laces once more reducing my waist to 24 inches. I heaved two shallow breaths trying not to faint.

What a sight I made, tall and voluptuous, I looked simply ravishing and very sexy. I went back into the 'Cherry Picking room' where Tyra had rearranged the lights to create a seductive ambience with a spot light on the floor so the camera could catch me surrendering my ass once again. Once I was satisfied with everything I knew I would please Tyra.

In a short time I could here her asking, "And whose ass is this sissy; tell me bitch, whose ass is this?"

"It's yours Tyra, it's yours," I moaned as she fucked me.

"Tell me again."

"It's yours baby, it's all yours"

"What's mine"?

"My ass is yours, my ass is yours!"

"Tell me why sissy your sissy ass is mine," she demanded.

"Because I love the way you fuck me, it feels so good to be f-fucked."

"Good I am pleased you do know that we will always be friends even when you decide to leave me for a man and be fucked by a real dick."

"I will never leave you," I protested.

"That will always be your choice; I just wanted you to know that. I have learned a lot about you from 'Sissy rickie' he knows all your little secrets even those you have tried to forget and he wasn't afraid to share them with me over tea."

I decided it was best not to answer fearful of what she knew, I was more intent on screaming in ecstasy as she thrusted into my ass and I orgasmed over and over again like a woman.





A morning a few months later with the soft rays of dawn peeping through the window gently woke me up to the fresh morning with fresh experiences along with my sore ass. I got out of my bed wearing a nightie, pink in color glowing in the morning rays. I headed to the bathroom, while brushing back my unbraided still yawning. How strange was that I feel so natural to having my hair undone giving me long hair!

Wait that is the least of the changes! I feel natural and completely at home seeing and even feeling the soft pouting silicone mastectomy breast forms in front of me instead of the flat chest I used to have. I was sure that another one of 'Sissy rickie's' thoughts had surfaced now that we were sharing my body! My alter ego was there to constantly remind me of my forced sissyhood; my breasts never are out of my sight and lead me always with their weight and pointed curves! When I look into the mirror and have the first sight, yet sleepy a provocative sissy no it is just my own reflection! If there was a trace of my maleness left, it was not evident in my reflection.

After my morning shower, the act of putting on my bra became a daily necessity. My ample silicon breasts bounced when I walked on my toes straining my back when I went with out one too long. Bras were new to me, but the feeling of support and naturalness told me that I needed one. I was trained to slide the straps and rotate the bra and gently bending forward to secure my ample breasts into the silky black cups which gave me a soft feeling of comfort and pleasure. I watched my nipples appeared to pout through the lacy cups they looked so natural, beautiful and womanly. I had no idea how provocative they felt until Tyra played with them one day. The thought of wearing panties over my well fucked ass, and my French maid uniform gave me a soft warm feeling! 'Sissy rickie' had taught me how to get my makeup just right spending an hour in front of the mirror before I rushed out of my bedroom to fix Tyra's breakfast.

My new life is progressing gently and softly, Dr. Collin's says I am exactly on pace for eventual sissyhood and it doesn't scare me the way it used to. It got to the point where the two voices in my head have started to co exist. Flowering from within surely and fully I am becoming more like 'Sissy rickie', with the hormones slowly giving me not only a new shape and attitude but also new odor and new feelings. I never realized the awesome power residing in a woman's smile, wiggle and a mere brush of hair, until I saw and felt for myself what those had done for me! I was hesitant, scared and even wondered initially about my growing feelings of attraction to men, but I got over them and I feel natural enough to tease delivery men. Instead of me actively pursuing, I want to be the object of guy's active pursuit.

What is most confusing is that I don't know if these thoughts are mine or 'sissy Rickie's'.


A few weeks later I screamed silently in my head unheard and ashamed as I looked down and saw my body I actually looked like a woman. I actually looked like a sexy black model that a year ago I would have tried to fuck. I got up and looked at my reflection in the big mirrored glass patio door mirror. I had longer hair, a remarkably pretty face, and a knockout gorgeous body. On my chest were still the big silicon breasts which were still glued on reminding me that if I didn't act right in those few times 'Sissy rickie' shared control of our body they would become real with implants. My silicone breast forms were barely covered by the two inch triangles of my skimpy electric-blue string halter bikini top. My top strained as my breasts bounced with my every movement when I walked around the pool in my heels. With ever step they giggled threatening to burst at any second, when I looked down I could see the stiff huge chocolate brown nipples begging to be sucked.

My skimpy electric-blue G-string bottom consisted of a very small tight triangle that covered my tucked back dick and groin. The thin center strap ran up the crack of my ass attaching to the string that went around my waist. Down below, my clit was pulled back held between my buttocks and my balls were tucked, pushed up into the cavity in my groin where they descended from at puberty. I walked around gracefully wearing only my G-string bottom, showing off my shapely hairless long legs, my curves, and soft feminine body. I glided in a pair of four inch electric blue beach sandals.
As I stood there I began applying the warm oily substance to my neck and shoulders then along my ribcage to the small of my back my very exposed surprisingly enlarged butt cheeks and, finally, the backs of my thighs and legs.

When I finished I grabbed a large nearby beach towel trying to cover my body. "Darling I see you have awaken, put some sunscreen on my back?" Tyra ordered me in a very soft voice. I felt like an automaton, completely without feeling, as I put one foot in front of the other, still unable to understand how she had been able to control my very will. What had occurred? As the shock began to wear off I began to notice strange sensations from my body. My broad hips swayed and my breasts bounced with each step, and I felt the halter strap tighten against my neck each time my new breasts bounced in the tiny cups of the skimpy halter top of the electric blue string bikini. Ironically I had purchased it for her but she refused to wear it saying it was just too slutty, I felt the tiny bikini bottom stretched tightly over my shapely feminine ass and my smooth groin, and my thighs brushed against each other with each step I took. The wind blew my hair across my face and into my eyes, forcing me to brush it to the side repeatedly.

I had showered and shaved my body to remove any stray hairs missed by last night bubble bath. I was ashamed as I remembered my self tucking my pride and joy my dick back into my body hand holding it tightly allowing the glue to dry and hold it in place out of sight with the help of the special adhesive and by the tight bikini bottoms. My very large, leaky dick was pushed up into my body creating a smooth feminine shape a combination soft enough that I wouldn't need to worry about anyone discovering my secret.

The silicone mastectomy breast forms were actually more comfortable with the bikini top helping to support their weight the color matching my own skin beautifully.

After I rubbed on Tyra's sun tan lotion to avoid sunburn she got op and pulled out her digital camera while I caught the action and stumbled and slumped to the ground, from the overload of fear that she was going to photograph me around the pool wearing the new skimpy electric blue string bikini I bought for her.

When Tyra said, "I think I need some more ice water and some fruit to snack on dear before I start your photo shoot. We need lots of photos don't we Ricky dear?"

My mind was screaming hell no, stop this right now, to my dismay 'Sissy rickie' personality was took over and said, "Oh that sounds like a whole lot of fun, I just love posing for pictures, especially sexy photos."

With all the strength I could muster I tried to shake my head no I didn't want any record of my submission, but to my utter dismay my voice under 'Sissy rickie's ' control said yes. I will get you water right away. I could feel the conflict going on inside my head as I futilely tried to regain control of my body but I was not having any luck. Admitting defeat once again I minced into the kitchen and brought back a bucket of ice with 4, 1.5 ounce liter bottles of Fiji water cooling.

Tyra open one bottle and began to sip before picking up her digital camera and started clicking photos of me parading around the pool in my bikini. I instinctively posed erotically and femininely around the pool, up on the diving board and in the lounge chairs.

But how could I instinctively pose femininely in a bikini I was a man? I asked myself.

Tyra continued shooting and said, "These pictures could bring in quit a bit of money if you ever disobey me?

I spent the rest of the day by the pool swimming and lounging around with Tyra. If she needed any thing I sprang up and got it for her.

I shaped, filed and polished her toes and finger nails just like I seen in the fashion magazines James had supplied me with.


It was months later when Tyra told me that she had to leave town and that her brother would be staying in the house to watch me and make sure that I was to faithfully keep up with my dildo punishment while she is out of town. I was to follow his orders as if they were hers he wouldn't fuck me. I assume that she was aware that she could have left me there with my 'Sissy rickie' personality in charge and I would have followed her orders. I just assumed that she wanted to humiliate me so I just smiled and followed her orders as I had gotten use to. She wanted me to know I didn't have any choice in the matter of what happens to me because I had long become addicted to being her sissy.

Having her ex-fiancée watch and film it for her was just icing on the cake, more humiliation for me. She didn't tell me that she had decided that it was time for James to put me on an exercise regiment to further reshape my body and to teach me how to suck a dick.

I was up early James had came over and he joined me in the gym telling me that he had devised a new daily work out for the new me. Weight lifting was replaced by aerobics. I took a quick glance in the mirror when he came in to make sure I quickly looked alright. I was working out in my usual sexy work out gear, today's outfit was one of my favorites it was pink and black and it gripped my body tight showing that I was the epitome of physical fitness. My body fat was now nearly non-existent. My entire body was solid, my uncorseted waist a mere 26". My muscles were firm from every corner but not bulging, the veins throbbing under my tight outfit. My pectoral nipples got rock-solid protruding hidden under my silicone breast forms and my skin tight low cut exercise top.

Tyra selected all my sexy stretch workout shorts which were purposely a size too small with a low rise and 2 hearts and rhinestone trim on the tiny back pocket. She chosen for special occasions after she fucked me real hard specially tailored workout shorts that were thin stretch material that was tight in the seat, this way when I bent over she could see the out line of my prominent swollen anal ring resembling a pair of pouty collegian injected lips. She would have a field day with her camera.

The hearts were an actual pocket too with a 2 inch pink waist band with a drawstring accent that weaved in and outside of the shorts. The shorts were tightly cut they hugged my full hips tightly while the sides exposed a lot of my thigh well up near my waist. When I started to perspire they crept further into the crack of my expanded buttocks and gripped around my cock emphasizing the bulge of my dick.

My tight work out top Scoop neck bra had the most unique dual colored angles back and front. Super supportive ultra tight top cupped my breasts emphasizing my protruding nipples.

When I came to the gym room I learned that routine for today consisted of me to sitting on the floor and stretching out my legs while trying to put my ankles behind my neck. I did it on my third try I stretched the tension out of my legs and distended my ankles behind my neck to my surprise.

James then led me over to a new tread mill which was in the corner and attached me to it with a chain that he locked. He then hooked it up to some wires attached to a device that altered the speed of the tread mill as well as recording both the time and distance I had walked on the tread mill when it sped up I had no choice but to begin jogging on the moving tread mill to keep up.

I quickly became aware that my spandex shorts were situated so the leg band was over my dick and was rubbing over my cock head with every step. After 15 minutes I was breathing much harder than the simple jogging caused. My breast had been bouncing up and down pulling on my skin to let me know there were there with every step. When I looked down I saw the growing wet spot on the crotch of my spandex shorts. I spent a half hour doing a warm up run on the tread mill emptying my mind of the horrible memories of Tyra's continued raping of my ass.

The stair stepper had the same effect and 15 minutes on it caused me to be soaked in sweat which hid the growing wet spot but did nothing to lessen the odor of cum which I could smell. My hard nipples were turgid under my top and quite visible, James noticed, and just smiled. By the time I finished my next 15 minutes on the stationary bike and a 15 minutes aerobic dance routine I was exhausted I finally got to rest.

Working out is somewhat of a Zen experience for me, 'Sissy rickie' let me have control of my body and to be almost free with my thoughts. It was at these times I used to lament my situation with out any interference. I have found that my cares and troubles eventually would melt away as the blood moved from my brain into my muscles, for this time I was a real man again, I was free. It felt really good to be able to spend hours each day not having to think, plan, or problem solve as a sissy.

James had set the tread mill on a speed that was a little faster than I was used to. Five miles later, I was exhausted, enjoying the beta-endorphin rush I got after a good run, and blissfully brain dead. All distractions had left me.

When I sat down on the bench having finished working on my legs, it was time to work on my pectorals under my silicone breasts, starting the routine over again. As I looked up, I got an eye full. There was James on his back on his bench finishing his reps. His muscular ebony legs were spread wide on either side of the bench, and as he put the bar back on its holder, his hips rotated down, lifting the small of his back off the bench, and pressing his dick against the fabric of his workout shorts. I had a perfect crotch shot of my girlfriend's gay ex-fiancée's thick, muscular thighs obviously shave smooth, disappearing under his leopard print workout shorts. I could see his hips rotating, giving me an enticingly incomplete view of his massive meat.

His exquisite masculine body rushed at me like an express train, and, with all the blood in my legs and without the ability to think. I stopped short, gaped, and stared. By the time my wits returned to me it was too late.

I finally looked up to find James staring at me a condescending grin spreading across his lips. I was caught cock watching, as it were, and from his narrow-eyed smug examination, it was immediately evident that he knew I was looking at his dick. I could actually feel myself blush under the knowing scrutiny of his gaze. He got up off the bench, and walked to get a bottle of Fiji water. He had won I was being turned on by a man that I scorned as being a faggot. As I looked down in shame he walked over to me and handed me a bottle of water as a way of telling me that it was alright. I took the water and thanked him thinking that I had talked down to him because I feared deep within there was an attraction that I refused to admit. There was something brewing deep inside me that I couldn't understand.

"Would you like breakfast" I asked James after finishing my work out.

"Sure thank you I will," James was surprised by this unexpected offer to make him breakfast.

I showered and got dressed in my maid's outfit. I put on my makeup, and start making breakfast I started the coffee, got out the eggs, started cooking the bacon, got out bread for toast, put the eggs on, flipped the bacon, started the toast, cut three oranges in half, and squeezed some orange juice with the juice machine turned off the eggs, put the bacon on a towel to remove grease, took the toast out and buttered it, squeezed the oranges, strained out the seeds, put the juice in a glass, biscuits poured the coffee, set the table, and put down the dish of bacon and eggs, and some hash browns my favorite breakfast. just moments before James arrived.

He came in just as I had set the table and he just sat down. I made his plate and stood there waiting to see if he needed anything.

James looked up and saw me and asked. "Aren't you gonna have breakfast, sit down a join me."

"I didn't want to presume."

"Sit down I can use some company, why don't you tell me what's on your mind, what do you think about what my ex-fiancée has done to you," he asked.

I thought for a moment as I got a plate and put some orange slices, two teaspoons of hash browns and a cup of yogurt mindful of my diet. "Tyra is doing as she pleases and I have no comments," I sat down and ate quietly smiling and glancing up as I listened to James as he talked and joked.

"Thanks again for breakfast."

"You are welcome James, I am so sorry for the way I used to treat you," I said.

I never knew he had such a great sense of humor breakfast flew by and before I knew it he finished and got up to leave so I could do the dishes.


Several weeks later while I was into my prescribed morning work out routine James in his all black work out gear strode over to me said, "Tyra left me a message that she was watching your progress video and is not pleased with the way you walk so well will have to correct that so that you walk like a sexy sissy without concentrating on doing so."

"Please I have been trying, while cleaning or carrying something I mat sometime forget please don't punish me I will do better," I said.

"Relax if we thought you were not trying you would have been severely punished.

It is just not natural to you yet so we will have to make it natural to you, you will learn how to walk properly with that feminine oomph fast! Put on these 5 inch heels they have a non slip heel and sole we are going to buckle on your feet for your training.

Now you are going to walk until you develop a natural wiggle in your walk even if it takes days. To help you get it right you need to bend over and touch your ankles. That's it said James as he walked up behind me and I felt something being slipped easily into my ass.

"Easily up my ass my subconscious screamed this is all wrong!" but that was soon erased by the growing need to please Tyra. If I was walking wrong I needed to do something about it quickly.

"Now relax, this is your beginning exercise butt plug it is only 2 ½ inches wide see how easily it slips in your ass. Pretty soon you will be up to a five inch one it will move around as you wiggle walk reminding you to keep rolling your hips when you walk."

I saw what he had inserted in the mirror it was a heavy, nearly 2 pound chrome plug before he produced a leather chastity belt harness which he slipped between my legs and around my waist buckling it securely. Weeks ago Tyra told me she wanted me to keep my body hairless and smooth at all times. To do this she decided have my body and facial hair removed permanently by electrolysis with several treatments. James told me that he liked my new look my flawless soft smooth skin from the bubble baths and lotions that I applied each day and so did I but I could never admit it even to my self."

James took me to the treadmill and I carefully got on it in my 5 inch heels. He pulled out leather ankle cuffs with a slot in one end cut for the D-ring on the other, and small brass locks to lock them shut. The ankle cuffs limited my stride to 12 inches. The chain would force me to rotate my hips frequently as I walked in my heels and ankle cuffs taking only a 12 inch stride This with the butt plug would force me the roll my hips femininely as I carefully at first placed one foot slightly over the other. The harness was connected to some ropes hanging down from the ceiling.

"This is to prevent you from injuring yourself if you slip and fall. Now listen carefully you are going to walk for three hours this morning. If your pace slows down below 2 miles an hour you will get an electric shock, to remind you to pick up your pace and shake your ass bitch."

"I had never walked continually in heels more than 15 minutes around the house with out 'Sissy rickie' being in charge. So 180 minutes seemed near impossible. I began walking and after 40 minutes I had to slow down keeping an eye on the display. "1 mile and hour is OK". After 75 minutes I was very tired and slowed down a little more. But then I felt like I was being kicked hard in my ass when the shocked kicked in. I almost fell, but the harness prevented it.

James walked over to me and stood their smiling at me after my tread mill exercise resting my sore feet and tired legs. His dick was at eye level and I could see the growing outline of his stiffening dick. He pulled down the top band of his work out shorts and I just knew that I was about to be 'throat fucked'. As he stood there triumphantly his black cock hung down a waiting the first time I'd give into to my desire and willingly suck his 14-inch long dick. Yes 14 inches he was bigger than Tyra's strap-on which I thought was next to impossible. It was so long and thick without an erection he was about to force his growing dick into my throat. He was transforming me into a total sissy for Tyra.

I felt panic and my throat was dry as he lifted my head slightly and I encountered his ball sac in my face. His smell filled my nostrils and his cockhead touched my lips. "Sissy open that wet mouth and let my dick in there when you are ready for it, I will not force you," he uttered in his strong silky voice.

"Please, please, I don't want to," I muttered turning my head away.

"Are you sure I saw you looking at me every day," he said.

"Yes I am sure," I uttered.

"Very well then," said James as he pulled the band of his workout shorts back up and turned to walk away.

Instinct or something took over as I saw him walking away with a growing self admission I wanted what was in those work out shorts. I grabbed his arm and I began to cry as I said, "Wait, I am not sure of what I want.

He triumphantly turned and looked down at me, "You raped my ex-fiancée and she made a deal with you and are being turned into her sissy, and my little celebrity blow job queen. It seems only fair since you liked disrespecting me when I worked as your driver you kept insulting me by calling me faggot even when you knew that I disliked it. I am not a faggot I am a proud gay man, that's something that you still need to embrace."

"Do you even know what you really are?" Now open that pretty mouth and taste what you desire," he said as he pulled off his workout shorts freeing his thick black dick for the first time for me to see the whole thing.

To my shame it became clear to me what I wanted and I opened my mouth and with my hand I guided the bobbing head of his dick sliding it past my lips like a large 14 inch hero.

"Ah, there is nothing like the warm soft mouth of a sissy bitch," he said as his shaft head rubbed against my tongue.

His balls rested on my nose.

James hands gripped under my chin as his cock engorged it's self and stiffen growing to its full glory. He pulled his cock out about an inch and then back down into my wet mouth. I was so nervous now. Not afraid but nervous because there wasn't anything I could do about the inevitable but to try to make this blow job as painless as possible.

"Yeah, that's it sissy," James said as his dick stretched my mouth and lips wider. With each stroke the larger his member grew. The more of his dick I took in my mouth, the less of a man I became.

He pulled his dick out of my mouth. I thought, "That's it?" and I opened my eyes and saw James's 14 inches still there throbbing.

"Open your mouth wider sissy now that should help. Keep your tongue out of the way your get ready to swallow because now it's time for your 'throat fuck.'

Once again James pushed his hardened cock past my lips. I tried to think about what to do. Oh yes, swallow as his cock penetrated my throat. I wanted to cry but I had to pay attention.

"Yes rickie that is it swallow my dick make it feel at home in your hot mouth," he said in a voice that was demeaning.

The multi dimensional effect of his dick moving in my mouth took on another dimension when the head touched my tonsils. I was being 'throat fucked' and I was enthusiastically bobbing my head to meet his thrusts. So, I held back my desire to throw up and began to swallow as his cock slid its way past my tonsils and into my throat. Tears, but not from crying, welled up in my eyes from the biological desire to throw up and the conscious effort of ignoring such. The effect was similar to involuntary swallowing water.
As his dick hardened my mind tried to think about Tyra when I forced her to give me a blow job letting my 10 inch dick move to the back of her throat. I remembered that she gagged and then pushed against my legs getting her mouth off my cock before gagging.

I started to shudder uncontrollably as I buried my face into his crotch until his balls slapped against my chin. I was deep throating 14 inches with the skill of a sword swallower I knew I had to thank 'Sissy rickie' later.

As the weeks pass I was usually up at 7:00 A.M. and I was up and dressed in my spandex work out shorts tights and tan leg warmers, with my aerobic shoes and a matching spandex sports bra. I had my long braids pulled back into ponytails, held in place with scrunches that matched my outfit.

My hair was a tousled mane but somehow upbeat and contemporary. Tyra insisted that I keep my eyebrows plucked completely leaving no evidence of my natural eyebrow line. I had to draw in eyebrows that were penciled thin, in impossible arches, high above my eyes. A little daytime eyeshadow, my lashes were now so long, curled and full, and just a hint of eyeliner completed my day look. A look that I knew was not only passable but pretty good looking judging by the ogling and hard-on's of the delivery men who came to the door. For fun she had me give the pizza delivery boys blow jobs for quick delivery as a tip for practice until I was the consummate cock sucker.

My complexion was looking good and just a touch of blush set off my cheekbones perfectly. My mouth was very soft and full with a generous coating of glistening ruby iridescent lipstick just the way she liked it. My hair was pulled back from my ears to reveal four piercings in each ear filled with a variety of stones, hoops, and dangles. The sexy leotard top and bike shorts hugged my femininely athletic physique and emphasized the new definition of my body.

I once asked Tyra how long was she going to keep doing this and she just responded as long as she wanted to, she was going, "To make my body as feminine as possible so I would never think of hitting another woman, or teasing another gay man."

She ran her hands down my torso, pressing hard as she slid them from my underarms down to the sides of my expanding hips giggling. "I think your coming along nicely now that all of your ugly body hair has been permanently removed leaving Mr. Macho, hairless feminine and all faggot smooth. I have made your skin so smooth and soft that it will be the envy of every woman," she said while running her hand over my face and patting it.

I couldn't help it and I slide my hand over my stomach things sure changed since I was put on the specialized exercise program and pills. Tyra dictated my shape sculpting my body by eliminating my weight lifting and adding more aerobic exercises, walking in heels, stretching and running. The first fifteen minutes I would walk on the tread mill would become a jog, and for forty-five minutes this would be my pace. I ran on the treadmill for about five to six miles until after a brief cool down it was time to train. I started out with fifty jumping jacks, to warm up before practicing my jumps. I was happier that way, even I had to admit it to myself. My body was in better shape and my mind was stimulated by her playfully mysterious manner.

In the gym I began to perform various stretching exercises. Keeping my back straight and arms straight above my head, I began to slowly bend to touch my toes. Deep breath when bending down and then exhaling on the way back up. Three sets with ten in each set for every exercise that was what was taught to me by either James or Tyra designed to restructure my body. Sitting on the floor I began stretching my legs, warming up the calf and thigh muscles. Conditioning was very important before a good work out.

After working out when James wasn't there I usually went to the kitchen and drank a glass of grapefruit juice with a handful of pills and vitamins. Then I would shower and slip into my maid's outfit and take care of my daily tasks.


One morning when I came in the gym to work out something was different but my eyes were fixated on James as this black Adonis came in from his naked morning swim in the heated pool. He slowly dried him self off with a big yellow towel. The contrast of the bright yellow towel against his wet ebony skin dripping water on the tile floor mesmerized me. James looked at me and smiled broadly, "Good morning rickie you have anything interesting planned for today?"

"G-Gooood Morning James, no my day will be uneventful just a few small chores," I said sheepishly.

"Good look around I did some redecorating for you from now on when you work out, you will be able to look at some of the hot photos that Tyra and I have taken of you that should inspire you." That is when I ripped my eyes away from James's 6 foot 3 magnificent body and looked around the room. "Look at yourself all horny and wantonly out of your mind as you were fucked by Tyra. There are others of you sucking my dick the other day in your skimpy workout outfit showing how big of a sissy slut you are."

When did James take those pictures of me giving him a blow job? Did Tyra come in while that was going on and take the pictures with out me knowing she was there.

Just look at these great shots of you squirming with the dildo or Tyra's fingers up in your hot tight well toned ass. See, this way, you are gonna be working' out, focusing on toning your muscles while keeping them feminine and undefined. Since you are narcissistic they are sure to get you all horny as you admire yourself. Your no doubt will remember fondly the events and fantasize others of yourself in all kinds of helpless erotic situations. I'm betting' that's gonna get you even more turned on and it will forge a nice link in your mind between working out, hot sexual stimulation, and the humiliation of being controlled by Tyra.

Every day you will be able to think about just how trapped you are and when you see your pictures on the wall of the exercise room," just then he pointed to another wall.

I turned around and looked at the wall of publicity photos of my self as a sexy soul singer. In some, I was in various jeans and sneakers looking sensual for the ladies. In others my red leather pants were so tight you could see the outline of my uncircumcised dick, in another I wore a kango cap and a sleeveless tee shirt showing off my biceps. In others, I was in my work-out gear, in still others I was almost nude they were rejected photos from my 'Midnight interludes' CD because they were to revealing.

There were also high-resolution close-up shots of various parts of James's body showing off his muscles, his hard dick. His muscular body was glistening wet just like it was when he walked out of the pool this morning. The man had a magnificent body and between his legs was that huge dick.

I couldn't help admitting to myself that James was built a magnificent specimen of manhood that made my mouth drool! He was much taller than me maybe 6'3" 230 pounds or so and I liked that. His physique was tight and defined shoulders strong and broad. His skin dark and hair with, broad shoulders that I could die for, thick arms, a powerful chest which tapered down to his waist giving him that classic V shape every gym rat craves. I guess something like 45 inches to a 32 inch waist he was muscle all over. His tee shirt hugged his body like he had been poured into it.

I was sure he didn't have more than 3% body fat. His taunt nipples showed clearly through the tight material. His pecs were big and thick (but not puffy like mine), as if carved from granite, and he had these incredible, round biceps that looked so sexy in his tee shirts. Every time he walked by me I would check him out. We made eye contact, or I should say he looked at me because my eyes were glued on him. He had deep, hazel eyes and bright white teeth and the most fascinating smile.

James went through his routine almost as if he were posing for a photo shoot displaying his magnificent muscles. My mouth dropped when I saw his 14 inch long, thick penis sticking out stiffly at attention in front of him and I licked my lips. James finished with a spectacular double biceps pose his biceps bulging.

His whole body was a remarkable display of massive, extraordinarily well defined muscles. Every bulge and every vein stood out he looked like one of those anatomical wall charts of a muscular man with his skin removed. His abdomen was a truly incredible eight-pack of thick bulging muscle packed into a slim waist. His pectorals were thick and his broad shoulders bulged out dramatically. His deltoids were bigger than soccer balls. Thick masses of trapezius muscles sloped in a convex curve up to his powerful bull neck. His biceps were bigger than softballs when relaxed. When flexed, they were like bowling balls. His triceps were great big thick bulging mountain ranges of muscle. James thick plates of latissmus dorsi muscles which came down from his wide shoulders to his narrow waist giving his torso that distinctly convex V-shape.

His buttocks were two hard hemispheres of striated muscle he had the kind of body you saw when you looked at classic Greek art. Perfectly defined abs, good pecs on his deep chest, broad shoulders and the perfect V shape into a narrow waist and slim hips, a great butt, well rounded and very muscular. Fuck yeah! And his ass was the most gorgeous ass round, firm, meaty. Mmmm when he wore blue jeans they hugged his ass perfectly and his thighs were huge! I was in Lust with a capital L! His body was absolute perfection very muscular.

"Awww f-fuukkkkkk," I grunted, "Shit, they can't do this to me. Awww shhiiiiittt... I am cuming with out my dick being touched, Oooh!" I screamed in the wanton ecstasy of a visually inspired orgasm.

I turned my face towards one of the full-length mirrors and closed my eyes as I shuddered and when I opened my eyes I found my eyes drifting back to drink in James muscular body.

I whimpered, "Aaaaawwww, Yessssssss, I was rubbing myself down with my own pre cum. I was covered in my own pre cum oh that's was just so fucking raunchy to have a wet dream just thinking about the man." My dick/clit was throbbing harder as more images raced through my mind. My body convulsed when James walked over and touched my neck I shot a load of cum. I had cum and I was still hard. James slipped his big hand down into my panties which were soaked with my wet sticky gism and he spread it all over my sensitive clit/dick head and hairless balls.

Yessssssss... unnnggh... unnggh... oomph... Oooohhhh..." I groaned and whimpered as his big cum filled dick fired off blast after blast into my workout shorts. James put two fingers on my life like nipples of my silicone breasts pinching, while with his other hand he gripped his crotch.

James was breathing heavily as he masturbated me back to my slippery hardness. I reached up and touched James's chest exploring the divine sweaty muscles and letting my fingers drift lower and lower running over his belly button. In few minuets my hand leaped down and surrounded James' 14-inch dick and stroked it furiously. As I stroked I glanced in the mirror enjoying the look of pleasure on his face.

Suddenly I asked my self what I was doing. I looked in the mirror and saw my grimace as I tried to stop stroking his dick as my own dick was spurting more cum into my workout shorts.

James grunted, he was also turned on his hard cock pulsed as he stroked my clit/dick until I came.

"Ah rickie Oooohhhh bitch I can't wait for you to take me in your sweet mouth, I'm cumming', Oooohhhh," he said before splattering my face with his hot cum."

From that morning on every work out ended with me giving James a blow job. I loved his salty sweet taste as it ran over my taste buds.

James headed for the shower after his work out and I followed right behind him. I stripped off my work out clothes and entered the shower and soaped my body and washed myself. When I was satisfied that my body was clean I turned my attention to James. I got under the warm water with James smiling as water ran off my breasts and my clit/dick. His body had and effect on my that I couldn't put into works but my dick had no problem as it got rock hard and throbbed like never before.

I Kissed him and sucked on his neck, bit and chewed on his nipples, and then took his dick in my mouth again I moved to the familiarity between James's legs and replaced James's hand with his own. I rolled back his foreskin. The scent of soap was still fresh on his bulging cockhead I started to slowly jack James and played with his big balls. When I glanced up I could see that James had closed his eyes and I started rubbing his chest.

"So you like sucking my dick don't you, I can tell you are very good at it most people can't even get past the head?" James asked in a whisper that roared through my subconscious and conscious as I lowered my head and started to suck James's dick. I was becoming a champ at deep throating this wonderful man. I just smiled back my lips looked big with the fresh lips stick that I applied just before entering the shower because I knew James liked my red lipstick print on his ebony shaft. I eagerly slid up and down James's dark shaft covering it with my spit, a little trick I learned from 'Sissy rickie'. I sped up my sucking and continued to squeeze and fondle James's nuts. James placed his hand on the back of my head as I continued do take his dick past my tonsils like a pro.

"Damn, suck my dick Rickey." James let out. I slurped up and down going at full speed.

James moaned and panted as pleasure roared through his body like waves crashing on a beach. He couldn't hold back any longer and let out a loud scream as his dick erupted and flooded my mouth with his salty sweet gift. I slowly pulled away and stood back and watched as the orgasm rocked his body.

Triumphantly I slipped out of the shower leaving him there under the water basking in the after glow of his orgasm. As I left I look back at him and smiled I had thoroughly pleased him it didn't stop there later that evening after dinner James invited me to his room and I sucked his dick. I worked my way around James body with my tongue until our lips met. After a short kiss my mouth slid over the thick cut head and went half way down his monstrous shaft. "Damn Ricky!" James cried out, "Suck that Shit!"

I grabbed his hips and slowly worked his long shaft in and out of my mouth. I continued to perfect my newly developed oral skills as I took more and more of James monstrous dick into my throat just like a lot of the women I had slept with but I was much better. I got all of my mouth around it I didn't have to back off because I had mastered control of my gag reflex. I released James long dick from my mouth and turned my lips up to invite James in for a kiss. As we kissed my hand slowly massaged his throbbing saliva drench pole.

We stopped kissing and stared into each other's eyes. Our lips met one more time and then as I squeezed his dick I, said, "I think I am ready to feel the real thing, I want your dick in me."

No we can't I promised Tyra I would only allow you to give me oral sex and make sure you used the dildo to fuck yourself.

"You don't want to have sex with me?"

"I didn't say that, Tyra and I have an agreement if you want to get fucked you will have to ask her for permission admitting that you are a full fledged sissy. You will have to drop all your pretenses that you are being forced and it will stop when you are set free."

"She said that?" I asked.

"Yes she did, you have her cell number you can always call her and ask her for permission to let me fuck you when you are ready."


One day while at the house getting ready to go out to do some shopping I caught a glimpse of my self in a mirror. I was carrying a small purse and had 3 earrings in each ear, a matching necklace and ruby polish on my acrylic nails. I look very feminine, too feminine I couldn't believe how far this had gone I was being trapped in these outfits at my girlfriend's mercy. I had to admit even to myself that I was under her control. As I looked in the mirror and realize that I really am no longer a boyfriend or a male for that matter but a feminized sissy.

"Tyra may I please ask you some questions," I asked respectfully looking down at my feet.

Tyra looked over at me and smiled, "of course you may dear."

"Thank you Tyra...." I pleaded with her. "Don't you have any feelings for me at all? Look, I know I've made some bad mistakes, mistakes many mistakes but couldn't we try again to save our relationship? If this goes much further I might not be able to be the man you want in your life again," I said.

"Ricky that will never happen and we both know it! Not because I am unwilling to try but because the sissy part of you is already out it is like toothpaste you can't put it back into the tube. When are you going to stop trying to put on a show for the world and be the sissy that has been hiding inside? But I will know when you admit it and you come to me to get permission to be fucked by a man admitting to yourself that you will always be a sissy."

She turned to face me cupping me under my chin moving my face from side to side as she looked me up and down, she took in my sheer blouse and my bra peeking out underneath, the silky pleated skirt held out by the frothy lace petticoats, and a pair of nylon stockings that were held up with a garter belt. Even my face was made-up like a woman, framed by long hair that swept into a cute ponytail behind. I was made up demurely as she took in my effeminate features. "No. I don't really think so, do you?" she smiled sweetly, and shook her head.

"But we had plans to get married. Please Tyra," I begged.

"Those old wedding plans, your wedding chest I should have known then you were a sissy. You are actually referring to the wedding plans that you have kept putting off for years because it wasn't really what you wanted. You lied to yourself telling your self that you didn't want to settle down just yet."


"Enough of these denials face it if you'd fought for your masculinity like a real man, things might have been different. But how can you still expect me to marry a man that took so easily, so quickly to feminization, it was there under the surface waiting to be set free. Unlike Joyce who fought for a long time you gave in when you slipped into you panties and when I slipped my strap-on in your ass I knew you were a sissy from then on because your body told me that you loved it."

"You liked that first pair of panties didn't you? I mean the ones with your old girlfriend in college Carol," she chided.

"How did you know about Carol?"

"'Sissy rickie' told me over tea one afternoon, he as full access to all you memories and feelings."

"Well, yes but Carol was a long time ago it was just so I could fuck her she was sort of a lesbian and that is the only way she would give up the pussy, I've changed."

"Oh yeah, I can see that you have changed you want to be one too with me. So how come while I was away you were happily sucking on my ex-fiancée's dick." Not once but several times it is all right stop lying to yourself this will be so much easier.

I was ashamed that she knew about that it up I looked a bit sheepish as she continued.

"You were a quick and eager learner well suited for being a feminine sissy and that you were so well behaved. Oooh, I wish you could have been there, I enjoyed seeing the photos," she laughed as I looked up in shock. Right now they are with Jordan your agent I had James e-mail them so I could get him on our side to stop calling for another tour a few months ago," she giggled.
"Oh shit! Shit, shit, shit but Tyra why did you have to tell Jordan?"

"Don't worry Jordan's a dear he promised not to tell anyone you will do that when you are ready. We have been dating for months and he is glad you have taken yourself out of the picture as competition for me you should have heard him laugh. He laughed so hard when he saw those pictures of you dolled up in that cute pink nightgown with 'The Dominator' all the way up your ass. If you had been there you could have watched him making love to me until the sun came up. Would it have excited you to watch Jordan fucking me? Would you have asked him to let you suck his dick?"

I was left speechless as she strode out the door leaving me struggling in my heels to keep up as she continued to tease me. Let's face it; you'll be much happier on the end of the dick of some hunky young man. Now lets go we have a lot of shopping to do I want to add some special slutty things to your wardrobe."

Tyra told me to follow her, my firm buttocks in the tight fitting short skirt wiggling, dutifully following her like a little puppy on a leash.

"I keep you dress like a tart because straight men especially the UPS men James seems to like it and you liked it that is how you always wanted me to dress." I love watching the UPS drivers ogle your tits and try looking up your short skirts, it is a good thing you remain 'tucked' during the day," she laughed. "Men they're all so horny, in this case a straight UPS driver and my gay ex- fiancée getting a hard-on for the same piece of sissy fluff, priceless," she giggled.

"Please it's not that way," I complained breathlessly, trying to catch up with Tyra."

As I minced in my 5 inch heels I glanced down to see my taupe stockings knowing they were being held up by a lacy yellow garter belt, panties very lacy and pumps with a 5 inch heel. As we were walking towards the car I heard my heels clicking in the familiar sound and realized that after these past 2 years of being feminized that I now wiggle very animated, like a model walking down a walk way. It is mortifying. James's wiggle walk training had worked all to well.

End Of part 3




One afternoon after I had finished my work out James kissed me full lips softly before leaving to do my work. He grabbed me around the waist and let his tongue invade my mouth it was long and forceful, but not unpleasant. I yielded to him I couldn't keep my guard up any longer. I knew inside I really liked this man.

I pulled James back and we began to kiss ferociously before lowering my lips to his chest so I could suck James's nipples until I heard a moan escape from his mouth. Then I licked the ripples of his eight pack stomach, working my tongue like it was an electric massage.

I kissed James's inner thigh as I stroked his dick. James yelled the feeling was so intense.

"Do you like me rickie, because I really like you?" he asked.

I answered" YES I do!" I couldn't believe my admission of my hidden crush on him. I never told any man that I liked them before and deep inside I knew I really meant it. I realized that this was not a man I could just suck off, and go to my bedroom pretending that it was because I was forced.

I moaned as James sank all 14 inches of his dick deeper down my throat. His dick throbbed with pleasure as my lips embraced its head.

"Damn Ricky what are you doing to me" he yelled as James stood there in amazement. I smiled as I continued to stroke all of his manhood with my mouth. I feared that I might make him cum too soon. I reach for his crotch and rub that dick through the cloth of his sweats. It grew quickly. Eagerly, too eagerly I reach inside and feel the heat of that throbbing dick. He slowed down a bit and raised his ass off the seat. I pulled his sweats down somewhat and gain easy access to that thick black dick. Instinctively I leaned over and down and started sucking that dick and I shoved my finger up his ass.

"That's it Ricky," James said while slowly thrusting his tongue upwards into my mouth. I open wider and let him hit my throat for a while. I felt his hands reach down my back, pulling down my panties and his fingers disappearing under my workout clothes. He fingered my crack and he moves quickly down to my hole. I washed before came out to meet him so I know he'll be pleased. I backed my ass up onto his fingers as he's rubbing my rosebud before pulling away. James stared intensely at my firm, sculpted ass when he bolted up and went to his bed room and came back with a box that he gave me smiling.

He watched as I took the box with the big red bow and opened it I was surprised at what I found a complete out fit down to the lingerie and foundation garments. It was clear to me that he wanted me to model it so I did so not wanting to disappoint him. So I put down the box and stripped of my clothes right there in front of him.

James sat on the edge of the bed and watched me as I rolled the stockings up on my hand and put them on slowly, unrolling them up my hairless legs. He had me turn around while he straightened my seams at the back for me his hands feeling good on my silky legs. As he moved up my inner thighs adjusting my stockings, I could feel clit/dick stirring.

I couldn't reconcile my actions to my feeling to my thoughts, or for that matter whose thoughts and feeling were running through my head. James then picked up the black corset with a built in bra and I put my arms through the shoulder straps. I enjoyed the feel of his strong hands, and when he cupped my breasts and to lifted them up and out positioned them on the shelf of the cups hold them up and out. I felt a stirring in my groin again as he adjusted my breast for maximum cleavage. His hands felt so good on my chest but I wasn't sure why. I kept telling my self this was wrong that I was not gay and I have never wanted to be with a man, but somehow James helping me dress was one of the most exciting things I have ever experienced in my life. I saw the tent that my clit was making in my panties. I tried to cover it but it was too late, my erection full and throbbing.

He told me to turn around and stand up straight when I did I felt him pulling on the laces of the red corset with black lace trim. It got tighter and tighter and he told me to breathe in as much as I could and he continued to lace the corset up gathering up the slack. It wasn't painful, and I could still breathe, but I have wanted it any tighter. He pulled and pulled almost as hard as he could and still I wanted it tighter but eventually I told him to tie it off before he broke my ribs. He then put the lace choker around my neck and pinned the barrette on my head. He told me to have a look in the full length mirror.

I put on one of the sexiest dresses I had ever seen it was a long black number that was daringly with a low cut lace bodice that showed off my firm breasts and back. There was a very risqué slip that ran almost up to my waist shown ample thigh. I was getting more and more excited my nipples were by now rock hard and I could see James looking at them through the thin material of my dress. I was shocked at how wet my panties were as I oozed pre cum drenching them. I couldn't believe what I saw shapely long legs, rounded hips, a slender waist and my 42 DD breasts heaving, I was voluptuous. As I looked at myself in the full-length mirror, I smiled. James gad given me this beautiful dress and it made me feel beautiful and oh so special.


"One of your duties is to be my driver when I attend gay events since you seem to have a fascination about me being gay," said James. He came by and picked me up that morning since I would be spending the rest of the week at his house.

"Please James, I can't attend any gay events I might be recognized, it will end my career," I pleaded.

"Don't worry I have thought of that and we came up with the perfect solution all you have to do is hold up your end to pull it off," James said. "I selected the perfect uniform for you so that no one will be staring at your face unless you disobey me.

To my surprise a woman walked into the room and I was shocked I wanted to run in embarrassment dressed in my feminine garb but James easily held me there by the arm.

"Hold still," you already know Vicky.

"Hi Ricky no that's now rickie with an 'ie' now isn't it sweetie?" she said.

I stood there puzzled looking at her trying to remember the face. Then suddenly I recognized her it was the transvestite from that infamous night in Charlotte.

"I have hired her as your personal beautician at home so your makeup and hair will always be done up right. I stood there in shock not knowing what to say they had made plans to make my life a living hell for the years I was going to be punished by Tyra and James.

Vicky walked over to a table in the corner and laid out her equipment before telling me to come over and sit down. When I was seated she turned on the lights and started to work on my face.

Vicky put my base coat on and got to work contouring. I have a naturally smooth face, so I didn't need a lot of help from MAC to pass. I have to admit, I've gotten quite good with makeup application. Vicky set to work blending using a headband to keep from getting any makeup in my hair which she had washed and freshly highlighted at James's instruction. Vickie lined my lips in a light shade and set about applying a pretty shade of red on my lips. Almost without thinking I grabbed a piece of tissue and pressed it against my lips, smooching down and then re-applying the feminine shade. Nicky tossed the lipstick tube onto the bed to make sure that I remembered to put it in my purse for the night and set to work on my eyes.

Eye shadow and liner have always been the most difficult for me. Mascara is a snap, but I have a phobia about getting things in my eyes and Vicky had a difficult time getting them just the way she wanted. Looking back I realize that I have nobody to blame but myself for the situation I'm in.

Vicky removed the headband and primped my hair a bit more. I looked pretty good, certainly much better than I had when we started. I wasn't going to make the cover of Glamour but I was passable. After taking a hot bubble bath and powdering my self I saw laid across the bed a beautiful satin corset.

To my revulsion I had a growing sense of excitement in my groin as realizing that I would soon be wearing that exquisite corset giving me a more feminine figure. James picked up the lovely over the bust black satin corset, trimmed with red lace and garters. He placed the garment around my waist so he could fasten the basic hooks before he ordered me reach up and grab the bar hanging from the ceiling.

When I did James began lacing the corset tighter and tighter, he told me that I would have to take shorter, quicker breaths so that I didn't become too much of a lightheaded sissy and pass out. I complied, while holding tightly on the lacing bar. James tied off the laces and then measured my waist. I was told that the corset had reduced my waist by a surprising 6 inches giving me an hourglass figure, 46, 24 46.

James told me that he would be periodically retightening my corset to continue my shaping and waist reduction his goal for me this evening was a 22 waist. James promised me that I would have a lot of corset training secessions. Throughout the rest of the morning, I wore the corset and heels, much to the delight of James as I went about finish cleaning his house.

I watched helplessly as Vicky set out four pieces of 3M Nexcare Transpore tape about three inches long. Vicky took my hands and tucked my hairless balls up into the cavity in my body under my clit that they came out of. Once 'tucked' she stretched my scrotum into two flaps which were folded toward the center until the skin met at the center. Then I watched as she used the strips of tape she had torn off earlier to hold the two flaps together until a smooth line is achieved. Once satisfied she had me step into a tight red gaft to hold everything in place.

Now go in the guest room you will find your uniform and pictures of how I want it to look, put it on and get back to me by 10:30 PM sharp for final inspection. I want to get to the club around 12:00 AM.

When I put on the uniform I found myself standing in front of a floor length mirror in an alluring sexy black glimmer stretch lycra three piece set. It featured and enticing short sleeved crop top with plunging skin baring neckline. It was tied at my waist ensuring a tight great fit and emphasizing my cleavage. I had to ware a tight matching pair of hip hugging pull-on cheeky hot pants. They had high-cut sides that elongated my legs, for an incredibly seductive silhouette.

On my feet I wore a pair of black leather 6" stiletto heel with gold metal tips and an extremely sexy and timeless look in amazing black leather with red lacing creating a phenomenal look. On my head cock to the side I wore a black leather chauffeur's cap over my wig when I walked out James gave me a pair of sun glasses.

"We are going to my club tonight rickie; the address is 100 King Street. I started the club recently and he didn't have any idea how popular it would become," said James.

I fearfully drove the SUV carefully to King St.; I saw hordes of people walking down 7th Ave., their beneath the crescent moon of a hot July night. I stirred the Vehicle into the private parking spot on the side of the building. The atmosphere seemed eerie and eclectic, a mass migration of gay men and transvestites, but when I turned the corner it really hit me: thousands of people were swarming in the middle of the block in front of the Garage, its faced illuminated in bright yellowish glare. My first thought was that this swarm of people was like a scene from day of the Locust. My second thought was fear and curiosity. I was amazed at the turn out all these gay people out for the world to see!

Why were all these scantily clad people milling around under the moon on this humid night?

James had a popular club, he had a growing clientele, and he still had the closest thing to Larry Levan as his DJ.

When we all got out, there were guys everywhere! We were in the Village.

James' club had five and ten very hunky go-go boys in skimpy bathing suits getting drenched with water from showers on platforms around the club while they danced and made out with abandon. We entered the VIP Entrance.

We took a seat at his table and James ordered for us as I glanced around the bar furiously fearful that I might be recognized. The night was still young. The decor was fantastic and the music played over speakers that were situated all over the room. Television monitors showed disgusting gay videos which held my attention even when I tried to ignore them.

Five hours later and countless drinks, James was pretty drunk. I usually don't drink a lot tonight I could not go overboard because I was the driver tonight was no exception. If I were in an accident I would have to show my male driver's license.

My new dance song came on and without thinking there, for the first time tonight in a Gay dance club. He grabbed my' hand and dragged me to the dance floor for some old school club mixes Larry Levan style which I got into. I wasn't prepared when the DJ played a slow song and he grabbed my waist and we danced a long slow dance. James whispered in my ear that I was doing well for my first time out and he would put in a good word with his ex-fiancée for me.

I was just trying to fit in without getting read. When in Rome type of thinking as we danced. By this time in the evening, the club was packed with all sorts of kissing, dancing, and socializing and groping was going on. I just danced in his strong arms strangely excited and confused.

When we sat back down at the table my hand accidently touched his dick as we talked, at least I think it was an accident. James whisper in my ear, "So rickie you just gonna rub on my dick when are you gonna slip it in your mouth and give me some pleasure?"

I looked up at him in surprise and shame. "I can't suck on your dick here in the club," trying to play it off.

"Oh come on Ricky, my dick needs your mouth," he said, "All you have to do is slip under the table and suck on my dick like you did in the shower. You got to know I am digging you in that outfit and I bet you know you're dying to suck it."

The sad fact is that James was right but we were out in public if we were discovered.

I looked around the place to see if someone was watching. Seeing no conspicuous onlookers, I eased under the table and took James throbbing dick into my mouth again. It felt so good to have his hard dick in my mouth. I sucked him off quickly. When I finished I made my way up from beneath the table and back up into my seat.

James's strong arms around my back, my head laying on his shoulder and his body rubbing all over me was almost too much. His hands were interlocked around my hips and he pulled me closer. James looked down at me and gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek and a tight hug.

We finished the night with a dance, our drinks and he decided it was time to head home.

The next morning while I was cleaning James slipped up behind me and put both of his strong hands on my ass cheeks, and to keep me from moving away. I could feel that he was rock hard making me think he wanted another plow job. James leaned forward and kissed me passionately causing my head to spin and stomach to do flips.

"Hey Rickey, I was wondering if you would like to go out on a date tonight?"

I smiled back at him and he reached out and touched my cheek.

His touch triggered a chill down my back. I had to finally admit to myself that I was attracted to him. "Well maybe we can go out?" I responded in a whisper.

James did have strong arms and I couldn't help but feel safe in James' arms. I broke off my stare and we both stood there in silence.

"Yes I would love to," I replied all flustered.

The outfit that I picked out was perfect, right down to my lingerie, to my dress, to my jewelry. The dress that selected I tried on at least 5 times, and my whole look checked out, the look was very hot and sexy.

I decided to nap in the afternoon after my morning chores, I was going to be picked up for dinner at 8:00 PM. Around 5:00 PM, I shed my maids outfit that I had on and started the ritual of making myself beautiful and sexy. I made sure that all of my exposed skin area was very smooth and clean, and making sure that all of my body was as feminine, smooth and sexy as it could be.

As soon as I was sure that I was perfect, I donned a beautiful red satin with lace trim corset similar to one that would be worn under a wedding dress. I thought for a long time over which panties to wear, and then decided that on a matching pair of panties, red satin with lace trim on the edges. I slipped on a very silky and sexy pair of "French Linen" stockings, and I made sure that nothing would ruin them and took care in wearing a pair of satin gloves to put them on. Once into my stockings they were attached to the garters, I slipped into my yellow satin dressing gown, and a very comfortable pair of 4 inch bedroom heels, and made my way to my makeup mirror to make my self beautiful. I knew just what I wanted to do and didn't have to rely on 'Sissy rickie' for help I didn't believe she had my feel for what was unpretentiously sexy.

The makeup application was also very special, after my foundation application, I decided to do my eyes more dark and dramatic for the evening lighting. So with that, my lower lids were a dark rich blue color, and the upper lids with a darker richer purple than what I was used to. I chose a highlighter that worked perfectly with my ebony complexion, a dark charcoal color. The eyeliner was the thing that added the dramatic flare, I strayed past that point to further accentuate my eyes, and when I was done, I sat back and admired how sexy and hot they made me look!
The blush was a dark ruby color and carefully applied, it was rich and very pretty when I was done, not too dark, but rich and sexy. The lipstick was another more dramatic highlight, with not only my favorite ruby red lipstick, but I used another lipstick, deep dark red gloss to add just that little bit extra. Before I put on the rest of my outfit, I spritzed myself on the nape of my neck, behind my knees, my wrists and ankles with "Black Diamond" perfume, and I hoped that this would drive James crazy. The last thing I did was to apply my darkest and richest ruby nail color that matched my lipstick which matched perfectly setting my look off even more.

The dress I chose to ware was a little bit restraining I decided to put everything else on at this stage, except for my heels. I donned a pretty little new anklet on my right ankle it was a fine gold chain and on the outside of my ankle was a pair of tiny hearts that James had given me, which made my legs look very dainty. Next was Tyra's ruby necklace, classy and pretty, with that, matching ruby earrings and bracelet?

From top to bottom, my hair was brushed softly around my face, and my ears had on a pair of glittery earrings. My makeup was perfect, sexy, yet sultry and sexy, definitely one of the best jobs I think I have ever done that Glamour Magazine article was on point, my lips looked like they were dying to be kissed

I was ready to get into my dress, I did I made sure that everything else was ready to go, and I put on my dress and heels I looked into my full length mirror, and even I had to gasp a little, as I saw myself with my entire ensemble on for the first time, everything, makeup, jewelry, dress and heels, I knew I looked and felt very feminine and sexy, and here is what I saw.

Moving down, my necklace, matching the earrings with a broach at the bottom of the chain, oval shaped with a red jewel in the middle of it, and the necklace falling only an inch or so from my deep cleavage.

My dress, it was very sexy, stylish, it was red, form fitting, and the skirt fell 7 inches above the knees, the most exciting part of the dress was the fact that it was almost off the shoulder in style with a cut just above my cleavage in the front. My shoulders were bare enhancing my figure as my eyes moved further down, my stockings were very silky and sexy, and were black with a slight red tint, very pretty my right ankle was adorned with a tiny gold chain and tiny hearts, and finally my heels, 6 inch red paten stiletto pumps.

I recently read in a Glamour Magazine article with regards to dressing for evening wear, and those thoughts echoed in my mind as I stared at myself in the mirror. Those thoughts included, "making sure everything was special, and remember the dress is extra special, so were my accessories, and as I stared at my stockings, jewelry, heels, and makeup, I knew that I had done just that.

I was just packing my red paten clutch purse the door bell rang, it was James,

When I opened the door there he stood dressed in a white silk suit and no tie, and offering me a beautiful wrist corsage. James looked me in the eyes and we stared at each other with initial nervousness, and had a cordial first meeting. James looked me up and down smiling and complimented me on my appearance and I felt so special that he appreciated all of the effort that I took for him.

James extended his arm and I slipped mine in so he could escort me to his car, were he opened the door for me and drove to the restaurant in a nearby town, and all the way he was the perfect gentleman, and we shared idle conversation, and he made subtle comments about my look that made me feel so good. I must say that even though the drive was rather quiet, the energy of the date and the evening was there. James had set the dinner date for 8:00pm, and he picked me up at 6:30pm, allowing us time to drive to the restaurant and spend some quiet time in the bar before being seated for dinner.

James parked the car at the restaurant and swung himself around to my side of the car to open the door for me, and once again I discovered how restrictive the dress I was wearing was, I managed to stand up and gave James a thankful kiss for the first time of the evening, not long and lingering, but short and sweet because of the corsage that I was wearing.

Once inside, James was the perfect gentleman the usher at the door was dressed in a tux and looked very handsome, I could tell by the "mood" of the restaurant that James had found the perfect place for a romantic dinner, and I looked perfect. James took control of the situation and informed the maître d' that we would not be seated right away, but rather we would be sitting in the lounge a few minutes before being seated. We entered the dimly lit lounge to a romantic table were a candle was lighting the area around the table, providing a wonderful mood.

Once seated at our table, I informed James of my choice in drinks, an "apple martini" for me, and I asked James to ask our waiter for the ladies room, and after informing me were it was I took a walk, making sure to walk slowly and seductively, hoping that James was watching. I loved the walk to the washroom, looking around the restaurant, seeing what all of the other women were wearing, and feeling special in how I looked and felt. I entered the ladies room always curious about what amenities they had in there, all a men's room ever had was funk. I and found that it was delightfully fragrant containing only three stalls and of them were occupied, so I moved to the large mirror and check my lipstick, until one of the ladies came out.She smiled at me and seeing that dress is simply stunning you are going to get him on your hook tonight. After washing her hands she left and I went into the stall to make a few adjustments to my groin before leaving the stall and washing my hands. When finished I left to rejoin James at our table in the lounge. James and I chatted freely and I realized that we were holding hands and I was smiling. James informed the maître d' that we were ready to be seated, and in a few minutes the maître d' ride came over and escorted us to a very romantic and quiet place in this already romantic restaurant.

Dinner was filled with subtle teases by both James and I, back and forth. I teased him slipping off my heels and rubbing my stocking covered toes up and down his leg. I watched the expression on his face, playing with the straw in my apple martini with the tip of my tongue. James made several suggestions about what we could do after we had dinner. The suggestions were interesting including a walk under the moon, or maybe we could go dancing, I wasn't sure in my heels my feet were hurting but that is the price for beauty.

Following dinner I took a final trip to the ladies room and made my way to the large mirror in the ladies room, and put on a fresh coat of lipstick. I looked myself over and knew that now dinner was over that the most interesting part of the evening was going to take place.

We retired to the lounge for an after dinner drink to sit and chat getting to know each other. After finishing our drinks, James took me down to a nearby scenic overlook to take a stroll and look out over the city and the water.

The drive there was very special, as James started to take the next step in seducing me, and before I knew it, his hand found it's way to the inside of my thigh, and I started to get chills up and down my spine, and I leaned back in seat and enjoyed the caressing of my silky stocking clad sexy legs which, caused me to close my eyes and bite my lower lip. Once at the scenic over look, James walked around and opened the door for me. James suggested that we walk down by the lake, as there was a path around the overlook James and I walked hand in hand it was very romantic I fell under the spell of James's tender lips, and warm embrace. The walk was delightful so much so I wasn't even aware of how much my feet were hurting from all the walking I was doing in 6 inch heels and t all ended a few light kisses.

James then drove along the drive got a little hotter as James began to play with my garters and teased my bare inner thigh. He complimented me on my dress and how it was perfection on me.

James drove us back to his house and despite trembling I followed him inside then out on the patio and sat don on the swing. James and I looked at each other, and before I knew it, James's lips were against mine, and the kissing was not light and cordial, but rather deeper and more passionate. The pace of our kissing grew very rapidly, and before long I felt James's hands rubbing my breasts and I could hear him groaning and shifting in his seat. We kept on kissing and kissing, more and more passionately, and before long I could not resist, and found my own hands drifting over James's body and eventually I started investigating why he was shifting in his seat, and found my hands moving over a rather large bulge in his pants, and at that exact moment I knew that I was responsible for that bulge. My dress, the silky pantyhose, the high heels, the makeup, the perfume, and my demure all were responsible, and I knew that I was the one that started the events that lead to the bulge, and knew that the time was right for me to cross over the line that I had always dreamed about, and found it only very feminine and natural to explore the bulge without the obstacle of pants and briefs.

James and I continued our deep and passionate necking, as my hands explored the front of his pants, and I found his belt easily and with some effort, undid it, and then the top button on his pants was another matter, and with a little help, it was undone, all the while James and I were necking.

The next thing that happened was so feminine and natural, all the while kissing James, my hand found it's way to James's now erect dick and I held it in my right hand, and found myself hearing James's groans of passion as we kissed, and I started stroking James dick up and down, and his groans told me that I was doing something that pleased him. I was not only lost in the heat of passion and the moment and as James's groans intensified, I knew that I was doing well.

James and I broke our embrace and looked at each other, and then as if a spell came over me, I felt like I was in a trance and then it happened, I lowered myself to please my lover one way a sissy pleases his man. I found the experience very natural, and knew very quickly that I had at that moment what I always wanted and never knew. It was kind of odd at first, and I knew that I was doing well, as I could hear the groans of Paul, and could feel his hands gently caressing the back of my head as I pleased him. I was so involved in my feminine duties James gently squeezed my shoulders and tugged at me gently to sit back up, and when I did he kissed me and told me that I had to make a decision.

When we got back to the house James brought me a glass of wine, and we enjoyed some time sitting out on the patio under the crescent moon looking out at the pool. He said he needed to take care of a few things and I should just sit there enjoying the wine, leaving the bottle on the table next to a cell phone.

When he looked at the cell phone he said, "You know what you want so you know what you need to do."

Indeed I did as I poured my self another glass of wine summoning my courage. I open the phone and called, it was the middle of the night here but Tyra was in the Mediterranean and it was the middle of the day with Jordan.

"Hello" answered the voice on the other end of the phone.

"Hi Tyra it is me rickie I hope I am not disturbing you."

"I am a little busy but I can make a little time for you if you are brief." Tyra said.

"Okay I will try to be, Tyra I like James, I really like him and I want him to fuck me, but I know that I have to get your permission. So I am asking for your permission to please let James fuck me," I said with my voice trailing off.

"This is so cute are you sure this is what you want? It is a big step to be fucked by a real dick, especially one as big as James."

"Yes it is what I want I have been going over this in my mind for some time and I realize I want him, I think I love him. I don't know how he really feels about me but I know how I feel about him. I admit I am a sissy just as you said I was."

"Then girl you have my permission follow your heart and offer him you ass, just don't get pregnant," she laughed.

"I won't we will use protection," I said.

"Have fun I got to run, the next time I see you will have to tell me every thing, and I mean everything.

"Thank you and I will," I said.

'Have a wonderful evening because James loves you he was just waiting for you to admit that you felt the same."

James came back and sat down and I told him I had got Tyra's permission and we sat there sipping on out wine with the last barrier to unbridle passion removed. When he finished his wine he got up, gently took my hand, and led me upstairs to his bedroom. He had placed large candles around the room before he left, and must have lit them before he brought me the wine. It was just so romantic, was it possible he had developed some type of feeling for me.

He sat me down on the edge of his bed and bent over and kissed me. My head spun from the wine the kiss and my body trembled from my unleashed desires. James slowly undressed me, kissing me very gently everywhere, he laid me down on the bed, and began to slowly undress me. Soon I was lying there, naked except for my corset stockings and heels. My nearly perfect feminized body, except for my little used 10 inch dick was rock hard. How ironic I used to be so proud to show off the out line of my dick in my publicity photos and now it was just a lump in my panties that I was careful to hide.

Even though I had fantasized about this moment I still didn't realize how I'd feel the first time we went beyond a blow job. If it was possible, I loved him more than I would have ever imagined. He slowly made love to me spending a long time kissing, licking, and nibbling on my nipples. Then slowly he worked his way down my body, stopping at my navel, before going between my legs. He spent a good long time there, bringing me near orgasm with his mouth.

He then lay down next to me and I moved closer to him. I began to play with my life like breasts and I played with his dick. I was moaning in pure pleasure when James worked his way down to my dick His hot mouth engulfed my dick and we slipped into the 69 position.

"Yeah," said James as he moved and straddled me, his favorite position. We stared at one another for a few minutes and then our lips locked again. James pushed me down on the bed and planted his giant frame down on the top of me as we continued to kiss.

James turned me on my stomach preparing me for the invasion of his thick 14 inch dick. As he fingering me nibbling on my ears.

"You ready to do this baby?" he whispered lovingly.

"Yes James I have been for the longest time I was just too stubborn to admit it so why are you stalling?" I replied.

"I been ready," James laughed pulling me up into the doggy style position and rubbed the head of his dick along my asshole. He reached over to the night table and dipped his finger into a jar of open lube he had placed there before looking down and lubing my asshole hole.

He then spread my cheeks to reveal his hole, and then he put his dick at love's door and slowly began to push in. Once satisfied I was well lubed he began to push in. I moaned softly as he worked his way inside. I buried my head in his pillow to drown out my cries as the pain of a real dick entering my asshole rocked my body. All the dildos and but plugs didn't compare to the real thing, it was wonderful to be on the dick of the man I loved.

We kissed as I adjusted to James presence in me and he moved slowly in and out of me going deeper with each stroke.

"Fuck me James," I said as I bit on my bottom lip and pain and ecstasy rotated through my body.

It took him a good ten minutes to get inside my tight ass and after he gave me a minute to adjust he went to work on my ass. He pounded me with deep long loving strokes that caused me to quickly begin to throw my body back into his.

"I got the magic wand baby," he said, "And I'm casting a spell on this ass to make you forget all about any one else," then he picked up the pace as his body violently slammed into me.

"It's working Oh James it's working," I screamed!

I grunted like a pig and James howled at the top of his lungs as he banged my ass.

"Fuck Me, Oh Fuck Me!" I screamed out several times.

"Yeah Ricky give me that good ass," he breathed into my ear.

"Take me James," I said in response as our bodies continued to smack together. I raised up put my hands on the wall like I was under arrest as he continued to fuck my big round ass. We eventually worked our way into the cuddling position and as James continued to deep stroke me and our tongues played back and forth in and out of one another's mouths.

When James paused to catch his breath I maneuvered my way on top of him so that I could ride his dick bouncing and turning on his 14 inch dick driving in every last inch. I was feeling some pain in my ass but it was out weighted by the pleasure and I didn't want him to cum. He reached around stroking my dick as I bounced up and down on him working towards our climaxes.

James took control of our love making and I willingly submitted as he shifted my position again picking me up like a feather and placing me on my stomach then lifting me to my knees then plowing his dick back into my asshole. Causing me to howl at the top of my lungs as James entered it from the back in the doggy style position. He continued to long dick me hard, fast and without tiring.

"Oh baby I am taking all of you," I panted out as pain and pleasure alternated inside me.

"I got you screaming like a bitch," he said.

"Yes your bitch James, your bitch," I said as I threw my ass back on James's dick.

"I see this ass is thirsty," said James as he picked up the pace causing me to scream louder.

"Yeah bitch hit those Mini Ripperton notes!"

"Fuck you!"

"No I'm fucking you!" said James as grabbed my dick and started to stroke it making me forget the fact that he was plunging a baseball bat sized dick up my ass. As my dick hardened I thought less about the pain in his ass.

As James neared climax he pulled his 14 inches most of the way out and then slammed it back inside me hard over and over again and then as his eyes rolled back up in his head he flooded my ass with his baby batter. I then followed suit with a loud howl and sent my juices flying on to his chin and his chest. James rested inside me until he caught his breath and then he pulled his semi hard dick out of me. "Damn I had all that up in me," I said.

"You are mine now and I am going to take care of you and protect you," said James as he pulled me to him for a kiss. He rotated his hips as he pushed into me deeper driving me crazy. James started to fuck faster and my ass was taking a beating and I felt and heard his hips slap against my ass. I was thrilled to feel his balls bounce on mine and I came on his chest without every touching my clit. I realized that of the times that I had been fucked this was the first time I was being made love to. James was not fucking me he was making love to me gently he leaned forward to nibble my neck. I felt my cum explode and smear itself on his muscular chest all over my silicone breasts.

This was so intense feeling his dick stroking deeply, as his cum drenched chest breasts my mouth on my neck. I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him on his neck to match his thrusts into me. Even though I had cum I wanted him in me and was determined to see that he was satisfied before I stopped. James, my lover was fucking me deep and I loved it.
He was leaking so much precum that I thought he was trying to make me pregnant. I asked him if he cum and he said that he hadn't, and I smiled knowing I was going to be symbolically knocked up good!

He continued fucking me pulling me onto his dick. I felt his strong hands on my shoulders pulling me onto him so he could fuck me better and deeper than he ever has before. My clit got hard again as he fucked me. James was tenderly fucking me harder and harder and I started moaning louder asking him to cum in my ass and told him how much I loved it when he fucked me. I could see him smile as he continued to slide in me and I could tell he is getting close. I felt him breathe rapidly through his clenched teeth on the back of my neck.

He was plowing in deep and fast. I felt his dick get harder as he shoved in deeper. James was really making love to me grinding his dick as deep in me as he could get. I felt tons of pleasure from his loving fuck wanting it to be deeper and harder. I was getting aroused to a point I have never been to in my life wanting him to deposit his load of hot baby batter deep in my ass. Each stroke seemed to bury his dick deeper and I didn't want to miss a stroke.

James breathing was harder and I felt his dick throb and start shooting its load in my hole. He kept shooting and shooting in my ass asking me if could feel his love juice spurting in my asshole and told him how hot it felt. James tried pushing in even deeper and finished cuming. I lay on my back as he slid in and out slowly spreading his hot cum the full length of my ass. I clinched my ass tight as he pulled out so I didn't lose a drop. James rolled over on his back and I laid face down to catch my breath in the after glow of our wonderful love making.


I packed Tyra's suit case taking special care when I found her wedding night peignoir set that she was going to ware on her honeymoon. It was so sexy in white chiffon with rows and rows of lace and ribbons. She also had matching Malibu slippers with 4 inch heels which went with this really pretty set of lingerie. I picked it up and walked over to the mirror holding up her wedding trousseau to my body.

I got hard as I fantasized about being a bride asking my husband what he wanted me to do for him. "Do you want me to first suck your big dick honey you know I want to feel you inside me. I found myself saying and again I became so aroused as I stroked my sensitive breasts through the silky material of the peignoir set. I finished gently folding her lingerie and dress away and went about my brides' maid duties.

But the best feature of the wedding gown was the daring décolletage, which put Tyra's n firm perky D breasts on display, that would make all the women in attendance jealous of her and all the men envious of her husband, and me aware of my losses. The obvious loss was Tyra but also the loss of my manhood as it was over come by my desire to be a bride one day.

I was not too pleased when I learned that Tyra was dating again but I found away of coping with it working harder on my house work. After a few months dating Jordan my agent of all people I was stunned how close they were becoming. I had always known that he fancied her but I was able to swoop in before he could ask her out. He formally proposed marriage to Tyra, and she accepted.

That is why Vicki and Joyce stood here as Tyra's bridesmaids, in their gorgeous matching fitted gowns. Joyce was a treat to the eyes with her long legs, 48 FFF breasts and 14 inch waist drawing every ones attention. I was sure she was trying to decide which lucky waiter's dicks she would suck first tonight.

I struggled to hold back my tears when I saw my beautiful ex-girlfriend walking down the aisle to marry another man. Tyra was a radiant bride and, I was her ex boyfriend and now her maid of Honor in my exquisite gown performing my duties on her special day. I wiped the tear away from the corner of my eye with my lace hankie and I could see my brightly polished long 2 inch red acrylic nails.

My dress was cocktail length, made of the most fabulous red satin it was perfect, not too "Bridesmaid-ish", classy and elegant. I must admit I had such a wonderful time shopping as Tyra and I picked out the bridesmaid gown and my maid of honor gown. It was very stylish falling off the shoulder, with a low neck line that would showoff my breast and a three tiered skirt.

When I wore my 5.5 inch red patent leather open toe heels it would be perfection. My heels had to be high because they would hurt my feet if they were much lower I was practically ultra high heeled dependent. I knew I was fabulous because James had told me so when we exchanged kisses early this morning before I got out of our bed to prepare for the day.

I was accessorized with the diamonds earrings and the matching necklace I had given Tyra in an attempt to make up with her when this started. When I looked into the mirror I wanted to say you go girl, Unable to fight the temptation I said girl you are fierce and will knock them dead!

"You got that right," came an inner comment from 'Sissy rickie' who had left me in charge for most of the time since our thoughts weren't all that far apart any longer, we had become girlfriends. We had some very sentimental bonding moments to my surprise. Heaven help any bitch that got in between me and the bridal bouquet.

My hair was a lot longer by now and I arranged for Vicky my hairdresser to come in that morning before she got ready. By the time she had finished, my hair was teased into a very elaborate arrangement and decorated with flowers.

I got a little time to rest and sat down with the bridesmaids, and got into a conversation with Joyce, Dr. Collins husband. As we were chatting I told him that I had actually come to enjoy my feminine side but seeing Tyra getting married was hard.

He told me that when his wife remarried he died inside because despite all that she had done to him after he cheated; she was his one last hope of ever being a man again. She knew he was all man and that he was forced to do this kicking and fighting all the way. But she dashed all those hopes when she told him that he was going to remain as her maid and personal assistant.

Plus she was adding to his duties he was to now service her husband when she wasn't available or just wasn't in the mood. As you can imagine with her new husband knowing what she did to John he was not going to step out and cheat on her so when she had made Joyce available to him to relieve any urges he took her up on it. It is not all that bad for John now he knew where he could turn to get fresh sperm when his body needed it without trolling the bars and streets.

He also told me about some of the things she had done to him during his transformation. Joyce was forced to serve dinner in a scanty French Maid's uniform with a micro mini skirt, crotchless black panties and a red bow with two bells tied around his dick as it swung free under the hem of the short skirt. He had to wear his butt plug with it's leather harness so they all could see.

The guests consisted of three married sluts from the neighborhood that he had affairs with that she had tracked down. She threatened to tell their husbands if they didn't come over because she wanted to show them who they had given up their pussies to and take pictures. She also invited two gay men that he enjoyed teasing. They relished the idea of a little revenge throughout the meal, he had been forbidden from talking unless he was spoken to. He was taken into the den and each of them fucked him while she recorded the event.

I came back from my day dreaming to see Tyra in her wedding dress it was an extremely expensive a Du Sha'Fashions made specifically for her. It was a slim-fitting understated floor-length tube of ivory shot silk, an Empire styled, high-waisted creation in which her tender bosom became effortlessly elegant and properly majestic and pivotal. The best feature of the wedding gown was the daring décolletage, which put Tyra's new firm perky D breasts on display she had gotten implants. She was now a 36 D giving her a 36, 22, 34 shape that made all the women in attendance jealous of her and all the men envious of her husband, all it did for me is make me aware of my loss. The obvious loss was Tyra but also the losses of my manhood as it was over come by my desire to be a bride one day.

Tyra held on to James' powerful arm, he was so handsome in his tuxedo as he walked her to the alter over looking the ocean to give her away. She tilted her head back and on her head holding on the veil she wore a dainty garland of silk marguerites and in her hands she clutched a small red roses her favorites, fresh orchids and gypsophilia. Her preparations that day were pain staking and it seemed to take for ever. I had to run what seemed like a hundred errands as a good maid of honor was supposed to do.

Tyra was so beautiful her flawless ebony skin was glowing and her makeup was perfect. She had one of her professional makeup artist friends take care of her make up for the wedding. That morning Tyra smiled a lot and we chatted about everything as she got ready for the most important day in a woman's life. She was a gorgeous bride I couldn't help but hope that someday I'd have the chance to be in her place with my dream lover waiting at the altar to make me his wife.

In such a short time everything had changed in our relationship, this wedding marked the end of another period in my life. My girlfriend Tyra was about to be another man's wife and I was about to be her live in maid spending my time lusting for her ex-fiancée.

The wedding ceremony took less than forty minutes the guests entered the house and headed out to the beach walking on the custom platform over looking the ocean. They made dignified progress down the aisle in tempo with the stately rhythm of the Bridal March. The platform was decorated with roses and lilies, and the minister led the way.

I moved solemnly, my legs shaking, because Tyra's body was aglow, bearing a smile of dazzling delight. The room was flooded with the photographers snapping hundreds of pictures

Behind them trailing came the bridesmaids, Joyce and Vickie they all wore soft silk-georgette dresses, crushed strawberry pink all over, sleeveless, with elegant little ruffles drifting over the shoulders and low sweetheart necklines. Their ankle-length skirts lined with white petticoats swirled and floated like clouds, and long, white cotton gloves gave them the appearance of Regency princess's.

Jordan stood before the alter in front of the minister in his black tuxedo waiting for his beautiful bride. For the first time I took a good look at him and had to admit that he had a tall commanding presence which emanated an aura that was compelling. As I stand here now I have to admit myself that is one reason I signed that initial ten year contract for him to be my agent. In the back of my mind I knew he was devastatingly handsome, broad-shoulders though not as powerful as James, a chiseled jaw, piercing brown eyes and he emitted an aroma that was rich, and intoxicatingly masculine. He was a man worthy of being Tyra's husband and I was a sissy who no longer was.

Things proceeded without a hitch.

"Dearly beloved," said the Minister. "We are gathered here today," I observed everyone dolefully as he went mechanically through the preamble of the ritual.

As the words entered my mind I felt like crying, the woman that I believed I loved I was getting married with me as her maid of honor.

The minister went on to say "Marriage was important, which is why it shouldn't be taken lightly, wantonly or inadvisably."

At the recognized moment he asked the assembly "Does anyone here know of any legal impediment to the marriage of the two people before me?"

My eyes scanned around, I wanted to out I do because she is my girlfriend not his. What a joy it would be if someone made an objection. They could stop the proceedings there and then and it wouldn't have been my fault.

But the crowd went silent more than a score of people sitting in the chairs.

The ceremony went on and I thought that the Minister talked too much.

"Do you Jordan take Tyra as your lawfully wedded wife, to live together according to God's law in the Holy estate of matrimony?"

Jordan smiled nodded politely and said, "Yes I do."

"Do you Tyra take Jordan as your lawfully wedded husband, to live together according to God's law in the Holy estate of matrimony?"

Tyra nodded politely and said, "Yes I do."

"You may kiss the bride," proclaimed the Minister under the most beautiful reddish orange sunset I could have wished for in my dream wedding.

It then occurred to me that Tyra and Jordan had my dream beach wedding right next to some large rocks jutting out of the ocean. It was a perfect peaceful and romantic atmosphere for their day with Tyra in her beautiful white gown looking ravishing and Jordan in his tuxedo looking fabulous. They recited their personally written vows right there on the beach while the sun melted into the blue waters behind them it was so beautiful I cried. The gentle sea breezes drifted through the air blowing her hair in her face. To top off the perfect day I got the wedding bouquet which made me so happy.


My stage career was over, thanks to James and Jordan word was that Ricky Cox had grown tired of performing and went into semi retirement by moving out of the country but no one seems to know where. Every few years' new music was released which his loyal fans happy and the money kept rolling in. I took out a beautiful corset that I had recently obtained from "Nu you Creations". These exquisite creations could always be counted on for her artistic abilities in her designs. This corset was predominantly red, made of strong brocade leather backed fabric with frilly lace on the edging and piping along with it being sewn on the stays. It had eight matching garters. This was the first one I had gotten that had a built in bra. Wasp pattern, allows a thin piping and it has a more feminine cut to help show off the attributes of the female figure.

The Wasp body shaper was a milestone because men typically don't have the space between their lower ribs and hips to accommodate its shape. James solved this problem by having two of my lower ribs removed and surprised me with a sensible pair of my own 42 DD implants giving me a 42, 18, 42 shape. The surgery gave me such a feminine shape letting anyone who saw me with it on knew that they were looking at someone special.

I just adore heavy brocade fabric because it is strong and gives off a beautiful shine and seems to shimmer when the light reflects off it. James bought me several new corsets with lots of delicate lace sewn onto it. Heavy brocade wears very well oh the look of it when I'm wrapped in it is nothing short of sensational. Let's just say when I wear it I am SEXY. James also bought me several more custom corsets with built in bras made to his most demanding specifications that made me look so hot!

When James and I got back to our room as usual I took my evening bubble bath enjoying the scented bubbles as I slipped a glass of champagne. James came in twice to fill my glass and give me a big kiss with my body under the bubbles. I finished my bath and got out to apply lotion to my body to keep myself smooth. While I did this James took himself a shower and dried himself off and slipped into the bed naked.

That night James and I celebrated Tyra's wedding with I spent a delicious, three orgasmic hours and at the end, his massive 14 inch dick slipping out so we could spoon and sleep for a while. I awoke just as his dick slipped into my ass for the third time that evening. I was splayed on my back filled with James dick and moaning when he asked, "Will you marry me Rickie?"

I was startled at first and my emotions took over and I began to cry in delight. I clinched his dick with my ass muscles. I could not resist despite my efforts to stop, I found my arms around his. I returned the kiss passionately, and we held the kiss for over a minute. I twisted and I felt his tongue at my lips and felt them part to admit it. Our tongues met and caressed. All the while, I was terrified. I was French-kissing James! I was dressed only in lingerie and heels and was swapping spit with the man I had come to love. I think deep inside I always did and tried to fight the feeling. Then I kissed him back, spurting my sissy cream for yet another time that evening and screamed, "OHHHHHH, YESSSSSSSS!!!!! I'll marry you YESSSSSS!!!!"

He woke me up again that night and fucked my grateful asshole again! James was fantastic! I was kind of sore, but a sissy bride to be doesn't deny his fiancée especially when he has a 14 inch dick that I have been dreaming so long. I was so happy I finally knew he wanted me, that he loved me. I knew deep in side somehow that James really loved me, and I was over come with emotions when he told me that he had dreamt about me many nights. As we lay in our bed panting James wiggled his big, thick fingers in my ass so very nicely and sucking my cockhead and I exploded. Oh. Are you OK?"

Things were going fine for a bout a year after we got back home and set up house keeping. Then the Grammies were announced, I was nominated in 10 categories and was the strong favorite in 8 of them. At first I was just going to skip in but James told me it was time for me to set myself free especially since we were going to be married and he wasn't going to hide who he was. We had a fortune in the bank and the royalties were rolling in.


I sat there next to James looking fabulous with my arm wrapped in his as the show went on well aware of the murmurs and whispers that were buzzing around the auditorium when we sat down. There were rumors that Ricky Cox hadn't showed up and I sent James as my representative. When he host announced "The award for the category of best male R&B performer, goes to Ricky Cox."

The crowd's anticipation quelled when they looked around fearful to see if the rumors that I didn't show up were true. The hush of disappointment was deafening when they saw that Ricky Cox wasn't there and some unknown woman was standing up and coming up to accept for him. The television network figured this was the perfect point for a commercial since nothing important was happening and unknown was coming up to accept the Grammy Award.

I stood up slowly savoring the moment knowing that all hell was about to break out. I was wearing my especially selected hot designer strapless evening gown a gorgeous svelte dress cherry red that was elegantly eye-catching at the Grammies. It was a Hollywood red carpet style gown that most women wouldn't dare ware. They just didn't have the body because it was startlingly sexy and unforgiving of any little flaw.

It's strapless design showed off my shoulders and the sweetheart neckline defines my ample 42DD breasts beautifully. The bodice is dramatically fitted and gathered past my waist and hips perfectly defining my towering brick house hourglass shape. When I turned my back to switch towards the stage I knew my dress would show off its dramatically backless medium cut.

In my cherry red 6 inch pencil thin stilettos with gold heels I walked with a slow models walk rolling my hips up the steps and sauntered to the stage. The crowd was silent and all that could be heard for a moment was my voice singing from my newest platinum CD over the loud speakers and the distinctive click, click, click of my heels.

All eyes were on me and I relished the moment because I knew I looked fierce in my gown with my 42DD breast and 18 inch waist the envy of all the women there. I sauntered over and took the statue from the puzzled presenter and went up to the microphone knowing everyone wanted to know what was going on.
I spoke, "Thank you my conscious has delivered me to the turning point in my life when I had to embrace the truth in me. To day many people who secretly prefer same-gender sexual activities and relationships, have engaged in long-term heterosexual dating, up to and including marriage. Well known examples include Sir Elton John and Oscar Wilde."

During my speech some one cued the music director and music started to play to get me off the stage. There was no reason to waste time on some nobody in prime time.

I didn't stop talking and spoke louder, "When there publicly projected "heterosexual" behavior was created for the sake of maintaining commercial mainstream acceptance by an anti gay public."

I could see the plain clothes security getting ready to make its move and usher me off the stage. I had timed it right for dramatic effect and continued talking, "Today I admit to the world that I am one of those people. I am no longer ashamed of who I am, I Rickie Cox am gay and finally proud of it!"

The security guards stopped and were waved off the stage as the collective gasp raced around the auditorium and the music stop playing to make sure they had heard right.

"I am Rickie Cox and I know I look a lot different but I have finally found my true self. Many of us if we could speak freely consider ourselves gay have been regarded as "in the closet" creating an illusion for the sake of acceptance by heterosexuals. The truth is the public is afraid of the truth and looks for any little illusion of heterosexuality so they can by our music."

The television network finally cut back in from the commercial and the auditorium was buzzing.

"Girl, I love Luther Vandross so much that I modeled part of my act after him but is there any one who deep down didn't know that he was not into women. When Johnny Mathis is singing 'Chances are' we all knew he isn't singing to anyone with out a dick. Don't let me get started on all the other mega celebrities that I know who are still in the closet.

Our self imposed illusion of heterosexuality is what distinguishes us from being out other wise known as being in "in the closet". Most of us have no sexual heterosexual contact and when we do we fake it. That is because we want to protect ourselves from discrimination or rejection by not revealing our sexual orientation or attractions. Some have use the phrase "down-low" or "DL" in order to describe this state of being.

I have been doing some reading deciding if I was going to take the big step out of my comfortable closet. I was surprised to learn that the idea of coming out was introduced in 1869 by a German homosexual rights advocate, Karl Heinrich Ulrich's as a means of emancipation. He had courage to kick the closed door open and say world here I am, gay and proud. He claimed that invisibility was a major obstacle toward changing public opinion, he urged homosexuals to come out and be free.

Several theories have been put forth to describe the coming out process in discrete stages that gays who have successfully came out have gone through. It starts with identity confusion, identity comparison, identity tolerance, identity acceptance, identity pride, and identity synthesis.

For most of us not burdened with celebrity, who come out it is a gradual process and a journey, though some like my self are yanked out of the closet. It is common to come out first to a trusted friend or family member, and wait to come out to others.

I have found that the only one true step that matters is coming out to yourself," acknowledge to yourself that you are gay lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered and have struggled all your life to hide it. This is the very first and most important step in your coming out process, it often involves soul-searching.

My therapist told me that gay, people go through a period prior to coming out when we believe our sexual orientation or behavior, or our cross-gender feelings to be "a phase", to be malleable, or when we reject our own feelings for what ever reasons. Coming out to myself was one way to end that period of ambiguity and thus begin the process of self-acceptance.

I am pleased to say that I am out of the closet and that I am transgender and loving it. It is still difficult for we transgendered, people to come out and decide to live according to the gender role with which our minds not our bodies closely identify. Having the courage to step into a pair of outrageous pumps and free our transgendered souls to the world. It is different from coming out about one's sexual orientation because it is necessary to come with my desire to dress as another sex. I also know that many gays and lesbians disapprove along with the straight making it more difficult for us transgendered. This is most distressing because if any one should be tolerant to someone being different it should be them.

Today, more of us transgender people are out than ever before, and many believe that being in the closet is unhealthy for the individual. A common saying is, "Closets are for clothes".

I have found a wonderful compassionate Doctor who has provided me council and therapy. Her name is Dr. Judy Collins and she is setting up and office in town. In addition I will be funding the start up of her clinic for the transgendered in need of professional guidance which Doctor Collins will manage she will also be handling special cases that are brought to her attention from outside sources.

I thank you for this Grammy, and I thank my fans for supporting me by buying my CD's even the ones who will leave me after this speech.

As it turned out I sauntered up on stage 7 more times to collect my Grammies, the last with James at my side to announce that we were getting married. He whisper in my ear that he was so proud of me and that when we got home he was going to fuck my brains out he had got his hands on so Viagra tablets and would be hard all night. I had the biggest smile on my face as we walked off the stage I dragged him pass our seats and anxiously headed home.

The End
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