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Jessica Nigri's Trust Issues

The following story depicts abusive behavior. The crime of rape is only presented here as an imaginary fantasy for your personal reading. It belongs nowhere except in fiction, in written words. Reading is fun... rape is not.

Examples of Nigri's monthly Patreon rewards:

Letter posted on her social media, an inspiration for this story:

"To Jessica Nigri! Please stop sending your extremely inappropriate pictures to my house. I'm a 67 yr old lady & a christian!"

While continuing to read that stern letter, Nigri's mouth curled up at the sides before widening into a mischievous grin. A supporter of Jessica's was having his monthly Patreon rewards intercepted by his own mother!

"Rudy Woods is my youngest son & he does not live with me. He's 12 hours away! He has told me to open his mail & if it was important then send it to him. Your stuff is not important! Don't send anymore of this kind of stuff to my house again!"

The cosplayer found herself helplessly giggling at the mother's self-righteous little rant. The final sentence of the letter made Jessica crack up. Trying to hold back her intense, teary-eyed laughter, Jessica was just imagining how embarrassed this momma's boy "Rudy" must feel. That had Jessica clutching at her sides.

"I shred what's not important!"

Rolling over with mirth, Jessica made a solemn effort to stop laughing but couldn't help herself. When she finally opened her eyes again and picked up the letter, she knew exactly what she had to do.

She had to frame this beauty.

What's next?

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