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Jessica Nigri - Justice for a cocktease

Harry Nelson had spent the start of his teenage years like a lot of his fellow schoolmates. Obsessed with porn, the fantasy of sex, and eyefucking just about every half decent girl he laid eyes on. Though most guys managed to actually land a girl of some sort just a few years after hitting puberty. Harry was 22 now, 5 foot 9, 250lbs of what used to be doritos, ice cream, chocolate and a lack of exercise.

His 'sex life' was just his hand, and increasingly perverse and misogynistic internet porn, leading to a rather sadistic view on women, and how he wanted to treat them. For the most part, unless he became a rapist, his personality or body alone would scare off pretty girls, but the two combined? He'd probably scare off top dollar prostitutes.

So having been a nerd, and having spent his cooldown time messing with coding, he'd spent quite a while dabbling in the fantasy that you could actually treat the human mind like a computer program.. alter it so easily with a change in code, it'd be so much easier than wining and dining a girl. It started as fantasy, but after years of coding, he'd made it reality, a smartphone app. BangR, he affectionately called it.

The thing was, he didn't want to start alpha testing on some mediocre chick and be left with the mess of having to remove the chip and deal with any aftermath that may happen. He wanted to start with the best, and if it worked? Leave the chip in.

In his obsession with porn and beautiful, busty blondes, the top of his fantasy list was the famous cockteasing cosplayer, Jessica Nigri. A gorgeous bombshell who'd blossomed over the years, seemingly happy to bare more of her body to get attention, she wore dark eyeshadow and all of her costumes displayed extremely generous cleavage, not to mention she'd seemingly got a boobjob in recent years, only adding to Harry's desire for her.

New York Comic-con came around, and Harry snapped up the opportunity when he found that Ms.Nigri would be in attendance, cockteasing as always, though in what he wasn't sure.

Having bought tickets and made his way through the crowds of nerds, he found himself waiting in line to get a moment with Jessica, whether it was a photo or a signature. Finding himself sweating, two hours must've passed before finally he could make her out at her stall, and what she wore trumped anything he'd seen in the past.

He recognized her outfit was supposed to be promoting the Lollipop Chainsaw game she'd been paid to be involved with, but it wasn't the cheerleader outfit. It was a skintight neon pink latex full body suit, zipper cut down to below her belly button, showing her toned tummy, not to mention side-cleavage, exposed neck, and her beautiful, wet pink lips and mascara clad eyes.
Lollipop in hand, her hair had her trademark fringe, and her pigtails wrapped up in two pink scrunchies.

The outfit:

Just fifteen minutes later, and the final person in front of him parted ways from a photo with Jess, Harry giving a feigned smile as he blatantly ogled her breasts, in person for the first time. She was used to it, smiling back, a bit creeped out by the guy.

She noticed he had dark, slicked back hair, round glasses, was rather noticeably overweight, he was wearing an avengers t shirt, another collared flannel shirt over it, some denim shorts, and some old dirty sneakers. He also had a pungeant smell about him that somehow trumped any of the other sweaty nerds she'd seen today, it must've been at least a week since the guy had showered.

Given how much control he felt he had, the nerves weren't really striking him, he was struggling to contain his excitement.
"A photo?.. Jessica?" he said simply, as if trying to keep as few words as possible, refraining from saying the filthy things he really wanted to say to her.

She happily smiled, "Sure!" she said, bright white teeth shining back at him, expecting full hoverhand as she pressed her hand around the other side of him, looking back into his phone camera as he carefully pointed it back to them.

Jessica winced, the camera capturing a look of confusion as she felt a sharp pinch at the back of her neck, like about a thousand tiny pins harshly stabbing into her neckline and lodging in place. Wondering if she'd been bitten by something, or if she was having some sort of medical issue, she quickly grasped at the back of her neck in concern, feeling around, but there didn't seem to be anything there.

Harry thanked her and walked off with a smile, Jessica not seeming to attribute even a possibility that the stabbing sensation could possibly be.. that Harry had planted a chip onto the back of her neck. One that could be seen, if it weren't for her hair or costume to cover it up, it was relatively small, surface area of a keyboard key, skin coloured patch over the top.

It was definitely there, but the first line of code upon immediate execution by Harry, was that she wouldn't be able to notice the chip.

He walked away with a smug grin, readjusting the semi in his pants, he started playing with the BangR app, he stood by a column and simply wanted to watch her from a distance. He couldn't even be sure it'd work yet, or work the way he wanted, but he had to try, and the hardest part was done.


What's next?

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