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Jessica Nigri - Truth or Dare

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, places, events, etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Jessica Nigri (Cosplay and glamour model)

Jessica Nigri - Truth or Dare

A celebrity erotic story

by DaxG2001 & Mean Blackjack

* * *

Despite living one city over, Jack Rose loved where he worked. It wasn't one of the finer, fancier hotels that would appear on the front of all of the magazines but it was almost home to the man. He had got his first job outside of college with the place and he felt a certain form of camaraderie not only with the place but with all of the staff as well. Jack threaded a hand through his trimmed brown hair before tipping a glass of water to his lips to polish off the tickle at the back of his throat. He worked at the gym that was almost in the basement of the hotel and he had had a pretty busy day with all of the clients from the hotel. His limited staff had been run ragged as the storms outside of the hotel had kept everyone inside.

Lifting his head to look outside from the window, his deep green eyes floated from side to side trying to gauge what the weather would do next. There were a couple of grey clouds in the sky but other than that it actually seemed like it was going to be a decent turn out for the big convention tomorrow. Jack grinned and tapped at his computer, not really doing much while he waited for his friend. Him and Alex went way back, all the way back to college in fact. Jack smirked as he booted up his in-house e-Mail client, trying to get hold of Adam in cleaning. The two had a tennis game tomorrow and since neither Jack or Alex had been able to get into the convention they had made their own plans.

The door to the gym swung open and Jack rotated in his seat to face the source of it, expecting to see Alex there.

"Finally! Where the hell have you been?" However, as soon as he had said that he was silenced instantly. Before him stood a Goddess, she was clad in a thin, tight grey top with a short black set of shorts. Her long blonde hair and generous chest was a dead giveaway as to who she was. "You're Jessica Nigri!"

"Hi! I am! You're a fan I guess? I'd be happy to sign something or take a photo tomorrow after the con?"

"Oh! I! Uh! That'd be great." Jack said, laughing at his own lack of ability to speak. He then came back to doing what he was supposed to do. "So, you here for a session?"

"I am! How does it work?"

"Well, we typically sign you in and you can work out for as long as you want. There's hardly anyone in here at this time of night so you'll pretty much have me to yourself."

"Oh really?" Jessica said, a wide smile stretching over her face. "As tempting as that sounds... Weren't you expecting someone else?"

"Ah... Yeah. Sorry about that! My buddy Alex comes down here every so often to work out for free. He should be here any time now." As if on cue, the door to the gym opened up once more, drawing both of the sets of eyes inside of the gym towards the source.

"Jack! My man! What's..." Alex Woods wasn't usually a man who was short of words, usually loving to mouth off when playing a game or watching sports, but for the muscular man with shoulder length black hair his words along with his black tank-top and workout shorts frame came to a sudden stop just as he'd gotten to the desk where his good buddy was seated along with...

"Jessica Nigri?? THE Jessica Nigri?" Alex questioned with a brief chuckle of disbelief, glancing to his friend who returned the "I know!" look he had, before back to the stunning blonde. "Huh... Didn't expect to see my best bud here with the cosplay master!" He said with a smile, putting down his small workout bag to the floor and adjusting the towel over his shoulder.

Alex and Jack indeed went way back, as thick as thieves as the saying goes, and in fact it was due to Jack's job here at the hotel gym that led to Alex getting a membership, but he'd always claim that it had nothing to do with taking advantage of Jack's free sessions. Truth is more often than not the two friends would shoot the you-know-what, just like any pals would at a bar or going bowling. It just so happened that this usual time was when the gym would be empty and their conversations mixed with the workouts would not be interrupted or toned down. Tonight it seemed would be a great exception.

For the stunning, curvaceous blonde model known for her cosplay outfits of famous video game, anime, and comic book characters (more often than not with her magnificent, large chest being shown off in some form or another) this was quite an unexpected occurrence. Sure, at conventions she was used to meeting fans, signing autographs, and posing for pictures, and admittedly she fully knew that a great many of them were simply fans of her look and body rather than anything else. She wasn't ashamed of that, and if it kept the vast, vast majority of her fans happy, got those convention invites secured, and kept those print sales flowing in then she wasn't going to stop any time soon! It meant that she had to keep her toned and tanned body in great shape for all those skimpy outfits, and being able to have use of gym facilities as part of the hotel room deal? A major bonus.

"So... You're a fan..." Jessica smiled, pointing to Alex. "Aaaaaaand you're a fan..." She slowly turned to point at Jack. "Hope I don't end up distracting you two from what you get up to here." She says with a laugh as the blonde has a big smile on her pretty face, already enjoying this quite pleasant attention and admiration from the two best friends.

"What are the chances huh?" Jack said with a laugh, doing his best not to leer at her while she looked over at Alex while the two talked. Man, they really were as fantastic in real life. He wondered just how they... No! Bad Jack! He mentally scolded himself, doing his best not to think on just what Jessica Nigri, yeah, that Jessica Nigri, looked like under those workout clothes she had graced his gym with. When she turned to face the slightly fairer skinned man, he grinned and shrugged his shoulders.

"To be honest, I'd rather watch you workout than this doofus." He said with a grin, jabbing a thumb towards Alex before nodding his head. "Seriously though, I'm here to help. You need anything just let me know."

As if on cue, a loud thunderclap shook the gym and hotel, Jack's eyebrows raised as he looked over at the windows. The grey clouds had turned black and the rain had started to fall from the heavens. Stuffing his hand into his pocket in his workout sweats, the supervisor of the gym lifted out the key to the gym and he moved over to the door. Slipping the golden key into the lock, twisting it to the side and then pulling it out just as quickly as he had put it in. Locking the gym so only the three of them were allowed inside of the basement to the hotel. Flipping the key over his thumb, he walked back into the gym and nodded to the three treadmills that sat in the middle of the open floor. The gym itself was pretty advanced for what it was. Three treadmills in the middle, a series of exercise bikes that sat in front of the large open windows, some cross-trainers sat near to the bikes and over in the far corner was the yoga and stretching area. It hadn't always been like this but Jack had had just the right share of enthusiasm and puppy-dog eyes that had made the manager give in and give him what he wanted. Alex and Jack moved over to the treadmills and punched in their data as they both silently gawked at Jessica.

Jessica, to her credit, was doing well at ignoring the stares. She was used to it and the guys who she was now locked in the room with weren't so bad looking either. They actually knew how to apply cologne and deodorant too. She could have been with worse guys she thought to herself. Walking over to one of the bikes, Jessica laid her towel over the front of the bike before she slipped on top of the seat and leant forward, pushing her rear back ever so slightly. She had caught what she had been doing and then there was that little part of her made her wonder if the guys had reacted. She could look over her shoulder and look at them or she could just continue to absentmindedly tease the guys. Her body pushed itself forward again and her rear slipped back some more, the perfect round curves almost sliding straight off of the seat as she programmed in the details for her workout. Her legs pressed against the resistance of the bike, much to her delight, as she began the warm up part of her exercise session.

Across the short distance from the bikes, the two men were fighting battles of halfs as while they had done this initial stage of their workout time and time again, keeping their focus on running the brisk pace on the treadmills was being broken up by sneaking stares across at the beautiful model. Watching as her shapely backside stuck out as she worked those legs was distraction enough as they ran, but when Alex tilted his head, leaning forward to see a glimpse of those breasts seemingly bouncing a little already as she moved, Jack had to give him a light smack on the arm to bring his thoughts back to reality.

"You gonna pick your jaw off the fucking floor or what?" Jack whispered with a slight glare.

"What? Like you ain't undressing her with your eyes!" He replied in a similar low voice, before both men again looked over towards the blonde, but seeing her turning her head towards them their gazes snapped to the treadmill screens. "You think... You know... We should maybe?" Jack started to say with slight hesitation in his voice.

"Try our luck? Fuck man, if you aren't then I am! A babe stacked like that? I'm damn gonna try and..."

Before he could finish, what sounded like another rumble of thunder was heard, a fraction louder than what they'd heard before and more than enough to make all three glance up. There had been a risk of a potential bad weather front moving in over the city but nothing to warrant any fear or worry, so the radio had said in the morning at least. From the sounds of that, the risky just went from minor to quite damn likely. Looking back, the gaze of the men met with Nigri's as she gave them a warm smile, continuing to push herself with a firm pace on the bike showing she knew much like them how to properly start off a workout.

"So... Uh, you're in town for the big convention, right?" Alex called out to ease the slight tension in the room from that thunderclap. "Me and Jack tried to get tickets into it, but I guess it's a real popular deal, right?"

"Oh yeah, you need to be lightning quick with those sorts of things." Jessica said, turning back to work a little bit harder at her workout. Her fingers ran over the control panel before she tapped at the big 'plus' sign near to the top right and the opposing force against her started to increase. "I guess I could look into getting you guys in? I think I have a couple of spare tickets normally put back for my friends or family. They're just going spare, it's not like my friends or family would ever come here." Jessica was silent for a moment before twisting at her waist to look at the two guys while she worked out. "No offense."

"Sure, none taken." Jack laughed, looking down at the control panel to the treadmill and increasing the gradient in the running path to help work out the muscles in his lower legs. Looking back at Jessica as she went back to cycling, he leant over to whisper to Alex in a conspiratorial manner. "But seriously, look at that body. She must have been flying all over the country for the past couple of weeks. She must need a hard workout and I bet she doesn't just want a ride on the gym ball!" Jack said with a grin, moving with the increase in the difficulty of his workout.

More clouds started to fill the darkened skies above the hotel and heavier rain started to beat down against the grass and the scenery outside of the establishment. Both Jessica and the two guys were made to look up at the skies, all of them thinking the same thing as another thunderclap roared into their ears.

"So you uh- You here for long?" Jack asked, trying to keep the topic light.

"Nope! Just here for the convention..." Nigri said, letting out a soft sigh as she pushed her legs firmly, causing her gorgeous, rounded backside to stick out without purposely doing it, giving the two staring men another visual treat. "I'll be flying back out soon back home. Already got the week planned out. Collect the next bunch of prints for the store orders, get them signed, get them shipped, then I've got to get my next Pokemon cosplay ready for a shoot that's coming up." The blonde grinned as she looked over to the two quite handsome guys who obviously used their gym time well. It was nice to actually have a bit of conversation during a workout instead of the usual jerks who tried to hit on her and reeked of fake tan and energy drinks. Unlike these two, even if she knew full well they were sneaking in the occasional stare at her body. A little peeping in exchange for putting a smile on her face? A fair enough trade. "Gotta get this wrist working well... You know, to get all those prints signed off quick." Jessica laughed, seeing the reaction to the first statement that she knew full well she'd get. "I think you guys know about how many I have to ship out all the time... Unless you two are really good at faking that you know about me."

"Hell no Jessica! Me and my boy Jack here are major fans of yours!" Alex quickly states with a nod, a glance over to the other man who responds with a nod of his own. "From way back to when you were being Juliet Starling for that Lollipop Chainsaw game. A real favourite of mine of all the cosplay's you've done might I add." He states with a smile, and now it's his turn to get a reaction as Nigri smirks and lets out a light laugh, rather like she's heard that kind of line before but doesn't seem to mind it. That was a definite testing of the waters there to see if the stunning cosplayer was open at least to a little flirting, and that positive reaction was exactly the signal that both guys had been looking for. Not a green light, sure, but considering what a complete stunner they had just a few feet away from them, they needed to take steps here rather than leap in and end up failing hard. Neither man would live this down if they screwed up what could be a major chance here. "I'm just waiting for you to do more of those Mail Monday videos... And see how much more of those Super Sonico merch you end up getting!"

There was a fine line between obsessive and fan, the two men believed that they sat formally in the latter of the two camps. Of course, when it was one in the morning and the pants were around the ankles, that could have been a different story. There was no denying that Jessica was a very attractive woman and she certainly had the best features for midnight self-service. While Jack and Alex would leer at the woman, it would have been safe to assume that neither of them actually stood a chance with her. Despite how the waving of her rear seemed to hypnotise them both. Jack slowed the pace of his own work out a little bit so that he could peer out of the window, looking up at the grey skies as a flash of lightning miles away illuminated the skies.

"Woah!" Jack exclaimed, ever the wordsmith.

Jessica had to agree with the comment from the man though. She nodded her head as her exercise came to a standstill. The energy was starting to pump through her veins as she dismounted the bike, looking around, the blonde cosplayer tried to decide where she was going to go next when another flash of lightning came a little closer to the hotel. Jessica peered out of the window before walking over to the small water cooler in the corner of the room. Jessica bit down on her bottom lip softly before she bent at her waist and poured herself a small cup of water. Putting her free hand on her chest, Jessica tipped her body back and swallowed the water in one deep swig. Tossing the paper cup away, Jessica locked eyes with both men and she smiled coyly before running her tongue along her lips, lapping up the water carefully before another lightning flash took the power out completely leaving the three in the dark.

"Fuck!!" Alex exclaimed, the treadmill stopping but his own jogging momentum sending him forward into the now blank panel, and similarly Jack stumbled but managed to keep somewhat upright, not that either of them could really see the state of the other right now.

"Guys?? What the Hell just happened??" Jessica's mood had snapped from playful, a little teasing sure, to be worried at the sudden plunge into darkness. "Did someone turn off the lights??"

"No, I think the power just went out!" Jack called back, quickly putting the two and two of the increasingly loud thunder and flashes of lightning together to make the four of one big strike shorting out the power. "Man, you alright?" He said in more of a low tone as he stepped off the treadmill as his friend picked himself up to do the same.

"I'll live. More interested if our special guest is doing alright..." Alex responded in a similar whisper before he reached into his pocket, pulling out his smartphone to swipe and tap in the code. Another few swipes and he had a basic, but her effective, "torch" app running to make the screen bright white, and light enough to watch where they were going.

"Guess the power really went out..." Nigri commented as she cautiously headed towards the two, running a hand over a bike as she passed to check the display wasn't working. Reaching the two certainly desirable and absolutely to her attractive best friends, she found herself smiling as the glare from the phone showed off her gorgeous facial features, the sexy blonde hair, and of course those rounded, large tits that managed to look even better than even with this reduced amount of light. These guys didn't seem like total creeps, and she had just moments before put on a little bit of a show for them. Maybe the power going out was a dose of karma for her cock-teasing, as she herself would admit she does constantly without sometimes knowing it due to her love of push-ups and low cut tops.

Well, she guessed there were far worse ways to spend a black-out than with a couple of hunks who were fans of hers.

"So... Jack, what's the plan?" Alex broke the silence and the exchange of smiles as he turned the smartphone to put the gaze onto his buddy. "Since this is your place and all. We gonna wait this out and see if the power comes back on or not?"

"I've told you, I just work here, not own it..." Jack started to say, but shook his head slightly as he kept himself on topic with what's happening. "But yeah, we should wait it out I suppose. I'm no electrician, but the hotel should have at least one on hand, and plenty more on call. Give it a while and you know, we'll be able to... Will you quit that man?" Jack said to shove Alex's arm away when he noticed he was deliberately moving the phone up close to his face.

This joking display got Jessica laughing, her sense of humour and good nature showing as she again let her mind wonder about how this wasn't so bad after all. Fans of hers, not completely drooling at the mouth and creepy, and they seemed up for a laugh and a good time. Since that workout is now out of the window for the foreseeable future, she wondered how they were going to spend the time now as she now took a moment to look over both men. After all, they'd done the same to her plenty of times so why shouldn't she sneak a peak, and a little smirk of approval on her face showed once again she didn't mind what she was just about able to see in this dim light.
"Sounds like we've got time to kill then..." Jessica stated, placing her hands on her waist as Jack also took out a phone of his to allow for a bit more light on the situation. "Any ideas? I don't exactly feel like doing a round of squats or working with that big old ball..." She commented, a point over at the outline of one of the workout balls resting by the wall.

"I've got nothing. I left my game of Snakes and Ladders back at home..." Alex chuckled.

"Well, I suppose we could go up to the lobby..." Jack started to say, but almost at the same time as the man next to him cast him a "What the Hell?" look, he himself realised that suggesting that could mean then separating from the stunning model and considering the current circumstances and previous events, that was not the smartest idea right now. She clearly had licked her lips at them both before the power went down. Could they really stand a chance here? "I mean, technically we should head back up, but I mean... We're in no serious danger. I did lock the doors up so no one's getting in, and it's not like this place is gonna start suddenly sparking, or..."

"How about we play a game!" Nigri suddenly cut in to silence the rambling, and make both men turn to look at her in surprise at the sudden suggestion. "I like that idea Alex, but I'm thinking not that kind of game... You guys ever played Truth or Dare before?" She suggests with a smile, glancing between the two hunks and finding herself giggling at their rather perplexed reactions. "What? You two seem like you go back years and years? You telling me you never played it before?" She teased as she slightly raised an eyebrow.

"Not..." Alex stopped himself from just blurting out "not with a stacked blonde hottie who my first dare would be - get those tits out!". "Not for like... Hell, since college!" He admitted, before shrugging his shoulders. "Why not? I'm game... Truth or Dare?" He passed the suggestion to his friend beside him.

"Truth or Dare it is then!" Jack chuckled, just going with it as the others here were doing. "Pretty sure it's gonna pass the time if nothing else, so why not?"

"Awesome!" The gorgeous and curvaceous blonde stated with a broad smile at their enthusiasm for just having some fun. Glancing around, she picked an open looking spot on the floor just by the workout mat where that ball from before was placed, and not too far from some weight lifting benches. She opted to take a seat down on the floor, crossing her legs and unintentionally giving off a great view of her vast cleavage being displayed from her tight top. Using a hand she made a "come on!" motion by patting the floor beside her to invite them to join her.

Perhaps a bit too eagerly the two moved forward, forming a mini triangle of sorts so the two were sitting beside each other but both in front of Jessica, placing their phones down on the ground so they still had light for the game about to be started.

"So... Who wants to start this?" Nigri asked, glancing between the two with a smile. "I think one of my "hosts" here should kick this thing off."

"Rock Paper Scissors to decide!" Alex quickly said, causing the other man to groan and give them a look of "why me?". Throughout their long friendship, Alex had a history of using the old faithful method of deciding whenever a choice needed to be made, and his track record of success was worthy of a championship belt. Already looking like he's accepting his defeat, Jack placed one arm behind his back and extended the other, his friend doing the same as they brought their arms back and forth once, then twice, and then...

A new champion was crowned.

"Paper beats Rock." Jessica officiated, pointing to Jack to signal the winner with a smile. Already these two were fun! She'd definitely made a good choice giving these guys a shot. "So, what you got for us? Who you gonna pick?"

Jack grinned and rubbed his hands together, trying to decide on who was going to be the first victim to the game. His finger came up and moved from left to right, switching between Jessica and Alex at a near break-neck speed as if he was playing a hyper game of Eenie Meenie Minie Moe with the two people inside of the illuminated gym. However, the game was rigged and while Jessica would have been a very willing participant the first selection was going to be his best friend.

"Okay Alex, truth or dare?"

The other man sighed softly and shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. Truth I guess?"

Jack grinned at the answer and nodded his head, stroking his chin gently as he pretended to muse over what the question was going to be. A click of his fingers illustrated the point that he did in fact have a good question to ask him.

"True or false, you never made it to fourth base with Vanessa?"

Vanessa was a Latina beauty at their college, one who had shown interest in both of the boys but had ultimately taken Alex back to her room on their last day of college. The rumours had been flying all night long and even Vanessa's room mates seemed to attest to the fact that there was a lot of knocking against the wall and the two seemed to be very loudly agreeing with one another yet Jack had never been convinced by it and he wanted to hear it from Alex while they were in the gym, just the three of them.

"Son of a... False. Third was as far as I got before she passed out drunk."

"Ha! I knew it! Just you wait until Paul hears about this!"

"Yeah yeah yeah. Laugh it up ya dork! My turn now right?" A nod from both Jessica and Jack confirmed that he was in the right. "Jessica! Truth or dare?"

"Oh boy, should've known it would come to me soon!" She giggled, leaning back on her hands gently before she tossed some loose strands of her hair over her shoulder. "Truth!"

"Okay! Is it true that you only got into cosplaying because you wanted to get fucked by a cartoon character?"

"Really? That's your question?" Jessica cackled, her chest jiggling every so often as she moved back into the triangle to talk back to the guys. "No, that's not the reason why I got into cosplaying. I got into cosplaying for the cute guys." Jessica added with a conspiratorial wink to Jack under the inky blackness of the gym. "So, Jack! Truth or dare?"

"Dare. I answered that way too quickly." Jack said with a laugh.

"OK..." She paused, wondering how to get a little payback for such a silly question, even if did get a laugh out of her. "Hmmmm... I dare you... To do a handstand for ten seconds!" She came up with, and seeing a perplexed look on his face only made her smile again, knowing she'd scored a great one. "Go on! If you're around this gym working and all, you should be able to nail that easily!"

"Oh boy... In the fucking dark as well..." Jack grumbled, while the other man was similarly grinning. Working out and keeping in great physical condition was one thing, but Jack was no acrobat or gymnast. He stood up, and sized up the area around him before opting for the mat area by that ball, figuring it was a clear enough space and perhaps if he screwed this up he'd have a soft enough landing.

Moving over, he took a step back, moving forward and making the motion, hands planting on the floor and legs going upward, wildly flailing for a moment before he hand to land back to stand. Hearing a chuckle from Alex, Jack attempted it again to place the hands down, going upside down and holding his shaking legs up for a moment.

"One! Two! Thr... Haha!!" Nigri counted out seeing the man trying to hold it, only to collapse down with a thud, much to her laughing delight, and similarly he was joined by Alex in having a chuckle at Jack's expense. Said man picked himself up with a grumble as he took his place back at the triangle, but got a hand on the shoulder from the blonde and a smile. "It's cool, you gave it a shot. Your turn now!"

"Alright then... Alex, truth or dare?" Jack said, turning his attention to him.

"I'll... I'll go with truth." He decided, briefly thinking a dare might end him up attempting something just as ridiculous.

"Way back, a couple years ago, you went on some blind date with a girl you met online, but you never said how it went or what happened on the night. Spill the beans! What went down."

"Shit, that one? Nothing fucking happened." Alex paused as Jack folded his arms, not accepting that as an answer. "Nothing happened because when I arrived at the place the chick was there, and had like her brother there with a bunch of... Fuck, like members of a fucking gang he was with! I'm seriously! She was a gorgeous looking lady, sure, Chinese or something and we had just ordered the damn starters when him comes in with his boys, they start arguing. I stood up to try and calm shit down, one of his boys took a step, and fuck man I just bolted the hell out of there! That's why I had to start using a new e-mail as well!"

This had Jessica laughing, making those lovely breasts jiggle sexily as she enjoyed hearing that wild story, leaving another big smile on her face quite unlike the honestly stunned expression Jack had on.

"Uhhh... Well shit, sorry... That's... Yeah, messed up..." Jack offered, clearing his throat before looking to the beautiful babe involved in this, unable to help himself sneaking a peek at those tits that were just shown off by the low light from their phones.

"Moving on... Your turn Jessica. You want truth, or you going to risk a dare?"

Jessica grinned and shrugged off the glances Jack had given her, there wasn't much point in her playing the naive girl and imagining that men didn't stare at her chest while she was in costume. Frankly, with that cleavage window her tops were famous for, she'd be more amazed if they didn't stare! Jessica rubbed at her chin thoughtfully before nodding her head and threading her fingers through her long blonde hair.


Jack and Alex looked at one another almost as if they were concerned at the fact that she had called their bluff. Alex shrugged his shoulders to his buddy before a smile stretched across his face. He shot Jack a 'trust me' glance before speaking.

"I dare you to not wear those shorts for the next round of the game."

"Oh dude! Come on!" Jack protested, worried that the new dare would either upset Jessica or make her want to leave the gym. The two men started to argue but Jack's protest was silenced by the fact that a pair of shorts hit him in the face. Looking down at them, he almost gave off a cartoon-ey gulp as he realised that they were Jessica's. The two men looked over at her and the woman simply offered a shrug of her shoulders.

"I've been photographed in worse before. Besides, it's only one turn right? Alex! Truth or dare?"

Alex had been paying attention to Jessica, rather intently as soon as the bottoms had come off. In the darkness of the gym, he couldn't quite tell what she was wearing under her shorts but he knew it showed off more of her skin and frankly he was happy with that! Without thinking, he answered Jessica's question.


Jessica was quiet for a moment, looking over at the man before licking her lips slowly.

"Do you have a boner right now?"

"What!? No!" Alex exclaimed, doing his best to not actually broadcast the fact that he actually did have a boner. The man watched as Jessica got up onto her feet and moved over to where he was. She reached down and planted a hand on his lap, directly groping his length through the shorts. She made a soft gasp, silent almost save for only Jessica and Alex's ears. She looked up into his eyes and slowly cast out a wink before turning to Jack and shrugging her shoulders.

"He's right. No boner."

Jessica moved back to take a seat, not hiding her satisfaction as she now had a big smile on her face, glancing between the two men who actually both now were sporting hard ons in their pants, hidden by the lack of light.

"Shit... OK... Ahhh... Fuck..." Alex stuttered slightly at her boldness, looking to his friend to continue on the game that was now rapidly taking a teasing but sexy turn. "Jack, truth or dare?"

"Da... No, truth! Truth!" Jack quickly changed his mind, glancing between the man and the gorgeous babe involved in this.

"Uhhhhh... OK..." After a pause, Alex snaps his fingers, starting to smile. "Admit it. You fucking set this all up. You saw Jessica coming in, and knowing the massive crush you and me both have for her you set things up to "conveniently" make the power cut out! You just used the cover of this storm that's been going on to do it!"

"...The fuck man?" Jack questions with a glare, while Nigri just had another big laugh, unseen by them both slightly running a hand over her bare hip. "You think I'm some kind of super spy or some shit? I'd some, secret machinery or spy kit! And the only power around here is..." He paused, a look of realisation coming across his face before he reached down to grab his phone as a light source as he stood up. "You know what? I think this place has an emergency generator somewhere. I'll go check it out, see if I can find it." With that, the first one who had been in the gym left out through one of the 'staff only' doors and down the corridor towards where the generator was most likely hiding.

"...Well, that'd give us some light I guess..." Alex said, before turning to look at Jessica who grinned back, and soon so did he. "Guess it's just us for the moment then."

"I like the sounds of that..." Jessica teased, slightly running her tongue along her top lip as she took quite a long glance down at the hard-on she knew he was sporting. She liked what she had felt there, and to her it felt big and thick - certainly more than any size she's previously had seen, well felt before. And now with just the two of them here, things might get... Well, her thoughts were turning to if she could actually see what he packing in those shorts. Maybe his just as cute and hunky friend was just as hung?

"Truth or dare Jessica?" Alex asks as he also drinks in the sight of the busty, now clad in what appeared to be a tiny, dark thong but still with her footwear and straining workout top on.

"Dare." Jessica said with a smirk, staring him right in the eyes.

"I dare you to let me feel up your tits!" Alex boldly said, his smile widening when he sees her eyes widening in surprise at the order, her mouth hanging open slightly for a moment as she processes the request. Then Alex's smile started to fade slightly, wondering if he'd majorly screwed things up by going too far as she didn't respond instantly. Did he misread the signs? Did he...

"Double dare!" Nigri says as she shifts herself, getting onto her knees to face him, deliberately positioning her body so those fantastic, large breasts are pushed out towards him. "Let me grope yours, and I'll let you grope mine..." The blonde offered with another sexy smile as she took another long look at her shorts and the bulge in them.

"Fucking deal!" Alex said, shifting up to his knees similar to her placing so he can be close up in front of her.

Instantly he was made to gasp when he hand went right onto his bulge, making him lightly groan as Jessica didn't hold back, her hand cupping and moving across the outline of his shaft as she shifted back and forth along the package, her eyes locked down onto his shorts as she smiled. Moving his hands up, he took hold of a breast each as he cupped her big tits, making her sigh in pleasure just from the first touch as she glanced up with an approving smile. Still pushing her chest forward, he squeezes those mounds again to make her moan lightly and in return she gave his length a firmer grope to make him groan in response.

"Mmmm... Bet you've dreamed of doing this..." Jessica purred as she let her hand move back and forth over his cock through his shorts, getting a good feel of how much of a weapon the handsome man was packing as she lightly gave him practically a handjob through his clothing. "Getting your hands on my tits... These big, nice tits I'm always showing off in my outfits and videos..." She added with a groan, responding to his touching action on her boobs, his fingers digging in lightly into her tight top, able to similarly get more than a decent feel of how soft and bouncy those tits are as every time he ended a squeeze her chest jiggled sexily.

"Mmmmm! Fuck yeah Jessica... God these feel so fucking nice..." Alex groaned, forgetting in that moment that he's kneeling in a hotel gym in the middle of a power-cut as he stares down at her deep cleavage as he lewdly feels up those large, rounded tits. He gasps again as her frisky hand moved down lower, brushing over his nuts before travelling back up the shaft, and soon she did the whole motion again while running her eyes up at down him from his handsome face to down to that clearly sizable crotch.

"Yeah? You like feeling up my tits, huh?" Nigri moaned out, showing clearly her enjoyment of his hands moving over and groping her breasts, pushing the together for a long moment as his fingers sink slightly in, releasing them to make her mounds bounce within that tight top before he lunged those digits in for another long squeeze. "I know that... Mmmmm!! Fuck, you've got some great fucking hands!" She giggled with another slight lick of the lips as she looked up to him, moving her hand up from his cock to tease going under his top, before going back down to feel up his dick through his clothing.

"I bet you'd like... Mmmmm... To get a close look at my fucking dick... From the way you're... Ahhhhh... Trying to jack me off through my fucking shorts right now..." Alex moaned out to further show how great it felt to be having his manhood felt up like this, her hand sliding smoothly up and down over the tent in his shorts.

"Is that a dare, or are you asking a truth?" The cosplay model asked, teasingly raising an eyebrow as he slightly pouted. In the next moment she moaned out when he again used his hands to push those ripe tits together, slightly rubbing them against each other as he felt those boobs up for a long moment, and getting another deep squeeze onto his own dick in response.

"Well... Mmmmm! I think it's still my turn to decide since you went in for the double dare..." Alex smirks back, taking his hands off of those lovely breasts to make her sigh as she bit down on her bottom lip, giving his package another long grope but keeping her hand onto his shorts. "Oh fuck... It's a truth! Do you want to see my... Aw shit... Dick?"

Jessica grinned and left his pants alone for the first time in what felt like forever for Alex. She moved up on her knees and linked her arms around his neck, bringing his lips close to hers. Each others breath was being shared with one another as Jessica stared deep into his eyes before nodding her head. "Yes. I want to see your dick."

As she said that, she forced her lips on his and kissed him deeply while her hands ran down his chiseled front and towards the waistband of his shorts. Sticking her fingers on the inside, Jessica slowly slipped his shorts down around his ankles and released his fat dick into the open gym. Curling a hand around his rod, Jessica started to slowly pump it up and down while her lips brushed against his skin and then down to his stomach. Carefully dropping to her knees, Jessica looked up at Alex before casting a wink up to the man and bringing her tongue out to rub against his head. Spinning it around, Jessica made sure to taste every little bit on his dick's head while her hand curled around the base and slowly pumped it up and down. Her mouth opened slightly and her lips sealed around the head of it, her lips wrapping just under the curve of his bell end as she started to push her lips down his hard length.

"Mmmm mm mm!" Jessica moaned as she fed the cock into her mouth, her big eyes opened to stare up at Alex who had the look of a kid on Christmas morning about him. She listened to how he moaned and learned how she had to suck as she bobbed her head up and down on him. She loved this sort of interaction and she could feel the fabric of her lacy panties becoming damper as she sucked on him. Her hands reached up and groped at her chest while she sucked on him. Her tongue lapped at the underside of his fat dick while she pushed her lips down on him. Swallowing almost half of his dick, Jessica slowly withdrew and popped the fat cock out of her mouth so that she could breathe a little easier. Taking his dick in her hand, Jessica slapped the cock against the hollow part of her cheek as she looked up at him with a wry smile.
"My turn. I dare you to last five minutes with me."

"Really? That will be easier..." Alex said with a grin, looking down at her as she slowly stripped off her top to reveal the fact that she was wearing no bra. "Holy fuck!! Those tits are amazing..."

Quite rightly he marveled at those rounded, large breasts bouncing free from the top, her nipples hard to further show how turned on she was by this all and not a hint of tan lines either. Nigri just smirked as she took a hold of his dick and gave him a couple of pumps, making sure he's watching as she slapped her tongue against the crown, sliding it across the piss slit before making a swirling motion around, making him groan as she focused the attack on the head. Keeping her hand lightly pumping as she swirled across the bell end, she again used a hand on to feel up her own breast, lifting the right tit up with a squeeze before letting it fall and bounce while she licked away at the tip of his length cock.

"Show me how much you love my big fucking tits..." Jessica said with the kind of filthy tone that would fit straight in to any porno as she leaned back a little, allowing her to spit down onto the head of his cock and then use her hand to quickly rub that saliva all over his inches. "I'm about to choke like a slut on this fat fucking dick!" She said with a shameless but red hot grin before she opened up and sank her head down, taking his dick in and going right to work with sucking him off again, one hand placed onto his hip while she kept the other gripping his base. That allowed her to lightly pump the lower part while her hungry mouth worked over the top half with quick and noisy slurps, groaning around that man eat as she took him back and forth into her mouth.

"Oh fuck Jessica!! Mmmmm!! Oh shit..." Alex moaned in delight, watching as her head smoothly bobbed up and down onto his stiff pole with rapid motions as she lifting up to the bell end of his rod before racing back down. That combined with her jerking hand over the bottom part of him was way more than enough to have pleasure rushing through him, but this wasn't his first experience getting blown. Sure, he'd never been sucked by such a stacked blonde hottie before, and already from the way she was layering her saliva onto his member she was showing off a whole lot more skill in terms of cock sucking that quite a few of his previous sexual partners. But lasting five minutes, not that he was actually bothering to count right now, was not going to be an issue. Good for him as it meant feeling more of that warm, soothing mouth working back and forth over his length as she briskly bobbed her head onto his tool.

The stunning cosplay model soon had reason to moan herself around that cock she was sucking when he moved his hand down, taking the invitation from before as he firmly gave her tits a squeeze, delivering a long grope to the left and then switching to the right. Keeping her head moving up and down onto that rod, Jessica closed her eyes and let herself run almost on autopilot from the lust she felt, blowing a man she'd only really known for maybe around an hour and was now almost naked, on her knees in front of him and sucking his dick as a "dare". Shifting her hand down towards the balls to cup them for a moment, she pushed her head down further onto him, encouraged by the groping being done to her breasts to see if she can carry out what she vowed to do to him minutes before.

"HHHHRRRKKKK!! GAAAAAAAHHH!! UHHHHLLLKKK!!" The noisy, wild gagging she let out when she went down deep on him and took his length into her throat soon in an attempted deep throating showed that choking on him would not be an issue. From the long gasp he let out to match the grin on his face, he was more than happy with that and how her saliva was now seeping down to coat his dick. Her eyes opened as she lifted back up and all the way off of him, taking a moment to catch her breath before staring up with a narrow eyed glare of desire, using a hand to swiftly stroke him and work that saliva all over him, leaving that dick coated with more than a generous amount of her spit.

"You... Mmmmm... You weren't even counting the time, were you?" Jessica questioned as she delivered another pump, moaning herself as he continued to play and toy with her sexy tits. "Me neither..." She added, drawing in a big breath before plunging back down, impaling her beautiful face onto that fat cock and making him groan and dig his fingers into her breast as she went all in to push her face into his crotch. "GAAAAAAAHHH!! UUUULLLLHHHKKKK!! GAAAAAAHHH!!" Clenching her eyes shut, she kept herself forced down to properly deepthroat all of his manhood, her saliva splattering out of her mouth as she fought and failed to keep those lips pressed around him. This left that spit seeping out and down onto his balls and her own chin, starting to trickle further down to make it all the more sloppier. Once again, she was was forced to pull up and off of him, casting another sensual look up at him before she placed both hands onto his waist, spitting onto his cock before she parted those lips and took him inside.

"Awwwww shit!! MMMMM!! Holy fuck Jessica!!" Alex moaned out, tilting his head back in delight as she started to face fuck herself onto his dick, slurping loudly and making this blowjob messy as she quickly and steadily worked her head back and forth along his size. Occasionally she would gag when she pushed downward but despite her eyes now watering slightly she couldn't help but feast on this delicious man meat, her panties now getting ruined from the forming dampness as she's turned on both by dishing out this oral sex act and the hunk she's blowing having a field day by groping her large tits while she sucks him off.

Speaking of wet, those beautiful and big breasts were now getting a covering, the saliva she was spreading out over his tool now dripping off of him as well as trickling off her own chin from the repeated and rapid motion. Long strands of her saliva dripped down, sometimes being broken off when her face rushed in and the strand touched her chin to force the snap, landing onto those being toyed with tits that now looked even hotter than before as they glistened slightly in the dim light. Those initial five minutes were now long gone as he looked back down and saw her intensely gazing up at him, still energetically sucking him and making herself choke erotically on his member when she pushed down deep as she more than lived up to her vow to resemble a cock-loving slut. From the moans both of them were letting out as she slurped and slurped again onto that dick, neither of them had any issue at all with that, and neither showed any signs of wanting this to end anytime soon.

That was, until above the lights above them flickered on to a slightly dimmed brightness, more than enough to give a clear illumination of the hotel gym they were in. For a moment, Jessica froze, Alex's cock halfway in her mouth as the two looked at each other, then remembering that there was actually a third party involved in this. Jack.

Jessica's eyes floated up to Alex and that sly smile that was on her face before she started even jerking on Alex was back on her face. Letting Alex fall from her mouth, a long trail of saliva detaching itself from his dick's head and then smacked against her very messy breasts as she rearranged herself on her knees.

"Don't think we have those five minutes any more sweetie. Let's see how we can do in three minutes."

Jessica then curled her very fantastic breasts around his dripping wet dick and started to pump them up and down, her hands resting on the back of Alex's knees while she pressed her breasts together with her upper arms, keeping them curled around him tightly. Bringing them up and down, Jessica spat another bead of her spit onto his fat dick and continued to lubricate his shaft as it pumped up and down between her tits.

"Oh fuck yeah... I bet you never thought you'd get between these would you? Have you jerked off to these big tits before? I bet you have!" Jessica teased as she looked over her shoulder to try and see where Jack was while she frantically tit-fucked Alex. Listening to the man groaning, the blonde headed cosplayer had to fight every single urge not to reach between her legs and finger herself. She was so damned horny! Bouncing her lovely tits up and down faster and faster, Jessica bit down on her bottom lip while she did her absolute best to make Alex cum as soon as she could do. However, their time was up when they heard the squeak of the door behind them.

"It's okay, it's okay hold off the applause it'd only make me blush..." Jack started as he stepped through the door and was greeted by the sight of Jessica tit-fucking his best friend. His jaw dropped slightly and he could feel a very sizeable bulge forming in his sweat shorts. Reaching down, Jack almost subconsciously groped at his own dick through his shorts while he looked at the erotic sight. Jessica let Alex fall from her body and turned to face Jack, her saliva coated breasts were now entirely visible to the other man. Everything seemed to slow down as Jessica stripped her soaked panties away from her body and dropped them to the side.

"I've got a truth for you now Jack... I want you to fuck me."

That was all the man needed, practically sprinting over to the now totally naked woman, Jack managed to kick his shorts and underwear away before letting her see his fully erect length. Jessica purred at the sight and then pressed the man down onto his back, Jack landing on his ass and then on his back as the blonde headed woman gripped his steel rod of an erection and pressed it against the lips of her soaking wet entrance. Cooing with pleasure, Jessica rubbed her lips along the length of him before she reached down between her legs and then pressed it inside of her. Forcing every single inch inside of her almost at once, Jessica threw her head back and let out a loud moan of approval as her soft hands rested on Jack's firm pectoral muscles. Her nails scratched against his skin gently as she tried to adjust to having her cunt stuffed full so soon. Running a hand through her long blonde hair, Jessica groaned in pleasure as she started to lift her hips up very slowly and then drop them down just as swiftly.

"Ohhhh fuck yes..." Jack moaned, his green eyes settling on her blue ones. Lifting her ass up and then slamming it back down, Jessica was starting to get a good riding rate going on with the hard dick inside of her while she stroked her fingers through Jack's chest hair. The blonde reached down and pressed her saliva covered lips against Jack's previously dry ones as the two shared a passionate kiss. Moaning into one another's mouths, Jessica reached down and laid his hands on her big breasts, letting him squeeze them as he saw fit.

"Mmmmm!! Mmmmmm..." Even muffled by the kiss her moans were still able to be heard as she slapped her tongue against the lucky, hung hunk she was now mounted on, lifting and lowering her wet and tight snatch at a steady, needy pace along his length. She was soon smiling into the lip lock when she felt those hands now gripping into her mounds, causing her to groan at the rough digging in of his fingers into her jiggling flesh as she rode him at the same time. "Mmmmm... Oooooooh fuck!! Mmmmmm!! Yeah... Yeah!!" Breaking off the kiss to lean back, Nigri moaned out with a naughty high pitched voice, tossing her long hair back as she focused on bouncing on that big cock, gasping when she dropped down to the base, taking all of that thick shaft up into her tightness. From the moans being let out by the man underneath her, her riding motion was more than doing the job as the gorgeous model was now shamelessly fucking a handsome man who she barely knows, just minutes after having sucked off and tit fucked a similar hunky stranger.

"Shit! That's... That's real fucking hot!" Alex commented as he stood at the side of the other two, his hand wrapped around his soaked with saliva cock as he lightly pumped himself to keep himself moaning as he watched the red hot fucking going on in front of him. How he didn't cum from being so deep in that wonderful mouth of hers, and then getting a go between those amazing tits he had no idea. Then again, how his best friend wasn't blowing up inside her from the way she was swiftly raising and harshly dropping that curvaceous body right down onto him was also a minor miracle.

Gritting her teeth for a moment, Jessica turned her head to the side, her eyes locking onto the being jerked off cock of the other man, unable to stop herself licking her lips at the sight of the dick she'd already gotten more of a fair taste of. Moaning, she continued to use this energetic pace to work all of Jack's cock deep into her tight pussy, filling her full quite unlike anything she's felt in... Months? Years? It felt damn amazing that's for sure, especially with her tits still getting felt up while she gleefully rides that man in the very gym he works in, ensuring he moans out when she drops down to take him to the hilt, her body smacking against his so her rounded ass cheeks shake from the stiff impact.

"Mmmmmm!! Fuck... Get... Get that fucking cock back here!" She demanded, not even waiting for a yes or no as she reached forward and took a hold of Alex's dick, but with a grin he wisely obeyed the order as he stepped forward. His reward as getting to moan out again as her head went back to work bobbing away with speed as she immediately started to choke herself on that length with noisy sucks. "UHHHHLLLKKK!! GAAAAAAHHH! GAAAAH!! HHHHHLLLLLRRRRKKKK!!" Closing her eyes as she kept one hand onto Jack's hand as he felt up her tits, her other took a hold of Alex's waist for balance so she can properly and sloppily blow him. So despite barely knowing either of these men, she was now all too eagerly and expertly for that matter taking both of their cocks into her at the same time as she bounced away on the dick stuffing her twat full, while face fucking herself onto the other equally lengthy and meaty to match shaft.

"Awwwwww fuck!! FUCK!! Mmmmm..." Alex moaned deeply, his hands going onto the top and back of her wildly bobbing head, getting handfuls of that long blonde hair as she steadily worked her head up and down over his whole length, once again making saliva drip off those inches from the repeated motion. There was cock sucking skill, there was pornstar level ability, but there was a hunger that she was using to devour his tool as she deep throated him time and time again, and causing herself to gag loudly each time she diving down onto that fuck stick. "Awwwwww MMMMM!! Oh shit! Fucking... Oh JESSICA!!" He grunted as his chest heaved, watching the busty stunner sucking his shaft while she rode his best buddy on the floor underneath her. Little drops of sweat were now trickling down his face, feeling his cock throb within that warm and damp oral hole that was gliding quickly over his inches, making sure they were completely soaked with her saliva that dripped down onto her and down to the floor of the gym they were fucking in.

"Oh fuck!" Jack exclaimed, watching as Jessica slobbered over Alex's dick as she rode him like he was her own personal sex toy. Doing his best not to blow at the sight of her hot spit spilling out onto her chest and running down her chin. He couldn't believe that THE Jessica Nigri was reacting like this! She looked so damned hot as she was double teamed by two strong men in the gym and she actually was in control. The way her head bobbed, despite Alex's grip in her hair, mixed with the way that she threw her hips up and down on his dick all showed that the stunning, big breasted cosplayer was in absolute control of fucking the two men. Jessica let out a beastly moan and Jack felt her inner walls tighten around him. Was she going to cum right away? He looked up at her and watched as Jessica pulled Alex's dick out of her mouth and slapped the messy head against her cheek a few times, slapping her messy spit against the hollow part of her cheeks while she started to ride Jack just a little bit faster.

Jessica took her hands off of Alex's dick and started to stroke and jerk his length while her tongue eagerly lapped and licked against the head of Alex's prick, seeming to know that his orgasm was getting close at hand. Her hands stroked and played with his balls as she worked on him, her eyes focusing up at him while she bounced on Jack's dick.

"Oh fuckkkkk!" Alex cried out, wiping away beads of sweat from his forehead as Jessica started to suck harder and harder. His cries of pleasure fell silent and Jack watched as Jessica stopped sucking and held her mouth wrapped around his dick's head and then she slowly pulled her lips away. Her tongue moved out from her mouth and she showed off Alex the pearly load that was sitting on her tongue. Grinning, Jessica put her tongue back into her mouth and then very visibly gulped down the thick load.

"Aw shit." Alex groaned as he moved over to one of the weight benches, sitting down almost in sheer disbelief at what had just happened. He looked down at his dick and then over at Jessica and Jack, the blonde of the three simply giggled.

"You'd better not be done Alex!" She teased, turning back to look at Jack before she cast a wink down at the man and moved her focus right back to the hard dick that was stretching and pressing inside of her. Her hands roamed over Jack's chest before resting on the man's shoulders and pressing him back down onto the mat while her legs moved onto his and she pressed some more of her weight onto him, helping the blonde slam herself down just a bit harder on his cock.

"Mmm fuck! You are so tight Jessica!" He gasped, watching her saliva covered breasts bouncing as she rode him with hard and heavy strokes.

"I bet you say that to, ah shit, all the, mmm fuck... Girls you get in here." She teased, her ass slapping against his legs while she rode him as hard as she could do. The sultry sound of skin on skin started to ring out in the gym and then Jessica and Jack's moaning joined the symphony. Sitting up on his ass, Jack dug his fingers into Jessica's ass and started to help her bounce up and down on his dick that was still buried deep inside of her.

"Aw fuck! Fuck that feels so good!" Jack moaned against her breasts as he moved to kiss against her breasts. Jessica, however, had a very different idea. Wrapping her arms around the back of his head, Jessica shook her chest from side to side, smothering him with her breasts essentially but loving how he still took the time to kiss and lick against the skin. Laughing mixed in with the primal sounds of her grunting as she bounced up and down on his dick as hard as she could do.

"Oooooooh FUCK!! MMMM... Yeah!! Oh shit... Oh shit!!" Nigri squealed in delight as she stopped the "motorboating" motion, gripping his shoulders now as she kept up the rapid bouncing pace, closing her eyes now as a stream of groans escaped from her mouth. Jack took the chance to wrap his lips around her nipple, sucking moaning around it to in turn make her groan in delight, his hands still gripping her butt to aid her slamming motion right up and down on his length. With another gasp and a loud moan, she tilted her head back as her snatch clamped around that meaty pole, a rough orgasm rocking her curvy body as her moans echoed around the dimly lit gym they were fucking in.

Watching on, Alex grinned and stroked his cock back to hardness, ready to go once again as he watched the sexy cosplay model cumming all over his best friend's cock in a scene hotter than any porno he'd ever watched before. Letting out a slight moan as her jerked, it caught her attention as she looked over with a sly but sultry smile, taking a long gaze over his stiff rod with clear approval. Coming to a stop on Jack, she pushed him back down to the floor, lifting herself off of his cock to make them both groan as she stood up from the floor, a brief glance around before she eyed up the very bench Alex was sitting on.
"Time for another truth round... You boys ever spit roasted a slut before?" Jessica asked as she looked at the both of them, that smile still on her pretty face as she eyed up their cocks.

"No, but I think we're about to!" Alex quickly said as he stood up, soon joined by the other man involved in this.

"Fucking right you are!" Nigri laughed as she moved over, climbing up onto it to get into the classic doggy style position, her backside pushed out and her large tits hanging down and already swaying slightly as her hands gripping the sides of the bench. "Dare time Jack - I want you to let me clean up that mess I just made all over you big fucking cock!"

"You had your turn with that truth... It's our turn to call the shots..." Jack stated even as with a smirk he moved in front of her, while his friend moved into position behind her. "Dare - take a fucking in both ends Jessica... Like a hot fucking slut!"

Responding with a grin, the blonde simply opened her mouth wide and invitingly, allowing Jack to slide his dick all the way until the point the crown touched the back of her mouth to cause the first of several more gags to come from her. She just gazed up lustfully at the hunk she'd cum over seconds ago, true to her word starting to clean up herself off of him as she worked her tongue up and around that meat while starting to rock her head along his length. At the same time, her whole body was made to shift forward slightly when she felt Alex pushing his dick into her slick and tight pussy, making her moan and glance back as he took a hold of her hips and began to thrust in and out of her love tunnel and much to her delight he was already going in balls deep to make her be stuffed full once again with cock.

"Mmmmmmphhh!! GAAAAHHHH!! Mmmmm... MMMMMMPHHH!!" A mixture of groans, moans, and noisy gags were now escaping her as she rocked back and forth lightly between the two men who are fans of the busty model, and were now getting to spit roast her as one pumped his dick deep into her wet snatch while the other got pleasured and left throbbing by her hot and hungry mouth. It was certainly clear that all three of them felt no shame about engaging in such steamy sex in such a wide-open space of this gym, but driven by lust for this already fantastic threesome they had no plans to stop this any time soon. For the moment, Jessica was focused on first getting Jack off, and by the way he was deeply moaned as she gagged and slobbered messily over that dick to leave her saliva dripping down his pulsating pole, that wasn't too far off. Add in the fact that Alex was clearly no one-shot wonder and was already nicely banging her wet cunt from behind with a series of stiff and steady thrusts? This night was going far, far better than she could have ever dreamed! Perhaps it could still get better!

"Oh man!! This is... Mmmmm!! Fucking better than any workout..." Alex moaned as he pumped his shaft in and out of her snug pussy, that tightness wonderfully wrapped around his tool that was rock hard like he'd never blown his load yet, and using a stiff pace to plunge in deep into her to also show he had plenty left in the tank. From the way the horny blonde was pushing her sexy ass back towards him as he fucked her, she wasn't going to accept anything less than everything that a fan of hers has, including all of that cock pumping deep into her snatch.

"Mmmmm!! Too fucking... Oh wow... Right this is... Shit that's so good..." Similarly the other impressively hung man at her other "end" was being made to moan out as her cock hungry and far from inexperienced mouth worked rapidly up and down his inches. Saliva was now messily pouring off of his cock as Jessica noisily and nastily choked herself on his shaft over and over again, her spit pooling onto the surface of the bench was getting banged on and dripping down onto, and off of, his heavy ballsack. "Ahhhhhhh... Holy fuck!! MMMM... You fucking suck cock so good Jessica..." He was able to moan out as he stared down, watching that pretty face loom closer and briefly press against his crotch before racing back up, soon coming right back down onto his dick with sinful desire as with watering eyes she gazed up at the hunk she was deep throating.

Closing her eyes, the big breasted blonde somehow managed to control herself somewhat, still pushing sharply back against the pumps going into her snatch but now more steadily bobbing her head onto Jack's dick, not gagging over him now as she kept her lips tightly wrapped around that fat slab of man meat. Working over the portion that didn't make her gag may have stopped the discomfort but it didn't ease of the pace of this threeway as she handled a dick in both ends, sucking away on the groaning man in front of her while the other sent his cock straight into her now very wet but still pleasurably snug twat.

"Mmmmm!! Mmmmmmphh!! Mmmmm..." Nigri groaned around that dick as she slurped away on it, her large boobs still swaying away in time with the rest of her tanned body as she rocked against the thrusts stuffing her tight tunnel full from behind. A part of her couldn't actually believe she was doing this - fucking two fans of hers who she still barely knew, and now was sandwiched between them and getting some of the best sex of her life as her snatch got fucked and her mouth got filled up at the same time. "Mmmmmphhh!! Uhhhlllllppphhhh... Mmmmm!!" Perhaps make that the best sex so far, because neither she nor the two well equipped studs looked like they were planning on ending this any time soon, proven by how Alex was ready to go just moments after busting a nut, and was slamming deep with a perfect pace as he took her from behind.

"Oh shit Jessica!! I'm gonna... Oh shit!!" Jack tried to warn her, but that just made her gaze up, smirking around his throbbing cock as her hands went up and gripped his thighs, preventing him from pulling out of her talented oral hole. Moving her head steadily back and forth along his size as she took a pumping into her slick snatch, she was soon taking her second creamy load of the night as the first big blast of spunk shot out of the cock she was sucking, making her shiver in delight as her mouth got filled up with jizz. Even as the last couple of drips were pushed out and his member softened between her lips, she continued to blow him until she pulled back and completely off of him, opening her mouth to let him see all the cum she'd collected, and then promptly swallowed the whole lot down with a single, greedy gulp.

With Alex still pounding away into her snatch and starting to go balls deep into her still tight and wet cunt to keep her moaning, the beauty who was the real life Juliet Starling licked her lips as she reached up, not giving Jack too long to recover from his release as she took his member back into her mouth. Giving him further reason to grin, the groaning stunner started sucking his dick again with the intention of getting him hard one more time, and unsurprisingly that didn't take too long at all - barely a couple of minutes before once again she was firmly and deeply getting spit roasted by the two best friends.

Jessica started to whine and moan around the fat cock as it slid in and out of her mouth, her pussy started to hug against Alex's dick, her orgasm was starting to creep up on her. Her nails scratched against the floor and she whined in pleasure as her big eyes flicked up to look at Jack as he seemed to know what was coming. Pulling his own dick out of her mouth, he took a step back and watched as Jessica's head fell forward, her long hair landing on either side of her head as she was fucked hard from behind.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Mmmmm! Shit yeah!" Jessica panted as the sound of skin hitting skin started to fill the inside of the room. Her head fell forward before her back arched and her tight snatch exploded around Alex's eager prick. The man behind the busty blonde model gave her rear a playful slap and watched her gasp in delight before pushing her cunt back against him, rolling her hips around in slow, steady circles. The blonde laughed and lifted her head up to look over her shoulder at Alex. "If you're going to smack it, at least fuck it as well."

The two men were silent for a moment as they looked down at Jessica who was still on all fours but looking around the gym. After a tense moment, Jack pipped up. "I've got some lube behind the counter if you're serious. I mean, some of the gym users need a little on them before they work out, so..."

Standing up, she pointed over at one of the weight benches and nodded her head. "There. You can fuck me again over there." Standing up, Jessica pointed at the bench and motioned for Jack to come forward. "Get that fucking lube Jack then sit right down here. Alex, be gentle. This is going to be my first time getting it in the ass."

Jack was all too eager to race across the gym, in record time returning with the bottle of lube that while not strictly designed for sex would more than do the job. Handing it to his friend, he took a seat and then watched as Jessica slipped her legs over his and pressed her fingers against his shoulders. She winked down at him before kissing him, her mouth opening so she could slip her tongue into his mouth. Her seeping slit found Jack's eager prick and she slowly rolled herself down onto it. Both of them moaned in sheer bliss as her soaking wet opening was filled to the brim with another rock hard cock. His hands came up off of the bench and stroked against the side of her body while she slowly pushed herself down to sit completely down on his dick. Sitting on him, Jessica slowly rolled her hips around before lifting her head, letting out a groan when she felt a cool sensation suddenly venturing into her tight as only to be expected backside. and looking over her shoulder at Alex.

"Nice and slow." She said, looking over her shoulder at Alex and biting on her bottom lip as she looked up at Alex who was indeed slowly moving his finger in and out of her butt, lubing her asshole nicely and perhaps showing this might not be the first time he'd fucked someone up the ass. Her request wasn't just for the preperation, but for the anal to come as she truly had never been taken in that hole before, already gritting her teeth as she felt her ass getting lightly finger fucked, but moaning as well as she continued to grind down against the cock deep in her wet snatch.

"Nice and slow." He repeated, letting her know that he had heard her and understood what she had told him as he gave her ass another few pumps with his finger before pulling out, then taking the time to apply some of the lube onto his rod and stroking it all over him for good measure. A tense silence hung between the three as the head of Alex's dick pressed against her impossibly tight ass and he very slowly started to push his way forward. Jessica let out a low groan and her lips came down to find Jack's when the blonde cosplay superstar was totally filled.

For a moment Jessica could do nothing, frozen on the spot as she felt those big dicks inside of her. Mounted right on top of the hunk she was making out with to handle all of his shaft inside her wet snatch, while feeling her now formerly virgin asshole being forced to stretch to accommodate the equally fat prick being slowly, almost teasingly pushed in and then smoothly out of her gorgeous ass. Upon feeling Jack work his hips up to deliver a firm thrust up into her snatch, her mind snapped back to reality as she moaned into his mouth, her tongue slapping against his as her body started to lightly bounce between the two men.

"Oh fuck... Holy fuck!! God... This is so fucking tight..." Alex marvelled as he gritted his teeth, not having to lie about how vice-like her rear was being around his dick even with all her juices not to mention her saliva that had coated his rod. True to his word, he slid his length in at a controlled pace, allowing them both to adjust to the tightness that was making them both groan as he slowly fucked that shapely ass. "Ahhhhh... Oh Jessica... Fucking take it up the ass..." He added, raising a hand to deliver a contrasting sudden, hard slap onto her ass, causing her to toss her head and long blonde hair back with a moan of a true slut, the flesh of her cheek jiggling before he gripped her ass to keep it spread apart, allowing him to spit down onto his dick as sent it forward into her asshole.

Underneath the beautiful, busty babe, Jack had a perfect view of those massive, rounded tits shaking in front of his face as her body jolted in response to his thrusts right up into her dripping wet cunt and the pumps from his best friend entering into her ass as they double penetrated Jessica Nigri. Unable to resist, his hands slid up her side and onto those lovely tits, squeezing and groping them and causing her to moan out in delight again at the very welcome sensations, only slightly hissing at the rough way his fingers were digging into the more than ample flesh. She could easily forgive him considering how well his cock was filling up her pussy, making her rock back against his and the other stud's pumps as they banged her lower holes.

"FUCK!! MMMMM... Oh yeah... Yeah!! Fuck me boys! Fuck me... Fucking use me!!" She begged, gasping as she felt a slightly harder thrust going into her asshole along with another inch of Alex's dick, making her close her eyes and clenched her teeth. The discomfort she felt from having her ass fucked for the first time was being more than outweighed by all the pleasure she was feeling from this hot and heavy threesome in this power-cut gym, the dim light still showing off her stunning, curvaceous body that was even hotter now with a layer of sweat all over her. "Ooooooooooh FUCK!! OH FUUUUCKK!! Oh God my ass!! UHHHHH!! Don't... Don't stop!!" Nigri squealed as she opened her eyes, looking back over her shoulder with pure lust at the hunk who was steadily pumping her butt from behind, giving an indication that he may have tapped some ass before in his life, but never one as smoking hot or as super tight as hers. Her horny gaze soon turned to the man she was on top off, licking her lips as she watched him grope away at her big breasts and ram his dick upwards into her soaking wet snatch.

Jessica barely knew these handsome strangers who happened to be fans of her, but over the course of an hour she was now their personal DP slut - having all too willingly offered up all of her holes and even her tits to them all to be used, on top of having already swallowed down a load of cum from both men. That thought, combined with the pumping that she was getting into those snug lower holes was enough to set her off again, and with her eyes rolling into the back of her head she found herself cumming hard over Jack's cock, making both men groan out as her snatch and back passage clamped around their thrusting dicks. To her moaning, shameless delight those stiff pumps didn't stop as she experienced her first double penetration orgasm, one even harder and vastly more pleasurable than the sexual high she'd gotten just from being spit roasted by these hung hunks.

Her tightening holes forced the two sweat-glazed hunks to ease off the pace of their pumps both because of that vice-like grip and to marvel at the red hot sight of the stunning blonde cumming because of their dicks that are buried deep into her dripping wet snatch and now formerly virgin asshole. Alex gasped as he gave her shapely backside a firm squeeze then a sharp spank for good measure, causing her to groan as she looked back, another gorgeous smile on her face that had strands of that blonde hair sticking to her from the sweat she's drenched in after all this threesome action in this hotel gym.

"Still... Still hard?" Jessica questioned, even though she could clearly feel him and his best friend still deep in her lower holes. She wanted to hear him, hear them both say it.

"Ready for more." Alex almost growled as he licked his teeth, pulling his cock out of her booty and seeing her asshole gape for a moment.

"Same here Jessica." Jack chipped in, getting a smile from her as he'd saved her from asking him the same question and thinking the same as his buddy, he used a grip on her toned midsection to life her up and off from his coated with her juices cock.

"Good! I've got one last dare for us..." Nigri stated as she shakily stood up from the bench, glancing between the two studs and their delicious looking members. "We're switching holes. Stay down Jack and stuff that dick in my butt. Alex? Hammer my pussy until I fucking soak you. I want to get nailed until I can barely think!"

They didn't need to be told twice, as Jack remained laying down on the gym equipment, quickly grabbing the bottle of lube to apply the liquid onto his member, giving a few strokes before watching as the stunning cosplayer mounted him again but facing the opposite direction, reaching down so she can line up and the force his member up into her ass. Both groaned when the fat bell end and then the first inch entered her asshole, a couple of bounces ensuring that dick was right into her before she went to sink down further. No sooner had she gasped in delight then she squealed with a sexy laugh when waiting no more, Alex came forward and scooped her legs up to make her suspended off the ground, her eyes then glued down onto his dick as he moved in and pushed his cock into her wet pussy to fill her up with a single thrust.

Then, they started fucking her until she could barely think.

"HO... LY... FUUUUUUUUUCK!!" Jessica screamed as she tossed her head back, staring up at the roof as the onslaught of thrusts began, wild and stiff pumps plunging into her dripping wet snatch and her tight, nicely thick ass, her moans long and loud around the dimly lit gym that's become their sex den for this three-way action. "AHHHHHH... MMMMMM FUCK!! FUCK FUCK FUCK YES MMMMMMM FUCKING FUCK MEEEEEEE AHHHHHHH!!" She yelled as she forced her head back forward so she could stare with filthy lust at the hunk opposite who was driving his shaft balls deep into her dripping like a waterfall pussy. He was more than happy to oblige with thrust after hard and sudden thrust, groaning primally himself as he keep a hold of her waist, her legs spread and dangling over his shoulders as she's suspended between two fat and long cocks that are sending to a place somewhere close to Heaven but far, far more sinful.

"Fucking... UHHHHH!! Holy shit!! MMMMM... Thought... They only did this... AHHHHHH... In porn!!" Jack grunted out as he firmly pumped his cock upward into the blonde's nicely juicy rump, his hands up and shamelessly gripping her large and sexy tits to grope and feel them up but unintentionally helping to keep her held in place so both her and his best friend can slam their big cocks into her needy, tight holes. While taking a stunning beauty up the ass might be a new experience to him, he's showing his sexual skill by handling her backside with a smooth and swift thrusting pace, her juices all over his cock helping him to slide in deep and make her rock back and forth against that pistoning tool.

"MMMMMM SHIT!! Ahhhhhhh... Lucky... Lucky fucking us huh?? MMMMM!!" Alex is able to say between his own deep groans of delight as he rams his manhood back and forth into those slick folds, spoilt for choice as to what to watch as he fucks the slutty babe - those jiggling, being felt up tits or her pretty moaning face? It's win-win either way as he plunges in and out of her pleasurably snug pussy while his best friend pounds away up into her backside at the same time. "AHHHHHHH... FUCK... Close... I'm... AHHHHHH... OH SHIT... MMMMM Jessica!!" He admits, feeling that familiar twitch of his cock as he drives himself into her wet snatch to keep her moaning loudly over and over as she takes every inch of his shaft into her love tunnel while taking plenty more cock into her ass from underneath.
"OH... Oh yeah?? YEAH?? MMMMMM!!" Nigri hisses with another lusty look over the stud hammering into her soaking cunt before looking back over her shoulder at the other muscular and hung hunk who was stuffing her ass full as he goes to town on her ripe tits with deep and rough gropes. "You fuckers... UHHHHHH!! Gonna fucking cum huh?? MMMMMM FUUUUUUCK!! You're gonna... AHHHHHHH... FUCKING CUM ON MY FUCKING FACE MMMMMM!! OVER MY FUCKING TITS!!" She screamed out the demand as her stunning, curvy fame rocks between the two fans of hers, making full use of this opportunity as they fuck her hard over and over again to impale her on their pulsating shafts with one pounding away at her rounded and full backside and the other driving in to the hilt into her pussy.

For a third, mind blowing moment Jessica Nigri could only moan out in joy as the floodgates were opened wide, her juices flowed out over the cock driving in and out of her snatch, and another orgasm to remember rocked the blonde's red hot body, all the sensations only enhanced by the fucking her ass is taking at the same time. Her head rolled back to match the action her eyes were doing, almost drooling from the lustful pleasure rocking her as her lower holes take this stiff double penetration as her breasts continue to be gripped and grabbed, the only reason she's staying in position due to the two men fucking her keeping that tight hold on that beautiful and busty body.

Both men had tested themselves to the limit to give her that last high she demanded but neither could hold out anymore, with Alex the first to pull out with a gasp, soon followed by Jack leaving the grip of her back passage as the two friends lifted her sweat-coated frame up to set her down onto the floor of the gym. With another sinful smile she gazed up, glancing between their shafts and both men gripped their cocks and started to quickly stroke, giving her enough time to wipe her hair away from her face, and then take a hold of her large tits to push them together and upward to offer up another unmissable and sexy target.

"AWWWWWW FUCK!! FUUUUUUUUUUCK MMMMMM..." The deep groan escaped from Jack as the first warm shot of cum splattered onto the right side of her face all the way up the cheek nearly reaching the eye. He strokes away at his member, sending the next blast onto her chin and lips, reaching across to the other side, but the rest of his load is aimed down to land onto her ample chest as that right breast gets a nice glaze of spunk over the top and down the front towards her hand along with some landing down into the formed cleavage.

"MMMMMM SHIT!! AHHHHHHH... MMMMMM FUCK YEAAAAAAAH..." Alex blows his load only seconds later after his best friend, his initial blast splattering over the left side of her pretty face, making her close her eyes as the shot goes all the way up to the forehead, and the second rope goes diagonally over the cheek and onto her nose. Similarly he pumps his rod and targets her massive tits as the target for the rest of his seed, giving both tits generous amounts of his jizz to give her and her breasts the kind of covering they deserve.

"Holy fuck you guys!!" Jessica laughs before biting down on her bottom lip, staying in place as she feels the last drops of cum being emptied onto her titties as she keeps them being offered up to the studs who had given her multiple orgasms and fucked all of her holes. Finally letting go of her boobs, she uses a hand to wipe away jizz from her eye so she can look up at the two spent in more ways than one hunks who only naturally have massive satisfied grins on their handsome faces. "Guess I got you fucking worked up to have that much spunk still in you!"

"Yeah... Guess you had a Hell of an effect on us!" Jack laughs as he lets go of his spent dick.

"Too fucking right you did! Best fucking game of Truth or Dare I've ever played!" Alex adds as he lets out a sigh.

"Yeah... Can't fucking believe I finally took it up the ass..." Nigri smirks, glancing down at her spunk-covered tits for a moment. "Can't believe I enjoyed it so much either! You made me your fucking gym slut!"

"You say that like it's a bad thing..." Jack comments. "You need a towel, some water? I guess we'd better check in and see what's going on..."

Suddenly, the lights of the gym snapped back on to full to light up the gym, sending the three scrambling for their clothing as they were brought crashing to reality. Jessica laughed sexily again as she hauled her panties up her legs, soon followed by her bottoms as the two men got their shorts back on. As Alex got dressed, Jack raced over to the machine he'd been on, tossing his towel across to her and she quickly used it to wipe off the cum from her tits and her face, getting most of it before she got her top back on to cover up those boobs.

"Perfect crime, right?" Jessica said as the three stood, now fully clothed but showing some sweat on the exposed parts of their bodies as she held the now cum-filled towel in her hand for Jack to take.

"Yeah... I can file a report to say it was just us three, staying put while the power went out. No body is going to know that we just fucked like damn rabbits down here." Jack said, carefully taking the towel between fingers. "This can get dumped with the rest of the hotel laundry."

"That simple to buy your silence? Awwwww..." Nigri pouted cutely as she looked between the two best buddies.

"You thinking of something Jessica? Because I'm damn well all ears..." Alex says with a grin as he stares at her top-covered tits.

"Well... You guys said you couldn't get tickets for the convention tomorrow, right?" She asked, getting nods of agreement from them. "I can hook you up with passes. Backstage, all access, all that good stuff. Perks of being a cosplayer with a booth and photo sessions." She smirks as she sees the look on their faces. "Sound good?"

"Fuck yeah! That's fucking awesome!" Alex says, looking to Jack and giving him a high five and the sight of that makes her laugh.

"Oh man, this is the best day at work I've ever had!" Jack confirms as he thinks of the possibilities that could come from attending the convention tomorrow.

Little did both friends know that Jessica Nigri was thinking of ideas of her own as well. All of which involved her hooking up with them again. Some of them involving some good friends of hers with them as well... And she had a feeling she wouldn't need a game of Truth or Dare to get what she wants out of them either...


Thanks to Mean.Blackjack for co-writing this story!
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