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Jessica Nigri unfortune

Jessica had just woken up in her queen sized bed with drool going down her cheek onto the pink pillow that she was resting her head against. Her long blond hair was a mess like it always was in the morning. It was hard for her to resist just staying in bed all day but she knew that if she ever started to become too lazy it could effect her career.

It took a good few minutes before she could muster the strength and will to get out from underneath her covers. She dragged herself across the room to get a good look at herself in her full body mirror. In front of her she saw her half naked body clad in a pink thong with a black rosett on it and a matching bra. Her hair was all over the place which just made her sigh at thought of having to fix it up. Today was one of her rare free days off from either working on costumes or planning photo shoots and events.

After about an hour she was ready to get out of her house and enjoy the summer heat. She had put her hair straight down to the side with the rest falling over her shoulder on the other side of her like she usually does. Her clothing was nothing much since she didn't want to stand out too much. A simple black tank top and a pair of tight dark blue jeans.

She went outside into her front yard to get a good feel of the weather. The light was strong against her pale skin which was good since she wanted to try a tan. She felt like nothing could ruin her day off.

(The story is now made public since I haven't been able to update as much as I would have wanted to. I will try to make more in the future.)

What's next?

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