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Just Another Day In Norfolk

Even though the shades were drawn, the sun still managed to shine in through a gap in between them and the window, lighting up the bedroom just enough to fill it with a subtle early-morning glow. The room was fairly large, but still felt cozy due to the amount of furniture that filled it. There were two beds, one on each side of the room, and two desks on opposite walls, as well as one large closet that was basically overflowing with clothes, which were also strewn about the floor.

The house belonged to Mrs. Laney and this bedroom was shared by her two kids, Lance and Jolene. Lance was 20, almost 21, and was an athletic young man with short black hair and somewhat chiseled features. Jolene, who usually goes by Jo-Beth, was 19, and had a soft, pretty face, long brown hair, and a somewhat curvy figure due to her large breasts. Lance slept on the left side of the room while Jo-Beth slept in the bed on the right, closest to the bedroom door, which was open and led out into the upstairs hall. It was a school day, so both Laneys had to get up early, but they both still had some time to sleep before their alarm went off.

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