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Kami's New Futa World.

Guidelines and Introduction.

(Please keep all characters involved in erotic acts at least 18 years or older.)

The setting will be somewhere in the late 2040s.
A new sexually transmitted disease was engineered.

It only effected the offspring of the carrier, but it would cause about a 30-40% chance the females infected would give birth to a hermaphrodite. Not a regular Hermaphrodite. Somehow after reaching puberty they didn't develop masculine features, except on their male genitalia. They didn't have clits due to it actually being their penis, but they had a fully functional a uterus and testicles in most cases.

Due to not having enough room for both genitals in their frame, more of their penis sticks out of their body, making them on average longer than most men by default.

Their height can range from 5'6" to 7'2", but mostly stay in the 5'11 to 6'2" area.

Much like men, their penises range from a great deal of sizes. The smallest on record having an erection of 4.5 inches, while the largest on record is 16 inches long. They are usually about in the 10 to 12 inch areas.

Their testicles are usually twice the size of a male's, boosting their sex drive by quite a bit, even more so during their periods.

They're currently a minority even among minorities in the world.

Secret cults worship and serve the new third gender.

After 2025 the hermaphrodite disease had infected someone on every continent. The new gender was dubbed Futanari due to some hentai genre and social media surrounding the new teenage hermaphrodites, who also had a fairly high IQ on average.

They grew up to look extremely feminine and voluptuous, although petite ones existed.

America and a few European countries passed laws protecting and funding organizations dedicated to preserving the futanari gender of humans.

By the year 2042 futanari became slightly more common to see, where a about 15% of the human population was futanari.
You could tell when a Futa was in a swimsuit on the beach, and when an actual female was in one.

What's next?

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