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Katie's Muscle Journey 006

"Oh yeah... yeah... you go girl... push it!"

My sister Jessie is cheering me on as I give a loud, unladylike grunt, and squeeze out yet another squat with 225lbs, or 100kg, before staggering forward to rack the bar. I've just squeezed out 6 good solid reps on this weight, which is making many other guys, even the less scrawny ones, look at me with intimidated glances.

I chuckle to myself slightly as I catch sight of them out of the corner of my eyes. Some of them look impressed, and I notice they are the ones who look like they lift seriously. The weight I just did is probably not much to a serious male lifter, but for a girl I suppose it's pretty impressive. Some of the guys I notice shake their heads as if in disgust, but that's only to be expected. A few however, I think, look at me in the same way Jim used to look at me before we started dating, back then.

The thought sends another pang of anger through me. I sit down on a nearby bench to rest, while Jessie opens my training log and makes a few notes.

For these 4 weeks, I've been training with power-lifting methods, rather than the usual bodybuilding ones. It occurred to me that Michelle probably has a lot of brute strength, from her dragon-boating. Even though her body is mostly covered with fat, she probably has quite a bit of muscle underneath, as I could feel when we last clashed. In fact, her legs would be very strong, simply because they had to lug her weight around on a daily basis!

I realized I needed to train core strength, and so far it's been good progress made. In fact, it has allowed me to regain almost all my original strength at my peak, in my heyday.

"Your lifts just keep getting better," Jessie grins, showing me the log. "You've gotten back your old strength, I think!"

"Almost," I say, smiling at the thought. As I look at myself in the wall mirror, I can see the results of my months of training. With Jessie and Penny seeing to my nutrition, I am eating well enough to build muscle. My shoulders have become rounder, my back has broadened a bit, giving me more of a tapered waist. I stand, noting the increased size and definition in my leg muscles, and the tautness of my abs. Flexing my arms, I see to my pleasure that my biceps are larger and more well-defined, and so are my triceps. Of course, the biceps are just for vanity, but I guess I am a bit vain.

"You look like a real Amazon warrior!" Jessie gushes. "I think you're stronger than me again!"

"Shall we see?" I wink at her, still flexing.

"I've got an idea..." she says, grinning back. "Let's go to Penny's first for your post-workout meal, shall we? Those muscles need feeding!"

I enjoy a great lunch at Penny's place with the two of them, eating some beef strips with whole grain pasta, and a side helping of cauliflower. I'm topless after having a shower in her stall – by this time, we're all so familiar with each other that it feels very comfortable.

"So, Katie's training is going really well," Jessie comments, as we sit at the table.

"Do you think she's strong enough for Ryoko yet?" Penny asks hopefully.

"Hard to say... hasn't Ryoko been working out too?" Jessie asks me.

I think for a while, and nod. When I am at home it seems that she is fucking Jim all the time, but I do know she goes out regularly for workouts, about 4 days per week, and her muscle tone hasn't diminished one bit. During this past month, we've not had any strength contests, so it's difficult for me to gauge my progress directly compared to her. She's mainly forced me to watch while she performs various acts on Jim, which never fail to make him cum quickly and plentifully.

"Well, remember what you said before, Jess?" Penny says. "You said, and I agree, unfortunately, that if Katie is to stand a chance, she has to be stronger than both you and me combined."

"Yep. I have an idea for something we can do right now, to see if Katie has reached that level yet," Jessie says. "Let's have her take both of us on!"

"What, right now?"

"No, silly, we've just had lunch. After an hour or so!"

"Hey this is unfair," I protest. "My legs are sore! I've just had a heavy workout!"

"You said it yourself, Sis, you've got to train yourself to battle even in the most unfair situations," Jessie reminded me. I grumble a bit, but am forced to agree.

"Ok, but how're we going to do this 2 on 1?" I ask.

We quickly settle on the format: for arm wrestling, they will each take an arm, Penny my left and Jessie my right. I'll have to beat them both to be considered the winner for this. Then, for wrestling, we decide to try a tag system. Penny and Jessie will be a team, and I'll take them on one at a time, while the other sits on top of a couch (as we wrestle on the living room floor). They can tag each other in this way, and every time a tag is made we will have to break off, and restart from a neutral position. It will continue until I can make both of them submit to me, one after the other. Then, finally, a sexfight – Penny and I will engage directly in a sexfight, while Jessie assists Penny, either by doing things to me to hasten my orgasm, or by doing things to Penny to achieve the opposite.

We lounge around a bit, just chatting in general, until about an hour has passed. Then Jessie stands up, and goes to the dining table, stripping off her shirt and bra. "Come on Sis, time to show us what you got."

Penny and I follow her, Penny going topless as well. I sit at the table opposite them, and flex my arms, letting them feel my solid arm muscles. I feel pleased as they compliment me on how much progress I've made, but now I'm going to really put them to the test. I hold out my arms to either side, making it look like I'm doing a double bicep pose with elbows propped on the table.

Penny takes my left hand and Jessie my right. They nod at each other, and then wordlessly begin to pull at my arms, taking me slightly by surprise, as I was waiting for a standard countdown. "Hey..." But I have no chance to say anything more as they begin pulling with all their strength, making both my arms go down quite a bit.

We sit there straining for a long time. I'm flexing both arms as hard as I can, I imagine my upper body muscles must be all strained and flexed impressively right now. My pert breasts are propped up on the table as I lean forward, bracing my body. Slowly, I pull them both back upright, sucking in big breaths through my clenched teeth. Their faces are also showing the strain and effort.

It feels like a minute or so has passed, and I've just pulled them both firmly upright, our arms shaking a little but holding steady. I bow my head, take in a huge breath, and begin pressing inwards with every ounce of my strength. Penny and Jessie look almost comical as they struggle and flail, trying to resist my arm strength as I power their arms closer together in the centre of the table.

But it's taking a lot out of me... having to withstand both their combined strength at once, even if it's arm by arm. My progress slows, and then stops, with the two of them struggling a few inches from defeat, but managing to hold me off for the moment. Now comes the battle of attrition, the test of not just muscular strength, but willpower. Grimly they both hang in there, refusing to let their arms go down, knowing that at this point they still have a slight chance.

I look from side to side, at their flexing bodies, wondering if I can win this round. In my mind, I see Ryoko's face once again, and I imagine her taunting me... no, now I'm imagining her as my opponent, in a test of strength... she's pushing my hands back, as she's done quite a few times already by now...

"Nnnnnnnnnggggg!" I grunt suddenly, almost growling. I channel every bit of energy I can through my shoulders and arms, imagining that I'm struggling chest to chest against Ryoko. Penny's arm trembles for a few moments, then collapses, letting me slam her hand down. I hold her hand there as I turn my attention to my sister. She manages to hold out against me for a good half a minute more, but eventually her strength fails and I press her to the table. I've won this 2 on 1 arm wrestling match!

Penny and Jessie both congratulate me warmly as we sit back breathlessly, our sweat-beaded chests heaving. I look across the table at them, and feel a surge of gratitude. They're so loyal and so willing to help me out, they put in every ounce of their effort to make me stronger and better. I resolve once again not to let them down. I have to beat that Ryoko.

"Ok, so, how exactly are we going to do this again?" I ask, as we get up and prepare to wrestle in the living room.

Jessie responds by plopping herself up on the couch, and gestures. "You go first, Penny, hostess privilege," she laughs.

Penny makes a face as she squares off against me, while Jessie reclines and watches. All 3 of us are in boy shorts, comfortable and loose, with nothing underneath. I swing my arms back and forth, feeling the muscle tension in them – fatigue from today's workout, and from the arm wrestling match I just won. My legs, too, are starting to complain, from the squats I did today. This is going to be tough, I reflect.

Penny advances cautiously, holding out her hands, inviting me to a strength test. I decide to accept, and lace my fingers with hers. To my utter shock, suddenly she steps in and gives me a knee to my belly! Still clutching her hands, I fold over, sinking to my knees, coughing and gagging.

"Sorry Katie," Penny says, "but Ryoko's not going to fight fair!" So saying she twists down hard on my wrists, making me cry out with the pain. She's right though... this would be right up Ryoko's alley. I muster every bit of willpower I have, and push up with my trembling arms. Penny doesn't try any more cheating tricks, but instead chooses to match me muscle for muscle. Apparently I am still strong enough to beat her, however, as I am able to rise painfully to my feet, pushing her arms back slowly but surely, until we are once more even and facing each other, breathing heavily.

With a twist I break the fingerlock, and try to tussle Penny into a headlock. I force her head down against my side, but she staggers around throwing me off-balance. Before I can stop her, she's staggered over to where Jessie is sitting on the couch, leaning forward and extending her hand. Penny slaps Jessie's hand, making the tag, which means I have to release her.

"Good one Katie," Penny says, rubbing her neck as she climbs up onto the couch, while Jessie takes her position opposite me. "Come on, Jessie! Sister against sister! This should be good," she giggles.

Staring into each other's eyes we lock up in another test of strength, as Penny says sister against sister. We both brace our legs firmly and lean into each other, our arms held high, our foreheads almost touching. We're almost dead even. I'm sure now that normally I would be able to beat Jessie, but with the fatigue, and the damage Penny inflicted, she's just barely able to hold me off.

Penny watches, eyes rapt, as she drinks in the sight of Jessie and me straining against each other in this tableau of conflict. I feel her straining to her max against me. Our breasts come together, gradually touching, but to our minds this contact is secondary to the contest of muscle we are engaging in. My body is aching with fatigue all over. This must be their strategy, to try and wear me down using the stamina of both of them against my own depleted energy reserves.

"Grarghh!" I snarl, and put forth a sudden burst of strength, trying to put an end to their tactic. Jessie and I careen around wildly for a few moments. Then I manage to free my arms, and snap a headlock around her, forcing her to bend double. Again, I go for the headlock takedown, this time prepared for Jessie's maneuver of moving towards Penny to tag her in. I manage to get between her and Penny's outstretched hand, preventing the tag, as I quickly convert the headlock to a front chancery, switching arms to secure Jessie's neck.

Now Jessie and I strain against each other like pit bulls, pushing directly against each other. My sore thighs are aching with the effort, and she knows it. Inch by inch, she forces me back, and reaches out a hand to tag Penny behind me. In desperation I release one of my hands, leaving the other to maintain the chancery, and grab her wrist, just in time to prevent the tag.

For a few long moments I hold her arm in place, just a mere inch away from Penny's fingers. Penny is kneeling on the edge of the couch, reaching forward as far as she can, but Jessie still can't reach her. Then my legs start to tremble, and slowly give way. With a push, Jessie muscles me back, and slaps Penny's hand convincingly for the tag.

Groaning, I release my sister and prepare to face a rested Penny. Once again she steps forward raising her hands. They must intend to keep wearing me down until I can no longer beat them in a strength test. Well, it will take a lot more than this to beat me! I accept the unspoken challenge without hesitation, and again adopt a firm stance, pushing against Penny with all my might.

This time I can feel the fatigue really starting to tell on me. My arms and shoulders are really aching now, and the sweat is just flowing freely all over my face and body. Penny's lithe but strong arms strain, her muscles popping out sharply, seemingly no match for my larger ones, but still allowing her to hold me to a standstill.

"Come on Penny, do it! Beat her! Push her down!" Jessie urges.

I am managing to prevent Penny from gaining an advantage, at least, but I am getting really tired. I can't go on like this for much longer. A few more tags, and I think they will have me.

Flexing with all my might, I bring our arms down from their upraised position, to the side, then further down below our shoulder level. Penny matches me all the way, thinking perhaps that I am simply changing the strength test a bit, to make it more of a mercy test, with our palms supinated. Now we are in the classic strength test position, our arms out and down at approximately a 45 degree angle, our biceps bulging in this posture.

But I am not intending to drag this out much longer at all. With a sudden wrench on her hands, I make her think I am going for the fingerlock submission. As she shifts her arms further in to resist my pressure, I suddenly jerk my fingers free. Quick as a flash, I have my arms clamped firmly around her forearms and waist. I see her eyes widen as she realizes she's fallen for my trick, and now I have her in a full frontal bearhug, with her arms pinned.

She struggles valiantly and frantically to get out of the hold, but I am equal to the task of keeping the bearhug locked in. I grab on to my wrists firmly behind her back, and apply a few good jerking squeezes. Then with a heave, I hoist her up off her feet, supporting her weight with my trunk and legs. They tremble, but my core and my leg muscles hold.

Now Penny is thrashing about, running out of air and energy. I grit my teeth, close my mind off to my muscle fatigue, and focus on just squeezing, and standing firm, with everything I have. It seems an eternity, but in reality it's just a few minutes, when finally Penny cries out her submission weakly.

I let her down, releasing her from the bearhug. As she steps away, holding her sides and catching her breath, I cannot resist my vain impulse and flex my arms powerfully in a show of strength. But Jessie has already gotten up off the couch, and quickly she dives in deep, beneath my guard, and has her arms wrapped around my pelvis and thighs. Her takedown works, and I tumble down onto the floor. Jessie keeps a good hold on my legs, preventing me from moving. I make a grab for her arms, but can grab only a handful of her solid shoulder muscle.

Jessie shifts upwards, moving to mount me, but also letting me free my legs. Quickly I snap them around her waist, in an MMA guard position, as our flailing hands somehow come together and we lock fingers again. She clambers on top of me, my legs temporarily too tired to maneuver her body back or to the side, and tries to pin me down. Her breasts rub against mine as she tries to use her body weight to keep me down.

"New rule," she gasps. "10 count pin... wins..."

"No fair!" I exclaim, panting and wheezing, but then I realize, of course it's unfair. They're doing their best to simulate whatever Ryoko has been doing to me, and will do to me.

With her weight and position advantage, it's not hard at all for my sister to pin my hands down to the sides. Penny kneels down beside us and begins to count, slapping the floor. "1... 2..."

I manage to twist and raise my shoulder off the floor, making her break the count, but Jessie forces it back down again almost immediately. She wriggles further upwards, until I find my legs are too tired to maintain the guard lock around her waist, and I let them fall to the floor. Now she is pinning me the entire length of my body. Penny starts counting again.

"1... 2... 3... 4..."

Almost sobbing with the sheer fatigue washing over me, I flex my entire upper body as if I were doing a bench press. My chest muscles flex starkly, making my breasts appear to jut out to the sides. Jessie's eyes open wide as I practically bench press her upper body weight upwards, my shaking arms holding our hands off the floor a good distance. But I can't hold out forever like this... I have to fight smarter.

Jessie rears up, almost like a horse, and with a loud cry gives a surge of muscular effort, pressing down as hard as she can. Her strength comes crashing down on me like a tidal wave, and my fatigued muscles give way. As quickly as I can, even as my hands slam against the floor, my legs jerk up again and latch around her waist. With a hard twist of my abs, Jessie is forced to the side – at last I've broken the pin. And now, I'm even in an advantageous position, having locked in a side scissors.

Our hands are securely laced together, neither of us relinquishing our grasp, so now it's down to my leg scissors squeezing a submission out of her.

"You know what, Sis?" Jessie gasps, wheezing with every breath. "I don't think... you've got anything... left in your tank... your legs... aren't strong enough... I can... outlast you..."

"Let's see about that," I reply, and take the biggest breath I can, and squeeze with my thighs, as if I were trying to crush a watermelon in between them. Jessie's back arches and she keens softly with the pain, but she flexes her abs hard to resist.

It's been more than a minute now, I can hardly keep track anymore. I'm sweating profusely all over, my legs muscles are twitching and shaking, protesting the effort I'm forcing them to keep putting forth. Jessie too has started spasming around within the fleshy prison of my legs, in the throes of breathless agony. Right now both of us are just going on sheer willpower, clashing in a battle of wills.

It's no good... she's right, I really don't have anything left... my legs feel like they're about to fall off... any moment now I will have to release the hold, admitting defeat. I have nothing left, so after this last-ditch effort of mine fails, she will probably gain the upper hand.

"Sub... mit..." I hear her whisper. At the same time her fingers go limp, and she no longer puts any force into her arms. She opens her eyes, and turns to me. "I... give..."

I just give a long sob of relief as I relax all over, letting my muscles finally rest. Oh I am so tired... I could just lie down here forever. I've just won but I don't even feel as though I've won, I'm completely exhausted.

After we've all had time to recover from the fatigue, Penny and Jessie praise me once again, saying that I've really come into my own now, having proven my muscular superiority over both of them combined. I smile at them gratefully, and tell them that it's only possible because of everything they've ever done for me.
"There's just one more thing left, right now," Penny says, her eyes glinting as she strips off her boy shorts and kneels before me, hands on hips, her legs open wide.

I strip off my shorts too, and adopt the same pose, kneeling face to face with her. She really is very graceful and sexy in her own way... extremely slender, like a dancer.

Both of us reach slowly for the other, and soon we have melted into an embrace and a kiss. It seems we're going to start this sexfight the soft way. Jessie moves behind me, and I can feel her hands running up and down my back, making me shiver with the contact. Penny and I begin to fondle each other's breasts, running our thumbs over each other's stiff nipples. Combined with Jessie running her fingers over my back – she knows my back is sensitive to such a touch – it is enough to make me arch my back and hiss with pleasure.

Penny reaches down first to my crotch, using two fingers to tease open my labia. I follow suit, and we discover that I am wetter and more open than she is. Her eyes gleam with triumph as she begins to rub me in between my vaginal lips, feeling my juice on her fingers, while her other hand cups the back of my head. I copy her pose, but then Jessie moves her hands to my front and continues working over my breasts and nipples.

"I'm winning," Penny whispers huskily to me, as our sex battle continues. She uses my own juice now to lubricate her fingers as she rubs my swelling clitoris, making me moan involuntarily. I try to do the same, but it's a bit slower with her, since she is less wet. I have to either outlast her by sheer force of will, or do something somehow to gain the lead and tip her over the edge...

It's getting increasingly harder to think of a new strategy though, with Jessie now tweaking my nipples, giving me exquisite pain and pleasure combined, and Penny skillfully working my clitoris, while I only have my own pair of hands. A sense of grim determination rises within me. This really is like what Ryoko does to me... just like last week, in fact, when we had another sexfight, and she kept asking Jim to do extra things to me, sending me over the edge as expected, while she then proceeded to claim her prize in front of me as she always does. I must somehow resist this sort of thing... I must find the will, the strength... to control my own body...

"I will not cum," I grate, and I stop cupping Penny's head, instead flexing that arm, while my right arm continues rubbing away at Penny's pussy. Penny turns her head to look at my flexed bicep, and moans, with a tremor running suddenly through her body. At the same time, my probing fingers detect a fresh rush of juice in her vagina. It seems she is turned on by the sight of my flexed muscle...

Still we continue our unfair battle, with Jessie doing her best with my breasts to complement Penny's efforts. They are very, very skilled... and my tired body can't resist as well as I usually can... I feel so, so good at what they're doing, and I know I'm very close to cumming. But I flex my arm a bit harder, and remember that I am doing this to train to beat Ryoko. Somehow, I am able to stave off the throes of orgasm.

"Jess... help..." Penny gasps. Her pussy is flowing freely now, giving me plenty of lubricant to work her clitoris with. Jessie stops her work on my nipples, and goes over instead to Penny. She begins pinching Penny's breasts and nipples, trying to use the pain to help Penny hold off on her orgasm. Penny sucks in deep shuddering breaths between her lips, trying to steady her breathing and control the shakes and spasms of her body. With Jessie occupied in this way, I have some respite from the nipple stimulation, but Penny already has me quite close to the edge.

"Ok... enough... I can hold it... make her cum..." Penny gasps, staring deep into my eyes. I lock gazes with her, both of us silently willing the other to cum first. We're breathing and moaning very loudly. Jessie has come back behind me and she's helping to rub my nipples again. On a sudden impulse I bring my flexed up arm to Penny's face, despite the fact that I'm putting myself at a disadvantage with only one hand to their four. Penny gives a low moan, then bends her head to kiss my bicep – and suddenly, at the same time, she stiffens and jerks! Could this be...

Yes, it is! She's cumming, just like that... flowing out all over my rubbing fingers, into my cupped palm, while I am still just on the verge, barely resisting. She's cum long enough now that we've established I'm the winner. I bring my hand up to my mouth, and lick them clean slowly, holding Penny's gaze, and then flex that arm as well, before I finally allow myself to cum. The sweet, sweet release... somehow made better by the fact that it's my sister bringing me to it right now, not to mention my best friend as well...

I'm finally done cumming. I think, even though Penny came first, mine was bigger and longer. We're lying down together, with them to either side of me, just cuddling and stroking each other.

"You're so amazing, Katie..." Penny murmurs. "You got me with your flexing... I didn't even know myself that I would be so turned on by that..."

"Mm... you were very, very close to beating me, the both of you," I reply.

"It's clear now though, you're the strongest woman in this room right now," Jessie says, sounding happy. "It's almost time for you to take back your pride!"

"Yes... starting with that fat bitch Michelle," I decide. "Give her a call, and tell her I want a rematch. Same place as before. I'll beat her in front of a crowd, let her have a taste of her own medicine!"
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