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KnockOut Dick

Dick Biggins is the Boxing Champion for 2 years & his career has never been higher, but he still wishes to make his sex life more exciting. He challenges the best female fighters in the world to No Hold Bar fights & Sex fights.

He's accompanied by his Female Tao Chi trainer, Son Po. She has worked restlessly to achieve her reputation & demands Dick doesn't make a fool of himself, or herself for that matter. They occasionally have their own sparing matches & sexfights together, but Son Po does offer to join in on Dick's Victory Fuck if she finds his opponents to be pretty & strong enough to her liking.***

                           Fight 1: Dick Biggins vs. Trixx the Road Ripper!

Dick Biggins felt it was best to begin his World Wide Mixed Fight/Sexfight challenge were it all began, Detroit.

The streets were rundown & dirty as remembered when he started his boxing career here. And like the old days, Gangs were all over the gyms trying to settle their scores & show whose the toughest without too much trouble from the cops. 'Cept now the toughest gang currently running Lou's Gym (where Dick trained & won most of his first fights there) is the Road Rippers lead by a former biker chick called Trixx.

Trixx started out as a bimbo for a biker gang called the Heathens. She was loyal to the gang & gave any member that got out of prison a good time, but would save her real "talents" to the pack leader "Bass" Duke. Everything was going great til her sister framed her for stealing money & beat her out of the gang. She ran a far a Detroit to find a place to rest & vent out her anger. She succeeded were very few have, got several members from different gangs to join her, bribed, threaten, & beaten most of the other gangs in Detroit til she came on top. Now she's got half the city under her leather boot & accepts any challenge anyone in or outside her gang to Fist Fight, Wrestling, Cage Match, or Sexfight!

So when she heard that 2 year Championship Boxer not only accepted any Mixed Fight & Sexfight & that same boxer was from Detroit, she went ecstatic, she was more than happy to accept the challenge!

Dick & Son Po's taxi arrived at Lou's Gym, several memories were rushing through Dicks mind, both joyful & painful. Son Po couldn't help but looked worried for Dick, she lead over to him & whispered "Are you sure you want to go through to this, other female fighters in America have accepted your challenge &...", "This is where I started my boxing career, this is where I start my new adventure..." He looks straight at Son Po w/t a look of seriousness she hadn't seen before "...This was, IS, my home! & I'm gonna teach this Trixx not to mess w/t my home!!!"

Dick rushes out of the car, only carrying his duffel bag, heads up the stairs w/t Son Po right behind him & opens the door

What's next?

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