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Knocked Up Notions

(Use the POV that the previous writer used. Things got changed late in the story, sorry.)

My name is Max, I'm a 19 year old average looking guy who lives at home with his mom and three sisters.

My mom Sandy is in her late 30's, has red hair that goes down to just above her ass. She's 8 months pregnant, her breasts have filled with milk and swelled from her normal C size to a large D cup size. She has gained some weight, but it went mostly to her tits and belly, she has a toned ass and shapely legs. She's had zero luck with men, after they get some nookie and knock her up, they leave. This time is no different, we all have different fathers.

My oldest sister Sam who is 22 is also a redhead with wavy shoulder length hair. She has an athletic build and stands almost 6 feet tall. Her breasts are an A cup bordering on B. She's well toned and has a tight ass that I could stare at all day.

Lisa is a blonde cocktease. She's 21 and a complete bitch. She's as tall as Sam and her tits are huge. She's at least an F cup you think. She works out regularly, her ass is so small it almost doesn't exist. she keeps her hair medium length down to the middle of her back. She's constantly flaunting her looks and putting everybody down, including mother. I'd like to give her an attitude adjustment right up the cunt.

Amy is 20, with brunette hair that is cut short. She's 5'5" tall and stacked. 36DD tits and a soft plump, not fat ass. She's the smart one of the bunch and kinda nerdy, but very nice.

On a more positive note, my aunt Karen and her 2 daughters, Nancy and Gwen, moved into town and are living in the house next door. Karen is almost mom's twin, 35, same hairstyle and she is also 8 months pregnant. The biggest difference at this point is that her breasts are even more magnificent double Ds.

Nancy has short red curly hair and a bubbly personality. She's also 19 with B sized tits and a nice grabbable ass. She's stands at 5'8".

Gwen is short at exactly 5 feet tall and has A cup tits, and is skinny, but not paper thin gross kind of skinny. Her ass is a perfect heart-shaped. Her hair goes down to her ass and is a dark crimson color. She's 18 and best friends with Amy. She's also very nice and I often catch her looking at me.

What's next?

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