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Knocking Up Sister

It's mid afternoon on a Saturday, and as you sit at your computer you idly make your way around the whole of the internet. While you're browsing the latest "news" on google, a you see a blur out of the corner of your eye - glancing over in that direction you see your sister step out of the bathroom wearing only a towel having just taken a shower. You can't keep your eyes off of her as she makes her to her bedroom in that thin, small piece of fabric that barely covers her from shoulders to hips.

In fact, it does look like she's using a towel a bit too small for her - about half way down the hall, as she's messing with the other towel around her head that is keeping her hair contained, the one around her body begins to slip apart. You watch with a strange sense of glee as Beth's towel falls away from her body and slumps to the floor before she has enough time to catch it. Her pert teenage breasts, just between a B and a C cup, stand tall on her chest against the pull of gravity like most women around 19 and are capped with tiny little pale pink nipples. You lick your lips unconsciously as your gaze continues downwards and you catch sight of your sister's neatly trimmed pubic hair - just as red as the hair on her head.

Having been disrobed unintentionally, Beth mutters a "Damn it" as she spins around and picks up the towel - her chest swaying as she does so and causing your cock to harden in your shorts. As you gaze at your sister's naked form, you realize that you really must do the deed with her someway. Another bonus for you though is that you know for a fact she's not seeing anyone and as such isn't on any kind of birth control - meaning that if you got to fuck her there is a good chance you could knock her up… which is a particular fantasy you enjoy.

As you daydream about the idea of Beth's belly full of your child, you are returned to realty by the crash of her door as it closes behind her. Your parents are already gone for the evening and you know your sister is getting ready to go out as well - the question is now, what do you do?

What's next?

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