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Let's Be Batman Pt. 14

"Batman, Batman, are you there? (cough cough) We need your help!"

Tommy's eyes shot open and he leaned onto his side. He groaned and looked at his clock: it was early for him, barely 4PM. From his cot in the Batcave, he could barely see the screen on the computer. One screen was on, apparently videoconferencing with someone. The man was dark and bleeding.

"Batman, are you there?" The man said again. As Tommy walked towards the screen, he could see that they were someplace foreign. The sky looked dark and white sand seemed to stretch on behind him. In the background the Earth was visible and-

'Wait, the Earth is visible? Is this guy on the Moon?!' Tommy thought. He quickened his pace and got a good look at the man calling him. He was wearing a green eye covering and his black face was covered in soot. Quickly putting on his cowl, Tommy touched the "Receive" button on the screen and responded.

"Uh, this is Batman. How are you?" Tommy asked before wincing. 'Probably not the time,' He thought.

"Batman! Thank God you're there. I don't know if my screen is working but this is Jon Stewart. We have a problem." The man coughed again, wincing as he did so.

"What do you need?" Tommy said.

"Supergirl has been exposed to some sort of black Kryptonite by Luthor. It's split her in two: one her good half and one completely evil. The evil one tore the Watchtower up pretty good and put me, Hawkgirl & Martian Manhunter out of commission. If the good one hadn't shown up... anyway, both of them are headed your way right now," The man finished and then breathed deeply, as if talking that much took a lot out of him.

"Oh shit," Tommy replied, "...I mean, I understand. What do I have to do?"

The man responded with his eyes closed. "I'm not sure. We think that if you can get the two to come to an agreement on something they may merge once again but I'll be honest, it's a long shot." A small explosion was heard somewhere off screen. "Look, Batman, I gotta go. Good luck." The screen flickered and turned black.

Tommy stared at the screen. 'Two Supergirls,' The rational part of his brain thought. Supergirl was one of the most powerful beings on the planet, maybe even the most powerful because she had trouble controlling her powers as well as Superman. Now Tommy was supposed to subdue two of them long enough to figure out a way to get them to merge? This was a long way off from beating up on hoods in an alley.

Finally, Tommy got up and got dressed in his suit. As he put on his gloves, the computer spoke. "Two powerful beings have been spotted on the waterfront," It said. "Kryptonite is being brought up from storage."

A hole in the floor opened up and a heavy metal briefcase rose on a pedestal to greet Tommy. He gingerly opened it and peeked inside. There were rows of small gems; most were green, but some were red, silver, and one in the back seemed to be... periwinkle? Tommy weighed his options for a while and finally closed the case.

"Can't risk it," He said, before realizing he was talking to a computer. 'I'm supposed to merge them, not try to injure them.' Tommy knew all about kryptonite's deadly effects from the award-winning reports that had been published in The Daily Planet a few years back. He was going to have to do this on his own.

Tommy hopped into the Batmobile and headed off for the waterfront. As he drove, he tried to think of a strategy, or a plan, or something, but he couldn't.

In the small, lizard part of Tommy's brain, all he could think about was, "Two Supergirls..."


The Batmobile skidded to a stop at the docks and Tommy got out. Looking up into the sky, he could see two figures duking it out. Their blows were heavy, each one sending a shockwave through the air. One figure was blow and the other was black. Tommy noticed that both seemed to show a lot of skin.

The blue figure rained blow after blow onto the black figure, sending her flying backwards with each strike. As Blue charged forward to attack, Black suddenly dodged and grabbed Blue by her cape. Black spun Blue through the air and threw her towards the ground below. Blue landed in what looked like a boathouse about 100 feet to Tommy's right. He crouched down low and ran over to her location.

Tommy ducked behind pile of crab traps just as the blue figure was stumbling out of the wreckage. The black figure floated down to the ground and landed on the dock in front of Tommy. Tommy looked back and forth between the two combatants.

'Yup, two Supergirls,' He thought. Both girls were identical and both were amazingly beautiful. Tall, blonde, lithe and perky... everything, they were both everything a man could dream of. Each had two piercing blue eyes, perky breasts, tight stomachs and long, long legs. They were wearing similar outfits: a cutoff top that just barely reached over the bottom of their breasts, a short cape and a small, frilly skirt that was just long enough to deny the goal of many a leering eye.

One figure's was the traditional blue and red that Tommy recognized from his, uh, research in the Batcave, while the others' was black and silver. Tommy guessed that she was the evil one.

The good Supergirl circled to her right as she stared down her evil counterpart. "We both know the two of us can't coexist," She said. "Dark and Light can not occupy the same space."

Dark Supergirl laughed. "Well then I guess I'll just have to destroy you!" She shot red lasers from her eyes at Light Supergirl, who responded in kind. The lasers hit each other and dueled, each trying desperately to outmuscle the other. It was no use, though; they were both matches for one another.

Finally, they stopped. "I guess we won't be able to settle this as a test of physical might," Light Supergirl said, a smile forming on her lips. Dark Supergirl scowled. Suddenly, she looked to her right. She was looking directly at the crab pots Tommy was hiding behind.

"Well look who we have here," Dark Supergirl said. Tommy froze in place. Tommy remembered that Superman and his clan could see through things like crab traps.

"Dammit," He muttered.

Dark Supergirl moved faster than Tommy could see and threw the crab pots into the ocean. She reached out and grabbed him by the neck, pushing him up against the wall of the boathouse. He was barely able to keep his feet on the ground and it became hard for him to breathe.

"You know, we share all the same memories," Dark Supergirl said, a smile forming on her lips. She seemed to have a plan. "And fantasies. We've always had a crush on you, Batman."

Light Supergirl's face shot up in surprise and she tried to rush forward. Dark Supergirl looked at her and tightened her grip around Batman's neck. Light Supergirl stayed where she was.

"We haven't been fucked since we came to Earth, did you know that?" Dark Supergirl continued, smiling wickedly. "We think everyone's afraid of what Superman would do if he heard our moaning through the air. But Superman's not around right now, is he?"

"Urkh... what?" Tommy struggled out. It was hard to breathe with Dark Supergirl's hand around his neck.

"Leave him alone! We don't need to be... just leave him alone!" Light Supergirl cried out.

Dark Supergirl laughed. "You prude," She spat at Light Supergirl. Looking down, Dark Supergirl's turned a different shade of blue. She seemed to be examining something. She gasped and looked up at Tommy, smiling.

"We didn't think you had any superpowers, Batman! I think this counts," She said, reaching out and grabbing his groin. She kneaded it in her hand before clenching her first tight around his cock. Tommy groaned. She reached down and pulled down the pants of Batman's suit, springing his cock forth from its resting place. It was semi-hard.

"Fuck," Dark Supergirl said with delight.

"Jeepers," Light Supergirl gasped, her hand shooting up to her mouth.

"Maybe we can't settle our little squabble with through fighting," Dark Supergirl told her better half, "So maybe we can settle it a different way." Dark Supergirl slowly released her grip on Tommy's neck and dropped down to her knees.

"Hey, what are you... don't do that, that's not nice!" Light Supergirl shrieked.

Dark Supergirl looked at her light counterpart with wicked abandon and then took Batman's cock into her mouth. She took him slowly, teasingly, letting a small amount of spit drip down from her mouth and onto Tommy's shaft with his cock still in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head of his dick while she started stroking him.

"God, you are such a slut," Light Supergirl said, standing ten feet away with her arms crossed. She looked at Tommy with reproach. "I can't believe you're letting her do this."

Tommy shrugged. "I mean, what can I... ungh... do? It's the best way to prevent collateral damage," Tommy said. He tried not to smile, but it was hard. One Supergirl was down on her knees sucking his dick while another tried to shame him for it. 'Being Batman is the best shit ever,' He thought to himself.

Dark Supergirl looked Tommy with his cock in her mouth. She smiled around it, tickling his perineum with her tongue. Still stroking him, she popped the head of his dick out of her mouth and spoke.

"Don't mind her, she's just jealous that your cock isn't in her mouth right now. We love sucking dick," Dark Supergirl said, before lifting Tommy's cock up and giving him a long lick from shaft to tip. Tommy sighed.

"What?!" Light Supergirl said, her eyes wide. "No I don't. ...Well okay maybe a little, but this is neither the time nor the place!"

"Seems like a... fuck... good time to me," Tommy managed to get out. He reached with his hand and tapped Dark Supergirl on the back of the head. She compliantly took him deeper, his cock going deep inside her throat. Her hands at her sides, Dark Supergirl began to fuck his cock with her throat.

Tommy groaned as he grabbed the sides of the evil manifestation of Supergirl (he thought, he still wasn't quite clear on that part) and began to fuck her throat roughly. Dark Supergirl bounced as she took in him in her mouth, hitting her heels with her ass every time she took him out of her mouth and sitting straight up when the cock was in her throat. Her eyes closed tightly as she felt Batman's dick in her esophagus.

Spit was coming out of Dark Supergirl's mouth, dripping down her mouth and onto her black top. She reached up and rubbed her hand in it, getting it onto her fingers; then her hand disappeared under her skirt. A moan escaped her lips, reverberating around Tommy's cock. He groaned and pushed her deeper onto his dick.

Dark Supergirl finally pushed herself off Tommy's cock. She looked mischievously at Light Supergirl and started to laugh. Tommy glanced over and noted with shock that Light Supergirl's had also trailed down underneath her short skirt and was slowly massaging herself. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip. She slowly opened her eyes and saw two watching her; her hand shot away from her pussy.

"Haha, I guess I'm not the only half of us that's a slut," Dark Supergirl said, her tongue occasionally flicking out and just barely touching the tip of Tommy's dick. Light Supergirl looked horrified.

"I am NOT a slut," She said defiantly. A small trail of her juices trailed down her leg.

Tommy tried to think, which was difficult with one Supergirl's flicking tongue on his dick and the others' dripping juices. That one guy had mentioned that he might be able to merge these two if he could get them to agree on something. One thing they definitely seemed to agree on...

"Get the fuck over here and suck my dick," Tommy ordered Light Supergirl.

"BATMAN," She said, her eyes wide in shock. "I can't believe you'd say that, and with such language!"

"Look: Good, Evil, both of you like to suck cock. It's the 21st century, good girls are allowed to give blowjobs. You obviously want to, so get the fuck over here and suck my dick," Tommy said.

Both Supergirls looked at him, surprised. Then they looked at each other. Finally, they both shrugged and Light Supergirl walked over. She walked directly in front of Tommy and stared him straight in the eye. Then she slowly dropped to her knees. Without breaking eye contact, she took his cock into her mouth.

She sucked him softly, sensually, much differently than her darker half. Each bob onto his dick was coupled with a stroke with both hands rotating around his cock in a corkscrew motion. She was still looking him in the eye while she did this. The feeling was extraordinary and it was all Tommy could do to keep from cumming right there.

Right when he felt like he was going to burst, Light Supergirl took his cock out of her mouth. She smiled, her teeth gleaming white. "I guess that good girls can su-"

"Okay, that's enough. Show him your super throat," Dark Supergirl said, her hand grabbing Light Supergirl's hair and forcing her deep onto Tommy's cock. Tommy felt Light Supergirl's tongue flick against his balls as her mouth enveloped his cock. While Dark Supergirl shut her eyes tight while she throated him, Light Supergirl kept her eyes wide open in surprise. Tommy couldn't decide what was hotter.

Dark Supergirl moved herself so that she was behind her kinder counterpart. With one hand still forcing Light Supergirl on Tommy's dick, the other reached around and slipped between Light Supergirl's thighs. Tommy once again felt a moan reverberate around his cock. He gasped and struggled not to cum. Not yet, anyway.

Finally, Dark Supergirl released her grasp from around Light Supergirl's head. Light Supergirl threw herself off Tommy's cock and fell backwads onto her ass. Spittle dribbled down her chin and onto her light blue top. She glared at her evil half.

"You... you jerk!" Light Supergirl said, struggling with effort to come up with an insult.

"Shut up, bitch" Dark Supergirl retorted. Both raised their fists to strike.

"Girls, girls," Tommy said, his hands raising up to call for calm. "Don't fight. Why don't you just let me fuck you instead?"

Both parts of Supergirl stared at each other.

Light Supergirl said, "Well, that does sound kind of fun..."

Dark Supergirl nodded. "I do like getting fucked..."

Light Supergirl quickly floated into the air and flipped herself around, landing on her hands and knees in front of Tommy's cock. "Me first!" She yelled.

Dark Supergirl scowled. "Why do you get to go first?"

Light Supergirl's ass wriggled invitingly in front of Tommy. "Because Batman likes me more," She said haughtily

"I like you both equally," Tommy said as he flipped Light Supergirl's flimsy skirt up onto her back. She was wearing cotton red panties that seemed soaked through. He roughly yanked them down, keeping her legs locked close together. He rubbed his cock against the outside of her pussy and then shoved himself inside.

Light Supergirl squealed as Tommy's dick invaded her pussy. She seemed to tense up and Tommy worried that his dick might break in half; he had almost forgotten that these two were both immensely powerful beings. After a few agonizing seconds, Light Supergirl relaxed and Tommy was able to thrust himself deeper inside. Reaching forward, he grabbed Supergirl's cape and used that for leverage to fuck her deeply, his cock entering all the way to the hilt. Supergirl dipped her head low and welcomed Tommy inside.

"Face down, ass up," Dark Supergirl said softly. She was still on her knees and had one hand underneath her skirt. It looked like she was finger fucking herself but Tommy couldn't be sure. She leaned over and with her free hand gave Light Supergirl a firm smack on the ass. Light Supergirl moaned hard and wiggled her ass.

"See, Batman? Good, bad, we just like getting fucked. Don't we, you little slut," Dark Supergirl said. She directed the second part to Light Supergirl and gave her another spanking, this one so hard it seemed to cause a small shockwave. The vibration ran through Tommy's dick, almost sending him over the edge.

Dark Supergirl now kneaded Light Supergirl's tight little ass, stopping occasionally to smack it. Slowly she worked her way towards the center of her ass and looked up at Tommy, smiling with relish. She stuck her finger in her mouth, getting it nice and wet, and then stuck in up Light Supergirl's asshole.

"Whaaaaa-aaaahhh!!' Light Supergirl screamed, her head shooting up from the dock in surprise. "Stop... I'm not... oh my god," She dropped he head back down to the dock, moaning.

"We love it in our ass, Batman," Dark Supergirl said mischievously. Light Supergirl didn't bother countering; she was too busy moaning. Dark Supergirl stuck her finger deeper inside Light Supergirl's asshole, down to the second knuckle, while Tommy matched her by sticking his cock in to the hilt. Light Supergirl moaned hard.

Dark Supergirl removed her finger from Light Supergirl's ass; reaching down, she grabbed Tommy's cock and pulled it from Light Supergirl's pussy. Then she positioned his dick directly above and towards Light Supergirl's waiting asshole. Spittingt to provide lubricant, Dark Supergirl then pushed Tommy inside Light Supergirl's ass.

Time seemed to stop right at the moment the head of Tommy's dick popped into her asshole. All three of them made noise: Tommy groaned gruffly and threw his head into the sky; Light Supergirl moaned from her chest and it quickly converted into a scream; and Dark Supergirl cackled before cooing as her still-present hand worked harder underneath her skirt.

Tommy thrusted himself inside one Supergirl's ass while the other reached over and lifted the top of another, freeing her tits. He groped them roughly, which seemed to drive Dark Supergirl wild. His hand wrapped around Light Supergirl's cape, gripping it tightly so he could shove more of his cock inside her ass. She was moaning deeply and consistently, her pitch slowly getting higher and higher. Her body started to shake. Tommy noticed with just a little bit of terror that she was going to cum.

Tommy remembered the sensation when Wonder Woman had cum with him inside of her. It had almost ripped his dick off, and she was an experienced superheroine. He worried what this younger, less-experienced heroine would do to him.

Tommy also noticed with alarm that Dark Supergirl's moans were also becoming higher pitched. Both Supergirls were flush and their hair was damp with sweat.

They were both about to cum.

Right as Light Supergirl began to cum, Tommy tried to pull out. It was too late, though, and Light Supergirl's muscles tightened around his dick. Both women shook violently as they came; Dark Supergirl hunched over on her knees, putting a hole in the dock when she slapped it, while Light Supergirl balled her fists together and drove her face deeper into the hard wood below her.

Tommy, meanwhile, was trying not to cry out. His dick was completely pinched off inside Light Supergirl's ass, all the blood in his cock unable to flow. He brought Light Supergirl's cape up to his mouth and bit it, trying to cope with the pain. Finally, after what seemed like an agonizingly long time, the muscles around his dick relaxed. Tommy pulled his dick out of Light Supergirl's asshole with a whimper. He closed his eyes and tried to breathe through the pain.

"My turn now," He heard. His eyes opened slowly and saw Dark Supergirl's smiling face looking at him. "Okay," was all he could reply. He worried about his dick.

Dark Supergirl shoved Light Supergirl over to the side and Dark Supergirl took her place, lying on her back. She lifted her legs into the air and shimmied her dark black panties up off her legs. Tommy sighed and stuck his cock at the entrance of her ass. He hesitantly pushed his way inside.

Dark Supergirl moaned as Tommy pushed his way inside. His cock was enveloped with a familiar feeling and it instinctively twitched. He grabbed onto the sides of Dark Supergirl's skirt and began thrusting. Dark Supergirl moaned in response, her hands holding her tits as they bounced with every thrust.
Light Supergirl finally recovered from her earth-shaking orgasm and stared jealously at the scene before her. She crawled over and lifted her leg, placing herself over top her evil counterpart, facing Tommy. She sat down onto her double's face and quickly began to moan.

Tommy struggled. He struggled to fuck this tight ass he was inside, he struggled to keep from cumming, he struggled to figure out if it was he was seeing made Supergirl bisexual or not.* He gritted his teeth and shoved himself until he was balls deep in Dark Supergirl's ass; the thrust caused both girls to moan.

*I mean, she is eating out another girl... but that other girl is, well, herself... more research needs to be done.

With alarm, Tommy could see them both begin to shake once again. He began to fuck faster, hopeful that he could make himself cum before they ruined his dick for life. The scene before him helped him out greatly. Dark Supergirl's bouncing tits, her mouth working Light Supergirl's pussy, all while Light Supergirl bit her lip and moaned helped get Tommy to the edge.

But it was too late. Both Supergirls began to cum again, this time shorter but with no less impact. Light Supergirl came first, her pussy flowing onto Dark Supergirl's mouth. The evil one followed suit, her hips bucking up and down and taking Tommy with them. She didn't clench her asshole quite as tight but the sensation still left Tommy fighting a whimper. He pulled his cock out of Dark Supergirl's asshole, holding it like you'd hold a baby bird.

Both women eventually calmed and the color ran from their cheeks. Light Supergirl lifted herself off Dark Supergirl and collapsed onto the ground. Dark Supergirl lazily propped herself up to her elbows and spoke to Batman.

"We want you to cum," She told him. Light Supergirl nodded in agreement.

"I, uh, I'm not sure that I..." Tommy trailed off. He was pretty sure he had a bruise.

"Don't you want to cum on us, Batman?" Light Supergirl asked sweetly. "Do you want to cum on our face? You can cum on our face." Dark Supergirl licked her lips seductively at this.

Tommy's cock ached from 2 separate sensations. "I just don't thi-"

"DO IT," Both Supergirls said at once. Tommy picked himself up and got onto his feet. Then he began to stroke himself. The pain and pleasure mixed into something Tommy had not felt before.

The two Supergirls collected themselves onto their knees and sat next to each other. Dark Supergirl reached over to her lighter half and freed her breasts from her top, lifting it up so that both breasts fell freely. Both of them took their breasts in their hands and began fondling them; Light Supergirl toyed with her nipples and traced her fingernails along the contours of her breasts, while Dark Supergirl groped herself roughly. They both spoke to Tommy.

"Please, Batman, I've been such a good girl for you. Don't you think I deserve your-"

"-Hot, sticky cum all over my little whore face. Degrade me, treat me like your-"

"-Perfect angel."

Tommy finally overcame the pain and began to cum. He groaned harshly as a torrent of cum erupted from his dick. Wave after wave splattered onto the Supergirls in front of him, hitting them in the face. A ropy string of cum landed from Light Supergirl's hair to her right cheek, covering her eye. She squeezed it tightly. Dark Supergirl laughed as she was showered in cum, her mouth open to collect as much as she could. When a dollop landed directly on her tongue, she closed her mouth and swallowed it greedily.

Tommy felt weak at the knees as the final drop of cum fell from his dick and landed on Light Supergirl's right breast. Both girls giggled.

"I love getting fucked," Dark Supergirl said.

"Well, I guess we found one thing we can both agree on," Light Supergirl replied.

Suddenly, a flash of light enveloped the two women. Tommy shielded his eyes and tried to see what was happening. He could barely make it out but he could see the two figures at the center of the flash being morphed into one. The light shone brighter, forcing Tommy to turn away. A shockwave staggered him and he could sense the light dying out. When he looked again, there was only one Supergirl on her knees before him. She was wearing a blue suit. Tommy breathed a sigh of relief.

"Oh good, it looks like you're back to normal," Tommy told Supergirl, holding his hand out to lift her up off her knees.

"Wha... what happened?" Supergirl said, holding her head. Her hand drifted to her face and she touched the liquid that was covering her face. "What is this? Must be some sort of residue from whatever happened to me." She grabbed her cape and used it to wipe the sticky substance off.

"Uh..." Tommy tried to think quickly. "Yeah, that's exactly it. Lex Luthor hit you with some sort of kryptonite that split you into two parts. I was able to combine them back together."

"Oh..." Supergirl said, still shaking the cobwebs off. "Thank you, Batman. I knew I could count on you."

"No problem. Are you going to be okay?" Tommy asked.

"Yeah," Supergirl replied. "I'll be fine. I'll head to the Watchtower to get checked out. You should go, I'm sure your city needs you."

Tommy nodded, trying not to notice that Supergirl's cape was now stuck together. "Okay, I'll see you later!" Tommy said too loudly before turning and heading back towards the Batmobile. He didn't turn around to look at Supergirl again. It's too bad that he didn't; if he had, he would have noticed the wicked smile on her face before she shot off into the sky.
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