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Life as a Female Adventurer

Update: Sorry for not being active but I felt that I should let everyone know. My computer had stopped working which basically meant I had lost all of my progress on the story. I had planned to eventually pick up this story again but due to problems in my personal life I had put this on hiatus and not sure if I will continue it some other time in the future or not. I'm glad that some of you enjoyed what I had written so far, but I won't be continuing this story anytime in the near future.

Disclaimer: I am writing this as a hobby, so updating it will be slow, and will happen at random times. I am also planning to make this more than a "just-sex" story, although that I will try to include that option for people who like that. I will add in an option to skip the prologue some time in the future. This is also based on my personal preference, so there will be more of an emphasis on my interests.

Please use "start game" button to begin, as this story uses several variables, and you may not be able to progress otherwise.

Below is information regarding Elena, the heroine in this story.

Age: 18

Height: 5'5" (165cm)

Weight: 106 lbs (48 kg)

Eye Colour: Sky-blue

Build: Slim

Physical Traits: She is physically much weaker than majority of other characters and can easily be overpowered by them in frontal assault, however she is swift and nimble.

Personality: Hopeful, naive, inexperienced, kind

Background: A beautiful farm girl that was adopted since birth. Her real parents had abandoned her when she was just a newborn. She does not know her real parents and has no intentions to search for them. She is extremely grateful for the couple that took her in, and was raised in a small farming village located just on the outskirts of a larger village called Gweldem. Everyone in the village was aware that Elena was adopted and treated her kindly. Elena was content with her life in the village, however, the rare visits of travelling bards excited her. They would often speak or sing of tales of adventurers and their legendary deeds. After listening to such tales, she had come to admire the adventurers and set her sights on becoming one herself when she becomes an adult.


What's next?

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