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Losing Everything

Hello, everybody! This is a little side project I thought I'd try out to flex my creative muscle. I've always been somewhat fascinated with ENF and ENM stories, but I've never written any of my own! That's going to change, through.

The concept is simple. You create a character that finds themself in a situation where all of their worldly possessions are lost, stolen, taken away, or given away. If they have nothing left to their name, it'll work.

Please try to keep the stories related to the tag, as well as to the ENF/ENM genre of you can. You can stretch it a bit if you'd like, but I'd prefer to keep it in this lane.

So, with all of the introductory stuff out of the way, let's get started!

EDIT: This story is now public! You can all now add chapters to this story as you please! My own chapters in this will continue at some point, but while you wait, feel free to add your own!

EDIT #2: This probably goes without saying, but please try to refrain from writing stories about already existing characters, as there's already plenty of stories on CHYOA for that. Also, please try not to write stories about real people, like celebrities. Again, already stories on this site for that.

What's next?

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