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Losing the House but Winning Mom 12

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Eighteen-year-old Jennifer discovers that she's an exhibitionist.

Eighteen-year-old Jennifer discovered that she's an exhibitionist. She discovered that she enjoyed flashing men her sexy, low cut bra and long line of cleavage in down blouse views and her white, sheer, bikini panties in up skirt peeks. She discovered the power that she held over men just by flashing them her underwear. She discovered that most men would do almost anything for a view down her open blouse and/or a peek beneath her short skirt.

* * * * *

Washed, dressed, and eager to go, Jennifer allowed Michael to drive her new car to the mall so that she could sit in the passenger seat and flash truckers her naked breasts and panties on the highway along the way. Jennifer enlisted him to work as a voyeur and exhibitionism team. Something he only imagined his mother doing in his salacious dreams and sexual fantasies, he never thought he'd be helping his mother flash herself to unsuspecting men.

After keeping her exhibitionism in the closet for nearly 25 years, she was about to reveal herself as an exhibitionist to her son. Unlike the negative reaction she would have received from her ex-husband, had she confessed her sexy secret to him, she knew her son would embrace her exhibitionism. She knew her son wouldn't think of her as a whore just because she enjoyed flashing her semi-naked and naked body. If she had told her ex-husband that she was an exhibitionist, she would have used that information against her and to his own benefit by flashing her to his friends.

If it wasn't enough that he saw his mother naked and if it wasn't enough that he had sex with his mother's naked body, now he was about to be privy to other men seeing his mother in all manner of undress. Only, he thought that she'd be doing all of her flashing at the mall. He didn't know that it was her plan to flash truckers her tits and her panties while he drove her new car. He had no idea that his mother had flashed herself many times before.

They could have taken Michael's new pickup truck but with Jennifer's car much lower, the truckers would have a better view with seeing her seated in the passenger seat of her car than in the pickup truck. The best angle for the truckers to see her was with her sitting in the driver's seat but, because of the roofline of the car, she couldn't see the reaction of the truckers unless she took her eyes off the road and leaned towards them. Her first time enlisting an accomplice to help her flash and her first time being driven while flashing, now she could more concentrate on flashing her tits and panties instead of having to pay attention to the road. Better with her not driving, now she could have some sexy fun with the truckers by fondling her tits and fingering her nipples while they watched.

Jennifer looked over at her son while hiking up her short skirt to expose her panty clad pussy to her son and to anyone else she hoped could see through her passenger side window and between her legs. Then, as if seeing her tits for the first time, Michael watched his mother lower her already low cut top, reach her hand inside, and fish out her big breasts. As if her tits were being lifted and served up to whomever could see them, her bra cups were positioned behind her breasts. With her tits on display, her big, naked breasts rested upon her bra instead of being hidden inside of her bra. While the road scenery whizzed by her, Jennifer sat in the passenger seat of her car with her breasts and panties exposed.

She looked at her son looking at her before turning to look out the window for approaching truckers. Now he knew her sexy secret. Michael knew his mother was an exhibitionist.

It was one thing for her to expose her naked body to her son; that was incestuous. It was one thing for her to have sex with her son; that was incest. With mostly all women flashing themselves to unsuspecting men, it was one thing for her to expose herself to men while at the mall by making her flashes appear accidental; that was sexy fun. It was quite another thing for her to deliberately expose her naked breasts and her panties to truckers; that was exhibitionism, her secret, sexual fetish.

Seemingly by the awkward look on her face, she felt more uncomfortable sharing her sexy, flashing secret of exhibitionism with her son and that she was an exhibitionist than she did in showing him her naked body on Halloween night in that motel room. Naked, naked, naked, instead of sitting in the passenger seat of her car with her top pulled down, her tits exposed, and her skirt lifted up with her panties showing, she wished she was naked. Yet, not wanting Michael to think badly of her, he hoped that he didn't think that his mother was a slut or a whore for wanting and needing to flash herself to unsuspecting men.

Yet, she wasn't a slut or a whore. If she was deemed anyone's slut or whore, she was her son's slut and his whore. Unless they were in the swinging lifestyle together, she'd never have sex with any man but with her son.

With flashing something she'd never wanted to do with her ex-husband, now that her son knows that his mother is an exhibitionist, she no longer had any sexy, sexual secrets. There was nothing that he didn't know about her and if there was something that he needed to know, she'd gladly answer his question. Even though their mother and son relationship was now an incestuously forbidden relationship, it was an open and honest relationship of trust, understanding, and love.

Then, just a fleeting thought, in the way that she enjoyed flashing men her naked breasts and panty clad pussy, she wondered if Michael ever flashed women his cock. Maybe if ever he did flash unsuspecting women his cock, he'd enjoy flashing unsuspecting women his cock. Maybe her need for flashing is not learned behavior but innate behavior that she inherited from her mother. Maybe as her mother passed on her need to expose herself to her daughter, perhaps Jennifer would pass on her need to expose herself to Michael.

He mother was a flirt. Her mother had big tits and she was always wearing low cut tops that exposed her long line of cleavage and her sexy, low cut bra. A time before the mini-skirt, if her mother had been young enough to wear a mini-skirt, she probably would have. In addition to flashing her cleavage and bra with down blouse view, she probably would have flashed her panties in up skirt views too.

Perhaps while making his flash appear accidental, in the way that she makes her flashes appear accidental, she wondered if Michael had ever flashed his cock to women. With him willing to help her flash men her naked tits and panties, if ever he had the need to do so, she'd be willing to help him flash his naked, erect cock to women. Only, it was quite different for a man to flash his cock to a woman than it is for a woman to flash her tits and panties to a man. With that in mind, she wondered how she'd even go about helping her son flash his cock to unsuspecting women without them suspecting that his flashing was deliberately done.

* * * * *

While waiting to see his reaction to her sitting there with her tits out and her skirt raise, he looked at her as if she was insane. Then, a sexy smile washed over his face and he looked at her as if telling her that he wanted to play too. Obviously, without even having to tell him, he knew she wanted to flash truckers her naked breasts and bikini panties.

"Mom? What are you doing? Someone will see," he said looking over at her stunned that his mother was sitting beside him topless and with her skirt pulled up higher than her crotch.

She surprised him by pulling down her top. She shocked him by pulling out her naked breasts. Anyone higher than their car could see her tits. She sexually aroused him by pulling up her short skirt. Instead of putting her breasts away, pulling up her top, and fluffing down her skirt, she gave him a naughty look and a sexy smile.

"That's the idea," she said with a sexy laugh. "I want to get myself ready to flash men at the mall by flashing truckers," she said turning to look behind her. "Slow down and move over a lane. There's a truck coming up on my side now."

Michael gave his directional signal, moved over a lane, and slowed his speed by 10 mph to 50 mph.

An 18-wheeler pulled up to her side. Jennifer looked up at the driver and smiled while cupping her breasts, fondling her breasts, and fingering her erect nipples. Then, teasing the trucker even more by lifting her skirt higher and slouching down to expose her panties even more, she slid a slow hand between her legs and licked her finger. The trucker looked down at Jennifer's tits while watching her fingering her panty clad pussy. He smiled and gave her a thumbs up.

"Oh, my God, Mom," said Michael who was unable to see the driver from where he was sitting in the driver's seat. "Did he look? Did he see your tits? Did he see your panties? This is so sexually exciting. I can't wait to see you flashing yourself at the mall."

She looked over at her son and smiled while she continued fondling her breasts and fingering her nipples.

"He did. He smiled and gave me the thumbs up," she said laughing with glee.

* * * * *

Something that neither her ex-husband nor her son knew she did, as well as all of the flashing she enjoyed doing at the mall, she liked flashing truckers her naked breasts and panty clad pussy. With her now 43-years-old, she had been flashing truckers her tits and panties for nearly 25-years. Too many truckers that she had flashed to guess at the number, hundreds of truckers have seen her panties and naked breasts. She needed to get in the mood for flashing before hitting the mall. Flashing unsuspecting truckers her tits and her panties always got her in the mood to flash unsuspecting men the rest of her sexy semi-naked or naked body when at the mall.

Flashing truckers her tits and her panties was something she did long before she was even married. While still an 18-year-old virgin, it was right after her high school graduation that she started flashing truckers her tits and her panties. Her need to flash her naked breasts and panties started when her Prom date flashed her naked breasts and her panties to his friend. She couldn't believe her boyfriend flashed her tits and her panties to his friend. Embarrassed then, she wasn't embarrassed now. Yet, even though she was embarrassed that her prom day flashed him her tits and panties, she was sexually aroused too that his friend had seen her naked breasts and her panty clad pussy.

After her Prom, later that night, was the first time she allowed her boyfriend, Mike, to not only see her big, naked tits but also to touch, feel, fondle, and suck her big, naked breasts. Whenever he kissed her he was always feeling her tits and fingering her nipples through her blouse and bra. Then, while still kissing her, French kissing her, he enjoyed lifting her skirt to finger her pussy through her panties. With her still a modestly moral virgin, that was as far as she allowed him to go with him. Yet, at the right time and at the right place, there was something sexually magical in the air that night.

Feeling more like an adult, maybe because she had a couple of drinks and/or because she was all dressed up was the reason why she allowed her boyfriend to pull down her top and take out her tits. His friend, Bob, and his girlfriend, Cindy, were sitting right there in the front seat of Bob's car. All they had to do was to turn around or look in the rearview mirror and they'd see her naked breasts. With her dress pulled up nearly to her waist, they'd see her panties too.

"Dear Diary,

At first I was shocked that I allowed my boyfriend to have his wicked, sexual way with my tits. Even more than that, while not going all the way, I wanted Bob and Cindy to watch me having sex with Mike. Oh, my God. I'm such a little whore.

Other than my boyfriend seeing my tits, feeling her breasts, and fingering and sucking my nipples, I was more sexually excited than embarrassed that another 18-year-old teenager may see my tits. As if I was laying out in the hot sun and a warm glow of sunshine moved across my body to make me feel so hot and so horny, I was suddenly, so very sexually aroused.

And then, it happened. His friend looked at me in the rearview mirror before turning all the way around in his seat to stare, leer, and ogle my exposed, naked breasts and exposed white, sheer, bikini panties. And then, Cindy turned around in her seat to look at me too.

Oh, my God, I'm so wicked. I felt so exposed. I felt so horny," wrote Jennifer in her diary.

As if this exercise in exhibitionism had been prearranged, predetermined, and was her destiny, her boyfriend smiled at his friend while turning her topless body more to him to flash him both of her naked breasts, areolas, and nipples. Instead of feeling embarrassed or ashamed, she felt empowered that she held such sexual control over both men. Instead of covering her nakedness with her hands and/or with her forearm, it sexually excited her that her boyfriend flashed his friend her tits. He saw her tits. He couldn't believe her boyfriend's friend saw her tits.

Not only did she show her boyfriend her tits that night but also his friend saw her tits too. Not only did she show her boyfriend her areolas and nipples but also his friend saw her areolas and her nipples too. Along with seeing her naked breasts, his friend saw her white, sheer, bikini panties too. If it wasn't enough that her boyfriend saw her tits, felt her tits, fingered nipples, and sucked her nipples, what she wrote in her diary that night was how she was still feeling now, nearly 25 years later.

"Dear Diary,

I can't believe my boyfriend flashed his friend my tits. Instead of feeling angry or embarrassed, I was sexually aroused. I can't believe his friend saw my tits, my areolas, and my nipples, not to mention my panties too. Only, instead of being ashamed, I felt sexual excitement in being so exposed. I was so sexually aroused that I was wet that my boyfriend flashed my topless body and that two men were seeing my semi-naked body. I was so horny that if they pressured me to have sex with them, I would have. I would have done the both of them.

Oh, Wow! Having never done anything like that before and because I was so sexually excited being flashed, maybe I'm an exhibitionist. Maybe I get off on flashing myself to men. Now, I can't wait to masturbate over the thoughts of showing my tits to my boyfriend and his friend. Now, I can't wait to try flashing men on my own and without my boyfriend knowing that I enjoy flashing and may even be an exhibitionist."

She was so horny after her boyfriend flashed his friend her tits that she was ready for even more sexual excitement. With her never being as sexually excited before, she was becoming increasingly sexually excited now. While he French kissed her, felt her naked breasts, and fingered her nipples, she felt his erection through his pants and fingered the head of his cock through his pants. Without him having to force her hand to touch him through his pants and without him having to hold her hand in place, she voluntarily felt and fingered the outline of his stiff prick through his pants with her horny hand.

She had gone further than she had ever gone before with her boyfriend. With him seeing her naked tits, touching her naked tits, feeling her naked tits, fondling her naked tits, and fingering her naked nipples before sucking her naked nipples, she continued feeling his prick through his pants. Then, with feeling his cock through his pants not hardly enough for her, instead of just feeling his erection through his pants, she unzipped him, reached her hand inside of his pants and felt his hard cock through his underwear. Then, with his friend and his friend's girlfriend both watching her, she pulled out her boyfriend's cock and stroked him while continuing to kiss him.

She was holding her boyfriend's cock in her horny hand. She couldn't believe she was holding his stiff prick in her hand. Having never held a cock in her hand before it felt so soft and yet so hard. In the way that her boyfriend showed her tits to his friend, she showed his erect cock to his friend's girlfriend.

With this the first time holding a man's prick in her hand, having never even seen one up close before, other than photos of cocks in Playgirl magazine, she stopped kissing him to look down at his exposed cock. Curious to know what a man's prick looked like, she continued starting at her boyfriend's erect prick. Slowly stroking him while sliding a slow manicured finger over the head of his engorged prick, she gave her boyfriend a hand job. Willing to jerk him off and ready for him to cum all over her hand, she suddenly feared that he'd ruin her Prom dress.

With her mother and father waiting for her to arrive home to give her the third degree, she didn't dare go home with a cum stained dress. So, instead of masturbating him, she blew him. She blew her boyfriend. She gave Mike a blowjob. She sucked his cock. She couldn't believe she was sucking his cock even while she was sucking his cock.

Unable to wrap her brain around what she was doing, she couldn't believe she was blowing her boyfriend. With her so sexually aroused that her boyfriend flashed his friend her tits and panties, she took his prick in her mouth, moved her pretty head up and down, and sucked him. While staring up at him with his hard, hairy cock in her beautiful mouth, willing, ready, and waiting with great anticipation for him to cum in her mouth, she continued sucking him deeper while stroking him faster.

Even while she was sucking her boyfriend's cock, she couldn't believe she was sucking her boyfriend's cock. Even while she was sucking her boyfriend's cock, she couldn't believe she was sucking her boyfriend's cock in front of his friend and his girlfriend. With them watching her giving her boyfriend a blowjob, she was making Bob and Cindy just as horny as she was for her to willingly suck Mike's cock. Maybe it was the full moon but she was feeling so sexually depraved that she would have sucked his friend's cock and allowed him to cum in her mouth too.

Having never sucked her boyfriend's prick or anyone's prick before, she was sucking his cock now. Too preoccupied thinking of her boyfriend's friend seeing her naked breasts, her round areolas, her erect nipples, and her white, bikini panties, she even allowed her boyfriend to cum in her mouth and she swallowed his cum. Her first blowjob and she didn't even bother to spit out his cum in a tissue. While her boyfriend fondled her tits and fingered her nipples as she sucked his cock, his friend watched them having sex in the rearview mirror while his friend's girlfriend sucked his cock too.

It was deranged, maddening, sexual debauchery that she had never done before and would never do again. She imagined that what she did that night was what swingers do in the swinging lifestyle when swapping partners. Years, later, now that she experienced that level of sexual excitement with her boyfriend on Prom night, she hoped to experience that level of sexual excitement again with her son. She imagined them in the swinging lifestyle having sex with others while they watched. She imagined them returning home to have hot pillow talk over all that they sexually did with strangers.

* * * * *

They drove to the Prom together and went parking after the Prom. Then, when his friend exposed his date's B cup breasts to her boyfriend, he exposed Jennifer's C cup breasts to his friend. They thought it was funny. They all laughed. Having never done anything such sexually fun before, little did any of them know the lasting impression this night would make upon Jennifer's life. As if her Prom date had turned on a switch deep inside of her, she suddenly had the urge to expose herself again.
Always shy and modest before, from that moment of self-realization, she became an exhibitionist immediately thereafter. She routinely started exposing her breasts and her panties to truckers and the rest of her underwear clad, topless, and/or naked body to men at the mall. As long as she made her flashing appear accidental instead of deliberate, with her not wanting anyone to think that she was a slut or a whore, she just wanted to have some flashing fun. The fun part was seeing the surprised looks on the faces of the unsuspecting men that she flashed.

It was more than just exposing her sexy, shapely body to men. It was more than just flashing men her underwear and/or her naked breasts. Whenever she flashed unsuspecting men and whenever men stared at her, she felt special in the way that her Prom date's friend, Bob, made her feel special when he stared at her naked breasts and exposed panties. Whenever men leered at her, she felt powerful in the way that her Prom date, Mike, and his friend, Bob, stared at and ogle her big, naked tits, round areolas, and erect nipples.

Until that moment when her boyfriend's 18-year-old friend was ogling her naked breasts, with so many of her friends having A or B cup breasts, she hadn't realized what it meant to be a sexy, busty woman. She never knew how much power a beautiful, sexy, shapely woman had over men. Taking the ball and running down the field with it, from that moment forward, she dressed sexier. From that moment forward, she became an exhibitionist.

She showed men more of her sexy, shapely body. She flashed men more of what they wanted to see of her. She loved being noticed. She loved the attention she received from admiring men. She loved when men stared at her whenever she flashed them her tits and/or her panties. She enjoyed teasing men and enticing men. With her quickly becoming adept at cock teasing, it was fun driving men wild with sexual desire and then leaving without even giving them her phone number.

"I'll be right back. I have to use the ladies room," she tell a man interested in her enough to buy her drinks all night.

Then, making her way unnoticed through the crowd, she'd slip out the door and out into the street. It wasn't the sex that she wanted, it was flashing, teasing, and enticing men that sexually aroused her. It was the look on the men's face that told her that they wanted her and that was enough to sexually sate her until she returned home to masturbate herself. It was all just a game to her.

Not shy, embarrassed, or ashamed to show men her tits and/or her panties, she made no attempt to cover her nakedness with her hands or with her forearms. She wanted men to see what they could see of her. She was sexually thrilled that her Prom date and his friend leered at her naked breasts and her exposed panties. She felt so empowered by their leers and stares. She allowed Mike and Bob to ogle her big, C cup breasts as long as they wanted to ogle her naked breasts. She allowed Bob to stare at her big tits until his B cup girlfriend became jealously possessive and turned his head away with a wet kiss.

Her innate way of controlling men, just by flashing her breasts and her panties, she suddenly discovered this new found ability that she didn't know she had but that she inherently had all along. Without even giving them sex, she could make men do anything just by showing them her cleavage and her sexy low cut bra in a down blouse view and/or her white, bikini panty in an up skirt peek. It amazed her how much she could control a roomful of men just by appearing when wearing a tight, low cut top and/or a short skirt.

A wallflower before, never dressing provocatively sexy but dressing more modestly moral, now men noticed her when seeing more of her sexy, shapely body. Without her even having sex with them but just flashing them down blouse views and up skirt peeks, now men talked to her. Now men wanted her. They bought her drinks. They invited her to sporting events, movies, and for late night suppers. Never had she received as much attention from men until she started flashing what lay beneath her tight, low cut sweater and her short skirt.

From flashing men her bra and cleavage in down blouse views, she started flashing men her panties in up skirt peeks. Only, for her flashing to work, for her flashing to sexually arouse her and for men not to think that she was a slut or a whore, she had to make her flashing appear accidental and not deliberate, even though they were. It was the shocked look on the men's faces that really sexually excited her. She loved leaving men scratching their heads while wondering if she purposely flashed them or if they were just at the right place and at the right time.

When she realized that she enjoyed showing her body to men and when she suspected that she may be an exhibitionist that was when she had the idea of flashing truckers. A captive audience and a perfect plan with exit ramps to use as her quick escape, it made her feel powerful and special to flash men her naked breasts and white, bikini panties. Flashing truckers her tits and her panties made her feel sexy. Other than it was sexually exciting, she didn't really know why she enjoyed flashing truckers her tits and panties but she did. It was fun and, always that night, she masturbated over flashing her tits and panties today along with the thoughts of flashing her tits and panties again tomorrow.

* * * * *

She never told her husband she was an exhibitionist. If he only knew she enjoyed exposing herself to men, he'd be pissed. If he only knew she enjoyed exposing herself to men, he'd want her to expose herself to his friends. If only he knew she enjoyed exposing her naked tits and her panties to men, he'd want her to participate in the swinging lifestyle and become a swinger.

Yet, even though she enjoyed exposing her breasts and panties to men, even when he badgered her to participate in the swinging lifestyle together, she refused. Even when he badgered her to flash his friends her tits and her panties, and even to serve his friends drinks while topless and/or naked, she refused. Even though she was sexually attracted to some of his friends, she refused to flash his friends her underwear clad, topless, and/or naked body, and/or to have sex with any of them.

How dare he pressure her in that sexually inappropriate way? How dare he disrespect her by pressuring her to flash her panties and her tits to his friends? She was his wife and this was her body and her decision to flash whomever she wanted to flash. Just because she was his wife, she didn't need his help or his permission to flash anyone. Flashing needed to be her idea. Flashing needed to seem accidental and not deliberate.

Just as he didn't ask her permission to fuck a prostitute, she didn't need his encouragement nor permission for her to flash. Just as he didn't ask her permission for some street whore to give him a blowjob, why should she ask his permission to flash her naked tits and/or panties? Fuck him. It was none of his business who she showed her body to and/or what she did with her body. Her body was her body and not his body.

It wasn't as if she was cheating on him by having sex with other men, she wasn't. She just got off on showing her naked breasts and her panty clad pussy to unsuspecting men. She just got off on men seeing what they should never see of her, of another man's wife. It sexually excited her to see the surprised and sexually excited looks on men's faces. It sexually excited her for her to know that other men wanted her in the sexual way that her husband obviously didn't want her and was too drunk to do anything about it, even when he did sexually want her.

Yet, every time he lifted her skirt or pulled down her top in front of his friends, later that night, she'd masturbate herself with the knowledge that his friends saw her panties and/or her tits. Once, when they were both drunk, so as to act as if she didn't remember anything, she acted even drunker than she was. While holding her in place with her short skirt raised to her chest, he stuck his hand down the front of her bikini panty and fingered her pussy before pulling down her panties and exposing her pussy to his friends. Then, with her arms held behind her back, he pulled down her top and lifted up her bra to expose her big tits to his friends.

On the pretense that she was really drunk, too drunk to stop him, she acted as if she didn't know what he was doing and that she was as exposed as she was. Only, she was so sexually excited that his friends saw her pussy and then her tits, especially the ones who she was sexually attracted to, if he had forced her, she would have sucked all of their cocks. He made her so sexually aroused and so horny flashing her pussy and then her tits to his friends, that she would have allowed them all to give her a cum bath. She would have loved for them to cum all over her face, in her hair, and all over her naked breasts.

She pulled away from him, pulled up her panties, fluffed down her skirt, and pushed down her bra and top. Then, acting as is she was violently assaulted, pretending she was angry and retiring for the night to sleep it off, she spent the rest of the night in their bedroom. She hoped he'd come in the bedroom with his friends. She wished he'd strip her naked, tie her wrists and ankles to the bedposts, and force her to have sex with his friends. She was so sexually aroused that she would have loved to have given them a drunken gangbang.

With her husband thinking that she was angry with him, instead she was sexually excited being so exposed by his hand. When it was obvious that her husband's friends weren't coming in her bedroom to have their wicked, sexual way with her, she took her sexual satisfaction in her own hand. She masturbated herself while thinking of his friends seeing her naked pussy and her naked tits. She masturbated herself while sexually fantasizing of having sex with his friends.

Not wanting to embarrass him by screaming and struggling when he was holding her in place and stripping off her clothes, she didn't want to make him feel small, especially not in front of his friends. With the old double standard rearing its ugly head and getting in the way, it was one thing for him to embarrass her in front of his friends but she knew better never to embarrass him in front of his friends. Careful when around him to not rile his temper, wanting to still think of her as the good wife, she pretended she was mortified that he routinely flashed his friends her tits, her panties, and now her pussy.

She didn't want him to know that she was an exhibitionist. With his sexual needs, her sexual needs, she didn't want him to know that she had sexual needs too. She didn't want him to know that she'd give his friends sex, especially the ones she was sexually attracted to, if he forced her to give his friends sex. She didn't want him to think of her as a slut or as a whore and definitely not even as an exhibitionist, even though she was.

When he was a whoremonger, having had sex with common prostitutes on the street that he met when working vice as a Boston cop, the last thing she wanted was him accusing her of being a whore. With him having sex with other woman so turning her off, she'd never have sex with another man while married to him. She'd rather hold that over his head that he cheated on her but she never cheated on him.

It was always a double standard between the sexual relationships that men had with women, especially a husband with his wife. Aside from him flashing her body to his friends, if he knew she was flashing men her tits and panty clad pussy, he'd be pissed. Going out of her way to hide her sexy secret, her ex-husband never suspected her of being an exhibitionist and she never told him that she was.

Yet, even though she refused to participate in the swinging lifestyle, she always wondered what it was like to be a swinger and to have sex with other men while her husband had sex with other women. If her husband wasn't so possessively jealous, something that is not tolerated when swinging, she imagined the hot pillow talk they'd have discussing the sex they had with others. If her husband wasn't such a drunk, an angry drunk at that, maybe she'd try attending a swingers' house party or a meet and greet social dance.

Even though she was curious about the swinging lifestyle, a place where everyone was an exhibitionist and voyeur, he still wouldn't know that she was an exhibitionist. He'd never suspect that she was. Even though she thought about participating in the swinging lifestyle and would masturbate herself over the thoughts of having sex with other men, she'd never try swinging, not with her ex-husband. Especially with the violent temper he had, he was too possessively jealous for her to be having sex with other men.

Besides, the swinging lifestyle wasn't a couple thing with him as it was for other couples who participated in the swinging lifestyle. With him more interested in having sex with other women, swinging was his selfish way for him to get what he wanted as an individual and not for them to experience and to experiment with the swinging lifestyle as a couple. As it was, unless he was showing her off as his trophy wife, he was always oblivious to her. With him too busy leering at, staring at, and ogling other women, he didn't even notice what she was wearing, never mind what she was doing. If it wasn't bad enough that he had sex with other women, mostly prostitutes and strippers, he always looked at other women whenever with her.

Where most couples swing together, he'd be the type to leave unattended and unescorted to explore other women on his own. Preferring to walk around alone, unencumbered and seemingly unattached, the only time he'd want her there with him is when he wanted her to get with another man and/or with woman while he watched. With him already making her feel badly about herself, she wanted no part of watching him having sex with other women when he seldom had sex with her. Always too drunk for sex, he'd rather drink that have sex. Besides, attending swingers' social functions would just be another excuse for him to get drunk, too drunk to be any good to her or to anyone.

With Michael not knowing anything about her personal, private sexual life, he had no idea she was an exhibitionist. He didn't know his father continually pressured his mother to flash herself to his friends, to have sex with his friends, and to participate in the swinging lifestyle. The relationship he had with his father, even before they divorced, was always forced, difficult, and distant.

With Michael always close with his mother and sexually attracted to her, the relationship he had with his mother was the polar opposite of the relationship that he never had with his father. The relationship she had with her son was always morally and modestly appropriate. No doubt, their normal mother and son relationship was the reason why he thought she was so modestly moral. If only he knew his mother was an exhibitionist, perhaps he would have asked to see her underwear clad, topless, and/or naked body sooner. If only he knew his mother was as sexually attracted to him as much as he was sexually attracted to her, perhaps they would have sex before they did in that seedy motel.

She never showed her son what an exhibitionist she was until she stripped off her clothes in front of him and until they had sex in that motel room that fateful night. Now, done with being the morally modest mother mode, with them having a new life in Massachusetts, she was ready to expose herself to everyone, including truckers and including unsuspecting men at the mall. Now that she wanted everyone to know that she was an exhibitionist, she was ready to do all the sexual things she refused to do with her husband with her son.

To be continued...
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