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Making Whores

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Wife: Name: Cheri | Age: 40 | Ht: 5'4" | Wt: 130# | Sexy body, but not fit | C-D Cup Tits | Blonde Hair to Shoulders | Full Lips | Waxed Pussy

It's a nice business deal, I kidnap your wife, with your help and the dirty pig will make us a lot of money. 50/50 split. but I get to use her for my pleasure whenever I want also. A hot big titted blonde like her is in demand. My place is secluded so I can get something going there and have guys come over and pay us to fuck her. I can work her into bachelor parties and that type of thing. She will need to be worked on/trained, she's just not gonna fuck who I tell her, when I tell her. Training a cunt like her can take some time and I will have to hurt her to break her, she will eventually be allowed to come home but not for a while and when you see her here (without her knowing you're there) she may look pretty abused if that's what I have to do to her, maybe you would like to sit in on a session where I blindfold your dirty whore and have a training session. She will be blindfolded when you're around, so you can still fuck her and help train her.

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