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Married Lexi Tightens Her Hold

Hi everyone! This is my third story in what I hope is a long series of stories detailing my life, my husband's life and our marriage ... along with how several sexy black men made our life so much better.

If you haven't read my first two, Married Lex's First Real Cock and Married Lexi Gets Her Cuckold, you should. They give the background to where our life is as the story you're reading took place. But if not, the short story is — I cheated with a black man because my husband was unable to truly satisfy me and when I finally confessed, Steve was understandably not happy. But eventually, what I grew to kind of suspect — Steve showed that he was truly aroused by thoughts of me with better lovers. Not just better lovers. Better black lovers. Yay!

The subject matter of this story is the difficulty Steve had with completely handing me the keys to our sex life and my growing need (and frustration) for him to hurry up and do it.

I can understand why it was difficult for him. I mean, I understood what he understood ... that once he really gives in, that's it. My body will not be just for him like his is just for me. That can't be easy. Its kind of like Horseshoe Falls.

I'm not sure if that's the official name of it, but its what we called it. Anyway, Horseshoe Falls was a place where we as teenagers would go and cliff dive. I really didn't like it. It scared me. You wade out into the water until you get to this big rock that is right at the edge of the waterfall. And then you jump out as far as you can so you don't get your feet caught in the falling water. Its not a big waterfall, mind you. But just the thought of it scared me. I had seen so many of my friends do it that I could trust that it was safe. And what's more, I knew that it would be fun. But the first time I waded out to that fateful rock ... I just stood there looking over the edge ... unable to move. It was weird — despite the safety I could trust and the fun I knew it would be — I just couldn't take that step ... not right away, anyway. I had to be coerced with the peer pressure of my so called friends lol. But I did it and then I kept doing it.

That's Steve. He was standing on a rock looking over the edge of Cuckold Falls. He knew he wanted to see how I responded when a man who is truly built like a man fucks me. He wanted to see it. Hear it. Smell it. Eventually he would also want to taste it .. but that's a long way from where we are now.

But at this point, he needed someone to coerce him.

During this intermission between Steve admitting his cuckold tendencies and the actual act of giving me to another man ... I was learning so much.

I don't know if its just my husband or if this is consistent with cuckolds around the world — but once he's had one of his little orgasms its not so easy for me to convince him to do what I want or let me do what I want. So his brave admission turned into selfish denials.

"You want to jump, Steve. Just do it."

"No, I don't, Lexi. Quit pushing me!"

Over and over again he would wade out into the water and then come right back without jumping. It was driving me crazy! He just kept appearing to give me what I wanted and needed and then taking it right back again.

I know you're probably thinking — well, she cheated once, I bet she cheated again that little slut!

But I didn't. I really didn't. That's not how I wanted this to happen. I'm pretty impulsive, but I'm not stupid. I knew that if this was going to become who we are for the long haul — then Steve needed to give me to Robert. He needed to solidify his submission to this lifestyle. Otherwise, there was no guarantee that it be our forever lifestyle.

So over the course of exactly 27 days since his admission, Steve and I continued to talk about what it would be like for me to be the hotwife to his cuckold. It still languished within the realm of fantasy and not yet entering the planning stages ... but it was a necessary step.

But one thing I was definitely conscious of was the fact that I really needed to limit his knowledge of where this was all going to go.

I knew he could search the internet and find the same stuff that I had ... but as best as I could I tried to control what he was finding out.

How did I do this, you ask?

By inundating him with visuals that generally make cuckolding so alluring to cuckolds.

Most of what I sent him were images of wives with black men. I'd send him pictures and gifs of wives with their lips stretched around big black cocks ... wives with pussies creaming all over big black cocks ... big black cocks stretching wives pussies ... wives screaming on big black cocks ... big black cocks cumming in wives, etc. (is it hot in here?)

Anyway, none of what I sent him ever alluded to chastity devices or the cuckolds cleaning their wives' pussies after they've been filled with a black man's cum. I was still growing in my appreciation for those things ... but one thing I didn't want to do was scare Steve away from jumping into Cuckold Falls. And those things would have scared him away for sure! So while he was at work ... while he was sleeping... while he sat across from me in our living room ... constantly I would flood his email and phone with cuckold and hotwife images.

Another thing I did was that when we would have sex I would make sure that he was focused on the idea of Robert fucking me and not himself. I would repeatedly tell him to close his eyes and imagine me lying under Robert like I was lying under him.

"When Robert enters me I scream."

"Imagine it Steve. Close your eyes. Imagine your little white dick is Robert's big black cock."

"You can see it can't you?"

"Imagine it sliding in and out. Long strokes, Steve, because he's so big. In and out. In and out. That's it baby. Imagine it."

"Imagine my wet pussy stretching around that black cock. Imagine my juices just coating it. Omg Steve I love it so much. Can you see it? You're going to cum aren't you? Cum for me while you imagine Robert's cock fucking me."

Stuff like that.

This also taught me something. The more that he closed his eyes and came to the sound of my words describing Robert's cock — the quicker he would cum.

It was clear that Steve was getting more and more turned on by the idea of me being fucked by Robert. He was closer to jumping. But he wasn't quite there yet.

But this waiting and teasing and waiting all caused a rather aggressive dominant streak to show itself in my personality.

This tendency to be more dominant with my husband has remained to this day and it has become a very real part of my personality. I think the birth of this control fetish had a lot to do with my level of frustration that I was starting to experience. It had been so long since I had felt something more than the slight sensation of a little white dick poking around inside me ... and it was driving me mad!

By my reasoning, Steve was getting more and more sex and he was getting to experience some of the joys of our blossoming cuckold relationship. Why wasn't I able to enjoy the stuff he was being turned on by???

I had to do something that would make him want to jump.

It all started in the morning of day 25 before Steve left for work. Steve gets up really early so that he can get started at his desk before anyone gets there to bother him with lower level questions. He doesn't mind answering questions. His nature is to be helpful. But he likes to get as much of his own stuff done before the helpless show up. So it was about 5 am when he came to my side of the bed for my customary kiss goodbye.

I was already awake.

I don't sleep a lot anyway, but I was sleeping even less at this point. My mind was constantly thinking about Robert. I was quite literally becoming obsessed with the memories of what he felt like when he fucked me and even more obsessed with feeling it again.

On some level, this must be what its like for a cuckold when he's being denied. For a cuckold that's something that is expected ... and its part of what turns him on. But for their hotwife — her being denied is not the norm — at least for this hotwife!

So I was feeling more and more anxious ... more and more frustrated and I was sleeping less and less. I was even starting to feel a moderate sense of anger. I mean, now that Steve's natural cuckold tendencies had been exposed, how dare he deprive me of what he knows he wants and more importantly ... what I need??

So when Steve leaned down to kiss me, he saw that my eyes were already wide open and locked on his. He leaned down and as he kissed me, I reached for his crotch and grabbed him through his pants.

"One day, you're going to kiss my lips like this before you go to work and the next thing you get from me will be a picture of them wrapped around a big, black cock."

"Good morning to you too, Lexi."

He leaned down to kiss me again but I turned my head and pulled away ... still holding him through his pants.

"How would that make you feel, Steve?"

Steve is pretty important where he works, so if he wakes up and wants to have sex with me its not a problem for him to show up late. He was thinking this was one of those times.

He pulled one of his legs up onto the bed and tried to kiss me again ... I turned my head again and said no.

This was not one of those times. I spoke very calmly. Purposefully. Serious. But sexy.

"No Steve. No more kissing. Not today. You want this. Its all we talk about anymore when we're having sex."

"Its all you talk about, Lexi."

"Oh and you've tried to stop me? Don't be ridiculous. You love it. As soon as I mention how much I want Robert's huge cock you're ready to cum. Admit it."

He was getting hard. So he stood up to try and hide it by backing away ... but I didn't let go.

"And if I don't give into you, you're going to go behind my back, Lex? Again?"

With same matter of fact tone.

"No. I hate that and I won't do it again. But he's going to fuck me, Steve. Not because I cheat on you ... but because you want me to ... because you're going to give me to him."

With my legs, I slowly kicked off the covers to show him that I didn't have any panties on. All that I was wearing was my t-shirt. As I continued to hold his little hard-on, I slid my free hand down to my pussy.

"How does that make you feel Steve? Imagine it for me and tell me what it feels like? You kiss me goodbye like you did just now. You leave, just like you're about to. And Robert comes in — climbs into this bed and fucks your wife's little ... wet ... white ... married ... pussy all day long making me scream and cum all over his cock. How does that make you feel, Steve?"

"Fuck, Lexi ... let go of m..."

"Just tell me."

I held him tight with one hand and started sliding two fingers in and out of my pussy with the other. He was watching as I started to really fuck myself. Thoughts of Robert always get me wet ... but I was insanely turned on by the way I was talking to my husband — and even more by the fact that this was making his little thing hard.

"Tell me. Tell me, cuckold. Tell me that's what you want."

He didn't say anything after that. He pulled my hand away, gave me a confused look and just walked out and went to work.

I wasn't done.

On normal days, Steve and I pretty regularly text each other. Well, I'm texting him pretty regularly. His involvement in this is usually boils down to one word replies.

Yes — No — Maybe. That's what I usually get. He's not much for texting.

But today, every time I texted him, I referred to him as a cuckold in one way or another. I never once used his name.

"How's your day going, cuck?"

"What does my cuckold want for dinner?"

"I miss my little cuckold."

"I love you so much cucky."

All day long I would send little texts like that ... but very rarely would he respond.

Until I texted him about Robert.

"I wonder what Robert's doing? Have I told you how I love that big black cock? Of course I have. Its what makes you cum, cucky."

Finally a response!

"Lexi, this has to stop. I'm working."

"This has to stop because you're working or because you don't like hearing it."

I got some dot dot dots and then nothing. Dot dot dots and then nothing.

"I thought so. Its not going to stop, Steve. And you don't want it to stop. You want it to start."

My level of confidence and that growing dominant streak were starting to shoot off the charts.

"I'll see you when I get home. I need to work, Lex."

Side note.

(You can probably sense that I have a bit of a problem with entitlement. I blame my dad for that lol. But regardless of who's fault it is, I can admit that I have a bit of a princess complex. I mean, thinking back, even I can admit that the way I was talking to Steve and the way I was treating him looks insensitive, at best. I mean, I'm the one who cheated — I should be focusing on building Steve and my marriage back up, right? He's the one who should really be calling all the shots and, out of guilt, I should be trying to be as accommodating to his needs as I possibly can be — even if it means sacrificing my own.

But that's where women go wrong who have been caught cheating because of their husband's lack of sexual abilities. I'm not talking about women who are neglected or women who have fallen out of love with their husbands or women who just do it for a thrill. I'm talking about women who have every reason to stay faithful, but for the sex conundrum. I truly believe that women like me who cheat, should take a different route. If they cheated because their husband wasn't satisfying them and only for that reason ... then to swear off other men and force themselves to be the faithful wife they think their husbands want is to resign themselves to a life of unfulfilled desires and to resign their husbands to a life of resentment from their wives. If a man is unable to truly perform and truly loves his wife at the same time, then I think he can be made to both submit to and love the cuckold lifestyle. I truly believe that. Its just a matter of breaking down the walls that society has erected (no pun intended lol). Men with little dicks are made to believe that they alone should fulfill their wives' sexual needs. And that's just too much pressure for a man who doesn't have the required appendage. Society should be more community driven — I mean, in the old days, men who needed barns didn't build them themselves, right? No. Other men from the community pitched in to do what one man couldn't. Bad analogy? Lol But you get my point. Men who can't fulfill their wives sexually should be happy that others can. Sex is only one part of a marriage ... its not even close to everything. Steve, for example meets every need of mine. I have yet to meet a man who checks so many of my boxes. I truly mean that. He's literally everything I could ever hope for in a husband ... except in the sex department. I don't want another husband ... and I could never ever ever ever love another man ... but I need someone more capable in my bed. So does Steve — he needs it for me ... and at this point in the story, he's about to give in to it.)

End of side note.

Before Steve came home from work, I decided that I could take it no longer. I decided that I was going to make myself as desirable as I possibly could ... but not let him touch me until he begged me to fuck Robert.

First I showered and shaved my pussy ... completely. Steve doesn't care so much about this, but I told him how much Robert loved it. And that was the point.

Next, I painted my little toes and fingers with his favorite red nail polish. It really pops against his white skin when I'm dragging them over his little pink dick. But also, he just really loves my toes — especially when they're painted.

Next were my clothes. I'm pretty much a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl ... and I think I always will be. Despite my princess tendencies, I grew up on a farm and such an upbringing will always be a big part of who I am and also what I wear (hence the barn analogy lol). But today was different. So because I know that Steve loves it when I wear something that shows my legs, I wore a light, short, little sundress. I have pretty muscular legs from playing soccer most my life and they've stayed really toned with all my running. So that day, I broke the status quo.

I also did my hair and makeup the way he likes even though I prefer my more natural appearance.

All in all, I did everything exactly the way that draws the most compliments from Steve.

When he came home, he found me in the kitchen getting dinner ready. I stopped calling him cuckold for the time being.

When he click-clopped into the kitchen he noticed my efforts, "Wow." With his eyes appreciating my legs he walked towards me, put is hands on my hips and rightly guessed, "Up to something, Lex?" I smiled at him and said, "Go change, Steve. Dinner's ready."

By the time he came back, the table was set. He sat down and I brought him one of his favorite hazy IPA beers. (Do you know what those are? I don't really drink but those actually taste pretty good for beer)

He looked a bit confused. He knew something was up. But I made him feel at ease with our normal dinner talk. Asking him about his day ... listening to the boring stuff about clients and money and accounts as though I cared.

When we finished, we both cleared the table and talked about which shows we could watch and then went into the tv room. We sat on our "show couch" (that's what I call it. That name would take on a new meaning at a later date wink wink)

While Steve browsed the shows, I snuggled up into his side. About half way through an hour long show I was done watching. I popped up and crawled into his lap facing him ...

"Hey mister," I said in my cute way and smiled my adorable smile.

"Here we go, huh, Lexi?"

"I don't know what you're talking about. Can't a wife sit in her husbands lap?"

"She can. I'm just not sure you're that kind of wife, Lex?"

"Oh? What kind of wife am I?" I kissed him ever so softly ... lightly dragging my tongue over his lips. "What kind of wife am, Steve?"

He didn't answer ... but he immediately reached for my butt, sliding them under my sundress. Noticing that I wasn't wearing any panties, "mmmm this is a surprise, Lex."

"You can touch me anywhere you want, Steve. That's why I didn't wear any."

He grasped at my ass and reached his neck up to kiss me. I accommodated him, meeting his lips. We kissed like this for a few minutes and then with both hands I ran my fingers through his hair and then I forcefully pulled his face into mine by his hair ... kissing him hard ... sucking on his tongue and the biting at his lips ... grinding myself down on to his crotch ... humping him ... kissing him, almost with violence ... he tried to flip me off of him onto my back, but I braced myself with my leg on the couch — not letting him move me ... he could've if he really wanted to ... but he got my point. I never said anything ... kissing him .. both of us moaning .. sucking hard on his neck ... he was going crazy ... and honestly, so was I ... I was getting really wet but there was no way I was going to let him inside me.

We kissed like this for quite a while ... until, again, he tried to roll me over. I pulled back ...

"No. Steve."

"Why? What are we doing then, Lexi?"

"You never answered me, Steve."

"Answered you what? What are you talking about?"

I smiled and pulled my hair back behind my ears, "I asked you what kind of wife am I. So what kind of wife am I?"

He kind of half smiled, "This again, huh?"

"You weren't thinking about it? Wanting me to start ... ummm ... talking?"

I kissed him slowly and sensually just barely touching his lips ... breathing heavy ... sliding my tongue barely over his and then I pulled back again. I scooted away from him a little so I could reach between us and feel that he was hard. I grabbed him as best I could through his pants and tugged at him a little.
"What kind of wife am I, Steve?"

"Fuck, Lexi."

"Just tell me. I want to hear you say it. Tell me I'm a hotwife."

"You're a hotwife, Lexi."

Thinking that was all I wanted to hear, he then tried to roll me on my back again. And again I stopped him.

"No. I'm not really a hotwife, am I?"

"What do you mean, Lexi? So what are you then? That's what you've been saying — you're my hotwife now..."

"I want to be one but I'm not really one, am I?" I stopped stroking him and reached down with both hands to undo his pants.

Looking down at what I was doing, "I mean what does a hotwife do that makes her a hotwife?"

"Fuck, Lexi. We've been down this road already."

"No we haven't. Not really. We've just danced around it. We know you want me to. And you definitely know I want to be a hotwife." I looked back into his eyes. "But I need you to tell me that you want me to do it ... for real."

I slid down to the floor between his feet. I started to pull at his pants and he lifted his hips and helped me slide them down. His little pink dick was sitting straight up in the air. I leaned toward it and kissed the little head.

"What does a hotwife do, Steve?"

I barely wrapped my lips around the head ... he groaned.

"Tell me Steve. What does a hotwife do?"

"She has sex with other men."

"Mmmmhmmm good boy."

I leaned forward again and took a little more of him in my mouth. I slid my lips up and down about 2 or 3 times. I couldn't let him cum. So I stopped.

"And what does a cuckold do, Steve?" I blew on the head of his dick.

At this point he was just starting to realize that I wasn't going to do anything he wanted until he gave me the answers I needed.

"He lets her."

"He lets her do what, Steve?" I blew again.

"He lets her have sex with other men."

I smiled and reached for him with my hand, wrapping my little fingers around his little dick.

"Mmmmhmmmm. He does, huh? Does he like it that she has sex with other men?"

"Yes, Lexi. Fuck." He leaned forward to grab me and pull me up on top of him. I pulled back and scooted a few scoots away from him.

"Not yet, Steve. K? Just a few more, k?"

He nodded in a way that said he was resigned to his fate.

"Just answer me this why does a hotwife have sex with other men?"

He leaned back again, "because she wants to."

I smiled and gave his dick a little kiss. "Well, yeah. That's obvious. But why does she want to? Be specific, k? Is there something missing in her ... ummmm ... husband?"

I took him into my mouth again for a few seconds ... he closed his eyes and moaned and reached for my head to keep my mouth there. So I stopped and put my hands on his thighs and just looked up toward his face.

"Just a few more. Tell me."

"Yes, Lexi. She isn't satisfied with her husband."

"Well, yeah silly. But why?" I wrapped my lips around his dick again and then stopped.

He groaned, "because he isn't big enough for her."

"Yay! Yes!" I kissed along his little shaft and kissed all around it but not taking him into my mouth.

"One more. If I'm a hotwife what are you, Steve? Tell me so I can let you cum."

"Fuck Lexi. A cuckold." He reached for me again ... I stopped him.

"Yes. Steve. It turns you on doesn't it? It turns you on when I call you cuckold or cuck or cucky, huh?"

"Yes, Lexi. Now stop. I want you."

"I know you do, cucky," I said smiling at him and cupping his little bitty balls with one hand and his thin little dick with my other.

"But you can't have me, okay? I'm not going to let you have sex with me and I'm not going to let you cum until you tell me what you really want me to do."

"What the fuck, Lexi? What are we doing?"

"I'm doing what you want. Helping you. Helping us. We have to do this. You want this as much as I do."

"I can't say it, Lexi. I just ..."

I swirled my tongue around the tip of his dick, "You have to. I can't unless you do. I won't cheat on you again. I love you too much to do that."

He just stared at me. I thought he was going to win again. I thought that he was going to step right up to the edge and then back away again. I couldn't let that happen.

"Do you want to see it, Steve? Do you want to see Robert's cock? I'm sorry. But I kept some pictures."

"Lexi ... "

I stopped and crawled over to the coffee table where my phone was and the crawled back and knelt again between his feet. I pulled my hair behind my ear, leaned back onto my feet, held my phone and opened my email ...

"I deleted them all except for a few that I emailed myself."

I opened the email that I sent myself right before I confessed to Steve. I just couldn't get rid of all the pics. I knew I'd want to see them again no matter what happened.

I opened the file and the pics popped up. There were 3.

One was one that Robert had texted me pretty early on. It was of him standing and looking down on his cock with his phone. It was gorgeous. It was a clear image of his big, hard, long, fat, black cock.

The second one was taken from the side, with my hand wrapped around it. It was kind of fuzzy because either his phone was moving or my hand was, but I loved it because it reminded me of what he felt like in my little hand.

The third one was of me kneeling between his feet (like I was with Steve at that moment) with just the head of his cock in my mouth. I loved that one most of all.

I held the phone to my chest.

"Do you want to see? Its not just his cock. I'm in them too. Sorry. But do you want to see?"

"Fuck, Lexi ... you're in them? WTF?"

"Just a couple. I'm sorry. But its not like you didn't know ... soooo?"

I put my phone down beside me and took his cock back into my mouth for a second ... then said, "Okay. You don't have to see ..."

"Yes ..."

I smiled. I reached for my phone and slowly handed it to him.

He took it and just stared at it.

"If you click on it it will go to the next one. There's three."

I sucked him into my mouth again ... deeper ... all the way and then slowly and tightly sliding my lips all the way up until they "popped" off.

"Big, huh?" I leaned forward and kissed up his stomach until I reached his nipple and swirled my tongue around it. He didn't say anything. I couldn't see which pic he was looking at but I could see him click to the next one.

"Look at the one with my hand holding his cock." He clicked and then clicked and then stopped.

I leaned back down and took his little dick into my hand like I was holding Robert's in the pic.

"Steve. Look. Look at my hand on you and then look at my hand on Robert, k? Did you?"

He didn't say anything. But he looked and then looked back.

I stroked him with little strokes and then stopped and just held him. Just his little head was sticking out of my hand.

"Look how much of Robert's black cock sticks out of my hand. Look. I'm not even all the way down at the base of it like I am with you. Look. Look at yours in my hand."

He looked. I leaned forward and kissed and then looked up at him. This had to be a crazy thing to see and compare. I know it always was for me! I mean, I had sent him countless images of white women with big black men but never was there an image so close to home. Now his mind was wrapping around the images that were once just fantasies that I created in his head.

"Can you see how much bigger he is than you? He's easily twice as big as you, huh?"

"Click to the next one."

He clicked.

I let go with my hand. I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around his little dick. And then let go again.

"Look at how big his cock is in my mouth, cucky. Its huge, right?"

"Now look when I do it to you." I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around him again. It had to be shocking.

He looked.

I slowly sucked him for a few seconds and then stopped.

"So do you see? Why he felt so good to me?"

He didn't answer.

"Steve. Do you see?"

He didn't answer.


"Yes, Lexi ..."

"Are you still on the pic with him in my mouth?"

"Yes ..."

I took him in my hand again and started slowly stroking him. Stopping and letting go when I thought he might be getting close.

"Imagine me sucking his cock, cuckold. I can't even come close to fitting him all the way in my mouth. He's soooo big. And he tastes so good. I didn't tell you this, but I love it when he would cum in my mouth, cucky. I loved it. I don't know why but I did."

I leaned forward and kissed it.

"Do you see how he would feel so much better in my pussy, cuckold?"

He didn't answer and he wouldn't look at me.

"Cuckold look at me. Please. I love you. You like this. Look at me."

He looked at me.

"I smiled. Thanks baby. I love you so much. I really, truly do. So much, ok? But do you see why he would feel so much better inside my pussy, than yours?"

"Yes. Lexi. I can ..."

"Shhhhh. Just yes and no okay?"

"He does baby. He stretches me out so much. I scream, baby. And I could take all of him. Can you believe that? Oh my god this is turning me on. But you look so little compared to him, huh? Imagine how the difference feels to me?" I was getting crazy turned on ... I started to rub my wet little pussy.

"I can't wait for him to do it again, cuck."

He looked at me with more seriousness now. Kind of like a 'what the fuck are you talking about" kind of look.

"I'm going to aren't I? He's going to fuck me again, huh?"

He just stared. I started stroking his little white shiny dick.

"Tell me you want me to. Tell me you really want me to and I'll tell you all about it when you get home. I'll tell you every single detail about how he fucks me ... about how I cum all over his big .. black .. cock. Tell me you want me to cuckold you. Tell me and I'll do it. I'll do it for us. Because you're a cuckold and I'm a hotwife. Tell me and I'll do it and we'll both love it."

"Fuck Lexi."

I let go ...

"You can't have sex with me until Robert fucks me ... but I will suck you until you cum in my mouth if you tell me the truth."

He just stared.

"Tell me." I leaned forward and licked the head.

"Tell me."

He moaned ... "Yes."

"Yes what, cuck?"

"Yes I want you to."

"You want me to what, cucky?"

He stared ... I held him ... he stared ... I licked him again.

"You want me to do what, cuckold?"

"I want you to fuck, Robert!"

I smiled my biggest victory smile! I leaned forward and kissed the head. Then I let go and backed up.

"I'll text him right now before you change your mind."

I reached for my phone.

"What are you doing, Lexi?"

"I'm texting Robert, silly. I don't want your little orgasm to make you change your mind again. That's what happens, baby. Whenever we talk about this, you get so aroused. That's because you're a cuckold. You like it and you want it as much as I do. But as soon as you cum, you start to think twice about it and then I get nothing. That's not how this is going to work, k? You can't get to have all the fun from you being a cuckold."

I texted Robert immediately.

"Robert, don't ask but I want to see you tomorrow and its okay with my husband. Crazy, right? If you're not busy that is. I can just come by and say hi and tell you what I'm talking about if you're busy. K? Don't ask right now. Don't even text back. K? I'll talk to you in the morning . I can't wait to see you."

I hit send. Put my phone down. Then leaned forward ... looked up into Steve's eyes, "I think you deserve this" and I sucked him for a grand total of about 2 minutes (tops) before he groaned and squirmed and came in my mouth.

The next morning, before leaving for work, Steve leaned down to kiss me. I reached for his little dick through his pants ... smiled and said,

"The next time you see me, will be after Robert has fucked me all day long with his big, black, beautiful cock."

I smiled.

"Have a good day, cuck."
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