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I do not own the copywrite of any of the characters featured in these stories. The rights to these character belong to their respective owners. This is simply a product of Fan Fiction, take it as such. Please do not rape or harm men or women in the real world, it's a bad thing to do... Don't think it particularly necessary to say this, just figured I'd cover my bases.

This will be different from my Wonder Woman series, as this won't just be focusing on one character in the DC universe, but any and all in both Marvel and DC. There will be several different stories with many different kinks and themes explored there in.

Please let me know which of these stories (as they are added) you guys prefer, and I'll focus attention on those, for now I'll focus on getting as many different stories out, then focus on expanding them. As with my other story you are perfectly welcome to add your own plots and stories to this and I highly encourage you to do so. Either comment here or DM me if you want a specific character/kink/pairing to feature in the story.

Now. With no further ado, please choose which story you'd like to read:

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