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Masked Girl & Dragon-1 Adventures

Author's note: I wrote this in conjunction with another female from literotica chat. It might be a little crazy but it sure turned me on when I help to write it. It is my 2nd attempt at writing a story, so please bear with it :)

Background characters:

The family

Name: Kate Smith A.K.A. Mrs. Li (She is married to Peter Li, a Chinese businessman. Her 2nd marriage)
Occupation: Housewife by day. Super heroine in secret
Alias: Masked Girl
Race: Caucasian
Age: 34
Height: 5 ft 6
Weight: 120lbs
Hair: long curly of golden locks. (Fiery Red as Masked Girl), Trimmed below
Body: 34C-25-35, leggy, tight butt. (34D-24-34 as Masked Girl)
Costume: body hugging tight spandex top (dark pink), a sailor school skirt(think sailor moon), a mask the shape of a dove that covers just the eyes and nose. A sparkling red ruby attached to a neck collar is her source of her enhanced strength. When Kate Smith transforms into Masked Girl, her hair is fiery red, and her body looks younger and leaner. She has a pair of purple gloves that could deflect projectiles. She has a pair of purple boots and spandex stockings that reach her middle thighs.
Weapons: A pink egg shaped vibrator attached to penis-shaped handle by a long unbreakable string.
Powers: Enhanced dexterity, strength and teleportation abilities. However she is the Yin and needs Dragon-1's Yang to compliment her. She could maintain her superhuman powers for 5 minutes before she needs Dragon-1 to recharge her. Sucking Dragon-1's cock would recharge her slowly; having him cum in her mouth would recharge her instantly. Having his cum all over her face or body would slightly increase her natural defense.

Name: Li Yuan (natural son of Peter Li, and stepson to Kate)
Occupation: University Sophomore majoring in philosophy, freelance musician
Alias: Dragon-1
Race: Chinese
Age: 22
Height: 5 ft 9
Weight: 135lbs
Hair: long jet black. Neatly trimmed below.
Body: Slim and well toned body. 6+ inches of manhood.
Costume: Black colored traditional formal Chinese costume made of silk. A small opening at the groin area of his pants makes it easier to "recharge" Masked Girl whenever and wherever she needs it. He dons the mask of a dragon that covers just his eyes and nose.
Weapons: His deft hands.
Powers: Highly skilled martial artist. Has the ability to absorb powers to replenish his own, by sucking the juices of a powered female. His 6+ inched manhood, also known as "Pleasure Rod" not only has the ability to recharge Masked Girl's powers but could immobilize a female if he wants to as well. The Yang counterpart of Masked Girl who is Yin. His destiny is to follow and protect Masked Girl. It is part of his destiny, that the gem is a subset of Masked Girl's. Dragon's gem is hidden in his body, under the guise of a dragon tattoo on his back. As long as Masked Girl is in her powered-up mode, he is almost physically indestructible. Has the ability to teleport right to Masked Girl when she wants him to.

Name: Peter Li
Occupation: Businessman dealing in antiques and ancient artifacts.
Race: Chinese
Age: 46
Height: 5 ft 6
Weight: 140lbs
Hair: short crop of black and white hair. Neatly combed most of the time. Bushy below.
Body: Slightly plump, with a slight beer belly. 5++ inches of manhood (nearly 6'').

Name: Beth Simons A.K.A. Beth Li (natural daughter of Kate from her first marriage. Step-sister to Yuan and Step-daughter to Peter Li)
Occupation: Student
Race: Caucasian-Irish mix
Age: 16
Height: 5 ft 4
Weight: 110lbs
Hair: long straight blond.
Body: 33B-23-34, small and tight perky butt.

Chapter 1

It was the hottest day of summer, and Kate was sweating profusely as she was cleaning the house. Wearing a huge oversized T-shirt and a skirt that barely reached her kneecaps; she was climbing up and down, wiping this and wiping that. She enjoyed every moment of being a housewife to this happy marriage. It was her 2nd marriage in fact. She was glad Peter Li didn't mind the fact that she already has a 16 year old daughter from her first marriage. And she absolutely didn't mind this hot and good-looking 22 year old Chinese stepson either. The door opened, and Yuan walked in with his guitar case, heading straight into his room without a word, closing the door behind him. That was how he is like. He probably hasn’t accepted Kate as his mother yet.

"Oh well, that'll take time I guessed." Kate thought to herself.

What Yuan did not know was Kate's hidden identity as Masked Girl. When it was Masked Girl's destiny to choose a protector, her hidden yearning for Yuan's cock was the main influence in her choice to make him the chosen one. An excuse for her to savor Yuan’s cock beneath the surface of Good & Justice. As she washed the dishes, thoughts of her giving Yuan a motherly hand-job made her damp below; causing a round wet spot on her pink cotton panties.

Out of nowhere, she felt something hard pressing against her ass. A pair of firm hands groped her from behind, squeezing her pair of 34Cs wantonly. She turned her head. It was Peter Li, her loving husband. She enjoyed being groped by surprise, only if it is someone she fancied. As she rubbed her ass firmly against Peter's erection, she whispered to him

"Your precious son is at home, lets not get caught."

"Uhhhh they feel so soft dear...."

"And yours is so hard too"

The door to Yuan's room opened. Yuan caught sight of what happened but pretended not to notice. He headed straight out of the house, probably going for another band practice of his. However the image of his dad groping his White stepmother from behind remained very vivid in his mind. It even turned him on a little.

"Arghh..." Yuan sighed, dispelling the immoral thought of his stepmother.

Suddenly, Yuan heard a voice in his head. It was Masked Girl.

"Come to me my trusty sidekick. I need you now. There is danger ahead. Teleport to me"

The eyes of the dragon tattoo on Yuan's back starts to glow green. He transformed into Dragon-1 unwillingly, and disappeared, leaving a trail of green light. Dragon-1 opened his eyes, peering through the dragon masked he dons. An attractive and feminine masked woman with fiery red hair stood in front of him. Her 34D tits stood upright, almost bursting out of the tight dark pink spandex she was wearing. Her perky nipples looked so obvious against the fabric of the costume. Her lips are red and luscious; the type men would die for to get their cocks into those.

"Demona has stuck again. We need to take action now!"

Having said that, Masked Girl got onto her knees in front of Dragon-1. It was like as if Masked Girl could completely control Dragon-1's reaction. Dragon-1's cock started erecting...slowly revealing its delicious looking purple head, out of the silk black martial arts pants, pointing towards Masked Girl. Licking her lips, she began to work on his cock with her gloved hand. Her hand-job is deft and skillful, and not too long Dragon-1's cock is fully erected, a lovely uncut 6+ inches of manhood, with a little blob of pre-cum on the tip of its eye. Guiding Dragon-1's cock delicately with her gloved hand, she directed the tip of the head to her lips, using Dragon's pre-cum to moisturize her lips. She needed this procedure to make her secret chant work. She then whispered the ancient chant that would unlock her powers. The red ruby gem attached to her neck collar glowed brightly. Dragon-1's cock starts to pulsate in green...reacting to the red glow with the green of his own. So, Dragon-1's cock was actually the key to unlock the gate to Masked Girl's powers. "Oula ha ji kun seet kamla hun"

Boooom! A loud explosion was heard as a police petrol car was flunked to nearby bookstore. A shadowy figure appeared in sight as commoners flew in fear. A busty woman in her early thirties, clad in a torn and tattered blouse and knee length black skirt. Her eyes were glowing in red, with a few visible veins on her face. Her name was Julie Winston, a single 31 year old divorcee who worked as a banker. Obviously these were not the work of a commoner like Julie. Julie was possessed by Demona, an age old demoness and the arch-enemy of the nymph fairy that lived in Masked Girl's ruby. This time, it was clear that Demona wanted to lure Masked Girl out with the chaos.

Demona walked a few steps before being hit by a forceful blow. Before she went down, she caught sight of a pink egg-shaped projectile that was joined to a string. It was Mask Girl's trademark weapon "Pink Vibe". Demona got onto her feet and just in time to dodge a flying kick from Dragon-1. Dragon-1 was faster, having missed his attempt, he quickly reacted by side-stepping the wall, followed by a 2nd kick which landed straight to Demona's back. The force caused Demona to fall forward in Masked Girl's direction. Masked Girl immediately somersaulted and followed up with a frankensteiner-like maneuver, wrapping her long legs onto Demona's neck. Her pussy was rubbing against Demona's face within the fabric of her silk white panties. Before Masked Girl could complete the technique, Demona countered it by grabbing Masked Girl's ass cheeks with both her clawed-like hands, sinking her nails deep into Masked Girl's butt while pulling her pussy close to Demona's willing mouth. Demona gave a hard lick on Masked Girl's groin through the fabric of her panties, leaving Masked Girl moaning.

Sensing his mistress' danger, Dragon-1 groped Demona from behind, squeezing Demona's 36D tits as hard as he could. Sub-conciously replaying the image of his father, Peter Li groping his Caucasian stepmum, Dragon-1 cringed in guilty pleasure. Demona cried in pain as Dragon-1's forceful hands tore her blouse, revealing the white lacy bra Julie was wearing. Masked Girl threw her "Pink Vibe" in the direction of the ceiling above, securing her position and balance, tighted her grip on Demona's head by closing her legs tight. She had 3 more minutes left before she needed a recharge. Demona sensed something growing harder in size against her ass. Dragon-1 was getting turned on thinking about the previous incident at home. He did not know Masked Girl could read his thoughts while in their superhero modes. Masked Girl felt her juices flow as she shared Dragon's mind link.

Realizing it was no time for personal pleasures, Masked Girl signaled for Dragon-1 to perform his absorbing technique. Unable to resist Mask Girl's orders of any kind, Dragon-1 left his position and crept below Demona at lightning speed. He made a leg sweep, making Demona fall, with Masked Girl's weight enhancing the damage Demona took on her head as she went down. Spreading the villainess' legs with forceful hands, Dragon-1 ripped open Julie's white lacy panties, and proceeded to use his tongue work on the evil. Vibrating his tongue against Julie's clit that belonged to Demona now, Dragon-1 wrote shapes of ancient Chinese words with his tongue onto it. He occasionally gave a harsh lick on her pussy, sucking in cunt juices while he made slurping sounds. Demona was crying in ecstasy. As the demoness moaned in joy, Julie's cries of pleasure were heard as well. Demona felt her strength weakening, and so did Masked Girl. Retrieving her weapon, Masked Girl jumped and flew behind Dragon-1, taking over his place as he made a roll against Demona's body to Masked Girl's previous. With their mind-link, the duo had perfect teamwork that was unmatched. Demona struggled ferociously as Masked Girl inserted Pink Vibe into her pussy. To immobilize Demona, Dragon shoved his cock (pleasure rod) into her wide opened mouth, gagging her and silencing her muffing cries.

Dragon-1 was pumping his cock hard into Demona's mouth, almost as if he was fucking her face. It turned the sub-conscious Julie on so much it was doing the same effect to Demona as well. Demona's juices started flowing, as Masked Girl collected the love juices within a transparent container. 5 minutes was up. Masked Girl no longer had super human powers now. Demona knew that as she could sense Masked Girl's powers deplete, and pretended to lay unconscious as Dragon-1 continued assaulting her mouth. As Julie’s eyes stop glowing red, and veins on her face fade, the heroic duo thought it was over. They stopped the attack.

Demona lay still there, as Masked Girl moved towards Dragon-1 with the sealed container that contained most of Demona's elixir. With Masked Girl’s back towards Demona, and the cover safe from Dragon-1’s view, Demona suddenly repossessed Julie and lunged towards the container. Grabbing the container with the advantage of the element of surprise, Demona opened the seal and splashed her juices all over Dragon-1’s face. Some of Demona’s love juice got into Dragon’s eyes and mouth and he howled in pain. Masked Girl fell helplessly onto the floor, feeling extremely exhausted. Demona shrieked in triumph as Dragon’s mind tainted by her demonic elixir. Demona walked towards Masked Girl, slapping her across the face hard a couple of times.

“Time for my revenge you whore!” She shrieked.

Demona pulled Mask Girl by her long fiery hair, forcing her to get to her feet. She continued slapping Masked Girl, with her nails scratching her lovely face at times. Masked Girl struggled to maintain her balance as Demona pushed her away. She felt her back hit something. It was Dragon-1. As she turned to face him, Dragon grabbed her 34D breasts hard, sinking his nails deep into her spandex costume, causing her extreme pain. His claw-like hand technique ripped open two holes in her spandex top, exposing her milky skinned breasts. Demona moved her hand under Masked Girl’s skirt, tearing her silky panties with one grab.

Demona commanded Dragon to work on Masked Girl’s nipples, and he did just that. Pinching hard onto both nipples, Dragon-1 turned them as if they were knobs meant to be twitched. Masked Girl cried in pain. Losing strength and endurance, Masked Girl lost her foot hold and fell onto the cold concrete floor. Demona was after Masked Girl’s ruby from the start. She put a hand to Masked Girl’s neck, trying to rip apart the collar that held the gem. It just wouldn’t come out no matter how hard she tried to force it out of her neck. A quick witted Masked Girl whispered into Demona’s ears “I need to be spent sexually if you want my gem. Make me a whore then. I wanted to suck Dragon-1’s cock so badly. Please….”

Demona grinned as she turned to see Dragon-1’s fully erected 6+inches of pleasure. She guided Dragon-1 to her side by her hand on his cock. Masked Girl got to her knees with the final strength that she had. Demona’s hand is busy jerking Dragon-1 as she guided him to Masked Girl’s milky tits. A blob of transparent pre-cum appeared on Dragon’s manhood. Masked Girl cupped both her breasts as Demona lead the cock to her nipples. Dragon-1 rubbed his pre-cum over the heroine’s nipples, increasing her natural defense without Demona realizing. The heroine proceeded to tit-fuck her Asian step-son, squeezing her own breasts together firmly in order to milk more pre-cum from his cock. Demona’s own tongue busily worked on Masked Girl’s dripping pussy from below.

Masked Girl bent her head low, licking the tip of her step-son’s manhood, moisturizing her lips with the pre-cum. She whispered the ancient chant to reopen the gate to her powers. Realizing the fact that she couldn’t let her ruby directly interact with Yuan (Dragon-1)’s cock, she had an idea fueled by a spur of inspiration. She worked her tongue onto Yuan’s purple head…slowly enveloping the entire shaft into her soft red lips. Despite the gagging feeling, our heroine spurred on, deepthroating Dragon-1’s cock fully. The Gate is opened. Now is the chance to get recharged.

Demona’s skillful tongue worked dexterously onto Masked Girl, causing her to make muffing sounds of pleasure as she feeds on her step-son’s hardness.

“Uhhhh….mmmm… No, I must completely refill my powers, by making him cum into my mouth.” Masked Girl thought.

She tried to link with Yuan mentally…and realized his mental barrier was weakening. She got an idea. Our faithful heroine channeled the morning incident into Dragon-1’s mind. Thoughts of Yuan himself (instead of his father) groping his braless Caucasian step mom from behind while she was doing the dishes filled his mind. She channeled another image of her real self rubbing her butt willingly against Yuan’s erection as he squeezed her titties hard. Dragon-1 moaned…and shot a huge load of his precious seeds into Masked Girl’s mouth, deep into her throat. She sucked as hard as she could as Dragon-1’s cock deflates in her mouth. Recharged fully, Masked Girl leaped away from Demona’s wicked licking, as Dragon-1 regained his own sanity.

“What happened? I thought you were powerless!!!!” Demona cried.

Masked Girl threw forth her Pink Vibe weapon, encircling and tying Demona in the process. Demona fell on her back, with Masked Girl following in with a flying sit onto her face. Demona’s face pressed down hard by Masked Girl’s pussy. “Take that!” One can only hear muffed cries from Demona as Masked Girl’s juices made her gag. The heroine started to “ride” Demona’s face, moving her lower body back and forth, smearing her love juices all over the villainess’ face. Dragon-1 crawled towards Demona’s lower body. The duo had just regained their mental link. Dragon started assaulting Demona’s clit with his masterful tongue, inscribing ancient Chinese characters with it to prepare the sealing. Using an ancient absorbing technique, Dragon-1 managed to replenish his energy as Demona depletes. Within seconds, Dragon-1 was fully erect again. Signaling for the final attack, Masked Girl turned to face Dragon-1, who was preparing to mount the demoness. Masked Girl continued to ride Demona’s face. Dragon-1 shoved his 6+ inches of flesh deep into Demona, much against her will. Demona moaned. Julie moaned. The heroine prepared for her building orgasm, and she bent over to French kiss Dragon-1. Their lips met. Their tongues wiggled in anticipation. This position, with the duo kissing each other passionately looked like a triangle (with Dragon furiously pumping Demona and Masked Girl mounting her face). The Yang in Dragon-1 exploded. Masked Girl’s Yin reacted with the Yang. The Great Balance is fulfilled. The Evil will be expelled. Yuan exploded into Julie’s pussy as Kate’s love juices engulfed her face. The heroic duo reached orgasm at the same time, and this great power subdued Demona, destroying her vile soul completely.

Yuan heard Julie crying a faint “Thank you” before her consciousness collapse into a whirl of blur.

“No problem…” Yuan whispered to himself.

Kate teleported back to her home, just in time to prepare dinner for the family. Beth, Kate’s natural 16 year old daughter had got home after school. Peter walked in behind her. He always made the effort to fetch her home in his car.

“Hi mom, I’m home.”

“Dinner will be ready in a minute.”

Yuan walked in, deep in his thoughts, straight into his room. As usual he did not join the family for dinner.

“uhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh” Peter Li moaned as he released his load into Kate’s willing mouth. Looking lovingly into his eyes, Kate swallowed every bit of his seeds. Peter loved it every time she eat his cum. Looking deep into Peter eyes, an image of a younger Peter appeared in Kate’s mind. It was the image of Yuan.

“Maybe we’ll get to fight evil on another day. Maybe…”

---------to be continued?-------------
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