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Me & Newby

Newby [11:34 PM]: hi

NYCfreakM [11:35 PM]: whats going on?

Newby [11:37 PM]: nothing much...u?

NYCfreakM [11:37 PM]: uhhhh..... nuthing... just waiting to get sleepy so i can fall asleep.

Newby [11:38 PM]: awwwwwwwwww

Newby [11:38 PM]: want me to sing you a lullabye

NYCfreakM [11:38 PM]: lol

Newby [11:38 PM]: or do u just want to rest your head on my chest and i rock you to sleep

NYCfreakM [11:39 PM]: my head on your chest sounds good

Newby [11:39 PM]: oh??

NYCfreakM [12:34 AM]: i would love to see how that pussy looks on my side of the

Newby [12:35 AM]: lol … not

NYCfreakM [12:35 AM]: i guess i have to leave it to the imagination, huh??

Newby [12:36 AM]:

Newby [12:36 AM]: your so bad

NYCfreakM [12:36 AM]: im bad???

NYCfreakM [12:36 AM]: lol

Newby [12:36 AM]: yes

Newby [12:37 AM]: lol

Newby [12:37 AM]: im so bad

Newby [12:37 AM]: i know

Newby [12:39 AM]: u are so hot

NYCfreakM [12:40 AM]: lol

Newby [12:40 AM]: and i like it all

NYCfreakM [12:41 AM]: well its all here 4 u, babe.

Newby [12:41 AM]: mmmmmmmmmmmmm

NYCfreakM [12:42 AM]:

NYCfreakM [12:43 AM]: can u imagine me rubbing the head of my dick at the entrance to your pussy.... but just rubbing it... up & down, up & down, but not putting it in.

Newby [12:43 AM]: yesssssssssss

Newby [12:44 AM]: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

NYCfreakM [12:44 AM]: and as i rub and rub, and rub... the tip gets shiny and wet from your juice.

Newby [12:45 AM]: oh definately

NYCfreakM [12:45 AM]: and as i do this i just look in your eyes.....

NYCfreakM [12:45 AM]: trying to read u....

Newby [12:46 AM]: and what do my eyes say to u

NYCfreakM [12:46 AM]: y doesn't he just drive it in?

Newby [12:47 AM]: no...i love how u tease me

NYCfreakM [12:47 AM]: thats y i said "trying to read u"

Newby [12:47 AM]: tease me more baby

Newby [12:47 AM]: make me want you

NYCfreakM [12:48 AM]: and as i rub... u roll your head back and close your eyes....

NYCfreakM [12:49 AM]: and then it stops.....

Newby [12:49 AM]: noooooooooooooooooo

NYCfreakM [12:49 AM]: the head of my dick replaced by the tip of my tounge

Newby [12:49 AM]: oh god yesssssssssssssss

NYCfreakM [12:51 AM]: and i put the palm of my hands on the back of your leggs and lift them up so your leggs r in the air

NYCfreakM [12:51 AM]: that way all your pussy is exposed to me.

NYCfreakM [12:52 AM]: and i lick..

NYCfreakM [12:52 AM]: and i rub my face all in it

Newby [12:52 AM]: yesssssssssssssssssss

NYCfreakM [12:53 AM]: mmmm u taste so good

Newby [12:53 AM]: oh yessssssss

NYCfreakM [12:54 AM]: now as my toung and lips "tourture" your clit, my finger enters u.

Newby [12:54 AM]: oh my goddddddddddd

NYCfreakM [12:55 AM]: oh yes, my finger exploring your inner walls

Newby [12:55 AM]: oh babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

NYCfreakM [12:56 AM]: i want u to explode on my face....

Newby [12:56 AM]: oh yesssssssssss

NYCfreakM [12:56 AM]: so my sucking gets louder, faster, hungrier.

NYCfreakM [12:57 AM]: now 2 fingers r entering u

Newby [12:57 AM]: oh godddddddddddd im gonna cummmmmmmmmmmm

NYCfreakM [12:57 AM]: cum baby!

Newby [12:57 AM]: cummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

NYCfreakM [12:57 AM]: mmmmmmm

NYCfreakM [12:58 AM]: and as your juices flow down from your pussy to your ass, i lick it all up

Newby [12:59 AM]: oh babyyyyyyyyyyy yes

NYCfreakM [12:59 AM]: i cant get enough of it.

Newby [12:59 AM]: dont stop baby

NYCfreakM [1:00 AM]: then i get up.....rock hard.

Newby [1:00 AM]: mmmmmmmmmmmmm

NYCfreakM [1:01 AM]: i grab ur legs by the back of the knees and open them up.

Newby [1:01 AM]: i want you babyyyyyyyyyy

NYCfreakM [1:02 AM]: i riaise your leggs and u rest them around my waist...

NYCfreakM [1:03 AM]: my cockhead strong as steel just resting at your entrance...

Newby [1:03 AM]: oh babyyyyyyyyy yesssssssss

NYCfreakM [1:04 AM]: slowly it goes in

Newby [1:04 AM]: ooooooooooooooooooo babyyyyyyyyyyyy

NYCfreakM [1:04 AM]: u r so wet i have to resist the temptation to just ram it in

NYCfreakM [1:05 AM]: so i inch it in slowly

Newby [1:05 AM]: oooooooooooooooooooo godddddd

NYCfreakM [1:06 AM]: slowly,,,, slowly... so i can appriciate your warmth....

Newby [1:06 AM]: fuck me babyyyyyyyyyyy

Newby [1:06 AM]: pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

NYCfreakM [1:06 AM]: i am half way in...

NYCfreakM [1:06 AM]: then i pull out

Newby [1:06 AM]: nooooooooooooooooooooooo

NYCfreakM [1:07 AM]: then i lay on top of u and wrap my arms under yours so that we r chest to chest...

NYCfreakM [1:08 AM]: and agaian i inch forward....

NYCfreakM [1:09 AM]: oh, i feel your muscles almost grabbing hold of my dick in your pussy amd pulling me in.....

Newby [1:09 AM]: they are babyyyyyyyyyyy

Newby [1:09 AM]: i want uuuuuuuuu

NYCfreakM [1:09 AM]: deeper

NYCfreakM [1:10 AM]: and with like 3 inches to go....

NYCfreakM [1:10 AM]: i look u in the eyes....

Newby [1:10 AM]: oh babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

NYCfreakM [1:10 AM]: and go in completely

Newby [1:11 AM]: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Newby [1:11 AM]: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

NYCfreakM [1:11 AM]: u feel so good

Newby [1:12 AM]: so do uuuuuuuuuuuu

NYCfreakM [1:12 AM]: every time i pump in.... we both exhale.

NYCfreakM [1:12 AM]: and the pace gets quicker

Newby [1:12 AM]: oh yesssssssssssssssssss

NYCfreakM [1:13 AM]: the thrusts get harder.

Newby [1:13 AM]: deeperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

NYCfreakM [1:14 AM]: i slowly take a bite of your neck.... just to throw another feeling in the mix.

Newby [1:15 AM]: harderrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Newby [1:15 AM]: i want youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

NYCfreakM [1:15 AM]: i fuck u soooo hard and so fast....

NYCfreakM [1:16 AM]: its just a smaking noise we create

Newby [1:16 AM]: cummmmmmmmmmm with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

NYCfreakM [1:16 AM]: oh yess baby.

Newby [1:16 AM]: oh babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Newby [1:16 AM]: im readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

NYCfreakM [1:16 AM]: and as i feel myself cumming i stop pumping u and.....

NYCfreakM [1:16 AM]: start grinding u

NYCfreakM [1:17 AM]: side to side at first......

Newby [1:17 AM]: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
NYCfreakM [1:17 AM]: and then finnaly up & down

Newby [1:17 AM]: cumnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
NYCfreakM [1:17 AM]: oh yess

NYCfreakM [1:18 AM]: and i ooz stream after stream of my hot cum in your juicy pussy

NYCfreakM [1:18 AM]: uhhhhhh

Newby [1:18 AM]: omgggggggggggggggggg

NYCfreakM [1:19 AM]: omg is right

NYCfreakM [1:19 AM]: and now as we lay there panting....

NYCfreakM [1:20 AM]: i get to lay my head on your chest

Newby [1:20 AM]: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

NYCfreakM [1:20 AM]: u like that huh?

Newby [1:20 AM]: yes

Newby [1:20 AM]: i love that

Newby [1:21 AM]: can i marry you?

Newby [1:19 AM]: we need to meet baby!
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