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Megan Ch. 05

Chapter 5 -- THE WEEK AFTER

When I woke up again, this time in the morning, my entire body was in pain. Almost every part of me was covered in bruises. My back, chest, hands and legs had large black, hand shaped bruises all over from her grip. My hips were purple from her thighs pressing in. My head was a world of pain, I felt like I'd been in a fight: buzzing head, aching jaw, sore nose. My neck had large patches of dark red where Megan was kissing and sucking me. Almost every part of my body was tender and sore. Not to mention my muscles.... I felt like I just spent a week in a gym. And, by glancing at the clock, it would seem I almost overslept my lessons.

I quickly turned around in fear, but Megan was not there. I really liked that girl and merely thinking of her made my erection rise but she was gone, a note on her pillow:

Hey Tiny, sorry I didn't say hi but you looked so sweet sleeping in the morning. Thank you for the greatest night ever, I have never been with someone like you and I promise I'll be back as soon as possible to repay you for tonight, and this time I won't leave until I can really fuck your brains out. Unfortunately I have to go on a short trip. So get rested and eat a lot.

PS: sorry about the bathroom and bed, I guess I got a bit carried away, I'll pay for the repairs, a repairman should come in a few days....

PPS: Say hi to that cute little monster of yours.


Rolling over to the edge of the bed, I sat up with effort, tried getting up, and crumbled on the floor, my knees just giving out. I tried again this time a bit more carefully and finally managed to stand.

The bathroom was a mess, covered in dust from the destruction, cracked tiles, two holes in the ceiling, doorknob twisted and doors destroyed. I took a leak. My penis was all red and sore from the sex yesterday. Good god, that girl is sexy but given enough time she will exhaust me to death. The water pipe knobs in the shower were slightly twisted and I couldn't open them. I guess Megan used too much force to close the water. I gave up on the shower and cleaning and headed back for the bed.

The bed destroyed, legs broken, the frame on the floor with one side broken, and judging from the mattress shape I guess a few supporting boards were broken as well. A huge inlaid shape was visible in the mattress next to where I was sleeping; I guess when you're over 500 pounds everything becomes memory foam.

I drank some water and fell asleep immediately.

Late in the afternoon there was a knock on the door. I limped over to the door and to my surprise I saw Katey there towering over the frame. Even dressed in her house clothes, a track suit, she was shockingly beautiful, her breasts outlined even through the track suit.

"Hi Joey, may I come in?"

"Em. OK."

"I met that lovely girl of yours yesterday, she asked me to look in on you. She seemed a bit worried."

Katey's perfect butt swooshed past me. God she was hot! I loved how the shape of her was outlined in the tracksuit, and how it lightly swayed with each step.

Megan had the body of an Olympian goddess of Strength and Beauty, and had seduced me with pure power, easily capable of crushing my body to a pulp like an overripe tomato. Katey however was pure sex. Every move she made was sensuous and supple, with catlike grace, shaped to erotic perfection and I think she's not wearing any underwear... and with that realization, blood rushed to my penis. As weak as I was, this was too much for me. I hadn't even eaten anything that day, and I collapsed to the floor, though still awake. As I had mentioned, maintaining a 14" erection is not exactly easy even when rested.

"Oh my, you really are in a bad shape. What did that girl do to you....?"

She lifted my helpless body off the floor and carried me to the bedroom. I could hear a slight gasp from her when she saw the state of the bedroom. She lowered me into the bed. What is it with these girls that can carry me around so easily. Katey didn't look anywhere near as strong as Megan, but I guess at about 7 feet tall, she must also be quite strong naturally.

She went to make some tea. When she returned she didn't have the tracksuit top on anymore, only a tight fitting gray t-shirt. And I was right: no underwear. With every move I could see her approximately F-cup breasts shift, causing ripples of fabric to spread. She sat next to the bed bringing the hot tea. I had actually never really appreciated how pretty she was.

And she sat next to me on the floor, one hand over me. This made her breasts stand perkily right above my penis, which of course caused it to shift....

"Oh, you poor poor boy. From the screams and sounds yesterday I thought you were butchering a wild rhino. But I guess you were the one who got ran over. What were you thinking taking on a girl that size?"

"I, well, she..."

"Yes, I could see how she was holding you. But more importantly, what did you do to her to have her scream like that. A girl of that size and a shrimp like you, she looked like she could use you like a dildo. And judging by your state she probably did."

And she giggled lightly, causing her breasts to jiggle uncontrollably.

My penis made a very brave attempt to reach them and cleared my bathrobe, hitting in between her breasts and falling heavily back to my chest.

"Joey, what the...."

"I'm sorry Katey, I didn't mean to...."

"Joey, what is that thing?" Her hand wrapping itself around my penis....

"No fucking way! Now I understand why that girl was screaming like that. Joey, how big does this thing grow?"

"Am, well, about, eh... 14 inches."

"No FUCKING way!! Do you mean I was living next to a 14-inch penis and I didn't know about it?! Well, my mistake, also. There I was hunting guys my size hoping to find a big enough dick and here you are shorter than a door and have whale sized penis.

"But poor, poor Joey got ravaged and almost broken by the inexperienced big teenage girl. I think you should let someone with more experience take care of you. All you have to do is lay still and let Katey take care of you."

Her hand absently started slightly caressing the length of my penis. Her other hand firmly squeezed her breast, her nipples now poking through the thin fabric. My hand involuntarily went for her other breast. I needed to touch that perfection of form.

But before I reached it, she gently but firmly trapped my hand.

"No Joey, you can't touch, not yet. Let me take care of you, just lay still and let me do all the work. But I have to let you watch; wouldn't want you to miss the show."

She pulled my body up so my back rested against the wall and placed her perfect red lips on the tip of my penis. To reach it she arched her back letting her flawless ass stick high in the air for my enjoyment, while her face framed in dark hair was going up and down the length of my penis, her tongue expertly covering the length of it. I could feel her nipples grazing my thighs. Soon, those luscious lips parted and she placed the tip of my penis in her mouth and started sucking on it gently, playing with her tongue around it at the same time. I was in heaven; I just prayed that I wouldn't faint this time.

Soon my penis was almost at its full length and still Katey was going down its length taking more of it each time her head bobbed. Once it reached the full 14" length, I heard her make a sound of pure childish delight.

"I've never even had a dildo this big, you are amazing little man," and then I saw it disappear entirely; all 14 inches of my pride was expertly sucked into her mouth. I had never had that done to me... never! I shot a load of cum right there and then. Katey didn't spill even a drop of it, I just saw her smile and look at my now-flaccid penis with affection as everything was going dark and I was down for the count again.

The next time I woke up, Katey was there again feeding me... and letting me sleep again. Next time I woke I felt something around my nightly erection and, looking down, I could see Katey's long slender form stretched out on the floor in front of me, casually slurping on my pole. She was covered up in a long bathrobe and I could only see her legs from knees down swaying happily in the distance in rhythm with her head.

She noticed I was waking up and let her mouth slip off my pole with a wet slurpy POP! and smiled wide.

"I took a shower and decided to check up on you before going to bed. I am only a flight of stairs away from you anyway," she accentuated every word with a lazy lick. "You had such a nice erection it was a shame to let it go to waste."

She crawled up to my face dragging her nipples along my body. I could feel my pole being trapped between her breasts as they dragged along on each side of it. She made a short pause like that going back and forth a few times sliding my in her cleavage, all the while devouring me with her eyes.

Without a word she kissed me, letting her tongue expertly play around my mouth, her breasts heavily resting on my chest, my feet somewhere around her knees.

Without letting me kiss or see her breasts she continued forward, her hot, wet pussy now at the base of my cock, and slowly -- ever so slowly -- sliding along it.

At 14 inches, my dick is so long that it reaches about to the middle of my chest, so by the time she got to the top, her wet pussy was almost on top of my face. I was completely enveloped in her sweet perfume smell, and her large feminine thighs were straddling my sides. For a second she connected her pussy to my face and slowly rubbed it against my nose and mouth. Then, with an almost inaudible plop, she slid the tip of my engorged tool into herself, slowly continuing the same path backwards, rocking slightly back and forth to adjust to the size, gaining inch by inch. With every inch she was wilder, already screaming in excitement at around half-length. But still she didn't say a word.

Getting up onto her knees, she started going up and down on the top 10 inches of my engorged tool. As her muscles adjusted around my massive thing I could feel them taking control, rhythmically squeezing. Soon, every time she was going up she would take me a few inches off the bed just by using her vaginal muscles.

She went down about 14 inches before she couldn't continue anymore, but she used those 14 inches like they had never been used before. She was sliding up and down the length of my tool, grinding her body along mine, or crouching high above me pulling me of the bed with each stroke. She even turned to ride me reverse, her legs almost in a split and her quite large and shapely ass bobbing up and down in the darkness. She sensed when I was about to come and quickly planted her mouth on top of my penis, let it slide down her throat, and never let a drop spill.

Without another word she kissed me and left, waving goodbye.

My mind was racing insanely. I tried getting up, but that seemed like too much effort. What the fuck was going on? First, I was raped by a gigantic teenaged amazon girl, and now I am being nursed by a slightly smaller amazon, who is also raping me. Not that I am complaining but.... Tired of thinking, I rolled over and fell asleep.

The next day I was feeling much better. There was a note from Katey asking me to pick something up for her from work. Apparently she made an order at Custom and she will pick it up when she comes to check up on me this evening. Katey made it very clear that I was not to open it before she came. While I was sleeping the bathroom had been repaired, and the bed will be replaced while I am at work. Megan collected all the bills.

I spent the day catching up on lessons, then going to work and really just trying to rest all day. About half an hour after I got home Kathy arrived at the door, just entering my apartment without even knocking. She was again wearing her bathrobe, and bunny slippers. She looked incredibly hot even in that. Her breasts were right at the level of my face and I was getting turned on just thinking of how hot they looked in that gray shirt, and how I'd love to suck them.

"Eh... hello, Katey." I was slightly unsure what to say.

"Hi Joey. Do you have it?"

"Em, yes; it's in the hall."

"Excellent. Give me a second to try it on and I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere," she said with a sly smile. "I was thinking," she continued while walking to the hall, "about how hot that girl with you looked... and I've always been dating guys almost my size... but I've never tried anyone as tiny as you. And I absolutely loved it, but I want to experience what that girl felt.... And so...."

Click... clack... I could hear the sound of heels. Oh fuck, what is it with these girls that get off on being taller than their dates...?

Katey appeared in the doorframe, ducking beneath it in shoes with 10-inch platforms. She was way higher than the door... still not as tall as Megan in her heels, but for all practical purposes she was also beyond being merely tall.

"How do you like me at 7-feet, 10-inches, Joey? Come here next to me.... Do you want to see what I have underneath this robe... hmm, Joey? Let me show you...."

As I came closer she threw of the robe revealing her perfect form in the sexiest attire I had ever seen: her endlessly long legs encased in black stockings, tiny panties pulled up high over her hips, which were at the level of my chest, her breasts held together by a push up bra, pressing her breasts together in a seriously impressive display.

I almost fell down on my ass from the shock.

"What's the matter Joey, cat got your tongue?" Katey stretched one endlessly long lascivious leg, placed it over my shoulder, and pulled me in closer pressing my face into her hot middle.

"How about a kiss, little Joey... don't you want to thank me for taking care of you?"

"But why, Katey?"

"What do you mean why -- why thank me?" and suddenly the pressure from her leg increased.

"No I am thankful, but I mean why such interest in me after all this time... ouch!"

The pressure immediately subsided. "Well, for one I think that girl really likes you. I on the other hand, really like that thing you have in your pants and am here to rape and dominate you with my tall amazonian body.

"If you plan to object do so quickly, because seeing you barely taller than my navel, with my leg over your shoulder, is making me horny beyond belief," and with that sentence she shuddered. "Now, how about that kiss."

I looked at her stomach, which was at eye level, then above me at her breasts, and her face was almost in clouds.

I ran for a chair, and stood on it in front of her, now barely taller than her breasts. I still was too short for a proper kiss, so I kissed her cleavage.

"Not the kiss I was looking for, but it will do," she said, pressing my head into her cleavage. After a few seconds she pulled my head out bending it backwards, and planted a forceful kiss on my mouth.

"Mhmm, you're sooo easy to play with. With other guys, I had to first show them how much stronger I am; you are already aware of how powerless you are. Sit on that chair." I sat.

She turned, pointing her absolutely perfect ass directly at my face. I couldn't help myself: I started massaging and kissing her wonderful ass, kneading the soft flesh.

Katey then bent over, providing me complete access to her wet hot pussy and, contorting her body, put her mouth over my penis. This was one of the weirdest 69s I had ever seen, let alone been a part of. 'Specially considering that the girl was two heads taller than me, and I was sitting while she was standing.

After a while she stuck her wet pussy to my face and started dragging it down along my body until it was all the way to the root of my penis. She squeezed it firmly with her thighs and slid upwards to the tip. Once there, she continued bobbing only around the penis head. Because of its length, this meant that her ass was bobbing right in front of my face. And then, she lowered herself and her pussy swallowed almost the entire length of it. Katey then turned around by lifting one long long leg and pivoting on the other. This made her body look like it was doing splits, but vertically -- standing on one leg! -- instead of horizontally on the floor. She then placed that one leg over my shoulder and, maintaining balance on one leg, continued pounding my tiny frame, using that leg to pull me closer with each thrust. She was really flexible. It was incredible seeing such a big body perform such flexible supple movements with such ease and grace.

As she already took in almost all of my penis, she was beyond herself with lust and simply firmly placed both feet on the floor facing me, crouching to reach down to the tiny chair and my body, her large breasts in my face, grasping the back of the chair in her strong hands, firmly pounding away on my erection. And then it happened; Katey closed her eyes tightly and straightened her legs as her orgasm ripped through her body. She shook all over, screaming gutturally and actually breaking the back of the chair in the process, her pussy firmly clenching my dick and rising along with her body in the process. If she hadn't been accidentally holding me with her thighs as she rose, she could easily have ripped my dick off.

When she came to, she noticed me hanging from her thighs my giant erection still inside her. With a smile, Katey grabbed my body in her arms and, still holding me inside, slammed me against the wall fully extending one leg straight up in the air in another vertical split and supporting both of our weights with the other. She continued fucking me and when I was finally close she let me down and held her breasts obediently for me.

"Come all over me Joey, I want to feel that monster squirt on my body. Shoot your load all over me."

And with a speechless grunt I did, spraying her massive boobs and face until they were nothing but a white gooey mess. She smiled satisfied and licked her breasts off.

By the end of the day I had a titfuck while sitting on the top of a fridge, I had nearly fallen off a ladder trying to fuck her, and Katey had used her incredibly flexible body in the most imaginative ways to fuck, rape, and simply use me for her pleasure.

In the end she left me on my bed barely able to move....

"By the way Joey," she said as she was heading for the door, "I'm gone until the weekend, and that girl from before said she'll be back on Saturday as well. I promised to help her by teaching her a thing or two about pleasing boys." Katey stopped for a moment and, I could swear I saw her wiggle her astounding ass slightly. She turned her head to look at me over her shoulder. "So try to get some rest before this weekend; you might need it. And don't bother planning anything; your girl said she'll be spending the entire weekend with you. Bye, tiny lover." And with that, my 7-foot tall dominating amazon neighbor closed the door behind her and was gone.

A weekend... two, TWO days, with not one, but TWO, amazons... the mental image was insanely sexy. Even after all this abuse my penis shot up at the thought of Katey and Megan together. Was she just teasing me? I just had to jerk off to get the image out of my mind.... And a minute later I was firmly asleep.
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